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We squeezed in a quick hotfix to address some of the issues reported to us over the last few days.

  • UI was displaying incorrect stat increase values for some Bloodlines. The UI has been fixed.
  • If you have typed in your chat box, it wont close until message is sent or erased. Chat is still not completely fixed, but will be in next update.
  • Item duplication bug fixed
  • Camera range max increased
  • Loot chests should be fixed
  • Bloodline chance to start with useful items on respawn should be working now
  • Adjusted spawn locations

Special thanks to everyone who has taken the time to report bugs to us. We are chugging through the feedback and will be getting things fixed as quickly as we can.

[ 2019-08-17 00:11:19 CET ] [ Original post ]

Patch 0.9.27- Terrain changes and Landmarks


Significant terrain edits made it into this patch. Foothills, cliffs and other visually interesting areas were added. Terrain polish is a work in progress. Expect to see more changes in the near future.


Two new structures created and placed in many places throughout the map. Each structure contains a treasure chest with quality loot, but they are guarded well.

The Aki Ruins have also been replaced with higher quality models.

Graphical Settings

We turned down a few maximum values in the settings panel. They were experimental in nature. Screen space reflection is really intense, so that was nerfed quite a bit. (It was on a mode called overkill, after all)

Giant beams around Outposts have been removed.

More Ziggurats!

Five more Ziggurats have been added to the world. Each has as elemental weakness. Use it to open doors and activate elevators.

Enemies in the Ziggurats have been nerfed. Health was 2200 and is now 1800. We also delayed respawning a bit to help with clearing the enemies.


Non hostile mobs now have a large chance to drop basic survival gear of a random element.

Next Patch

Expect our first major lore update. Weve been writing quests and lore internally and will be getting these quests into the game very soon.

We will be going back and balancing the Towers and other areas that need it.

Introduction to the Watcher, our first major lore character, will also happen next patch.


Inventory and bank expansion

Lob ability rework

Let us know what you think of the latest patch!

[ 2019-07-17 20:57:25 CET ] [ Original post ]

Housing Preview: Your floating abode has arrived!

Pick the location and summon it in the sky above you.
Store your items and equipment in chest and containers inside your house.
Upgradeable shields and doors for PvP protection.

Its floating because it shares technology with the Luminals, makers of the Suzerain.
Suzerain rep will be the main rep for bigger house upgrades.
Other elemental rep will allow different buffs and utilities to be unlocked.

If certain conditions are reached we would like to allow players to own property in the Suzerain itself. Then who knows the trade adventures we will get into.

[ 2019-07-07 05:49:52 CET ] [ Original post ]

Minor patch: 6/30/2019 - Few Fixes, Respawn point, and teleporters.

We found a rare cooldown bug when the server was shut down a certain way. It was enough of a bug to work this weekend and get it done. We got some others along the way too.

Cooldown bug fix.
Lightning elementals name text bug fix.
New nature zones and respawn points.
Teleporters in Suzerain are no longer elemental locked.

The teleporter change allows full access to the world map. Eventually these will be rep and/or server quest locked. So enjoy them while you can and explore the world.

Thanks for all the support and don't forget to talk to us!

[ 2019-07-01 01:38:08 CET ] [ Original post ]

Patch The Returning Watcher

Quick Patch Notes

Fast overview of the massive patch for the summer sale. New game content will be added every Tuesday. We will also have daily post for the next month with upcoming changes, lore, design thoughts and more. New game content will be added every Tuesday. If you want to be part of the core community, the time is now.

This time around we added roads, gates and walls. Buildings appeared on some of the roads. You can check the map out for more. The nature zone can also be your starting point now.

Somehow I unhooked all the post processing stack from the camera, so we hooked all that back up and the game looks amazing now. We then added floating name and health bar over everything in the game. Should help more complex fight situations.

Enemy AI has had adjustments all around. Sight and aggro has been the biggest one. To test the new LOS aggro enemies have, we added summons in. For now you can only summon a wall, but it can stop abilities and grant the summoner buffs when it does.

From here on out its pure win. Systems are mostly done, so its time to add more platforming, an engaging story, and achievements to go on top. If you have any feedback hit us up on here or Discord for a faster response. Have fun getting crushed nooblings...

[ 2019-06-25 08:43:48 CET ] [ Original post ]

Patch Enemy tweaks and bugs defeat

We fixed a ton of bugs this week. Like all the real bugs we had. Also a pretty decent pass over AI, refining them a bit more. We are ready to build the world out now.

The big content update is coming 6/25. More news soon, more info at the bottom. Streaming will kick up a bit before then. Also Bug us on Discord to get the best results, hit 30 in game and you can get a nice rank.

Enemies call for backup to all enemies in a range
Neutral Enemies respond faster to dmg now
Shoot ability after death bug fixed
Leash bug fix

PVP can now be turned off per server settings
Camera clipping fixed
Jump queued up bug fixed
Dead player logout bug fixed
Multiple login bug fixed

Rare and Epic drop chance is 1% and 0.1%
Full inventory loot bug fixed

Rune works consistently now, before standing still could avoid dmg
Rare missile speed adjusted

Zone info is feed into map now
Servers list PVP/PVE and new/low/med/high/full for population
Rare drag and drop bug fixed
World space drop bug fixed

Coming Soon:
We plan to have the ziggurat in a much better state very soon. Balance will be around 3-5 players with puzzles the require multiple people participating to complete. And of course a big baddie at the end with all the loot.

[ 2019-06-06 01:03:38 CET ] [ Original post ]

Patch - A better quest log and quest.

We have decided to push out an update by every Tuesday. Streaming and other update schedules to follow shortly. This update includes a much needed quest log, better quest descriptions, refined help screens, cleaned up tool-tip and plenty of bug fixes. The polish never stops, leave us feedback!

A new paragraph was added with additional direction on how to complete a quest.
Some spelling errors have been corrected.

Quest Log-
Press L for quest log. We may allow players to turn in some quest from this menu in the future.

Random equipment could roll some addition stats, this has been adjusted.

No longer will you get a missing ability when Transmuting a low level ring.

You can now swap materia and anima slots around easier. No more dragging to inventory first.
Tooltip background is now less transparent, making the text easier to see.
Last bug fix for drag and dropping should be in.

Fixed an error the first time trying to make a player.

Coming Soon:
We plan to have the ziggurat in a much better state very soon. Balance will be around 3-5 players with puzzles the require multiple people participating to complete. And of course a big baddie at the end with all the loot.

Bug us on Discord to get the best results, hit 30 in game and you can get a nice rank.

[ 2019-05-28 04:28:26 CET ] [ Original post ]

More stats, more map, more help, more XP needed; Patch

Hopefully we can push out an update every weekend, at least a news update, This weeks update addresses some long standing bugs that we tracked down thanks to one amazing player. We are also raising the starting points to 32 now. Next update will hopefully feature a map and better starting experience.

Public server adjustments-
Starting attribute points are 32. up from 18. This should ease new players into Prima better.

Press M for a map. Mouse over info or areas will come next patch

Loading screen now quickly covers the basics of the game. Make sure you loot enemies...

Target abilities are been cleaned up. They were inconsistent in application before.
Instant teleport ability ring has been added to the loot tables.

Enemies walk around less now. This allows for more predictable navigations around enemies.

Fixed drag and drop bug

Massively adjusted XP ahead of bloodline remaster.

Fixed looting of chest and respawning loot bug.

Encounter has been reworked. The monument no longer attacks but heals based upon the number of enemies it has spawned that are still alive. Killing the elementals that have spawned and continue to spawn, while dealing damage to the monument is key to success. A group is recommended and loot table and xp have been adjusted to reflect this.

Coming Soon:
Quest Log-
Server Quest-

[ 2019-05-25 22:49:55 CET ] [ Original post ]

Patch Notes Echoes of Another and the Push for 1000 players online

A new update is upon us! Bloodlines of Prima is on sale for $1.99 and a new trailer has been posted. Here is how you can help:

Keep in mind that PvP is encouraged and allowed anywhere. Elementals near spawn points are non-hostile until engaged. The enemies towards the middle of the map are hostile, stronger and drop better loot. Remember to transmute items for survival and also to upgrade your gear. Bloodlines and bank items are permanent, everything else is dropped upon player death.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Chat UI
  • Quest icon texture
  • Texture issues on old buildings
  • City hub center gem collider missing
  • Lightning zone ambient sound glitch
  • Monuments improperly spawning on the Suzerain
  • Tooltip text escaping outside the tooltip box
  • Item stack split bug
  • Graphics settings
  • Network transform issues
  • Enemies stop attacking and reset when they clear targets
  • Server.txt setting; tick rate and starting points
  • F to close out of looting


  • More monuments spawn in the world
  • Loot drops more frequently
  • Some quest are now repeatable
  • Bomb Step ring from fire elementals
  • More than one kind of DoT can be on a target at a time

To see the full road map with all the changes listed, check out our Trello!

Pushing for 1000 Users

We will be putting Bloodlines of Prima on sale for 90% off to drastically increase our player base! Since weve been in early access, we havent really advertised at all. Now that the game is stable and the underlying systems are working well, we are focusing on getting players into the game. We are ready for feedback on current systems as well as:

  • Server Events: Main focus of server progression
  • Raid Zones: Size, rewards, reset times
  • Trading Economy: How detailed should we get?
  • Player housing: Buy in the city or build in the world?

Player Hosted Servers

A huge aspect of this game is the fact that players can host their own servers and have it show up on the server list for other players to join. There are plenty of variables that can be changed to influence how the player hosted server functions. We are working on a very detailed post that will explain how to get a server up and running, also expanding on the options you can change and what effects it will have on the server.

Web Demo

We have a WebGL demo available for anyone who wants to try it out. There will be a more detailed post about it coming soon, but for now you can try it out here.


Expanding on the game lore and implementing it into the game for the players to piece together has been a focus since the beginning. The backstory for this game is extensive. We are in the process of writing up lore pages to explain just enough story to the player so they can understand what the goals of the game are.

[ 2019-05-15 04:32:29 CET ] [ Original post ]

Patch 0.9.0 - More response, world hub, core adjustments

Biggest update so far. Only major system lacking is server events, while minor systems around solo questing can easily be fitted with the new focus. Next patch will be 0.9.1 and ever closer to our future release goal of 1.0.0 leaving early access.

Game Responsiveness
Between player ability and movement, all the aspects of the Enemy AI systems, and the new network backend, there was some tightening of screws to be had. The maintenance almost got out of hand but clearly the results are worth it. Switching to Mirror over Unet for networking had amazing improvements for the game.

  • Ability Responsiveness- I min/maxed the ability loop to prioritize firing off Cmds to the server as soon as possible. For instant attacks ( long range sniper type) the change is amazing. In the end all abilities should feel snappier after pressing the button
  • Network Movement Synchronization- With the change to Mirror networking we are able to implement better sync between entities. Interpolation has been added and looks buttery compared to the old looks. We will continue to adjust settings associated with sync.
  • Enemy Systems Rework- They hardly functioned before, couldn't be debuffed and very error prone. Now we can adjust enemy behaviour easily on our end (also for future modders I assume) and this has opened the way for procedural enemy patterns or machine learning rather easily. Enemies now respond rather well when you aggro them, take buffs and debuffs, and provide an overall more responsive fight.

  • Overall the quality of life should be substantial improved. We have more work we can put in, but for now we should be able to focus on creating fun challenging content for the game rather then continually troubleshootings oddities from our basic systems. That almost always went back to Unet's fault anyways
    World Building
    While we had a nice base for a world before this patch, but we really went ham this time. Floating cities, 4k textures, and nostalgia inducing music are just the surface of current adjustments and additions.

    • Suzerain- A floating city that serves as the main player hub. The Suzerain is in the hands of an appointed Watcher. Maintaining peace and balance between the native elementals and keeping the engines of Prima in balance, the Suzerain is the quintessential brain of Prima.
    • Frozen Outpost- Reach the outpost by connecting a water missle with the portal at the Suzerain. Once you arrive help secure the area and do what must be done to serve out your duty as a Bloodline. Simple friendly mobs surround the city with progressively dangerous threats on the outer fringe.
    • Music- We will work on a more informative post, but for the record we are looking to use nostalgic invoking music. Nostalgic for time with 40 mans and epic epics. Some has been found and applied.
    • Textures- Everywhere possible we are tweaking materials with 4k textures and appropriate shader information. We are trying to balance the game with no main light source, no sun, as we are just a space prison hurtling across the cosmos.

    Patch 0.9.1 will introduce a dynamic ziggurat and server quest for players. The changes this patch should facilitate the coming additions nicely. Overall everything fits neatly into the bigger story of Prima. Pages that highlight these story elements will be appearing soon.

    Core Gameplay
    Essential changes have taken place. We doubled health, thirst, and hunger max values. Adjusted ability cooldown, energy cost and damage to make all abilities competitive. Drop rate for Uncommon or better items was gutted, like have fun getting an uncommon outside of a group or harvesting. Tooltips show icons now for quicker understanding of what the player is moused over. Oh, we also added targeted abilities to boot.

  • Drop Rate Adjustment- Drops from enemies, especially Class B or worse, have had a nerf to drops. Class D can only drop common items. This will lead to more transmutation use and essence collecting.
  • Starting Stat Adjustment- You are not a noob, you have full gear. You are not naked and your a half way to level cap kind of toon. We doubled some stats to make things feel like mid game. Get to raiding sooner then later right?
  • Ability Adjustment- We adjusted everything. Its balanced now. Is it perfect? No, but its a pass at least. Lobs still need some reworking but everything should be pretty bug free for some broad testing this patch.
  • Tooltip Adjustment- You can see what ability a ring has easier now. This is nice when you can manage to have a few different rings you swap out. The visual feedback just makes looking at the tooltips feel more rewarding even!
  • Targeted Abilities- Ok so this is the bread and butter of the DoT and HoT play styles. For up to 3 seconds after you last targeted you may use a targeted ability on the target. This pretty much allows guaranteed connection of effects. Very nice for taunts, heals and cc!
  • Now the fun begins...
    This was huge, nothing will be this big again. We had some backlog to take care of thanks for Unet failing us so hard. We couldn't get more then a few players on a server at a time. Now we should be able to handle hundreds now. Several bugs and problems we had to code around are gone now.

    Now for patch 0.9.1 and introducing the dungeon Mymosa has been working on. Should provide hours of content after its said and done. The next patch will have the server quest system live as well. Server progression really is coming into focus.

    Hopefully we can reach 1000 ccu soon! To make this possible we will be giving out steam keys in all of our social media channels till we reach this goal. Thanks for all you support so far, so check out our live streams on Youtube, Twitch, Mixer or Dlive!

    [ 2019-02-27 04:28:26 CET ] [ Original post ]

    Quick Start Guide

    Hey guys! It's come to my attention that the learning curve for BoP is a bit steep when you first start playing. We're working on making it smoother for players to ease in to, but for now this Quick Start Guide should help. Feel free to let me know if anything else should be covered here.

    Welcome to Prima!
    You have answered the call of IshAnna, who resides deep inside her crystal binding at the beginning of time. Unravel the mysteries of Prima, gain power and unlock the secret of IshAnna!

    Here is a very crude map to help you navigate Prima. Some key places are temporarily missing from this version. It is a work in progress and will be updated frequently. It is not available in game yet, but will be soon. Feel free to reference it as much as you would like.


    • W,A,S,D: Move forward, left, backward, right
    • ESC: Access settings menu and exit game
    • TAB: Open up player menu (inventory, gear, crafting, stats)
    • F: Interact
    • 1, 2, 3, 4: Use ability in corresponding slot
    • Space: Jump
    • Mouse 1: Use ability in slot 1
    • Mouse 2: Use ability in slot 2
    • Ctrl Mouse 1: Use ability in slot 3
    • Ctrl Mouse 2: Use ability in slot 4

    Controls can be modified by using the input menu on the game launcher.

    Gameplay relies heavily on the Transmute (crafting) system. You can craft healing items, food and water by using the transmute system. Place items in the materia and animus slot then hover over the FUSE button to see the transmute results. Experimenting with the transmute system is a good way to clear up space in your inventory.

    Gear can also be upgraded by utilizing the transmute system as well. For example, 2 ore can be transmuted into a bar. Transmute a bar and a piece of gear to upgrade it!

    Abilities are tied to the rings that players equip to their character. There are hundreds of abilities to discover and were always developing more. Mix and match abilities to suit your playstyle or to help you through a difficult encounter.

    As you level up, Bloodline points become available to you. These points are permanent. Even if you die and lose all of your inventory, you will still have your Bloodline points on your next respawn.

    This should cover the basics to get you started out in the right direction. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to reach out!

    Don't forget:
  • Join our Discord! discord.gg/KtGgcRk
  • Follow us on Twitter! @playbloodlines, @mymosaur, @eckertanthony

  • [ 2018-06-28 21:06:01 CET ] [ Original post ]

    Patch 0.1.23: Elemental Invasion

    • Monuments are emerging on Prima, bringing forth hordes of elemental invaders and dropping lots of loot.

      Monuments were a huge part of the game when we first launched in Early Access. We took them out while we did a huge rework of the back end of the game and rebuilt the map. We're so glad to finally have them in the game again.

    • Rings and equipment are dropping more frequently to make dying and dropping your equipment somewhat less devastating. This will also allow players to check out different abilities and customize their play style easier.

    • Movement abilities: Players will now be starting with the Bomb Step ability, which works like a jetpack. This ability really adds a whole extra dynamic to combat. Exploring the map is also easier and more fun with Bomb Step.

    Don't forget:
  • Join our Discord! discord.gg/KtGgcRk
  • Follow us on Twitter! @playbloodlines, @mymosaur, @eckertanthony

  • [ 2018-06-27 18:56:16 CET ] [ Original post ]

    Patch Notes: 0.1.22

    Hey everyone!

    Last night we pushed out an update. For this patch, we're specifically interested in PvP and how its feeling to our players. Let us know what you think!

    Equipment and ring drop chance has been increased, so you should find new abilities in the wild a lot more often now!

    Also, we have placed a bunch of dungeons in the world. These are mostly empty at this moment, but we will be patching again this evening to get those set up and functioning. Feel free to explore them before they get filled with puzzles and enemies later.

    Patch Notes:

    • Steam server list added.
    • Respawn screen fix
    • Effect gain/lost message added: This needs to be scaled down a bit, but its working.
    • Dungeons are placed in the world. Empty for exploration currently, they will be updated this evening.
    • Movement abilities added
    • Teleport zone items: use to teleport to a random place inside a specific zone
    • Crosshair customization: players can change color and alpha of the crosshair
    • Quest fanfare: added some zazz to accepting and completing quests
    • Interactable items added
    • Compass added to UI

    Quality of life fixes:

    • Respawn in last zone on death/ log in
    • Items fall away from corpse on death for easier looting
    • Body disappears slower
    • Runes have a bigger model
    • Enemy close range attack removed
    • Line abilities show travel path
    • More enemy idle animations
    • Ring and ability UI fix

    Keep in mind we are going to be pushing another update this evening to fix some bugs and fill up the dungeons with enemies and puzzles.

    Don't forget:
  • Join our Discord! discord.gg/KtGgcRk
  • Follow us on Twitter! @playbloodlines, @mymosaur, @eckertanthony

  • [ 2018-06-21 18:04:13 CET ] [ Original post ]

    Quick Update - May 6

    I am working on a long and detailed patch notes, but I wanted to give everyone a quick update.

    First: Join our Discord! We are both very active there. This is where we post all of our dev updates in realtime as we're working on them and get feedback from players.

    • Originally Bloodlines of Prima was leaning heavy on procedural content. We have scaled this back and have been building a huge, unique world by hand. (more details to come)
    • Quest system has been added. Pretty basic quests in for now while we write more story.
    • Dungeons are in development. They will roll out with next big content patch this month

    If you would like to see everything that we've done and plan to do, check out the roadmap at our public Trello. You can also see what we have planned later this year and what we're currently working on.

    You can also find us posting on twitter occasionally.
    Brooke: @mymosaur
    Anthony: @eckertanthony

    A new trailer and more detailed screenshots will be added to the store page soon.

    Thanks, everyone!

    [ 2018-05-07 04:31:57 CET ] [ Original post ]

    Patch Notes 10/7/17

    So we launched this a few days ago but wanted to check it out before we announced it. Mostly bug fixes and quality of life stuff. Working on a quest system for the next big patch, keep an eye out for the announcement.

    Here are the patch notes for the last update:

    • Random starting abilities: Feels fresh with every respawn!
    • Beacon: Find the city when youre lost
    • Fix: Cave system bugs
    • Balance: Drops cost more, added 1 more second to cooldown
    • Balance: Target abilities do more damage
    • Balance: Self abilities cost reduced
    • UI: Removed the million colors from tool tip text
    • Chat: Was not actually global, now it is.
    • NavMesh: Enemies sometimes could not find path on navmesh, so we made them dumber. Hopefully they just charge to you when you make them mad.
    • Monuments: You can loot them once again, they have a higher chance for quality loot.
    • Enemies: Rank D have longer cooldown between abilities now.
    • Networking: We opened up more network channels and added them to the network scripts to spread out traffic more. Some packets may have been stuck in line and creating other bugs we never noticed before.
    • Login: When you're playing online your bloodline name will be your Steam name. You now have one bloodline per server.
    • Rank: The higher the rank the higher chance for rare and epic items. The total amount of items dropped is higher too. Anything above Rank D should be considered dangerous and should require more than one person or full blue gear.
    • Sprint: Removed and now baseline. I debated on this a long time ago and thanks to feedback others agree. Speed was 12 now it's 11. Don't forget Agility can make you faster.
    • UI: We moved some thing around thanks to feedback. Most of the UI was scaled down. Eventually we will allow players to move and scale the UI as they wish.
    • NPC: The gem now give much more insight into the current state of affairs.
    • Abilities: Drop now has a slight delay before it drops.
    • Abilities: Missiles range was nerfed. One patch made them go farther than they were supposed to.
    • Enemies: The attack range is smaller and aggro range is bigger. This means they will get closer to you before they attack. Missile speed is a random roll between a medium to high speed.
    • Music: City has some lighter music then the world now. Battle music is in aswell.
    • Fix: Interacting key now shuts windows properly.
    • Fix: High ping would cause items to not show up right. Now the game will wait till you receive the items locally before it shows the window.

    [ 2017-10-08 01:06:26 CET ] [ Original post ]

    Fixes: Server List, Transmute, PvP, XP, Steam Login, Strength

    So the server list bug was found. The network max connections was set to low leading to some odd behaviour. I kicked up the connections to 65535.

    Transmute was allowing people to infinitely stack stats. We capped the stats that an item can have, and restricted upgrading gear items to bars and gems only. I'm still investigation why astrum transmutes don't always change the abilities on gear.

    When your allegiance drops low enough you will spawn away from the city now. I didn't expect PvP to get so rough so fast. This should help stop players camping the city. I'll also up the healing from the crystal of Ish'anna.

    We raised XP by 33%ish, getting levels can be rather easy.

    No longer will we have a login screen. We are just going to give use your steam ID everywhere. Kind of like how Rust does when it drops you into the world. This will also wipe the player data, especially good because someone is running around with 14000 hp (Transmute bug)... Oh on that note we turned down the health gained from strength.

    These fixes will be live later today. Until then don't be afraid to try some LAN and get comfortable with the game. Thanks for your patience guys. It's just two of us here, and only one programmer. steamhappy

    [ 2017-09-25 19:44:54 CET ] [ Original post ]

    We are live! Thanks for your support.

    Booting some servers for now. Once a server gets about half full I'll boot up another. I will try to pay attention to player location and spin one up close to everyone.

    We look forward to your feedback and being swift with applying changes!

    [ 2017-09-25 14:43:05 CET ] [ Original post ]

    DevLog: Boss Development and Server Info

    Check out the latest DevLog and find out about a boss we are designing, new healing crystal in the city, server info, and more.

    [ 2017-09-10 22:23:36 CET ] [ Original post ]