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Hair Scramble


Hair Scramble is a 2D Top-Down Shooter game.

This game is online-multiplayer game.

Recommended player number is 2 to 4 player, but you can play alone

Defeat other players and own the lengendary hair.

We used Free tier PUN as Network solution. If the CCU exceed the limits , PUN will not afford that. Please remind it.

<How to play>

- WSAD: Move your character

- Left Click: Fire

- Right Click / E: Pick item

- Wheel CLick / Q: Use item

- Space: Swap weapon

In title Scene, you can join the room by pressing "Join" button. If you are a host, press "Start" button to start the game or wait for other players.  By clicking "?" button, you can see controls.

In game, you can hold 1 item and 2 weapons. You should fight with others by using the weapon you have. The game continues until the last player remains or timeout.

<Credits & Tasks>

- UnrealChan(Hwang bo Jung) ; Project Manager, Director, Programmer, Artist, Sound Management, etc.

- Song Nak Won : Programmer

- Lee Sang Hyup : Desinging Map

Hair Scramble is a totally unfinished game, and developed as part of NDM(Nexon Dream Members) 2017 Winter Season.

This project is currently paused, because of lack of developers. If you are a game developer and interested in developing this game, please contact to me(UnrealChan).

E-mail: bomul0327@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bomul0327

url: 230878