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Two years since tuxDB.com launched! Thanks all for the support!



Total Working Time: 26 hours, 30 minutes.

Update 1 (6/20/18 4:38 PM):

  •  Significantly reduced the likelihood of becoming trapped by an enemy swarm at temperatures well below maximum.

Update 2 (6/21/18 4:33 PM): 

  • Decreased enemy sightless tracking time to 0.25 seconds. 
  • Added on-demand restart during games: press R to restore the level to its original state if you make a mistake. 
  • Added Arrow Key directional control. 
  • Added quit function, press Escape to exit the game at any time.

Objective: Reach the Purple Cloud at the end of the level. Your score is determined by the time and damage you took, as well as the average temperature for the entire run. To maximize score, be quick and evade enemies while keeping your temperature high --- but be careful, high temperatures empower your enemies.


 - Enter to Start Game/Return to Menu When Game Ends

 - WASD or Arrow Keys to move Up/Left/Down/Right

 - Left Shift to Increase Speed

 - Left Control to Decrease Speed

- F11 to toggle Fullscreen

- R to Restart Level

- Escape to Quit


1. If you go through the final maze at maximum temperature, you probably won't be able to win.

2. It's possible to be trapped in corners by a group of enemies, so be careful.

3. Once an enemy has line-of-sight, it will track you briefly without line-of-sight. At max temperature, there is no escape.

url: 270284