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Support us in our Indiegogo campaign and help us develoop more content for this game!

The  Puzzle Fighting Game that will revolutionize the genre in all senses!

Blast through more than 60 levels packed with puzzle action and adventure. Help Pandora, the all-gifted heroine, in her wonderful adventure to capture all the evils that were released in our world!

Complete all story modes and get yo know a little more of all the charismatic characters this game has for you!

- 6 base characters
- Story mode
- VS mode
- Local/couch multiplayer
-Endless mode

Gematombe is an action-puzzle-vs-game where you can play one-on-one matches against your friends or the computer.

The story and characters on Gematombe are basen in the greek legend Pandora and her box/jar.

You can try and play our FREE GAME DEMO to get a general idea of the game, the music, the mechanics and story.

The BASE GAME that we have worked so far contains:

  • VS mode local - Engage your friends in puzzle battle action! In this classic couch versus mode, you select the stage and the contenders to settle a winner in a race for the first Gematombe! Who's the best? Find it out!
  • Story mode - Pick a Character and start your journey to capture all the daemons back to the jar or to wreak havoc across the world! In this mode you have 6 campaigns packed with funny cut-scenes between battles!
  • Endless mode - In this mode you will fight in an endless stage, to find how long can you stay alive with no other opponent than yourself!
  • Survivor mode - Fight your way against randomly selected enemies! Try to get as far as you can, cause they will keep coming for you!
  • 6 characters - The game so far has a cast of 6 characters, Pandora The Hope, Adicia The Injustice, Nosi The Plague, Apate The Deceit, Ania The Sorrow, Khaos The Chaos and one secret Character to discover

We are Route 5 games, a small independent video games developing team from Santiago, Chile, South America. Our company is conformed by 3 members, and we 3 are the developers of Gematombe.

We are:

  • Cristobal Muñoz (lead programer and video games designer)
  • Diego Cereceda (lead artist and video games designer)
  • Pablo Prado (level designer and video games designer)

All 3 of us are professional. We met when we were studying video game design at an institute and we have worked together in a few other small projects.

Some of the other games we have worked on, where under our former company name “Evilcorp games”. While in that company we were part of a little bit bigger crew of 5 members and we worked on 3 games for Android devices and we release them in the “play store” of google.

You can check out our other games by clicking on them or check our website to know more!

Gematombe is our first PC game project and we have put all our abilities on it!

Donations are not the only way to help us with this project. Share the news of this campaign and keep and eye open for the release of the full game. Talk about this game with your friends or to other people who may be interested in this project.

Follow the team and the game on our social pages as give us your love!

url: 83465