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The Sims 4 no longer works

The game crashes within seconds of launching since the newest update. Origin overlay disabled. Tried different Wine versions / dxvk / 32 bit.

Any ideas?

07/17/2019 12:07:04 CEST

Valheim dynamic wind system
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPnfsBlmv5o
07/17/2019 10:45:32 CEST

2D Action Platformer "Eagle Island" Now Available on GOG
URL: https://www.gog.com/game/eagle_island
07/17/2019 08:00:25 CEST

I did buy the latest Humble very positive bunlde 3 using a browser on Linux. Does it count as a Linux sale?

And I also redeemed them from a Linux mashine

07/17/2019 07:50:58 CEST

Open source graphics drivers should be easier to install than the closed source ones

If AMD and NVIDIA can make easily installable closed source drivers to support their latest graphics cards on day one, proving that graphics drivers on Linux can be that modular, the open source drivers can be made that modular and easily installable as well.

Is there any work around fixing this problem yet so that open source Mesa drivers will be available for new cards on day one?

07/17/2019 07:35:04 CEST

White Boxes Behind Text

Alright, so I've searched everywhere I could think to look for answers to this problem, but I just can't seem to find one.

A lot of people have reported that they have white boxes instead of text. My problem is that there is indeed text, except there is white boxes behind it, making it nigh impossible to read lightly colored text, especially when it's white on white.

I've tried installing all the fonts, changing video drivers, giving WINE an XP theme, changing fonts, etc. Nothing has worked, yet.

Crazy thing is, I was on a different Linux distro, long ago, and never had this issue-- the program worked just fine, without any glitches.

Info: Xubuntu 18.04; GeFore GTX 1070

Any ideas?

07/17/2019 05:48:48 CEST

State of AMD's 2200G (Vega 8) right now?

I am a long time Arch user.. Recently, I built myself this rig for an upgrade, and it got a Ryzen 3 2200G CPU and a Vega 8 iGPU. I have heard about the poor performance of AMD's APUs on GNU/Linux, but what I saw was over a year old.

Which Kernel version should I use in order for random freezes not to occur? Is there any Distro that can provide stability out of the box?

As for now, I consider using Pop!_OS, but I might go for Arch in case it is stable. Any help is appreciated c:

07/17/2019 02:52:03 CEST

"A Short Hike" releasing July 30th on Steam and itch.io - relaxing adventure game
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1055540/A_Short_Hike/
07/17/2019 02:47:51 CEST

Opensuse VS Manjaro or maybe other distro for gaming ?

might be a stupid question but what do you think who runs games better Manjaro or OpenSUSE I have a lame laptop so I want the one who takes less resources i have AMD btw and all I'm gonna play is CSGO so yeah
if there is any other distro let me know my fps on windows 10 (ugh) is around 60 fps on OpenSUSE was around 80ish so IDK if Manjaro can give me more

07/17/2019 01:24:33 CEST

Any game like this for Linux?
URL: https://youtu.be/8X043950tkA
07/17/2019 00:51:18 CEST

Kingdoms of the Dump, a trash-filled SNES-styled RPG made by janitors is planned for Linux
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/kingdoms-of-the-dump-a-trash-filled-snes-styled-rpg-made-by-janitors-is-planned-for-linux.14586
07/16/2019 23:09:30 CEST

Kind Words, a game about writing nice letters to people arrives on Steam this September
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/kind-words-a-game-about-writing-nice-letters-to-people-arrives-on-steam-this-september.14585
07/16/2019 23:08:21 CEST

Looks like supporting multiple platforms has been worth it for Rings of Saturn
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/looks-like-supporting-multiple-platforms-has-been-worth-it-for-rings-of-saturn.14588
07/16/2019 23:04:23 CEST

What gaming peripherals do you use?

Looking at giving gaming on linux a shot, but I've really come to enjoy my MMO mouse (Scimitar).Are there any compatible MMO mice/gaming keyboards s/Microphones/headsets that work with common distros?

RGB isn't top of my list, just software functionality.

07/16/2019 22:07:51 CEST

"Das Geisterschiff" is a retro, cyberpunk, first-person mouseless mech-combat dungeon crawler that's 50% off on Steam, and has a Linux demo on Itch.io.
URL: https://surt-r.itch.io/das-geisterschiff
07/16/2019 20:02:32 CEST

switching GPU's directly on steam launcher?

So steam has this "set launch options" which I wonder if I can use it to select which gpu I want to use? I could go and apply it directly to the game launching file (I have gnome so it has an option called "use dedicated graphics card"), but since it's a windows exe and steam is using proton I need another solution.

It's bad if I have to do this on the steam launcher itself because then I would need to keep switching (some light games I wanna use my integrated gpu, while more heavy games I wanna use the dedicated graphics card).

Most of the tutorials online either show a windows tutorial or an intel/nvidia tutorial (nvidia even with worse drivers have better options for this case-scenario, ugh). I have an full amd laptop, with both the integrated and dedicated graphics being amd. Since amd has no control panel I presume this might take some work.

07/16/2019 19:04:28 CEST

Is Linux Good For Gaming? Linux vs Windows.
URL: https://www.gamingscan.com/is-linux-good-for-gaming/
07/16/2019 18:33:13 CEST

Minecraft error "java.io.IOException : Unable to connect to remote host : Connection refused" will trying to join a server

Hey, i've a fresh installation of linux mint (the same bug happened on every pc connected to my internet) and this bug happen... i think that's due to my firewall or my proxy that's not configured on minecraft. do someone know a fix for this ? or even can someone help me?

thank you for taking the time to read this

07/16/2019 18:08:37 CEST

Gaming using tiling managers

How does gaming work with tiling managers like i3 or bspwm? I've been considering these, but do to the nature of how they handle windows, it seems to me that they wouldn't really behave well with full screen applications like games. Granted I haven't tried. Any1 have some experience with this?

07/16/2019 17:15:50 CEST

Update from Developer of 'Path of Titans' (Dinosaur Survival game coming to Linux)

Just wanted to give a update to everyone who has been following us and helping us with Linux Support for our game.

We have had a number of companies push back against supporting Linux including a incident with Vivox earlier this year. Regardless we continue to support it regardless of the cost because we believe in cross platform multiplayer and players being able to use whatever platform or operating system works best for them!

We have spent thousands of hours working with Epic Games to fix a number of bugs in the Vulkan and Shared Library Implementation of UE4 as lots of bugs go unnoticed in the engine because Fortnite does not support Linux.

We are currently undergoing a crowdfunding with our community but this post isn't a recommendation to back it as heaps of Linux Gamers have been burned by crowdfunding in the past with poorly made games or ports. I ask that you make your own judgement call if you would like to support us!

We also have a downloadable Launcher as snap and app image if you are interested in testing it. We don't want to launch on the Epic Games Store due to their serious lack of linux, modding support etc and we are avoiding steam so we can have more control over our game and earn more revenue to do charity drives. (Such as donating a large % of the game to charity for all copies sold)

For more information and or a better summary please checkout the article posted by Gaming on Linux:

Thanks for the support Everyone! <3

07/16/2019 16:25:27 CEST

Live and survive as a dinosaur in "Path of Titans", a new survival game coming to Linux
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/live-and-survive-as-a-dinosaur-in-path-of-titans-a-new-survival-game-coming-to-linux.14590
07/16/2019 16:15:18 CEST

Tired of Windows Crap. Want to change to Linux.

I have used different flavor of Linux Before (Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Mint.) Never for gaming but low end laptops for performance. I miss Linux and getting tired of the little annoyance of Windows.

but I have recently known that Gaming of Linux have improved a lot so I decided to bite the bullet and switch. Willing to try a new Flavor too. So which Distro/Flavor you Lads would recommend for me?

07/16/2019 15:57:39 CEST

Radeon Navi on Ubuntu 19.10

Will the RX 5700 series work out of the box for Vulkan games on Ubuntu 19.10?

07/16/2019 15:25:42 CEST

Robo Instructus is out now - programming puzzle game developed on Linux

Robo Instructus is a puzzle game in which players manoeuvre a robot by issuing instructions via a simple programming language. The game is out today. I developed it over the last 2 years on Linux with Rust & OpenGL.


Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1032170
Itch: https://bigabgames.itch.io/robo-instructus

Site: https://www.roboinstruct.us/
The story behind the game: https://blog.roboinstruct.us/2019/06/26/behind-the-scenes.html

07/16/2019 14:05:40 CEST

Kubuntu vs Manjaro gaming

I've been using Kubuntu for many years and steam proton works well. I've recently taken a fascination with Manjaro-kde and have completed the install on my work/production laptop. Would there be much worth switching my game machine to Manjaro-kde? It should I just stick with what is working now?

07/16/2019 13:07:03 CEST

Fan-made metacritic curator, work in progress!
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/curator/35387214-Metacritic./
07/16/2019 12:23:59 CEST

Has anyone tried to make For Honor work through wine?

Hi my fellow penguins, I'd like repost a question after 2 years in hope, there were some progresses in the topic.

The question was there: [Has anyone tried to make For Honor work through wine? | https://www.reddit.com/r/linux_gaming/comments/5sk46v/has_anyone_tried_to_make_for_honor_work_through/]

So after 2 years, is it possible to run For Honor on Linux? Especially on Manjaro Linux?

07/16/2019 12:15:38 CEST

Is there a place to request Wine devs to add support for certain games?

I have a few games that kinda work on Wine and I would like to see them be Gold or Platinum. Is there a place like a forum where I can request the Wine devs to add support for a certain game?

07/16/2019 03:58:28 CEST

Will Xbox One Controller w/ Wireless Dongle Be Supported Someday?

As the title says. Will the Linux Kernal in the future support the Xbox One wireless dongle out of the box? I have so many Xbox one controllers and my Linux computer Bluetooth is not working since the bluetooth hardwar is not compatible with Linux.

The Xbox 360 wireless dongle is supported. Any word on weather the Xbox One dongle will be supported?

07/16/2019 03:54:34 CEST

How to run 32-bit Wine programs on 64 bit install?

I'm trying to get the Q4Wine program running on Linux Mint, but I'm having trouble getting the right Wine version to work. The only way Q4Wine works is if the command-line Wine works - I need to use sudo apt-get install wine-development in order for Wine to be set up properly. Then I can type wine 'winprogram.exe' to run programs and Q4Wine recognizes the install. The problem is that this gives me a 64 bit install and I can't run 32-bit programs, even though I already have the 32-bit architecture downloaded. Also, running sudo apt-get remove --autoremove wine* does not completely uninstall all wine-related packages - what gives? This method only uninstalls the packages installed by apt install wine-development and ignores all other wine packages such as the i386 distributables. How can I completely purge my system of Wine components so I can start fresh?

07/16/2019 03:41:43 CEST

RPCS3: Video demonstration of the new FPS uncapping feature (vblank override)
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeAxp9UAF7o
07/16/2019 02:40:40 CEST

Science fiction child-raising simulator "Ciel Fledge" seems to be coming to Linux later this year, judging by system requirements.
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/games/738270/announcements/detail/1620650366508816444
07/16/2019 02:33:26 CEST

Is anyone successfully running Vulkan on Navi right now?

I don't know of any place on the Internet where I could maybe get an answer other than here. This might be tech support; but I haven't been able to find any reports of this working properly anywhere on the internet. This should all be generally interesting information to a lot of people, I think.

I picked up a 5700 XT card a few days ago and I've spent days trying to get a really annoying bug to go away.

I been compiling and trying the latest git versions of LLVM, Mesa and AMD's drm-next kernel branch,and everything I've tried with the video card works pretty much flawlessly (except for the kernel driver lacking fan control support, not having an interface for freq/voltage editing, and hanging the SMC if multiple programs try to read sensors at the same time). OpenGL games work great and even Vulkan games seem to run extremely well except for one big problem:

The moment any Vulkan program renders anything using RADV (even vkcube), my entire desktop corrupts itself and anything transparent gets rendered as solid rectangles (thus rendering most games unplayable). This requires a reboot of the system to fix.

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/226922581612167169/599418403224158218/2019-07-13_11-24-34.png (the game seems to run completely fine and performant behind the coating of green giga-pixels which I assume are supposed to be alpha'd out normally)

And my browser, for example, will now look like this: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/538731978556440586/599420418264268800/2019-07-13_11-32-28.png

It seems like something so trivial and simple is going wrong and leaving the card in an invalid state, but I am too brainlet to even know how to start step-through debugging vulkan commands; so I'm just curious if anyone has gotten Vulkan on Navi working correctly at all, so I could try to replicate a working setup.

The source-code release of AMDVLK with Navi support happened in the last 24 hours and I attempted to build that. No success getting it to load, though (I assume I need the rest of the AMD GPUOpen driver stack to make it work).

My next step is probably going to be an Ubuntu 18.04 install and trying to use the binary release from https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-amdgpu-unified-navi-linux. I'm not sure if the AMDVLK release from yesterday forms part of that, though; and it doesn't look like there's any new package here yet: http://repo.radeon.com/amdvlk/apt/debian/pool/main/a/amdvlk/

07/16/2019 02:12:48 CEST

Xbox One S Controller via Bluetooth + Running WINE Under a Separate User Account

Alright gents, this took me longer than it should have to work out, so I'll put this here in case anyone else has the kind of OCD which requires a squeaky clean home folder. This is a guide to make your Xbox One S / Xbox One X wireless gamepad work with a separate user's account, which is useful for security and aesthetics. This guide is aimed at Arch, and I didn't take the time to see whether there are idiosyncratic differences between Arch and (insert your distro here) before making this guide. See relevant man pages for help before commenting for help.

Basically WINE, Steam, and Lutris all put a ton of folders in your user's home folder, and I'd rather not look at them. Additionally, I don't really want anything that's running under WINE to have access to my home folder, so it makes sense to make an unprivileged user (by the name of wineuser in this case) to run these things through. This keeps my home folder safe from clutter and inspection.

To see how to set this up, follow the steps here. That is a requirement for the rest of this guide. In your $PATH, set /usr/local/bin to be before /bin if it's not already, and you can drop the some scripts in /usr/local/bin/ by the names Steam and Lutris. See the runaswine script in that section of the wiki. Basically we're going to do that, but instead of running "$@" (which means whatever you type) through wine, we're going to make launchers for Steam and Lutris.


xhost +SI:localuser:wineuser

sudo -u wineuser env HOME=/home/wineuser USER=wineuser USERNAME=wineuser LOGNAME=wineuser /bin/steam

You have to give it the absolute path like that (/bin/steam) for the actual executable so it doesn't just try to run the same script you're trying to launch steam with instead, since /usr/local/bin is global. Let's do the same for Lutris.


xhost +SI:localuser:wineuser

sudo -u wineuser env HOME=/home/wineuser USER=wineuser USERNAME=wineuser LOGNAME=wineuser /bin/lutris

Make them both executable with:

# chmod +x /usr/local/bin/lutris /usr/local/bin/steam

This is awesome. Now we can use dmenu, rofi, or terminal and simply type steam or lutris and it will automatically launch under the correct user. If you're using gnome, or otherwise launching these apps graphically instead of through a(n) fzf-like launcher, click here to learn about .desktop files and where to find them, what to do with them to achieve launching /usr/local/bin/ versions of the executables instead of the /bin/ versions.

Don't forget to follow the "WINE as a separate user" all the way through, you'll want to edit your sudoers file to prevent having to type your password when changing to the user wineuser for this to be seamless.

Once you're done there, get your bluetooth Xbox One S / Xbox One X controller connected. Here's a video guide for Ubuntu, and here's an Arch wiki entry for Archers. Great. Now we have games, and we have a wireless controller. Now why tf doesn't the controller work on the games, when stuff like keyboard and mouse will? The secret lies in udev rules.

Udev is a device manager for the Linux kernel. It does things like adds USB drives to /dev/ when you plug them in, and loads kernel modules for devices that need it when they get plugged in. It also handles permissions for devices, and we can tell it to give ownership of the Xbox controller to wineuser from now on via udev rules.

Go ahead and cd into /etc/udev/rules.d/ and pop open bluetoothctl. Get the controller's mac address by typing 'devices' (this assumes your controller has been paired before). Type exit to leave bluetoothctl, we're done with it. Anything in this /etc/udev/rules.d/ directory will need to have the extension .rules or it will be ignored. We're going to make a rule. Mine is named 50-xbox.rules. We have to tell udev what it's looking for, and we have to tell it what to do with that info. It uses "==" for comparisons, and it uses "=" to assign values. Let's say bluetoothctl told you your controller's mac address was 11:22:33:44:55:66. This is what our rule should look like.


ATTRS{uniq}=="11:22:33:44:55:66", OWNER="wineuser", MODE="0660"

If we wanted to expand it to also include rules for when our controller is plugged in via USB, it might save us some grief when our battery dies, so let's go ahead and do that now. Plug in your controller via USB and check the output of lsusb. You should see something like Bus 001 Device 005: 045e:02ea Microsoft Corp. Xbox One S Controller. The first number, 045e for me, is the vendor ID. The second number, 02ea, is my product ID. By the way, you can learn how to format the udev rules with strings like mine with some quick research on the command 'udevadm'. For now, copying my rule with your device-specific info is sufficient.

Add this line to the rule, adjusting the values based on your lsusb output:

SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="045e", ATTRS{idProduct}=="02ea", OWNER="wineuser", MODE="0660"

You should be good to go. Launch steam and hit the xbox button on your controller to test. If big picture opens, you're golden. Unplug and connect via bluetooth. You can test in the same way with big picture. If it's not working you can manually reload udev rules via sudo udevadm control --reload.

Last thing, I personally deleted my games from my home folder and re-downloaded them under the other user's account, but it's probably possible to move your library to their user folder as root, then give them ownership of those files with a recursive chown command.

Keep those home folders clean my dudes. Happy linux_gaming!

07/16/2019 01:48:08 CEST

Bloodstained, My Friend Pedro, Space Engine, Muse Dash... What Plays Well in Proton in June 2019
URL: https://boilingsteam.com/new-reports-protondb-top-20-games-in-june-2019/
07/16/2019 00:53:13 CEST

Thank you linux gamers for you support and interest in my TD game! My first game is finally out!
URL: https://i.redd.it/bbkjbtci9ja31.jpg
07/15/2019 23:13:19 CEST

CS:GO + Redshift

I'm sure I've found the issue, but has anyone else played CS:GO with Redshift enabled?

I'm on a fairly modest machine, but my FPS in online matches WAS horribly low even considering that. I disabled Redshift and it seems my FPS is now at a normal/playable level.

I'm just wondering if there is some issue with OpenGL + Redshift or if anyone else has seen this sort of behavior previously?

07/15/2019 22:58:09 CEST

Im considering linux gaming, is lutris a good option?

I'm considering making the switch to linux for gaming and stuff when I eventually put together a new pc. However I've recently started using GOG more often on my windows laptop. I've messed around in ubuntu studio and mint on an older computer and although I really like ubuntu, I've had quite a deal of trouble getting GOG to work consistently on it, and it doesn't look like its getting native support any time soon. I stumbled across a video of someone talking about Lutris, which seems to make a lot of the complication easier based on what they had shown. I was just wondering what the broader linux community thought of this particular program and ask for any advice for future linux ventures.

07/15/2019 21:56:57 CEST


-1 I am new user of linux and would like to know how do I make my screen go to the 1366x768 resolution, I already tried the xrandr method instead of getting 1366x768 arrow automatically to 1368x768, I have an i5 2400 + 8GB ram of intel hd graphics 2000, I realized that the framerate of the games are lower in games where I ran 60 frames in another S.O (windows 10), what should I do? I already updated the drivers, the system, I installed the vulkan, I changed the amount of vram and nothing, even euro truck that is native of Linux is to 20 fps with everything in the low


07/15/2019 21:10:35 CEST

STALKER Anomaly: no light from flashlight


I tried my luck on the STALKER reddit but didn't get much there.

I had this game working perfectly last year, wanted to give it another go, so I started it (I hadn't uninstalled it) and created a new character. I have the flashlight, I have put it in the detector spot and I press O, I have the sound of the flashlight turning on put no light... What did I forget? The flashlight doesn't need batteries, right?(I have the Universal Charger anyway).

This is on Fedora 30, Nvidia GTX980M, proprietary drivers 430.34; Anomaly is version 1.4.0, and wine is 4.11 staging. I have overridden d3dx9_31, 36, 41, 43 and d3dcompiler_43 and 47. Trying with d9vk didn't give anything (said my video card didn't meet the requirements...)

Thanks for any hint!

07/15/2019 20:42:48 CEST

Any MMORPGS and MMOFPS that work well on linux?

So i recently installed ubuntu , and i'm trying to get some games so far i installed wine , the appropiate drivers, and steam.

But i'm looking for some games .

-MMORGPS (2D or 3D)

-MMOFPS (kinda like warface or blacksquad )

If you guys know any i would highly appreciate it.

07/15/2019 19:50:19 CEST

Is there a way to get Koiksatu Party with HF patch to work?

The game runs and all the mod files are there but the game doesnt see it. When I go to settings there is suppose to be a mod plugin panel but its not there. I tried added different wine DLLS but that didnt get it to see it

07/15/2019 19:41:12 CEST

Epic Games supports Blender Foundation with $1.2 million
URL: https://www.blender.org/press/epic-games-supports-blender-foundation-with-1-2-million-epic-megagrant/
07/15/2019 19:38:26 CEST

"Freakout: Calamity TV Show", a new top-down twin-stick shooter in the tradition of the 1990 game "Smash TV", has corrected a few bugs in the Linux build.
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/848430/Freakout_Calamity_TV_Show/
07/15/2019 19:30:26 CEST

D9VK 0.13f has been released
URL: https://github.com/Joshua-Ashton/d9vk/releases/tag/0.13f
07/15/2019 19:24:56 CEST

holding down shift/ctrl/alt does not repeat keypresses

Hi there, i hope this isn't a duplicate of an older post here, but i couldn't find anything related to this.

Also sorry if this isn't the appropriate subreddit for this.

I'm using Debian 9 with wine 4.0.2. When holding down shift/ctrl/alt on the keyboard in installed games, it only registers as one press, even though other keys repeat the press as usual. Is this a known issue with a workaround, or something that has been since fixed in a newer version of wine?

Thanks for the help!

07/15/2019 19:17:49 CEST

Please, a tense ten-minute experience has a Linux build available
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/please-a-tense-ten-minute-experience-has-a-linux-build-available.14583
07/15/2019 19:10:12 CEST

Will gog galaxy 2.0 replace lutris at some point?
URL: https://youtu.be/AIiTdwk_yBw
07/15/2019 18:54:56 CEST

How do i fix this? Ubuntu 19.04, it worked in 18.10 but now it stopped. Can I reinstall origin without having to redownload game again?
URL: https://i.redd.it/jp91rvl6hha31.png
07/15/2019 17:13:37 CEST

Epic Games' Tim Sweeney talks Linux and gaming some more, says Linux is "great"
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/epic-games-tim-sweeney-talks-linux-and-gaming-some-more-says-linux-is-great.14576
07/15/2019 16:59:41 CEST

Crackling audio playing skyrim on macos

Hey guys,

so I downloaded the Skyrim wrapper from Portingkit. I've used Portingteam's wrapper before, but it seems to be down. Anyways, I installed the game, everything seemed fine and then I realised that the sound is crackling and popping already from the main menu (right after the Bethesda logo). I am not running wine via terminal and I don't have Pulse Audio. I have set my Audio MIDI settings to run at 24bit 48Khz (really thought it would work, as it did sound like an audio format issue) and it's not helping. There was a thread on this about 10 months ago here, but it didn't address what to do if setting audio midi to the right format doesn't work.

About my Mac:

MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports)

Processor 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5

Memory 8 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3

Graphics card Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 1536 MB

07/15/2019 15:59:40 CEST

How to install d9vk with intel hd 3000

i tried to install d9vk and dxvk on ubuntu and games just crash

installed gallium standalone and it tells me that it needs gallium 3d driver , my 3d driver is called mesa

when i play on lutris and wine like normal the fps is 17-20 , and when playing on windows not less than 35-40

not the best i know , the pc is quite old

what to do to install either d9vk or gallium ?

07/15/2019 11:38:30 CEST

Top 20 NEW games reported on ProtonDB in June 2019
URL: https://boilingsteam.com/new-reports-protondb-top-20-games-in-june-2019/
07/15/2019 11:08:25 CEST

I made a lightweight ubuntu distro for windows users

As recent project of mine I've been developing a linux distribution with a familiar UI for windows users. I've gotten feedback saying it has a very low cpu and RAM footprint.


I figured I would mention it here, as I think it could be a good distribution for linux gamers, especially those with low-end machines or who are coming from windows.

You can get an ISO from SourceForge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/bluebuntu/

The release history and more information is available on my website. https://louisrosenblum.com/bluebuntu

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

07/15/2019 10:30:10 CEST

Steam in-home streaming from Ubuntu 18.04 to Windows


I've been trying to stream Ubuntu desktop using steam stream play. However, I'm running to constant issues. When I try to connect using my Windows 10 computer, 19 out of 20 times I get "Could not connect to remote computer'. When using Steam link I connect to the computer without any problems. The thing is that 1 time that it works is confusing me. That would point that network or firewall should not be the problem.

Just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing the same problems and if maybe someone has found solution.

Also I'm open to other real-time streaming solutions like parsec.

07/15/2019 10:29:09 CEST

Longtime LAMP user here. Never thougt about using Linux for a gaming machine. Took my old micro-server board (xeon e3-1275v3, 16GB DDR3, 2x SSDs, Radeon RX480 8GB [ex mining card]) and have testet Ubunto first but endet with Manjaro because of the better performance.
URL: https://i.redd.it/9ir0edl6gfa31.jpg
07/15/2019 10:24:00 CEST

how to install d9vk on intel hd 3000

i tried to install d9vk and dxvk on ubuntu and games just crash

installed gallium standalone and it tells me that it needs gallium 3d driver , my driver is called mesa

when i play on lutris and wine like normal the fps is 17-20 , and when playing on windows not less than 35-40

not the best i know , the pc is quite old

what to do to install either d9vk or gallium ?

07/15/2019 10:19:30 CEST

When you use Linux in your offices and you don't have Linux build of your game...
URL: https://i.redd.it/y44gca3s7fa31.jpg
07/15/2019 09:36:04 CEST

Tim Sweeney: “The real enemy of Linux are these trolls who try to overrun social media channels to make claims in bad faith and attempt to harass developers into compliance. They’re scaring lots of good game developers away.”
URL: https://twitter.com/TimSweeneyEpic/status/1150521599633874949
07/15/2019 09:05:19 CEST

PSA: The mouse polling rate issue in Wine might not be totally fixed.

As some of you might remember from around when Proton first launched, a long-standing Wine bug got traction. The bug caused erratic mouse behavior when the polling rate was set too high, leading to the mouse panning from one side of the screen to the other, or incredibly stuttery movement. The bug was promptly fixed and everyone forgot about it.

...Except it seems it wasn't fixed. In the recent thread discussing Proton and the evolution in game compatibility, an argument was brought about regarding the accuracy of ProtonDB ratings, with one of the games put forth as an argument being Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (rated Gold in spite of multiple reports of severe mouse issues in the game's map screen). I quickly set about testing the game for myself to see if I could nail down the problem and help the contribute to a more accurate rating on ProtonDB.

Upon launching the game and opening the map I noticed a very erratic pattern, almost like the mouse was being forced into a certain position. Toggling between the game's "Fullscreen" and "Borderless Fullscreen" options expectedly did nothing. Disabling the "Automatically capture the mouse in full-screen windows" option in the graphics tab of winecfg partially fixed this, but then I'd lose all mouse control on the map screen. Emulating a virtual desktop the same resolution as my real monitor helped quite a bit, making the pattern erratic but somewhat controllable. However, when I switched to my mouse's "Wine" profile (created specifically because of the polling rate bug, with the polling rate set to 125Hz) the problem was gone almost in its entirety. It was still a little bit jumpy, but considerably less so.

It's probably too early to tell whether this bug is indeed the same bug as last time, but I'd like to see this post as a call to arms. We're going to need a lot more samples on different setups to confirm whether or not I'm on the right path. So, if you've got a game with weird mouse issues in some kind of edge case, please test your game with your polling rate set to 125Hz and let everyone know if that fixed it or at least alleviated the problem. If you need information about how to set your polling rate in Linux, you should generally be able to follow this Arch Wiki article.

TL;DR: If you're having mouse issues in Wine/Proton games, try setting your polling rate to 125Hz and see if that alleviates it.

07/15/2019 07:00:16 CEST

Upgraded to a ryzen 5 3600, now some wine games will no longer work.

So I have a couple of cracked games that used to work using wine but stopped working when I upgraded my CPU/motherboard. In some of the games the lutris logs said that stack smashing was detected, while in other games it comes up 2irh an error "unhandeled exception: page fault on r3qd access to 0xffffffffffffff in 64bit code (0x0000001444d26053)." I tried using multiple versions of wine from staging 3.21 up until 4.10. I did get the games to work again by installing my linux hard drive into my dad's computer. So it is likely a hardware related bug, but I have no clue what is causing it, nor do I know how to fix it.

So far I haven't had any new problems with legitament games/software on wine. Nor have I has any issues with proton or native games.

I have a ryzen 3600, Asus TUF b450 motherboard, nvidia 1060 (430.26), and linux mint 19.1 using kernel 5.0.

07/15/2019 04:29:52 CEST

Language input

Has anyone a guide or a post in getting language input to work inside steam games? I can get it to work in browsers and libre but not any games.

07/15/2019 03:16:43 CEST

Tim Sweeney on Wine and the state of Linux gaming
URL: https://twitter.com/TimSweeneyEpic/status/1150513857342922752?s=19
07/14/2019 23:50:33 CEST

A review of ZED.
URL: https://adventuregamers.com/articles/view/37927
07/14/2019 22:57:57 CEST

I'm a 100% Linux Twitch streamer, and I might have to run a windows partition for the dumbest reason...

I started streaming on Twitch about a month ago, here's my channel, a follow is always appreciated.. I use Linux full time, and I found that with what Steam is doing and other wine type services, I could fully get away with only playing games that work completely on Linux.

Great, being a Linux gamer on Steam is a great way to get noticed, I don't have to boot into Windows all the time. Good stuff. BUT...

Being a new streamer I don't get a lot of views, so I thought I would try to make some content that I can use to promote the channel. So I created a podcast, on Twitch called Small Streamers Connect where I interview OTHER small streamers and talk about Life, Streaming, Gaming, the Future... etc.. (Always looking for new guests!)

As you can see success has been, pretty much all over the place.

Part of the issue is it needs a certain professional look to really attract more viewers, cool, I'm a developer, I can learn anything lets do this!

Here is the problem.
If you stream you know the program used to stream is OBS, Open Broadcast Software, its great, its open source, it's the industry standard. Works perfectly on Linux. However when I conduct an interview I need a video chat program, that displays my face and the other persons face, side by side, or in a tiled view.

The BEST option, is if that Video Chat software has the ability to stream into OBS.
That way I can fully make my own graphical Interface around the incoming windows, transitions, etc.. everything OBS can do, with the video chat full integrated. (Webcam only works on one application at a time)

Awesome, I wanna do that.
The technology that can do that is called NDI, it's ALSO open source.

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT, the ONLY video chat program I have found that uses NDI or something like it, is Skype. Well, good for Skype right? So use Skype?

Nope, Skype for Linux is just Skype for web with an electron wrapper, it doesn't have the NDI option.

So now I feel stupid, OBS is open source, it's even written in Python. NDI is open source, but there seems to be nothing else out there to bind those two together, at least not in a manner that I have managed to figure out.

At some point i'm going to want those podcasts to look better. And it seems the only way to do it is to go back to dual-booting Windows 10. :sadface:

Unless someone knows of some alternative that I have not found?

07/14/2019 22:56:42 CEST

With Ubuntu ending 32 bit support, what is the best long term alternative for Steam games, noob coder &amp; general use?
07/14/2019 22:49:12 CEST

Is linux gaming just an meme?
07/14/2019 22:07:31 CEST

Matt Dabrowski(Developer of Streets of Rogue) response on porting the game to Linux.
URL: https://i.redd.it/kec3xxmqpba31.png
07/14/2019 21:53:08 CEST

Anyone running Ryzen 3000 processors - is CPU temperature available for sensors?

I remember it took a while for Zen / Zen+ to get sensors support for CPU temperature.

07/14/2019 21:31:23 CEST

GOG Installer for Furi Cannot Find .exe

I posted this on the Lutris forums a couple days ago and haven't heard anything yet, so reaching out here too. If anyone knows of a workaround in Lutris, that would be great, but also if anyone can point me to any resources for installing GOG games outside of Lutris that would be great too.

I recently bought Furi from GOG, and am trying to install it using the Lutris script titled 1.4.95 (GOG). However, I get an error at the end of the install saying that the executable could not be found. Ive included more details below, but any help people could give me would be much appreciated!

Anyways, the process Ive gone through is to download the setup .exe and .bin files that GOG provides. Then, when I run the installer it asks where I want the game installed, and I point it to my Games directory. After that, it downloads a wine staging .tar.gz file, then it gives me a prompt to Select the games setup file. Ive tried pointing this prompt to both the .exe and the .bin I downloaded from GOG, but both lead to the same error. The installer goes to the normal install screen, which stays up for a few seconds before it goes to a screen with check boxes for creating desktop/app menu shortcuts. At the top of this screen, it says The executable at path /home/thomas/Games/furi/prefix/drive_c/game/Furi.exe cant be found, please check the destination folder.
Some parts of the installation process may have not completed successfully. From there, Lutris seems to think the game is installed but if I try and launch the game I get a similar error about not finding Furi.exe.

Again, any pointers/ideas you have would be awesome. Thanks!


07/14/2019 21:00:42 CEST

Autonauts is an in-development world-building sim in the vein of Factorio, and has a downloadable Linux demo.
URL: https://denki.itch.io/autonauts
07/14/2019 20:23:40 CEST

CoreCtrl 1.0.0 Released
URL: https://gitlab.com/corectrl/corectrl
07/14/2019 19:22:09 CEST

What is the best linux gaming distro?
07/14/2019 18:42:14 CEST

Tim Sweeney and EPIC bad. Valve good.
URL: https://i.redd.it/pn7u393h07a31.png
07/14/2019 18:21:39 CEST

Serious Sam VR issues

Hello guys, i have this issue with SSVR where my pc get's completely frozen after i launch it (reported here https://steamcommunity.com/app/552450/discussions/1/1648792158823582585/) and I'd like to ask fellow linux gamers if anyone has tried to run it on linux at all? I use arch (used to be antergos, but i think there is not much antergos-specific stuff left), but i've tried it on ubuntu as well and the result was more or less the same so the question stands. I'm a bit angry about it to be honest, since i started that thread in May, I still can't play any of the "serious" games in VR and it doesn't look like this issue is of any priority to the dev team. My main goal here is to understand whether i've paid money for the game that doesn't work on any linux pc or just mine. Any input is greatly appreciated, cheers!

07/14/2019 15:52:04 CEST

Weekly Tech-Support Thread for July 14, 2019: Ask your tech-support questions in this thread please

When asking for help, include as much information as you can. Give us details to work with. Your specs, distro, drivers and software versions, logs and terminal output. The more you give us, the easier it is to help.

Please sort comments by 'new' to find questions that would otherwise be buried.

If you see a new tech-support related question posted in this subreddit, then please politely link them to this thread.

Ask away!

07/14/2019 15:33:09 CEST

BF3 runs in black screen ubuntu 19.04

Hi. I installed bf3 through lutris and set everything up. However, when I connect to a server, a game launches but its black screen. Nothing helps and either I have to close it or it closes on its own. Im using ge4.10.protinified version and dxvk 1.2.3.

I can run it because it worked on windows. Other games like bf1, bf4, warframe and gta 5 work well on ubuntu.

I have a laptop with core i3 4000m, amd r7 m265 and 8gb ram.

07/14/2019 15:13:04 CEST

Practical CPU stress test


I'm looking for a practical way to test the stability of my CPU, mostly my new cooling system. I could run mprime (and do often for other purposes) or alike, but I'm not too interested in those unlikely scenarios, for instance nothing I actually use has come close to mprime in driving the temperature so high so it's a bit meaningless...

What game, console emulator, video encoder or such would you recommend for that purpose?

Thank you!

07/14/2019 13:34:21 CEST

Proton Keeps Making Its Way in Compatibility (Much Less Borked Games in June 2019)
URL: https://boilingsteam.com/proton-keeps-making-its-way-in-compatibility/
07/14/2019 12:46:27 CEST

Gigabit Fiber + 3 Seagate Barracuda SSD in RAID0 + BTRFS + native Steam = Linux gaming rocks
URL: https://imgur.com/a/ToimuX6
07/14/2019 12:29:37 CEST

Small Reminder about EAC, Linux Game Support and Epic Games
URL: https://i.redd.it/pn7u393h07a31.png
07/14/2019 09:10:58 CEST

Running Slightly Old Games/ Backwards Compatibility Issues.

How do you guys manage to actually keep your game libraries running? From what I can tell if a game was released natively for Linux in 2016 for Ubuntu 16 or something with old libraries it won't run without tons of effort.

As far as I can tell right now gaming on Linux doesn't make a lot of sense if I can't run slightly old games easily.

Please convince me not to go back to Windows/ tell me how/why I'm wrong.

07/14/2019 06:33:22 CEST

Cannot play dark souls remaster with proton with winetricks method.

Following proton db guides on ubuntu it tells me to download winetricks - select default wineprefix - install a windows DLL or component - select vcrun2017.

upon trying to select and instal vcrun2017I get

working around wine bug 37781


this may fail in non-XP mode, see https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=37781


running / use/bin/wineserver - w. This will hang until all wine processes in prefix=/USER/.wine terminate


note: command wine VC_redist.X86.exe returned status 2. Aborting

07/14/2019 00:49:24 CEST

Godot Engine - Vulkan progress report #1
URL: https://godotengine.org/article/vulkan-progress-report-1
07/14/2019 00:46:05 CEST

Throw your Owl at everything in "Eagle Island", out now with Linux support
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/throw-your-owl-at-everything-in-eagle-island-out-now-with-linux-support.14549
07/14/2019 00:27:59 CEST

I'm not ashamed - help, I am clueless!

Ok, so my last post was me saying I was going to give this Linux stuff a whirl, and It's taken me all day to get up to this point. Hello from the new computer! =)

Running Ryzen 5 3600, X570 board and a RX 5700.

I can't even figure out how to install anything, getting the USB to install Manjaro was write off, gave up. tried to make a windows USB , failed at that, then tried Ubuntu and managed to get into the OS. Woo-hoo! I was hoping to be playing rust by this time at night, but hey ho =)

It's working at least!

Havin' fun, will figure this all out soon enough I am sure.

07/14/2019 00:08:10 CEST

Supraland Review
URL: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/04/16/supraland-review/
07/13/2019 23:50:06 CEST

Thinking of giving linux gaming another try

I am thinking of giving linux gaming another try. This time I am thinking of going with Arch instead of Ubuntu. Although I don't have a spare computer to read the installation guide off of, I do I have the ArchWiki Viewer app on my phone (from F-Droid).

I plan on dual-booting again because I know for sure that certain games I play simply won't run under WINE. Then on top of that some games I have to play on Windows in order to play them with mods.

So what's the point then? Well maybe I'm crazy, but gaming performance almost seemed to drop for me after an intel microcode update was installed and I hope that for the games I know I an run on Linux will perform better (even despite some of them using aweful DX to openGL translation). Also hope that I can have settings for atleast some of my software synced between Windows and Linux.

Why Arch? Well I want to take advantage of the newer packages in the base system (compared to Ubuntu) and while Manjaro is generally recommended to even average users, there is a whole page documenting issues with that distro and I think I would be better off going for straight Arch. I might also have another distro installed as a back up in case something goes wrong on Arch.

As for my partitioning set up, here is the plan

(This is on a 480GB SSD, my 1TB HDD drive is filled to the brim and can't really be used for running games off of for that reason)

Partition 1: Windows (roughly 240GB/480GB)(I already merged system reserved into this partition)

Partition 2: /home (roughly 224GB/480GB)

Partition 3: / (roughly 16GB/480GB)

(If Arch doesn't support Swap files then I will need a separate partition for that. not sure what size swap should be)

I also am using an nvidia graphics card and I'm limited to Wifi on my pc so if I need additional pages from the wiki that aren't linked in the guide, please let me know. If this kind of post doesn't belong here, I apologize ahead of time.

07/13/2019 22:02:28 CEST

How is 5700 XT support (Manjaro)?

Looking into getting one but have heard the driver isn't fully ready yet. I use the linux52 kernel. Should I wait?

07/13/2019 21:42:11 CEST

BackwoodsBilly Pictorial Tour Of Salted Vines Vineyard
URL: https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=GfoS1elcapk&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DakTUvNv-wG8%26feature%3Dshare
07/13/2019 21:34:05 CEST

Anyone have Assetto Corsa Content Manager working?

Hi all. Now, after all the effort to get Assetto Corsa working with Proton has finally paid off and its now working, I want to use all the toys :). Has anyone gotten the AC community build Content Manager Launcher working with Proton? If so, how? Thanks!

07/13/2019 20:44:31 CEST

DXVK 1.3 Released
URL: https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk/releases/tag/v1.3
07/13/2019 20:38:47 CEST

Cemu has better performance on Linux through Wine than natively on Window$
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/ccr78g/cemu_has_better_performance_on_linux_through_wine/
07/13/2019 18:35:33 CEST

3rd Person Stealth Game "Backland" Released With Day 1 Linux Support
URL: https://bcubedlabs.itch.io/backland
07/13/2019 18:11:16 CEST

Steam-dos is now work on supporting Hardware midi devices
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkxlvN5yiBM
07/13/2019 17:46:20 CEST

Cortex Command from Data Realms goes open source
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/cortex-command-from-data-realms-goes-open-source.14567
07/13/2019 17:19:06 CEST

Microsoft putting patent traps inside linux


Not strictly gaming related, but windows gaming on linux relies heavily on some of the stuff they are trying to sue over. So to all the idiots who bought the whole "MicRoSofT lOveS LiNuX" shit hook, line, sinker, rod, reel, and fishermans cock, good job dumbasses.

EMBRACE: Microshit loves linux

EXTEND: Linux runs inside windows (how god damn stupid, let's run the better OS inside the shitty one)

EXTINGUISH: Suing companies over stuff made to mimmick windows, which will destroy the ability to run windows programs on linux - which directly affects wine and proton, as well as any projects branching off them.

MS just got added to my do not pirate list. I wont even give them the satisfaction of knowing i want their shit, on top of not giving them my money. I was really looking forward to MCC on pc but I'll not support any company that tries to fuck up linux.

Microsoft is the same exact powerhungry piece of shit they've always been. Every idiot who actually thought they "loved" a free competitor should be slapped with a steel toe boot. So once again, to all the assholes that gave Microsoft power in this arena by supporting the whole windows+linux lure, fuck you.

07/13/2019 17:01:01 CEST

Tomb Raider (2013) coming to Stadia, but will it be ported by Feral?

Tomb Raider (2013) is coming to Stadia, but will it be ported by Feral? If yes, the Linux version will also get the Vulkan API?

07/13/2019 13:27:35 CEST

Why raiding Area 51 would be fruitless.
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/area51raid/comments/ccntxr/why_raiding_area_51_would_be_fruitless/
07/13/2019 12:35:07 CEST

Name This Creature
URL: https://youtu.be/gWAybPrx7zY
07/13/2019 11:51:07 CEST

Best Performance Distro for nVidia Cards (GTX 1070TI)

Hey guys,

Ive tested so far solus and pop os. But it does not feel like in Windows. I got a 144 Hz Monitor and set it up like that. It feels not smooth like in Windows, Ive tested several drivers and yeah. Maybe you guys got a solution or a favorite os ?

07/13/2019 07:40:25 CEST

Build new machine or change GPU

I built a windows 8 machine a while ago. I recently decided to add another ssd for a dual boot with ubuntu 18.04. My main focus for ubuntu is programming python/vscode, not gaming. I have issues with my gpu + ubuntu 18.04, I tried everything my modest linux skills would allow me, including all variations of "nomodeset/grub" stuff. I tried to make my gpu work with ubuntu for too long, my linux skills are not enough, my few hours of digging suggested I was not alone and that there might be no solution for my specific HW.

I am done weeping.

Should I built another machine for linux and buy some switch for keyboard/mouse/screens or change my gpu? Changing the gpu might be cheaper and simpler but I am lost as to what to look for and previous experience proved I was not skilled enough to get gpu working with linux. I need a gpu with similar or better performance for windows gaming (hdmi+dvi or 2xhdmi) + won't give me headaches on ubuntu 18.04 + max 200$ cnd.

Please Obiwan Kenobi. You are not my only hope but I would appreciate a hand.

07/13/2019 05:55:29 CEST

BOOM remake of a shareware game for MacOS [playable]
URL: https://silverweed.github.io/boom/
07/13/2019 05:54:55 CEST

HyperX alloy core RGB: It is compatible with Linux?

So, in the Venn diagram of things I look in a keyboard, the aforementioned keyboard is the one in the center (cheap but not too shabby, backlight, in stock on my stores, latinamerican layout), but I'm afraid that It may need a windows-only software to run some things. The website says nothing about needing some sort of software suite, and I know that is usal that cheap keyboards does not come with that kind of stuff and rely on simple onboard chips and some ky combinations/buttons. But in the other hand the page only lists windows as compatible, not even mentioning mac.

Does anyone around here has some experience with it or by chance has it /uses it?

07/13/2019 04:01:20 CEST

Help with Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition!!

Hello, i cant get Divinity Original Sin 2 running. The game freezes in the loading screen after a few seconds. I did a quick reserch in protondb but i couldnt find a solution to my problem.

This is the screen where the game freezes. It wont close until i force it to. Any help would be appreciated.


07/12/2019 23:06:16 CEST

Minecraft Forge

I have installed forge on the minecraft launcher linux version. Specs: Mint MATE 19 Forge Version 10.2 I have reinstalled once, to completely get rid of any installs of versions. i install the forge jar, allocate my memory i want, then open it. it crashes immediately... doesnt even open the game, just goes straight to the launcher! dunno why this is happening

07/12/2019 22:49:24 CEST

Help test the new demo of Devader, a very intense twin-stick shooter that's coming to Linux
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/help-test-the-new-demo-of-devader-a-very-intense-twin-stick-shooter-thats-coming-to-linux.14563
07/12/2019 22:38:31 CEST

RetroArch coming to Steam this month – July 30
URL: https://www.libretro.com/index.php/retroarch-coming-to-steam-this-month-july-30/
07/12/2019 22:13:36 CEST

Any meaningful differences from the default/vanilla kernel to Liquorix while gaming?

As title says. I've been trying the Liquorix kernel lately with the latest games and the differences between Liquorix and the "vanilla" kernel doesn't seem that much of a big deal...

...other than the less 50 mb usage of ram, that is.

Am I supposed to do something with the Liquorix kernel to (fully) take advantage of its benefits or is it really just a "placebo" kernel?

Thanks in advance.

07/12/2019 21:32:57 CEST

RADV Picks Up Geometry Shader Support For Navi/GFX10
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=RADV-Navi-Geometry-Shaders
07/12/2019 21:16:33 CEST

GNOME's Mutter Picks Up Another Optimization For Helping DisplayLink-Type Hardware
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Mutter-Primary-GPU-Copies
07/12/2019 21:16:18 CEST

AMD Releases BIOS Fix To Motherboard Partners For Booting Newer Linux Distributions
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=AMD-Releases-Linux-Zen2-Fix
07/12/2019 21:15:50 CEST

Blender 2.80 removes blender game engine, and recommends Godot as an alternative
URL: https://www.blender.org/download/releases/2-80/
07/12/2019 20:23:31 CEST

Stuttering in Heroes of the Storm

I've been interested in giving Linux gaming a whirl for a while now and finally took the plunge. I'm trying to get Heroes of the Storm to work using this Lutris install script. It uses I have DXVK & Esync enabled, using Wine ge-protonified-nofshack-4.9.

I've set all of my graphics settings to the lowest they can go. Although the FPS is quite high, I get an insane amount of stuttering that makes it unplayable. When looking at the frametime graph I see significant spikes on a frequent basis.

I think it might have something to do with shader caching, but even after playing several games it doesn't seem to be improving. Any ideas?

07/12/2019 20:13:29 CEST

New user, new build AMD, hello! =D

Hello, I have decided to make the jump to Linux with my most recent purchase, a new gaming PC. I have been an AMD fan for quite some time and with the launch of their 3rd gen processors and Navi cards I was also spurred to change up my OS - thought I should drop by here and ask for any tips starting out. I remember back 10 years ago having a play aground with Linux but at the time gaming was a struggle and all my friends had Winblows so jacked it in fairly quickly. Thankfully as I understand it this is not the case as much so more! I think I've picked a distro, was thinking manjaro but that is still up in the air at this time =)

And for the components, as everyone loves a good bit of dickwaving and it would be interesting is anyone would know of compatibility issues I might have, I assume I may have some as the CPU, GPU and motherboard only came out in the last few days:

Ryzen 5 3600 AM4 CPU, MSI Radeon RX 5700 GPU, MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS motherboard, G.Skill Trident Z 16GB 3200 Mhz, 960G SSDNOW A1000 M.2 2280 NVMe , 240G SSDNOW A1000 M.2 2280 NVMe, EG 27" QHD 144hz 1ms Gaming Monitor.

Anyway, good to be here, and let's see if I can avoid windows on the new system =D

07/12/2019 19:28:04 CEST

Streets of Rogue has left Early Access
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791456004353/announcements/detail/1604887767816828824
07/12/2019 19:12:36 CEST

Using Renderdoc with Launchers

I have having trouble getting a renderdoc capture for an Epic exclusive title: The

Sinking City. But the difficulties would apply to other Launchers, e.g., Uplay.

There are two ways to work this suite. First, you fill out the fields: Executable

Path, Working Directory, Command-line Arguments, and Finally Environment Variables.

Second, you attach to an already running process. That only works if you can attach

before your vulkan instance is created.

One big problem I have is isolating the main game binary from its DRM. I tried the

first approach only to be told be the game that Epic needed to be run and logged in.

I was but the game couldn't see it. I'm not sure what to do here.

07/12/2019 19:10:02 CEST

Ubuntu LTS Linux Distributions Will Now Get The Latest Nvidia Drivers Installed Automatically
URL: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2019/07/12/ubuntu-executes-another-massive-change-to-the-way-it-updates-proprietary-nvidia-drivers/amp/
07/12/2019 19:05:22 CEST

RVGL (ReVolt) Tab key

I am using the latest version which could be found here: https://re-volt.io/downloads/game

The game does have a native version which I intend to play primarily on, but if compatibility issues arise, I would like to have a way to play with my friends that run Windows.

When people are gathered in the lobby, the Tab key is used to start the server, but the Windows version on Wine does nothing when tab is pressed. Does anyone have any tips on making this work?

Its not a real issue since there is a native version, but if there is a simple fix, I would like to know how it works. It might help with any other games that experience similar issues.

07/12/2019 19:05:20 CEST

Is anyone gaming on MX Linux?

MX LInux has been topping the charts at distrowatch for some time now, so I'm wondering if anyone here has tried gaming on it and, if so, what your experience is/was like?

07/12/2019 15:16:50 CEST

Goblin Cruncher in PlayOnLinux
07/12/2019 14:43:35 CEST

Grid 2019 - Not in the first day launch?

What you think friends?

Reading the part " but this will not be in the inmediate future" i'm a little sad :(


07/12/2019 10:00:17 CEST

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate booting on yuzu
URL: https://youtu.be/GbQ9mCdA-Kw
07/12/2019 07:37:05 CEST

Issues with Discord client?

I've recently started having issues with the native Discord client locking up. seems the UI gets stuck but the voice channel will still work fine for a while and eventually will lock up for a short while as well. The voice channel will eventually come back but the UI stays locked up until the app is force killed and restarted. It doesnt take long for it to lock up (usually shortly after minimizing or switching to another window).

I tried to kill .config/discord and re-launch

I tried to run, apt purge discord, apt autoremove, apt clean

reinstalled the .deb from the discord website and im still having the same issue.

Ubuntu 18.10x64

Intel i5-2400

nvidia 770

8gb ram

actually I had just updated my kernel to 5.1.16. has any one had any issues with discord on newer kernels?

07/12/2019 07:07:46 CEST

Puzzle Game "TIS-100" Now Available on Itch.io
URL: https://zachtronics.itch.io/tis-100
07/12/2019 05:44:33 CEST

If you're on an Arch-based linux distro and Hearthstone is stuck on the loading screen, the culprit is tzdata version 2019b-1
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/cc4qbu/if_youre_on_an_archbased_linux_distro_and/
07/12/2019 04:16:23 CEST

RetroArch Disc Project - Disc dumping to internal storage now possible!
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tUtsx9KK-o
07/12/2019 04:09:21 CEST

RetroArch Netplay – FlyCast – Dreamcast Online Multiplayer gaming! Now with Windows CE support
URL: https://www.libretro.com/index.php/retroarch-netplay-flycast-dreamcast-online-multiplayer-gaming-now-with-windows-ce-support/
07/12/2019 03:51:25 CEST

Dark Souls 2 Keyboard/Mouse Workaround Script

So I recently finished Dark Souls REMASTERED and figured I'd play Dark Souls 2. I play using keyboard and mouse instead of the controller; it just feels better to me. Well I quickly found out just how bad the input handling is!. I did some searching only to find workarounds for Windows using AutoHotKey. Ended up hacking together this little script to fix the mouse click latency and a minor QoL adjustment by making Q and E similar to how the remaster is done. It does require sudo to read the mouse input but this is good enough for me.

Key Bindings: https://imgur.com/a/eMIrLBE
Script: https://gist.github.com/kantlivelong/198bd0792579976dd90b7ce268c5acb0

When running you can press F1 to PAUSE/UNPAUSE the script and F4 to exit.

Hopefully this helps someone else out there.

07/12/2019 03:47:08 CEST

Switching from Ubuntu to Debian and Debian still has a broken kernel?

I wanted to try Debian due to Ubuntu dropping 32 bit libraries. But then I noticed that Debian 10 is still using linux kernel 4.19.37-5 which can't connect to steam https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/6326

Is Debian really a serious alternative? It has been almost a month since this broken kernel was released and I need to downgrade or compile my own kernel to get it to work??

Has Ubuntu changed their mind about 32 bit support?

07/12/2019 01:40:33 CEST

Albion Online just got another huge update with Percival now live
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/albion-online-just-got-another-huge-update-with-percival-now-live.14544
07/12/2019 01:37:17 CEST

CD-ROM Not Found With Torrented Game in Crossover

Hey guys! I'm pretty new to using Wine and not much of a gamer so apologies for any basic errors/mistakes.

One of my favorite games as a kid was the Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets PC game, and I suddenly had an urge to play it again. However, my old copy of it was lost and my Mac doesn't have a CD drive, so I can't buy one off eBay or anything like that. I torrented a cracked ISO of the Windows version and tried running it using both Wineskin and Crossover. While it installed fine, with both Crossover and Wineskin I get the 'Please insert the correct CD-ROM' error when I try to run the game. The torrent readme said to copy the crack from the ISO into the game folder (I assume this means the drive_c folder), which I did, but that doesn't work either.

Anyone encountered a similar issue and know how to fix it? Alternatively, if you have recommendations for a better program/skin, that would be great too. Thanks!

07/12/2019 00:32:59 CEST

Steam Labs - Test experimental features on the Steam store
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/labs
07/11/2019 23:46:29 CEST

Ravenfield now has a Multiplayer Mod!
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/app/636480/discussions/0/1642042464737157463/
07/11/2019 23:42:43 CEST

Entire Zachtronics Catalog Uploaded To itch.io
URL: https://twitter.com/zachtronics/status/1149359299920969728?s=20
07/11/2019 23:33:04 CEST

Anyone having full screen stuttering bugs with Supraland?

When in full screen the game stutters every 2 seconds & shows a frame from 2 seconds before. I've tried reinstalling twice to no effect. Is there a fix?

07/11/2019 23:15:01 CEST

Trying to install Origin on Ubuntu

Was trying to install and I got an error. Here's the full list of details:

Unhandled exception: page fault on write access to 0x00000000 in 32-bit code (0x1123fc72).

Register dump:

CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:0063 GS:006b

EIP:1123fc72 ESP:0033df00 EBP:0033df20 EFLAGS:00010246( R- -- I Z- -P- )

EAX:0033df14 EBX:0033e218 ECX:00000000 EDX:00000000

ESI:00000000 EDI:02c48738

Stack dump:

0x0033df00: 02c48738 0033e140 0033e218 0033df58

0x0033df10: 0033e218 00000000 00000000 02c48738

0x0033df20: 0033df50 1123fd14 0033e140 0033e15c

0x0033df30: 0033e2b4 02c0fce0 0033e218 00000004

0x0033df40: 0033e2b4 0033e218 00000004 00000001

0x0033df50: 0033e1f8 11250c0c 0033e140 0033e15c


=>0 0x1123fc72 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033df20)

1 0x1123fd14 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033df50)

2 0x11250c0c EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033e1f8)

3 0x11241c23 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033e2cc)

4 0x11241b2c EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033e2e8)

5 0x11241a62 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033e32c)

6 0x1124113d EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033e34c)

7 0x11241d96 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033e3ac)

8 0x1121914e EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033e3fc)

9 0x11cf1765 EntryPoint+0x1042a5() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033e85c)

10 0x11cf4dae EntryPoint+0x1078ee() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033e8d0)

11 0x11d218e2 EntryPoint+0x134422() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033e980)

12 0x11d1a158 EntryPoint+0x12cc98() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033e9a4)

13 0x11d1a50f EntryPoint+0x12d04f() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033e9c8)

14 0x11cd5218 EntryPoint+0xe7d58() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033e9d4)

15 0x11ccd1f4 EntryPoint+0xdfd34() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033e9f4)

16 0x11cccddc EntryPoint+0xdf91c() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033ea4c)

17 0x11cda728 EntryPoint+0xed268() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033ea78)

18 0x11d1e7e0 EntryPoint+0x131320() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033eaf8)

19 0x11cfc6b0 EntryPoint+0x10f1f0() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033eb2c)

20 0x11d1bc8a EntryPoint+0x12e7ca() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033eb48)

21 0x11d2354c EntryPoint+0x13608c() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033ebcc)

22 0x11cfd168 EntryPoint+0x10fca8() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033ec3c)

23 0x11cfc6b0 EntryPoint+0x10f1f0() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033ec70)

24 0x11d1bc8a EntryPoint+0x12e7ca() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033ec8c)

25 0x11cfed3b EntryPoint+0x11187b() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033eca8)

26 0x11cfc89b EntryPoint+0x10f3db() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033ed04)

27 0x11cfce31 EntryPoint+0x10f971() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033ed48)

28 0x11cfd177 EntryPoint+0x10fcb7() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033edc0)

29 0x11cfc6b0 EntryPoint+0x10f1f0() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033edf4)

30 0x11d1bc8a EntryPoint+0x12e7ca() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033ee10)

31 0x11d1bf09 EntryPoint+0x12ea49() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033ee54)

32 0x11cfd425 EntryPoint+0x10ff65() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033eec4)

33 0x11cfc6b0 EntryPoint+0x10f1f0() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033eef8)

34 0x11d1bc8a EntryPoint+0x12e7ca() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033ef14)

35 0x11d1bf09 EntryPoint+0x12ea49() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033ef58)

36 0x11cfd425 EntryPoint+0x10ff65() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033efc8)

37 0x11cfc6b0 EntryPoint+0x10f1f0() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033effc)

38 0x11d1bc8a EntryPoint+0x12e7ca() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f018)

39 0x11d1bf09 EntryPoint+0x12ea49() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f05c)

40 0x11cfd425 EntryPoint+0x10ff65() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f0cc)

41 0x11cfc6b0 EntryPoint+0x10f1f0() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f100)

42 0x11d1bc8a EntryPoint+0x12e7ca() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f11c)

43 0x11d1bf09 EntryPoint+0x12ea49() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f160)

44 0x11cfd425 EntryPoint+0x10ff65() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f1d0)

45 0x11cfc6b0 EntryPoint+0x10f1f0() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f204)

46 0x11d1bc8a EntryPoint+0x12e7ca() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f220)

47 0x11caa184 EntryPoint+0xbccc4() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f280)

48 0x123d53f6 ??4CertificateErrorController@@QAEAAV0@ABV0@@Z+0x2a6d15() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f2e4)

49 0x123d48a1 ??4CertificateErrorController@@QAEAAV0@ABV0@@Z+0x2a61c0() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f35c)

50 0x123da7a9 ??4CertificateErrorController@@QAEAAV0@ABV0@@Z+0x2ac0c8() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f454)

51 0x123da5e7 ??4CertificateErrorController@@QAEAAV0@ABV0@@Z+0x2abf06() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f46c)

52 0x123d9b0b ??4CertificateErrorController@@QAEAAV0@ABV0@@Z+0x2ab42a() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f4a0)

53 0x123d96f8 ??4CertificateErrorController@@QAEAAV0@ABV0@@Z+0x2ab017() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f4b8)

54 0x110fe2d1 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f4c4)

55 0x110d4c07 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f500)

56 0x1018c3bc EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f590)

57 0x10dc2844 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f70c)

58 0x10dc39d6 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f720)

59 0x102e96e7 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f77c)

60 0x119ac4c5 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f860)

61 0x119abc83 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f9a8)

62 0x119ac7d5 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033f9c8)

63 0x102e96e7 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033fa24)

64 0x102bd18a EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033fb68)

65 0x102bca52 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033fbe8)

66 0x102eb4f0 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033fc1c)

67 0x102bce81 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033fc4c)

68 0x102bce5d EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033fc70)

69 0x11f14f4d EntryPoint+0x327a8d() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033fd64)

70 0x10efb0a0 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033fd84)

71 0x10efaf35 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033fde0)

72 0x10efa293 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033fdf0)

73 0x10099901 EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qt5webenginecore (0x0033fe28)

74 0x0040102d EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in qtwebengineprocess (0x00e12c08)

75 0x00e12cd8 (0x00e12c68)

0x1123fc72 EntryPoint+0xffffffff in qt5webenginecore: movb $0x0,0x00000000


Module Address Debug info Name (181 modules)

PE 340000- 378000 Deferred qt5positioning

PE 380000- 3a1000 Deferred qt5webchannel

PE 400000- 409000 Export qtwebengineprocess

PE 410000- 752000 Deferred qt5quick

PE 760000- cfa000 Deferred qt5gui

PE 10000000-13451000 Export qt5webenginecore

PE 64000000-64127000 Deferred qt5network

PE 66000000-66360000 Deferred qt5qml

PE 67000000-67543000 Deferred qt5core

ELF 7b400000-7b7fb000 Deferred kernel32

\-PE 7b420000-7b7fb000 \ kernel32

ELF 7bb1d000-7bc00000 Deferred libgcrypt.so.20

ELF 7bc00000-7bd03000 Deferred ntdll

\-PE 7bc10000-7bd03000 \ ntdll

ELF 7bd0e000-7bd33000 Deferred libgpg-error.so.0

ELF 7bd33000-7bd59000 Deferred liblz4.so.1

ELF 7bd59000-7bd85000 Deferred liblzma.so.5

ELF 7bd85000-7be2f000 Deferred libsystemd.so.0

ELF 7be2f000-7be8c000 Deferred libdbus-1.so.3

ELF 7be8c000-7bf20000 Deferred libcups.so.2

ELF 7bf20000-7c000000 Deferred libkrb5.so.3

ELF 7c000000-7c005000 Deferred

ELF 7c023000-7c039000 Deferred libavahi-client.so.3

ELF 7c039000-7c048000 Deferred libavahi-common.so.3

ELF 7c048000-7c09d000 Deferred libgssapi_krb5.so.2

ELF 7c09d000-7c0a3000 Deferred libkeyutils.so.1

ELF 7c0a3000-7c0d9000 Deferred libk5crypto.so.3

ELF 7c0f1000-7c10c000 Deferred kerberos

\-PE 7c100000-7c10c000 \ kerberos

ELF 7c10c000-7c146000 Deferred uxtheme

\-PE 7c110000-7c146000 \ uxtheme

ELF 7c146000-7c14d000 Deferred libxfixes.so.3

ELF 7c14d000-7c15a000 Deferred libxcursor.so.1

ELF 7c15a000-7c16d000 Deferred libxi.so.6

ELF 7c16d000-7c171000 Deferred libxcomposite.so.1

ELF 7c171000-7c17e000 Deferred libxrandr.so.2

ELF 7c17e000-7c18a000 Deferred libxrender.so.1

ELF 7c18a000-7c191000 Deferred libxxf86vm.so.1

ELF 7c191000-7c196000 Deferred libxinerama.so.1

ELF 7c196000-7c2e2000 Deferred libx11.so.6

ELF 7c2e2000-7c373000 Deferred winex11

\-PE 7c2f0000-7c373000 \ winex11

ELF 7c373000-7c400000 Deferred libgmp.so.10

ELF 7c408000-7c412000 Deferred librt.so.1

ELF 7c412000-7c431000 Deferred libbsd.so.0

ELF 7c431000-7c438000 Deferred libxdmcp.so.6

ELF 7c438000-7c43c000 Deferred libxau.so.6

ELF 7c43c000-7c46a000 Deferred libxcb.so.1

ELF 7c46a000-7c47f000 Deferred libxext.so.6

ELF 7c47f000-7c489000 Deferred libffi.so.6

ELF 7c489000-7c4c2000 Deferred libhogweed.so.4

ELF 7c4c2000-7c4ff000 Deferred libnettle.so.6

ELF 7c4ff000-7c514000 Deferred libtasn1.so.6

ELF 7c514000-7c696000 Deferred libunistring.so.2

ELF 7c696000-7c6b6000 Deferred libidn2.so.0

ELF 7c6b6000-7c805000 Deferred libp11-kit.so.0

ELF 7c805000-7c9d8000 Deferred libgnutls.so.30

ELF 7c9da000-7c9e9000 Deferred libkrb5support.so.0

ELF 7c9e9000-7c9ee000 Deferred libcom_err.so.2

ELF 7c9f0000-7cae0000 Deferred msvcr120

\-PE 7ca10000-7cae0000 \ msvcr120

ELF 7cae0000-7cb00000 Deferred concrt140

\-PE 7caf0000-7cb00000 \ concrt140

ELF 7cc5c000-7cc66000 Deferred libuuid.so.1

ELF 7cc66000-7cca1000 Deferred libexpat.so.1

ELF 7cca1000-7ccee000 Deferred libfontconfig.so.1

ELF 7ccee000-7cd2c000 Deferred libpng16.so.16

ELF 7cd2c000-7cded000 Deferred libfreetype.so.6

ELF 7cded000-7ce06000 Deferred userenv

\-PE 7cdf0000-7ce06000 \ userenv

ELF 7ce06000-7cf01000 Deferred comdlg32

\-PE 7ce10000-7cf01000 \ comdlg32

ELF 7cf01000-7cf42000 Deferred winspool

\-PE 7cf10000-7cf42000 \ winspool

ELF 7cf42000-7cf61000 Deferred jsproxy

\-PE 7cf50000-7cf61000 \ jsproxy

ELF 7cf61000-7cfa0000 Deferred winhttp

\-PE 7cf70000-7cfa0000 \ winhttp

ELF 7cfa0000-7cfbd000 Deferred libz.so.1

ELF 7cfd5000-7d056000 Deferred wininet

\-PE 7cfe0000-7d056000 \ wininet

ELF 7d056000-7d17f000 Deferred oleaut32

\-PE 7d070000-7d17f000 \ oleaut32

ELF 7d17f000-7d222000 Deferred urlmon

\-PE 7d190000-7d222000 \ urlmon

ELF 7d222000-7d258000 Deferred secur32

\-PE 7d230000-7d258000 \ secur32

ELF 7d258000-7d26e000 Deferred dhcpcsvc

\-PE 7d260000-7d26e000 \ dhcpcsvc

ELF 7d26e000-7d284000 Deferred psapi

\-PE 7d270000-7d284000 \ psapi

ELF 7d284000-7d2cb000 Deferred usp10

\-PE 7d290000-7d2cb000 \ usp10

ELF 7d2cb000-7d40c000 Deferred comctl32

\-PE 7d2d0000-7d40c000 \ comctl32

ELF 7d40c000-7d431000 Deferred imm32

\-PE 7d410000-7d431000 \ imm32

ELF 7d431000-7d447000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-locale-l1-1-0

\-PE 7d440000-7d447000 \ api-ms-win-crt-locale-l1-1-0

ELF 7d447000-7d468000 Deferred bcrypt

\-PE 7d450000-7d468000 \ bcrypt

ELF 7d468000-7d53d000 Deferred crypt32

\-PE 7d470000-7d53d000 \ crypt32

ELF 7d53d000-7d569000 Deferred iphlpapi

\-PE 7d550000-7d569000 \ iphlpapi

ELF 7d569000-7d59b000 Deferred netapi32

\-PE 7d570000-7d59b000 \ netapi32

ELF 7d59b000-7d5b4000 Deferred libresolv.so.2

ELF 7d5b5000-7d5cc000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-convert-l1-1-0

\-PE 7d5c0000-7d5cc000 \ api-ms-win-crt-convert-l1-1-0

ELF 7d5cc000-7d5ed000 Deferred dnsapi

\-PE 7d5d0000-7d5ed000 \ dnsapi

ELF 7d5ed000-7d603000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-filesystem-l1-1-0

\-PE 7d5f0000-7d603000 \ api-ms-win-crt-filesystem-l1-1-0

ELF 7d603000-7d619000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-time-l1-1-0

\-PE 7d610000-7d619000 \ api-ms-win-crt-time-l1-1-0

ELF 7d619000-7d630000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-string-l1-1-0

\-PE 7d620000-7d630000 \ api-ms-win-crt-string-l1-1-0

ELF 7d630000-7d64a000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-math-l1-1-0

\-PE 7d640000-7d64a000 \ api-ms-win-crt-math-l1-1-0

ELF 7d64a000-7d749000 Deferred ucrtbase

\-PE 7d670000-7d749000 \ ucrtbase

ELF 7d749000-7d875000 Deferred msvcp140

\-PE 7d790000-7d875000 \ msvcp140

ELF 7d899000-7d8b0000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-stdio-l1-1-0

\-PE 7d8a0000-7d8b0000 \ api-ms-win-crt-stdio-l1-1-0

ELF 7d8b0000-7d8c6000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-heap-l1-1-0

\-PE 7d8c0000-7d8c6000 \ api-ms-win-crt-heap-l1-1-0

ELF 7d8c6000-7d8dc000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-environment-l1-1-0

\-PE 7d8d0000-7d8dc000 \ api-ms-win-crt-environment-l1-1-0

ELF 7d8dc000-7d8f2000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-utility-l1-1-0

\-PE 7d8e0000-7d8f2000 \ api-ms-win-crt-utility-l1-1-0

ELF 7d8f2000-7d909000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0

\-PE 7d900000-7d909000 \ api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0

ELF 7d909000-7d920000 Deferred vcruntime140

\-PE 7d910000-7d920000 \ vcruntime140

ELF 7d920000-7d94c000 Deferred msacm32

\-PE 7d930000-7d94c000 \ msacm32

ELF 7d94c000-7da07000 Deferred winmm

\-PE 7d950000-7da07000 \ winmm

ELF 7da07000-7da32000 Deferred mpr

\-PE 7da10000-7da32000 \ mpr

ELF 7da32000-7da6a000 Deferred ws2_32

\-PE 7da40000-7da6a000 \ ws2_32

ELF 7da6a000-7daf2000 Deferred rpcrt4

\-PE 7da80000-7daf2000 \ rpcrt4

ELF 7daf2000-7dc51000 Deferred ole32

\-PE 7db10000-7dc51000 \ ole32

ELF 7dc51000-7dc77000 Deferred shcore

\-PE 7dc60000-7dc77000 \ shcore

ELF 7dc77000-7dce9000 Deferred shlwapi

\-PE 7dc80000-7dce9000 \ shlwapi

ELF 7dce9000-7e6b0000 Deferred shell32

\-PE 7dd00000-7e6b0000 \ shell32

ELF 7e6b0000-7e6cb000 Deferred version

\-PE 7e6c0000-7e6cb000 \ version

ELF 7e6cb000-7e746000 Deferred advapi32

\-PE 7e6e0000-7e746000 \ advapi32

ELF 7e746000-7e877000 Deferred gdi32

\-PE 7e750000-7e877000 \ gdi32

ELF 7e877000-7ea83000 Deferred user32

\-PE 7e890000-7ea83000 \ user32

ELF 7eefc000-7f000000 Deferred libm.so.6

ELF f799d000-f7a0c000 Deferred dwrite

\-PE f79a0000-f7a0c000 \ dwrite

ELF f7a0c000-f7a25000 Deferred mfreadwrite

\-PE f7a10000-f7a25000 \ mfreadwrite

ELF f7a25000-f7a54000 Deferred mfplat

\-PE f7a30000-f7a54000 \ mfplat

ELF f7a54000-f7a72000 Deferred mf

\-PE f7a60000-f7a72000 \ mf

ELF f7a72000-f7b2f000 Deferred msvcrt

\-PE f7a90000-f7b2f000 \ msvcrt

ELF f7b36000-f7ba0000 Deferred dbghelp

\-PE f7b40000-f7ba0000 \ dbghelp

ELF f7bab000-f7bb1000 Deferred libdl.so.2

ELF f7bb1000-f7d91000 Deferred libc.so.6

ELF f7d91000-f7db1000 Deferred libpthread.so.0

ELF f7db3000-f7dc7000 Deferred libnss_files.so.2

ELF f7dc9000-f7f80000 Dwarf libwine.so.1

ELF f7f82000-f7fac000 Deferred ld-linux.so.2


process tid prio (all id:s are in hex)

0000000e services.exe

00000020    0

0000001b    0

00000013    0

00000010    0

0000000f    0

00000011 winedevice.exe

00000018    0

00000017    0

00000016    0

00000012    0

00000019 plugplay.exe

0000001d    0

0000001c    0

0000001a    0

0000001e winedevice.exe

00000023    0

00000022    0

00000021    0

0000001f    0

00000024 OriginThinSetupInternal.exe

0000006f    0

00000065    0

0000004e    0

0000004a    0

00000049    0

00000048    0

00000047    0

00000046    0

00000045    0

00000044    0

00000043    0

00000042    0

00000041    0

00000040    0

0000003f    0

0000003e    0

0000003d    0

0000003c    0

0000003b    0

0000003a    0

00000039    0

00000038    0

00000037    0

00000035    0

00000034    0

00000031    0

00000030    0

0000002f    0

0000002e    0

0000002d    2

0000002c    2

0000002b    0

00000025    0

00000026 explorer.exe

0000002a    0

00000029    0

00000028    0

00000027    0

0000004f (D) C:\users\ty\Local Settings\Application Data\Origin\ThinSetup\\QtWebEngineProcess.exe

00000068    0

0000005a   -2

00000059    0

00000058    0

00000057    0

00000056    0

00000055    0

00000054    0

00000053    0

00000052    0

00000050    0 <==

System information:

Wine build: wine-4.0.1

Platform: i386

Version: Windows 10

Host system: Linux

Host version: 5.0.0-20-generic

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

07/11/2019 23:04:18 CEST

[Steam] (Game) Age of Wonders III is currently free and all DLC is 55% off
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/226840/Age_of_Wonders_III/
07/11/2019 21:03:10 CEST

Trying to run Vortex throught Lutris, instant crash at startup

Hi, so I downloaded this install script, but when I open the app, the screen goes completly blue with the program icon on the top side of the screen.

I tried all versions of the installer, but it gave me the same results, when running the install script throught lutris it innicially says that Mono doesn't seem to be installed (and it is, but after some research it seems that this is a bug with Wine iself). Also, the crash logs shows this:

(Sorry for the crappy screenshots)

  • System Info:

  • OS: Arch

  • GPU: GTX 970

  • CPU: Ryzen 1600

  • WM: i3

A similar problem

07/11/2019 21:02:31 CEST

Running Nexus Mods Vortex Trhought Lutris, Blue Screen

Hi, so I downloaded this install script, but when I open the app, the screen goes completly blue with the program icon on the top side of the screen.

I tried all versions of the installer, but it gave me the same results, when running the install script throught lutris it innicially says that Mono doesn't seem to be installed (and it is, but after some research it seems that this is a bug with Wine iself). Also, the crash logs shows this:

(Sorry for the crappy screenshots)

  • System Info:

  • OS: Arch

  • GPU: GTX 970

  • CPU: Ryzen 1600

  • WM: i3

A similar problem

07/11/2019 21:01:06 CEST

Every Zachtronics game (SpaceChem, Infinifactory, Opus Magnum, etc.) is now on itch.io (which has an optional, OSS, native client).
URL: https://zachtronics.itch.io/
07/11/2019 20:20:44 CEST

Valve's Latest Linux Gaming Work Is Boosting AMD Vulkan Performance By Up To 44 Percent
URL: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2019/07/11/valves-latest-linux-gaming-work-is-boosting-amd-vulkan-performance-by-up-to-44-percent/#38f74ba74e96
07/11/2019 19:38:47 CEST

Ion Maiden changed its name as Ion Fury to avoid legal issues with Iron Maiden
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/games/562860/announcements/detail/1619524466602443850
07/11/2019 19:26:17 CEST

[Discussion, hopefully] Linux distributions are ready for gaming, yes, but they are not ready to be the sole OS for the average gamer.

Not trying to downplay the huge advancements linux gaming has made over the course of the last year, but the previous thread regarding this topic is too full of people ignoring some very obvious issues and impediments.

I'm making the following assumptions about 'the average gamer':

  • The average gamer wants to play any AAA title which just caught his interest

  • The average gamer wants to play any indie game that's become the flavor of the month or which has gotten attention by friends/Youtube/Twitch

  • The average gamer wants to play old favorite games

  • The average (PC) gamer wants to be able to do all of these things without having to fiddle with anything beyond in-game settings

I think these are apt assumptions, but obviously up to debate.

I don't think I could honestly say that linux distributions are capable of succeeding at any of those four points. They are certainly able to meet them partially, but that's just not enough.

I personally barely play games anymore, but I've been on linux full time for over a year now. When I do play games, though, it's rare that it works out of the box, without any tweaks, without me having to do more than click buy & play.

Again, I don't want to downplay anyone's enthusiasm, but I think if you were telling an average gamer that he or she could switch to linux they'd end up disappointed and switch back very quickly. And then tell their friends about that experience.

07/11/2019 19:25:41 CEST

Save 100% on Age of Wonders III on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/226840/Age_of_Wonders_III/
07/11/2019 19:11:05 CEST


I was wondering... i click play game on vrchat in steam and it says invalid platform ... shouldnt this work considering i have proton installed! it wont even let me download the game.

07/11/2019 18:08:50 CEST

Just wanted to share a problem I have with the Linux gaming community, hope someone can help me&lt;3
URL: https://forum.manjaro.org/t/games-are-using-intels-integrated-graphics-instead-of-my-dedicated-amd-gpu/94453
07/11/2019 18:03:16 CEST

Tactics V: Obsidian Brigade, a retro-style tactical turn-based RPG coming next month to Linux
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/tactics-v-obsidian-brigade-a-retro-style-tactical-turn-based-rpg-coming-next-month-to-linux.14542
07/11/2019 17:41:25 CEST

How can I find the current SoC voltage for my Ryzen 3 2200G?

I want to OC the iGPU on this thing but the voltages on the "amdgpu" sensors are stuck at 0V and none of the "nct6797" sensors resemble a SoC voltage. My board is an MSI B450M Pro-M2



07/11/2019 17:21:55 CEST

Supraland for Linux now available on GOG
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/surprise-supraland-for-linux-is-now-available-on-gog.14553
07/11/2019 16:09:10 CEST

GOG Galaxy 2 works on Linux (via Wine)

Got into the closed beta and from first glance most seems to work in wine. Download page isn't protected too https://www.gogalaxy.com/en/download





I have found some bugs now, not sure if Wine or the actual client is at fault (haven't installed the game clients in this prefix)

Origin refuses to connect, Uplay doesn't show achievement percentage.

07/11/2019 15:14:41 CEST

Fedora to drop Snap Gnome Software plugin &amp; Ubuntu replaces Gnome Software with Snap Store in Next LTS
URL: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/O4CMUKPHMMJ5W7OPZN2E7BYTVZWCRQHU/
07/11/2019 15:03:25 CEST

Super Mario 64 has been decompiled - Possible to create a native MK64 for x86 machines
URL: https://gbatemp.net/threads/super-mario-64-has-been-decompiled.542918/
07/11/2019 14:28:55 CEST

Getting 6:3 Error when I try to play Starcraft for the past hour

I have an iMac, and internet is totally fine. All up to date as far as I know. Firewall is off. Anything I can do? Thanks

07/11/2019 12:03:00 CEST

do people here remap WASD to the Vim keys (KHJL)?

I was too used to using the Vim keys as directional keys that because I always map them to my Window Managers configs and Gnome (which I think its designed to be a keyboard focused DE). Honestly, Im soo used to the keys that Im hitting J once I open a *.text file in a conventional text editor like gedit or nano.

This has caused me think why not do it on games?. So I did. I remapped it to KHJL and got better results

07/11/2019 09:40:40 CEST

Should I use Manjaro or Ubuntu if I want to game on linux?

Ubuntu has got more stable but older software whereas Manjaro's packages are newer but not that stable. Which of the two distributions is good for gaming for my system in particular (ASUS F550CC)?

If you've got a different distro to recommend then feel free to do so.

07/11/2019 09:31:15 CEST

Amd driver or Mesa for RX 5700 xt?

I'm pretty new to Linux and totally new to Amd Radeon. I've read really good things about Mesa drivers' performance with Radeon, but the card was just released. Should I be using the proprietary Amd drivers, or will Mesa be ready for the new card? Also, can someone please point me to the best place/ method to get the Mesa drivers? I've read a few different articles with conflicting instructions on how/ where to get them. I'm on Linux Mint 19.1.

07/11/2019 09:11:39 CEST

Switching to Linux

I'm going to try and make the switch to Linux gaming. I already have a few distros I'm going to test on my old gaming rig. I have no doubt the drivers and such will be good for that rig. However, If I finally make the switch with my main rig I want to be sure it doesn't have problems with my RTX2070 and i5 9600k. I'm also a bit curious about how Linux handles multiple DACs. Does anyone have experience with that hardware? Also a bonus question. Do you recommend dual booting windows or having a windows container in case there is software that just won't run on Linux.

07/11/2019 08:03:14 CEST

5.2 kernel supports case-insensitive directories

You may have heard that the 5.2 kernel supports case-insensitive directories. I just tried it out, and it works.

Prequisites are:

  • a 5.2 or later kernel built with CONFIG_UNICODE=y
  • an ext4 filesystem created with "-E encoding=utf8"

Well, actually, encoding can be set to any valid value; it just needs to be there at all. The right value for most people is probably utf8 though.

Then, with the kernel loaded and that fileystem mounted, you just create an empty directory and make it case-insensitive:

mkdir drive_c
chattr +F drive_c

Presto: drive_c/ is now case insenstitive. Yes, it's recursive; any directory under drive_c is also case-insensitive.

This should be extremely helpful to players of games whose mods expect a case-insensitive filesystem: Quake, Balder's Gate, etc.

07/11/2019 06:37:26 CEST

2D Horror Game "Clea" Released With Day 1 Linux Support
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/981020/Clea/
07/11/2019 06:22:11 CEST

First Person Adventure Game "Quadrilateral Cowboy" Now Available On Itch.io
URL: https://blendogames.itch.io/quadrilateralcowboy
07/11/2019 06:19:49 CEST

Is Linux ready for gaming in 2019?
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYoi_Liqi54
07/11/2019 04:40:05 CEST

Can I mod games like Fallout on Linux?

See title.

I want to download mods from nexus for my games like Fallout 4 or Skyrim, but I don't know whether or not I can do that on linux. Is it possible?

07/11/2019 04:04:28 CEST

Civilization 5 DXVK/DX11
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/wine_gaming/comments/cbpce4/civilization_5_dxvkdx11/
07/11/2019 03:38:34 CEST

Civilization 5 DXVK/DX11

I'm trying to run Civ5 via Wine (Lutris), with DX11 and DXVK enabled in Lutris. Also using Wine Steam runner with wine version 3.21-x86_64.

I'm on a 2012 laptop (Mint Tessa) with hybrid Intel/AMD cards (HD4000 and Radeon 7650M, respectively). With DX9, I'm not able to select AA and GPU texture decode in the video options. Although the Intel card handles it well and I can play just fine, it's a waste of a dedicated video card.

When I select the DX11 launcher option in the game and enable DXVK in Lutris, the game goes normally until the start speeching. I can select AA 4x and 8x (but not 2x), and put everything in High and enable the GPU texture decode....but the game crashes to desktop in the middle of the speech.

Does anybody knows what is the problem here? Video driver, wrong settings somewhere...? Is this even feasible?

07/11/2019 03:16:40 CEST

Reminder: Undervolt and custom fan curve for AMD users with reference RX Vega 56/64 GPU

For anyone out there with a reference Vega 56/64, be sure to grab a program like radeon-profile or similar to setup an undervolt profile, and a custom fan curve because the default curve is atrocious. I haven't experimented with undervolting yet, I'm curious to see what everyone else is setting their power states at, because these things run hot.

We're talking idle temperatures of 65-70 degrees Celsius pushing 80+ degrees under load because the blower is only spinning up to maybe 20% speed which is ridiculous.

Of course, this is in my personal experience with a Sapphire reference Vega 64 card. But if anyone else has one of these and hasn't looked into doing it, you totally should. yo

Thought this might be helpful, cheers!

07/11/2019 01:16:53 CEST

Linux mouse polling rate documentation.
URL: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Mouse_polling_rate
07/10/2019 22:35:41 CEST

Rocket League F2P weekend until 15ᵗʰ July 2019, 17:00 UTC
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/games/252950/announcements/detail/1616145408542542584
07/10/2019 22:09:21 CEST

Hardware Recommendation

Hi, I'm thinking of changing equipment and I do not want to continue having dual boot to play and work then

I want to know what settings I recommend for a Setup Gamer with GNU/Linux.

Thank you very much

07/10/2019 21:51:35 CEST

Mac End of 32-bit Support - Will We See More Gamers Coming To Linux?

Mac is taking the move away from 32-bit executables seriously...

Aspire is already on the move ending 32-bit sales


Will Linux gaming get more attention as these games are still supported?

07/10/2019 21:21:26 CEST

What keybinding do you use for Push to Talk?

Trying to start using Discord again, and haven't worked out any safe key. Holding the menu key strobes the right-click menu, holding Alt or Ctrl or Shift screws with any mouse action.

What do you guys use for group chat control?

I'm almost tempted to buy a cheap KVM and only hook one side up, as a physical toggle.

07/10/2019 20:15:50 CEST

Wrong graphics driver installed (linux mint)

Hey everyone, I'm new to linux and I'm still trying to find my way around it. I think I may have installed the wrong amdgpu-pro drivers while attempting to do so. When I look into my Steam system info I can see that the driver installed is for AMD Radeon HD 8800 series, while my graphics card is a AMD R9 270x. I could really use some help ((((:

07/10/2019 19:36:32 CEST

First Person Platformer "Exertus" Available in Early Access
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1105620/Exertus/
07/10/2019 17:45:54 CEST

Strategy Game "Godhood" Available in Early Access
URL: https://www.gog.com/game/godhood
07/10/2019 17:43:26 CEST

Did anyone ever put Linux on one of these Sony Vaio UMPC from 2006?
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1r2e8ub02o
07/10/2019 15:07:36 CEST

Help - Lutris/Steam from scratch

Just got a laptop from system 76 (Darter Pro = awesome) and I'm trying to understand how Lutris works and how to get some non-native games going.

So, I download Lutris, open the application, then what? Do I treat this as a windows installation process? - install steam through Lutris(as if it were a windows environment), install Windows native games on Lutris(windows) Steam, play the game? Or do I download and install games on Linux steam and then Lutris installs scripts to make them run? How the hell does Lutris even know I own a particular game before allowing me to download it?

I'm so confused.

07/10/2019 14:17:03 CEST

[FreeBSD 12] Life is Strange sound stutters


i installed life is strange with wine 4.0-rc1 the perfomance is good but the audio really stutters. Someone could try it out too in wine?

What i already have tried:



some pulseaudio tweaks

btw my audio system is oss (open audio system)

I'm grateful for any help. :)

07/10/2019 12:52:28 CEST

Vega 64 performance

I changed for linux last October and so far I've loved it!

I used to have a GTX1070 and a i7-6700k with 16Gb of RAM running Archlinux but I recently bought a Vega 64.

I have installed the AMDGPU drivers.

Problem is I don't see any increase in performance in any game. I play CSGO with ~250fps with everything maxed out at 1080p and witcher 3 at 60fps also at 1080p.

This is about the same performance I used to have.

My question is: how can I make sure if everything is installed correctly? Is this the kind of performance that would be expected?

07/10/2019 10:40:29 CEST

Flux Caves on Steam now finally with Linux Support!
URL: https://i.redd.it/53d0yy81gf931.png
07/10/2019 09:18:30 CEST

Morrowind on LXDE or Gnome: Ubuntu v Lubuntu

Searched around for a couple hours to find more information on this, but I came up with an overall conflicting takeaway.

The main source I'm going from is a benchmark that was done with a multitude of different distros and flavors. The test used quite a few different games. Some games came out ahead with Gnome/Ubuntu, while other titles reigned with LXDE/Lubuntu. The only game I'm particularly concerned with is Morrowind. Does anyone have any experience with this specific area of Linux gaming? I'd switch from one or the other over even a few FPS increase.

07/10/2019 09:17:43 CEST

Troubles with mesa drivers

let's get to the point
I type glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version" in console and it shows:
OpenGL version string: 4.6.13564 Compatibility Profile Context
But no mesa version?
I type sudo apt-get install mesa-utils it says it is alredy installed mesa-utils (8.4.0-1)
Is that ok? My GPU is Vega 56
Even Minecraft Runs ~50 fps on server hub :/

07/10/2019 08:19:58 CEST

Vulkan Issues on Vega 56

I've found since switching to a vega 56 on my gaming pc, some native games and all proton games render a weird graphical issue. It essentially scrambles the view entirely


lspci output:

04:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Vega 10 XT [Radeon RX Vega 64] (rev c3)



Any and all help is appreciated

07/10/2019 07:47:02 CEST

Where On Google Earth Is Carmen Sandiego
URL: https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/03/13/where-on-google-earth-is-carmen-sandiego
07/10/2019 06:24:08 CEST

Seems that the Linux version of Supraland will not be heading to GOG
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/seems-that-the-linux-version-of-supraland-will-not-be-heading-to-gog.14539
07/10/2019 02:20:43 CEST

SteamVR has another beta up, with plenty of Linux fixes and other improvements
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/steamvr-has-another-beta-up-with-plenty-of-linux-fixes-and-other-improvements.14530
07/10/2019 01:56:46 CEST

Lemma, an immersive first-person parkour game, ported by flibitijibibo!
URL: https://github.com/etodd/Lemma/pull/6
07/09/2019 22:36:46 CEST

titanfall 2 in wine

here is a better vid just to show it connects to servers


07/09/2019 21:56:05 CEST

[Release] What’s New In Goliath Envious FX Linux Nvidia OC Utility
URL: https://medium.com/@youngty1997/whats-new-in-goliath-envious-fx-linux-nvidia-oc-utility-fdd2cf254697
07/09/2019 20:41:38 CEST

Open Source in Gaming Day schedule posted

The first Open Source in Gaming Day is an event that will be co-located with Open Source Summit in San Diego in August. The schedule is posted -- hope to see some of you there!


07/09/2019 19:55:55 CEST

RPCS3 Progress Report: May 2019
URL: https://rpcs3.net/blog/2019/07/09/progress-report-may-2019/
07/09/2019 18:35:36 CEST

How to set up a Windows10 Virtual Machine with GPU passthrough via Qemu/VFIO (with minimal system changes) and get the Oculus Rift working

Hi All,

As the title says. Also posted in r/VFIO, as I wasn't sure where this would fit best.

The howto is here:


Hope it's helpful!

07/09/2019 18:24:27 CEST

Valve Looking for Testers of New Mesa Shader Compiler, Rocket League's Great New Spike Rush Mode, New Hardware from NVidia and AMD | This Week in Linux 73
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxAtgcNFGfk
07/09/2019 18:23:29 CEST

Compiling shaders...why?

I've been curious for a while, why do shaders need to be compiled when playing under Wine/DXVK?

It's in the documentation that for Overwatch at least is that it will take around 30 minutes to compile shaders, until then, gameplay will be laggy. Sometimes the shaders will be done compiling, then a few hours/days later it will compile again.

Why do shaders need to be compiled? AFAIK I don't have this performance penalty under Windows. Does linux do something different?

07/09/2019 17:58:59 CEST

Stellaris 2.3.2 black screen | wine staging 4.12.1 | macOS Mojave

I can hear the music which means it is working, unfortunately both the launcher and the game itself are black screens with sound. I know from this image of the launcher that I only need to click on the lower right side to launch the game, after a few minutes of waiting I'm greeted with a dark audible screen.

Note: I've install dotnet40, dotnet 4.74, vcrun2015 x64 and x84, did "winetricks -q directx9", I've also configured a bit with the setting.txt: changing resolution, switching to windowed taking the borderless option off but nothing works.

Here's what I get with the launcher

07/09/2019 17:53:40 CEST

IBM Now Owns Red Hat - Your Thoughts For Fedoras Future?
URL: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-redhat-m-a-ibm-eu-idUSKCN1U41DA
07/09/2019 17:49:45 CEST

D9VK 0.13 - Hypnotoad released
URL: https://github.com/Joshua-Ashton/d9vk/releases/tag/0.13
07/09/2019 16:21:10 CEST

Mesa bugfix release 19.1.2 is now available
URL: https://www.mesa3d.org/relnotes/19.1.2.html
07/09/2019 15:05:18 CEST

RX 580 + Mesa 19.1.0 on 4K gaming
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pdx08fB96js
07/09/2019 12:40:19 CEST

The Sims 4 on Origin via PlayOnLinux

I'm trying to install The Sims 4 (Origin) on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 via PlayOnLinux, and everything seems to work fine until I actually try to launch the game through Origin. At that point, I get an error message that just says "origin crashed". I'm using Wine 3.20 (have tried others, but this one is the only one that seems to work). Does anyone have any advice?

07/09/2019 11:29:55 CEST

2D Point &amp; Click Game "Come Back: Chapter 1" Now Available on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1102510/Come_Back_Chapter_1/
07/09/2019 08:37:22 CEST

Apex Legends is running perfectly on Linux through Wine up until landing

Just installed a fresh build of Mint 19.1 and decided to give Apex a try. I installed Origin via the Lutris install script, and then downloaded Apex from there. I actually dual boot W10, so after I started the download I paused it and copied the game files over from my Windows partition to the Wine directory. Origin found them with no issue, so I started the game and everything seemed to be golden. It was a bit choppy at first, guessing due to shader caching? I went through the tutorial with no problem, and then joined a match and everything (again) worked fine.

We all selected our characters, got shown the champions, and loaded into the dropship. I was obviously connected properly, because my squadmates were getting all of my pings on the map. After the jumpmaster launched us out of the dropship, the skydiving was working fine up until we were about to land. Then I got kicked and an error came up saying the EAC server couldn't start. I went through the same process multiple times, and everything was fine and dandy until we were about to land. So the game itself works fine on Wine. The problem is with EAC. Unfortunately, since good ol' Epic bought EAC they don't seem to be in any rush to fix it. Because if they did, Apex (and probably many other games) would work completely fine on Linux.

07/09/2019 07:19:31 CEST

Single-player roguelike deck-builder "Roguebook" from the developer of Faeria is fully funded
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/single-player-roguelike-deck-builder-roguebook-from-the-developer-of-faeria-is-fully-funded.14522
07/09/2019 03:50:47 CEST

Key reseller G2A is back in the spotlight again, as a petition is up to ask them to stop selling indie games
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/key-reseller-g2a-is-back-in-the-spotlight-again-as-a-petition-is-up-to-ask-them-to-stop-selling-indie-game.14524
07/09/2019 03:47:53 CEST

Wineskin not working on mac?

I tried to install and run Sonic Mania using Wineskin. The window opens for about 0.5 seconds and then closes. Black screen.

The file still works and runs Sonic Mania, Wineskin just doesn't feel like working.

I HAVE tried other applications. I'm on Mac OS Mojave.

07/09/2019 01:51:42 CEST

Project Warlock has an invalid platform error even when running steam through Winebottler.

Winebottled steam works great, allows me to download and run games perfectly fine on it. But for whatever reason, Project Warlock gives me the same "invalid platform" error as if I was running it on my standard mac installation of steam.

07/09/2019 01:42:53 CEST

Valve Index

Now that the Index has been out for a bit, if anyone here tested it on Linux, can you tell us a bit about how well it works? I'm still hoping I won't have to have a separate Windows partition just for VR...

07/09/2019 00:44:30 CEST

Is there a game like Forza Horizon 4 that would run on wine?

I wanted to play it but it turns out that it is a windows "UWP app" so it can't run on wine

07/09/2019 00:33:07 CEST

Vega 56 overclock issues

Hi community,

due to it's recent inclusion as humble monthly bundle headliner I gave "kingdom come deliverance" a shot. However, the game doesn't seem to work that well, so I considered overclocking which led to let's call it "unexpected" results.

For simplicity I adjusted my script to use the same clocks/voltage on all states:

I am running Solus 4.0, Kernel 5.1.14-121, Proton 4.2-9, Mesa 19.0.6 on an R7 1800x, 32GB of 3000MHz RAM, a 970 evo nvme SSD and Vega 56

This is the games average framerate in the starting area when looking into the distance. I know it's pretty demanding, but that looked wrong (it's on low graphics settings btw).

Here my set OC:

user@user-pc ~ $ cat /sys/class/drm/card0/device/pp_od_clk_voltage
0:       1550Mhz       1070mV
1:       1550Mhz       1070mV
2:       1550Mhz       1070mV
3:       1550Mhz       1070mV
4:       1550Mhz       1070mV
5:       1550Mhz       1070mV
6:       1550Mhz       1070mV
7:       1550Mhz       1070mV
0:        950Mhz        920mV
1:        950Mhz        920mV
2:        950Mhz        920mV
3:        950Mhz        920mV
SCLK:     852MHz       2400MHz
MCLK:     167MHz       1500MHz
VDDC:     800mV        1200mV

I also increased the power limit to 200W just in case:

user@user-pc ~ $ cat /sys/class/drm/card0/device/hwmon/hwmon1/power1_cap

However, this is what amdgpu_pm_info shows ingame:

GFX Clocks and Power:
        950 MHz (MCLK)
        417 MHz (SCLK)
        1269 MHz (PSTATE_SCLK)
        700 MHz (PSTATE_MCLK)
        1000 mV (VDDGFX)
        56.0 W (average GPU)

GPU Temperature: 52 C
GPU Load: 58 %

Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I read it it only runs on pretty low clocks (417MHz here). I didn't measure the correctness of the power it's drawing, but my case is hand warm and it usually heats up quite a bit in gaming so I think I can confirm that this is correct. CPU utilization stays at around 20% as well, no core going above 50% according to the graph plot in Solus.

Am I missing some bottleneck here? I couldn't find any known regressions that would affect it either. I also tested monster hunter world in which this doesn't seem to be an issue (stays 60fps locked with higher utilization overall) so it might be something specific (cryengine?)

Google couldn't help me, so I am looking forward for any suggestions on how to get the game from miserable performance to playable ;)

07/08/2019 23:56:14 CEST

Make 1024x768 Game Fullscreen

I have an old game where the max resolution that can be set by the game is 1024x768. I want to play this game in fullscreen and it did work on Windows 10. I did enable the Emulate Virtual Desktop in the Wine config but it still will not fill my screen.

When I played the game in Windows, it will set my resolution to 1024x768 and when I closed the game it will set my resolution back to default (1920x1080). How will one do this on Linux with Wine?

07/08/2019 23:51:20 CEST

Early Access business-sim city-builder "Summer Islands" recently added Linux support.
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/business-sim-city-builder-summer-islands-recently-added-linux-support.14523
07/08/2019 22:32:50 CEST

Karnage UE4 Black Screen

I'm testing this Free game called Karnage on Itch.io

The game runs and controller works in the menu, but when the level loads and starts, there is only a black screen and audio.

I'm using a fresh prefix in PlayOnLinux

Tested with Wine 4.0 64-bit and 4.4-staging 64-bit


  • d3dx9
  • d3dx10
  • d3dx11

Also added:

  • physx
  • corefonts
  • tahoma

Nothing seems to work. I tried DXVK 1.2 & 1.2.3 but still a black screen.

Has anyone else experienced this black screen with other Unreal Engine 4 games?


Mint 19 64-bit

GeForce GTX 1060 (3GB)

Nvidia 415.25

PlayOnLinux 4.3.4

07/08/2019 21:32:25 CEST

What's the best distro for Steam gaming?

Hi gamers!

I'm new to the entire Linux gaming scene, and I am considering switching to Linux. I just want the distro which has the best gaming performance. From what I've heard these are the best ones: Manjaro and Solus. I think Solus is much better because it has tweaks for Steam and such, but I am not sure. My PC isn't on the heavy-end side, so every extra frame is useful. If you know the answer to my question please let me know. Thank you in advance.

07/08/2019 19:55:27 CEST

Valve's RADV+ACO Benchmarks
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=radv-aco-llvm&num=1
07/08/2019 18:58:50 CEST

Rune Linux CD Lutris script with Halls of Valhalla extension


I am writing Lutris scripts during my free time for Linux gamers play easier their (old) games on Linux.

I would like to write Rune Linux CD Lutris script with Halls of Valhalla extension.

I searched for old cd to buy on Ebay and Rakkuten but I found nothing.

I already own the digitally Gog version (Windows) but I would like to write a script for the original Linux cd,
could someone help me?

If so send me message by pm.

07/08/2019 15:59:57 CEST

Which graphics card should I buy?

Hey, I don't use my desktop PC for gaming, but I'd like to change that. Could you recommend a graphics card (vendor) or name those I should NOT buy? I'm comfortable comparing performance vs. price, but I don't know the current state of Linux drivers.

i5 4690k, 16 GB RAM, currently I just have onboard graphics

07/08/2019 13:50:01 CEST

My tower defense game, Defend The Keep, will be available on linux via Steam. 6.99€
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZZ9ZtxJ6Vs
07/08/2019 12:56:44 CEST

Stuttering Battlefield 1


Good morning, everyone,
I have an I5 with GTX 1060 6GB.
I want to play Battlefield 1. The problem is that I have a lot of stuttering. It hurts my head.
I put Battlefield 1 on SSD as requested.
I use Wine 3.21 with DXVK 1.2.3.
Can you give me the config to put in lutris to remove this annoying problem.
Thank you in advance.
Have a good day, everyone.

07/08/2019 10:53:52 CEST

titanfall runs in wine 4.12
URL: https://v.redd.it/3kc5a16fc1931
07/08/2019 09:55:21 CEST

Visual Novel "Perfect Murder" on Kickstarter
URL: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rasen/perfect-murder-horror-visual-novel?ref=discovery_category_newest
07/08/2019 08:23:47 CEST

2D Action RPG "Immortis" on Kickstarter
URL: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pecking-crow-studio/inmortis/description
07/08/2019 08:20:03 CEST

2D Survival Horror Game "Lamentum" on Kickstarter
URL: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/828792638/lamentum-survival-horror-in-an-endless-nightmare/description
07/08/2019 08:16:40 CEST

Resident Evil 7 Strangeness

Stumbled upon something quite odd today. I've been trying to get RE7 working on both Arch and Ubuntu 18.04 for a few weeks now.

I've done the required mfplat stuff (RE2 works fine), but no matter what I kept getting a crash at the intro video on RE7.

I was playing around with some debugging settings and found that setting winedebug to "warn+all" (must be warn) fixes the issue! Why on Earth would a debug verbosity setting allow a program to continue? I've been trying to trace it out, but I'm an idiot and relatively inexperienced...I just happened to notice that the debug thing fixed it.

The crash happens on any version of Proton for me, even a self-compiled version from GitHub.

It's working now, but I'm tortured by my own curiosity. Any ideas?

07/08/2019 06:58:25 CEST

Discord crashing on friend's computer, cannot isolate why

This is a fresh Arch install. He's getting the following messages in his commandline output:


Feature redeclared; is this a duplicate flag? voice_panning

Feature redeclared; is this a duplicate flag? voice_multiple_connections

Feature redeclared; is this a duplicate flag? media_devices

Feature redeclared; is this a duplicate flag? media_video

Feature redeclared; is this a duplicate flag? debug_logging

Feature redeclared; is this a duplicate flag? set_audio_device_by_id

Feature redeclared; is this a duplicate flag? set_video_device_by_id

Feature redeclared; is this a duplicate flag? loopback


Any time it crashes, it asks him if he wants to recover and then shows all of this.

This isn't happening on my system, though I'm using completely different hardware (All AMD, opensource drivers, and he's on an nvidia/intel setup, with official drivers)

Is this a known issue? I've googled all over and cannot find anything on this.

07/08/2019 05:37:31 CEST

Ryzen 9 3900X &amp;amp; Ryzen 7 3700X - LTT Review
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3aEv3EzMyQ
07/08/2019 05:27:01 CEST

What do you play the most? [WINE OR NATIVE]

What games do you play the most on linux?

I play:


GTAV with mods


07/08/2019 03:09:01 CEST

Has Anyone Been Having Issues Using The Streaming Feature?
URL: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/6283
07/08/2019 02:46:12 CEST

Does xboxdrv still have force feedback support ?

Xpad kernael driver has good rumble functionality but lacks any button customisation , on the other hand xboxdrv has incomparable button mapping but rumble/vibration seems experimental or not working at all !

I tried adding the argument --force-feedback to the xboxdrv command but nothing in-game.

I think it's an old kernel problem , and xboxdrv website states force feedback has issues and was not tested enough (but working).

I think I'm doing something wrong , does anyone have information about this topic ?

07/08/2019 02:44:34 CEST

Overwatch compiling shaders EVERY TIME i load.

Is this supposed to happen?

The shaders that get compiled don't seem to save so every time i load up overwatch it says "compiling shaders" and my performance takes a massive hit.

The game works flawless after they get compiled but it takes a long time and i cant really play until they compile.

If this is normal then no problem but i would think the shaders are supposed to get saved somewhere and not make me go through this every time i boot the game.

07/08/2019 01:51:53 CEST

FFXIV Online on Linux

Anyone doing it? Its the main game I play anymore and I am concerned about how it performs on Linux. I have yet to install it on that partition but I don't want to waste my time if it doesn't run well.

07/08/2019 00:17:01 CEST

Black Mesa :: Some Release Dates
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/games/362890/announcements/detail/1613893608716846079
07/07/2019 23:47:25 CEST

Elite: Dangerous on a $150 PSVR Headset
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/cacaxk/elite_dangerous_on_a_150_psvr_headset/
07/07/2019 23:41:05 CEST

Steam in home streaming from Ubuntu Server 18.04.2 LTS

Hi folks, I'm in the process of setting up a plex media sever on an old PC I have. I had initially installed ubuntu server (command line only), but now I'm thinking about running steam in home streaming from this device in addition to plex. Would I be able to stream from ubuntu server, or would I need reinstall with the desktop version? I'm thinking I wouldnt be able to stream video from a commandline only OS, but I havent worked much w/ this before.


07/07/2019 23:33:18 CEST

RADV Vulkan Driver Manages Launch-Day Support For AMD Navi 10/12/14 GPUs - Phoronix
URL: https://phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=AMD-Navi-RADV-Mesa-19.2
07/07/2019 22:59:20 CEST

Ryzen 7 3700X and Radeon RX 5700 XT on Manjaro

Is there any support yet? I see that the amdgpu release has a new version out just for these cards, but the one provided by amd is ubuntu only, and from what i can tell, this should come through mesa, which hasn't been updated since june 26. I also saw something about a lack of support for the kernel used on Manjaro from the new higher-end ryzen 3000. Has anyone gotten either of these working? I just picked them up from micro center this morning and would really like to upgrade my shitty little Ryzen 5 2400G to those behemoths asap.

07/07/2019 22:57:32 CEST

Finally replaced Windows 10 with Arch Linux on my gaming rig :D
URL: https://i.redd.it/6aqd9p1lkx831.png
07/07/2019 21:12:25 CEST

What are your hidden Linux gems of the Steam sale? Linux games that are both great and incredibly cheap that everyone should have in their library?

My go to recommendations are always shatter $2.19 w/ the awesome soundtrack, Serious Sam 3: BFE (go Croteam) $3.99, Portal 1&2 bundle for less than $2, and for those with no shame and who want a great puzzle game there's HuniePop(NSFW!).

So which are your recommendations? (Preferably Linux native)

07/07/2019 20:25:11 CEST

D9VK using proton?

Trying to play Fable Anniversary and there's some graphical glitches on it and people are saying on ProtonDB that a fork of DXVK fixes these issues, the problem being that being new to Wine and Proton and the sorts, I don't really know what to do with the files and how to get it to the run the different version of DXVK.

Right now I've found some DXVK files under lib and lib64 under the proton folder in my steamapps common, Do I just swap the files out in there? Sorry if any of this is confusing.

07/07/2019 20:00:53 CEST

The Forest on Mac

Hey everyone! I bought a copy of The Forest on Steam and need to get it running on my Mac. Im aware of the different options there are (Parallels, bootcamp, etc) but to keep it short, it needs to be done using Wine.

So far, Ive had the best success using a wine Steam installation from PlayOnMac. However I can get only to the point right after the splash screen, and then I get an in-game pointer, black screen and background music. Ive tried playing with the screen resolution settings under wine configurations, but have had no luck.

Has anyone got this gam to run on a mac using wine? Ive found tutorials on making it run on Linux, and even some youtube videos of people downloading cracked versions of the game and getting it to run o macs using custom wrappers, but no one mentions the settings.

On a last note, im aware that the portingteam has a wrapper for this game, but I am unable to log into their website to download it for some odd reason, so thats out of the gate.

Thanks on advance!

Running on a late 2016 macbook pro with Radeon Pro 460

07/07/2019 19:49:15 CEST

Europa Universalis 4 performance issues

Hello everyone

Does anyone have performance issues with EU4 (or any Clausewitz Engine game) frame drops from 60 to 20 FPS when zooming in map. And if anyone has a fix for this.


07/07/2019 18:28:03 CEST

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X + Ryzen 9 3900X Offer Incredible Linux Performance But With A Big Caveat Review
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ryzen-3700x-3900x-linux&num=1
07/07/2019 17:58:33 CEST

Can I make OBS run on startup in the tray with replay buffer on?

I tried making a script that had obs --startreplaybuffer --minimize-to-tray in it but it didn't work since the script wouldn't exit. Is there an easier way to have OBS running all the time with replay buffer? I don't want to start it manually and have it in my dock all the time.

07/07/2019 17:53:08 CEST

Battle net crashes after logging in

I think the problem is due to D3D11 ( Cannot create texture) since the launcher itself opens but nothing can be rendered and then it crashes. Maybe the problem is the Haswell Vulkan thing but I think I've set up everything correctly in terms of vulkans and dxvks and wtv.

I hate asking for help but I've looked everywhere but can't find the solution for this one.

Running ~/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/ge-protonified-nofshack-4.9-x86_64/bin/wine ~/Games/battlenet/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Battle.net/Battle.net.exe
[0707/150816.801:ERROR:network_change_notifier_win.cc(157)] WSALookupServiceBegin failed with: 8
[0707/150816.827:ERROR:gpu_process_transport_factory.cc(1031)] Lost UI shared context.
INTEL-MESA: warning: Haswell Vulkan support is incomplete
INTEL-MESA: warning: Haswell Vulkan support is incomplete
INTEL-MESA: warning: Haswell Vulkan support is incomplete
INTEL-MESA: warning: Haswell Vulkan support is incomplete
INTEL-MESA: warning: Haswell Vulkan support is incomplete
INTEL-MESA: warning: Haswell Vulkan support is incomplete
info:  Game: Battle.net.exe
info:  DXVK: v1.2.3
info:  Found config file: ~/Games/battlenet/dxvk.conf
info:  Effective configuration:
info:    dxgi.nvapiHack = False
warn:  OpenVR: Failed to locate module
info:  Enabled instance extensions:
info:    VK_KHR_get_physical_device_properties2
info:    VK_KHR_surface
info:    VK_KHR_win32_surface
INTEL-MESA: warning: Haswell Vulkan support is incomplete
INTEL-MESA: warning: Haswell Vulkan support is incomplete
info:  Intel(R) Haswell Mobile:
info:    Driver: 19.1.1
info:    Vulkan: 1.1.102
info:    Memory Heap[0]: 
info:      Size: 1536 MiB
info:      Flags: 0x1
info:      Memory Type[0]: Property Flags = 0xf
info:  Intel(R) Haswell Mobile:
info:    Driver: 19.1.1
info:    Vulkan: 1.1.102
info:    Memory Heap[0]: 
info:      Size: 1536 MiB
info:      Flags: 0x1
info:      Memory Type[0]: Property Flags = 0xf
info:  D3D11CoreCreateDevice: Probing D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_11_1
info:  D3D11CoreCreateDevice: Probing D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_11_0
info:  D3D11CoreCreateDevice: Using feature level D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_11_0
info:  Enabled device extensions:
info:    VK_EXT_conditional_rendering
info:    VK_EXT_depth_clip_enable
info:    VK_EXT_host_query_reset
info:    VK_EXT_shader_viewport_index_layer
info:    VK_EXT_transform_feedback
info:    VK_EXT_vertex_attribute_divisor
info:    VK_KHR_dedicated_allocation
info:    VK_KHR_descriptor_update_template
info:    VK_KHR_draw_indirect_count
info:    VK_KHR_driver_properties
info:    VK_KHR_get_memory_requirements2
info:    VK_KHR_image_format_list
info:    VK_KHR_maintenance1
info:    VK_KHR_maintenance2
info:    VK_KHR_sampler_mirror_clamp_to_edge
info:    VK_KHR_shader_draw_parameters
info:    VK_KHR_swapchain
info:  DXVK: Read 0 valid state cache entries
info:  DXVK: Using 2 compiler threads
warn:  D3D11DeviceContext::QueryInterface: Unknown interface query
warn:  b4e3c01d-e79e-4637-91b2-510e9f4c9b8f
err:   DXGI: CheckInterfaceSupport: Unsupported interface
err:   54ec77fa-1377-44e6-8c32-88fd5f44c84c
INTEL-MESA: warning: Haswell Vulkan support is incomplete
INTEL-MESA: warning: Haswell Vulkan support is incomplete
warn:  D3D11Device::GetDeviceRemovedReason: Stub
err:   D3D11DXGIResource::GetSharedHandle: Stub
warn:  D3D11Texture2D::QueryInterface: Unknown interface query
warn:  9d8e1289-d7b3-465f-8126-250e349af85d
info:  Presenter: Actual swap chain properties:
  Format:       VK_FORMAT_B8G8R8A8_UNORM
  Buffer size:  104x1
  Image count:  2
warn:  DXGI: MakeWindowAssociation: Ignoring flags
warn:  D3D11Texture2D::QueryInterface: Unknown interface query
warn:  9d8e1289-d7b3-465f-8126-250e349af85d
err:   D3D11DXGIResource::GetSharedHandle: Stub
warn:  D3D11Texture2D::QueryInterface: Unknown interface query
warn:  9d8e1289-d7b3-465f-8126-250e349af85d
err:   D3D11: Cannot create texture:
  Format:  44
  Extent:  1x1x1
  Samples: 1
  Layers:  1
  Levels:  1
  Usage:   48
  Flags:   0
info:  Presenter: Actual swap chain properties:
  Format:       VK_FORMAT_B8G8R8A8_UNORM
  Buffer size:  1200x750
  Image count:  2
warn:  DXGI: MakeWindowAssociation: Ignoring flags
warn:  D3D11Texture2D::QueryInterface: Unknown interface query
warn:  9d8e1289-d7b3-465f-8126-250e349af85d
err:   D3D11: Cannot create texture:
  Format:  44
  Extent:  1200x750x1
  Samples: 1
  Layers:  1
  Levels:  1
  Usage:   48
  Flags:   0
info:  Presenter: Actual swap chain properties:
  Format:       VK_FORMAT_B8G8R8A8_UNORM
  Buffer size:  1200x750
  Image count:  2
warn:  DXGI: MakeWindowAssociation: Ignoring flags
warn:  D3D11Texture2D::QueryInterface: Unknown interface query
warn:  9d8e1289-d7b3-465f-8126-250e349af85d
err:   D3D11: Cannot create texture:
  Format:  44
  Extent:  1200x750x1
  Samples: 1
  Layers:  1
  Levels:  1
  Usage:   48
  Flags:   0
Waiting on children
Waiting on children
2019-07-07 15:08:28,519: Unable to read stat for process 5563
2019-07-07 15:08:28,520: Unable to read stat for process 5563
All children gone
Exit with returncode 1
07/07/2019 16:16:32 CEST

[GLITCH] Betrayer via Proton

I play Betrayer in Linux and use Proton (I already tried some version)... any idea to solve this glitch?

Processing img t52ss5ngyv831...

07/07/2019 15:47:08 CEST

Weekly Tech-Support Thread for July 07, 2019: Ask your tech-support questions in this thread please

When asking for help, include as much information as you can. Give us details to work with. Your specs, distro, drivers and software versions, logs and terminal output. The more you give us, the easier it is to help.

Please sort comments by 'new' to find questions that would otherwise be buried.

If you see a new tech-support related question posted in this subreddit, then please politely link them to this thread.

Ask away!

07/07/2019 15:33:11 CEST

AMD Radeon RX 5700 / RX 5700XT Linux Gaming Benchmarks Review
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=radeon-5700-linuxgl&num=1
07/07/2019 15:09:14 CEST

Other linux gamers that is happy for the new Debian Buster release ?

I am one of those people who prefer a solid/stable distro so I am very excited every time the people behind Debian comes with a new version of debian. Debian 10/Buster will be my go to gaming platform for the next two years (to Debian 11/Bullseye is released).

07/07/2019 13:36:52 CEST

Play! (PS2 Emu) Libretro core ready for download on the Libretro/RetroArch buildbot!
URL: https://www.libretro.com/index.php/play-libretro-core-ready-for-download-on-the-buildbot/
07/07/2019 12:16:51 CEST

ENBs on skyrim se?

How do I get it working?

07/07/2019 11:38:59 CEST

I installed corefonts but didn't fix it , what winetricks dependency I'm missing to fix the text render in menus ?
URL: https://i.redd.it/yz8u9oqpku831.png
07/07/2019 11:09:25 CEST

Warframe and Linux

Hi all,

I would like to know if someone is playing Warframe on Linux ?

Last time I test Warframe on Linux, I get some problem... The game crash every time I try to play it...

07/07/2019 10:47:45 CEST

Epic Blocks Steam Users From Free/Discounted Remasters With Exclusivity Deals
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ext5g6E-g8
07/07/2019 10:10:07 CEST

Warframe with Proton

Does it work out of the box? I'm reading different reports in ProtonDB, should I try it?

07/07/2019 09:50:56 CEST

VFIO - Update! w/Pop!_os -- PCIe Passthrough even with identical graphics cards
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLy1n7X2cAU
07/07/2019 09:02:04 CEST

Windows 10 Keeps Getting Worse &amp; Why People Are Switching To Linux/Mac
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIQNr0mOCpg
07/07/2019 08:45:12 CEST

Gotchas while developing for Linux?

I'm developing a game, and I want to support Linux as well (it'll be released on Steam), and I want to do it right. Based on your experience with Linux games/ports, is there anything that frequently goes wrong? Any WM, DE or GPU you have that typically isn't well-supported by games?

07/07/2019 07:59:31 CEST

The Myth that Linux dosen't hang is not true.

You know something I used to see a lot of people say when they tried to "sell" Linux was this idea that Linux doesn't freeze like Windows, I'm almost a full year running Mint 19.1 and I have had to cold boot my computer 3 times now when playing games. No Alt-F4.F5.F6 didn't work, the system was completely locked up. This time it was XCOM 2 and while loading the HQ it got stuck repeating the same 3 seconds of voice line on repeat forever.

I think this idea comes from the idea that since Linux powers servers that stay up for years at a time, this somehow translates to people thinking everything on Linux is super stable, but that's really just not comparable to using Linux on a Gaming PC.

I think this Myth needs to be put to rest. Linux (Mint specifically) is about as stable as Windows XP was when it was turning heads and making us all realize there really was a computer that didn't have BSOD every week, but rather every 6 months or so, which was amazing to me at the time, and is acceptable to me as an end user now, but don't expect to never have a lock up if your using Linux for gaming, it will happen from time to time.

07/07/2019 05:39:34 CEST

Using Lutris for Unity based desktop app, upon opening it runs great but if window loses focus fps drops to 10 and stays there, input messes up.

Hey all, I am fairly new to Lutris but wanted to see if a Unity based 3d application (https://www.world-creator.com/) would run so I followed some steps I came across on a forum that told how to add a new game to Lutris and what to set the basics to and I was able to get it installed and then running and it ran great (capped at 60fps no matter what I tried, that I could find at least?) unless the window lost focus such as simply clicking outside of it (application runs windowed mode), or alt-tab, or even hitting open within the application to load map data from the Wine input boxes (which makes sense though, if they are separate windows).

The fps drops to 10 and stays there pretty consistently, but then also certain mouse functionality no longer works. Middle mouse works to pan, but left and right click no longer work properly. Everything stays goofed up until you close it and reopen.

The things I tried (as I mentioned, I am new to it, so I wasn't exactly sure what all to try yet), were installing a few different version runners, including the specific tkg (not sure what the acronyms stand for yet) unity4.5, an experimental lutris 4.10, , ge-proton 4.10, 4.9, DXVK version 1.2.3, 1.2.2, e-sync on and off, DXVK on and off (off I was not able to use the mouse at all), disabling lutris runtime, and possibly a few other random things but unfortunately none of the things I tried made any noticeable difference at all in any manner.

Does anyone happen to have any suggestions I might be able to try? Thanks!

07/07/2019 04:04:36 CEST

Distro recommendations?

I'm wondering what the best Linux distro would be to run on my MacBook Pro. I'm exclusively going to use it to play Fortnite (don't hate me).

I have a 2017 MacBook Pro with a 2.3GHz Intel Core i5, 8 gigs of ram and an Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 graphics card. It's a low end model and doesn't run Fortnite well that's why I'm looking to dual boot Linux. My machine only has 128gb of storage so I'm looking for a lightweight distro.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

07/07/2019 03:19:55 CEST

Glass Bottom Games on taking "the biggest possible swing" with Skatebird
URL: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-07-04-glass-bottom-games-took-the-biggest-swing-we-possibly-can-with-skatebird
07/07/2019 03:17:32 CEST

Valve Index and Linux gaming (Proton included)

Hello everyone.

I'm hyped for VR since Oculus DK1. Didn't buy any headset yer for various reasons.

Now I'm on the tipping point on decision of ordering whole set of Index. Only caveat is compatibility with available games.

My two go to games are Assetto Corsa (already running it on linux with great success) and Pavlov. Would ofc like to play more native games but those only are not enough to justify the purchase (atm).

Can anyone help me? Do you know if Liam from Gaming On Linux gonna get one for review? Do you know anything about the other road blocks other than running the game it self with proton?

Would very much appreciate your help fellow penguins!

07/06/2019 23:56:16 CEST

Will Google Stadia kill PC (and console) gaming?
07/06/2019 22:30:20 CEST

64 bit .NET under Wine

Is there a way to conveniently install 64-bit Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0+ under 64-bit WINE ?

07/06/2019 22:24:52 CEST

Sekiro: full system crash

Well I got my controller working with Sekiro. Now the problem is that it crashes and takes down the whole computer. The game will randomly freeze, the screen will go a solid colour and then black and the fans on my PC will spin up to max. The only thing I can do is a hard reset.

This only happens with Sekiro, and always within 30 mins of getting in-game. Other games (including Dark Souls III) work fine and don't cause a crash. I've tried adding loglevel=7 systemd.log_level=debug to my kernel parameters but there's nothing obvious there. I've also tried running the game with lutris -d > logfile but there's nothing in there except lots of lines with 00e2:fixme:d3d9:D3DPERF_GetStatus (void) : stub.

Does anyone have any ideas for finding the source of the problem?

07/06/2019 22:21:06 CEST

Personal Cloud Gaming Server

Hey all,

I'm thinking about buying some more servers soon and beefing them up. Likely a Dell Poweredge R720xd with some low form factor GPU. I've gotten my Emby Media Server VM to run solely on CPU (dedicate 18 threads to it on a spare server) runs anything from 720p - 4K UHD full quality to my phone/laptops from across my province without any buffering.

Here are my thoughts, all my of Laptops have CPUs only (e.g i5-4300U, i5-5300U), and about 8-16GB DDR3, very minimalist but the batteries last me all day so whatever. The problem is that I can't even play Cities Skylines without significant lag on these machines even with SSDs. But my servers are on a symmetrical 300/300mbps link to the internet and if I purchased one with say 128GB of DDR3 ECC and dual Xeon E5-2650 v4's, I'd be able to get some good shit done.

My two problems:

  1. Sourcing an adequate GPU, maybe a GTX 1050ti or 1060, or if possible some used Tesla P100 GPUs.
  2. Software setup, do I want to run Xen-NG with hardware passthrough to my VMs? Or should I buy a cheaper server and just say "to hell with it" and dedicate all the hardware to gaming?

If I'm seriously spending $2000 on an R720xd with all that glorious RAM, 6 to 8 500GB SSDs, dual amazeballs CPUs and a pretty good GPU, I want to use the thing for more than gaming. I run servers for reasons unrelated to gaming of course (web hosting, 10's of TBs of file storage, application services for business customers etc), so making a huge asset purchase just for gaming would be unreasonable in my mind.

I know this post is somewhat out of the ordinary for this thread but if you could at least give me pointers as to what I should do for the interfacing, that'll serve me well enough. Also, I'd much rather a personal cloud gaming server to say an $800 gaming tower because I'm not at any specific location for long periods of time. Thanks everyone!

07/06/2019 21:03:56 CEST

Games from Blizzard?

What is your experience with games from Blizzard? What configurations work good? PlayOnLinux? Lutris?

07/06/2019 20:44:08 CEST

Skyrim modding. How to run FNIS via Proton?

Hello. I got almost everything working. Mod organizer, SKSE, Skyui etc. But I can't seem to figure out how to run the FNIS program cause I have a few animation mods.

07/06/2019 20:27:17 CEST

VFIO - Update! w/Pop!_os -- PCIe Passthrough even with identical graphics cards
URL: https://invidio.us/watch?v=PLy1n7X2cAU
07/06/2019 20:13:02 CEST

Jazz² Resurrection v0.6.0 released (open-source reimplementation of Jazz Jackrabbit 2)
URL: https://github.com/deathkiller/jazz2/releases/tag/0.6.0
07/06/2019 19:15:11 CEST

What are some essential software to have on a Linux gaming machine?

In Windows, I normally use CPU-Z, HWMonitor and MSI Afterburner. What are the Linux equivalents?

07/06/2019 18:49:39 CEST

Can anyone tell me if FFXIV Shadowbringers is working properly

I have been considering getting back into this game for a while, but some very recent posts as well as concerns at Lutris say it doesn't work properly after 5.0 have me holding off. The only threads I saw from people saying it's working seem to be from those who had to make a lot of edits to various files, configs, and settings. I'm not comfortable with that, being relatively novice in Linux, so I need to rely heavily on games working out of the box or using a Lutris installer.

Thank you in advance.

Specs in case they matter: Manjaro KDE - latest updates on everything Ryzen 2700x GTX1080

07/06/2019 18:47:05 CEST

Looking for suggestions for good MMORPGs that run well on Linux?


I've been a Linux user for a while now (Ubuntu, Gentoo, arch) and have only gamed on Windows. I did play some games such as csgo, borderlands and left 4 dead 2.

On Windows I played world of Warcraft (my favorite) and overwatch. Among many others.

I'm looking for a good MMORPG that will run well natively or on the latest version of wine without too much tweaking.

It's important to mention that I'm using a laptop, Acer aspire e1 572g, 12 GB ram , i5 4200u, built in Intel graphics and Radeon 8670m which I have yet been able to use on Linux ...

I'm running Ubuntu 19.04 .

All suggestions are welcome!

07/06/2019 18:21:07 CEST

TIL: there is a SCUMMVM branch to run the Steam/GOG (re-)release of "The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime"
URL: https://github.com/bgK/scummvm/tree/pegasus-dvd
07/06/2019 16:08:26 CEST

Which package to install on my Mac?

So I was looking into installing Wine on my Mac. Honestly though I have no clue what Im doing haha. I mean it seems pretty self explanatory but Ive never used anything like this. I installed XQuartz already and the site says its better for inexperienced users to install a package. Cool, easy enough, except theres three different packages and I havent found any information on the difference between them. So does it matter which package I install? Do I need all three? What the heck am I doing?

07/06/2019 15:33:06 CEST

GameMode Seeing Improvement Work For Better Integration With GNOME
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=GameMode-Improvements-For-GNOME
07/06/2019 14:22:08 CEST

What is wine lutris-experimental-4.10?

Hello, I was wondering where I could find the documentation for wine version lutris-experimental-4.10? Thanks!

07/06/2019 13:53:28 CEST

(2nd of 4 surveys) Opportunities, threats, and strategies of esports sponsorships (Only for people who watch/participate in esports) [Ends on 14 October 2019]

Hello everyone, Im doing my PhD in marketing and Im focusing on esports sponsorships. Until the end of 2019 I will be doing 4 different surveys on this topic. Each survey will be launched only once and on different months to avoid fatiguing the community. The only exception is the 2nd survey which will be launched a second time, one month after all 4 surveys have been launched, because I need a larger sample for the 2nd survey.

All surveys are anonymous and done on Google Forms (a completely safe website). The data from the surveys will be used for my PhD thesis and to develop 6 articles that will be published in scientific journals. The participation of all esports fans is extremely important and greatly appreciated (surveys are only for people who watch/participate in esports).

This is the 2nd survey. It takes about 8 minutes to complete and is related to the benefits, risks, and strategies of sponsoring esports. Here is the survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdUacl74DMc_BofKbD90NwRmohYAAgBlXmjjG_-P3QBmP6hCw/viewform?usp=sf_link

Thank you so much in advance.

If you are interested in easily following my next surveys (and their results), you can follow me here on Reddit or on Twitter: @EsportsAnalyses

This survey has been approved by the kind moderators.

07/06/2019 13:26:03 CEST

Speedrun timer for Linux

So far I've tried Llanfair and it doesn't show up on OBS so I guess I can't use it.

I've also tried Linux Speedrun Timer which DOES show up on OBS but has the problem that I have no idea how to make splits for it.

I downloaded urn but I don't have any of the dependencies in my repos and I don't know where I can find them (LinuxMint 19.1)

Is there another one that I'm missing? Or is there someone who could help me make splits for LST? There doesn't appear to be any documentation for it that I could find. Urn seems to be the best one from what I can tell, I just don't know how to get it working.

07/06/2019 11:46:19 CEST

Ryzen - How AMD is saving PC Gaming, Forcing Intel to improve
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VunzsIf4EHM
07/06/2019 11:22:55 CEST

Are AMD and Nvidia colluding to fix GPU prices?
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYTPgDvLkmY
07/06/2019 11:18:37 CEST

Which version of Proton to use?

I`m a newbie, just installed Pop_OS and I would like to know what version of Proton is best to use with Windows games.

07/06/2019 10:28:52 CEST

Epic Games Will Offer Shenmue 3 PC Kickstarter Backers Refunds (Posting due to a lot of Linux users backing/pre-ordering Shenmue 3 for Proton)
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRxixQxgSf4
07/06/2019 10:11:43 CEST

How do you get ENB working on Linux?

I want to use them with Skyrim SE.

07/06/2019 09:51:13 CEST

Thoughts on this build? GPU is missing because I'm waiting for the Radeon 5700 coming in a few days. Thanks!
URL: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/b92Cjy
07/06/2019 07:17:36 CEST

Recommended mod list for Skyrim SE?

I wanted to do yashed guide but it uses a lot of Oldrim mods.

07/06/2019 07:17:23 CEST

Wine 4.12 Released

The Wine development release 4.12 is now available.




What's new in this release (see below for details):


- Still more DLLs are built as PE files by default.

- Support for Plug & Play device drivers.

- Better support for the Visual Studio remote debugger.

- More support for enumerating display devices.

- Various bug fixes.


The source is available from the following locations:




Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:



You will find documentation on



You can also get the current source directly from the git repository.


http://www.winehq.org/git for details.


Wine is available thanks to the work of many people.

See the file AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.



Bugs fixed in 4.12 (total ):


18490  Multiple games fail to set pixel format on D3D device context 
created on desktop window (Empire: Total War, Napoleon: Total War, 
Utopia City)

21378  lego digital designer crashes on scrolling

27576  RT Se7en Lite installer hangs

31260  Tomb Raider 4 Broken Lighting

31737  Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (2010): Gamepad is not 

34978  Many applications need a EnumDisplayDevicesW 
implementation for multi-monitor environment support 
(DisplayFusion, Turbo Tax 2012, WPF 4.x .NET apps, CEFv3 apps, 
VS Code < 1.16.0)

35413  err:module:import_dll Library libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll not found 
needed by mono-2.0

36061  winedbg crash dialog shows a leak in imm32

37709  All Qt5 based applications have broken menu/combos 
positioning in multiple monitor setup due to GetMonitorInfo() 
returning the same hard-coded device name for all monitors

38421  Windows Media Player 9 & 10: mp3 sound plays too fast

41608  Golden Krone Hotel fails to launch 
(InitializeProcThreadAttributeList is a stub)

42374  Hardwood Solitaire can not connect to his server

45656  Acronis Storage Filter Management Driver 'fltsrv.sys' crashes 
on unimplemented function 'ntoskrnl.exe.KeBugCheckEx' in 
'CrashOnError' mode

47013  winebus.sys: hidraw_set_feature_report buffer too small for 
some devices in SteelSeries Engine

47014  Multiple kernel drivers need 
'ntoskrnl.exe.ExInitializePagedLookasideList' implementation (Norton 
360/Symantec Eraser Control Driver)

47017  Symantec Eraser Control Driver 'eeCtrl64.sys' (Norton 360) 
crashes on unimplemented function ntoskrnl.exe.IoGetStackLimits

47340  Adobe Acrobat Reader DC crashes on startup with corefonts 

47352  Levelhead: Can't connect to game's network

47367  Some WPF 4.x apps from Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17763.x) 
spam console with fixme:d3d:wined3d_driver_info_init Unhandled 
OS version 6.3, reporting Win 8. (WinVer set to 'Windows 8.1')

47385  Overwatch crashes on unimplemented function 

47392  Drakensang Online crashes when exiting fullscreen

47399  Mozart 11-13 crashes on startup

47410  Regression in 4.10, Dune 2000 installer crashes in winevdm

47418  Quickbooks 2018 installer crashes on Validating Install

47424  DataTransferLength in SCSI_PASS_THROUGH and 
SCSI_PASS_THROUGH_DIRECT *must* have return value

47431  Multiple applications and games show too high CPU usage 
and UI slowness/lag with wine-4.11-84-g074abfe097 
(EnumDisplayMonitors implementation uses expensive registry 

47443  compile error: undefined reference to `clock_gettime'
07/06/2019 02:06:08 CEST

Wine 4.12 Released

The Wine development release 4.12 is now available.




What's new in this release (see below for details):


  • Still more DLLs are built as PE files by default.
    • Support for Plug & Play device drivers.
    • Better support for the Visual Studio remote debugger.
    • More support for enumerating display devices.
    • Various bug fixes.


The source is available from the following locations:




Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:



You will find documentation on



You can also get the current source directly from the git repository.


http://www.winehq.org/git for details.


Wine is available thanks to the work of many people.

See the file AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.



Bugs fixed in 4.12 (total ):


18490 Multiple games fail to set pixel format on D3D device context created on desktop window (Empire: Total War, Napoleon: Total War, Utopia City) 21378 lego digital designer crashes on scrolling 27576 RT Se7en Lite installer hangs 31260 Tomb Raider 4 Broken Lighting 31737 Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (2010): Gamepad is not configured 34978 Many applications need a EnumDisplayDevicesW implementation for multi-monitor environment support (DisplayFusion, Turbo Tax 2012, WPF 4.x .NET apps, CEFv3 apps, VS Code < 1.16.0) 35413 err:module:import_dll Library libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll not found needed by mono-2.0 36061 winedbg crash dialog shows a leak in imm32 37709 All Qt5 based applications have broken menu/combos positioning in multiple monitor setup due to GetMonitorInfo() returning the same hard-coded device name for all monitors 38421 Windows Media Player 9 & 10: mp3 sound plays too fast 41608 Golden Krone Hotel fails to launch (InitializeProcThreadAttributeList is a stub) 42374 Hardwood Solitaire can not connect to his server 45656 Acronis Storage Filter Management Driver 'fltsrv.sys' crashes on unimplemented function 'ntoskrnl.exe.KeBugCheckEx' in 'CrashOnError' mode 47013 winebus.sys: hidraw_set_feature_report buffer too small for some devices in SteelSeries Engine 47014 Multiple kernel drivers need 'ntoskrnl.exe.ExInitializePagedLookasideList' implementation (Norton 360/Symantec Eraser Control Driver) 47017 Symantec Eraser Control Driver 'eeCtrl64.sys' (Norton 360) crashes on unimplemented function ntoskrnl.exe.IoGetStackLimits 47340 Adobe Acrobat Reader DC crashes on startup with corefonts installed 47352 Levelhead: Can't connect to game's network 47367 Some WPF 4.x apps from Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17763.x) spam console with fixme:d3d:wined3d_driver_info_init Unhandled OS version 6.3, reporting Win 8. (WinVer set to 'Windows 8.1') 47385 Overwatch crashes on unimplemented function mfreadwrite.dll.MFCreateSinkWriterFromURL 47392 Drakensang Online crashes when exiting fullscreen 47399 Mozart 11-13 crashes on startup 47410 Regression in 4.10, Dune 2000 installer crashes in winevdm 47418 Quickbooks 2018 installer crashes on Validating Install 47424 DataTransferLength in SCSI_PASS_THROUGH and SCSI_PASS_THROUGH_DIRECT must have return value 47431 Multiple applications and games show too high CPU usage and UI slowness/lag with wine-4.11-84-g074abfe097 (EnumDisplayMonitors implementation uses expensive registry accesses) 47443 compile error: undefined reference to `clock_gettime'

07/06/2019 02:02:36 CEST

[STEAm] 2 Free Sega Gen/MegeDrive Classic Games
URL: https://www.games2gether.com/profile/me/rewards?sega
07/06/2019 01:31:40 CEST

I'm probably taking the Linux plunge for my next gaming rig, help me out

I'm building a gaming rig in August after all the new gear is out (Radeon 5000, Nvidia Super, Ryzen 3000), and I want to ask something.

-What kind of performance hit would I (approximately) get on games compared Windows? I already checked ProtonDB and everything I want to play is on Linux.

I'd be running something like this: Ryzen 3600 (for comparisons sake let's say it's about equivalent to 2700), GTX 1660ti (or AMD's equivalently priced if that's better), 8GB RAM, and a SATA SSD running Pop! _os. By the way, I have a 1080p 60Hz monitor (might upgrade to 1440p 144Hz monitor if 1440p 60fps or 1080p 60Hz+ is obtainable but that's not necessary.)

I'd really appreciate the help for some extra peace of mind when it comes to this.

07/06/2019 01:17:27 CEST

Sekiro controller problems

I'm trying to use my Xbox One Wireless Controller over USB with Sekiro. I feel like I've tried every available option and it's still not working :'(

ls /dev/input/by-id shows the controller is detected. fftest will make it rumble. Starting Sekiro with Steam Play, I cannot get past the 'press any key to continue' screen. I've tried with Steam Input forced on and off, and checked that controller support is enabled in Steam settings.

Is there something else I can do? I've tried xboxdrv and xpadneo as well. Installing through Lutris winesteam didn't seem to help. The controller works fine in other games, including Dark Souls III.

07/06/2019 00:21:10 CEST

Thinking about buying this MSI video card, thoughts?
07/05/2019 23:10:00 CEST

Is there an app to measure how long you use your PC in Linux?

I want to know how long I'm playing games, but it's pretty damn hard. I don't want to keep notes on when I start and end playing. Is there an application that will measure the total time of my PC usage?

07/05/2019 21:49:23 CEST

Luteis and Final Fantasy XIV


I'm trying to get FF14 working fully on lutris but when ever I load into the game I get a black screen with the ff14 loading icon and nothing else.

Any ideas?

Manjaro gnome. I5 6400 GTX1060 3Gb

07/05/2019 20:35:30 CEST

YSK how to rip PS3 games on Linux using LibRay
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/rpcs3/comments/c84p2j/ysk_how_to_rip_ps3_games_on_linux_using_libray/
07/05/2019 20:30:31 CEST

Is there any benefit to running games on Linux as opposed to Windows?

I've had really bad luck with gaming on Linux. Worse performance, constant troubleshooting & tweaking, tons of audio problems, a plethora of extra bugs, etc, all on very common hardware (i5 6600k/GTX 1060). It's gotten to the point where I just boot into Windows whenever I want to game.

I feel like I'm missing something. What's the point in gaming on Linux?

07/05/2019 20:01:59 CEST

Is it possible to transfer Steam workshops from a Windows installation to Steam in Linux

Title says it all :) Thx guys!

07/05/2019 18:15:41 CEST

Is anyone else having issues like this? Ark in Manjaro with kernel 5.1.15-1 on the open GL/Vulkan version of the game.
URL: https://i.redd.it/n5myj4i7ci831.png
07/05/2019 17:58:56 CEST

[early access] Kubifaktorium - voxel colony management &amp; automation - developed on Linux - Steam &amp; itch.io
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/898720/Kubifaktorium/
07/05/2019 17:45:26 CEST

The awesome co-op space sandbox game "Avorion" now has modding support
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/the-awesome-co-op-space-sandbox-game-avorion-now-has-modding-support.14507
07/05/2019 17:35:44 CEST

AMDVLK Support For Navi Might Be Slightly Delayed
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=AMDVLK-Navi-10-Still-Review
07/05/2019 16:06:04 CEST

Steam running a game via Proton: Page File too small
07/05/2019 15:33:46 CEST

Shadowgrounds in PlayOnLinux

In case you don't have the HumbleBundle native version, you can still play in Wine with PlayOnLinux




07/05/2019 14:42:55 CEST

The steam hardware survey for the last month has not been posted here…

It shows a drop of 0.08 percentage points for linux. The last one was posted here, it showed an uptick.

The thread was full of people using it as an indicator that linux gaming is growing (relatively, compared to windows) and downvoted everyone who pointed out that the hardware survey gets posted here more frequently when it shows positive and less frequently when it shows negative signs.

This subreddit has a serious problem with ignoring anything negative and clinging way too much at anything that could be interpreted as something positive and I'm sick of it.

Back when linux only had OpenGL everyone was totally convinced that OpenGL is the best thing ever without problems and that developers only didn't invest enough time into OpenGL to make something good. With Vulkan arriving suddenly most people are saying that OpenGL is really bad. Classic example of not acknowledging problems but luckily the wider ecosystem doesn't give a shit about the opinions of this sub.

Same happened with Wine. It was the devil and everyone here said it's impossible to get good performance until Proton/dxvk happened.

Another thing this sub is always repeating is that shipping games on linux is not a problem when it really is. This perception might finally also change with Valve saying they're and have been looking at improving the their runtime.

My point is that this sub really likes to ignore problems just so they can say that linux gaming is actually super great. This is not helping anyone. Not the people you're giving a wrong impression of linux gaming and end up being disappointed, no the developers who actually want to fix the problems and not developers who want to ship their games to linux.

07/05/2019 13:11:55 CEST

VR rhythm game "Groove Gunner" looks insane and it's coming to Linux
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/vr-rhythm-game-groove-gunner-looks-insane-and-its-coming-to-linux.14511
07/05/2019 12:33:27 CEST

GamingOnLinux - 10 Year Anniversary
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/10-years-ago-gamingonlinux-was-created-what-a-ride-its-been.14505
07/05/2019 11:45:11 CEST

No background in osu
URL: https://imgur.com/YdLfyDo.png
07/05/2019 10:44:20 CEST

Backing up saves

Hey guys!

So, I'm really considering making the switch to linux this summer and wanted to know the best way to backup all my steam saves. I've read that GameSave Manager is the way to go. However, it saves everything in .gsba and it looks like you need the program again do unarchive everything, and you don't even have control to where the saves go... Do I really have to backup everything manually?

Sorry if this has been asked before. I looked around but didn't find anything on this sub Thanks a lot!

07/05/2019 08:54:05 CEST

Valve’s new code cuts AMD GPU compile times by over 45% for Linux games
URL: https://www.pcgamesn.com/valve-amd-radeon-vulkan-linux-aco-compiler
07/05/2019 06:00:30 CEST

Linux support for Mobile gpu drivers


AMD support for their graphics driver has been great on Linux and Nvidia has their proprietary drivers too. I currently use a 1050TI on desktop myself. Thing is I have been planning to ditch my desktop for whatever little gaming I do. I hardly play for more than 30 mins a day if I can at all and it is reduced to mostly indie or esports titles. Dont mind dropping resolution or details either. Also I have been looking for a laptop for my work related activities.

After some digging I have been leaning towards a Thinkpad E series with R5 3500U which fits my needs perfectly. So I wanted to ask how has been driver support on Linux for AMD integrated mobile solutions like Vega 8 & 10 and is it on par or worse than Windows. I am gonna install Linux anyway for work so should I game on windows or Linux depending on driver support. Also if Thinkpad is not a good option then please suggest another one as well.


07/05/2019 05:46:55 CEST

Dxvk Neverwinter online?

Has anyone been able to get dxvk to work one Neverwinter online and if so is it any better then standard wine?

07/05/2019 03:29:30 CEST

PSA: Latest KDE Plasma patches on Manjaro fixed my issues with KDE compositor auto-disable and Steam(maybe other?) graphical games

Previously, if I tried to minimize or switch to another desktop while a steam game was open, my KDE Plasma bar/panel would be extremely buggy and unresponsive, and always show the time as 12:17. It was connected to the compositor being disabled when launching said games (it may be for non-steam titles as well, but I never tested it). After the latest update pushed through Manjaro Stable repos (meaning something more bleeding edge has had these changes already), I no longer have the issue!

I just thought I would mention this in case anyone is still running compositor on KDE (and slowing down their games!) while gaming to avoid this issue, or if they have had the issues with their bar/panel/system clock while having games open and were unaware of the cause!

07/05/2019 01:16:44 CEST

Rust only starts on potato mode on a ''good'' rig

Hey guys, i have a problem, my rust only launches on potato on linux, what should i do? i have an fx 8320e and a rx 580, 12 gigs of ram, but the game only starts in this way, any tips?

07/05/2019 01:03:49 CEST

Cross-posting this here to maybe get some extra help: Steam segfaults since new kernel update
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/ManjaroLinux/comments/c97727/steam_segfault_in_linux51_kernel/
07/05/2019 00:27:55 CEST

Are you all happy with your AMD cards?

Im planning to replace my GTX 970 soon, and Im considering an RX 5700.

My question to the AMD owners here: are you happy with your cards? TearFree works perfectly? No issues with recent games that you run using Steamplay and DXVK? No compositing issues?

07/04/2019 23:50:17 CEST

Steam Controller v2!?!
URL: https://www.pcgamesn.com/steam-controller-2
07/04/2019 21:23:55 CEST

Looking for some suggestions for planes to download for Flightgear

Hello Linux gamers. I can finally run Flightgear and have the Cessna default plane down enough to take off and land. Now I would like to try some more heavy duty planes. Does anyone know some good (accurate, realistic) models for Flightgear? Or where the best place to look would be? Thanks!

07/04/2019 20:08:21 CEST

Fallout New Vegas, can't find .INI files

Hi, so when running Fallout: NV throught steamplay, where are the .ini files?

I already launched the game, so it should have generated the .ini files, I tried seeing into steamapps/compatdata/22380/pfx, but can't find it.

07/04/2019 19:50:26 CEST

How to play Diablo 1 on Linux

Hey reddit. I made this video on YouTube showing how to play the reversed engineered version of Diablo 1, for Windows, on Linux. The way I show how to do it is kind of weird. But it's kind of hard for me to set the Linux version up, as I'm not sure if I have all of the 32bit drivers set up right. I have gotten a little bit further on getting the Linux version to work. Right now I have some kind of problem with SDL_Init working with UDEV. But the Linux version is closer to working for me than it was when I made the video yesterday. Either way; the Windows version is playable on Linux.

Anyway; here is the video. How to play Diablo 1 on Linux. I hope it helps some of you with getting it to run.

07/04/2019 18:14:28 CEST

OpenJKDF2 supports Star Wars: Droid Works now!
URL: https://github.com/shinyquagsire23/OpenJKDF2#droidworks
07/04/2019 18:00:11 CEST

"xcb_dri3_get_supported_modifiers" error when try to install Steam in firejail

I always used this guide in order to install Steam in firejail; but recently doesn't work anymore. This is the error that gives me when trying to run the installer.

alexwbc@pc:~$ ./steam
Running Steam on ubuntu 19.04 64-bit
STEAM_RUNTIME is enabled automatically
Pins up-to-date!
Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(0)
/home/alexwbc/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steam: symbol lookup error: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libGLX_mesa.so.0: undefined symbol: xcb_dri3_get_supported_modifiers

I tried to use LIBGL_DRI3_DISABLE=1 as well temporary hiding libxcb-dri3 and even libxcb-dri2. No luck so far, it always drop on xcb_dri3_get_supported_modifiers

OS is *buntu 19.04

07/04/2019 15:43:32 CEST

The Infinity collection (Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment, Icewind Dale) Is super cheap right now
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/380/The_Infinity_Collection/
07/04/2019 13:12:38 CEST

Looking for a distro

hello everyone,

Im looking to finally abandon windows. Only reason I still use it is because of gaming.

Now I'm looking for some distro's to test on my previous gaming rig before making the switch.

Can I get some distro suggestions? (no ubuntu) I'm not a leek. I have been working as a support engineer for a year at a hostingcompany (proxmox, jelastic,centos,freenas,...) and since two months i'm a junior linux engineer.

TLDR: not a linux leek, need distro suggetion for gaming (no ubuntu).


07/04/2019 12:14:28 CEST

Cannot configure wine at all. Please help

Opened wine, I typed in winecfg, and it just says:

wineserver: mkdir /tmp/.wine-1831681369: Permission denied


07/04/2019 09:17:03 CEST

Fedora Copr for Mesa with ACO RADV compiler
URL: https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/espionage724/mesa-git-acotest/
07/04/2019 06:31:22 CEST

Does Mesa Vulkan overlay work with X4: Foundations for anyone?

Somehow the HUD doesn't work for me.

07/04/2019 03:42:53 CEST

Cyberpunk visual novel "Synergia" has a combined Linux/Mac/Windows downloadable demo (238MB).
URL: https://tophatstudios.itch.io/synergia
07/04/2019 01:30:05 CEST

"Wineskin is currently busy Please wait..."

I'm sure this has been here before but the only solution I've ever found is "hold alt while opening Wineskin.app" and that doesn't work. (This just confuses me because there's only an option key with an alt function. Holding fn+option does not work either.) I've searched for other solutions and tried a whole bunch of stuff in Terminal to get it to shut down/restart/kill/etc. but none of that stuff worked either. Please know that I'm new to this so if I'm doing something wrong please point it out...

I've been playing osu! just fine up until yesterday, and here is all of the context and progress (mostly negative) I have made so far: [https://osu.ppy.sh/community/forums/topics/924185|https://osu.ppy.sh/community/forums/topics/924185]

Remember, I'm new to all this Wineskin stuff so I would really appreciate it if anyone used simplified terms and/or thorough explanations on how to get Wineskin to reopen so I can kill all the processes and reselect osu!'s proper .exe... If at all possible, I don't want to download anything else because my internet speed averages at about 50kb/s.

Thank you in advance!

07/04/2019 01:25:57 CEST

Quick way to get more up to date mesa in steam flatpak?


I wonder if there is any way to get Mesa 19.x into Steam flatpak other than waiting for maintainers to update freedesktop runtime and steam flatpak?

07/03/2019 22:11:08 CEST

Hanging on this when trying to launch paladins from steam play. Any help would be appreciated.
URL: https://i.redd.it/1uzn44cia5831.png
07/03/2019 22:09:35 CEST

Native Linux Mod Manager

Hi, so some time ago I was seeing a post here about a native mod manager for linux, and decided to check if it was already requested, and it was, I've seen one post on the nexus forum, and one open issue on github.

There appears that someone is working on porting Nexus Vortex to Linux, sadly I don't know how to code, so I figured I'll try to post here to see if anyone here can help him out.

This is the open issue (the guy creating the port is one of the last repliers).

07/03/2019 21:51:31 CEST

LTS vs Rolling

So this won't be about the differences in the two, but about some use cases from each.

I am a long time Linux user on servers, home servers, media centers etc. With that, I have always been an avid gamer and have used Windows on my Desktop to accomplish this. With the recent changes in the Linux gaming world, and just how easy and stable it is to install and run those same games now, I am on my way to ditch the clutches of Microsoft (for home atleast) on my Desktop and finally make the leap to a free Desktop that I have wanted to do for years.

My question is, with LTS releases being the most stable than Rolling releases, would it be wise for me to run an LTS release and update on each LTS be a better option for someone that wants things to just work, or am I going to run into more issues with games breaking because the game updates, but my packages or distro is not?

I am aiming for Pop_OS! 18.04 with Nvidia for my OS of choice.

07/03/2019 19:40:51 CEST

Valve needs your help testing ACO, a new Mesa shader compiler for AMD graphics!
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/games/221410/announcements/detail/1602634609636894200
07/03/2019 19:27:17 CEST

Debian Buster and Steam problems.


I am not sure this is the right place but I am trying anyway.

I have just setup Debian Buster (using the RC3 installer).

I have installed Steam and the closed source driver from Debian's repo. And when launching Steam (after login) then I get error saying "could not connect to steam network"
The output from the console is:

Running Steam on debian 10 64-bit
STEAM_RUNTIME is enabled automatically
Pins up-to-date!
[2019-07-03 19:03:13] Startup - updater built Jun 17 2019 23:31:08
[2019-07-03 19:03:13] Verifying installation...
[2019-07-03 19:03:13] Verification complete
STEAM_RUNTIME_HEAVY: ./steam-runtime-heavy

This link suggest that it is due to a kernel bug:
It should be fixed in 4.19.55, but Debian Buster is only running 4.19.37.
Do you think that is the issue or should I look somewhere else?

07/03/2019 19:19:04 CEST

Octopath Traveler is now 17% off

Octopath Traveler is now 17% off


Eight travelers. Eight adventures. Eight roles to play in a new world brought to life by Square Enix. Explore each traveler's story and use their abilities in and out of battle. Will you expand your horizons as the Merchant or track down a traitor as the Warrior? Where will you go? Who will join you? You alone can choose your path. Step into the shoes of a traveler to inherit their struggles and strengths. Use each character's special abilities to interact with the world and enhance your tactics in turn-based battles. The Dancer's alluring charm leads followers into battle, whereas the Apothecary can mix items to heal allies or unleash explosive attacks. Discover enemy weaknesses and target them to break through their defenses. Store Boost Points with each turn and then spend them at strategic times to strengthen abilities, chain attacks, or provide aid. Choose the path you wish to walk and discover what lies beyond the horizon. Blood, Suggestive Themes, Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, Use of Alcohol. Genre: Role-Playing, Adventure

07/03/2019 19:07:21 CEST

Planet Explorers goes free as Pathea Games lose the multiplayer code
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/planet-explorers-goes-free-as-pathea-games-lose-the-multiplayer-code.14494
07/03/2019 18:21:30 CEST

Extreme space shooter "Space Mercs" looks pretty incredible in the latest footage
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/extreme-space-shooter-space-mercs-looks-pretty-incredible-in-the-latest-footage.14495
07/03/2019 18:18:35 CEST

ATRIUM - Carcassonne board game on itch.io is also coming to Steam soon
URL: https://blackpotion.itch.io/atrium
07/03/2019 18:13:25 CEST

Native Dying Light is now playable again with Mesa master

For those that care and had issues with Dying Light since their distribution switched to using libglvnd, Timothy Arcery got patches in last week that make it work now. I don't think his patches fixed the actual underlying issue, but that's irrelevant to end-users.

(Proton may still offer better performance though.)

Thanks to everyone involved, including /u/tarceri, /u/Vaiski and of course the guy who debugged the issue, sorry John I forgot your reddit username :/

07/03/2019 18:09:46 CEST

Make sure to grab the Commander Lilith DLC while it is still free before July 8th. The DLC will NOT automatically download even if you have the Handsome Collection, and will cost $15 after July 8th.
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Borderlands/comments/c8hm62/make_sure_to_grab_the_commander_lilith_dlc_while/
07/03/2019 17:59:57 CEST

Fernbus freezes during loading screen.

Hello. So to no avail I can't get a game working on Linux. I tried Proton, Lutris, Playonlinux. The game's name is Fernbus. I really want to try it. How do I do it? Dual boot?

07/03/2019 15:12:38 CEST

How to start Nvidia Driver ?

Hi people, a strange thing is happening to me.After i install on fresh system nvidia driver a can't load it =/

> nvidia-settings
ERROR: NVIDIA driver is not loaded

> nvidia-smi -a NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn't communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running.

At same time

> lsmod | grep ^nvidia nvidia_drm
nvidia_drm             45056  0
nvidia_modeset       1114112  1 nvidia_drm
nvidia              18784256  1 nvidia_modeset
nvidiafb               53248  0

As I understand that mean I use nvidia driver?And this:

> modprobe -c | grep nvidia
alias char_major_195_* nvidia
alias mbp_nvidia_bl apple_bl
alias pci:v000010DEd*sv*sd*bc03sc*i* nvidiafb
alias pci:v000010DEd*sv*sd*bc03sc00i00* nvidia_drm
alias pci:v000010DEd*sv*sd*bc03sc00i00* nvidia
alias pci:v000010DEd*sv*sd*bc03sc02i00* nvidia_drm
alias pci:v000010DEd*sv*sd*bc03sc02i00* nvidia
alias pci:v000010DEd*sv*sd*bc0Csc80i* i2c_nvidia_gpu
alias pci:v000010DEd00000E00sv*sd*bc04sc80i00* nvidia_drm
alias pci:v000010DEd00000E00sv*sd*bc04sc80i00* nvidia

But in fact not:

> lspci -vnnn | perl -lne 'print if /^\d+\:.+(\[\S+\:\S+\])/' | grep VGA

00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 620 [8086:5917] (rev 07) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])

00:13.0 Non-VGA unclassified device [0000]: Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-LP Integrated Sensor Hub [8086:9d35] (rev 21)

Hmm, what's going on, did I forget to turn something on?

----Let's take it in order. Hardware - HP Spectre x360. On board:GeForce MX150

> lspci | grep NVIDIA

01:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GP108M [GeForce MX150] (rev a1)

and Intel 620

> lspci | grep Graphics

00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 620 (rev 07)

I set myself the task to achieve the simplest result - to find an opportunity to switch to nvidia card.No switching on the fly, the fact that I will need to reboot the system to switch between cards - suits me perfectly, so I don't need bumblebee.

I need drivers for nvidia, without it nothing will work, so i download from official site drivers for MX150 (MX 100 series)NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-430.26, unpack it

 sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-.run --extract-only  

disable the nouveau driver (NVIDIA driver is incompatible with the nouveau)

sudo mkdir /etc/modprobe.d  echo "blacklist nouveau" | sudo tee --append /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-disable-nouveau.conf echo "options nouveau modeset=0" | sudo tee --append /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-disable-nouveau.conf

install drivers

sudo ./nvidia-installer --no-nvidia-modprobe --no-distro-scripts --no-opengl-files --no-libglx-indirect --no-install-libglvnd --no-install-compat32-libs --dkms --ui=none

Reboot and now i here.Nvidia kernel modules loaded but not... run?

07/03/2019 14:17:09 CEST

Sound card for gaming and music

Hello fellow Linux gamers, I am looking for a Linux compatible sound card, and Google isn't much of help. The consensus seems to be to go with external sound cards, but last time I tried those, I could not get the microphone to work.

I am thankful for any good suggestions.

07/03/2019 11:36:42 CEST

Flux Caves Linux version is available!
URL: https://i.redd.it/udy2mrc3t1831.jpg
07/03/2019 10:25:25 CEST

Can I sudo a script in Lutris ?

I have a bash script that I need to run with higher permissions in both the pre-launch and post-exit fields , can I add an argument to do this ?

07/03/2019 09:55:14 CEST

Recommended free games for a family pc with terrible specs?

I have no idea what the specs are. I just know that it takes a full minute to boot up Arch with xfce. That's how bad it is.

07/03/2019 09:40:56 CEST

Freesync on high speed HDMI?

I know on Windows freesync works only on high speed HDMI cables, is it the same for Linux 5.0? Or is it only displayport for now? If it is only DP, will I be able to buy a DP to HDMI cable and use freesync, because my monitor only has HDMI and VGA. Thanks

07/03/2019 09:36:59 CEST

If I buy Supraland now...

...and use the testing branch to help out with testing the Linux version, will it count as Linux sale or not?

Does anyone know?

I would be running the game from Linux only.

07/03/2019 09:34:15 CEST

Would you recommend SteamOS for Linux gaming?

Stupid question, I know.

07/03/2019 09:14:25 CEST

2D Puzzle Game "Eternam" Now Available on GOG
URL: https://www.gog.com/game/eternam
07/03/2019 08:55:23 CEST

Veritgo (VR) in Proton?

By any chance has anyone tried Vertigo in proton? Protondb is pretty out of date on VR games.

07/03/2019 08:29:00 CEST

Remnants of Naezith - Ubuntu 19.04 fix released
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/games/590590/announcements/detail/1610515908981710590
07/03/2019 08:12:52 CEST

NVIDIA Announces GeForce RTX 2060 / 2070 / 2080 SUPER GPUs
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NVIDIA-GeForce-RTX-SUPER
07/03/2019 07:41:44 CEST

Running FFXIV (Steam ver.) in DX11 mode?

I'm using lutris with a profile linking to the Steam version's executable, using ge-protonified-4.10-x86_64 & DXVK, yet it still launches in DX9 mode. Is there any other tweak that I am missing? I have an AMD GPU if that makes any difference.

07/03/2019 07:22:07 CEST

"All children gone." Excuse my French but what the fuck?
URL: https://i.redd.it/itlg93y7k0831.png
07/03/2019 06:11:47 CEST

which distro should I use for my laptop

So before I start this has been done pretty late so my writing will not be perfect.I'm planing on trying out linux on my laptop but I don't know which distro should I use on my budget bought laptop.One final thing how much space does linux take.

07/03/2019 06:08:59 CEST

People don't seem so happy to see me play League from Linux :(
URL: https://i.redd.it/cy3lnp0alz731.png
07/03/2019 02:56:24 CEST

Planet Explorers (2016) is now free to play on Linux, Mac, Windows, but only single-player.
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/237870/Planet_Explorers/
07/02/2019 23:29:39 CEST

Linux version of Supraland released
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/games/813630/announcements/detail/1611641808889049867
07/02/2019 23:23:35 CEST

Easy Anti Cheat: Where to make our voices heard?


I was wondering if there are petitions or some things like that to voice that we want Easy Anti Cheat on linux.

I recently moved over to Manjaro and I love it. I can play all my games ... except Apex Legends. Witch makes me sad. The new season is coming out with ranked and all.

So post in the comments where you can let ... ugh ... Epic know that we want EAC on linux ASAP!

07/02/2019 23:03:40 CEST

Wolfenstein NWO Linux Save Location
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Wolfenstein/comments/c8eux3/linux_proton_save_location_for_nwo/
07/02/2019 23:02:44 CEST

Very pretty indie point-and-click "ENCODYA" releases demo for Linux, Mac, Windows (1GB).
URL: https://chaosmonger.itch.io/encodya
07/02/2019 22:28:43 CEST

need help running minecraft on linux

i am trying to play minecraft on my linux computer (idk what kind of linux) i've already seen like all the videos and websites, i just need someone who COMPLETELY understands how linux works and can walk me through the process step-by-step. the easiest way to get ahold of me is through discord, Chef#5199

07/02/2019 22:16:48 CEST

Fantasy Strike, a really great fighting game is officially launching on July 25th
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/fantasy-strike-a-really-great-fighting-game-is-officially-launching-on-july-25th.14486
07/02/2019 18:50:55 CEST

NVIDIA have announced their new "GeForce RTX SUPER Series" lineup
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/nvidia-have-announced-their-new-geforce-rtx-super-series-lineup.14491
07/02/2019 17:14:48 CEST

Paladins and Realm Royale support on Linux

I know Fortnite doesnt work on Linux, but what I really am concerned about is if Paladins and Realm Royale work on Linux as they are a few games I have been playing a lot recently. Anyone know for sure. P.S. I have done some research and it appears Paladins works on Linux however I want to be sure.

07/02/2019 15:15:29 CEST

Got Skyrim Working on Pop!_OS 19.04

I recently went through the process of figuring out how to get music and voice acting working on Skyrim via Steam Proton 4.2-9 on Pop!_OS 19.04. I had do a lot of searching and pulling together information from disparate posts, so I organized all my thoughts into a blog post. I hope this can be useful for others.


07/02/2019 13:45:03 CEST

Stupid question

ProtonDb seems cool and stuff, but how to use it ?

07/02/2019 13:09:39 CEST

Linux market share on Steam down to 0.76%, Mac drops too
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey
07/02/2019 11:56:19 CEST

Not releasing and open sourcing GOG Galaxy 2.0 is a missed opportunity for Linux gaming

GOG Galaxy 2.0 not releasing on Linux is a giant missed opportunity. Not open sourcing the whole client is another missed opportunity. Imagine Galaxy 2.0 on Linux with further community integrations with Lutris/PlayOnLinux. Imagine a DXVK/WINE/Proton wrapper natively integrated into the client that just works with Battle.net/Origin/Steam/Twitch/uPlay and even x86-based Microsoft games on Windows.

This would bring all the platforms together under a single, beautiful client and it'd easily allow Windows users to transition and play all their x86-based Windows games on Linux with ease.

The open source community integrations could be bonkers Except the community could technically integrate streaming into GOG Galaxy 2.0 via the open source plug-in feature. There's little to show for community-made plug-ins beyond launcher integrations right now, but some pretty wild stuff is possible.

A GOG rep tells me that some people have already made plug-ins that allow users to launch and stream Xbox games to PC (or Mac), a plug-in that pulls in your entire iTunes library, and a Discord plug-in that integrates your Discord friends and conversations into GOG Galaxy 2.0.

Some ideas off the top of my head: someone could make a plug-in that lets you install and launch PS4 games in GOG Galaxy 2.0 via PlayStation Now. Maybe Twitch and YouTube plug-ins allow for easy streaming or clip-sharing. A plug-in that connects to your Stadia library and launches it via a Chrome plug-in from within the Galaxy client. A plug-in that makes a fart noise every time you launch a game. The possibilities are beyond anything on offer from any launcher right now.

All these clients work on Linux already. It takes a little more work than it should and lowering the barrier for entry would be a net positive for everyone involved. It's a shame GOG/CDPR hasn't acknowledged how big this would be for us. Galaxy isn't just "another client" and I hope people realize what kind of potential this has for Linux gaming because this is basically what I've dreamed of for Linux gaming since I started many many years ago.



07/02/2019 09:04:46 CEST

Steam not opening

Hi, i'm on Ubuntu 19.04 and until now steam worked fine, today there was an update and after that my steam didn't open i tried reinstalling 2 times and still nothing. I click on it the verification files appears and it closes (crash). Do you guys know how to fix it? Is it broken just for me?

This is what happens when i start steam from terminal:

[2019-07-02 08:23:17] Startup - updater built Jun 17 2019 23:31:08

SteamUpdateUI: An X Error occurred

X Error of failed request: GLXBadContext

SteamUpdateUI: An X Error occurred

X Error of failed request: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)

Major opcode of failed request: 151 (GLX)

Minor opcode of failed request: 3 (X_GLXCreateContext)

Value in failed request: 0x0

Serial number of failed request: 42

xerror_handler: X failed, continuing

Major opcode of failed request: 151 (GLX)

Minor opcode of failed request: 6 (X_GLXIsDirect)

Serial number of failed request: 43

xerror_handler: X failed, continuing

Looks like steam didn't shutdown cleanly, scheduling immediate update check

[2019-07-02 08:23:17] Checking for update on startup

[2019-07-02 08:23:17] Checking for available updates...

[2019-07-02 08:23:17] Downloading manifest: client-download.steampowered.com/client/steam_client_ubuntu12

[2019-07-02 08:23:17] Download skipped: /client/steam_client_ubuntu12 version 1560817063, installed version 1560817063

[2019-07-02 08:23:17] Nothing to do

[2019-07-02 08:23:17] Verifying installation...

[2019-07-02 08:23:17] Performing checksum verification of executable files

[2019-07-02 08:23:18] Verification complete

07/02/2019 07:30:31 CEST

copied games from a linux drive , then copied them to a new formatted linux drive , now they all need to redownload?

so i copied about 300 gigs of games that where all working fine with no issues in ubuntu before my switch to mint , now i am installing them all again and its telling me they all basically need to download 10-20 gigs each

for example , my project cars was working fine but i just copied it over and now it needs to download 19gigs out of the 25ish i copied over. same with borderlands 2 and pre-sequel

i thought just doing the copy pasta trick would work no issues but i guess i was wrong which really sucks cause my download speeds are only 400kbs so i got anywhere from hours to days downloading these , and thats just a few of the games i haven't even copied them all over yet

07/02/2019 06:58:01 CEST

OMG! I just discovered this awesome Ultima Like game, too bad its only a demo... It is called The Flight of Maxima. The best part is it compiles and runs. I don't know how I could have not heard of it up till now. http://tfm.sofoxcentral.com/wiki/doku.php
URL: https://i.redd.it/402v7y0k7t731.png
07/02/2019 05:30:09 CEST

Paradox exec: Steam’s 30% fee is “outrageous”
URL: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/07/paradox-exec-steams-30-percent-fee-is-outrageous/
07/02/2019 03:15:10 CEST


Ok so it has bad reviews. But why is it Japanese games have multiplayer and it works wonderfully in linux I'm not getting it? Anyway I think it's fun as hell. If you want to play against some bots with me DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Free Edition works on linux.

07/02/2019 02:50:40 CEST

Good distro for a Surface Pro 3 that's not Ubuntu

I have a Surface Pro 3 I use as a dual boot Windows 10 Insider/Linux beater. Thinking about wiping it over the 4th but wanted to try something other than Ubuntu this time. Ubuntu has good OOBE setup for all of the hardware, touch, pen and even the Type Cover. Looking for something with the same in that department, no other requirements beyond that. It's a high end SP3, i7, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD. TIA.

07/02/2019 02:32:04 CEST

Hopping distros

Due to an increase in annoyances and issues with my current Mint/Mate gig (worst of which renders the computer useless) I feel it's time to try out another distro.

Mint is only my second go, the first was ubuntu. I don't intend to stick with any single distro forever, preferring to keep trying and seeing what is out there. With that in mind, I would like my current problems to NOT be an issue next time over, if possible. As such a primary wish from a new distro would be excellent handling of multiple monitors (including of course within games).

That said, I have no idea how to gauge if any specific distro is better than others for this.

So far I have been sizing up OpenSUSE and Manjaro, but I have also seen popOS pop up more often on here lately.

Lastly I have a strain of wanting to just go for something weird like kali or one of the options on this list and make it more of a learning experience before moving on to another more gaming oriented platform later.

07/01/2019 23:46:56 CEST

Linux 4D-chess-a-like (I made that up), a timeline-twisting, causality-changing 2-stick shooter. Bonus, trailer was created using Blender's Video Sequence Editor, absolutely awesome! AMA etc here.
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5nSckZUfDQ
07/01/2019 23:40:40 CEST

Watch Dogs 2 can't connect gamepad
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Lutris/comments/c7z00e/watch_dogs_2_cant_connect_gamepad/
07/01/2019 21:57:55 CEST

Overwatch crashes


Since the last Overwatch update the game crashes daily. Does anyone else experience this or knows how to fix it? I have Linux mint.

07/01/2019 21:18:28 CEST

Steam downloading super slowly?
URL: https://imgur.com/a/K75rcxJ
07/01/2019 20:38:17 CEST

Playing Borderlands 2 online

I'm trying to play borderlands 2 online (any public server), but i always get this connection failed because on an incompatible version, i thought at first that was because i don't have the dlcs installed, but i still can't play online even when i installed all of them. now i don't know what to do and i'd like your help guys.

can windows users and linux users play on the same server? is online gaming on linux possible in the first place? or maybe i am missing something else?

07/01/2019 20:36:36 CEST

Nvidia Drivers 418.52.14 Released


July 1st, 2019 - Windows 425.89, Linux 418.52.14


VK_EXT_calibrated_timestamps (Linux)





Improved compatibility with recently released Linux kernels

07/01/2019 20:33:00 CEST

Game won't start because I'm missing directx11. How do I download it for Mac?

So, I noticed ae lot of Lets Players playing House Party and the Game Grumps seemed to have a lot of fun with it, so I downloaded it and tried to run it with wine, but it won't open because I don't have directx11. I tried downloading it and running it on wine, but couldn't figure it out. Any help? I'm clearly a total noob her

07/01/2019 20:13:00 CEST

Will be Ubuntu based distros also affected after 32bit drama ?

In other words, Lubuntu or Pop_OS will be affected by the 32bit drama in the long term (+20.04)?

I am a linux newbie and I have been running only these kind of distros because I am more familiar with apt than any other package manager, and just thinking if I should do the jump to some Arch based distro to get used when the times come. I think it is crucial for me since I play in private WoW servers and retro games with retroarch.

Thanks in advance!

07/01/2019 19:02:09 CEST

This one doesn’t even know what winblows is!
URL: https://i.redd.it/bafzp6rqyp731.jpg
07/01/2019 18:32:37 CEST

Cannot install WoW with the Battle.net Launcher

Hey everyone,

For the past several months I have been completely unable to install WoW in a fresh prefix using the Battle.net app. I've posted on a few WineHQ threads and bug tickets but I can't seem to find anyone else still having this issue so I was hoping someone here might be able to help.

I'm running wine-staging 4.11 on Arch Linux, and I'm installing Battle.net into a fresh 64 bit prefix. corefonts have been installed with winetricks and I've also tried installing vcrun2017. When I try to install WoW, I get to "Checking residency", and then Agent.exe hangs indefinitely or crashes/restarts. This also happened when I tried to install via Lutris so I don't believe it's an issue with my prefix.

I've tried the workarounds listed here, (deleting the product.db file, restarting Agent.exe, launching Battle.net Launcher.exe instead of Battle.net.exe), but no matter what it always gets stuck on "Checking residency".

Has anyone else ran into this problem? Let me know if there's any other information I can provide.


07/01/2019 18:22:25 CEST

I'm sure that the Sims 3 questions have been answered before, but here we go.

So I have the disc based copies of The Sims 3, I have installed it using WINE on my PC (4.0.1) and added the NoCD patch and am able to launch and play it. But while I am playing it seems to get into these moments where it slugs pretty hard and requires some patient waiting to make a move such as opening the menu to save and quit.

So here are my questions...

  1. Is there any recommendations that I can try to get some of this lag under control?
  2. Did I go about the installation wrong?
  3. Would Proton work better for this purpose? If so how do I use disc copies with Proton?
  4. Should I have used a different Wine version?

Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide.

Edit: just realized that the rules say not a support forum. My bad. off to r/linuxquestions

07/01/2019 17:56:13 CEST

Sensitivity in Super Hot?

The in-game sensitivity setting in SUPERHOT doesn't go nearly low enough, although it doesn't seem to affect the sensitivity at all. I also tried to modify the config in ~.config/unity3d/SUPERHOT_Team/SUPERHOT/ but it made no difference, even if changing it to 0.

07/01/2019 15:52:43 CEST

Update on the Ross Scott (Freeman's Mind) situation, still needs a bit of help for his upcoming video on Linux Gaming w/ Wine
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux_gaming/comments/c7sagd/update_on_the_ross_scott_freemans_mind_situation/
07/01/2019 15:03:45 CEST

Update on the Ross Scott (Freeman's Mind) situation, still needs a bit of help for his upcoming video on Linux Gaming

To recap: Last month, Ross Scott (creator of Freeman's Mind and Game Dungeon), mentioned that he could use some help with an issue he was having while attempting to benchmark wine games under Linux for his upcoming video on the subject.

I made this thread to try and gather experts that could offer advice. Apparently, someone sent him the link to that thread, and he responded with more information to help diagnose the issue, which you can read below:

Hi, this is Ross, I was linked to this thread. If people want further clarification, I made a video on this a while back:


The beginning is still completely relevant. Everything after 5:20 is outdated, it was defaulting to an older version of WINE when I typed in the frame monitoring for the terminal. I'll try to test the nvidia_drm thing soon.

If you think you know the solution, you can contact Ross at: RossWScott@gmail.com

(be sure to read the responses from the original thread first, to avoid duplicate suggestions! :P)

I'll also ping him here again in case he checks reddit randomly. /u/Ross_Scott

07/01/2019 15:01:33 CEST

Has anyone managed to get Bloodstained running via Lutris?

I unfortunately forgot to change my key from GOG to Steam when I backed it. The game doesn't work for my when I try and run it through Lutris. It works if I run it through Steam as a non-steam game however I can't get my 360 controller to function with it.

Anyone had any luck?

07/01/2019 14:18:19 CEST

Daggerfall Unity: Map Upgrades, Retro Rendering, Crime Features, and More!
URL: https://www.dfworkshop.net/june-builds-map-upgrades-retro-rendering-crime-features-and-more/
07/01/2019 13:33:24 CEST

Sunless Skies doesn't start

So I tried playing Sunless Skies, which has a native Linux version, on Manjaro. The problem is that it doesn't work. I have it on Steam but when I run it I can hear the music and so on, but the wibdows does not pop up at all.

Any idea what the problem could be?

07/01/2019 13:05:06 CEST

Freesync w/ Nvidia cards on Linux?

Is it possible to enable freesync on my monitor with an Nvidia card on Pop!_OS?

07/01/2019 12:49:39 CEST

FlowScape has been updated to 1.3
URL: https://v.redd.it/cmywp16ssn731
07/01/2019 11:41:44 CEST

Any one else have an issue with Alt-Tabbing in and out of games?

I was really hoping Linux would solve this issue I had with Windows, where if I Alt-Tab out of a fullscreened game, it would be sent to the very back/not at the second slot of the list, so I can't tab right back in.

Example: https://streamable.com/f6bgv

OS: Manjaro KDE

07/01/2019 09:10:19 CEST

How do you get Mod Organizer working on Linux?

People told me that it works flawlessly for Skyrim Legendary Edition.

07/01/2019 07:55:30 CEST

Civilization VI no longer works in Linux

Ryzen 2700x / 2080ti.

It stopped working on Pop OS over the last week or so. It boots to the opening screen with no menu. I switched to Ubuntu proper on the same machine with the same results. Lots of similar comments in the Steam chat.

Pisses me off

Feral where are you? If you're going to stay in business in the age of Proton your games need to perform at least as all as SteamPlay!

Canada Day weekend watching friends playing without me.

07/01/2019 06:58:34 CEST

Grand Theft Auto 5 .NET plugins: A How to guide

I just found out how to install .NET Plugins in gta 5 via wine. I didn't find anyone else explaining how to do this, so let me explain how I did it.

In lutris I opened winetricks and went to the "Install a Windows DLL or Component". I then selected d3dcompiler_42, d3dcompiler_43, and d3dcompiler_47. Along with d3dx10, d3dx10_43, d3dx11_42, d3dx11_43, and d3dx9. And for .NET and vcrun select vcrun 2012-2017 and dotnet452. Remember to add dinput8.dll to winecfg if you didn't already.

TL;DR in winetricks install d3dcompiler_42, d3dcompiler_43, d3dcompiler_47, d3dx10, d3dx10_43, d3dx11_42, d3dx11_43, d3dx9, vcrun 2012-2017 and dotnet452. And remember to add dinput8.dll to winecfg if you didn't already.

If you did that, you are free to install scripthookvdotnet and install other .NET mods!

07/01/2019 05:09:03 CEST

Has anyone tried gta 5 online retail version using lutris?

I know that online works when using proton, but I am wondering if online mode works when using lutris.

07/01/2019 04:06:27 CEST

Can't install Steam dependencies on Ubuntu 19.04

I just upgraded Kubuntu with an iso, trying to install Steam i get this: https://pastebin.com/TX8Sw9qN

I had newer Mesa drivers from Paulo's PPA, i uninstalled 'em and removed the PPA.

07/01/2019 02:28:17 CEST

RetroArch Disc Project - Final Fantasy 8 for PlayStation1 running in RetroArch off the original CD
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ofsu7DLsGNk
07/01/2019 00:29:11 CEST

Wine with native-raw-input patch Lutris build.

Hello, I recently made a wine patchset that adds native raw-input support to wine, which (in games that utilize it) removes all mouse acceleration or other effects your DE may apply to your mouse movement. This patchset also fixes the Overwatch bug where the mouse would move after releasing the emote wheel. The patches can be found on the wine mailing list and if any of you want to try it, here is a wine build for lutris. (drag the folder inside the archive to ~/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/)

06/30/2019 23:41:17 CEST

Installing vcrun2008 on a 64 bit Wine prefix ?

I'm trying to run FIFA 15, according to this terminal error:

0144:fixme:actctx:parse_depend_manifests Could not find dependent assembly L"Microsoft.VC90.CRT" (9.0.21022.8)

The game needs vcrun2008 , I already installed it from Winetricks , vcrun2012 and dot NET 4.0 but still same error appears .... setting it to Builtin didn't make any difference !

I think there's something wrong with the package Winetricks installs but I really have no clue !

06/30/2019 22:56:52 CEST

Help With Terminal Commands and Lutris?

Would anyone happen to know if there is a way to run Terminal commands when launching a game with lutris? I want my gamma to be adjusted when I boot my game using "xgamma -gamma 1.5", but I can't figure out how to make lutris run that command when I start the game. The arguments section appears to only be for windows commands.

Thanks for any help!

06/30/2019 22:50:50 CEST

World of Warcraft on Lutris problem =(

Hi Guys

I'm having a little bit of trouble getting World of Warcraft to work through Lutris. I think I may just be doing something dumb as I don't see a lot of people running into this particular problem. I'm hoping maybe someone can point me in the right direction :)

I am using Linux mint(I have tried popos as well and received the same problem).

I have installed wine and Lutris.

I have checked to make sure my Nvidia graphics card driver is up to date.

I have checked to make sure I meet prerequisites listed on the World of Warcraft Lutris page.

When trying to install Battle.net from lutris I run into a error message telling me that the folder(that battle.net is trying to install to) does not exist.

It seems like lutris is trying to read the battle.net executable file from a /Program files (x86)/ directory. This folder however does not exist.

Has anyone perhaps run into this problem before?

06/30/2019 21:58:17 CEST

Skyrim legendary edition or Special Edition?

I have them both and can't decide which to play and heavy mod.

06/30/2019 21:26:36 CEST

Steelseries Actics 7?

I am looking for a USB/Wireless headset to use on my PC. Currently I am using Ubuntu 19.04. I searched around for compatibility issues, but all the info I found was relatively old.

Does anyone have experience on recent versions of linux with this headset?

06/30/2019 20:11:22 CEST

Counter Stryke is a lot better on arch than ubuntu

I wonder why i can't get 60 FPS on Kubuntu, while on Arch it surpases 100 without problems. I don't want a third OS installed on my system just because of CSGO.

06/30/2019 19:59:50 CEST

Typhoon 2001. Trying to get it to run.


I've downloaded the .zip from github and unpacked it in my Home directory. When I terminal to the root of the folder and type './typhoon' nothing happens. What's wrong?

Does it also need some dependencies?

Any help would be ace.

06/30/2019 18:43:48 CEST

Hey guys ! I've managed to run Watch dogs 2 via lutris by adding '-eac_launcer' under Argument section of Game option. But the problem is my copy of game is pirated, which i do not like and proton db says that watch dogs 2 is borked so i won't be buying it unless i am sure.
URL: https://i.redd.it/57jzjmn7vi731.png
06/30/2019 18:40:31 CEST

League of Legends on Linux

tl;dr: I think there is no way to play LoL on Linux anymore.


I played LoL with wine until last year then it stopped working do to a patch by riot to block all possibilities to play on Linux. Now I thought I give it a try again and check if there is a solution left.

it's the same for all solutions, you get into the client everything works you start a game and at the point where the game window should open you get a critical error


  • like I said I started with a standard Wine install: error
  • the install via snap(also based on wine): error
  • VirtualBox with Windows 10: error


solutions I didn't try:

I haven't tried lutris because it's also based on Wine and I don't expect anything else.

Last idea is to try a different Virtual environment or a virtual machine with macOS.

06/30/2019 16:32:14 CEST

How to use a Steam Proton game's prefix to launch something else?

Hi all. After much teeth grinding work and effort, I *finally* have Assetto Corsa running in Proton after using Proton tricks to install a tons of extras. There is another game being tested (Infinity Battlescape) not yet downloadable from Steam whose launcher supposedly requires similar mods to be able to run. Rather than build another prefix from scratch for IB, is there a way to start the launcher's .exe using the Assetto Corsa's prefix I just built and added to? Is it just a matter of:


then just:

WINE .exe

A few other questions:

  • Is there any harm running another title can do to the prefix?
  • Can you also copy one game's prefix (this one, for example, with a working dotnet!) to another title's prefix to gain the same augmentations?


06/30/2019 16:21:38 CEST

About to give Linux a real shot again. With all the Ubuntu drama going on, should I just opt for the Manjaro straight off the bat? The other side of the coin would be Pop OS!

I'm a Windows power user. I've never had the best hardware, so tinkering and optimalization has become my nature.

I don't mind fixing occasional hiccups, but I do want the best possible all-around support for apps and games. I'm not looking to tinker and fix stuff on the daily/weekly.

06/30/2019 15:45:45 CEST

Weekly Tech-Support Thread for June 30, 2019: Ask your tech-support questions in this thread please

When asking for help, include as much information as you can. Give us details to work with. Your specs, distro, drivers and software versions, logs and terminal output. The more you give us, the easier it is to help.

Please sort comments by 'new' to find questions that would otherwise be buried.

If you see a new tech-support related question posted in this subreddit, then please politely link them to this thread.

Ask away!

06/30/2019 15:33:12 CEST

How to stop Micro Stuttering on Linux?
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/NewToTF2/comments/c79bp8/how_to_stop_micro_stuttering_on_linux/
06/30/2019 14:37:05 CEST

Gamer’s Nexus mentions Valve and Linux gamers’ reactions to Canonical’s removal of 32 bit multilib @ 10:12.
URL: https://youtu.be/KmhdIU3RayI
06/30/2019 14:24:25 CEST

Rendering improvements with a new experimental branch of Play! (PS2 emulator)

Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90k29ZJAeyQ

These 6 games showcased above are only some of the games that had positive results with the experimental branch, many others were improved in many ways (text that was invisible now rendering properly, some games rendering in-game graphics for the first time). I'll be also recording extended footage for each improved game this week, many titles even became playable.

Experimental branch: https://github.com/jpd002/Play-/tree/experimental/sw_buffer_emulation

Official Site: https://purei.org/

Github: https://github.com/jpd002/Play-

Compatibility tracker: https://github.com/jpd002/Play-Compatibility

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jpd002

06/30/2019 11:48:29 CEST

Best DE for performance and no screen tear that works on 75hz?

If I switch to Wayland (gnome, plasma) will gaming be smoother and I will have no screen tear? Or should I use a xorg based DE like xfce? What is the best de for performance?

06/30/2019 05:41:39 CEST

DXKV extreme stuttering for first 4 hours of overwatch play. every time I start it up.

no driver update, no kernel update, no wine version / runner update. just stop the game and start it and it's like my shader cache is gone.

06/30/2019 05:31:50 CEST

Cordless mouse

Hello everyone,

I am looking for cordless ambidextrous mouse for gaming that would be supported by Linux. As long as it can save configurations on board, no need for a Linux configuration utility. Do you have any recommendations?


06/30/2019 04:46:06 CEST

Silliness: 7 Days to Die, Keystone Cops Style -- game play, recording and video editing on Linux
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG0rFCwqKg4
06/30/2019 04:20:49 CEST

Anyone recommend a good priced 3d card?
06/30/2019 03:59:35 CEST

Proton-tkg d9vk

Hi everyone, i finally got rid of my Windows 10. I installed proton-tkg, along with wine-tkg, but i don't know how to enable dxvk/d9vk on the proton-tkg, or if its set to run by default. Any help would be really appreciated!

06/30/2019 03:27:59 CEST

New Line of Linux Gaming Ultrabooks to Come Out This Year in the $750 base Price Range

Help steer the design. Suggest your requirements for the perfect affordable Linux Gamer Ultrabook!

06/30/2019 02:09:17 CEST

Can Wayland ever have low latency gaming?

My friend keeps telling me it will never be possible to have low latency input and frames when games are running on Wayland. That the compositor introduces at least 2 frames of latency.

Is that true?

06/30/2019 00:10:16 CEST

World of Tanks or War Thunder?

I can't decide between the two games. I played them both very much and enjoyed them both very much. My favorite is World of Warships.What do I do?

06/29/2019 23:47:29 CEST

On the future of Linux support from Paradox
URL: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/on-the-future-of-linux-support-from-paradox.1195608/#post-25603197
06/29/2019 23:06:31 CEST

GTA V Online - Game crashes when trying to join online

I can play GTA V story mode on Arch with proton but when trying to join an online game GTA crashes - I know its possible to play online on Linux but I'm not sure how, anyone got any suggestions?

06/29/2019 23:02:07 CEST

How to know which environment variables to add/change/remove (lutris, etc)

I have seen people talking on various forums about environment variables, especially for troubleshooting lutris. How do you know what is available and where they are? I guess how do you learn about them in general.

Thanks in advance.

06/29/2019 22:57:22 CEST

Emu Distro?

This may seem like an odd question, but is there a distro like RetroPie or Lakka, but that can be listed under my grub entries on, and available from boot on my main desktop PC? I don't want to run it from a USB, and I want to have a sizeable portion of my hard drive allotted for it and the ROMs I will eventually have.

06/29/2019 18:00:49 CEST

League of Legends Launcher Not Working

I haven't been able to get the LoL launcher working either through Lutris or a direct download. The launcher installs but doesn't connect when choosing to play a game. Anybody else running into this?

Ryzen 2700x / 2080ti / 16GB RAM 418.** Driver.

06/29/2019 16:23:06 CEST

Overwatch random crashes with wine dxvk (was working fine until 1 week ago)
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/c6xv06/random_crashes_with_wine_dxvk/
06/29/2019 13:28:55 CEST

Vega 64 users who would like to share theire experience with DXVK?


So I recently purchased a Vega 64 by Asus and then switched back to Linux. Before that I used a GTX 970 on Win10 and before that I played on Ubuntu 16 to 18 with the 970.

I would really like to know what performance I should expect, since I watched some videos on YouTube by people using the Vega 64 or weaker cards and they get better performance than me.

My setup:

CPU: i7-7700k

GPU: Asus Strix Vega 64

RAM: 16Gb 2400

Storage: 250Gb Samsung m.2 and two times a 500Gb Samsung SATA SSD

OS: Pop OS 19 with 5.1 Kernel via Ukuu

GPU via Screenfetch: GPU: Radeon RX Vega (VEGA10, DRM 3.30.0, 5.1.10-050110-generic, LLVM 9.0.0)

Games I play are World of Warcraft, Overwatch and Battlefield V.

In World of Warcraft I still barley hit 60 fps at full HD.

Overwatch runs quite fine, except for some big frame drops when someone is using an ultimate for example.

Battlefield runs barley any good. It is really stuttery.

My performance seems way of compared to this (WoW).

Even more compared to this Battlefield V Gameplay.

I really hope some other Vega users can help me out here.

06/29/2019 13:20:44 CEST

Steam Play overlay reduces fps

Hello there,

so I have a headless setup at home, Ubuntu 18.04.1, liquorix kernel LTS, oibaf-ppa, R7 2700X, Vega 64 and I stream to my television. I start Anthem and Star Citizen via Steam from Lutris and in both games I experience severe low fps. So I started playing with the settings and reducing bandwith for the connection and tried both games with a direct cable connection to the PC. The bandwith experiments didnt do much, yet when directly connected the games run around 45 - 60 fps, so a good increase from former 20 - 30 fps.

I figured when I stream to the steam link and start the games without steam directly from lutris while streaming, they almost run with normal fps. Maybe 5 fps less, due to the streaming overhead. I tried different wine versions and had several dxvk versions over the time but those do not have an impact on the situation.

So I played Anthem with direct output to the television and figured, it runs at 45 - 60 fps showing around 6000 graphic pipelines in use. I earlier recorded Anthem being started via Steam Remote Play and have a look at the graphic pipelines:


They are multiplied by ten. So the Steam overlay seems to gravely impact the game performance during streaming.

Regarding lutris games its ok, since I can circumvent the overlay. But I was wondering how I can deactivate it for proton games, cause I guess it does have an impact there too. Can I deactivate it by simply switching off the overlay in steam?

If you have any information here, I'ld be happy if you could share them and tell me if maybe I am doing something wrong.

Thank you in advance,

Greetings ~ent

06/29/2019 12:57:39 CEST

Halo reach through proton?

Has anyone been able to try halo reach on linux through 343's flight program? Did it even work?

06/29/2019 12:38:17 CEST

Is Linux not ready to take advantage of high-end gaming hardware yet?

this is kind of a rant, but also a real question. This is by no means saying that linux is "bad" or whatever, since i started using it It's been a pleasure to work with, both for games (which at the time, i only played few lighter titles) and for general work.

But not too long ago i bought a new laptop and decided to invest some money to get RTX2060 and 144hz screen, and quite frankly, it's the first time that i'm even thinking about switching back to windows since i ever touched windows

Never-mind the drivers, which are harder to setup for optimus laptop on most distros, but it seems like no matter how much i'm trying to tweak some games, there is significant performance plenty on most titles. Obviously it's more apparent with proton-games but really, proton was the reason i felt like i can finally to linux full time because most games works well enough.

But it seems like there is just no way around it: if you want to get the highest frame-rates possible and this is quite important if you own high-refresh rate monitor and you want to take advantage of it, then Linux is not a good option yet (?)

06/29/2019 11:39:23 CEST

[issue]Thinkpad x250 - Warframe

Hello r/linux_gaming,

I have a x250 i5-5300u with 8G ram.

I recently switched to Linux only on this machine because reasons and am occasionally gaming - WF, CS:GO.

After I switched to Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian and now Manjaro) from Win10, I experienced this issue with WF - I am able to get into the game and play for a bit, after a certain / random time the game just kills itself, no crash status, nothing. Sometimes it happens to be 5 mins into the game, sometimes it takes a bit longer. On win10 it ran just fine with no issues. CS:GO runs smooth.

Has anyone experienced this issue?

06/29/2019 10:17:00 CEST

What is the state of FIFA games in Wine ?

I found the games database pages empty from any helpful steps , so I tried my luck with FIFA 15, here's the Wine terminal output:

0060:fixme:thread:create_user_shared_data_thread Creating user shared data update thread.
007b:fixme:thread:create_user_shared_data_thread Creating user shared data update thread.
0060:err:heap:HEAP_GetPtr Invalid heap 0x23f670!
0060:fixme:debug_buffer:RtlCreateQueryDebugBuffer (0, 0): stub
0060:fixme:debug_buffer:RtlCreateQueryDebugBuffer (168, 0): returning 0xa09d0
0060:fixme:debug_buffer:RtlQueryProcessDebugInformation (96, 14, 0xa09d0): stub
0060:fixme:debug_buffer:RtlDestroyQueryDebugBuffer (0xa09d0): stub
0060:err:winediag:wined3d_dll_init Setting multithreaded command stream to 0.
0060:fixme:thread:NtSetInformationThread info class 7 not supported yet
0062:fixme:thread:NtSetInformationThread info class 7 not supported yet
0062:fixme:thread:NtSetInformationThread info class 7 not supported yet
0060:fixme:ntdll:EtwEventRegister ({7733e444-c31d-4c81-95e3-d46e17a6a36f}, 0x14309ec55, 0x1428c89d0, 0x142a9e008) stub.
0060:fixme:ntdll:EtwEventRegister ({d6f6af8e-328a-45c8-b504-ac2e43a17446}, 0x14309ec55, 0x1428c8a20, 0x142a9e048) stub.
0060:fixme:ntdll:EtwEventRegister ({4f841543-0aa3-4313-a232-85ec7fff426b}, 0x14309ec55, 0x1428c8a70, 0x142a9e088) stub.
0060:fixme:ntdll:EtwEventRegister ({6e496e5e-d6c8-4522-930f-3556a6425109}, 0x14309ec55, 0x1428c8ac0, 0x142a9e0c8) stub.
0060:fixme:ntdll:EtwEventRegister ({491ae06a-ba67-462e-8bd6-e594116ead1d}, 0x14309ec55, 0x1428c8b10, 0x142a9e108) stub.
0060:fixme:ntdll:EtwEventRegister ({2ec209be-090c-4504-b6d4-533067f18e57}, 0x14309ec55, 0x1428c8b60, 0x142a9e148) stub.
0060:fixme:ntdll:EtwEventRegister ({3063609e-7728-443c-8501-83bd26642fdd}, 0x14309ec55, 0x1428c8bb0, 0x142a9e188) stub.
0060:fixme:ntdll:EtwEventRegister ({06021394-f73c-4fd0-8487-901d6f5d28ca}, 0x14309ec55, 0x1428c8c00, 0x142a9e1c8) stub.
0060:fixme:ntdll:EtwEventRegister ({1d641771-0e88-478e-a4cc-29d1b2cd93a7}, 0x14309ec55, 0x1428c8c50, 0x142a9e208) stub.
0060:fixme:ntdll:EtwEventRegister ({a243f68b-9807-4249-9e06-0651270cfe00}, 0x14309ec55, 0x1428c8ca0, 0x142a9e248) stub.
0062:fixme:thread:NtSetInformationThread info class 7 not supported yet
0062:fixme:thread:NtSetInformationThread info class 7 not supported yet
0062:fixme:thread:NtSetInformationThread info class 7 not supported yet
0062:fixme:thread:NtSetInformationThread info class 7 not supported yet
0062:fixme:thread:NtSetInformationThread info class 7 not supported yet
007f:fixme:ver:GetCurrentPackageId (0x7f694b8ffdb0 (nil)): stub
0060:fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (0x164): stub
0060:fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (0x168): stub
0060:fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (0x170): stub
0060:fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (0x178): stub
0060:fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (0x180): stub
0060:fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (0x188): stub
0060:fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (0x1a4): stub
0060:fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (0x1a8): stub
006e:fixme:thread:SetThreadIdealProcessor (0x1ac): stub
0062:fixme:thread:NtSetInformationThread info class 7 not supported yet

Seriously I can't translate what it means but that looks like something broken in Wine with FIFA games specifically, isn't it ?

06/29/2019 09:14:28 CEST

How to update Nvidia drivers?

I already have the PPA containing the drivers, but people release each version on a different package.

Do I need to uninstall the older version before installing the newer one or should I do it after? Any weird process is required?

06/29/2019 08:29:33 CEST

Linux Gamer Turkish Community
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Turkey/comments/c6tjfc/linux_oyuncu_topluluğu/
06/29/2019 07:46:04 CEST

Age of Mythology EE via Steam through Wineskin on Mac - Black Menu Screen

I've got Steam running in Wineskin. I was recently able to play Vampire - The Masquerade: Redemption flawlessly which was a whole lot of fun. I just downloaded and installed Age of Mythology EE as it is currently on sale for $7 in the Steam store.

Unfortunately, when the game boots up the menu screen is black and the music is playing in the background. Any suggestions or known methods to fix this?

Apparently the issue happens on Windows 10 on PCs, but I'm not sure how to 1) adjust 'compatibility mode' on MacOS as you would on PC and 2) the recommended solution of entering "alt+E" as you would on a PC doesn't seem to be translating as "option+E" on the Mac.

06/29/2019 06:52:14 CEST

Paradox on Linux: May Abandon Linux - Stadia Might Rescue It.

Interesting comments from Paradox on Linux. It's about 1% of their revenue but significantly higher percentage of support costs. Their Linux share has been declining. They are inclined to abandon Linux but are deciding on a title-by-title basis. Interestingly, they mentioned that they are looking at Stadia and that the requirements there might make it less expensive to continue to support Linux.


06/29/2019 06:01:59 CEST

Wii U Gamecube adapter doesn't shows up in Steam

Hi everyone, I have an original Wii U Gamecube adapter that for some reason it stopped working with steam. I'm using the ToadKing tool. The controller shows up perfectly in jstest but steam shows nothing. Am I missing something? I remember using it sometime ago and it was working fine.

Thanks in advance!

06/29/2019 05:12:10 CEST

Colonizations II (CIV IV - Colonizations) randomly crashes or freezes.

Hi, I'm (trying) to play Colonizations II on Manjaro Linux with Wine 4.9. However, most times when I want to load a game it freezes. Rarely when playing it just closes. I am able to play. But when I want to play a saved game I often need to start the game 5 - 6 times so it finally doesn't freeze. So far I added in the winecfg library d3dx9_36 (builtin, native), gameus (disabled), msxml3 (native, builtin), msxml4 (native, builtin). I'm not sure if I need them all or if I need more. Ah, one more thing I did: Putting msxml3r.dll into the game's folder. So, I don't know much how about using wine, but I'd be really happy if I could play this game without fearing it to crash. Any tips appreciated! Thank you.

06/29/2019 04:28:39 CEST

Well Fallout 4 works in Proton if anyone is wondering.

I tried it with Proton 4.2 and the game loaded, I made a character, and made it to the Concord part of the game. I havent tested with any mods or creation stuff, but all of the DLCs are loaded. There are some issues however: 1. None of the dialogue loads nor is there any music (ambient sounds and combat noises still work however). 2. At the beginning of the game, the cursor kept jumping randomly. 3. The game seems to be locked in a tiny resolution in pip-boy mode, you cant move your mouse to the outskirts of the pip-boy screen. 4. There are random white boxes on the heads up display.

06/29/2019 03:16:01 CEST

Chart of Steam Linux game releases per month (preview)
URL: https://i.redd.it/ilxuecfkp6731.png
06/29/2019 02:07:49 CEST

Epic games's games through Steam's Proton?

We all know Epic doesn't support Linux as of the time of this writting (which isn't suprising because they don't even have a shopping cart yet), however a user found a workaround for this issue: https://itsfoss.com/epic-games-lutris-linux/

Now Steam has this interesting feature on Proton (A set of tools that lets you play windows games on linux) that you can play even games outside steam through this feature (so cool!). Anyway, sure I could go and put every single Epic game on my steam library (which I haven't tested also), but it would be cool if there is a workaround to make this automatically work once I hit "Play" on the Epic Launcher. Does anyone know how to do this?

06/29/2019 00:38:11 CEST

Supraland 2 Kickstarter Is Live
URL: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/supragames/supraland-2
06/29/2019 00:13:50 CEST

The Sinking City

Has anyone tried it?

06/29/2019 00:09:06 CEST

AMD Patents Hybrid Ray Tracing Solution
URL: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-patents-hybrid-ray-tracing-solution,39761.html
06/28/2019 23:39:37 CEST

Building new PC. Any MB vendor recommendation for Linux?

Hey all,

I'm building a new PC soon and I'll attempt to go full Linux once again (last attempt was 2-3 years ago and lasted only about 4-5 months but that was before Proton and DX11 support in Wine). I used Mint but I might give Pop OS a go this time.

I will most likely go Ryzen 3 for CPU, GPU is still up in the air (I heard both teams have decent drivers now, is that right?) but I was mostly wondering about motherboards. Is there a vendor with a better track record for Linux? Or one to avoid?

I understand that they will probably all work fine and that their included software is mostly trash anyway, but sometime a few features can be interesting (thinking about fan curves for example). Besides, since there is not much to differentiate MBs sometime I might as well encourage the vendor the most friendly to the Linux community.

Thanks for any tips!

06/28/2019 23:15:59 CEST

Are you sure they support amd gpu encoding on linux?
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/archlinux/comments/c6ofil/are_you_sure_they_support_amd_gpu_encoding_on/
06/28/2019 22:36:36 CEST

Valve Index not working on Arch Linux?

I'm using mesa 19.1.1 with an AMD Radeon VII GPU, I have the index connected correctly (I verified using a Windows partition that everything works). When I try to start SteamVR, I get an error (307) stating that a key component of SteamVR isn't working properly. Does anyone know what this error indicates and what my next steps might be?

06/28/2019 22:10:30 CEST

Wine 64bit doesn't work

32bit apps run normally, but 64bit one won't even start. I'm using wine staging 4.11 on Mint 64bit.

06/28/2019 21:03:42 CEST

Installing asynx dxvk on Lutris

Hello, i got to the point where i have decent FPS in a game (AC:Ody) but it still far from good and it is most likely shader issue.

people suggested me to try async but it doesn't improve much, but i'm wondering if maybe i just installed it wrong.

From what i have seen, you just create dxvk-async folder on the lutris's dxvk folders and just drag and drop the x32 and x64 folders from the async binaries, change dxvk version to "dxvk-async" and DXVK-ASYNC=1

is that it really it?

06/28/2019 19:56:24 CEST

steam-dos 0.4.0 released
URL: https://github.com/dreamer/steam-dos/releases/tag/v0.4.0
06/28/2019 19:24:18 CEST

Do I need Mesa-git for D9Vk to work ?

I'm on Mesa 19.0.6 but D9VK doesn't work with it.

06/28/2019 18:16:05 CEST

Voxel Tycoon Pre-Alpha release
URL: https://voxeltycoon.itch.io/voxel-tycoon
06/28/2019 18:10:25 CEST

Origin updating not working despite the scirpt. Advice? Reinstall?

Hi all. My Origin launcher install was working for me last week but this week says an update is needed. I've run the update script that everyone is uses that's worked for me for the last year or so, but upon relaunching it still says updates are needed. I've tried this with many different Wine versions from over the last year with the same results. Any ideas? Should I do a new install at this point? Thanks!

06/28/2019 17:49:44 CEST

CrossPost: Intel Sends Out Initial Open-Source Linux Graphics Driver Support For Tiger Lake
URL: https://phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Intel-Tiger-Lake-Initial-Linux
06/28/2019 17:39:19 CEST

With the Valve Index about to launch and be delivered, Valve held a little private launch party with speeches
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/with-the-valve-index-about-to-launch-and-be-delivered-valve-held-a-little-private-launch-party-with-speeche.14461
06/28/2019 17:09:01 CEST

FreeCiv Game Review
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Freeciv/comments/c6kr2w/freeciv_game_review/
06/28/2019 16:38:45 CEST

Phr00t (dev of of the 5089 game) Xenko Game Engine. "Improvements over the original focus on Vulkan support, PC platforms, VR, performance &amp; ease." Check it out!
URL: https://github.com/phr00t/xenko
06/28/2019 15:25:08 CEST

[Guide] : How to kill a freezing Wine game .exe or an out of memory app.
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux_gaming/comments/c6jyrq/guide_how_to_kill_a_freezing_wine_game_exe_or_an/
06/28/2019 15:07:45 CEST

[Guide] : How to kill a freezing Wine game .exe or an out of memory app.

If you find a game freezing your machine and takes control of the screen focus the follow these steps:

[This only will work if the game didn't take full control of keyboard, otherwise a hard power off is the only option.]

[I tried this on Manjaro and Ubuntu but can't approve for other distros.]


  1. Press alt + ctrl + F4 (Works on Manjaro and Ubuntu).
  2. The tty console will open, login with your username and password.
  3. In Ubuntu type the command: [ps -a] or in Manjaro: [ps -e].
  4. A long list of running processes will appear, look for the freezing .exe name in it.
  5. At the left of it's name there's an ID number, to kill the app. type [kill -9 ].
  6. To go back to the desktop in Ubuntu press alt + ctrl + F1 or in Manjaro it will be alt + ctrl + F7.


Another step you can do to prevent the game from taking the focus from desktop is (By using Lutris) go to the game configure menu > System options tab > turn on "disable desktop effects".

This will help when a game sits on top of your desktop and refuses to alt + tab.

There's a workaround the others use is to navigate to another desktop workspace (If you enabled multiple workspaces from your system) and safely kill the app from the second desktop by task manager or system processes app. but since I don't use multiple workspaces I find the two above solutions to be sufficient.

Hope it helps anyone in need.

06/28/2019 15:05:43 CEST

Obduction in PlayOnLinux

Obduction (GOG) runs GREAT in PlayOnLinux with DXVK 1.2




06/28/2019 14:40:59 CEST

Steam crashed after update

I updated steam and boom! It crashed. I can't open it. I've tried uninstall/reinstall. Opened the terminal too see what happened and this message shows up .steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/setup.sh is missing, this runtime is invalid or corrupted

06/28/2019 13:53:01 CEST

AntiMicro: Logitech Rumblepad 2 (back left and right triggers not listed)


I'm new to Linux and would like to keep it as my default OS. However, when trying to setup up my controller only the front left and right triggers are available for mapping, not the back ones. Does anyone know a solution for fixing this?

Thanking you in advance.

06/28/2019 13:36:53 CEST

Truing to setup Warframe using Lutris, having trouble with DXVK.

So Lutris said I needed DXVK to play Warframe, and should go to the like it gave in the pop-up to set it up. I followed the tutorial (given at https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=X6Vk_J3p2KA&feature=youtu.be). Though as I'm on Ubuntu 18.04 I couldn't get 6.0 version of mingw-w64 so instead of using

> ./package-release.sh master /home/xaud/.local/share/lutris/runtime/dxvk/dxvk-async --no-package

I used:

> ./package-release.sh master /home/xaud/.local/share/lutris/runtime/dxvk/dxvk-async --no-package --winelib

However in the end I got:

> fatal error: windows.h: No such file or directory

So any idea how to convert the build setup to be compatible for lunix?

06/28/2019 13:15:29 CEST

FOSS side-scroller with a level editor!
URL: https://sourceforge.net/projects/openggs/
06/28/2019 12:19:15 CEST

FFXIV: Shadowbringers busted?

So early access of the expansion just released, but when trying to launch the game it consistently crashes. Looking at logs it appears to be triggering this assert in FAudio (AFAIK Proton uses FAudio).

Anyone know of a workaround?

06/28/2019 11:20:04 CEST

Valve Index (VR) - no sound?

Anyone else tried the Index (VR Headset) in Linux?

It's supposed to be officially supported by Valve - but it doesn't seem to have any sound device to output the sound to? With the HTC Vive, I just select the audio device, and it works.

I thought I'd ask here before creating a ticket with Valve. It's not meant as a support question, so I don't expect any suggestions on how to get it working. I'm just trying to figure out if the device works as intended in Linux for anyone.

06/28/2019 08:19:44 CEST

Libretro Cores Quick Look - Play! - Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZrxkrg0hO8
06/28/2019 07:58:59 CEST

For those of you who use OBS to record gameplay

There was a time when I would launch the game from steam and tab to OBS select the window and start recording...I can no longer do this...something about the unreal game engine or what? how do you guys get around it?

I ended up sing simplescreenrecorder.

06/28/2019 05:44:14 CEST

Radeon RX 580 on 4K gaming using 4K TV
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxhardware/comments/c6f8ft/my_experience_with_radeon_rx_580_on_tcl_50p65us/
06/28/2019 05:42:19 CEST

Running out of memory when playing steam games.

On ubuntu mate 16.04. GTX 980, i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz, tons of memory. total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 23G 5.6G 292M 433M 17G 17G

ps aux output mate 24772 238 14.7 7473716 3619960 ? Sl 19:50 387:42 /home/mate/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/dota 2 beta/game/bin/linuxsteamrt64/dota2

It's like every game i play grabs so much RAM and uses it as cache. I can't use my browser when playing a game. No chance of watching youtube. Any ideas?

06/28/2019 04:34:51 CEST

Running Proton for other exes

Space Engineers suggests I install this hotfix. Clearly I can't just run wine ./something.exe and expect it to install correctly for Space Engineers. How do I make Proton run this hotfix into the Space Engineers workspace?

06/28/2019 00:41:54 CEST

New update breaks Risk of Rain 2.

Won't run on either my 950M on my laptop or my gtx1060 on my Desktop. Was running fine before the new update. Anyone got a fix or are we just DOA for now?

06/27/2019 23:47:32 CEST

G29 wheel on Mac with Wine?

Anyone tried it with Automobilista, Richard Burns Rally, rFactor... Games work perfectly on Mac but what about wheels support on Wine?

06/27/2019 23:17:18 CEST

FF14 Steam version with Proton

Anyone tried running FF14 through Proton on steam? How does it fare compared to the stand alone installer version through wine?

I'm asking this due to Shadowbringer xpac being released soon.

06/27/2019 22:36:31 CEST

Proton 4.2-9 released ( Mordhau and Soulcalibur VI fix )
URL: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton/releases/tag/proton-4.2-9
06/27/2019 22:18:02 CEST

How do I properly update to the new Minecraft launcher?

My old Minecraft Launcher seems to be stored in opt/, but I'm not sure how to get the new one in there. I also happen to have the old one listed Synaptic, so while I can't recall clearly, I think I used Synaptic to install it before?

But Synaptic isn't showing the new version of the launcher as available.

06/27/2019 21:59:17 CEST

Steam Summer Sale: What did you buy?
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/search/?sort_by=Reviews_DESC&os=linux
06/27/2019 21:53:59 CEST

Esync Wine / file nolimits

Hello! I'm trying to set up MTG Arena on my install of linux (xfce installed on a chromebook through chroot) and lutris is telling me my esync limits aren't set up correctly. I followed the steps on this page, but the number is still coming up 4096. I'm relatively new to linux, and I could use some help!

06/27/2019 21:25:34 CEST

New linux user gaming issues.

Hi so I've installed Linux Mint Mate like 2 days ago and it is just amazing for a first timer (might switch because of the following reasons in gaming and I don't like the icons and how it feels), but I tried installing League of Legends, had a hard time doing it and getting it to work. In the end it worked after 3-4 uninstalls and like 3 hours on searching the internet for a way that works for me. Got League installed, might seem perfect, right?! Actually not, I went in game and my frames were 20-30(on windows 70-90) and I had alot of lag on my pings: as an example I tried to ping that an enemy is missing, but my cursor moves like 5cm to the right and it pings to be careful (sometimes the moving thing doesn't happen but still it's frustrating).

Browsing experience on linux? LOVE IT. No more 100% CPU USAGE with browser spotify and discord open lol. It is just perfect.

Gaming experience? Sucks for me, any tips to improve it? I am running league trough Lutris and WINE. Have all my drivers updated.

Any other distros I can try for low PC's and for both gaming and browsing, programming etc?

06/27/2019 21:11:21 CEST

PAYDAY 2 with all DLC is 94% off.
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/3756/PAYDAY_2_Ultimate_Edition/
06/27/2019 21:07:11 CEST

Is this performance as expected with an Vega 64?


yesterday I switched back to Linux after getting my new Vega 64 (had a GTX 970 before). To be quiet honest I dont know why I switched to Windows but well here I am back back at Linux.

I followed the instructions here to get Mesa updated and followed these instructions to get Vulkan up and running.

Then I installed the dependencies for battleNet and followed this guide (I did not add the repo for drivers since I am on Pop OS 19).

After that I installed Lutris and used the install script for World of Warcraft to get started. Everything went fine, the game starts without any issue at all, but the performance is kinda poor or not as expected.

I watched a few videos and people could easily reach a stable 60fps with the Vega 64 on maxed settings.

So I barley hit the 60 and it is mostly around at around 48 fps, also it feels stuttery.

Everything runs on Pop OS 19.

CPU: i7-7700k

GPU: Asus Strix Vega 64 - kernel driver: amdgpu

RAM: 16gig

Game is on a Samsung SATA SSD, while root is on an M.2.

If there is any further information needed let me know.

06/27/2019 21:02:45 CEST

Fighting game "Rivals of Aether" is explicitly looking at a Linux version after they simul-ship their Windows/Switch Definitive Edition.
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/app/383980/discussions/0/368542585857831957/?ctp=3#c1642039363009994895
06/27/2019 20:46:43 CEST

Gaming on Linux - With WENDELL from Level1Techs!
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsgI1mkx6iw
06/27/2019 20:02:50 CEST

75% off Alien Arena for Steam sale!
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/ArenaFPS/comments/c6372v/75_off_alien_arena_for_steam_sale/
06/27/2019 19:42:02 CEST

Sonic all star racing transformed D9VK ?

Game works correctly on Wine d3d but crashes at boot with D9VK.

d3dcompilers and d3d9x are installed, this worked correctly on Ubuntu but I moved to Manjaro this week and it doesn't start with it.

I remember this issue happened too in Ubuntu but I can't remember how I solved it !

Other games work correctly with D9VK btw so it's game specific I think ....

06/27/2019 18:55:41 CEST

None of my games work after the new proton update

I just updated to the newest proton release and now none of my Proton run games work (native games work fine). Does anyone have the same issue? and more importantly, does someone know the fix?

06/27/2019 18:24:24 CEST

Looking for some Battlefield 1 buddies to play with.

I just bought the game and I suck a lot.

06/27/2019 17:26:15 CEST

My itch.io games on Linux!

Hello everyone! I accidentally stumbled upon u/ShylockSimmonz 's post here about my game and found this subreddit (which I really appreciate), so I figured I should make a post with all of my games on linux and more information!





And my page: https://stelioswinters.itch.io/

There is a summer sale where all these games and more are 50% off as a bundle!

Also currently working on Energy Force 2 which will be a space shooter, upgrading your character while passing levels. Also available on linux!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask me in the comments or privately, I work hard to make quality games (at least on the gameplay part, since this is my strength and I have been working many years in the field) so I appreciate the feedback or constructive criticism :)

06/27/2019 16:54:59 CEST

32bit, Valve vs Canonical and toxicity-free attempt to argument

When Mark Shuttleworth came with the idea of "Linux for human being" not everyone were happy. The philosophy of Unix is something like "Do one thing, do it good and don't mess with everything at once: its up for the user to build up their own living space in the system". Back then what Mark wanted wasn't seen as " humanify" but "dumb-ify". It was seen as " the Apple way".

Valve today is here with Linux because the "humanify thing": its not just Apple, Microsoft or Google that went for it. Turn out, Unix philosophy can work even when you take in account that sometime humans prefer to run the default setting first, and then adjust their living space once they get how thing work. I would dare to call a Unix philosophy 1.01 with a " but make it understandable" addition.

But living in that time, the more you loved the Unix philosophy the more you distrust Mark. The positivity around Ubuntu and all the *buntu (that worked almost like a lingua franca between gnome, kde, etc) made Linux being something more than just could,server and supercomputers.

Lot of people didn't like Canonical follow the Apple/Google way of things (dumb-ify the beauty of Unix from clean and isolated instances to in centralized binary with unified searches etc): but they through this path by their own. There were strictly Unix-agnostic distro, Gentoo/Arch diatro, RedHad/Suse distro, Hannah Montana distro... No one had worries about the "Linux future" because that was exactly what Linux was (and currently is) about.

Canonical isn't dropping 32bit because they want upset your gaming thing in the same way they didn't "betray" the Unix philosophy at that time. Cloud virtualized architecture) and Raspberry Pi (ARM architecture) are coming our way: you're willing or not. maintainers can't both support the legacy (32bit) and prepare themselves for the new paradigm of these new things.

To Valve Canonical drop of 32bit is an issue, just not the one you think (ie: Mark Shuttleworth being mean to Gaben). As Storefront holder, Valve pose themselves as neutral: they wouldn't have no problem in to switch to whatever they want... the problem is not Canonical, but find something else to say to Linux's customer and keep neutrality.

I think it's undoubtedly that Canonical today represented the most neutral ground in the Linux ecosphere.

Are Valve gonna suggest Arch? Does Arch sounds neutral to everyone taste?

They will advise the System76's PopOs! What they will say to System 76 competitors such as Dell&co.?

They got few actual options, they could also just that a look at snap, make their own ppa or whatever.

So, stop talking this as something like Valve vs. Canonical. Linux isn't Canonical-Linux like its Microsoft-Windows on the other side.

Canonical doesn't need Valve and Valve doesn't need Canonical: but both these parties doing what they are uniquely good at will mean only good for them both and us all.

06/27/2019 16:32:14 CEST

Shenmue 1/2 &amp; Proton 4.2-8

The new proton update has listed

Upgrade wine-mono to 4.9.0, which includes winforms support. This may help some game launchers.

I currently don't have the data left to download Shenmue 1/2.

I was hoping to see if anyone with it installed has gotten Shenmue 1/2 Launcher to start up normally with 4.2-8 or if you still need to work around the game launcher?

06/27/2019 16:25:32 CEST

SUSE &amp; Gaming

After all the Canonical and Valve stuff, decided to have a go with opensuse, and considering a few commenters mention wondering how it is I thought I'd post my experience with OpenSUSE Tumbleweed.

Setup was clean and painless. Had to install nvidia drivers and set up my cpu governor to performance with the below commands:

- sudo zypper addrepo --refresh https://download.nvidia.com/opensuse/tumbleweed NVIDIA

- sudo zypper in x11-video-nvidiaG05

- sudo nvidia-xconfig

- kdesu nvidia-settings

- made gsync changes, saved xorg.conf after applying to make persistent

# CPU Governor for max performance

- sudo cpupower frequency-set -g performance

This Is not persistent after reboot, had to do the below:

- cd /etc/systemd/system

- sudo nano cpupower.service


Description=CPU Performance Govenor



ExecStart=/usr/bin/cpupower frequency-set -g performance



- save and exit nano

- sudo systemctl daemon-reload

- sudo systemctl enable cpupower.service

- reboot

Result was a surprisingly smooth experience, really enjoying KDE and below you see GW2 with D9VK running nicely too on my 4k monitor using Lutris.


I can't complain with how it's going so thank you to KDE, SUSE, Valve and Lutris for the gaming!

Any other tips on setup or improving performance, please let me know.

06/27/2019 15:50:06 CEST

An interview with Bearded Giant Games about Linux, development and their game Space Mercs
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/an-interview-with-bearded-giant-games-about-linux-development-and-their-game-space-mercs.14453
06/27/2019 15:23:14 CEST

I need help

I recently bought monster hunter world on my Linux but when I try to install it from steam, I get an error code saying I'm on an invalid platform. Can I get around this without wiping and installing a different OS?

06/27/2019 14:08:55 CEST

OpenGL 4.0 on Ubuntu 19 ft. AMD Radeon HD 6450

I have an Ubuntu 19.04 PC (with an AMD Radeon HD 6450 'Caicos' graphics card) that I'm trying to get to run a game that requires OpenGL 4.0. The problem is, my computer stubbornly insists that I am cut out for OpenGL 3.3, even though I updated to the latest version of Mesa from the "oibaf" repository.

Searching online has given VERY confusing and contradictory information about what I'm supposed to do now, so I figured I'd ask. Is there any way I can get the OpenGL 4 that this graphics card is heir to?

06/27/2019 11:31:42 CEST

Trackmania² Stadium with steam play

I think perhaps someone could help me

I bought TM2 stadium on steam and set up steam play with the latest proton (4.2.8). When I try to launch the game I have two options: -play trackmania stadium


The launcher works fine but then when I try to launch the game a small black window appears for 1 seconds and the game stops running.

My specs:

Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS (64bit)

Kernel Version: 4.4.0-151-generic


CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4210M CPU @ 2.60GHz

GPU: NVIDIA Corporation GeForce 940M/PCIe/SSE2

GPU driver: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 384.130

Thank you for your help !

06/27/2019 11:09:44 CEST

WINE is Not an Emulator - So what about a Windows emulator?

The major uproar around the dropping of 32-bit libraries got me thinking about the nature of Windows and other application support going forward. Eventually, 32-bit support will end, and with it we'll lose access to a huge collection of culturally significant works, particularly on the Windows platform although others, such as iOS, have experienced similar tragedies.

While we currently have ways of mitigating this (such as VMs), as time progresses it becomes increasingly difficult to legitimately run older versions of Windows within them. For example, psycocod3r explains that Windows 95 requires a specific patch to run correctly since VirtualBox mirrors your physical hardware and Windows 95 is not designed to run on CPUs with much slower speeds. Windows 98 requires the installation of Scitech Display Doctor in order to get working video display drivers.

The real answer seems to be emulation. Wine is the closest thing we have, but as the Wine site will tell you, it's a compatibility layer, NOT an emulator.

Now, my understanding is that most emulators focus on the hardware rather than the software aspect. UAE, for example, emulates the Amiga's hardware, which then allows you to run and install AmigaOS and other Amiga software in an environment they understand. Without any software, UAE can provide no actual capabilities of the system beyond, I assume, that which is accessible on boot. But Dosbox is both a hardware and OS emulator, since it emulates both the hardware environment DOS would run in, and then similarly a version of DOS itself (with some omitted and enhanced functionality).

My question: is it not possible to create a Windows equivalent of Dosbox? A Windows Emulator? A WinDoes? I imagine the nature of Windows makes this a daunting task both technically (like, which version of Windows?) and legally, and the performance knock would be... it'll be an experience, that's for sure. But such an approach has the potential to provide a commercially-independent, open-source and platform-agnostic method of running old Windows software in the future, which would be invaluable.

Please feel free to own me for my ignorance, but I'm really curious about the nature of this topic. Given the work done by the likes of the WINE and ReactOS teams, how difficult would such an undertaking be? Is it even possible?

06/27/2019 10:30:06 CEST

Linux 5.2 + Mesa 19.2 Performance With Polaris/Vega/Vega20 vs. NVIDIA On Ubuntu 19.04
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=linux52-mesa192-high
06/27/2019 10:30:03 CEST

There's an open source game that was posted here similar to Mario Maker that let you create your own levels

I don't remember what it was called. It was a 2D platformer. Does anyone know?

06/27/2019 10:02:28 CEST

Gaming keyboards for Linux

Currently I'm using an old generic keyboard but it's getting a bit tired and the crumb count after so many years is probably best not thought about. Thinking about getting a more gaming oriented keyboard to replace it so a couple of questions for the community:

Most such keyboards come with at least a few dedicated keys for volume control and the like and usually some kind of macro assignment functions. I assume this all needs Windows drivers so won't work under Linux. Are there any that will have any of this functionality under Linux?

Any recommendations as to keyboards that either work well under Linux or should be avoided like the plague as they won't work properly even as a generic keyboard?

06/27/2019 09:50:11 CEST

Anyone having occasional problems in running games in bpm

Sometimes It happens that when i run a game in BPM It remains stuck with the screen showing the "three bars" animation indefinitely. In this case steam overlay doesn't work and i can't kill the process. So the only solution is to push reset. My system is Ubuntu with a steamos session ontop (a "fake" steamos we could say...). It happens both with native and with Proton games. I suspect that's because the system is indefinitely waiting for something from the net (valve authentication?) that doesn't arrive. Do you experience similar problems? How Can i investigate?

06/27/2019 09:41:38 CEST

XQEMU Dev Preview: Conker Live &amp; Reloaded
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BNjLPNVdeQ
06/27/2019 09:17:35 CEST

Is there an updated list of capture cards that play well with Linux?

I am having trouble finding information that isn't old. It seems that the AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 would work, but I'm having trouble getting that where I'm located (Taiwan). I'm looking to do a dual computer streaming setup.

06/27/2019 08:49:52 CEST

Intel beats AMD and Nvidia to crowd-pleasing graphics feature: integer scaling
URL: https://www.pcgamesn.com/intel/integer-scaling-support-gen-11-xe-graphics?amp
06/27/2019 08:13:00 CEST

[WINE] Cemu 1.15.9 - AMD Edition
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/emulation/comments/c5u8ur/cemu_1159_amd_edition_x_rcemu/
06/27/2019 07:05:04 CEST

LOST ORBIT: Terminal Velocity looks like an intense fast-paced space action game coming to Linux
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/lost-orbit-terminal-velocity-looks-like-an-intense-fast-paced-space-action-game-coming-to-linux.14446
06/27/2019 06:48:41 CEST

The witcher 3 and cs go short gameplays

Hi community, i am new in linux and reddit and i want to share some gameplay of two of my favourite games.

First time with obs too, i just don't know how to use yet...

Sorry for my english.



Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06/27/2019 03:51:08 CEST

RX 580 low performance
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/archlinux/comments/c5y90z/rx_580_low_performance/
06/27/2019 02:29:03 CEST

PS4 Remote Play On Linux

Let me start off with saying, I'm not a super tech boi. I just use google, and this is the first issue google couldn't help me with so I'm reaching out. Basically, I'm trying to run ps4 remote play with linux (wine) so far ive tried running it with play on linux with a 64 and 32 bit virtual machine to no avail. I keep getting the same message that "PS4 Remote Play cannot be installed on the following Windows versions" and then lists a bunch of versions of Windows I guess. If anyone knows a work around or a way to install it that would be gr8 thanks.

06/27/2019 01:37:58 CEST

So does Proton really work for Dark Souls III?

I made a post about trying to play Dark Souls III on Steam about a week ago. Since then, I have changed my operating system due to issues and I still have the same problem of the game not booting up at all.

06/27/2019 01:12:08 CEST

Update on Steam, Ubuntu, and 32-bit support (Official Steam statement)
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/app/221410/discussions/0/1640915206447625383/
06/27/2019 00:30:23 CEST

Update on Steam, Ubuntu, and 32-bit support
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/app/221410/discussions/0/1640915206447625383/
06/27/2019 00:24:40 CEST

Issues with Trackball in Games

So this just started being a problem in Minecraft, but in some games my trackball just doesn't work. The view is stuck in one spot and is just continuously spinning around whenever I try to move it. Do you guys have any idea why this happens and how to fix it?

06/27/2019 00:17:18 CEST

Street Fighter V. How hard is it to get working?



Here is a link to the two bug reports for the game. One is already staged.

Theoretically how hard would it be to fix this? Wish Valve would put more money into getting everything Wine needs for EAC/BattleEye, and other custom anti cheats might just work.

06/27/2019 00:10:44 CEST

Trying to run wow, get “the application encountered a unexpected error”

Im using lutris, the install seemed to go fine until I actually tried playing the game, gives me the error above, did I miss something? Any help is appreciated!

06/26/2019 23:26:58 CEST

DXVK Version 1.2.3 Released
URL: https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk/releases/tag/v1.2.3
06/26/2019 22:35:41 CEST

Proton 4.2-8 Released
URL: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton/releases/tag/proton-4.2-8b
06/26/2019 22:30:53 CEST

I can't run games with proton

Hey guys ! First of all I'm sorry if my english is not perfect I'm french :p

When I try to launch a game with proton the game just don't run I see the pop-up window which say that the game is launching and I see my username turning to green in the top of the steam window. Can anybody help me ?

I've try : Skyrim, Fallout 3, Far Cry 3, PC Building Simulator, Railroad Tycoon 3, Age Of Empire II and Realm of the Mad God

And the game even after few minutes don't run, but when i launch steam from the terminal I've a lot of errors when I try to launch a game with proton.

OS : Kubuntu 19.04 64bits

CPU : AMD Athlon X4 845 @ 3.5Ghz

GPU : GTX 1050

RAM : 12Gib of RAM

Proton 4.2 and last version of steam

06/26/2019 22:21:18 CEST

My Borderlands 2game just downloaded something

It seems to have been a some 256MB download, but can't really tell what's new.

Anyone else noticed this?

06/26/2019 22:18:30 CEST

An issue with Cs:go on PopOs

alright so, i have multi os with Windows 10 and PopOs. I have an issue with the game crashing and freezing. Typically, the game doesnt start at the forts try, it says something about cs go linux 64 or sumn, i think its irrelevant. So, when i try to load in a game, the game freezes and stays there for a while. After it throws me to the desktop, when i run the game again, it works fine, and doesnt crash anymore.. Does anyone know what to do? I have had 2 competitive bans over this..

06/26/2019 21:18:51 CEST

Steam has no network connection through Wine on my Mac

Is there a fix for that?

I'm running Steam.exe through Wine Staging branch on my Macbook pro with the OS Version 10.14.4 (18E226)

06/26/2019 21:17:16 CEST


The PlayOnGit Project aims to facilitate the installation of Windows games and software with just a single command, and will install everything that is necessary for the program to run, similar to playonLinux and lutris, however, updated and without bugs. Performance-focused, with correct and functional support for dxvk and d9vk. The project is constantly updated.

Who has never gone through those insane bugs of the playonlinux, has he? Then PlayOnGit automatically installs your favorite game. It downloads a version of the wine binary, and then automatically runs winetricks, correctly preparing the prefix. Leave everything ready so that the person can run his favorite game. The project is in Git, and aims to make life easier for all users, from the ordinary to the advanced.

To those who are interested, on the project page there is a tutorial that can be accessed by clicking here. On this page, the creator details and explains very intuitively, including having gifs that guide the whole process, how you can install and use the program.


06/26/2019 21:16:03 CEST

[UNCONFIRMED] You might want to get Rocket League from Steam when there is a sale right now

As Epic acquired Psyonix while ago and there is still no confirmation whether Rocket League will be unlisted from Steam in favour of Epic Store, Steam Summer Sale 2019 is a nice opportunity to get the native version. While 50% off isn't a great deal, it is important to get the native version while it's available and let the Steam gets its cut instead of Epic getting whole profit.


06/26/2019 21:09:09 CEST

Now that all these racing simulators are on sale it's time for valve to fix force feedback wheels in proton

All of these games have working force feedback if your run them in plain wine through wine steam, but if you try to use a force feedback wheel in proton, force feedback doesn't work. It would be amazing if force feedback would work in proton with these games since they're the only steam games i have to use lutris for, with all the problems that that brings:

  • no ingame overlay
  • winesteam stays running when you close the game
  • terrible fullscreen handling
  • the game crashing when you alt+tab

it makes me not want to play these games.

rFactor 2: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton/issues/245

Automobilista: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton/issues/246

Project Cars 2: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton/issues/908

BeamNG.drive: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton/issues/1237

DiRT Rally 2.0: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton/issues/2366

06/26/2019 21:06:30 CEST

Steam won't open, kind of...

I am very new to linux and am just trying to install steam on an old linux PC I was given. I am using lubuntu. I installed it via the terminal. Steam updated and asked me to login and then closed. Every time I try to open steam it just shows the updating/loading message and then closes.

When I launch it via the terminal it displays this message:


How can I fix this?

06/26/2019 21:04:01 CEST

Can you run games off your Windows Hard Drive in linux?

Last question, i'm about to install Pop OS Nvidia but i was wondering if i could use proton on my non-steam games, but those are located on my NTFS drives. Is there a way i can play those games on Linux?

i don't want to end up corrupting them :( if i format it by accident...

06/26/2019 20:54:37 CEST

MapleStory altermatives for Linux

Any good games resembling the game "MapleStory" on Linux?

06/26/2019 20:26:04 CEST

Steam sale you say?
URL: https://i.redd.it/3hzlnkdfjq631.png
06/26/2019 19:24:47 CEST

How to set up OC Genie with Linux

So I have a i5 4790K (I think, I know it's 4-series and is part of the K line) and I'd like to use the MSI built-in gentle overclocker, in part because I'm a coward and don't want to accidentally break my system.

However, when I turn it on in UEFI, my processor never scales above the normal limit. Even though it looks like a firmware thing, I wanted to see if there's anything I can do on the OS level to get OC Genie going.

EDIT: Oh God I just saw that there's a tech support thread, let me know if I need to move this there.

06/26/2019 18:55:39 CEST

ZED releases for Linux today! This game was started in part with help from r/Linux_Gaming!

Pleased to announce that by the time you're reading this, ZED by Eagre Games has released a native build for Linux..

Several years ago, I popped by this sub to say hello and encourage people to try a demo we'd come up with to gauge Linux interest and feasibility. The response was overwhelming, and thanks to r/Linux_Gaming and Gaming on Linux and the awesome folks on IRC we made it, and I've said for years that I genuinely do not believe it would be possible without the support from our Linux backers who have contributed in many different ways over the years. There's been a lot of debate in gamedev on whether or not building for Linux is worth it for developers, and after the response we received I decided it was worth it and that I'd prove it.

A very long backstory cut short: ZED was probably one of the worst development hell's imaginable. Everything that went wrong did, from deaths in the family to losing funding, to sleeping on the office floor for over a year, to being forced to upgrade engine versions twice in the month before launch and being forced to delay our Linux release two weeks because of it (really sorry folks). The truth is that the Linux release almost didn't happen, and we had to engage in serious debate with our publisher over the merits of Linux. For years now I've been advocating Linux builds to other developers - they're fairly accessible now and from the time we started development on ZED to now, we've reached a Golden Age of Linux gaming with greater support and capability than ever before.

Thank you to this sub, the Linux community, and our amazing Linux beta testers who provided hundreds of hours of testing on Ubuntu 18/19.0.4, Arch, Manjaro, and even Solus on OpenGL and Vulkan. There's even SteamVR compatibility! We've got feedback from commited Linux gamers that this is "an outstanding Linux port, probably the best Unreal Engine port (they) have played" and we're really proud to have crafted a tight, compelling, and meaningful narrative adventure that's finally on Linux!

As with any Linux game, if you end up picking up a copy please let us know you're on Linux and show support! This will let us take this to our publisher and other developers (who I actively engage with) and advocate building for Linux. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a tremendously supportive and positive community. We look forward to continuing to engage with you further, both on ZED and further titles.

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/953370/ZED

GOG: https://www.gog.com/game/zed (this might still be uploading as of posting)

Discord: https://discord.gg/9s3jb2z - Feel free to join with any support needs. Steam should prompt if you want to launch OpenGL or Vulkan

[Gaming on Linux article/review/interview](https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/zed-from-eagre-games-and-cyan-ventures-is-out-for-linux-now-its-quite-an-experience-plus-an-interview.14447/

tl;dr we struggled and made a native Linux build as promised - check it out

06/26/2019 18:30:00 CEST

Tabletop Simulator VR

Has anyone here gotten the VR mode for Tabletop Simulator working in Linux? When I start the game I get the warning about it running on the desktop and VR, but it never actually shows up on my headset. I just end up in the steam home with the games music playing.

06/26/2019 18:10:18 CEST

Black Mesa now has a "Technical Beta" for Xen, but Linux support is missing for now
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/black-mesa-now-has-a-technical-beta-for-xen-but-linux-support-is-missing-for-no.14442
06/26/2019 17:51:12 CEST

2D Puzzle Platformer "Energy Force" Released With Day 1 Linux Support
URL: https://stelioswinters.itch.io/energy-force
06/26/2019 17:50:28 CEST

Spatial-Word Puzzle Game "KLAC" Released With Day 1 Linux Support
URL: https://nonostantegames.itch.io/klac
06/26/2019 17:48:45 CEST

TIL: Dont buy Cities skylines

The game creates so much lag at start that i was forced to restart my pc, the second time it managed to load but had visual gliches, roads were disappearing. After that i clicked on "exit", i was a mistake... Another restart later i asked for a refund.

06/26/2019 15:53:14 CEST

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney says exclusives “ultimately benefit gamers”
URL: https://www.pcgamesn.com/epic-store-tim-sweeney
06/26/2019 15:48:25 CEST

The Hive - Alien insect army under your command!
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHW9GGoOSDM
06/26/2019 15:34:07 CEST

Save 50% on Tyranny on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/362960/Tyranny/
06/26/2019 10:32:15 CEST

Is Steam having issues now?

I just got a couple of games and wanted to install, but Steam is not able to connect.

It says "Connecting Steam account: ...." and then another pop-up window "Could not connect to Steam Network. ...". Anyone else experiencing this right now?

06/26/2019 10:29:08 CEST

Save 40% on Hollow Knight on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/367520/Hollow_Knight/
06/26/2019 10:12:33 CEST

Save 20% on Tropico 6 on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/492720/Tropico_6/
06/26/2019 10:10:38 CEST

Save 67% on XCOM 2: War of the Chosen on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/593380/XCOM_2_War_of_the_Chosen/
06/26/2019 10:09:23 CEST

Save 75% on Cities: Skylines on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/255710/Cities_Skylines/
06/26/2019 10:09:08 CEST

Save 59% on Europa Universalis IV: Empire Bundle on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/6481/Europa_Universalis_IV_Empire_Bundle/
06/26/2019 10:08:19 CEST

Save 75% on Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/289070/Sid_Meiers_Civilization_VI/
06/26/2019 10:08:02 CEST

Save 50% on Two Point Hospital on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/535930/Two_Point_Hospital/
06/26/2019 10:07:22 CEST

Save 75% on Stellaris on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/281990/Stellaris/
06/26/2019 10:06:58 CEST

terrible AC:Odyssey performance

Hello, i finally got the game running with the lutris installer, and it boots, but it's just bad. and the game generally have optimzation issues, but it basically drops to 10~ fps every second or so, so it's basically unplayable:

You can see the constant drops on the image, and the settings. is there any settings that i can change to make it better?


06/26/2019 09:42:53 CEST

Diablo II botting?

I want to write bots using tensorflow. I had thought to use winedbg to trace and parse the running instance of Diablo and other games.

What I'm looking for is a method to set a watch point on any encountered conditional branch as this is where user input would be injected(blue pill style).

I also need to log writes to memory(just to collect the address and pointers these addresses) to have something to feed tensorflow. This would be done after D3D presentation... and I also need the screen image.

Is this possible? I had thought I could write something that would take the place of gdb.

06/26/2019 08:45:38 CEST

Dota Underlords not launching on Linux (Elementary OS)

Hey, guys. So, there's this new addictive game called Dota Underlords and it is supposed to run fine on linux in my experience after I downloaded it on steam when I hit play nothing happens. No error messages, nothing. Game does not start. plz help

Using: elementary OS 0.3.2 Freya (64-bit)

06/26/2019 08:29:36 CEST

I tested 4 "Linux-compatible" USB 3.0 HDMI capture cards

My Specs:

Manjaro Linux (KDE) - Kernel 5.1.8-1

Windows 10 (idfk what update)

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X


GPU: Sapphire Vega 56 Pulse

OBS Version: 23.1.0-1 (linux), 23.1.0 (64bit, windows)

Devices Tested:

Plus impressions given before testing.

Criteria for getting on my test bench:

  • 1080p 60hz (duh)

  • USB 3.0 minimum or PCIe

  • HDMI Passthrough for 0 latency on another monitor

  • Under $200

  • Has Linux in the search terms and looks like it supports V4L2 at a glance. (Otherwise, UVL is acceptable, but V4L2 wording is preferred.)

MiraBox Capture Card (HSV321) with updated firmware (more info on this later) @ $99 (on sale from $179, but unsure if it goes up from $99 due to reviews and Honey saying it didn't see any price changes in 30 days.) (Also, bypasses HDCP which is a nice bonus, but might make some companies or countries mad)

ClonerAlliance Flint 4KP @ $140 (The most expensive one here, but boasts USB Type C, mic + audio in + audio out jacks, and 4K@30fps passthrough.

Plugable Performance NIX @ $100 (When I was first looking around, I was stuck between this and the MiraBox before I decided to buy them all for this post.)

Bonus Cheapo:

"HDMI Game Video Capture Card" @ $80

This one I just wanted to add for that one person who just wants to see how a $80 "card" functions compared to the rest that have proper Passthrough and other neat features.

  • Being compared against:

Elgato HD60 Pro @ $160

I got this card back when I first got my Nintendo Switch in early 2018. And my experience with it was pretty consistent until I switched to Linux.

Things to note in no particular order:

  • Crappy sound grounding (very noisy, lots of ticking and sometimes hissing)

  • Default software... kinda sucks. But AFAIK, you can't get "Instant Gameview" without it. (I could be wrong, though)


  • Rather user friendly.

  • Good video quality with minimal lag that did me fine for most of BoTW, but started using HDMI Passthrough when I got into Celeste due to the input latency. (HDMI IN - Switch. HDMI OUT - Monitor. Software on for audio, monitor switched to HDMI input for video)

I will be daisychaining the output from the cards to the Elgato to give an exact comparison of how the other card compares in terms of video fidelity.


Detailed Reviews:

  • MiraBox

Well, this one had a bad start. First, every USB 3.0 port on my motherboard/case did not work! At all!

It was only until I plugged it into a USB Type A (Yes, A. Not C.) 3.1 port that it started outputting video consistently, and not only after reboots and only for 5 mins. Not sure if that's an issue with the Mobo, but still.

Turns out, my mobo only supports USB 3 DATA on it's usb ports. I grabbed a new PCIe USB 3.0 card, and it works fine.

After that, I had 0 audio from the card. Nada.

I had to contact the support to get the newest firmware to flash onto the card, which then solved the no-sound issue. You may be wondering "Why, Tony. Why didn't you get photos of how the output was before the update?"

Because screw having no audio! If it can't do audio on its own (even if its crappy), then I see no point in keeping the card around for video (especially since it's not the best quality to begin with).

Additionally, I did the update in Windows 10, as the updater was an EXE and I didn't wanna test my Wine or VM luck, as it had been quite low lately.

The audio however, is quite nice! No crackles, no sutters, decent latency.

Video though, is another story. If I had to put it into one word, it would be JPEG. It feels like every frame was run through a Windows XP machine (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEzhxP-pdos)

I think, if I had to guess what the issue is, it's a low bit/color depth. Maybe even a low resolution? Very fine details are smeared, alpha channels don't much exist, etc.

Also, everything is darker.

Overall: 6/10. Good audio, shite video if you actually wanna stream or record with it, unstable (freezed up a lot), strips HDCP.

  • Plugable Performance NIX

If you wanna waste your money, go here.

Crap video, audio is ok, doesn't strip HDCP, had to plug and unplug several times, etc.

Do not bother.

Overall: 3/10. It works I guess

  • Flint 4KP

So what do you get for $140? The best card I tested here, plus some USB C-A dongles.

Video quality is spot on, with no color banding, and decent color representation. Runs at 60fps without noticeably extra crappy compression.

When I got the new PCIe card, the audio did start to get a little crackly, but it's possible that's just an issue with my case/grounding. And when it was plugged into other machines or in the Mobo's USB ports, there was none.

It does strip HDCP, which is +1 point.

Bundled software is ok, but does offer a game mode for Windows users.

Using it in OBS is perfectly fine, however.

Overall: 9/10. Great vid, ok audio (could just be me), strips HDCP, USB-C, Line In/Mic In/Line Out 3.5mm jacks. Today's winner.

  • Bonus Cheapo

ditto from NIX, but without passthrough but does strip HDCP

Overall: 5/10. Cheapest one here, does what it came out to do, supports YUYV.

Winner: ClonerAlliance Flint 4KP for $140


  • The lesser performing ones do work a fair bit better if you run at a lower framerate (30 instead of 60)

  • Uncompressed comparisons here.

  • Set resolution to 1080p with YUYV for each card in OBS. Framerate is 60fps unless stated otherwise.

  • I am not sponsored, just a guy who wanted some answers and decided to share said answers.

06/26/2019 07:52:29 CEST

Missing 32bit libraries on Steam

My Steam is not working because It is missing nine 32bits libraries, I installed seven but I can't find these two lasts (not even in AUR), I installed the others using pacman. What should I do?



06/26/2019 07:32:59 CEST

Manjaro is best for older AMD cards.

I have an AMD HD 7950, got it to mine bitcoin and play games back in the day. Getting this card to work on anything that isn't manjaro is crazy hard. On Manjaro all I gotta do is add the AMD experimental features library and both Vulcan x86 and x64 Vulcan library's by doing a search for "amd" and I'm good. I had a breakthrough tonight was able to run soul calibur 6 via proton.

The future of linux gaming just keeps getting better all the time.

06/26/2019 07:14:49 CEST

[release] TheoTown - city-builder simulator, similar in style to Sim City 2000
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1084020/TheoTown/
06/26/2019 05:13:06 CEST

Last Moon, a 2D action-RPG with a gorgeous vibrant style will be coming to Linux next year
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/last-moon-a-2d-action-rpg-with-a-gorgeous-vibrant-style-will-be-coming-to-linux-next-year.14441
06/26/2019 05:01:12 CEST

Need help installing minecraft

So i cant get minecraft to work on Pop os i need help plz. The launcher will not open.

06/26/2019 04:03:18 CEST

AC: Origins and Denuvo
URL: https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/2078506-AC-Origins-and-Denuvo?p=14340513
06/26/2019 03:39:27 CEST

Does Game Dev Tycoon work for anyone else?

Hi, guys, I just bought Game Dev Tycoon on the Steam sale, but I can't run it. The native version doesn't load and the Steam Play one only shows a kind of white-ish screen, but the tutorial boxes appear fine. Is this happening with anyone else? Can't find anything about it online.

06/26/2019 02:40:26 CEST

How come Overwatch runs much better under Linux than Window?

Not that I am complaining, I've been trying to make the switch permanent for a while now and I think it might be time.

Ryzen 5 2600x Amd 580

On Windows (latest drivers) I get about 150fps, on Manjaro (5.1 kernel) with the same settings I get about 240-300??

Only thing now is fully supporting Adaptive Sync for everything. I've gotten it running when I'm on desktop but it's buggy when running games and I don't think it's reading the active program correctly.

06/26/2019 02:29:13 CEST

how do you make it so that roblox works with firefox for linux mint? for some reason the prompt to play games on it doesn't open
URL: https://v.redd.it/hz6jjewo7l631
06/26/2019 01:32:40 CEST

STALKER: Call of Pripyat natively on Linux (OpenXRay)
URL: https://youtu.be/vOASNRbHVPg
06/26/2019 01:20:58 CEST

A.N.N.E is now in Early Access
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/262370/ANNE/
06/26/2019 00:37:49 CEST

The Razer battery reporting issue seems to be fixed


For the longest time, the battery would report about 80% when on a max charge.

I'm not sure when exactly it got fixed, but as of 5.1.15, it's reporting the full capacity.

06/26/2019 00:18:13 CEST

Overwatch error: AMD chipset driver is older than recommended (BLZOWCLI00000008)

When I play overwatch for a few minutes, the game crashes and I am getting this error: BLZOWCLI00000008

This issue just started to come up recently, before I had no issues.

I already did a bios update but no avail.

Mainboard: Biostar B350GTN
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700
Graphics: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

Does somebody experience the same or has an idea how to solve this?

06/26/2019 00:15:11 CEST

Any more suggestions? &lt;3
URL: https://i.redd.it/t8cf91w9tk631.jpg
06/26/2019 00:08:59 CEST

Does amdgpu support driver based adaptive overdrive?

Modern monitors commonly implement overdrive feature, aimed at reducing ghosting.

Overdrive increases voltages for pixels, to speed up color transitions. The level of overdrive that produces proper effects (and doesn't cause inverse ghosting by "overshooting" such transitions) is dependent on the refresh rate. Since variable refresh rate monitors (for adaptive sync) are becoming more common, some monitors started implementing adaptive overdrive, that changes based on the current refresh rate.

However I've read somewhere, that AMD implemented some kind of GPU side overdrive for monitors that don't support adaptive overdrive on their side. I.e. the driver adjusts intensity based on the refresh rate through its own means, thus compensating for the monitor's inability to do it dynamically.

Does amdgpu have anything of the sort? And if it does, how does it differentiate between monitors that have adaptive ovedrive, and ones that don't?

cc /u/bridgmanAMD

06/25/2019 23:56:37 CEST

Controller Calibration Program?

Is there any active program for Linux that can allow you to calibrate your dinput and xinput controllers? I did find jstest-gtk and it did work but it is obsolete as it says on its website. On Windows I just went into the Control Panel but I do not see anything like that on Linux Mint.

06/25/2019 23:10:33 CEST

bsnes-hd beta 8 (bsnes 107.3) [HD Mode 7 and widescreen SNES]: NEw widescreen automation options for backgrounds and scenes, improved HD Mosaic
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/emulation/comments/c5e1s2/bsneshd_beta_8_bsnes_1073_hd_mode_7_and/
06/25/2019 22:26:46 CEST

Steam summer sale starts today, runs for two weeks
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/grandprix
06/25/2019 21:51:52 CEST

Wine + D9VK - DMC Devil May Cry - MAX settings - Linux
URL: https://youtu.be/RBalHZt5A1U
06/25/2019 21:12:51 CEST

Is it okay to buy Shadow of the Tomb Raider now?

Shadow of the Tomb Raider currently has a discount thats hard to resist.

Id been holding out for Ferals Linux-native release.

If I bought it now instead of waiting, would it make any difference to either Feral or Steams Linux-gaming stats?

06/25/2019 20:43:56 CEST

Fatal Error in GC pop up

I recently installed MTG Arena on my Mac, but every time I boot it up, I keep getting the "GetThreadContext failed" error. What are some of the things I can do to resolve this?

06/25/2019 20:25:37 CEST

I will go all in, right now. Am quite nervous but this will be fun. So many things that will need fixing.

Alright, I have taken the day to get PopOs up and running in a dual boot, just to get a feeling for it.
I have since about 2 years back only had Fedora on my laptop, but that was never my main and mostly for online stuff, so only takes around 60 minutes to get up and running fully again.

But now I will say goodbye to Windows from my tower. I will leave support for the little RGB I have, not have any drivers for my Logitech G19 keyboard and still need to figure out how to get my Philips Hue Sync to work and this is all a bit scary. But I think its time now and I will just get rid of the windows partition so that I am not tempted to get into it anymore, because srsly. No matter what distro or flavor, Linux/Gnu is just so god damn smooth and doesn't annoy me with all the fucking notifications and updates all the time.

So if here is anyone else out there thinking about it and is giving it a thought. It's not all that hard, the tutorials here are really usefull and wine and Lutris are not as complicated as they look like. Goodbye Windows.

06/25/2019 19:38:51 CEST

Steam and Ubuntu clash over 32-bit libs
URL: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/06/steam-and-ubuntu-clash-over-32-bit-libs/
06/25/2019 19:26:13 CEST

Mesa 19.1.1 is now available (bug fix release)
URL: https://mesa.freedesktop.org/relnotes/19.1.1.html
06/25/2019 18:28:28 CEST

Sims 3 launcher not working.

The game works but it's launcher not. I need it to enable all my expansion packs.

06/25/2019 13:26:25 CEST

Tim Sweeney RT's EAC "Easy Anti-Cheat still provides native Linux support and will continue to do so" "EAC/Wine compatibility is currently in a beta state with several games whose help we appreciate, but significantly more work is needed to get it to a suitably stable and hardened level for all."
URL: https://twitter.com/TeddyEAC/status/1125665801493798912
06/25/2019 12:53:37 CEST

Citra and Sega Rally 2 for the Dreamcast (Lutris question)

So I have installed both Citra (Nintendo 3DS emulator) and Sega Rally 2 for the Dreamcast using Lutris

I now need to save the Mii Data for Citra and the Bios files for Dreamcast and these will work great.

Problem I have is where do I put these files?

Hope someone can help.


06/25/2019 11:51:33 CEST

Conspiracy Theory?

An alternative take on recent 32bit events: Firstly let me start off by stating that this is nothing but conjecture and lacks any evidence whatsoever. It is merely based on a few posts I have read recently, along with MS historical EEE philosophy.

We all know that in the last year Linux gaming has taken massive strides. Proton, Lutris, DXVK, D9VK (the new kid), Faudio and of course the daddy of them all WINE.

The rate at which these projects are continually adding support for more and more Windows games is astounding. Each update sees literally hundreds more games being playable with merely a few clicks or quick install (Lutris).

Given all of this progress, it is easy to assume that the majority of ALL .exe games will be easily available to users by the end of the year (EAC and Batlleye don't appear to be far off).

Also we have LTT and others creating serious articles supporting the whole Linux gaming ecosystem and in doing som raising awareness for Linux gaming to unprecedented levels.

Now here comes the theory part: Windows 7 (the wimdows gamers choice) is entering End Of Life at the start of next year. Many 7 users have shown an extreme reluctance to switching over to 10 (and who can blame them eh?) By this time Proton/WINE et al will pretty much be ready as a seious gaming alternative to Windows.

MS are well aware of this, so how can they try and ensure that they take as big a slice as possible of the 7 users over to 10. One way would be to derail the Linux gaming onslaught and what would have the greatest impact on Linux gaming? Simple, get our friends over at cannonical (who have the largest Linux gaming user base) to announce that they are dropping 32 bit support, right before Win 7 EOL, thus causing proton et al serious issues being able to even function on the new 64bit only distro.

However, with Valve's quick reaponse stating they will no longer be supporting or recommending. 19.10 going forward, this whole decision has come back to bite Ubuntu right in the arse.

All in all it is simply a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory, but given MS track record, I wouldn't put it past them pulling such a stunt.


P.S on a practical note: Sure there will be migration headaches for many Ubuntu gamers, but remember, we as a community are here to help you make the transition to whatever new distro you choose.

06/25/2019 11:32:34 CEST

First 6 minutes of Black Mesa Xen
URL: https://www.ign.com/videos/2019/06/24/black-mesa-xen-opening-minutes-half-life-1-remake
06/25/2019 10:17:13 CEST

RetroArch – In Development – World-first text to speech in emulators
URL: https://www.patreon.com/posts/retroarch-in-to-27885187
06/25/2019 07:18:26 CEST

[Howto] Run Steam in a container without 32bit support

With the latest news of Ubuntu finally abandoning 32bit, there was much disinformation about the end of 32bit gaming and Steam on Ubuntu in general.

Now it seems that Ubuntu has temporarily delayed the decision. However, with OSX and Android abandoning 32bit apps, the writing is on the wall for 32bit multilib and it will be removed if not now then in 1-3 years. Further many users would prefer to purge their systems from 32bit mess or Xorg mess today.

These users can now explore running Steam in a container using steps below - assuming they are not afraid of some terminal work.

First, create the container

On archlinux

pacman -S arch-install-scripts
mkdir steam-dir
cd steam-dir
mkdir scontainer
cd scontainer
pacstrap -i -c . base

On ubuntu

Install arch-bootstrap from https://github.com/tokland/arch-bootstrap

mkdir steam-dir
cd steam-dir
mkdir scontainer
cd scontainer
arch-bootstrap scontainer

launch the container. You may wish to copy the command below to an .sh file (e.g launch.sh) and launch with sh launch.sh

cd path-to-steam-dir
systemd-nspawn \
-bD scontainer -M "scontainer" \
--volatile=no \
--bind=/dev/shm \
--bind=/dev/snd \
--bind=/dev/dri \
--bind=/dev/kvm \
--bind=/dev/input \
--bind-ro=/run/user/1000/wayland-0 \
--bind=/run/user/1000/wayland-0.lock \
--bind=/run/user/1000/ \
--bind=$PWD:/steam \
--bind=$PWD/wine:/wine \
--bind=/tmp/.X11-unix \
--setenv=DISPLAY=:0 \
--property="DeviceAllow=/dev/tty1 rwm" \
--property="DeviceAllow=/dev/dri rwm" \
--property="DeviceAllow=/dev/shm rwm" \
--property="DeviceAllow=/dev/kvm rwm" \
--property="DeviceAllow=/dev/input rwm" \
--property="DeviceAllow=/dev/dri/renderD128 rwm" \
--property="DeviceAllow=char-usb_device rwm" \
--property="DeviceAllow=char-input rwm" \
--property="DeviceAllow=char-alsa rwm" \
--property="DeviceAllow=char-drm rwm"

Once the container launches, it may ask some setup questions, press space or enter to skip these. Then, in a separate terminal

machinectl shell scontainer

Then create user

useradd user
passwd user
mkdir /home/user
chown -R user:user /home/user

Then, add a adguard dns, because systemd DNS is not working

echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf > /etc/resolv.conf

Disable useless systemd-resolved which breaks DNS. remove linux-firmware on the container

systemctl disable systemd-resolved
systemctl stop systemd-resolved
pacman -R linux linux-firmware
trust extract-compat

enable multilib and install steam, vulkan

sed -i "/\[multilib\]/,/Include/"'s/^#//' /etc/pacman.conf
pacman -Sy
pacman -S connman weston steam xorg-server-xwayland mesa  ttf-dejavu
killall dhcpcd
systemctl enable connman
systemctl start connman
pacman -S lib32-vulkan-radeon lib32-vulkan-icd-loader vulkan-radeon vulkan-icd-loader

Now, login with user user in the terminal where you launched the container first. And enter below command

echo 'weston --backend=wayland-backend.so --xwayland --fullscreen & sleep 4 && DISPLAY=:0 steam -tenfoot' > ~/.bash_profile

Enter exit and relogin. Steam should start in few seconds.

first login on steam

steam does not respect -tenfoot switch on first login after setup, and steam does not work well on xwayland/weston with the mouse. So use keyboard and the tab key, enter username/password, check remember me and enter 2FA number. Once you get to the Finish button, use another terminal from the host and kill steam. In the container, click on the terminal icon, and enter steam -tenfoot

You should see the steam in the big picture with the mouse working.

closing steam

Close normally or via machinectl poweroff scontainer.


On the host

cp -r ~/.steam steam-dir/
cp -r ~/.local/share/Steam steam-dir/

In the container

mv ~/.local/share/Steam ~/.local/share/Steam2 
mv ~/.steam ~/.steam2
ln -s /steam/Steam ~/.local/share/Steam
ln -s /steam/.steam ~/.steam
06/25/2019 04:27:56 CEST

problems getting FFXIV to run

could get thru the launcher just fine (not in-game) on ge-protonified-4.10-x86_64, altho now that version of wine broke on my end and i'm not sure how to fix it (wine config tool doesn't open and mentions some page fault repeatedly, wine control panel is just all black). it'd at least get up to where the game would launch and i'd get a "fatal directx error" pop up. now the launcher is mostly unclickable and i can't get past logging in.

i also have the staging version of wine 4.11 and that brings me up to the game but it doesn't detect directx.


dxvk is obviously on and i've tried different version to no luck.

06/25/2019 03:51:21 CEST

Does Anbox now works with PUBG Mobile?

I searched around, and the last discussion were in 2018 and it was not working. But, now in June 2019, does PUBG Mobile works with Anbox?

i want to try it myself but i have crappy internet and limited internet quota :( :(


06/25/2019 02:55:09 CEST

End times, war, chaos &amp; death, salvation, do you care?

If you care for the truth about what is truly going on in these chaotic times, please search on YouTube for: Final Warning-Part 1

It's the video that has large yellow text in the thumb pic. This video will prove to you exactly what is going on.

06/25/2019 01:57:48 CEST

Canonical returning 32-bit Ubuntu Linux support after gaming uproar
URL: https://www.zdnet.com/article/canonical-returning-32-bit-ubuntu-linux-support-after-gaming-uproar/
06/25/2019 01:53:30 CEST

CS:GO Players, Interested in Starting a Community Map Hub/Server?

Howdy, all

I've been playing CS:GO for a long while, and I'm a big fan of a lot of community maps (Subzero, Austria, Season, etc.); they add a lot of fun to a game that is otherwise playing the same six or so maps over and over again. Subzero is probably my favorite Counter-Strike map hands down. I've been lamenting every now and then not being able to play on Mapcore's FACEIT hub, as it requires Faceit's anti-cheat client (which isn't available for GNU/Linux). It's really the only project that allows people to play community maps on GO unfortunately.

So I was wondering if any of y'all would like to join forces in starting our own hub (or just a server, but I'm not sure how that would work out) that's Linux-user-friendly. The only way to add custom maps to a hub is getting partnered with Faceit, which I cannot do on my own.

06/25/2019 00:48:26 CEST

After 7 years in the making Age of Fear: The Undead King Gold is finally out
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/832770/Age_of_Fear_The_Undead_King_GOLD/
06/24/2019 23:52:22 CEST

Nvidea or Amd

I got fed of the mobile iGPU and decided to buy a dedicated card to attach to 2nd to 4th gen i5 desktop, i don't mind a used one and for my budget I think my options are a geoforce gtx 1050/1060 or a radeon rx580/rx580. Since I'm going to game on Linux (Manjaro), I want to ask you guys which brand is better supported on Linux, which one has a better driver.

I you don't mind a side question that is not related to linux gaming, is there really a difference between 3gb (mainly 1050/1060),4gb or 8gb of video memory for a mainstream/budget gpu, considering I'm playing on a 4k TV, but just on a 1080p resolution or 1440p at best (if my gpu support it just to feel like a boss)

06/24/2019 23:46:21 CEST

Oaths, coalitions and betrayal — some thoughts on Total War: THREE KINGDOMS
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/oaths-coalitions-and-betrayal-some-thoughts-on-total-war-three-kingdoms.14432
06/24/2019 23:18:15 CEST

Pop!_OS Official Statement Regarding 32-Bit Support
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/pop_os/comments/c4so6b/pop_os_official_statement_regarding_32bit_support/
06/24/2019 23:06:29 CEST

...and Ubuntu has listened and partially reversed their decision. Thanks all for helping out!
06/24/2019 23:03:23 CEST

How do I install Sims 3 and all the expansions?

I just love the game.

06/24/2019 22:47:07 CEST

PCGamer is covering Linux Gaming
URL: https://www.pcgamer.com/how-to-play-windows-games-in-linux/
06/24/2019 22:27:00 CEST

What about SteamOS ?

So Valve announced that they will stop the developement of steam for ubuntu, I want to know if their is an other linux OS where I can play my steam game and if steamOS still exist and get update?

06/24/2019 21:15:56 CEST

Teamfight Tactics is working in Linux

I made this comment in the /r/leagueoflinux subreddit, but figured I'd cross-post here for anyone dying to play this extremely addictive game. I'll also use this opportunity to plug Manjaro--if you haven't tried it in a while, it's far and away the best desktop Linux experience I've had in the 14 or so years I've used it. I'm thankful Canonical gave me the push to try something new. Anyway, here's how you can get it up and running:

  1. Install Manjaro.

  2. pacman -Syu

  3. Compile and install wine-lol-glibc can be found here

  4. Compile and install wine-lol can be found here

  5. Download the Windows PBE installer.

  6. /opt/wine-lol/bin/wine "~/Downloads/League of Legends installer PBE.exe"

  7. /opt/wine-lol/bin/wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Riot\ Games/PBE/LeagueClient.exe

  8. Wait in queue for 8 hours

  9. Finally play!

06/24/2019 20:26:50 CEST

Ace Combat 7 crashes when dualshock 4 is connected - help please!

I bought Ace Combat 7 on sale at the Humble Store a few days ago and tried to play it for the first time last night. I am playing it on Ubuntu 19.04 on Steam through Proton 4.2-7 (platinum rated on protondb), intending to use a DualShock 4 controller that Steam recognizes natively as it should and which works as it should on other games.

If my controller is turned off, the game runs fine. I even managed to finish the first mission with keyboard+mouse, but that's definitely not going to work for anything harder. However, if I have my controller connected Ace Combat crashes when I try to launch it. The splash appears and then it hangs at a black screen for a minute or two and then both Ace Combat and Steam exit. And if I turn it on after the game is running that either crashes the game or the controller gets ignored.

Any ideas what's going on and how to fix it? It's a bummer not being able to play because of this.

06/24/2019 19:46:12 CEST

Using Solus for gaming?

I apologize if this is in the wrong place, but was hoping you guys could shed some light on this for me. I am trying to switch off of Ubuntu, and looking at jumping over to Solus, as it seems to be a stable OS with rolling release. The big question I have is installing DXVK on it to use with Lutris. When I tried installing Lutris it didn't prompt me for it like it normally does on Ubuntu. Does this mean that DXVK is already installed or installed when a game is installed via the scripts? Does anyone else here use Solus for gaming? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can't seem to find a whole lot of information on this.

06/24/2019 19:34:46 CEST

Ubuntu To Provide Select 32-Bit Packages For Ubuntu 19.10 &amp; 20.04 LTS
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Ubuntu-Partial-32-Bit-19.10
06/24/2019 19:31:39 CEST

Statement on 32-bit i386 packages for Ubuntu 19.10 and 20.04 LTS | Ubuntu
URL: https://ubuntu.com/blog/statement-on-32-bit-i386-packages-for-ubuntu-19-10-and-20-04-lts
06/24/2019 19:07:37 CEST

VM Passthrough with Integrated Graphics?

Hi all. I have an i5-6500, which is HD 530 Integrated Graphics. I have an RX480 that I use for my gaming. However, I did a bit of digging and found that I could perhaps use the iGPU on a Virtual Machine running Windows. This isn't for any heavy gaming, but it's for running tools and software that I can't through Wine (such as the Modding Tools for A Hat in Time) and maybe some very light games that happen to not work well with Proton/WINE. I understand that the Integrated Graphics isn't all that powerful and that's fine!

From what I understand, I can use QEMU to do this. But I'm unsure where to begin. I realise it's probably not the easiest task in the world but I'd like to get a VM up and running using my iGPU while keeping my dGPU for Linux gaming. Any pointers on where to begin would be appreciated!

06/24/2019 19:04:25 CEST

Help me understand what will change with 19.10 and up, regarding to gaming.

I don't play games that needs wine or middle-ware, I only play native linux port (Rocket League, CSGO, Shovel Knight...) If Ubuntu really drop 32bits support, will the native games become unplayable or does the drop only concerns games that needs "proton" and such to run ?

06/24/2019 19:02:58 CEST

G-Sync Multimonitor Issue

Hi All,

I've been researching all day and trying to find more information on this, but the posts I did find were rather old and the one or two people who claimed they got it working, never did post a solution.

Has anyone been able to get g-sync to work on Linux with the latest Nvidia drivers if you have a secondary monitor?

If it helps, I've been testing it on PopOS, the moment I disable my secondary monitor in the os, it all works. I know it has to do with the X screen and the fact that linux considers them to technically be one monitor for the purposes of flipping.

Does this issue also exist for freesync and amd cards?

06/24/2019 18:24:14 CEST

a hidden download process on steam?
URL: https://i.redd.it/7kkhwa8hub631.png
06/24/2019 18:00:25 CEST

Tense Reflection sounds like pretty original take on combining a shooter with a puzzle game
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/tense-reflection-sounds-like-pretty-original-take-on-combining-a-shooter-with-a-puzzle-game.14429
06/24/2019 17:43:33 CEST

In the real-time strategy game "Moduwar" you control and change an alien organism
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/in-the-real-time-strategy-game-moduwar-you-control-and-change-an-alien-organism.14427
06/24/2019 17:39:48 CEST

Open-world space arcade-action game "Underspace" is on Kickstarter with a Linux demo
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/open-world-space-arcade-action-game-underspace-is-on-kickstarter-with-a-linux-demo.14430
06/24/2019 17:31:21 CEST

Even RPS is reporting on the whole Ubuntu 32-bit kerfuffle now
URL: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/06/24/steam-linux-likely-to-not-support-future-versions-of-ubuntu/
06/24/2019 17:16:22 CEST

"uplay has detected an error it can't recover from”

Hello. i m trying to run AC:Odyssey and uplay get stuck on looking for patches


06/24/2019 17:02:52 CEST

The Linux YouTubers | An Overview of Linux Channels | Guide for new comers
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c00UsN4D29Q
06/24/2019 16:22:31 CEST

Team fortress 2 performance? Windows vs Linux?

Does tf2 run better in windows or Linux?

Last question before I install Linux on my external usb 3.0 hard drive.

06/24/2019 15:09:07 CEST

popos or linux mint, for non rolling release distro, now that ubuntu is going full derp?

Personally I do prefer manjaro, but also trying to help a couple of less savvy friends move to dual booting. But with ubnutu going full derp causing even valve to drop it im not sure which os I should be recommending they look into. :/ I'm leaning towards popos but not 100% certain since mint as always been good to me too.

06/24/2019 14:55:43 CEST

Ok what if Valve is hiring kwin developers because Ubuntu is dropping 32bit support and Valve wants to work with Neon?

Not so far-fetched. If I was The KDE Corporation I'd be reaching out to Valve and putting effort into keeping 32bit support in KDE Neon. Their long lasting competition with gnome would see some massive changes if a Neon/SteamOS hybrid became the defacto Linux gaming platform.

06/24/2019 14:20:32 CEST

(Arguably) biggest Tech/IT journal in Germany reports on Steam's Drop of Ubuntu 19.10
URL: https://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Steam-stellt-Ubuntu-Support-ab-Version-19-10-ein-4453829.html
06/24/2019 13:55:34 CEST

Raspy4 Will Be another step for any Linux gaming consumer?

https://techcrunch.com/2019/06/23/the-raspberry-pi-foundation-unveils-the-raspberry-pi-4/?guccounter=1&guce_referrer_us=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_cs=hWe_DtBXwXiVUmP_gvqH6Q raspy4 is finally arriving. CPU horsepower is much bigger. Perfect also for gamestriming. Wonderful weapon for stadia and steam streaming?

06/24/2019 12:22:39 CEST

Going to be installing Linux on external usb 3.0 hard drive this week, what distro should i pick for gaming?

I'm going to be installing a Linux Distro on my external usb 3.0 toshiba 1 TB hard drive this week, however after the ubuntu crisis with 32 bit libraries, i don't know what distro to pick anymore. Usually i'd pick a flavour of ubuntu or linux mint but i don't really want to pick those anymore.

So what are my options now? i'm a bit scared of Manjaro and Arch Based distros because i'm used to using sudo apt install, and using apt in the terminal. I don't know any arch terminal commands :/

Anyway i'm excited to use Linux, can't wait to play Team Fortress 2 and Half Life 2 again, but with Linux :)

Also, does anyone know if Quake works on Linux? i have the GOG Version of Quake 2.. and what about Logmein Hamachi? for LAN games.

06/24/2019 11:09:36 CEST

Valve looking to drop support for Ubuntu 19.10 and up due to Canonical's 32bit decision (updated)
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/valve-looking-to-drop-support-for-ubuntu-1910-and-up-due-to-canonicals-32bit-decision.14421
06/24/2019 10:42:45 CEST

Save 69% on Life is Strange: Before the Storm Deluxe Edition on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/4418/Life_is_Strange_Before_the_Storm_Deluxe_Edition/
06/24/2019 10:29:57 CEST

Save 60% on RPG Maker MV - Modern Music Mega-Pack on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/904120/RPG_Maker_MV__Modern_Music_MegaPack/
06/24/2019 10:29:41 CEST

Tim Sweeney: "WINE is the one hope for breaking the cycle. If most PC games were automatically compatible with Linux, it would greatly increase the viability of Linux as a consumer platform."
URL: https://twitter.com/TimSweeneyEpic/status/1142247774701916161
06/24/2019 10:12:56 CEST

Visual Novel "Whiteheart Woods" On Kickstarter With Demo
URL: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nobreadstudio/whiteheart-woods-a-supernatural-mystery-visual-novel?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=whiteheart
06/24/2019 07:51:29 CEST

Looking into switching Distros due to Ubuntu? Test out different Distros in your browser
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQaXL3a774o
06/24/2019 06:30:36 CEST

Try StreamPi for those that can't run OBS Studio on *nix

I created a project called "StreamPi" that originally started when fed up with OBS's OpenGL requirements preventing me from streaming or recording on older hardware, so I started to make my software. It started out on the Raspberry Pi of all things and was therefore called "StreamPi." However, not having the greatest frame rate, I moved on to more beefier but older hardware made about ten years ago and continued the project (command-line only at this point) and could get 15-20ish fps on 2008 laptops and netbooks. I then later kicked it up a notch by finally creating a GUI (Graphical User Interface) version. You can find videos of the GUI version here https://peertube.mastodon.host/videos/watch/5c6cbf16-2a86-4434-875b-067067a2ba6b and here https://www.bitchute.com/video/MM2YcMYnqldc/.

06/24/2019 03:35:47 CEST

How do I play the original dotA on wine?

Im planning to buy Warcraft 3 & the frozen throne, is there anything else I need to play the original dotA on Linux?

06/24/2019 03:06:53 CEST

Play! (PlayStation2 emulator) getting a libretro core
URL: https://www.libretro.com/index.php/play-playstation2-emulator-getting-a-libretro-core/
06/24/2019 02:42:25 CEST

Is there any way i could run the faceit anti cheat or ESEA for csgo?

I am currently on fedora 29, and I am an aspiring csgo player. I have tried lutris, wine, and VMware, all to no avail. I was wondering if there was any way I could run these programs.

06/24/2019 00:38:45 CEST

My friends and I just released our very first game, and it's made from the ground up with FOSS tools.

Hey all!

Long time lurker, and Linux Gamer/User.

Anyway, my friends and I just released our very first game! And we made not just Linux, but Open Source a top priority! We used GoDot, Blender, Audacity, etc. I really just cobbled together shitty code, but I can try to answer any questions as best I can, or ask my other two friends who worked on the project. I'm definitely not an expert, as this is my first project like this of any kind.

We also released a fully rigged 3D model (with more on the way).

Our game is called `Segmentation_Fault`.

Segmentation_Fault is a simple walking simulator with a subtle eerie story unfolding as the player navigates the depths of a cave in an attempt to record and gain understanding of what happened to their expedition team.

Anyway, here's a trailer for the game that makes it look way cooler than the actual like...>10 minutes of game play that it is -- https://youtu.be/OFIK-v2ZZhE
https://newyearstudios.itch.io/segmentation-fault -> Here's a link to the itch store page. (You can just click "Download Now" then say "No Thanks, take me to the downloads.") I'm not here to rattle my cup at anyone.

https://www.newyearstudios.com/ -> Here's a link to our site that also has some assets and will have the other stuff we put out.

And of course, here's the source code if you wanna check it out yourself: https://gitlab.com/newyearstudios/ritual-jam

Critical Feedback is welcome! Again -- first project like this, so tear it apart, ya know? We learned a *LOT* and there are definitely things we'll be doing differently in our next project. :)

Hope you all enjoy, I'll pass any feedback onto my friends as well. :)

06/23/2019 23:56:02 CEST

Is linux mint support for steam ending 64-32 bit?
06/23/2019 23:39:51 CEST

Lutris and Wine not working on league of legends/Steam games

Hi everyone, i recently installed Arch on my pc, so far im really happy with it. But, Lutris is not working. The problem is, when i change the runner from default (Linux) to Wine-staging, League just wont start again, and if change it back to Linux, it wont work either. Steam games wont work too. Im new to this whole gaming on linux (though i have experience on Linux, as i work as an IT and manage multiple linux servers+i took a linux sysadmin/sysengineer course, so i don't get what i have to do so i can make my games work on wine.

06/23/2019 23:09:29 CEST

Linux demo available for card-based narrative indie RPG "Luckless Seven", five years in development.
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/433370/Luckless_Seven/
06/23/2019 21:56:42 CEST

Mac Borderlands Pre-Sequel Pulled from sale and why it matters on Linux

On Steam, Aspyr pulled from sale the Mac version of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel because they won't be able to meet the September deadline for 64-bit support. If you go to the page on Steam you can see the Mac icon and Mac is missing under System Requirements. This is from the Aspyr Discord:


While it still looks like the game is still installable based on steamdb.info, if you already own it. Why does this matter on Linux? Because if distros end 32-bit multi-lib support then we could see similar things happen on Linux. And there's no guarantee that game companies would spend the time to port their games to 64-bit. We've seen similar situations where games do support Linux in some fashion, but from the Steam page they appear as unsupported. This makes it harder for Linux gamers to find Linux games and be assured that games are supported & will work on Linux.

06/23/2019 21:22:16 CEST

Manjaro Nvidia Driver Switching Hell

Experienced Debian server admin, finally got round to dual booting Manjaro and Windows to try and move to full stack Linux.

Switching Nvidia Drivers to 'nonfree' using the GUI interface (and then terminal after in hope) and just getting the black screen issue after reboot where I get no desktop but can tty. (Completely new install, updated full, and rebooted before attempting the driver switch)

Non of the googled answers seem conclusive, it more looks like a stream of people who asked questions, getting no where and gave up. Considering doing the same.

Is this really what I should expect, I assume there's Manjaro Nvidia users out there using the non free drivers right?

06/23/2019 21:19:46 CEST

Good deals on Tomb reader games on steam

Tomb Raider GOTY Edition (2013) the game + 21 DLCs is -85% off ($4.49 USD instead of 29.99)


Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration (2016) is -85 off ($8.99 USD instead of 59.99)


Shadow of the Tomb Raider (2018) is -60% off ($23.99 USD instead of 59.99) but this game is Windows only


06/23/2019 20:41:12 CEST

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration -85% off in steam ($8.99 USD)
06/23/2019 20:22:49 CEST

Linux Gaming events, maybe?

I think it would be cool if this sub reddit got together every once in a while and organized a multiplayer gaming event for various popular multiplayer games that are available on Linux. It could be a lot of fun, and if we get a lot of people involved, it could be a good show of how important gaming is to Linux desktop users. What do you guys think?

06/23/2019 20:21:38 CEST

Canonical are now saying Ubuntu's 32bit is not being entirely dropped, 32bit libraries will be "frozen"
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/canonical-are-now-saying-ubuntus-32bit-is-not-being-entirely-dropped-32bit-libraries-will-be-frozen.14423
06/23/2019 20:12:29 CEST

What are you buying in the Steam sale?

It's widely rumored that the Steam sale will start next week. What Linux-native games are everyone planning to buy?

I'm hoping to pick up Iron Marines, Timespinner, Crosscode, and Dead Cells.

06/23/2019 20:10:52 CEST

Nvidia gamestream on linux

Hi guys, So I'm just about to swap my psp for the newer ps vita, and looking at some of the things it can do when hacked, Nvidia gamestream to moonlight on the vita being one of them so I can play full fat games without needing my laptop out, problem is you need Nvidia geforce experience. Anyone know of a way to get this working on Linux? Maybe through wine or lutris? I can just set up a 200GB or so windows partition but I didn't really want to have to

06/23/2019 19:15:47 CEST

Modern warfare 2 is laggy and mouse is stuttering

so i have new fresh install and new frehs wine prefix of modern warfare too i included d3dx10 d3dx9,devenum,mfc42 and vcrun2005 am i missing anything ? or why does it stutter so much i tried using windows xp and windows 10 with emulated desktop

06/23/2019 18:19:14 CEST

Ubuntu Developer Talks Down Impact Of 32-Bit Changes For Ubuntu 19.10
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Ubuntu-Steve-32-Bit-Comments
06/23/2019 17:27:32 CEST

Canonical partially backed off a 32-bit architecture drop plan
URL: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/i386-architecture-will-be-dropped-starting-with-eoan-ubuntu-19-10/11263/84
06/23/2019 16:34:33 CEST

My way of getting Overwatch to launch automatically in Lutris

After an entire night of experimenting, googling, and procrastinating on Cloud Security homework, I figured out one way of getting Overwatch to launch automatically when battlenet opens rather than having to click the play button. This is specifically for Lutris use but I suppose it would work in other cases too.

I made a file called Overwatch.bat that I put in the same directory as battlenet, and it contains:

`start Battle.net.exe

PING localhost -n 4 >NUL

start Battle.net.exe --exec="launch Pro"`

Then set "Overwatch.bat" as the executable in in Lutris.

The ping is to produce some kind of delay in between the executions. SLEEP and TIMEOUT didn't work, but that did. I do know you can detect executables running when you do batch files in normal Windows but I don't think that works in Wine. I tried a looping script that did something like that and it just launched battlenet over and over and over again because it couldn't detect Overwatch running.

You might need to extend the ping duration depending on how long it takes for your battlenet to launch? I'm not sure though. As long as the first one even gets to launch at all. The issue I seemed to be running into is when using start, the bottom one took priority.

You might also want to add "start.exe" to "exclude processes."

Works for other blizzard games too, that's just the only one I play. :p

06/23/2019 16:29:03 CEST

The EasyAntiCheat team is working with Valve to support games running with Steam Play

Response from EAC support.

Thanks for reaching out!

Easy Anti-Cheat currently supports native Linux games but is not compatible with the Steam Play emulation yet. We are working with Valve to bring the support for it, however there is no ETA for a release date at this point.

Regards, Easy Anti-Cheat Support


This is great news for many multiplayer titles, such as RS2: Vietnam, that are frequently borked by EAC updates.

06/23/2019 16:22:03 CEST

With Ubuntu dropping support for 32 bits, what would be the ideal gaming distro?

Ubuntu is not supporting 32 bit libraries anymore and Steam already said they won't be supporting Ubuntu (from 19.10 onwards). This is an issue because lots of games are 32 bits.

Ubuntu has been an ideal distro for its ease of use and enormous community. But now that it isn't anymore, which distro would you guys recommend for the average (Linux) Joe?

Here I'll describe my use case, but I'd would also like if you guys could give more general answers so other people can benefit from this post. I'm a student and developer, dipping my toes on many fields. Although I'm a Linux enthusiast I'm not that well versed on it and I value above all else stability and not having to fiddle with stuff to have basic things working (although I love problem solving sometimes I just don't have the time). I game very occasionally, so when I do I prefer to have things just working (but still I prefer to avoid Windows to the max).

06/23/2019 16:19:41 CEST

openSUSE Tumbleweed or Fedora 30 for gaming?

Been wondering which one is better for gaming. And by that, I mean performance wise. In case I wanna distro hop from Manjaro.

06/23/2019 15:48:22 CEST

Weekly Tech-Support Thread for June 23, 2019: Ask your tech-support questions in this thread please

When asking for help, include as much information as you can. Give us details to work with. Your specs, distro, drivers and software versions, logs and terminal output. The more you give us, the easier it is to help.

Please sort comments by 'new' to find questions that would otherwise be buried.

If you see a new tech-support related question posted in this subreddit, then please politely link them to this thread.

Ask away!

06/23/2019 15:33:15 CEST

What are some good single player games for low-end computers?

I'll be going on holiday in about a week and I'm taking a very shitty laptop with me (the only one I have). Here are its specs:

System:    Host: LAPMB Kernel: 5.1.12-arch1-1-ARCH x86_64 bits: 64 Console: tty 1 Distro: Arch Linux 
Machine:   Type: Laptop System: TOSHIBA product: TOSHIBA NB500 v: PLL50E-00801KPL serial:  
           Mobo: TOSHIBA model: PBU00 v: 1.00 serial:  BIOS: TOSHIBA v: 1.50 date: 02/24/2011 
CPU:       Single Core: Intel Atom N455 type: MT speed: 998 MHz min/max: 1000/1667 MHz 
Graphics:  Device-1: Intel Atom Processor D4xx/D5xx/N4xx/N5xx Integrated Graphics driver: i915 v: kernel 
           Display: tty server: X.org 1.20.5 driver: intel unloaded: modesetting tty: 128x37 

It takes 1 minute for this piece of junk just to open Firefox, so naturally, not a lot of games will run on it. I was thinking maybe Dwarf Fortress could work, but I'm still worried it'll burn the CPU.

One final thing, I'm mostly looking for free games. I hope I can get some suggestions!

06/23/2019 15:29:33 CEST

If you're an Ubuntu user and would still like to use this OS for gaming...

...have your voice heard.

There's a discussion opened on discourse (Ubuntu dev forums). I suggest you to leave your comments.

Do keep it civil, please.

06/23/2019 13:32:54 CEST

Non-native games, but supported through Wine, DXVK, Steam Proton, etc.

How do you feel about games which do not have a native Linux version, but that are actively supported by the developers so that they run fine under Wine, DXVK, Steam Proton, etc.?

On one hand, I prefer that engines move to Vulkan and offer native builds. On the other, I also think that developers that give at least some support to their games running through some layer of abstraction is better than nothing, since it helps players that want to migrate.

There is also another angle I have been giving some thought: given how well Wine and friends work nowadays, having a single build for a game may end up working better than a bad port done for PR reasons... Specially if they use a different graphics API than the main Windows build.

06/23/2019 12:18:39 CEST

Cool things that VALVe could do with their own desktop distribution

Just dreaming..., some features are possible now but as a official feature it could be much easier and secure than now:

-Steam Link App/hardware would boot your PC without security risks via internet (you will be able to send your security credentials via streaming and your PC will be locked in local access).

-Steam Input/Overlay would work with everything out of the box (and you will be able to introduce your login credentials with a controller).

-An "Sleep mode" would download games an updates.

-Steam mobile app would manage notifications about download and update games and system when you are at work and update your PC without stay there.

-Boot with SteamVR, finally an OS that doesn't need desktop interactions to start a VR environment.

-Proton by default, easier setup for windows non steam apps.

-Easiest Gaming OS of the world.

What about your dreaming features?

06/23/2019 11:42:17 CEST

Save 85% on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/337000/Deus_Ex_Mankind_Divided/
06/23/2019 11:02:00 CEST

Save 40% on Celeste on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/504230/Celeste/
06/23/2019 11:01:20 CEST

Save 85% on Rise of the Tomb Raider™ on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/391220/Rise_of_the_Tomb_Raider/
06/23/2019 11:01:08 CEST

Shocking news.

Now what you guys say... Canonical announced plans to drop 32-bit packages and libraries from Ubuntu 19.10. This is a huge blow to Valves Steam in the future. There must should be a 64 bit steam client & ubuntu game repositories has to be upgraded by 64 bit games.

06/23/2019 10:42:41 CEST

An entertaining gaming and benchmark video on openSUSE Tumbleweed for those interested in switching from Ubuntu
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceoxGamlTWI
06/23/2019 07:53:04 CEST

RGB control for laptop keyboard?

after using Pop_OS for a day the rgb on my laptop's keyboard started to mess up. the keys were just blue, but now the rgb is turned off until i press a key and then the pressed key and the surrounding keys have that weird rainbow effect .-.

It's really annoying, and until this point i didn't really care for RGB, but now i have to change it.

I Tried CKB-NExt but it just says that "no devices connected" - maybe it's because it's on the bulit-in laptop keyboard, is there any workaround that?

06/23/2019 07:42:58 CEST

What is the benefit of Wine/D9VK?

As far as im aware it only changes the APIs but what is the main benefit or reason to do so?

For example on a game like Fallout New Vegas or Skyrim what would be the main benefit or point?

06/23/2019 06:36:11 CEST

How to use the Vulkan overlay of Mesa 19.1.0 ?

How to use the commands in Steam games and in non-Steam games?


Has anyone here got it to run on Vulkan Linux games such as DiRT 4 and Steel Rats?

06/23/2019 05:22:43 CEST

What are your thoughts on Valve and what their plans going forward will be?

This is a really crucial and yet excited time for Linux Gaming even with all the 32bit drama going on - there is room for excitement.

Especially when you look at Valve and see what their plans could be going forward.

I'm really hoping Steam either gets behind OpenSuse or Solus.

I really like the idea of Steam getting behind Solus which is built from the ground up and Valve could help build Solus up even more. Solus would be the perfect OS to build Steam around in my own opinion anyway.

What are your thoughts?

06/23/2019 05:15:57 CEST

2D Turn Based RPG "Legacy Of Venaria" Released With Day 1 Linux Support
URL: https://yosua.itch.io/legacy-of-venaria
06/23/2019 05:02:57 CEST

Black Mesa Issues

I just did a fresh install and when I click "play" it goes to the logo and loading screen then exits back to the desktop.

Anyone else having the same issue?

I'm running Solus with latest Mesa drivers for my rx580 and using Steam Beta client.

06/22/2019 22:11:32 CEST

Skyrim. Can't get SKSE working under Proton.

I need it for some mods.

06/22/2019 21:49:37 CEST

Skyrim. Can't get SKSE working under Proton.

I need it for some mods.

06/22/2019 21:49:09 CEST

Looking for Linux users interested in beta testing our game


Our game is Bite The Bullet. A run and gun side scroller where you eat defeated enemies to gain power

We have designed it with Windows,Mac,Linux in mind and are currently looking for anyone interested in testing it out and fill out a short survey.

You will be provided with a steam key. All we ask is that you don't stream or post any content of its content online. We are also offering a little gift as thanks for people who take the time to do this. Message me if interested!

06/22/2019 20:35:31 CEST

Wine steam error when updating.

It says "Steam needs to be online to update".

06/22/2019 20:07:40 CEST

How do you feel about valve's decision to drop ubuntu support?

I am a windows user but i keep track of Linux gaming often..

Now that canonical have basically screwed themselves with their decision to remove 32-bit libraries, and now that valve are also dropping support of ubuntu. It's sad for ubuntu but it's also exciting because valve's new recommended distro is going to create an increase in popularity of "the chosen distro". which likely could be openSUSE....

It's also a good time to move on from ubuntu i guess since it's been the recommended distro for a long time now, a good time to give the throne to another distro.

06/22/2019 19:58:11 CEST

Which open source real time strategy is the most prohibitively complex with a mercilessly competitive fanbase and unsolved constantly evolving metagame?

As openage is not yet fully implimented and playable yet afaik, and Age of Empires II is the only reason I still have Microsofts Monster inhabiting the dark reaches of my hard drive, I am looking for a more Debian way to feed my lamewalling addiction.

I have very briefly looked into Openra, 0 ad, megaglest, and Battle for Wesnoth but I know nothing of the games or their communities.

06/22/2019 19:46:45 CEST

Re: Canonical dropping multilib support
URL: https://i.redd.it/ygaio979lx531.png
06/22/2019 18:03:24 CEST

You can now try the pre-release demo of the brutal roguelike Jupiter Hell for the weekend
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/you-can-now-try-the-pre-release-demo-of-the-brutal-roguelike-jupiter-hell-for-the-weekend.14420
06/22/2019 17:38:48 CEST

current JRPGs?

Hi, all. I've been reading around and found a number of old posts with suggestions for JRPGs on Linux, but I'm hoping to find some more current suggestions. I'm looking for things like the older Final Fantasy series, Dragon Warrior/Quest, Xenogears, Suikoden, that type of thing, and preferably FOSS - or at least free. I really have very little time for gaming these days, so I'd be playing very intermittently.

I found some recommendations in old posts - some several years old; a couple are still in the Mint repository but for the others I can't find a ton of info and am trying to get away from the Windows mindset of installing random software from the Internet. ;) Here's what I've found:

  • OpenMW (in the repo)
  • Wesnoth (in the repo - more like Final Fantasy Tactics?)
  • Mana World
  • KQ
  • Exit Fate (similar to Suikoden? can't find much about it)

Anyone know anything about the ones I've listed that aren't in the repo, or have any other 2019 suggestions?

Edit: typos

06/22/2019 16:45:18 CEST

[Discussion] Could/should Steam OS move towards Manjaro/Arch?

With Ubuntu dropping support for 32bit architecture and Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais tweeting that "Ubuntu 19.10 and future releases will not be supported by Steam", I got to wonder if they couldn't or shouldn't base Steam OS and it's games on Manjaro or simply Arch Linux.

Steam games that run on GNU/Linux still show Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as a minimal requirement, since valve has selected it as it's "base" for development. That is a considerably old distribution and installing up-to-date drivers in Ubuntu is not nearly as easy as on Manjaro.

So I'm thinking: could valve start using Manjaro or Arch Linux as it's "base" for software development? Do you think that would be a good/viable idea? Does any of the things I just said make any sense at all?

I'm still a noob when it comes to gaming (I've mostly just played valve games) and I'd like to get the opinion of people who actually understand something about this.

06/22/2019 16:28:27 CEST

OpenVIII: an open-source Final Fantasy VIII engine re-implementation [not playable, but rendering and music already working!]
URL: https://makipl.github.io/OpenVIII/#current-progress
06/22/2019 16:26:54 CEST

What skyrim mods work nicely on Linux?

I decided to go easy and only install a few mods.

06/22/2019 15:53:42 CEST

Distro suggestion due to Ubuntu`s 32bit support end

I want to switch distros in near future and i was going to go for ubuntu 19 but now i cant because steam wont work. What should i go for ? I want a distro thats setup OOTB and offers KDE and MATE variants (so mint is out because it dropped KDE). I dont want anything bleeding edge, i prefer Debian based systems. Any suggestions ?

06/22/2019 15:46:41 CEST

What are some good system settings to modify to get the best performance when gaming?

I know Feral Gamemode is helpful with this, but are there any other best practices that might not be known?

06/22/2019 15:43:49 CEST

How I set up multiple users to access the same Wine prefixes using Lutris as a game manager

This was born out of my two Sons desire to play Battlefield 4 (one on the test range only because of his age!) and my Daughters' desire to play Kerbal Space Program, amongst other things. I've done this for a total of five users. I'm currently using Ubuntu 19.04 after upgrading from 18.04 LTS through 18.10.

As most know, it's difficult to get multiple users sharing a Wine install and after reading up a lot this is how I've achieved it. The great advantage is each user can access all the games without having to have a separate Wine prefix for each user taking up huge amounts of storage space. Imagine having to have 5 installs of Battlefield 4! My Wine Prefix for Origin only to play BF4 without any DLC is 40.1GB!

On this setup I have a secondary SSD alongside my primary SSD with the Linux install, the secondary one literally only contains the Games folder you see. With how things are plugged in and how they've been assigned, my Primary drive/partition is /dev/sdb2 and this secondary games only drive/partition is /dev/sda1. These should changed accordingly to your drive/partition layout.

# add group games_access: (technically not necessary but it's good for uniformity)

sudo groupadd -g 1337 games_access

- creates a new user group to help define ownership later

# add each user to the new group:

sudo usermod -G games_access -a $user$

- adds each user to the new group we just created

# Create the following folders (move your Wine prefixes into "Wines")

sudo mkdir /mnt/sda1/Games
sudo mkdir /mnt/sda1/Games/Wines/
sudo mkdir /mnt/sda1/Games/Lutris/.config/lutris
sudo mkdir /mnt/sda1/Games/Lutris/.local/share/lutris

- we're creating the folder structure required to organise our lutris settings, wine prefixes etc.

# Run Lutris once on any user and use the name of that user in the following two lines:

sudo mv /home/$user$/.config/lutris /mnt/sda1/Games/Lutris/.config/lutris
sudo mv /home/$user$/.local/share/lutris /mnt/sda1/Games/Lutris/.local/share/lutris

- moves the configuration files for lutris from the user profile to the new folder structure on the other drive.

# For each user:

# You could go into root to set this up, as long as you also "chown /home/$user$/.config/lutris" and "chown /home/$user$/.local/share/lutris" afterwards

ln -s /mnt/sda1/Games/Lutris/.config/lutris /home/$user$/.config/lutris
ln -s /mnt/sda1/Games/Lutris/.local/share/lutris /home/$user$/.local/share/lutris

- now every user has the same Lutris settings

# Add the following lines to sudoers (one pair of lines per user):

sudo vim /etc/sudoers

$user$     ALL=(games_user)        NOPASSWD:ALL
$user$     ALL = NOPASSWD: /bin/chmod, /bin/chown

- this part is necessary for the next part, otherwise the next part does not work at all.

# in each "/home/$user$/.profile" add:

sudo chown -R $user$:games_access /mnt/sda1/Games
sudo chmod -R g+s /mnt/sda1/Games
sudo chmod -R 755 /mnt/sda1/Games

- this will take ownership of the Games folder on the secondary drive when a user logs in, allowing Wine to work correctly.

# Log out of any/every user (possibly a restart is best)

# Pick any user to log in and set up your Wine prefixes in /mnt/sda1/Games/Wines and modify any existing games in Lutris to point to the new folder in /mnt/sda1/Games/

# Try to prevent multiple users being logged in at the same time to prevent a clash of ownership

# on the Games folder, I've noticed wine games tend to crash anyway when switching users.

# The amazing thing is when each user plays a game, wine automatically sets up a windows style user

# that has their own personal saves etc. This may not apply to some games, I know Kerbal Space

# Program doesn't but each user can still create their own save/profile.

This is now working very well, everyone can play all the games without a problem. I need to check and maybe tackle Steam itself for a few others and if I do need to tackle those games, it's pretty much the same method as this (I'd create a Steam folder in Games and take it from there). I'd love to turn this into a script so if I ever have to do a full reinstall I can quickly return everything back to normal.

If you have any recommendations on improving this I'm completely open to implementing it.

06/22/2019 14:51:28 CEST

How is gaming on a Windows vm?

Ive been meaning to fully kick my desktop to Linux, but a couple of lutris garbage rated games are holding me back. Think Im ready to just ditch it for good, but I am curious how well do the games perform on Linux on a Windows VM, does anyone do this?

The primary game in question is Fortnite, its one of the only games My brother and I will play together

System specs are 2 ssds, hdd, 16G 3200mhz ram, ryzen 1800x, nvidia 1080

06/22/2019 14:37:37 CEST

Valve is hiring a KDE developer to work on KWin
URL: https://subdiff.org/blog/2019/new-website-new-company-new-partners-new-code/
06/22/2019 14:11:50 CEST

Skyrim. Proton vs Lutris?

Which one runs better?

06/22/2019 12:43:15 CEST

Valve looking to drop support for Ubuntu 19.10 and up due to Canonical's 32bit decision
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/valve-looking-to-drop-support-for-ubuntu-1910-and-up-due-to-canonicals-32bit-decision.14421
06/22/2019 12:37:19 CEST

Gta 5 without steam

Hello everyone. I wanted to know whether I can run gta 5 on ubuntu without steam as I have bought gta 5 from official website. So, is there any way to make it run? Any help is appreciated. ThankYou

06/22/2019 11:11:16 CEST

Skyrim se not starting with Proton.

It did start the first time. Wine steam also isn't working on Lutris. I'm on Manjaro.

06/22/2019 10:55:38 CEST

So it's 2019, what are my options for a HDMI Capture Card for Linux?

Preferably with pass through/low latency, if you know one.

I have an Elgato HD 60pro (which had kinda crappy latency, so I used Passthrough), but I got it months before I went to Linux. Now that I'm here, I have this dilemma!

Under $200 would be nice.

06/22/2019 07:28:43 CEST

Kernel patch has been posted to fix the issues with Steam connection.
URL: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/6326#issuecomment-504606826
06/22/2019 07:00:51 CEST

Overwatch stuttering

tldr; overwatch studders for me, i don't know why

My background is 15+ years linux administration, but linux desktop gaming is new to me. I switched over after hearing that getting banned on Overwatch is a thing of the past. I'm a FPS junkie, and Overwatch scratches my itch after growing up on TF2.

I've followed the lutris overwatch guides. I've disabled compositing and went down to Low settings and 75% render scale. And I'm still getting some stuttering to the tune of maybe half a sec to a full second during a game. Is anyone else getting the same? What have you done to get a smooth experience? When it's not stuttering, I'm getting 160-170 fps. Are others able to set a resolution higher than Low and maintain smooth gaming?

Specs below:

  • OS: Manjaro 18.0.4
  • Kernel: 5.1.8-1
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700
  • MEM: 16G
  • GPU: AMD RX580 4G
  • HD: SSD EVO 850
  • DE: KDE/plasma 5.15.5
  • lutris
  • wine-staging 4.9-1

EDIT: To install Overwatch, I used the installer from the Lutris site. It installed flawlessly.

06/22/2019 05:12:08 CEST

Pierre-Loup: Ubuntu 19.10 and future releases will not be officially supported by Steam or recommended to our users
URL: https://twitter.com/Plagman2/status/1142262103106973698
06/22/2019 05:12:03 CEST

Event Horizon - Frontier will have you continually upgrade and defend a space station
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/event-horizon-frontier-will-have-you-continually-upgrade-and-defend-a-space-station.14415
06/22/2019 04:32:30 CEST

Question about virtual machines and Easy Anti Cheat

I run an arch host OS with a windows 10 virtual machine and I passed through my gpu and SSD via libvert qemu kvm. My favorite game is Warhammer: Vermintide 2 and it runs easy anti cheat. If I play V2 in a virtual machine would I get banned?

06/22/2019 04:23:47 CEST

Mordhau isnt locked anymore to 60fps with vsync on!
URL: https://i.redd.it/9aiqdldset531.png
06/22/2019 04:00:26 CEST

Shout-out to Steam &amp;&amp; question about Shadowrun: Dragonfall

I'd like to give a shout-out to Steam. A few days ago I bought Dragonfall on GOG and have been playing ever since. Today I noticed it was on sale on Steam, alongside other games in the series. I actually bought it again (alongside Hong Kong) just so I could have it on Steam and replay through there next time. I kind of hated buying via GOG. Since they don't really care about me, I feel much better.


Now, onto my question. I spent karma kind of badly early game. I wonder if I should restart from the beginning and make something better (also chose another class since it doesn't matter which I choose, all the models look ugly, and choose a better etiquette). I think I'm about to start the Aztechnology mission, is this close to endgame? Is it better to just finish it as is?

06/22/2019 03:49:43 CEST

Post-apocalyptic adventure RPG "Failed State" comes out in to Early Access, with a Linux demo, and is 30% off.
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/409350/Failed_State/
06/22/2019 03:39:23 CEST

[WINE] Cemu 1.15.9c Publicly Released
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/emulation/comments/c39uuv/cemu_1159c_publicly_released/
06/22/2019 02:37:47 CEST

Fedora for a gaming PC

Noticed more and more traction for Fedora as a gaming distro. Not very familiar with it (I've used Debian and Arch based distros only over the last ten years). This is a rolling distro (of a sort), correct? What are driver updates like? Does it support Nvidia GPU's in the ISO? All feedback appreciated.

06/22/2019 02:26:31 CEST

Sweet survival base-builder 'MewnBase' has another update out, continues looking fun
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/sweet-survival-base-builder-mewnbase-has-another-update-out-continues-looking-fun.14412
06/22/2019 01:50:03 CEST

Wine steam won't update.

I keep getting "steam needs to be online to update". What do i do?

06/22/2019 01:02:37 CEST

Favourite things about Linux Gaming or Linux in general?

I'm feeling pretty wholesome right now so I feel like sharing some of my favourite things about Linux gaming. What things do you guys love about gaming on Linux? Some of my favourite things include:

The beauty and elegance of a modern OS. Windows 10 even to this day is bloated and old, Windows 10 contains relics like the group policy editor and other things like the Control Panel which clash with the newer Metro Apps and Powershell which are all newer ideas slapped on top of legacy code leading to a clash of UI paradigms and styles that are not appealing at all. If you compare the modern design of GNOME, the powerful features of KDE or the simplicity of XFCE to Windows there is no comparison. The archaic patchwork design of Windows is nothing compared to the well thought out elegant design of Linux DEs and interfaces.

The control you get. If a program misbehaves in Windows you are left fighting with the System over what to do with it, often it will continue hanging or in some cases force a system reboot. With Linux you are the master of the machine and you ultimately are in control. If a program of game malfunctions you can choose to kill it, debug it or end it. With Linux you are the one who owns the Computer you are not bargaining with it to delay updates or install unwanted software, the Computer is a tool for you to use and not get in your way.

The flexibility of Linux is amazing, if you want your system to be a gaming rig or a server you can do it all on the same OS. With a large amount of large packages available to create myriad of configurations the sky's the limit with any Linux box. Want to make a lean lightweight server? Don't install X and just install the components YOU WANT! Want to create a powerful gaming rig with a ton of emulators, games and libraries ready to play a ton of games from a range of systems well install those! From a tiny raspberry pi to a monster gaming rig, Linux will suit the hardware.

Lutris running everything is so much more convenient than having like 5 launchers for games, while they still exist you can just hide then in background and run them all through Lutris. Having your Steam games, Dolphin ROMs, native games and configured wine prefixes in one location is really nice and with the install scripts is so simple and really shows how brilliant the community is!

Linux has less overhead . When you run Linux on a PC it feels right. It just feels better and less encumbered. Even moving the mouse feels better. Less junk like telemetry, Candy Crush updates and services that are scouring your disks make the PC feel better. The more lightweight nature of Linux allows for OS to get out of the way and let you focus on what you want to do instead of the OS wasting it all. This has a great impact on games as they are able to take advantage of the hardware instead of fighting with the OS over what to use.

The talent and dedication of the people willing to contribute is inspiring. Linux gaming would be nothing without the amazing people who dedicate their time and effort to making Linux gaming viable. Wine devs, emulator devs and guys behind Lutris are all legends who have all made Linux gaming what it is and nothing like what I could've imagined years ago. People like this inspire me to carry on no-matter how easier it may be to switch to Windows and sacrifice my freedom for convenience. The people who put in the effort for Linux gaming always make me realize that there will always be an audience and no matter how hard it is to game in Linux there will always be people willing to do it, and in the end isn't that what Linux is about? The community?

This is just a few things I love about Linux and love to hear what other people enjoy about gaming on Linux and Linux in general.

06/22/2019 00:47:28 CEST

Wine 4.11 Released

The Wine development release 4.11 is now available.




What's new in this release (see below for details):


- Updated version of the Mono engine, including Windows.Forms.

- More DLLs are built as PE files by default.

- Faster implementation of Slim Reader/Writer locks on Linux.

- Initial support for enumerating display devices.

- Various bug fixes.


The source is available from the following locations:




Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:



You will find documentation on



You can also get the current source directly from the git repository.


http://www.winehq.org/git for details.


Wine is available thanks to the work of many people.

See the file AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.



Bugs fixed in 4.11 (total 17):


8848  SWAT4 Areas that should be in shadow and people are 
rendered solid black

22253  Horizontal scrolling with the mouse wheel does not work in list 

24211  ispq crashes on 'create account' with devenum enabled and 
without native qcap

28153  AutoIt v3.x @DesktopRefresh macro returns 0 (device caps 
VREFRESH hard-coded to 0)

30822  Max Payne 3 not running

34687  Port Royale 2 crashes on startup (SymGetLineFromAddr() 
returns unix-style path for source file)

34741  Catzilla 1.0 doesn't work: EAccess violation

34742  Catzilla 1.0 doesn't allow to use any display resolutions other 
than 576p

35477  'epsilon' 64K demo/intro by mercury crashes on start up

39071  7-Zip 15.06 looks broken after being minimized

39337  Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver crashes at intro video when 
being run in desktop resolution > 640x480

45218  Fallout 4 Script Extender fails to allocate trampoline buffers

47164  .NET Framework 4.0 installer fails when Wine is compiled with 
GCC 9.1.1

47167  Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) applications display 
no content when wine is compiled with gcc-9

47327  Japanese texts are overlapped in notepad when using bitmap 

47371  Nero CoverDesigner doesn't install - missing support for 

47378  ole32: native build (without-mingw) is broken
06/21/2019 23:55:21 CEST

Wine 4.11 Released

The Wine development release 4.11 is now available.




What's new in this release (see below for details):


- Updated version of the Mono engine, including Windows.Forms.

- More DLLs are built as PE files by default.

- Faster implementation of Slim Reader/Writer locks on Linux.

- Initial support for enumerating display devices.

- Various bug fixes.


The source is available from the following locations:




Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:



You will find documentation on



You can also get the current source directly from the git repository.


http://www.winehq.org/git for details.


Wine is available thanks to the work of many people.

See the file AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.



Bugs fixed in 4.11 (total 17):


8848  SWAT4 Areas that should be in shadow and people are 
rendered solid black

22253  Horizontal scrolling with the mouse wheel does not work in list 

24211  ispq crashes on 'create account' with devenum enabled and 
without native qcap

28153  AutoIt v3.x @DesktopRefresh macro returns 0 (device caps 
VREFRESH hard-coded to 0)

30822  Max Payne 3 not running

34687  Port Royale 2 crashes on startup (SymGetLineFromAddr() 
returns unix-style path for source file)

34741  Catzilla 1.0 doesn't work: EAccess violation

34742  Catzilla 1.0 doesn't allow to use any display resolutions other 
than 576p

35477  'epsilon' 64K demo/intro by mercury crashes on start up

39071  7-Zip 15.06 looks broken after being minimized

39337  Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver crashes at intro video when 
being run in desktop resolution > 640x480

45218  Fallout 4 Script Extender fails to allocate trampoline buffers

47164  .NET Framework 4.0 installer fails when Wine is compiled with 
GCC 9.1.1

47167  Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) applications display 
no content when wine is compiled with gcc-9

47327  Japanese texts are overlapped in notepad when using bitmap 

47371  Nero CoverDesigner doesn't install - missing support for 

47378  ole32: native build (without-mingw) is broken
06/21/2019 23:49:13 CEST

Wine 4.11 Released

The Wine development release 4.11 is now available.




What's new in this release (see below for details):


- Updated version of the Mono engine, including Windows.Forms.

- More DLLs are built as PE files by default.

- Faster implementation of Slim Reader/Writer locks on Linux.

- Initial support for enumerating display devices.

- Various bug fixes.


The source is available from the following locations:




Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:



You will find documentation on



You can also get the current source directly from the git repository.


http://www.winehq.org/git for details.


Wine is available thanks to the work of many people.

See the file AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.



Bugs fixed in 4.11 (total 17):


8848  SWAT4 Areas that should be in shadow and people are 
rendered solid black

22253  Horizontal scrolling with the mouse wheel does not work in list 

24211  ispq crashes on 'create account' with devenum enabled and 
without native qcap

28153  AutoIt v3.x @DesktopRefresh macro returns 0 (device caps 
VREFRESH hard-coded to 0)

30822  Max Payne 3 not running

34687  Port Royale 2 crashes on startup (SymGetLineFromAddr() 
returns unix-style path for source file)

34741  Catzilla 1.0 doesn't work: EAccess violation

34742  Catzilla 1.0 doesn't allow to use any display resolutions other 
than 576p

35477  'epsilon' 64K demo/intro by mercury crashes on start up

39071  7-Zip 15.06 looks broken after being minimized

39337  Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver crashes at intro video when 
being run in desktop resolution > 640x480

45218  Fallout 4 Script Extender fails to allocate trampoline buffers

47164  .NET Framework 4.0 installer fails when Wine is compiled with 
GCC 9.1.1

47167  Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) applications display 
no content when wine is compiled with gcc-9

47327  Japanese texts are overlapped in notepad when using bitmap 

47371  Nero CoverDesigner doesn't install - missing support for 

47378  ole32: native build (without-mingw) is broken
06/21/2019 23:47:27 CEST

Force specific GPU in vulkan applications/games

I two GPUs, one rx470 and one vega64. For DXVK and OpenGL I've figured out how to force which GPU to use, but not for native applications or games like Mad Max with vulkan. Anyone know if it is possible if the game itself doesn't support changing which GPU to use? Vkinfo shows the rx470 with ID 0 and the vega with ID 1. Distro is Opensuse Tumbleweed with Mesa 19.1.0.

06/21/2019 23:14:41 CEST

Canonical Developer Tries Running GOG Games On 64-Bit-Only Ubuntu 19.10 Setup
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Trying-GOG-Games-64-bit-Ubuntu
06/21/2019 21:43:48 CEST

Unity 3D games seem to be performing better under Wine for me than natively.

My laptop is fairly weak when it comes to gaming. Here are the specs:

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz
GPU: Mesa DRI Intel(R) HD Graphics 620 (Kaby Lake GT2)
DRI: Mesa 19.1.0

I tried native and Windows versions of two games from GOG:

  • Return of the Obra Dinn
  • Epistory: Typing Chronicles

With Obra Dinn, I get better frame rate under Wine. With Epistory, the frame rates are similar but the rendering looks much better under Wine+d9vk.

Has anyone had similar experiences?

06/21/2019 20:46:14 CEST

The Latest Linux 5.2 + Mesa 19.2 Radeon Performance Against NVIDIA With Mid-Range GPUs
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=linux52-mesa-192-june&num=1
06/21/2019 20:32:53 CEST

Escape from Tarkov performace improvments ?

All my drivers are up-to-date and i have tried different DXVK versions, but nothing substantial. Any advice on Lutris or game settings to improve performance?

06/21/2019 20:23:51 CEST

How do I transfer all my skyrim mods to the new Linux install?

I know that not all of them will work.

06/21/2019 20:13:56 CEST

Have any of you crazy bastards tried playing games with a microscopic distro? (Core TinyWM)

I know there is a Arch minimal + DWM crowd but this is absolutely anorexic: Core Linux (sub 10MB) along with TinyWM (50 lines of C)?

06/21/2019 19:44:40 CEST

Phantasy Start Online 2

Hello everyone! After the announcement of PSO2 at E3 for the NA release of PSO2, I've really been itching to play. Last time I played PSO2 it was on W10 a few years ago. I'm trying to get it working in WINE/Lutris but am running into this error:

Unhandled Exception: System.InvalidProgramException: Invalid IL code in .: (string[]): IL_002a: call 0x0600058e

[ERROR] FATAL UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: System.InvalidProgramException: Invalid IL code in .: (string[]): IL_002a: call 0x0600058e

2019-06-21 11:51:24,900: Unable to read stat for process 16940 2019-06-21 11:51:24,901: Unable to read stat for process 16940 All children gone Exit with returncode 0

Now this is a Japanese game that has a pretty huge NA community which resulted in some people making a English game manager that will download the game for you, install all of the prerequisites, and apply the english patch to it. I saw another thread where someone got the same error a few years ago but there was no real solution besides running passthrough in a VM. I figure since its been a few years and WINE has seen progress that maybe someone could assist me in getting this to run? The error was given on Wine 4.9.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

06/21/2019 18:03:25 CEST

about this ubuntu dropping 32bit, wouldn't....

somebody just make a copy paste script to drop debian 32 libraries an repos so they can be dropped in to ubtuntu?

06/21/2019 17:45:24 CEST

Strawpoll - What Linux or Unix-like distro do you use for gaming?


If you picked an "other" category, or if your distro wasn't listed, please say so in the comments.

06/21/2019 17:12:51 CEST

Enderal Forgotten Stories in PlayOnLinux

Enderal Forgotten Stories will run in Linux with PlayOnLinux (video to come...)


Its a lot of steps but if you are willing to go through them one time it is rewarding and a lot of fun.

I was able to run it on my GeForce GTX 1060 (3GB) and had decent performance.

I can't believe how huge the map is!

06/21/2019 16:43:03 CEST

SMACH Z Hands-On | E3 2019
URL: https://youtu.be/AEjhZIlsKqM
06/21/2019 15:56:12 CEST

Running skyrim installed on host machine via vm?

Some guy told me the easiest way to mod Skyrim is to install it on Linux. Install Mod Organizer 2 on Windows Vm. Point to the skyrim folder via shared folder and mod it. Does that make sense? Because I'm confused. Will it actually work?

06/21/2019 15:55:33 CEST

Save 30% on DUSK + AMID EVIL Bundle on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/11357/DUSK__AMID_EVIL_Bundle/
06/21/2019 14:37:56 CEST

Save 15% on My Friend Pedro on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/557340/My_Friend_Pedro/
06/21/2019 14:37:38 CEST

The Latest Linux Kernel Appears To Be Causing Connectivity Issues For Steam
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Steam-Networking-Kernel-Woes
06/21/2019 13:42:10 CEST

RUST Ubuntu 19.04 Couldn't switch to requested monitor

The error pop up :

Switching to resolution 1920x1080 failed, trying lower one Switching to resolution 1920x1080 failed, trying lower one All resolution switches have failed Screen: DX11 could not switch resolution (1920x1080 fs=1 hz=0)

I try lowering my resolution but it didnt work, my laptop is running on Ubuntu 19.04, Nvidia 1050 with the drivers 418.56, i use Proton 4.2-7

06/21/2019 13:27:35 CEST

OpenSuse or Fedora?

Which one is better for gaming? I don't want Ubuntu and steam isn't working on arch based distros. Solus is ok but not a lot of applications.

06/21/2019 12:34:35 CEST

Trying to get games running with Wine gives me PTSD. We should curate a monthly list of recommended natively running games.

Wine is a house of cards that blows up as soon as you look at it funny.

Coincidentally, I'm currently playing Hand of Fate 2, a mix of ARPG and tabletop card game.

06/21/2019 12:20:06 CEST

(noob question) Problems with my keyboard

Hi guys, first off all sorry if i'm posting in a bad way or something (i'm a noob posting too).

Yesterday, I decided move to Linux for gaming, with PopOs. But now I have a problem with my keyboard (Acgam ag6x) because I can't write for example an @. The key combination un Windows was Ctrl+Alt+2. I tryed with all Spanish keyboard configs but nothing.

Anyone can help me?

Thank you.

06/21/2019 11:48:51 CEST

Wine gaming in a nutshell

>Install wine

>Install Lutris

>Install League of Legends

>wow the game works now after 2 months of it being rebroken

>updates linux kernel

>restarts linux

>"game has quit" thanks for kernel 5.0 i guess

06/21/2019 11:13:03 CEST

Brawlhalla - Anyone know how to fix low fps?

Using Proton 4.2-7 Brawlhalla runs terrible fps, also steam overlay doesn't work.

Anyone know a fix?

06/21/2019 10:59:23 CEST

[PSA] Steam does not connect on kernels newer than 2019-06-17
URL: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/6326
06/21/2019 09:28:56 CEST

PSA: enable __GL_MaxFramesAllowed = 1

I did this and it substantially increased my FPS in many games on my Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050. Pretty much inline with Windows now in performance which is awesome! before FPS would hover around 30 and no matter what setting i changed in game it would the same. now when i lower settings in games the FPS jumps up significantly (depending on the settings of course) and higher settings are more playable now. example: dirt 3 i could barely run 50 FPS at ultra 1080p with 2xMSAA. now i can run full 60FPS ultra 1080p with 4xMSAA, 8xMSAA has some frame drops but its much better than 20 FPS i would get before!

06/21/2019 09:14:06 CEST

SquirrelJME RatufaCoat on RetroArch Early Bootup Progress
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSi06H5ubW0
06/21/2019 08:38:41 CEST

2D Horror Game "Immure - Part One" Now Available on Itch.io
URL: https://witherstudios.itch.io/immure
06/21/2019 07:54:40 CEST

[DEAL] Steel Rats (2,00€ / $2.00 at -90% 'lowest ever') until 21ˢᵗ June 2019, 19:00 UTC
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/games/619700/announcements/detail/1618396664102147784
06/21/2019 07:29:56 CEST

Help with Steam Interface being TINY?

Im actually running steam on ChromeOS using the "Linux Apps" feature, and I can barely read anything using my Pixelbook. I went into the settings and turned on "Enlarge text and icons based on monitor size" but this resulted in absolutely not change. Does anyone know how to fix this?

06/21/2019 06:50:41 CEST

Managing 3D Settings in NVIDIA

Hi all, for those familiar with using the NVIDIA Control Panel on Windows, there is a section titled "Manage 3D settings," which allows you to change a number of items, such as the maximum number of pre-rendered frames and the quality of texture filtering. Does anyone know how I would go about changing these on Linux?

06/21/2019 06:24:34 CEST

Dota Underlords and Vulkan

As most already know, Dota Underlords only supports Vulkan on Linux. That's a great thing for us in general but for those that use a low end intel igpu that usually means no support. In this case it's no text, just blank boxes.

As luck has it, adding this PPA fixes the issue and the game now runs pretty well considering.

Steps in terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

After those steps I recommend restarting your pc. Enjoy the game :)

06/21/2019 06:21:10 CEST

PSA: Amid Evil working great in Proton!

All of the reports on ProtonDB are pretty old and since the game just came out today I thought I'd take the plunge and see how it runs. Seems to be perfect! Just thought I'd share my experience here along with my report for anyone interested in the game.

06/21/2019 05:01:08 CEST

Can't play Dauntless (or some other game on the Epic Games Store) since the store client got an update? Here's the solution!

So there I was, minding my own business, enjoying the hell out of Dauntless, when Epic pushed an update for the store that broke Lutris compatibility. What jerks! Anyway, let's get it working again.

All thanks go to Lutris user dermeister, who posted these steps in the comments. The long and short of it is that you need .NET 4.8. If you dig around your version of winetricks, you'll probably notice that it's not there. Never fear. (Note that the rest of these instructions assume that you're running the Epic Games Store through Lutris with the default settings from that install script.)

Run the following two commands:

wget  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Winetricks/winetricks/master/src/winetricks
chmod +x winetricks

This will make a shell script in your home directory called "winetricks". Now we just run this command:

env WINEPREFIX=/epic-games-store WINE=/home//.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/ge-protonified-4.9-x86_64/bin/wine /home//winetricks dotnet48

This installer will say you need to reboot your computer, but that's for crazy Windows users. You just need to launch the Epic Games Store from your Lutris window as always, and it should work now.

06/21/2019 04:49:59 CEST

Linux Mint Challenges Windows 10 In Small Business Productivity Speed Tests
URL: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2019/06/19/infographics-linux-mint-challenges-windows-10-in-small-business-speed-tests-laptop/
06/21/2019 04:23:48 CEST

Here's a thought: "Use native binaries" should be a compatibility tool option in Steam

Lots of older games had their source code released and have community-made Linux ports available. Some games, like Unreal Tournament, shipped official Linux binaries with retail copies but not on Steam. It would be nice to be able to configure the Steam versions of these games to run user-provided native binaries rather than running them in Proton.

06/21/2019 04:10:31 CEST

KungFu panda showdown legendary legends--- and KungFu panda: The Game

I finally got the game to work in Windows10. I have no idea where these settings are for Wine, or which ones are needed or not. On steam it looks like people are running into issues running it.

I got it to run with: Windows 7 compatibility, reduced color (8bit or 256 colors) 640/480 and as admin (superuser in unix speak)

Supposedly you can also change a registery key but it wasn't showing up for me might be a 64 vs 32 bit thing:


Sufficed to say someone that knows the Mysteries of Wine settings and speaks Wine (the emulator not the drink) can help can translate that to the WINE equivilants. It might make the game work! Hopefully I have the energy to set up Ubuntu tomorrow to try.

It's a fun brawler IMO.

--KungFu Panda-- the game.

For anyone wanting to try this neet gem of a game. I used lutris for the initial set up. It might complain about several legacy libraries: Dx9(2005 version as I recall) MSVisual Scripting. I simply pointed lutris at those, and the game worked. I only did part of the first level. However, for some reason the controlls were litteraly backwards as in left turned pow to the right and right turned him to the left and I think normal space bar press didn't do any thing while holding it down briefly he'd jump. I haven't a clue if that's a WINE-staging bug or part of the game, or something else.

Hope this helps people enjoy some surprisingly well done movie to game...uh games?

06/21/2019 03:25:41 CEST

My kid is obsessed with VR. Considering an occulus go... is there a FOSS option?

Pretty much the title. I could be convinced to build a decent (probably sub $1000) desktop gaming rig/server if that would really be a better option, particularly if it could be steam-linux-based (I know, unlikely), with the HTC-vibe (or similar) VR rig. But, totally 100% open to suggestions.

Oh... and its cause' his 10th bday is coming up, and we kind of need some new tech... most of ours is getting rather old.

06/21/2019 03:12:59 CEST

MelonDS can now boot DSi firmware
URL: http://melonds.kuribo64.net/comments.php?id=94
06/21/2019 02:40:49 CEST

The long-awaited v1.5 release of "INSOMNIA: The Ark" clears the way for Linux, Mac, DRM-free releases.
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/games/783170/announcements/detail/1610515364753815635
06/21/2019 01:13:34 CEST

Evan's Remains, a beautiful-looking puzzle platformer with visual novel elements plans Linux support
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/evans-remains-a-beautiful-looking-puzzle-platformer-with-visual-novel-elements-plans-linux-support.14407
06/20/2019 23:56:37 CEST

Borderlands 2 aspect ratio/resolution on SurfaceGo w/ Ubuntu

My screen is a 3:2

06/20/2019 23:56:31 CEST

Proton wont and will never work on my laptop


Whenever I click the play button on a Linux-not-supported game, it always show [Game name] - Running for a very short while and then returning to the normal screen, as like I haven't clicked any button yet. I've googled for the solution and one of them said like the bug I've reported above. I've been solving this for 3 weeks or more but everything fails. Are there any step-by-step solution to this?

06/20/2019 23:03:41 CEST

Wine Developers Appear Quite Apprehensive About Ubuntu's Plans To Drop 32-Bit Support
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Wine-Unsure-Ubuntu-32-Bit
06/20/2019 23:03:25 CEST

How do I calm my CPU temps while running old games in Lutris?

My CPU can reach up to the 90s when I'm playing Diablo II in Lutris. This feels quite unnecessary. I have a laptop equipped with an 8750H. Any ideas?


06/20/2019 22:57:59 CEST

WINE: Modded Oblivion skin textures are missing in recent Ubuntu 18.04 update. Workaround is here.

Heads up, updating Ubuntu borked skin textures in Oblivion (modded) I'm not sure yet exactly which mod is affected or which update caused this, but after using winetricks to install d3dx9_27 the textures appear correctly again. I can say it does not have to do with WINE or nVidia (also tested that it affects Intel IGP) but some other Linux graphics library or rendering subsystem. I hope to discover exactly what is causing this and what mod is affected (my guess is Oblivion Character Overhaul)

06/20/2019 22:43:10 CEST

Linux friendly Paradox Interactive starts Midsummer Sale until June 27th
URL: https://www.paradoxplaza.com/on-sale/
06/20/2019 22:01:56 CEST

dota underlords can now be installed without beta key!
URL: https://old.reddit.com/r/pcgaming/comments/c2z63p/dota_underlords_open_beta_available_now/
06/20/2019 20:46:12 CEST

Dead Cells "Fear The Rampager" update is live and it continues being awesome
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/dead-cells-fear-the-rampager-update-is-live-and-it-continues-being-awesome.14403
06/20/2019 18:17:49 CEST

Borderlands 2 crossplay not working since a few days ago


So apparently a new update was pushed for Windows, that breaks the crossplay between Windows, Mac and Linux. Tried it just now, and the Windows version refuses to connect to the Linux version.

Yay - bad software development practices for the win!

06/20/2019 18:07:56 CEST

Does anyone run L.A. Noire on macOS using windows steam?

Encountered error that says wineconsole.exe didn't launch.

06/20/2019 15:45:29 CEST

I am trying to run a .exe program on my Samsung Galaxy S5(I know, it's old) but I just get this error. Also, I can't use the latest versions of Wine, they crash after extracting the files.
URL: https://i.redd.it/kb66zyf0hi531.png
06/20/2019 15:12:30 CEST

Extreme Tux Racer question

Hello, I am desperately trying to beat my high score in Extreme Tux Racer, but I'm having a really hard time, because I have no idea how the points are calculated.

Are fish important for scoring, should I only go for the best time, ...?


06/20/2019 14:19:58 CEST

Any recommendations for thunderbolt egpu enclosure?

Wondering if people have any experience of thunderbolt egpu enclosures with Linux. I'm looking for one and would really appreciate if you could recommend something. Thanks.

06/20/2019 14:16:47 CEST

Can I run thief deadly shadows from disk?

I'm gonna play it on my windows desktops but was curious if it was playable on linux.

06/20/2019 13:35:38 CEST

Don't play World of Tanks with Lutris, read ToS and you understand why it is risky.

Sadly, I got personal worst experience with it. Happened today.

06/20/2019 11:13:45 CEST

Anyone here tested Red Day: Episode One on Linux?
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Croteam/comments/br90t9/featured_mod_of_the_month_red_day_episode_one/
06/20/2019 10:54:26 CEST

Save 100% on any Linux game on Steam
URL: https://thepiratebay.org
06/20/2019 09:39:02 CEST

Save 87% on The Talos Principle Gold Edition on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/3042/The_Talos_Principle_Gold_Edition/
06/20/2019 08:29:38 CEST

Save 85% on Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/sub/137182/
06/20/2019 08:29:18 CEST

Save 85% on Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/552460/Serious_Sam_VR_The_Second_Encounter/
06/20/2019 08:29:01 CEST

Save 50% on Slime Rancher on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/433340/Slime_Rancher/
06/20/2019 08:28:47 CEST

Save 80% on Infinifactory on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/300570/Infinifactory/
06/20/2019 08:28:37 CEST

A croteam gem at 3€ Little price.
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/575820/I_Hate_Running_Backwards/
06/20/2019 07:55:50 CEST

Function keys inside wine window?

I need to use f1 and f3 in Subnautica (access menus) but it doesn't work. Any idea how to do that? Maybe Winetricks?

06/20/2019 07:30:35 CEST

Cathedral Trailer
URL: https://youtu.be/-KIGxJXWdlY
06/20/2019 06:09:50 CEST

FFXIV/GW2: Any info on group content performance on Linux distros?

I tried searching for threads like this but didn't find anything.

I'm very tempted to start using Pop!_OS, but some concerns are holding me back. I find videos of both GW2 and FFXIV running on Linux based distros that are recent and use DXVK (or D9VK in GW2's case) with good performance, which is great! But these videos (or stream archives) never really showcase endgame group content performance.

Is there anyone on here that play one of these games, or similar ones like LOTRO or WOW, and can tell me if the endgame group content has good performance as well?

Thanks in advance and sorry if this is similar to other threads that I didn't notice!

06/20/2019 05:57:11 CEST

Pathfinder: Kingmaker update 2.0.4 fixes some Linux-specific audio issues.
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/games/Pathfinder_Kingmaker/announcements/detail/1616144232246154838
06/20/2019 04:37:52 CEST

A Year of Rain - Upcoming 2v2/Co-op RTS game confirmed to have Linux support
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/app/319540/discussions/1/1639788130284881990/
06/20/2019 04:29:11 CEST

Battlefield 1 and POE unplayable.

Hi everyone,

Im running anteregos and an r9 390 and lutris. I will say I don't have much experience with linux but I'm about ready to give up attempting to game on it.

I've installed battlefield 1 via the lutris installer but as soon as I launch the game i get an directxerror. Configuration does show enable dxvk blue. I've installed vulkan radeon as well as mesa but as I was learning I might have installed other drivers that conflict but dont know how to check or what exactly I need.

Potentially related to the driver issue I can play POE but it experiences a reduction to what looks like horrible resolution graphics when theres any activity as well as in town. I tried following the process to install the patched dxvk but inside configuration the folder I created doesnt appear and enable dxvk option is greyed out and even if I enable and save when I return its greyed out as well.

Hope someone can help as Im on my last leg.

06/20/2019 04:12:04 CEST

Rethinking Open Source: The Challenges Behind Establishing a Modern Emulator
URL: https://emucross.com/rethinking-open-source/
06/20/2019 01:09:17 CEST

Hybrid Graphics laptop with Vulkan

Hello guys. Can someone please help me with the following question?

I have a laptop with Hybrid Graphics running Arch. Here comes the problem. I do use Bumblebee to run apps with NVIDIA card but Optirun and Primusrun are incompatible with Vulkan. Someone knows a solution to this?

I'm trying to configure NVIDIA Optimus but only the Intel card is a output source.

06/20/2019 00:50:19 CEST

Skyrim Leggendary Edition on Linux with 106 Mods and Rudy ENB
URL: https://imgur.com/a/vzeq3bo
06/20/2019 00:45:19 CEST

Spine PS4 emulator running games! (Gameplay footage + info)
URL: https://youtu.be/ZS2FsP5nfys
06/20/2019 00:38:24 CEST

Project Borealis - Update 5
URL: https://youtu.be/54bpxhCEwDQ
06/19/2019 22:41:17 CEST

PSA: Insurgency: Sandstorm free weekend June 20-24

News page

I believe this is the first time the non-beta release of the game is free to play with no strings attached, and reports confirm that it works on Proton, either offline or if connecting to a Linux-compatible (EAC disabled) server.

A native release is supposedly planned, but this would be a good opportunity to try the game, and maybe even play online if we can find an EAC-disabled server:

Server browser shows several "NO EAC" servers up and running

Interesting note: there is also a protected "NWI Internal Linux Test Server" listed on this server browser.

06/19/2019 21:53:20 CEST

ISLANDERS just got released for Linux!
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/games/1046030/announcements/detail/1615018332339165774
06/19/2019 21:44:42 CEST

Ubuntu 19.10 To Drop 32-bit x86 Packages. How would that effect games on Linux?
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Ubuntu-Drops-32-bit-x86
06/19/2019 19:58:38 CEST

Who knows how to install Photoshop CC 2018 on Manjaro?
06/19/2019 19:56:35 CEST

Open steam big picture when bluetooth controller pairs

Does anyone know a neat way to achieve this? I have my pc connected to the TV and always on and would like to simply grab the controller and start playing.

06/19/2019 19:02:23 CEST

How do I enable E-Sync in a Wine prefix ? and how do I know it's working ?

I tried a tkg Lutris build but the problem it refuses to work with scripts, and I need those scripts running.

I suspect if I build it manually it will solve the issue, but I don't know how ?

06/19/2019 18:27:19 CEST

How do I switch to Linux and still be able to mod Skyrim?

The only thing holding me back from switching to Linux.

06/19/2019 17:38:15 CEST

Problem with running Overwatch with Lutris on Wine

I have a problem with booting Overwatch (with litrus on wine). Battle.net launcher runs fine, works all smoth. When I try to run the game, i get error "No compatible graphics hardware was found (0xE0070160)". I have folowed all the steps that requiered to run the game, as also instaling any possibly necessary drivers.

I've tried everything to fix it, but from the log I can see that the problem is on Vulkan/GPU.

I am running:

Pop!_OS 19.04
Intel Core i5 4440 3.1GHz

Amd Radeon R9 270x

8gb RAM


[0619/165501.375:ERROR:network_change_notifier_win.cc(157)] WSALookupServiceBegin failed with: 8
[0619/165501.408:ERROR:gpu_process_transport_factory.cc(1031)] Lost UI shared context.
info:  Game: Battle.net.exe
info:  DXVK: v1.2.2
warn:  OpenVR: Failed to locate module
info:  Enabled instance extensions:
info:    VK_KHR_get_physical_device_properties2
info:    VK_KHR_surface
info:    VK_KHR_win32_surface
err:   DxvkInstance::createInstance: Failed to create Vulkan instance
err:   D3D11CreateDevice: Failed to create a DXGI factory
info:  Game: Battle.net.exe
info:  DXVK: v1.2.2
warn:  OpenVR: Failed to locate module
info:  Enabled instance extensions:
info:    VK_KHR_get_physical_device_properties2
info:    VK_KHR_surface
info:    VK_KHR_win32_surface
err:   DxvkInstance::createInstance: Failed to create Vulkan instance
err:   D3D11CreateDevice: Failed to create a DXGI factory
Waiting on children
Waiting on children
Caught signal 15
passing along signal to PID 3949
passing along signal to PID 4010
--terminated processes--
2019-06-19 16:55:26,700: Unable to read stat for process 3949
2019-06-19 16:55:26,700: Unable to read stat for process 3949
All children gone
Exit with returncode 0
06/19/2019 17:14:26 CEST

Ubuntu is going to remove ALL 32 bit support, even for libraries and multiarch. This would kill hundreds of thousands of games and apps. We need to show to Canonical that we don't want this!


If they go through with this, many of your favorite Steam apps and games will simply cease to work because of the lack of libraries. This will KILL ubuntu, and unless there is a suitable userfriendly distro, it will kill linux gaming and slow-halt the adoption of Linux. We need to band together!

06/19/2019 16:37:37 CEST

Can we block those ubuntufree.com spams?

They add nothing meaningful here and keep being posted all the time.


06/19/2019 13:23:08 CEST

You can now download Total War: Three Kingdoms for Ubuntu and play the popular turned based strategy game
URL: https://www.ubuntufree.com/download-total-war-three-kingdoms-game/
06/19/2019 13:05:38 CEST

With Destiny 2 coming to both Steam and Google Stadia, what are the odds of getting a Linux port?
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/c2dxyc/with_destiny_2_coming_to_both_steam_and_google/
06/19/2019 09:26:26 CEST


Hello, I'm a fairly new linux mint user and I've been trying to play SNES rom hacks for awhile with no success. I normally use Lutris for all of my gaming needs but it doesn't work for any of the downloads I've tried. Any help or advice is appreciated.

06/19/2019 08:45:15 CEST

Help Overwatch Lutris freezing whole system on game menu

Hi, Overwatch has been running fine until today, I'm running Wine 4.10.

Specs are:

GTX 1050 Ti.

Latest Nvidia vulkan driver from aur and dependencies listed on the Battle.net/Overwatch lutris wiki pages.

Ryzen 5 1400.

Up to date installation of arch Linux.

2400Mhz DDR4.

AsRock AB350M-HDV

06/19/2019 08:08:53 CEST

First Game Play in Hexa Trains.
URL: https://vimeo.com/342876550
06/19/2019 07:43:00 CEST

What is the number of wine stable version?

I'm about install wine on Manjaro, but when I look for "wine" on the pamac repository it shows me two options:

wine 4.9-1

wine-staging 4.9-1

But if wine and wine-staging has the same version, what's actually the stable version?

06/19/2019 05:19:07 CEST

What exactly AWS game server does?

I'm making a game (FPS) and managed to do the client side on my engine. Now i need Authorized Server software to communicate, basically send and receive my game data while players are playing. i heard about AWS and went to their website for read more about it.

But unfortunately, due to super messy website layout and super mega products, i got lost so fast and i couldn't find my solution. That's why I'm asking here.

So are they only host (let say IF i make) my own server program OR they have game server(API) for different game styles to rent and Host?

06/19/2019 05:12:59 CEST

Sell me on Linux gaming

I've probably gone back and forth a dozen times since windows 8 launched on switching wholesale over to Linux. The one thing holding me back, gaming support.

Lately I've been hearing, reading and watching articles about gaming on linux being in the best state it's been in... basically ever. From those that actually do it, is this true?

Gaming library wise, I've got a decent size steam library and most of my stuff on GOG has Linux support. MMO's are typically of the City of Heroes, Star Trek Online and The Old Republic variety. I don't really expect them to run outta the box, and I'm willing to put in the effort to try and get them working.

Hardware wise, I've got: i5-7600K w/Corsair H100i v2, Vega64, Freesync monitor, Xbox one controller and a Corsair RGB keyboard (K55).

The corsair hardware under linux in the past have given me problems with fan controls and getting the RGB to work.

Anyway, sell me on linux!

06/19/2019 04:21:08 CEST

Ubuntu DROPS i386 support, and with it, Steam and hundreds of apps wont work. We need to fix this.

This is a massive fucking shame. This could well kill linux gaming and the recent turn of support of linux. I liked ubuntu and used it, But you know what, Now, FUCK YOU, CANONICAL, FOR RUINING IT. I am so fucking annoyed right now. Why the FUCK do they have to do this? There is no goddamn reason. We need to band together as a COMMUNITY and TELL CANONICAL TO FIX THIS. Not because we like Ubuntu, but because it affects linux support. Do you REALLY think devs are going to bother porting, now that 32 bit isn't even supported for the biggest linux distro? We need to tell canonical that THEY ARE MAKING A BAD DECISION. AND WE NEED TO FIX THIS. Or else, Linux gaming is fucking dead. https://www.change.org/p/canonical-canonical-dont-remove-32-bit-support-in-the-next-version-of-ubuntu Sign this petition, and tweet to ubuntu, and start a riot on the Ubuntu forums. Every little bit helps.

06/19/2019 04:06:40 CEST

Lutris has a Wine Staging 4.10 runner now

Just in-case anyone is interested to know; I was mainly interested in the FFXIV launcher fix in 4.10.

It's ge-protonified-4.10

06/19/2019 01:53:35 CEST

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – June 2019 Update Available Now
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/games/289070/announcements/detail/1601506898142974162
06/19/2019 01:26:37 CEST

No Mans Sky on Wine Staging 4.10?

So, I am playing No Mans Sky on Wine Staging 4.10, on Ubuntu 18.04(Mint 19.1) on a laptop with 16GB of RAM, and I am using a Radeon HD 8970M GPU.

I'm going back to ArchLinux in the next few days, I am wondering, has anyone else played NMS on ArchLinux, and is there any performance increase to be had by switching?

I am thinking of enabling Gallium Nine, will this affect anything?

Apart from my own feeling that KDE Plasma is generally snappier than Cinnamon, is there anything that I can do on Arch that will increase my gaming performance any?

06/19/2019 00:12:54 CEST

Lutris Epic Games

Epic Games Launcher updated today, now whenever I start it, it gives me a pre-requisite error. Do I have to wait for Lutris to update the install script or is there a way to fix this? ( reinstalling doesn't do anything cause epic tries to update still )

06/18/2019 22:55:35 CEST

Key free for Dota Underlords

Send here a screenshot of you desktop on linux and put you nickname in any text editor

i have 2 keys

06/18/2019 22:39:56 CEST

Planet X3 is going open source
URL: https://youtu.be/wCx32lrBSNQ?t=40m59s
06/18/2019 21:36:50 CEST

Has anyone tried running Mass Effect 1?
URL: https://forums.lutris.net/t/mass-effect-1-wont-run/6184
06/18/2019 21:09:14 CEST

Steam performing first time setup on every launch of DOOM

Couldn't find anything for wine or DOOM in specific so I'm posting here.

Running the latest version of windows steam with wine staging 4.9 on Arch. Steam performs first time setup every time I launch the game, other than that it works flawlessly

06/18/2019 20:41:24 CEST

PCSX2 Q2 2018 -&gt; Q2 2019 Progress Report
URL: https://pcsx2.net/290-2018-2019-progress-report.html
06/18/2019 20:14:05 CEST

Steam Download Speed Issues?

Despite my ookla speeds showing correctly, steam is the only problem I have. The download speeds fluctuate and then trend out in the kbs or just bytes. I can't seem to figure out as to why. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.



06/18/2019 19:17:37 CEST

I386 architecture will be dropped starting with eoan (Ubuntu 19.10) - Announcements
URL: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/i386-architecture-will-be-dropped-starting-with-eoan-ubuntu-19-10/11263
06/18/2019 18:36:39 CEST

Littlewood released into early access - Animal Crossing/Stardew Valley-like RPG
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/894940/Littlewood/
06/18/2019 18:04:23 CEST

GIGABUSTER, an action platformer inspired by Mega Man Zero and Mega Man X will support Linux
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/gigabuster-an-action-platformer-inspired-by-mega-man-zero-and-mega-man-x-will-support-linux.14392
06/18/2019 17:57:54 CEST

Linux Gaming News Punch - Episode 17
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/linux-gaming-news-punch-episode-17.14384
06/18/2019 17:52:53 CEST

How do you use Proton without Steam?

So I've heard a lot about Proton and I'm interested in playing some of my old Windows games I've kept on my hard drive since switching to Linux. But I don't use Steam. Is there a way to set it up outside of the Steam client? I've run things in default Wine but other than that I'm pretty clueless here.

06/18/2019 16:24:31 CEST

Octopath Traveler - Steamplay
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PlSE5Tk6dU
06/18/2019 16:15:14 CEST

[German] Steam Play: Tschüss Windows, hallo Linux - ein Gamer zieht um - Golem.de
URL: https://www.golem.de/news/steam-play-tschuess-windows-hallo-linux-ein-gamer-zieht-um-1906-141920.html
06/18/2019 16:06:22 CEST

Laptop recommendations? (Risk of Rain 2 focused)


  • I would like to showcase Risk of Rain 2; with all settings maxed out. I'll play other games but I want RoR2 to shine.
  • Laptop should run very cool with no melting of my "boys." I'm willing to pay a little extra for the coolness.
  • No number pad! This is what takes System76 out of the running.
  • No loud fans if possible. I realize in some cases fan noise may be necessary just not obnoxiously so.
  • Everyone wants good battery life, but as long as most of the requirements are met I'm willing to deal with meh battery life.

I'm open to suggestions but I'll likely go with PopOS 19.04 on this one.

06/18/2019 15:15:25 CEST

Share your Dota Underlords keys

Everybody with a Dota 2 battle pass gets 3 keys for the Dota Underlords closed beta and I wanted to share mine with other Linux gamers. Feel free to share yours as well.

The open beta should be out sometime later this week according to their twitter.

  • 46804-PL53R-B9275
  • 4680Z-YR7I4-QF2N0
  • 4682Y-Z3QIZ-4I58A
06/18/2019 14:35:16 CEST

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Steam Play testing
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/SteamPlay/comments/c1yf6e/bloodstained_ritual_of_the_night_releases_today/
06/18/2019 13:54:40 CEST

Porting games with dxvk-native

I found this article about an attempt to make a version of DXVK as a native Linux library called "dxvk-native", and comments about how it can be useful in porting games to Linux. How so?

06/18/2019 13:28:28 CEST

Could someone share their shader state for overwatch with me?

The game is unplayable with all the stuttering I'm getting.

06/18/2019 11:49:19 CEST

Anybody successfully installed dauntless on linux?

I successfully installed lutris and the epic games store. Then installed dauntless. When I open the game, I get a black screen. On lutris, it is written to rename a file. But it does not say what I have to rename it to.
I am on ubuntu budgie 19.04, nvidia 750ti, nvidia-driver-418

06/18/2019 10:18:48 CEST

Cooler Master Devastator 2 / Other Keyboards' Backlight Working In Linux (Enabling Scroll Lock)

Ever since I got this gaming keyboard its bugged me that you can't turn on the LED backlight in Linux. I can't even read the keys at night. Finally it occurred to me that the entire backlight is essentially the LED indicator light for the scroll lock key, which would normally just be a small light. If there's no indicator light, it means scroll lock doesn't work in Linux, which makes sense because [no one even uses it.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dmeC_fRGCU). That's actually why they chose it to control the backlight. It's a key with an LED indicator that no one uses. Why not expand that into a backlight for the whole keyboard?


This should work for any keyboard with a backlight controlled with Scroll Lock. This works in my Ubuntu based distro and may or may not work in others.

Look for an empty keyboard modifier slot, which will probably be "mod3"

xmodmap -pm

Which will return something like this:

xmodmap:  up to 4 keys per modifier, (keycodes in parentheses):

shift       Shift_L (0x32),  Shift_R (0x3e)
lock        Caps_Lock (0x42)
control     Control_L (0x25),  Control_R (0x69)
mod1        Alt_L (0x40),  Alt_R (0x6c),  Meta_L (0xcd)
mod2        Num_Lock (0x4d)
mod4        Super_L (0x85),  Super_R (0x86),  Super_L (0xce),  Hyper_L (0xcf)
mod5        ISO_Level3_Shift (0x5c),  Mode_switch (0xcb)

Alright, since mod3 is empty, assign Scroll lock to it:

xmodmap -e "add mod3 = Scroll_Lock"

If that works, we still need to make this a permanent change, otherwise you'd need to run those commands every time you log in. We need to modify the file /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us. It's a good idea to back it up first. This assumes you're using the US keyboard layout. Modify the file that corresponds to your specific layout.

Find the section that starts with xkb_symbols "basic" {. After the last line that starts with "key" add a new line:

modifier_map Mod3 { Scroll_Lock };

That's all I had to do to get it working, but you may also need to clear a cache like this:

sudo rm -f /var/lib/xkb/*


06/18/2019 08:30:26 CEST

Cannot get Xbox One wired controller to work on Manjaro

Title. I have tried Steam's config, xboxdrv, steamOS xpad, etc. Any help would be appreciated.

06/18/2019 07:20:14 CEST

How to run bios on pscx2
06/18/2019 06:46:03 CEST

Your opinions on Clear Linux as a Gaming Distro?

I'm interested in the Distro Clear Linux someone who is a gamer and uses an Intel CPU, would there be any benefits of switching to Clear over Solus or Manjaro? (No bias Arch/Manjaro opinions please)

I run an AMD RX 550 4gb and an Intel i5-3470.

Benchmarks show that Clear Linux beats Ubuntu and the likes in performance and that got me really interested for gaming and if theres any benefits

06/18/2019 06:15:08 CEST

SSD partition read only

So im a complete linux noob, been on it a day or two total. i had a partition (on windows) that i used steam games on. i reformatted it for linux but its coming up as read only whenever ive tried to add the steam library to that drive. been looking around trying to find a solution but no luck yet. if anyone can help thatd be awesome, havent been able to game for a short bit lol

06/18/2019 06:09:10 CEST

Basically I am noob using ubuntu I just wanted to know how to run PS2 emuator and PS3 emulator
06/18/2019 05:41:51 CEST

Path of Exile reported gold and platinum through Steam Play!
URL: https://www.protondb.com/app/238960
06/18/2019 03:59:25 CEST

Linux Gaming (and general utility) Laptop Recommendations

I'm looking to get a laptop that plays nice with Linux. I've got a budget of about $1,300. Do you guys have any recommendations on the choice of laptop and OS? Here are some of things I'm looking for:

  • Linux Compatibility: Obviously. Does it play nice with Linux? How many extra hoops will I have to jump through to get Linux to run on it?
  • Good CPU and GPU (Basically, able to run relatively recent, computationally-complex games on High graphical setting. I've heard good things about AMD GPUs but everything I've come across features Nvidia because of course it does.)
  • Decent RAM: Not really sure what a good minimum is, but it should definitely have the option to upgrade
  • Hard Drive: At least 1 TB HDD, 128 to 256 SSD. I want to be able to hold all of my important data on this computer, then back it up to another HDD as needed.
  • Modularity/Long-lasting: I'm looking for something that's upgrade-able and decently durable. I'd like to be able to use it more than three years from now.
  • At least 3 USB ports

I don't care about:

  • Fancy Decals: I don't need to brag to the world that "I'm Such A Gamer Fortnite 420 LoL XD My Eyes, How They Bleed XD"
  • Any resolution beyond 1920x1080
  • Size, beyond not being unreasonably tiny
  • Speakers: I use headphones

Not mandatory, but nice:

  • Decent battery life
  • Won't turn into a volcano in my lap
  • Backlit keyboard
  • A keyboard that doesn't move the keys around drastically, or cause me to constantly fat-finger the touchpad
  • Can be opened and cleaned easily

I copied the format of this post to write this out, and a lot of my preferences are similar to theirs.

06/18/2019 03:19:19 CEST

Testing/Feedback wanted: Someone's working on a "steamos" script for Clear Linux
URL: https://github.com/CaptSilver/steamos-clear
06/18/2019 01:33:42 CEST

Why you don't game on a Mac over a PC
06/17/2019 23:50:52 CEST

Spine PS4 Emulator | Linux | Mega Man Legacy
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EFrUQ2J3D4
06/17/2019 23:42:59 CEST

Manjaro and Steam Link audio question

Using Linux Manjaro and Steam link, having an issue where the audio plays on both the PC and TV the Steam Link is on. I have "play on host machine" unchecked.

Two audio sources I see on my host machine, "Playback Sources" and "Capture Sources". Muting the "playback sources" gets rid of all audio on both host and TV, while muting "Capture sources" mutes the TV and plays on the host machine (opposite of what I want....)

Any advice?

06/17/2019 23:25:50 CEST

I want to make my Windows Games work on Linux. How do I do this? How do I create guides and install scripts?

I have several Windows games, many of them that are Windows XP and 98 that I want to have working on Linux. I want to get them to work with the following methods and GUIs...




I want to know how others get their games to work with these programs and I would like to create guides after on WineHQ and install scripts for PlayOnLinux and Lutris to contribute to the community. How do I figure out how to get games that have not been tested or have not been made to work to function on Linux? Is there any good tutorials on whats steps to take to try and get a game to work? My goal if possible is to get my games to work with Gold or Platinum rating.

06/17/2019 23:15:05 CEST

Remotely-triggered Kernel Panic Advisory
URL: https://github.com/Netflix/security-bulletins/blob/master/advisories/third-party/2019-001.md
06/17/2019 23:08:13 CEST

AMD Posts 459 Linux Kernel Patches Providing Navi Support - 412k+ Lines Of Code
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=AMD-Navi-10-Linux-Kernel-Patch
06/17/2019 22:10:56 CEST

Destiny 2

Hey guys, I'd like to know if we'd still get banned by playing Destiny 2 on Linux? I've read some time ago that people got banned for playing Destiny 2 on Linux, is this still the case?

06/17/2019 22:00:33 CEST

Latest Steam Update Broke Skullgirls Lobbies, Tell Steam to fix it here!:
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Skullgirls/comments/c1qgek/latest_steam_update_broke_lobbies_tell_steam_to/
06/17/2019 21:22:25 CEST

Encourage RPG developers to release for Linux

Promising RPGs I'm interested in:

Please comment / vote there to express interest in Linux releases.

06/17/2019 21:14:54 CEST

[self-promo] Project Zero Deaths now runs on Linux (released before OS X as well! :D)
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1089650/Project_Zero_Deaths/
06/17/2019 21:08:08 CEST

Can anyone confirm hardware/games for me?

I have an AMD R9 270X and a Phenom II X4 830. I really only ever play Eve online and League of legends. My previous experience getting either to run at all was a total nightmare but that was a couple years ago. Does anyone have confirmation/proof of a currently working solution? I'd LOVE to gtfo of windows for good but these two things hold me back and I really son't care to mess with dual boot....

06/17/2019 21:00:36 CEST


i open dark souls three and then a couple seconds later it closes what do i do?

06/17/2019 20:53:33 CEST

Any projects out there that turn Linux into a Bluetooth controller?

It's hard to Google, because all the results are like "top controllers for Linux" which is super annoying.

I'd like to broadcast from Linux to another device using passthrough of some sort. Anyone know of a project that can facilitate this?

06/17/2019 20:26:22 CEST

A question about linux

So, i have a pretty low-end pc. I currently have windows 10, and need to have it for school. I used to have windows 7, and remember cs go running okay, but on windows 10 it struggles. Should i install linux, and have a double OS, linux for gaming and windows for other shit? is it worth it?

06/17/2019 20:10:53 CEST

CodeWeavers will soon discontinue CrossOver One Version
URL: https://www.wine-reviews.net/2019/06/codeweavers-will-soon-discontinue.html
06/17/2019 18:57:09 CEST

Why is the Linux gaming community sabotaging itself? (Codeweavers, DXVK)

Hi All,

I've been using Linux exclusively for both work (I'm a web developer) and gaming (including some VR gaming) since mid-2017, and I've been simply blown away by how much easier it is for people to started with Linux gaming.

With Steamplay/Proton and Lutris, I have access to a huge catalog of games. Even VR gaming is accessible, Skyrim VR runs really well (although I did need to compile FAudio with WMA support).

Combined with Google Stadia coming down the pike, and I think we're really ramping up to a "golden age" for Linux gaming.

So my question is this: why the heck is the Wine team going to reinvent the wheel when DXVK (and now D9VK) already exist?! It doesn't appear to make any sense whatsoever, as it will just create more fragmentation, and more confusion for folks wanting to try out Linux gaming. Valve is sticking with DXVK for the foreseeable future, and therefore most games will most likely be played using DXVK. I personally think DXVK is incredible, and opened up tremendous possibilities for running games. So once again, why not work together?!

The other thing I don't quite understand is why more prominent members of the community (GamingOnLinux, Phoronix, etc.) aren't pushing back and calling into question these decisions. It's almost like everyone has resigned themselves to this course of action being inevitable.

From what I've read (albeit this is an extremely limited and simplified understanding) the Codeweavers team emailed the DXVK developer, and because they never heard back - decided to forge ahead with their own implementation.

This seems completely crazy, we all get so much email all the time, it's easy to see a single email failing through the cracks. If the DXVK developer really didn't want to help or participate, then so be it, but I'm not so sure this would be the case.

Please for the sake of a platform that I love dearly, and for the sake of making Linux gaming better and better, consider working together!

06/17/2019 18:49:48 CEST

CodeWeavers will soon discontinue CrossOver One Version
URL: https://www.wine-reviews.net/2019/06/codeweavers-will-soon-discontinue.html
06/17/2019 18:37:54 CEST

Odd graphical glitch when in borderless window mode (Ubuntu 18.04)
URL: https://v.redd.it/khogcnfb9x431
06/17/2019 15:52:38 CEST

Blade Runner in ScummVM now ready for public testing
URL: https://www.scummvm.org/news/20190616/
06/17/2019 14:35:04 CEST

Destiny 2 on Linux - Come Steam launch

So... One of the only things holding me back from full time Linux is Destiny 2.

I play it a lot. All my friends do. We do everything. I love it, can't leave it.

Not sure if anyone here has heard, but Destiny 2 is moving to Steam within the next few months. And with that, comes the potential for playing it on Linux with Proton, right? :D

06/17/2019 14:27:01 CEST

Not able to laucnh Dota 2 with Shader Pre Caching.

Today my Dota was not starting when i did , in the morning. I later removed "-vulkan" option from launch option and it started, i later did some other configurations to see what was causing it, turns out , i can run the game with vulkan but not with shader pre caching option , and i can run it with shader pre caching but not with vulkan.


Anybody experiencing the same?

Nvidia 418.56 vulkan 1.1.101 DOTA REBORN BETA

06/17/2019 13:23:10 CEST

Linux gaming on IGP of Intel Core i3 4130
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eVxjOrMIug
06/17/2019 12:55:20 CEST

melonDS 0.8.1 - better input support, OpenGL fixes
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/emulation/comments/bzr3fq/melonds_081_better_input_support_opengl_fixes/
06/17/2019 12:01:30 CEST

How to change refresh rate in wine?

Hi as in the topic... Is there a way to change refresh rate from 60Hz

06/17/2019 10:01:35 CEST

Save 75% on Fran Bow on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/362680/Fran_Bow/
06/17/2019 08:52:05 CEST

Paradox may not be supporting Linux going forward
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/forum/topic/3932
06/17/2019 04:59:22 CEST

YuZu Patreon Preview Release June 12th (Switch Emu)
URL: https://yuzu-emu.org/entry/yuzu-patreon-preview-jun-12/
06/17/2019 03:59:06 CEST

Does this NVIDIA Works perfect on linux distos such as debian?

decided to purchase a gaming laptop and i found this laptop. I will NOT use windows so i wanna fresh install linux (debian prefer) but im not sure that GPU driver works as perfect as (on) windows.

Please take a look at the specs of this laptop.

Please guide me before spending $ :) thanks guys

06/17/2019 03:56:54 CEST

HTC Vive and POP!_Os

I know my computer can handle vr I used it all the time when I had windows, but I have no idea how to get my headset working with pop_os I have steamVR beta and I'm using proton, all my drivers are up to date. When I open steamVR it just says "please plug in headset".

06/17/2019 02:45:50 CEST

Why do emulators perform better in Linux than Windows 10?
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/emulation/comments/c0pxcr/why_do_emulators_perform_better_in_linux_than/
06/17/2019 02:15:29 CEST

LinusTechTips - System76 Thelio Review with Windows vs. Linux gaming benchmarks
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTN1c1j6V1s
06/16/2019 21:53:57 CEST

The Elder Scroll Online seems to run perfectly with Proton 4.2

I just want to share my experience running The Elder Scroll Online (ESO) using Proton 4.2: the game seems to run perfectly out of the box with no Proton specific tweaks needed at all (I'll rate it Platinum on ProtonDB).

I played so far for circa 3 hours: done the tutorial and a couple of quests on Morrowind and reached level 4.

The performance are really good , between 40 and and the max fps limit of 120, but I have a quite beefy machine (2080ti, 2700X, 32 GB RAM).

I made a gallery with some screenshot from the game, including my custom settings: https://imgur.com/a/vksigdI

I also installed several add-ons to improve the UI, mostly listed on this web site: https://altarofgaming.com/the-elder-scrolls-online-must-have-addons/

Sadly I was not able to use Minion to manage them (is not finding javafx on my OpenJDK 1.8) but the manual installation is very straightforward: just unzip the addon archive and copy the folder in //steamapps/compatdata/306130/pfx/drive\_c/users/steamuser/My Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/AddOns

I have done also some UserSettings.txt tweak to improve the performance of the game (same tweaks that you do on Windows):

  • SET GPUSmoothingFrames "0" to reduce the input lag on low fps conditions
  • SET MIP_LOAD_SKIP_LEVELS "-3" to prioritize the load of hi-res textures (you need to have a lot of VRAM)
  • SET SkipPregameVideos "1" to skip the intro videos
  • SET MinFrameTime.2 "0.00833333" to set the max fps limit to 120 (the value is the result of 1/, in my case the result of 1/120)

The game is currently on 50% sale on Steam, for the next 21 hours: https://store.steampowered.com/app/306130/The_Elder_Scrolls_Online/

There is no mandatory monthly subscription like in WoW, you only pay for the new chapters but, even if you only play the base game, for 10 you will get a lot of content.

The game had a really bad launch but now it seems to to have fixed a lot of the issues and they recently released a new (paid) expansion: Elsweyr. I'm not planning to buy it now because it currently costs 3 times the base game and, since I never played the base game, I still have hundreds of hours of quests and explorations to do there before the need of an expansion.

Anyway, I just started playing (Nightblade PvE Stamina build), if someone want to do some quest together just ping via PM.

06/16/2019 21:27:33 CEST

The Best Way to Play Quake on Linux

I've been wanting to play Quake natively on Linux, and I see there are a fair amount of source ports for it. Which of them is the best? I've mostly been having a look at GLQuake and vkQuake, but I would love to hear of other options.

06/16/2019 20:45:08 CEST

Setting up macros for gaming with 1 hand

So I use my PC for 40% gaming, 20% media consumption, 20% work, and 20% editing. The main problem is in gaming part. My problem is in setting up macros. I have a condition where I can't move my left arm because an accident, so I rely heavily on macros to play games since I can't use keyboard and mouse at the same time. After months of reading a lot of article in internet about setting up macros,I still can't figure it out till now. All of the article are really old. And that's why I still can't totally switch to Linux. Any suggestion?

My mouse: Madcatz M.M.O TE and I use no-name USB footswitch with 3 buttons

I use manjaro KDE

Sorry for my bad english

06/16/2019 19:24:18 CEST

RPCS3 (PS3 Emulator) Progress Report for April 2019
URL: https://rpcs3.net/blog/2019/06/16/progress-report-april-2019/
06/16/2019 18:23:15 CEST

First linux gaming experience

Hi everyone

I really want to try swithing permanently to Linux on my personal computer, and I was wondering which distro I should use to begin, I'd like it to be light so I thought about an XFCE environment but I don't know which distro I should use

I'd like to have a dualboot with my Windows system and I was wondering if I could share the files between my windows and linux (to share my games for example, I don't want to install them twice)

I'm already using Debian at school so I'm not really afraid of console commands (I like it to be honest)

I thought about Manjaro but I really don't know if It's good or not, so I'm just looking for advices before jumping to linux

Thanks for reading btw

06/16/2019 16:59:01 CEST

Dota Underlords from Valve is already quite addictive and they're improving it quickly
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/dota-underlords-from-valve-is-already-quite-addictive-and-theyre-improving-it-quickly.14375
06/16/2019 16:54:12 CEST

Proton purposed hardware build resources...

Anyone have any good resources for tailoring hardware/upgrades for building a dedicated system to run Proton? Something to avoid picking problematic components? (Ie. AMD or Intel? Nvidea or Radeon? Particular MOBO/socket/processor combinations to seek or avoid?) And baseline, dead simple, moron-proof, distro as OS base for least hassles/best driver support? I prefer Mint, but will go back to Ubuntu if the consensus is that gives the broadest range of playability.

06/16/2019 16:44:01 CEST

Weekly Tech-Support Thread for June 16, 2019: Ask your tech-support questions in this thread please

When asking for help, include as much information as you can. Give us details to work with. Your specs, distro, drivers and software versions, logs and terminal output. The more you give us, the easier it is to help.

Please sort comments by 'new' to find questions that would otherwise be buried.

If you see a new tech-support related question posted in this subreddit, then please politely link them to this thread.

Ask away!

06/16/2019 15:33:14 CEST

The perils of crowdfunding for Linux games: Eco edition
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/the-perils-of-crowdfunding-for-linux-games-eco-edition.14377
06/16/2019 14:45:50 CEST

Help with Wine

I'm trying to help a friend install a game,and they got this error mesage.I'm not familiar with Wine,so I don't really know how to solve this.Can someone help?


06/16/2019 14:15:54 CEST

Choppy sound on Runescape


I am currently facing this issue:


System:  Host: debian Kernel: 4.9.0-9-amd64 x86_64 (64 bit gcc: 6.3.0)  

Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.8.6 (Qt 5.7.1) Distro: Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) Machine: Device: desktop Mobo: ASUSTeK model: ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING v: Rev 1.xx UEFI [Legacy]: American Megatrends v: 0805 date: 01/29/2019 CPU: Hexa core Intel Core i7-8700K (-HT-MCP-) cache: 12288 KB flags: (lm nx sse sse2 sse3 sse4_1 sse4_2 ssse3 vmx) bmips: 44352 clock speeds: max: 4700 MHz 1: 4682 MHz 2: 4699 MHz 3: 4699 MHz 4: 4699 MHz 5: 4695 MHz 6: 4674 MHz 7: 4656 MHz 8: 4538 MHz 9: 4669 MHz 10: 4699 MHz 11: 4649 MHz 12: 4660 MHz Graphics: Card: NVIDIA RTX 2080 bus-ID: 01:00.0 Display Server: X.Org 1.19.2 driver: nvidia Resolution: [1920x1080@60.00hz](mailto:1920x1080@60.00hz) GLX Renderer: GeForce RTX 2080/PCIe/SSE2 GLX Version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 430.14 Direct Rendering: Yes Audio: Card-1 Intel Device a348 driver: snd_hda_intel bus-ID: 00:1f.3 Card-2 NVIDIA Device 10f8 driver: snd_hda_intel bus-ID: 01:00.1 Sound: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture v: k4.9.0-9-amd64 Network: Card-1: Intel Device 15bc bus-ID: 00:1f.6 IF: N/A state: N/A speed: N/A duplex: N/A mac: N/A Card-2: Realtek RTL8192CE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter driver: rtl8192ce port: 3000 bus-ID: 04:00.0 IF: wlp4s0 state: down mac: 72:bd:eb:87:f6:55 Drives: HDD Total Size: 480.1GB (27.4% used) ID-1: /dev/nvme0n1 model: N/A size: 500.1GB ID-2: /dev/sda model: SanDisk_Ultra_II size: 480.1GB temp: 30C Partition: ID-1: / size: 408G used: 93G (24%) fs: ext4 dev: /dev/sda1 ID-2: swap-1 size: 34.27GB used: 0.00GB (0%) fs: swap dev: /dev/sda5 Sensors: System Temperatures: cpu: 48.0C mobo: N/A gpu: 0.0:42C Fan Speeds (in rpm): cpu: 0 Info: Processes: 323 Uptime: 5:53 Memory: 5522.5/32094.4MB Init: systemd runlevel: 5 Gcc sys: 6.3.0 Client: Shell (bash 4.4.121) inxi: 2.3.5

using propietary nvidia drivers

NVIDIA-SMI 430.14 Driver Version: 430.14 CUDA Version: 10.2

The issue is random but appears so far 5 times out of 7. Seven times is not random is how many times I launched the game. Funny enough.. the remaining two is when I tried to capture the game for proof of the issue. The issue came back (randomly!?) when I closed (but crashed) firefox. It happens once in awhile when I close a tab.

it is extremely annoying and breaks completely the game immersion. I was about to ditch the game completely until I heard it right for the first time, I thought may be there is hope.


06/16/2019 13:31:51 CEST

Does 8bitdo SN30 Pro work out of the box on Linux?

I'm looking for another wireless game pad so my wife and I can play game on the couch. I already have a Logitech F710 and I'm looking for an alternative to Sony DS4 that works out of the box on Linux. Must be a Bluetooth device.

Distro is Ubuntu MATE 18.04.2 LTS with Linux kernel 4.18.


06/16/2019 13:06:01 CEST

Zombie Panic! Source - v3.1 Beta Update 4 - Requiring Linux Testers
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/games/zps/announcements/detail/1612766532516479516
06/16/2019 11:31:34 CEST

Wineskin Winery Game Issue Mac OSX


Today I was trying to get Football Manager 2019 to work on my Mac OS (using wineskin winery), on OSX Mojave.

I was using wrapper version 'Wineskin-' to create my wrapper, with the 'WS10WineCX64Bit18.5.0' engine.

The football manager game was in a folder, that was run directly with an exe file inside that folder, which is why I used the 'Move a Folder Inside' option when creating my wrapper.

After creating the wrapper and running it, it didn't load up anything. However, when I went into wineskin and ran a test run, I got the following lines of text in the logs:

0009:err:seh:setup_exception stack overflow 1680 bytes in thread 0009 eip 000000007bc8a491 esp 0000000000140f80 stack 0x140000-0x141000-0x240000

I also got another run log, but that just had info about my computer hardware.

What does this error mean and how can I fix it so that I can run the game properly?


06/16/2019 11:22:42 CEST

Aurora: The Lost Medallion Steam Page Is Live
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1088610/Aurora_The_Lost_Medallion_Episode_I/
06/16/2019 10:02:44 CEST

We're one step closer to WMR on Linux!
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6D0EK1WA84
06/16/2019 08:11:07 CEST

Unity3D games in wine have problem with keyboard

When you switch to another window and return, the game does not respond to the keyboard.

Arch Linux, XFCE, last wine 4.9.

06/16/2019 08:06:17 CEST

Opera launches new Opera GX a browser for gamers in mind
URL: https://www.ghacks.net/2019/06/11/opera-launches-opera-gx-a-browser-for-gamers/
06/16/2019 07:13:19 CEST

I wonder how many games would work with Proton if BattleEye and EAC had Linux support.

Even non-steam games like Apex Legends (Which used to work but Epic bought them out and intentionally seized Linux support, which angers me.)

I feel like 90% of the games that are "Borked" are merely because they can't get into game due to the anticheat. Makes me sad.

06/16/2019 06:28:26 CEST

Cities Skylines in Wine + FreeSync (Mesa 19.1 - DXVK 1.2.1) = Heck yes AMD
URL: https://v.redd.it/8u4jo51mzm431
06/16/2019 05:20:05 CEST

Old native Linux games, how well do they run on recent distros?

1 issue I have with Windows and Linux is that old games can become unsupported on the recent/latest OS versions. Is the situation the same with Linux?

06/16/2019 04:18:53 CEST

What happened to the Linux version of Defense Grid 2?
URL: https://505games.com/platforms/linux/
06/16/2019 02:41:55 CEST

Minecraft crashing on start (arch linux/Manjaro)
URL: https://imgur.com/a/nZJgNPe
06/16/2019 01:17:16 CEST

Just booted into a fresh install of Manjaro gaming edition. Nice
URL: https://i.redd.it/ne1exln7il431.jpg
06/16/2019 00:20:27 CEST

State of GPU Drivers 2019?

So last time I massively explored Linux as a full board option as my daily driver on my computer I was plagued by one major issue: My NVIDIA driver (tried both proprietary and open source) was terrible. It wouldn't perform up to what it should have at all, when it did perform there would often be screen tearing and other graphical issues, and just as a whole it was clear that this aspect on Linux wasn't quite there yet.

My question is I have gone through and updated everything, though still running an Intel cpu with a Nvidia you, and I am curious on what the state of driver support and performance is like as of mid-2019?

06/15/2019 23:20:48 CEST

An Update on the Linux exclusive PS4 Emulator "Spine"

Recently there was a dev commenting on the Orbital PS4 update posts and was showing off his 'Spine PS4 Emulator' that is already capable of playing 2 games. It was assumed to have been fake and another case of RPCS4, but even more obvious due to having 0 documentation and just a random guy saying its real and providing a "demo" to download, it all seemed really fishy.

I brought this to the attention of /r/emulation and after some willing participants took the risk of trying it out, the emulator turned out to actually be real!!

Since then the dev has moved some of his information to Github and is still closed source cause its just a hobby project of his own for right now, but he plans on releasing it openly later on.

Spine is a PS4 emulator that is a Linux exclusive emulator, in which if Spine was to get to a level of playing games commercially before Orbital or anyone else, it would give a huge advantage for Linux over Windows and would be enticing for people who emulate on Windows only.

That being said, props to /u/devofspine

Github: https://github.com/devofspine/spinedemo/releases

06/15/2019 23:03:46 CEST

Voxel Tycoon pre-alpha will be available next 28th for $19.99 on itch.io with day-1 linux support.
URL: https://twitter.com/VoxelTycoon/status/1139975917206474757
06/15/2019 22:30:48 CEST

Best Store to buy Cyberpunk 2077?

With all the advancements in Linux gaming it looks like I have a choice on where to buy Cyberpunk 2077 from: Do I buy from Steam and be pretty well assured that Proton will fun it just fine (and support Steam), do I buy from GOG because all proceeds go directly to CDPR, or Epic..because I hate people? I'm torn.

06/15/2019 21:21:00 CEST

NetherWorld, an impressive looking and weird narrative pixel-art action game is coming to Linux
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/netherworld-an-impressive-looking-and-weird-narrative-pixel-art-action-game-is-coming-to-linux.14373
06/15/2019 21:09:17 CEST

The Summer Proton Testing Event is live!
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/SteamPlay/comments/c1074e/the_summer_proton_testing_event_is_live/
06/15/2019 20:09:07 CEST

How do I benchmark my GPU?

How do I benchmark my GPU?

I'm hoping to replace my GTX 970 with an RTX 2060 soon, and I'm definitely going to want to run before-and-after benchmarks.

06/15/2019 19:41:52 CEST

I’m having issues with steam on my Mac

I got wine hoping I would be able to play some windows game on steam but for some reason it doesnt show any text is there any way I can fix this

06/15/2019 18:21:03 CEST

Why this fps drop in battlefield 1?
URL: https://v.redd.it/vd94aqbmue431
06/15/2019 15:38:54 CEST

Daedalic sale on Steam with many Linux games
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/publisher/daedalic
06/15/2019 14:57:36 CEST

DXVK 1.2.2 released
URL: https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk/releases/tag/v1.2.2
06/15/2019 14:12:42 CEST

Pokémon Let's Go on Yuzu | Ryzen 2600X (3.9GHz) | GTX 1060
URL: https://youtu.be/NjExxHHW3rs
06/15/2019 14:03:44 CEST

Recording 4K Linux (including gaming) footage using AverMedia GC553 4k Ultra capture card - finally got it to work
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/c0vy1c/recording_4k_linux_including_gaming_footage_using/
06/15/2019 12:39:20 CEST

Forza Horizon 3

Has anybody been able to get this working in wine?

I understand that it's only available on the windows store, so I'd have to copy my game files from a windows install into wine right?


06/15/2019 12:17:57 CEST

Shitty performance in Dying Light

My brother bought Dying Light but it runs awflully shitty, he he well above the requirements, both native and proton versions run like shit.


Help ?

06/15/2019 11:54:10 CEST

Is there any option to merge steamdb with protondb?

I don't want to tab hop to check which games on sale are working on linux. :/

06/15/2019 08:44:22 CEST

sixaxis ds3 and linux lite 3.8

ok im having trouble getting my sixaxis ds3 paired via bluetooh on linux lite 3.8. it works when plugged in usb but when i attempt to pair it in the bluetooth utility it gives the error failed to add device. Super super annoying. i cant upgrade to linux lite 4.4 because of a display driver issue that renders the system next to unusable. does anyone have any ideas?

06/15/2019 06:30:30 CEST

Trying to run hunt, the game opens but with just a black screen, and these two pop up. what can I do now? (It's on archlinux)
URL: https://i.redd.it/z72sy7z05g431.png
06/15/2019 06:18:28 CEST

Unable to lunch Steam with Lutris on Manjaro

On my clean installation of Manjaro, I unable to start steam from Wine (to play Cuphead). Any of you has the same problem before or just know the solution for this my problem?

Entire screen with the error

Error message

06/15/2019 06:17:21 CEST

Why does updating Mesa still need PPA?

Can't it just be included in the system updates of Ubuntu-based Linux distributions?

06/15/2019 05:39:47 CEST

Need help installing Dark souls remastered on manjaro

Hi guys,

I've been trying to get Dark souls remastered working on Manjaro, however upon launching it a white window flashes and then it closes itself.

I followed instructions online to install vcrun2017, however I still have the same issues.

I've also noticed I can only access the directory of the wine prefix with root access, something no one else online seems to have mentioned.

Would someone please be able to walk me through, step by step, how to get this game working on Manjaro?

I'd really appreciate it!

06/15/2019 04:20:47 CEST

Xeon x5650

As I have said in past posts, I have a budget of 300 dollars for buying a new computer. I had seen some benchmarks of this cpu, getting so good results, almost as an ryzen 3. But, all of those benchmarks are made on Windows, but, how would be for Linux gaming?

06/15/2019 01:27:52 CEST

Why does Reddit have so many rules?

Seems like everything I do violates a rule in one way or another.

06/15/2019 01:04:38 CEST

[Help needed] Disgusting sound when using alsa/pulseaudio (Buffer Underrun)

Hello everyone , i'd like to share a problem i have on most linux distros , except Arch , and Calculate Linux (Gentoo) I'm currently running OpenSUSE Tumbleweed , but this also occurs on every Ubuntu varriants , i'm getting sick and tired of it , it hogs up my CPU every time it happens.

-Info about my soundcard :

-Realtek ALC1150 on MSI z97 gaming 5 Motherboard (built-in audio)

-"pactl list sinks" command output : https://pastebin.com/WH5yM4cX

-My default.pa file : https://pastebin.com/43QXupNa

This problem occurs on PCSX2 and Discord , and probably other programs as well.

PCSX2's console screenshot : https://discord.sucks/7jf.png

I managed to bypass this problem on PCSX2 since it supports SDL/OSS/Pulseaudio , but discord fucks up real bad. Additional info : i edited default.pa so sinks would not get purged when theres no sound , because it kept shutting down the sound card itself , which made the start of every sounds/music very distorted at the begining while it ramped up to the correct volume.

06/14/2019 21:51:50 CEST

R290x stuttering while having good fps

I tried to play F1 2018 and csgo and the Performance is fps wise close to windows but they stutter and feel much worse than in windows. And another problem im having is that amdgpu only works for me on kernel 4.14 and not anything higher. Im running manjaro.

06/14/2019 21:15:59 CEST

OpenGl and Vulkan appeared down my downloads as a lot of games got little updates. What's up with it?
URL: https://v.redd.it/dsqqbxqadd431
06/14/2019 20:59:26 CEST

FYI: Journey (from EGS) runs great with Proton
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/SteamPlay/comments/c0n32c/fyi_journey_from_egs_runs_great/
06/14/2019 19:52:39 CEST

Toonstruck, free for 24 hours on GoG
URL: https://www.gog.com/game/toonstruck
06/14/2019 19:39:33 CEST

"Steam In-Home Streaming" became "Steam Remote Play". This means you can now stream (play remotely) from your Linux gaming rig to anywhere in the world.
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/news/51761/
06/14/2019 19:29:40 CEST

Linux Tutorial (Updated): Emulating any generic gamepad as X360 controll...
URL: https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=QA_CV_s_qKk&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D5uDjAxSoxMU%26feature%3Dshare
06/14/2019 18:33:35 CEST

Linux Tutorial (Updated): Emulating any generic gamepad as X360 controll...
URL: https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=QA_CV_s_qKk&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D5uDjAxSoxMU%26feature%3Dshare
06/14/2019 18:31:04 CEST

System76's supercharged Linux-powered Gazelle laptop is finally available
URL: https://betanews.com/2019/06/13/system76-linux-gazelle-laptop/
06/14/2019 18:17:13 CEST

Linux input lag analysis(7DEs tested + Windows)

Hi there, i recently tested myself the input GNUlag that Linux and Windows might have and i thought sharing those would be appreciated here considering the complete lack of tangible proof that X or Y DE is better than the other on a technical standpoint.

For the test method, i recorded at 240FPS my mouse(Logitech G603 1ms 1000hz) button being pressed in front of the screen(Samsung C24FG70, 1ms 144hz), i did this once on the desktop with a web browser's(Opera) close button by measuring the number of frames since the button was pressed and the moment the close button changed color or the "close" tooltip started disappearing, whichever was faster.

I then did the same thing but with Xonotic(xonotic.org, the SDL fullscreen executable) by measuring the amount of frames since the button press until the muzzle flash finally appeared. Frame count always started from 1 instead of 0 and this method should yield about 1 to 2 frames of inaccuracy camera-wise(4.166*2), the total latency is calculated with (1000 / 240) * number_of_frames_camera. Ubuntu 19.04 and proprietary NVIDIA drivers with default DE compositing settings were used for all tests, the Xorg version was used everytime i could. Vsync was disabled in Xonotic's settings of course.

And now the podium, sorted by worst to best in gaming performance(cf means camera frames measured from the output video) :

8th - MATE (83.3ms/20cf desktop, 120.8ms/29cf gaming)
7th - Xfce (41.6ms/10cf desktop, 95.8ms/23cf gaming) HOWEVER it is "hardcoded" at 60fps and had horrible diagonal glitches, very bad if you ask me. https://i.imgur.com/N6OHiTC.png
6th - KDE Plasma Kwin (41~45ms/10~11cf desktop, 83.3ms/20cf gaming) i've had to do this test twice to confirm it was indeed 20 and not 19 with bad timing in the recording.
5th - Windows 10 build 1809 (79.1ms/19cf both on the desktop and in game)
4th - Gnome 3/Mutter (33.3ms/8cf desktop, 79.1ms/19cf gaming) Crazy how they went from having an infuriating 59.940hz hardcoded lock to having this kind of performance, though Phoronix says this version of Ubuntu doesn't have the recent latency improvements for Mutter, anyone can comfirm this? https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/mutter/commit/4faeb12731b81ce617042973155cc4b5737e1133
3rd - Ubuntu Unity 7 (33.3ms/8cf desktop, 62.5ms/15cf gaming)
2nd - Enlightenment (62.5ms/15cf gaming, i was unable to test the desktop because it refused to show the browser's top bar and would often be unresponsive)
1st - LXDE (37.5ms/9cframes desktop, 54.1ms/13cf gaming)

Now i don't know if it can be improved from the user side, realtime kernel(maybe) and disabling the desktop composition "should" help but if a DE has suboptimal or outright bad latency problems even without composition then is it objectively a mediocre DE? It can be asked in the other direction too.(a DE considered superior for its technical performance rather than its design)

I also didn't test tiling window managers due to lack of familiarity with those, i would have liked to test Windows 7 too(both with and without composition) but couldn't due to """uncompatible""" hardware. Windows native vs. LXDE/Unity Wine in both exclusive and windowed fullscreen modes is a very good idea too. Audio latency with Pulseaudio against that of Windows could be tested with optimized buffer lenght settings too.

06/14/2019 18:14:00 CEST

Linux release of The Expression Amrilato can now be bought anywhere but on Steam
URL: http://blog.mangagamer.org/2019/06/14/the-expression-amrilato-steam-delay/
06/14/2019 17:31:42 CEST

The latest Volcanoids update sounds amazing, lets you directly pilot your drillship
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/the-latest-volcanoids-update-sounds-amazing-lets-you-directly-pilot-your.14369
06/14/2019 16:38:36 CEST

Vector 36 :: Update 1.5.1X Multiplayer live. Finally : D
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/games/346460/announcements/detail/1610514097384104918
06/14/2019 16:37:15 CEST

Starbound :: Starbound 1.4: Bounty Hunter Update
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/games/211820/announcements/detail/1593626234091934844
06/14/2019 16:34:49 CEST

Skellboy looks like a very sweet action-RPG where you swap body parts
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/skellboy-looks-like-a-very-sweet-action-rpg-where-you-swap-body-parts.14368
06/14/2019 16:28:39 CEST

SkateBIRD has flown past the Kickstarter goal, Linux demo now available
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/skatebird-has-flown-past-the-kickstarter-goal-linux-demo-now-available.14363
06/14/2019 16:25:55 CEST

Guilty Gear X - Wine assist?

I was able to get this game up and running back on 14.04 with Wine1.6, I believe.

I am trying to play it again. I am also trying to get it to work via Lutris. What's the best way to do this on my main rig while already having Wine-Stable installed?

06/14/2019 16:15:52 CEST

Garden Paws in PlayOnLinux

Garden Paws is a non-violent crafting, exploring, selling/buying cut animal game with interactive NCPs.
This is jus the demo on itch.io, but they are planning multiplayer in the full version.




06/14/2019 14:33:22 CEST


Hi, after finally figuring out most of my problems getting linux to work on my cevo laptop, Ive only got one last thing that is holding me back from dropping the horror of Microsoft forever. Faceit anti-cheat client, as I mostly play cs:go and only on faceit, this is something I need. However, their client is only for winblows, and from what Ive been able to find of previous answers from them, they seem hughly reluctant to change that, they seem to not give two shits about peoples preference for OS. Does anyone here think there is any hope for this beeing changed? Anyone with the aame issue? Is there anyway to try and fix this? Or get them to change their minds?

06/14/2019 13:23:27 CEST

Save 50% on Tyranny on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/362960/Tyranny/
06/14/2019 12:46:29 CEST

New Video out for the Linux powered Atari VCS
URL: https://youtu.be/CjqsT5HzE2g
06/14/2019 10:27:55 CEST

State of gaming on Oculus?

I have an Oculus Rift as well as a pretty decent library of Oculus games. Would it be possible to still have access to all of those games if I decide to switch over to Linux? I don't plan to sell my Rift or switch headsets any time soon, so this would be the deciding factor on whether or not I switch.

Thank you!

06/14/2019 06:36:05 CEST

BioShock Remastered Textures missing

Does anyone have an issue where the textures for BioShock Remastered don't load in? I have an RTX 2070 with 8GB of VRAM, 16 GB of RAM, and a 6-core i7, but textures seem to never fully load when playing the game. Signs are just a blurry mess, the statues and room decorations are just blobs. Can't tell what anything in the game is supposed to be.

06/14/2019 03:30:55 CEST

Open source Powerslide reimplementation based on Ogre3D [playable!]
URL: https://www.moddb.com/mods/powerslideremake
06/14/2019 02:59:52 CEST

Steam Client Update Released with 7 Linux-specific changes.
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/news/51761/
06/14/2019 02:49:27 CEST

Minion Addon Manager

Would anyone happen to know how to get Minion addon manager to work on Manjaro KDE?

06/14/2019 01:49:14 CEST

How's the R9 380 on Linux?

I would like to build a PC, with a budget of 300 dollars. Have seen this GPU really cheap, some benchmarks says that is better than the Rx 550. But, how does it works on Linux with the open source drivers?

06/14/2019 01:44:23 CEST

Stuck while starting lol client

I'm getting that error LeagueClient.exe(00000037): ERROR| rcp-be-lol-lobby| Player party state has not been initialize and that probably causing that stuck... Have some idea how to solve?

And while I run this sudo pacman -S giflib lib32-giflib libpng lib32-libpng libldap lib32-libldap gnutls lib32-gnutls mpg123 lib32-mpg123 openal lib32-openal v4l-utils lib32-v4l-utils libpulse lib32-libpulse alsa-plugins lib32-alsa-plugins alsa-lib lib32-alsa-lib libjpeg-turbo lib32-libjpeg-turbo libxcomposite lib32-libxcomposite libxinerama lib32-libxinerama ncurses lib32-ncurses opencl-icd-loader lib32-opencl-icd-loader libxslt lib32-libxslt libva lib32-libva gtk3 lib32-gtk3 gst-plugins-base-libs lib32-gst-plugins-base-libs vulkan-icd-loader lib32-vulkan-icd-loader cups samba dosbox. Problem is solved but temporary after relaunch lol or lutris (probably) problem is back...

06/14/2019 00:39:37 CEST

For those of you who just got invited to DotA Underlords and are running dual monitors.

DotA2 and now DotA Underlords has a weird thing where it launches on the opposite monitor that you usually game on.

Type this into your Launch Options:

sdl_displayindex 0 -phased_window_create -opengl

06/14/2019 00:37:48 CEST

Is PS4 plaguing the gaming industry?


I wanted to share my thoughts on this and also ask for your opinion on this topic. I know it's not directly related to gaming on linux, though I will mention gaming on linux, but I decided to post this on this subreddit, since people here strive for platform openness, FOSS and similar, whereas the vast majority of content of other gaming subreddits consists of people buying expensive hardware/pressing download button on steam (no offense).

Recently there's been quite an outrage about the exclusivity deals that the Epic Store has been very actively engaging in. However absolutely no one is bothered by the fact that PlayStation is doing exactly the same, but ten times worse. PS entire business relies wholly on exclusive deals. People buy PSs not because of superior hardware performance compared to Xbox, but because PS has tons of exclusives.

I wanted to know if PS is not judged as heavily as the Epic store because people think it's okay for Sony to do such things? I mean, exclusivity is a terrible thing! It's essentially forcing people to use a product/platform/software of some sort not because of the benefits/features of the product/platform/software, but because it has something, that is unavailable elsewhere.

Exclusivity is (in my opinion) very clearly analogous to trading/manufacturing monopolies, which led to the stagnation of the whole industry and the monopolized branch in particular.

Is this a valid analogy? Should companies launching games employ exclusivity tactics? Where am I wrong? Isn't PlayStation essentially holding back the entire gaming business, with people simply having to wait sometimes years to play the same game on other platfors (or never).

(Important: I understand the use of exclusivity when the service has just been launched (like what Google Stadia will be doing soon) just to give it a sort of initial boost, but PS is more than 20 years old, so that is clearly not the case here)

06/13/2019 23:58:45 CEST

Prince of Persia (2008) on Linux - Wine Staging 4.9 - Fedora 30
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyeA-a-Z4PM
06/13/2019 23:58:32 CEST

Resident Evil: Revelations - Wine 4.9 + D9VK - MAX settings - Linux
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaNK4QTV-q0
06/13/2019 23:06:52 CEST

Dota Underlords (Valve-made Autochess) Beta - Looks to have Linux support in the Battlepass preview and promised to have it when the open beta launches in about a week.
URL: http://blog.dota2.com/2019/06/dota-underlords/
06/13/2019 22:46:25 CEST

Orbital (PS4 emulator) just got a big performance upgrade!
URL: https://youtu.be/IBBHisNM74o
06/13/2019 22:45:12 CEST

What's the endgame for Proton? Could it play the entire Steam library with similar performance to Windows?
06/13/2019 22:16:18 CEST

64-bit cannot be used with a 32-bit

Hi wine lauching with wronk version 32 not 64 on lutris


06/13/2019 20:03:14 CEST

ΔV: Rings of Saturn is running hybrid Crowd funding / Early access - with day one Linux support
URL: https://koder.itch.io/dv-rings-of-saturn
06/13/2019 19:52:03 CEST


Hi I am new to linux as a gaming platform. I have just installed it and I have one question, I don't have a graphics card yet but I have ryzen 2200g with Vega 8 graphics, my question is do I need to download AMD graphics drivers to run any game?? Please help me and answer this question

06/13/2019 19:45:16 CEST

Doom Eternal Amazon page lists Linux as Platform
URL: https://www.amazon.ca/Bethesda-17415-PC-Doom-Eternal/dp/B07F25VBVC/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=doom+eternal+PC&qid=1560446862&s=gateway&sr=8-1
06/13/2019 19:31:46 CEST

In The Middle Of Zombies, a promising in-development action game with Linux support
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/in-the-middle-of-zombies-a-promising-in-development-action-game-with-linux-support.14357
06/13/2019 17:36:07 CEST

SkateBIRD: Be a skateboarding bird! Expects to release in 2020
URL: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/meganfox/skatebird-be-a-skateboarding-bird
06/13/2019 16:40:42 CEST

Native games with good story lines

I enjoy RPG, action and many other types of games. Im looking for a single player game with a great story mode.

06/13/2019 16:32:07 CEST

[Question] PopOS or Manjaro?

Hello everyone. I recently discovered Lutris and the possibility of playing on Linux.

I used windows but I "got tired" of it and I definitely moved to linux, more specifically PopOS.

I simply love the linux system and the fact that it is so versatile in my daily life (which I had no idea)

but at the time of change I read and a lot of people said that PopOS was better because it already had the drivers of nvidia. On the other hand there were a lot of people who said the manjaro was a lot better.

I would like to know the opinion of who is more in the subject and if the manjaro is better, if it is possible to install the nvidia driver as in PopOS (which already has origin)

thanks and best regards to all !!

Ps: sorry for my English :/

06/13/2019 16:22:31 CEST

Extreme 3D space shooter 'Space Mercs' that's developed on Linux is sounding impressive
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/extreme-3d-space-shooter-space-mercs-thats-developed-on-linux-is-sounding-impressive.14359
06/13/2019 15:27:06 CEST

Did Any one tried imo windows app on latest wine ? How will you rate your experience ?
06/13/2019 14:36:07 CEST

Can I set my download target location on a 3rd drive out of /home ?
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/c03sw5/can_i_set_my_download_target_location_on_a_3rd/
06/13/2019 12:08:49 CEST

Can't install wine-lol

Hi i have a problem while instaling wine-lol by AUR or yay failed to build wine-lol-glibc package(s) or wine-lol only... U have some idea how to make it work?

06/13/2019 11:54:55 CEST

Streamlabs OBS is working with WINE?

Thx for the answers.

06/13/2019 11:20:52 CEST

Lutris Game Installation Directory &amp; C Drive?

With PlayOnLinux you can create virtual drives with each game and it will create a C:/ drive for each game so it will work well with Wine and ensure there are no issues when the Windows code is looking for files in certain directories since Windows has a absolute path for certain dll, the registry and other Windows functions.

I do not understand Lutris and I understand this may someday replace PlayOnLinux. Is there a way to have virtual drives for each Lutris game that is based off of Wine? Am I able to choose the wine version for each virtual drive? Any help or breakdown will be most appreciated?

06/13/2019 05:51:24 CEST

Where to get uplay on Lutris

Currently I'm using this : https://lutris.net/games/uplay/ is this a good place to get it?

06/13/2019 04:50:58 CEST

[USB] PS4 Controller (on Ubuntu 19.04) not working

Hi, I am trying to make the switch to Ubuntu, but that'll be very difficult if I can't play my favorite game (Rocket League). My PS4 is plugged in through USB, I do not have a bluetooth adapter.

Things I have already tried:

  • Big Picture Mode:
    • Enable PS4 controller support
  • Installed steam-devices
  • Installed ds4drv
  • Plugged PS4 into different USB ports

Here's a tail from my /var/log/kern.log

Jun 12 18:30:24 brandon-PC kernel: [ 4616.897444] usb 3-6.1: USB disconnect, device number 7

Jun 12 18:30:28 brandon-PC kernel: [ 4621.665659] usb 3-6.1: new full-speed USB device number 8 using xhci_hcd

Jun 12 18:30:29 brandon-PC kernel: [ 4621.767183] usb 3-6.1: New USB device found, idVendor=054c, idProduct=09cc, bcdDevice= 1.00

Jun 12 18:30:29 brandon-PC kernel: [ 4621.767185] usb 3-6.1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=0

Jun 12 18:30:29 ###-PC kernel: [ 4621.767186] usb 3-6.1: Product: Wireless Controller

Jun 12 18:30:29 ###-PC kernel: [ 4621.767187] usb 3-6.1: Manufacturer: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Jun 12 18:30:29 ###-PC kernel: [ 4621.779134] input: Sony Interactive Entertainment Wireless Controller Touchpad as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb3/3-6/3-6.1/3-6.1:1.3/0003:054C:09CC.0009/input/input37

Jun 12 18:30:29 ###-PC kernel: [ 4621.779306] input: Sony Interactive Entertainment Wireless Controller Motion Sensors as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb3/3-6/3-6.1/3-6.1:1.3/0003:054C:09CC.0009/input/input38

Jun 12 18:30:29 ###-PC kernel: [ 4621.837738] input: Sony Interactive Entertainment Wireless Controller as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb3/3-6/3-6.1/3-6.1:1.3/0003:054C:09CC.0009/input/input36

Jun 12 18:30:29 ###-PC kernel: [ 4621.837904] sony 0003:054C:09CC.0009: input,hidraw6: USB HID v81.11 Gamepad [Sony Interactive Entertainment Wireless Controller] on usb-0000:00:14.0-6.1/input3

Jun 12 18:30:30 ###-PC kernel: [ 4623.657761] input: Microsoft X-Box 360 pad as /devices/virtual/input/input39

Any help would be awesome, thanks.

06/13/2019 03:33:26 CEST

Daggerfall Unity: May builds bring lycanthropy and more!
URL: https://www.dfworkshop.net/may-builds-lycanthropy/
06/13/2019 03:09:13 CEST

GTX 960 or R9 280 for dedicated Linux gaming?

New poster here so if I'm violating a rule or anything please feel free to remove or let me know. I was curious whether a GTX 960 or a R9 280 would perform better in Linux. I know Radeon cards have better open source drivers in newer kernels but, I'm not sure how that would stack up against Nvidia's proprietary drivers. I know that the 960 typically is only about 10% faster but I just want to use the one that has the best performance for gaming in Linux. I plan on using Pop_OS if that helps.

06/13/2019 02:52:25 CEST

Direct X Copyright Infringement

Sorry if this double posts, I had to change the title a bit.

First off: Please don't say "Just use it, who cares if it's illegal! You'll never get caught!" I prefer to use software ETHICALLY, and I believe people have a right to be paid for their software. (Don't get me wrong, I try to use FOSS software wherever I can, but sometimes you don't have a choice)

Now that that's out of the way: When installing a game via WINE, and the game's launcher prompts you to install DirectX or a variant of DirectX, would accepting that be violating any laws? (Given that I don't have a Windows license?) I don't mind installing .NET as they made it opensource, but I can't find any recent info about Direct X online.

On a side note is there anywhere I can learn more about using/troubleshooting WINE? I'm still semi-clueless when it comes to Linux and I just moved from Ubuntu/Gnome to ARCH/Plasma 5 (loving it btw) I installed it via a Youtube video (I know I know, but you've gotta start somewhere. I still had to do some stuff on my own with the Wiki, and once I break something I'll do it the real way) I've been trying to install IL2 following the instructions HERE and it just doesn't seem to work. When I try to launch the desktop icon nothing happens. This also happened back when I was on Ubuntu. I'm not asking for hand holding (though I'd appreciate any help), but before I waste thousands of hours in the WINE wiki is there anything I should know? (I get this bit shouldn't really be posted on here, if the mods want I'll delete this bit)

If anyone has any recommendations for games that don't take a ton of work to get running (Preferably milsim-esques) I'd love to hear them. I've been playing Arma 3 SP for a few months now, and I think I'll buy Squad tonight. Once I get IL2 working I'll be playing that as well. I'm considering RS2 ATM. Thanks!

06/13/2019 02:27:19 CEST

DirectX Copyright Infringment/The Ethics of Unreal Engine

First off: I don't want to start any rants against any companies, I have my own reasons for not wanting to support them, and secondly please don't say "Just use it, who cares if it's illegal! You'll never get caught!" I prefer to use software ETHICALLY, and I believe people have a right to be paid for their software. (Don't get me wrong, I try to use FOSS software wherever I can, but sometimes you don't have a choice)

Now that that's out of the way: When installing a game via WINE, and the game's launcher prompts you to install DirectX or a variant of DirectX, would accepting that be violating any laws? (Given that I don't have a Windows license?) I don't mind installing .NET as they made it opensource, but I can't find any recent info about Direct X online.

Also would buying a game that uses the Unreal Engine be supporting Epic? They made it free to use IIRC so none of my money is going towards them, but still... I'm not sure I 100% believe the rumors about them, so it doesn't really matter.

On a side note is there anywhere I can learn more about using/troubleshooting WINE? I'm still semi-clueless when it comes to Linux and I just moved from Ubuntu/Gnome to ARCH/Plasma 5 (loving it btw) I installed it via a Youtube video (I know I know, but you've gotta start somewhere. I still had to do some stuff on my own with the Wiki, and once I break something I'll do it the real way) I've been trying to install IL2 following the instructions HERE and it just doesn't seem to work. When I try to launch the desktop icon nothing happens. This also happened back when I was on Ubuntu. I'm not asking for hand holding (though I'd appreciate any help), but before I waste thousands of hours in the WINE wiki is there anything I should know? (I get this bit shouldn't really be posted on here, if the mods want I'll delete this bit)

If anyone has any recommendations for games that don't take a ton of work to get running (Preferably milsim-esques) I'd love to hear them. I've been playing Arma 3 SP for a few months now, and I think I'll buy Squad tonight. Once I get IL2 working I'll be playing that as well. I'm considering RS2 ATM. Thanks!

06/13/2019 02:16:25 CEST

I was able to simulate Dynamic Super Resolution in Linux Ubuntu 19.04

Its probably not a new thing for those who are expert Linux users, but I just officially dropped Windows full time a few weeks ago and only have Linux now. Once I found the correct information, its working pretty well, about equivalent to Windows 10.

Specs: Dell XPS-8910 i7-6700 16GB DDR4/GTX-1070FE/ 1TB 7200 HDD/Logitech G703 Mouse/Logitech G413 Keyboard/PS-DS4 Wired Controller/Ubuntu 19.04/LG 1080P 60Hz HDMI TV

I have disabled Wayland in /etc/gdm3/custom.conf, though might work better with Wayland and experimental fractional scaling turned on.

I have a bash script running at startup using the Startup Applications settings in Ubuntu, like this (I just made a text file and then went into properties for the file and set it to execute):


xorg.conf overclock

nvidia-settings -a '[gpu:0]/GPUGraphicsClockOffset[3]=60'

xorg.conf overclock

nvidia-settings -a '[gpu:0]/GPUMemoryTransferRateOffset[3]=800'

Upscales to 3840x2160

xrandr --output HDMI-0 --scale 2x2

For steam scalling but Im just using Big Picture Windowed Mode now as I cant figure out how to edit the actual Steam app icon to do this

env GDK_SCALE=2 steam

Pertinent /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/xorg.conf settings:

Option "Coolbits" "28"

Option "metamodes" "nvidia-auto-select +0+0{ForceCompositionPipeline=On}"

Option "AllowIndirectGLXProtocol" "off"

Option "TripleBuffer" "on"

I then have display scaling turned on in display settings to 200%

I then set the font to +1.15 in donf Editor, but you can use Tweaks to set the font too.

This works great in Steam games like Surviving Mars, Eve Online etc, where Iam able to now set the in game resolution to 2560x1440 which works really well since I can't get Anti-Aliasing to work in allot of Linux games.

I haven't tried all my games yet, but so far I'am pleased with the results.

06/13/2019 02:11:51 CEST

Vortex Mod Manager update breaks older versions

A recent update to Vortex Mod Manager changed something regarding how data from Nexus is presented to the client interface and as a result you may find yourself in a crash loop depending on the version of the manager you are using (confirmed on 0.17.11, the version you'll have if you're using the Plug 'n Play installer from Lutris).

At first the solution seems to be updating Vortex, but sadly prefixes which worked for 0.17.11 do not work for the latest stable release (0.18.6). My recommended solution is disconnecting from the internet and disabling "Recently Managed", "Announcements" and "Latest Mods" inside "Settings", after that the client will no longer fetch data from Nexus and you can get back online.

It is unknown to me whether this also affects Vortex on Windows or not but Windows users should be able to just update the program.

06/12/2019 23:55:20 CEST

Trying to get borderlands 2 to update to 1.8.5 (Debian 9 "stretch")

so hi, I'm running Debian 9 and I wanted to play borderlands and I expected to just hop on with some friends and play but they are on 1.8.5 and I'm on 1.8.4.

I would like to know how to get steam to update bl2 to 1.8.5

I've tried to use proton v4.2.7 to make it do things but then it returns that steam cant write

I'm unsure if this is the appropiate place to post this, so sorry in advance if it is

06/12/2019 22:56:12 CEST

Atari VCS powered by Ryzen ships with Linux, costs $249
URL: https://www.pcgamer.com/atari-vcs-powered-by-ryzen-can-run-windows-costs-dollar249/
06/12/2019 20:48:25 CEST

Mesa 19.2 Picks Up The Radeon R300~R500 Series On-Disk OpenGL Shader Cache
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=R300g-On-Disk-Cache-Merged-19.2
06/12/2019 20:24:46 CEST

[release] Hyperspace Delivery Service - pixel-art space trading adventure game - Steam and itch.io
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/876320/Hyperspace_Delivery_Service/
06/12/2019 17:43:24 CEST

Kingdoms and Castles continues becoming more like a traditional RTS with the Warfare Update
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/kingdoms-and-castles-continues-becoming-more-like-a-traditional-rts-with-the-warfare-update.14350
06/12/2019 17:40:10 CEST

So.. any enhancement planned for BPM?

Next steam ui overhaul seems to Be focused on windowed mode. Anyone has infos about BPM?

06/12/2019 16:53:04 CEST

Linux-compatible gaming laptop advice for the coming 6-12 months

Hello Linux gamers :)! Thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment. It's much appreciated.

My current getup is a Dell Inspiron 15 7548 running Xubuntu 18.04 that's been pretty hard used for the past ... 5...? years? I'm looking to find a replacement that's at least a small upgrade that will last me another 5 years. Doesn't have to be top of the line but I am happy to shell out good money to get a good fit. I'd like to keep this under ~1000 pounds, but if that's not possible with my extensive list of requirements, please at least don't suggest anything over 2000. Hoping to curate a list of different appropriate models I can price track and pick up at a large discount within the next ~6-12 months. Happy to wait for the right model or deal, no rush.

Use case 1: gaming/streaming

New machine will have to run a wide array of games & preferrably stream them, too. I mostly play smaller/undemanding indie titles, but more heavy-duty things I have in mind are: The Witcher 3/Baldur's Gate 3 (when it arrives)/Civ 6/Pillars of Eternity/Divinity Original Sin II/Kingdom Come Deliverance/Firmament (when it arrives)/perhaps TES 6?/any other games coming out that strike my fancy ;). (mostly via wine/Proton obv.). I typically pick up games a few years after release at massive discounts, so probably don't need the specs for things that come out in 5 years. I'm happy to run them on moderate or low settings. If they run reasonably smoothly and I can experience and share them, I've won.

Use case 2: proffessional data processing

I'm currently not well enough to work, but if I recover enough I will return to my PhD in clinical neurosciences. I work with very large datasets (large quantities of very high resolution MR imaging, a single ~70 GB file is not uncommon), and hence need a decent amount of RAM and a robust CPU. Please note this is only for data visualisation & smaller data analysis tasks, for larger computations I will have access to a cluster.

Other uses: office stuff, voice/video calling, web browsing, YT, films, the usual.

Quick note is that I am dealing with a chronic illness that is both physically and cognitively debilitating, so I have some odd requirements thrown in that might not make sense to you. I did not want to bulk the post out by explaining every one, but feel free to ask why. Also please excuse any spelling/grammar mistakes. I've spent over a week on putting this post together, but reading, writing and attention are hard at the moment, and I miss things.

Must haves:

  • It has to be a laptop. No desktop recommendations please.
  • Linux compatibility (Ubuntu) in terms of drivers, now and future support, no locked UEFI, etc.
  • Longevity and reliability over top performance. I'm mostly housebound and sometimes bedbound, and my laptop is my access to the world. Losing it for days or weeks for repair is not cool. I'd love for the next one to still work as great when it's 5 years old as my current laptop is now.
  • Decent, current CPU See above use cases
  • Decent, current, dedicated GPU on board & hybrid graphics are a dealbreaker. Needs ongoing linux driver support for the forseeable future. Longer == better.
  • At least 16 GB ram See above use cases
  • SSD, at least 512 GB. HDD only is a dealbreaker.
  • 15.6" screen, 1920x1080 resolution.
  • Max 2.5 kg in weight.
  • Standard stuff I need: bluetooth/wireless/camera/mic/at least 3 USB ports or a dedicated wired ethernet port and at least 2 USB ports, headphone jack TO THE SIDE of the laptop, NOT the front.
  • Housing I can open reasonably easily to dust, replace battery/hardware, or do maintenance without breaking/bricking the laptop.
  • Keyboard backlight
  • 'flat' keyboard that is happy with a light touch.

Non-essential would like to haves:

  • Aluminium/metal housing, rather than plastic. Plastic finish over metal is also less desirable.
  • 32 GB RAM
  • AMD GPU? From my preliminary research, this seems to be the consensus for linux at the moment? I'd like to support their open source drivers initiative (put your money where your ideals are), but from what I have read linux support and performance in general are better for AMD compared to nVidea at the moment. Please give your opinions, but don't start a flamewar.
  • Built-in/dedicated ethernet port rather than needing a USB-to-ethernet connector
  • SD card reader
  • More than 3 USB ports
  • Design features, willing to ignore any and all for the right laptop, but this is my preference:
    • Rounded corners
    • Minimalist/sleek design, less faff is better, no gamer branding, etc
    • White/silver/black/neutral colours, but most definitely no gold/rose gold, also no yellow, red or orange anywhere, either all over or details/lights. Blue/green/purple/pink details/lights might be ok.
  • Matte/non-reflective screen.
  • Modes for sensory processing issues: I have days with light/sound sensitivity that can become problematic.
    • Lowest screen brightness should be very low.
    • Keyboard backlight with adjustable brightness as well
    • Low sound/noise mode, happy for this to come with a massive performance cut. I'd be nice to be able to chat in text with people without the laptop fan noise driving me up the wall.

What I do not care about:

  • Touchscreen
  • resolution over 1920x1080
  • optical drive
  • num pad
  • battery life (will mostly be used on charger)
  • HDMI/firewire/NFC
  • speaker quality
  • Ubuntu pre-installed
  • multimedia keys
  • fancy lights/colour change lights/special keys etc
  • A windows licence

List of suggested models for feedback (to be filled from thread):

If you made it this far, very, very many thanks indeed!

06/12/2019 15:28:53 CEST

Lutris DXVK uses wrong GPU

I'm trying to play Starcraft 2 (via the Battlenet launcher) but it gets passed the wrong gpu.
I have an RX Vega64 and RX 580 in my system, shutting down the 580 is not an option since I need it regularly for OpenCL workloads.

A lot of googling brought me two results:

Change the VideoPciDeviceID and VideoPciVendorID in the wine registry: now starcraft would show AMD RADV VEGA10 (LLVM 8.0.0) as the used graphics device under options - but it would still use the RX 580

Add DXVK_FILTER_DEVICE_NAME AMD RADV VEGA10 (LLVM 8.0.0) to the Lutris environment variables - no change

But all of that was to no avail and it's still using my RX 580. Using DXVK 1.2.1

06/12/2019 15:12:59 CEST

Debate: Crowdfunded Games Should Be FOSS Licensed

This is a plug for a debate I'm starting in r/gaming.

I doubt there will be that much debate in THIS sub over this topic, but I just thought some Linux gamers might be interested in contributing their thoughts on this topic and see if they can make a good argument for why crowdfunded games should be foss licensed.

Link to the debate here.

06/12/2019 14:59:24 CEST

Steam Survey on Windows-to-Linux users

I keep seeing comments or posts about how some Windows users deleted their Windows installation then switched to Linux because of Steam Play. I think it would be great if Valve include in the results of Steam Survey the number of former users of Windows that has switched to Linux and have been using Linux for at least 6 consecutive months.

Would you guys be ok if Valve release that info?

06/12/2019 12:50:10 CEST

Vulkan call failed on Steam

Hi, I've migrated to Ubuntu 18.04 about 5 months ago, and was using Wine to play Starcraft 2.

Yesterday, I installed Steam with CSGO to play with friends, and got no issue whatsoever. However, I downloaded Total War: Three Kingdoms during the night and it won't even launch.

An error window pops out with the following text:

"Game crashed with signal 6
Vulkan call failed : -3

You may be able to relaunch the game to send the crash log automatically

You can contact support@feralinteractive.." and such and such, giving me the path to the memory dump file

I updated my drivers before sending this message, rebooted my laptop, made sure to update and upgrade my packages, and it still won't work.

Here's my config :

Intel i5-7200U

Nvidia GeForce 940MX


Running on laptop.

Any idea how to deal with this please? I guess the most obvious answer would be to contact the support considering the game is 3 weeks old, but still, I'd like to see if there's a faster way.

Thanks a lot!

06/12/2019 10:44:50 CEST

CD Projekt is mocking us - The Witcher 3 will come to Nintendo Switch
URL: https://youtu.be/TCcPL3ok1P4
06/12/2019 09:40:16 CEST

Epic Games gets rekt by MS (Not related to Linux Gaming in general but its a blow to Epic Games)
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhS-V4RNXT0
06/12/2019 08:31:59 CEST

Steam Controller: Does it work AT ALL without special drivers?

I know there's some community project to make the Steam Controller usable without Steam, but I kind of assumed if Steam was running I could just plug it in and have it be recognized just like in Windows. But it's not. There's no pop-up, no indication whatsoever that its presence been noticed. Is that normal? This is on a fresh install of Kubuntu 19.04, with a fresh copy of Steam installed from Discover.

06/12/2019 05:34:38 CEST

Psychnauts, game is growing on me.

Got it to work with play on linux. The bad is it my PS3 controll in the settings for controlls didn't have buttons setup. I haven't played the game before. So I don't know if that's a game thing, or something else. Otherwise the game so far seems to run well I think it was in the linux gaming reddit forum a few people have suggested it as a more or less fun game. Hopefully I like it!

06/12/2019 05:04:18 CEST

KungFu panda show down of legendary legends almost works.

Trying to get it work with lutris first. It gets where it'll install. I am using a PS3 controller. pressing start or triangle to start a new game it freezes then crashes.

If I switch to 4.5 or 4.9 it starts fades to black, and then crashes

4.1 (386) had to install Xaudio2 listed as Xact in winetricks. That just crashes and doesn't go any farther.

I couldn't find a entery on in Wine AppDB. anyone know where else to check if it even works with Wine?

06/12/2019 03:58:57 CEST

Gonna be switching to Team Red, any advice?

So I'm finally looking to upgrade my GPU from a GTX 970 to a Vega 56 or 64, depends on what funds I have next week and what MicroCenter has in stock. Anyway, any advice from switching to Team Red? I'm currently running a 4790k OC'd to 4.5GHz, DDR3 1866 CAS9, and my OS is Ubuntu Budgie 19.04. I have two steam links that I use very heavily, however I'm moving my rig to a new media room shortly so they will most likely be used less frequently. So other than that, what can I expect and how can I prep for the transition?

06/12/2019 03:40:06 CEST

The E3 2019 Linux gaming round-up
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/the-e3-2019-linux-gaming-round-up.14343
06/12/2019 00:44:50 CEST

[E3 2019] Griftlands
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/bz0yfm/e3_2019_griftlands/
06/12/2019 00:31:48 CEST

[E3 2019] Mosaic
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/bz0lqp/e3_2019_mosaic/
06/12/2019 00:31:25 CEST

[E3 2019] Starmancer
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/bz0heb/e3_2019_starmancer/
06/12/2019 00:29:15 CEST

How to change fonts in csgo?

Hello guys I want to change my panorama ui font but I don't know how. My OS is xubuntu.

06/11/2019 23:43:04 CEST

More AMDGPU Radeon Graphics Code Is Getting Ready For Linux 5.3
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=AMDGPU-Linux-5.3-HMM-DC-WIP
06/11/2019 23:40:25 CEST

Vulkanized 2019 slides and videos
URL: https://www.khronos.org/developers/library/2019-vulkanised-is-back
06/11/2019 23:23:36 CEST

The Sims 4 (Lutris): mods preventing game launch

So I downloaded the game through Origin and I played it for a while all smoothly, then I decided to transfer my old Saves, Mods, and Tray folders that I had on my old computer. The Saves and the Trays transferred just fine, but when I copy all my Custom Content into the new game's Mods folder, it gives me a pop up window saying "failed to launch", and links me to what exact file is causing the problem. When I remove that CC file from the folder, the same message appears again, but for a different file. Some CC files don't produce this message. I'm curios as to why some of my CC break the game and if there is anything I could do about them. I don't have tons of CC (exactly 1 GB), but adding the files into the folder one by one and seeing if the game launches is a long painful process, and also I love all the CC I have and it would suck to have to delete it because it's unusable. The game worked just fine on my old macbook so I'm guessing there is a problem with compatibility

06/11/2019 23:17:11 CEST

Mouse Settings

I am having trouble getting good mouse settings for my games in Linux. I am using a G503 with the New Hero sensor. 2400 DPI feels just right for me on Desktop with mouse acceleration disabled (Flat acceleration profile in Gnome Tweaks). Furthermore, as far as I understand, the following shows that mouse movement is currently 1:1 translated to pointer movement:

gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.peripherals.mouse speed


So far so good. However, in multiple first person games, such as Borderlands (Proton) and Talos Principle (Native), the smallest movement possible is in jumps of multiple pixels at a time, resulting in a very jumpy view. One way to fix that is to set the ingame sensitivity way down (for example 0.05 in Talos Principle), resulting in a very accurate, but very slow movements. Cranking up the DPI on the mouse will compensate that, giving me the best of both worlds with very smooth ingame movements at a nice sensitivity.

However, whenever I jump back to the desktop, at these high DPI settings the mouse is waaayyyy too sensitive as expected. Of course, I can relatively easily jump between low and high DPI settings by cycling through the mouse settings with the DPI buttons, but having to do that each time I alt-tab is not ideal. Moreover, I don't recall ever needing insanely high DPI settings during Windows gaming to get smooth mouse movements without skipping pixels.

Is there a way to:

  1. Have good sensitivity ingame and on desktop with the same DPI settings on the mouse
  2. Without skipping pixels while tracking ingame
  3. Without introducing acceleration or interpolation?

Thank you very much in advance for all the information!

06/11/2019 21:04:05 CEST

Mesa 19.1 Released With Experimental Intel Gallium3D, Other New GL/VLK Drivers Too
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Mesa-19.1.0-Released
06/11/2019 20:44:31 CEST

Mesa 19.1.0 is now available. More graphics features and more FPS.
URL: https://linuxreviews.org/Mesa_19.1.0_is_now_available
06/11/2019 20:42:27 CEST

Stuck on starting BattleEye service H1Z1 Battle Royale.

I am using solus with steam integration and proton. Everytime i start h1z1 it gets stuck on starting battleye service. I saw a few posts and saw a person working on it. Is there a fix yet or will it not work?

06/11/2019 20:18:31 CEST

CPU temps. Linux vs Windows

Just a few examples of higher temps of games in Linux vs Windows are Rimworld, The Long Dark, Hacknet, Firewatch.

On average, any of these games are running 10-20 degrees warmer (CPU) not GPU on linux than windows.

My setup is:

Linux Mint 19.1 Nvidia driver 418.xx Linux Kernel 4.15.xx

06/11/2019 20:05:30 CEST

Is there any way to get more fps in csgo on Linux?

Hey guys I'm playing csgo on Linux and saw a difference between Windows and Linux versions. Well some icons are missing when players joining competitive,missing sounds a bit,and color difference. Is there any way to fix this?

06/11/2019 19:58:30 CEST

Proton 4.2-7 Release
URL: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton/wiki/Changelog
06/11/2019 18:40:28 CEST

Mod manager for skyrim on Linux

I have downloaded all my mods from nexus mods, I have downloaded skyrim from steam and it runs fine without any problems. I have downloaded modorganizer too, but I do not know how to make it work? It cannot find the skyrim directory since it cannot locate hidden folders, which I need (.local). Anyone here made ModOrganizer or any other mod organizer work with steam proton / wine?

06/11/2019 17:25:09 CEST

About GOG 2.0

So it will be open source, would that mean that we can add support for linux and even wine ? It would be amazing and I can't wait to try to contribute to that.

06/11/2019 17:23:35 CEST

Can't make 360 turn in games

As in the topic u have some idea how to fix it?

06/11/2019 17:22:15 CEST

If want to buy Cyber Punk 2077 for linux let them know!
06/11/2019 16:54:29 CEST

The sims 4 files in Lutris

So i downloaded the game and it is running just fine, but I don't seem to locate the game folder. i did find the sims 4 folder that has Data, Delta, EP01... Game, GP05, __Installer, and Support in it. I dug in the Data folder but couldn't find any of the folder I'm used to. I need to find where to transfer my old Saves, Tray, and Mods folders so I can pick up where I left my game on my previous laptop. I have run the new clean game for half an hour just in case the folders didn't show up yet, but now I'm lost.

06/11/2019 16:54:21 CEST

AMD RX 5700 XT ($449) and RX 5700 -($379) - Release July 7th
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/bz3x60/amd_next_horizon_gaming_e3_2019_stream_megathread/
06/11/2019 16:31:06 CEST

The latest footage of UnderMine (coming to Linux) from E3 has me excited to dig deep for riches
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/the-latest-footage-of-undermine-coming-to-linux-from-e3-has-me-excited-to-dig-deep-for-rich.14339
06/11/2019 16:31:00 CEST


Dear people.

Still somewhat of a n00b but I have been looking on Google, on Reddit and elsewhere. In case my questions are stupid, I apologize. (I have experience with those who just nag)

1) Now as for my question. I am running ParrotOS (Home) and I installed PlayOnLinux. As I changed the theme of Parrot to light, PlayOnLinux is just ridiculously dark. I can not find a way to change its theme to a more lighter theme.

2) Also, when I want to install a game (in this case Morrowind GOTY) I am sure it asks for me to install Mono, but the popup is about four pixels wide and forty high. Can't click, can't make it wider to see what it says and just hitting enter or tab and enter (to basically say Install) won't do anything.



06/11/2019 16:11:50 CEST

Commandos 2 HD Remaster announced, Kalypso Media bringing it to Linux
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/commandos-2-hd-remaster-announced-kalypso-media-bringing-it-to-linux.14341
06/11/2019 15:40:06 CEST

AMDVLK 2019.Q2.5 Brings Fixes For World War Z, F1 2018, Other Optimizations
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=AMDVLK-2019.Q2.5-Released
06/11/2019 15:06:05 CEST

Anyone tried running True Crime NYC ?

The game refuses to take any inputs except the arrows and WASD.

It also refuses to modify it's controls from the external menu that it reverts the controls once the window is closed.

It has a playable rating on Wine DB and testers mention it works for them.

I'm running Wine 4.9, any suggestions please ?

06/11/2019 14:37:06 CEST

AMD Zen 2 + Radeon RX 5700 Series For Linux Expectations Review
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=amd-zen2-rx5700-linux&num=1
06/11/2019 14:27:53 CEST

Borderland 2 on a laptop

Good day/night everyone,

I saw this sale on steam and decided to give Borderland a try, i heard there is a little performance drop in linux (compared to windows) and i'm not sure about my specs, so i'd like to ask about your opinion whether if this could work or not.

I'm on Manjaro-KDE 18.0.4, I'm playing this game on an ASUS UX410UA laptop (i5-7200u - 8 GB RAM - 256 GB SSD - Intel iGPU 620)

Also should i install anything or will steam-manjaro (comes pre-installed on manjaro) handles everything?

Thank you in advance

06/11/2019 14:04:19 CEST

WHAT THE GOLF? is another Linux game that's now going to the Epic Store first (accidentally deleted original post)
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/what-the-golf-is-another-linux-game-thats-now-going-to-the-epic-store-first.14336
06/11/2019 12:54:39 CEST

Save 66% on CROTEAM VR Bundle on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/5145/CROTEAM_VR_Bundle/
06/11/2019 12:26:33 CEST

Save 75% on The Talos Principle VR on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/552440/The_Talos_Principle_VR/
06/11/2019 12:26:03 CEST

Save 70% on Farabel on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/364200/Farabel/
06/11/2019 12:25:43 CEST

Save 85% on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/20920/The_Witcher_2_Assassins_of_Kings_Enhanced_Edition/
06/11/2019 12:25:22 CEST

Save 70% on Dying Light Enhanced Edition on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/sub/88801/
06/11/2019 12:24:58 CEST

WHAT THE GOLF? is another Linux game that's now going to the Epic Store first
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/what-the-golf-is-another-linux-game-thats-now-going-to-the-epic-store-first.14336
06/11/2019 11:55:17 CEST

The Witcher 1 &amp; 2 &amp; 3 are on sale -70% and i need some help

So i bought the witcher 3: game of the year edition yesterday on sale, i know that the witcher 3 has a golden tag on protondb with platinum tags for the latest two proton updates. Most users are replying that the game runs like its a native game, no issues !!

But i have a problem, when i launch the game steam show me "preparing to launch the witcher 3" for 2-3 seconds and then it just disappears, nothing happens , no error messages just nothing!!!!

I found that some players have the same problem with "the game of the year edition" but on windows, i though maybe one of you guys went through this and might help.

This is not the first time this is happening ! I had the same issue with one windows game, i don't remember which one !

Linux mint 19.1 Kernel 5.0.x Nvidia driver 430.14 Proton - the latest version i guess its 4.2-6

06/11/2019 10:20:33 CEST

Save 89% on The Talos Principle Gold Edition on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/3042/The_Talos_Principle_Gold_Edition/
06/11/2019 09:23:25 CEST

Transformers war for cybertron? halp

It looks like it installs but not without throwing a ton of errors, part way through install it gives a error about end of string.

005b:fixme:win:DisableProcessWindowsGhosting : stub
005b:fixme:graphics:ShutdownBlockReasonDestroy (0x1007e): stub
005b:fixme:graphics:ShutdownBlockReasonCreate (0x1007e, L"Installing"): stub
005b:fixme:msg:ChangeWindowMessageFilterEx 0x1008c c059 1 (nil)
005b:fixme:graphics:ShutdownBlockReasonDestroy (0x1007e): stub
005b:fixme:graphics:ShutdownBlockReasonCreate (0x1007e, L"Please wait while Setup installs TRANSFORMERS - War for Cybertron on your computer."): stub
005b:fixme:msg:ChangeWindowMessageFilterEx 0x2008c c059 1 (nil)
005b:fixme:msg:ChangeWindowMessageFilterEx 0x20094 c059 1 (nil)
005b:fixme:msg:ChangeWindowMessageFilterEx 0x30094 c059 1 (nil)
005b:fixme:shell:SHAutoComplete stub
005b:fixme:msg:ChangeWindowMessageFilterEx 0x40094 c059 1 (nil)
005b:fixme:gdiplus:resample_bitmap_pixel Unimplemented interpolation 6
0091:fixme:sfc:SRSetRestorePointA 0x33fac0 0x6ae6c4
005b:fixme:explorerframe:taskbar_list_SetProgressValue iface 0x10dcb1c8, hwnd 0x1007e, ullCompleted 0, ullTotal e05a0 stub!
005b:fixme:sfc:SfcIsFileProtected ((nil), L"C:\\users\\gork\\Application Data\\TRANSFORMERS - War for Cybertron\\Uninstall\\unins000.exe") stub
005b:fixme:explorerframe:taskbar_list_SetProgressState iface 0x10dcb1c8, hwnd 0x1007e, flags 0 stub!
005b:fixme:graphics:ShutdownBlockReasonDestroy (0x1007e): stub

Also gives a VisualStudio 2005 error something about end of string exception. The two comments on wineapp db are from way back on 1.x

Anyone have some ideas why it's not even starting right? or is it just a Tribble and Gremlin case ie lots of problems lots of bugs and probably won't work?

06/11/2019 08:01:59 CEST

Borderlands 2's Aspyr depots seem to be updated, can someone check Ultra HD Texture Pack availability?
URL: https://steamdb.info/app/49520/history/
06/11/2019 07:31:22 CEST

I made a little commandline script that configures any generic controllers for Xinput to use in Wine but I need help testing it !

I made a video tutorial since 2/3 weeks demonstrating configuring any gamepads manually using xboxdrv for playing Xinput games in Wine.

I was having exams at the time that I could barely try to find a better solution.

If you watched the tutorial you can see how time consuming the procedures for configuring the controllers, the old script was very simple that it only did the finishing moves but didn't have any effect on the troublesome controller configuration and couldn't track the controller event number if the number changed which means all the work was thrown at the user !

After finishing the exams, I was working on a better script but totally advanced on the older one in every way that not only gives commands for xboxdrv to work, but also helps configuring the controller, helps in assigning the controller USB port for automatically replugging it and finally, it will always track the event number of the controller whenever it changes so no need to modify it yourself.

Today I was testing the script with 2 controllers of mine, one is a PS2 controller with USB adapter and another old Twin USB gamepads to check the functionality of the script.

Test results:

  • PS2 controller: Worked flawlessly.
  • Twin gamepads: Worked with a little issue that the vertical and horizontal axes of the two analogs were reversed.

I fixed this by making a small external script that will reverse them and they worked correctly just like the PS2 controller.

The problem is I tried to make this script to be less vulnerable to bugs by any means I got but as you have read it didn't perfect with my old controller, and of course I can not share something to the public that I'm not certain of it's functionality with all controllers laying around.

I'm writing this to ask for anyone willing to test this script or better contribute to it and report feedback whether it worked or not and details about the problem.

Downfalls of this script:

  1. It has a partial support for a second controller, the only way to add a second controller is that the two controllers must be of the same type so that both will have the same configuration but 2 controllers of different types is still not implemented.
  2. Still no idea about vibration, this is something to do with xboxdrv driver itself, I was having game crashes from using vibration back in Windows + x360ce combo, that's why I didn't bother with this feature.

Requirements to work:

  1. xboxdrv: sudo apt-get install xboxdrv
  2. jstest-jtk (Used for checking gamepads and the emulated one): sudo apt-get install jstest-gtk
  3. Any generic controller that have 12 buttons and 6 axes, by other means it must have the same button layout of the XBox 360 controller. Your controller must be set to js0 in the system, if it's reserved remove the first device first.
  4. Lutris: Download
  5. dumpXinput: Download
  6. Ubuntu 18.04 or any Ubuntu-based system that's not ridiculously outdated.

Note: This post is by no means a tutorial but somewhat a test session for the mentioned script, I'm going to make a video tutorial explaining it after ensuring it's functionality.

  1. Download the script, you can get it here.
  2. You will find 4 files and a data folder, your main concern here is the 2 files 1_test and 2_configure, to start run the 1_test script by opening terminal in the folder and type ./
  3. The script will search for the controller js0 and show it's input buttons on the terminal window.
  4. Open a second terminal window and run the second script 2_configure by the same method, a list with all your controller button kernel names will show in the screen with every one of them assigned a code number, the terminal will ask you for entering a button code number that resembles the Y button on the emulated X360 controller.
  5. On my PS2 controller for example, when I press the triangle button it's kernel name is BTN_TRIGGER in the first terminal screen and has a code number 1 in the list, if I want to make my triangle button to be mapped for Y I will just type 1 and press enter, simply repeat this step for the other buttons and if you can memorize the button names, you can configure the controller in less than a minute !!
  6. You can close the first terminal screen after finishing this step, another message will come up asking you what is the type of your controller (single or with double controller adapter), either way the terminal will generate the suitable script according to your choice and make sure you choose correctly.
  7. The last screen will list the connected devices and will ask you what is the port and bus number of your controller, your controller will have name like (Human Interface Device) but if you can't differentiate them just unplug your controller and press R, the question will reappear again with the list updated without the controller, just find the port number (In the same line with the controller) and the bus number (A line above it) and enter both numbers in the terminals, this step is required for auto plugging the controller when we want to stop xboxdrv.
  8. The terminal will close now with 2 files generated named start xboxdrv holding your button configurations and kill xboxdrv that will stop the emulated software, grab the dumpXinput files from the link above and copy/paste the 32 bit xinput3.dll beside the game .exe if it's 32 bit and the same for 64 bit games.
  9. It's recommended to download xinput pack from Winetricks and putting an override for xinput3.dll from the Wine configuration window but that's up to you if you want.
  10. Go to Lutris and right click your game > configure > System options tab > Pre-launch command > Start xboxdrv script Post-exit command > kill xbox script.
  11. TEST



  • The Clean file located within the script folder is no use for you, the script uses it to start fresh whenever the user runs the 1_test file.
  • The configure script will not run (or at least run correctly) without the test script running before it, this should also be done if you want to make a fresh new configuration.


Please if you have time test it and if you have any feedback on the functionality or the bash code itself I will be glad to help, if it worked correctly for everyone I will update my tutorial video with it so feel free to use it.


06/11/2019 04:02:16 CEST

Midi not playing correctly in programs

I installed both Timidity and the soundpack associated-but the soundpack doesn't work. If I load a soundfont I found via Audacious, that program works but in no other fashion. Nothing else with midi is working. Timidity seems to be working-otherwise the soundfont wouldn't work at all-but I can't get the soundfont to load anywhere else. Tutorials and various forums elsewhere have been unhelpful or stuck at my problems. When I try to ping the default soundfont that tutorials recommended, I get this
$ sudo modprobe snd-seq-osspats

[sudo] password for [user]:

modprobe: FATAL: Module snd-seq-osspats not found in directory /lib/modules/4.19.45-1-MANJARO

06/11/2019 02:57:50 CEST

Creatura - Evolution Vivarium, Beta Trailer (2019). Natively on Linux with every patch, just for the dozen of our Linux players!
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbiSHf9eDKc
06/11/2019 02:57:14 CEST

Problem getting glide working in diablo 2

I'm trying to get sven's glide wrapper working with diablo 2 but I just end up with a black box with weird artifacts in them. I've tried running it on a few machines with different graphics cards with the same result. I've run through playonlinux so I have the error messages on hand and have posted them below. Can anyone help solve this problem?

0025:fixme:wgl:X11DRV_wglBindTexImageARB partial stub!
0032:fixme:heap:RtlSetHeapInformation (nil) 1 (nil) 0 stub
0032:fixme:ole:CoInitializeSecurity ((nil),-1,(nil),(nil),0,3,(nil),0,(nil)) - stub!
0032:fixme:wbemprox:wbem_locator_QueryInterface interface {00000126-0000-0000-c000-000000000046} not implemented
[2019-06-11T00:08:10Z][..\source\main.cpp:690][INFO]: System Survey, Data Version 3, Git Revision v2.3.0.42-20-ge49c7e7, Copyright (C) 2013 Blizzard Entertainment. All rights reserved.
[2019-06-11T00:08:10Z][..\source\main.cpp:764][INFO]: Exit value: 0
0027:fixme:appbar:handle_appbarmessage SHAppBarMessage(ABM_GETAUTOHIDEBAR, hwnd=0001004E, edge=0): stub
0027:err:appbar:appbar_wndproc couldn't open calling process
0027:fixme:appbar:handle_appbarmessage SHAppBarMessage(ABM_GETAUTOHIDEBAR, hwnd=0001004E, edge=1): stub
0027:err:appbar:appbar_wndproc couldn't open calling process
0027:fixme:appbar:handle_appbarmessage SHAppBarMessage(ABM_GETAUTOHIDEBAR, hwnd=0001004E, edge=2): stub
0027:err:appbar:appbar_wndproc couldn't open calling process
0027:fixme:appbar:handle_appbarmessage SHAppBarMessage(ABM_GETAUTOHIDEBAR, hwnd=0001004E, edge=3): stub
0027:err:appbar:appbar_wndproc couldn't open calling process
0027:fixme:appbar:handle_appbarmessage SHAppBarMessage(ABM_GETAUTOHIDEBAR, hwnd=0001004E, edge=0): stub
0027:err:appbar:appbar_wndproc couldn't open calling process
0027:fixme:appbar:handle_appbarmessage SHAppBarMessage(ABM_GETAUTOHIDEBAR, hwnd=0001004E, edge=1): stub
0027:err:appbar:appbar_wndproc couldn't open calling process
0027:fixme:appbar:handle_appbarmessage SHAppBarMessage(ABM_GETAUTOHIDEBAR, hwnd=0001004E, edge=2): stub
0027:err:appbar:appbar_wndproc couldn't open calling process
0027:fixme:appbar:handle_appbarmessage SHAppBarMessage(ABM_GETAUTOHIDEBAR, hwnd=0001004E, edge=3): stub
0027:err:appbar:appbar_wndproc couldn't open calling process
06/11/2019 02:21:16 CEST

Roller Champions E3 Demo

Has anyone had any luck with this? I got a black screen with text in the bottom right corner and then it completely hanged my system. This was with just using the standard uPlay install on Lutris.

06/11/2019 01:49:09 CEST

Gta San Andreas?

Is it posible to play gta San Andreas on ubuntu?

06/11/2019 00:32:43 CEST

Building Proton issue: involves wine-mono

This could be a simple fix, for all I know.

I try to organize cloned repos so they aren't all just laying around in my home directory, so the cloned Proton directory is in /home/my_user/Tools/Gaming/proton/. I follow the instructions that build with the Steam runtime, and a do this step:

mkdir build # in the /home/my_user/Tools/Gaming/proton

cd build

../proton/configure.sh --steam-runtime64=docker:steam-proton-dev --steam-runtime32=docker:steam-proton-dev32 --steam-runtime=$HOME/steam-runtime/runtime/

Ok well 2 issues.

  1. There is no steam-runtime directory in $HOME. But I didn't notice that until writing this post. The runtime is in ~/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/ there is no runtime/ directory in that directory. But I just changed the path to the ~/.local/share/ directory. Runs fine.

  2. There is no directory proton in the directory above...because that's the directory proton. So I'll just run

    ../configure.sh --steam-runtime64=docker:steam-proton-dev --steam-runtime32=docker:steam-proton-dev32 --steam-runtime=$HOME/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/

Runs fine. Creates the Makefile. Run make install, and I end up with

if [ -e "../../mono/wine-mono-bin-4.8.2.tar.gz" ] ; then \
    tar -xf "../../mono/wine-mono-bin-4.8.2.tar.gz" -C "dist/dist/share/wine/mono/"; \
else \
    mkdir -p ../contrib/; \
    if [ ! -e "../contrib/wine-mono-bin-4.8.2.tar.gz" ]; then \
        echo ">>>> Downloadibg wine-mono. To avoid this in the future, put it here: ../../mono/wine-mono-bin-4.8.2.tar.gz"; \
         wget -O "../contrib/wine-mono-bin-4.8.2.tar.gz" -C "dist/dist/share/wine/mono/"; \
     fi; \
     tar -xf "../contrib/wine-mono-bin-4.8.2.tar.gz" -C "dist/dist/share/wine/mono/"; \
tar: This does not look like a tar archive

gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
tar: Child returned status 1
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

That's what I got. Ask me if you need more details.

06/11/2019 00:22:54 CEST

Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith &amp;amp; the Fight for Sanctuary Official Trailer
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjRp1BkP1ZI
06/10/2019 23:15:38 CEST

Klei Entertainment hit the restart button on Griftlands, confirmed to come to Linux but Epic Store first
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/klei-entertainment-hit-the-restart-button-on-griftlands-confirmed-to-come-to-linux-but-epic-store-first.14333
06/10/2019 22:47:36 CEST

PSA: If you're having issues with games running choppy despite having high fps &amp; 144hz, try disabling compton.

I just spent an entire evening fiddling with drivers, monitor settings, game settings etc. etc. only to discover that it was compton which was responsible. Playing CSGO felt like dragging your balls through broken glass despite having 200+ fps and the screen running on 144hz.

I really hope this helps someone.

Have a nice day!

06/10/2019 22:38:45 CEST

Skyrim SE steam proton Faudio fix randomly cuts audio

Anyone that has tried Skyrim SE with wine or steam proton which is basically wine, have noticed that voice and music does not work. I found the semi solution which is to use Faudio, but now I have a new problem. When I start the game up and play, all the audio works. Randomly the audio can cut completely leaving no sound at all. This especially happens if I reload a save or enter a building, the audio will just cut. Has anyone here exprienced this?

06/10/2019 21:45:57 CEST

Mouse polling rate


Could you please help me to change the poll rate of my mouse?

lsusb Bus 001 Device 004: ID 093a:2521 Pixart Imaging, Inc. Optical Mouse


sudo grep -B3 -A6 093a.*2521 /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices

T: Bus=01 Lev=02 Prnt=02 Port=03 Cnt=02 Dev#= 4 Spd=1.5 MxCh= 0

D: Ver= 1.10 Cls=00(>ifc ) Sub=00 Prot=00 MxPS= 8 #Cfgs= 1

P: Vendor=093a ProdID=2521 Rev= 1.00


C:* #Ifs= 1 Cfg#= 1 Atr=a0 MxPwr=100mA

I:* If#= 0 Alt= 0 #EPs= 1 Cls=03(HID ) Sub=01 Prot=02 Driver=usbhid

E: Ad=81(I) Atr=03(Int.) MxPS= 7 Ivl=10ms


cat /sys/module/usbhid/parameters/mousepoll


Thanks in advance.

06/10/2019 20:55:04 CEST

Wine 4.10 Released

The Wine development release 4.10 is now available.




What's new in this release (see below for details):


- Many DLLs are built as PE files by default.

- More support for installing Plug and Play drivers.

- Clock synchronization in Media Foundation.

- Volume adjustment in audio drivers.

- Various bug fixes.


The source is available from the following locations:




Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:



You will find documentation on



You can also get the current source directly from the git repository.


http://www.winehq.org/git for details.


Wine is available thanks to the work of many people.

See the file AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.



Bugs fixed in 4.10 (total 44):


11637 Midtown Madness menus flicker 30891 Typing of the Dead: page fault in wined3d_surface_blt 34021 IE8 crashes badly when navigating to www.microsoft.com 34538 Athena's Charm Table search 0.35b crashes with Wine-Mono 35999 Need for speed carbon DEMO: can't control the car with arrow keys 37279 builtin IE "document.location.pathname" returns without leading slash 38182 King of Dragon Pass: can't change audio volume level 38396 msiexec crash with winetricks running LEGOHarryPotter 40373 Double free in RPCRT4 40768 Midtown Madness does not open: "There was an undetectable problem in loading the specified device driver" 41606 Wrong processing of WM_DROPFILES message, received only by the top level windows. 41835 LG DVD firmware updater for GH22NS30 ver. 2.0 crashes on startup 43159 The old game Knight Of Knight has black textures 43846 Prototype 1 and 2 no audio 44979 Extra system title bar should not be added around Steam 45649 chromium 32-bit sandbox hangs forever inside server_queue_process_apc 46090 TopoEdit tool from Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17763.x) needs 'ext-ms-win-shell-comctl32-init-l1-1-0.dll' stub dll 46450 Volume Control doesn't work in Firefox videos (and browsers based on it) with PulseAudio driver 46558 win64 dotnet Space Engineers fractal noise generation broken 46564 Anno 1800 closed beta crashes at launch 46723 Unreal Engine based games stuck at launch and show a black screen instead of playing video (Kholat, What Remains of Edith Finch, Draugen, Obduction) 46809 Multiple applications fail to install or crash on startup: dll dependencies from private path (LoadLibraryEx LOAD_WITH_ALTERED_SEARCH_PATH)(PS4 Remote Play 2.x. DVDVideoSoft Free YouTube to MP3 Converter 4.x) 46824 Orion Prelude (Steam) crashes with wine-mono 46942 [REGRESSION] 4.0 introduce lag / performance drop in Lara Croft the guardian of light 46982 MPGUI crashes on unimplemented function msvcp100.dll.?_Init_locks_ctor@_Init_locks@std@@CAXPAV12@@Z 47069 Final Fantasy XIV Launcher renders black (needs better get_Busy implementation) 47137 Multiple applications from Line 6 (Yamaha Guitar Group) crash on startup (HX Edit v2.71, POD Farm 2.5)(Wine builtin 'gdiplus.dll' missing version resource) 47143 Trackbar thumb is too small in Metatrader 4 expert advisor 47201 Visual Studio 2015 crashes on unimplemented KERNEL32.dll.WerUnregisterRuntimeExceptionModule 47223 D-pad input from gamepad is no longer registered in some games (regression) 47235 Steep (Uplay) crashes on unimplemented function ncrypt.dll.BCryptSecretAgreement 47236 Adobe InDesign CC 2017: crashes at startup: unimplemented function msvcp140.dll._Strxfrm 47250 Battle.net crashes with msvcp error when compiled with --without-mingw 47255 Multiple programs crash inside wined3d (Xenonauts, Overwatch, Aura 2: The Sacred Rings, Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny , LINE) 47258 The Guild II fails to start with built-in quartz 47262 compile error: for loop initial declarations are only allowed in C99 mode 47265 Multiple Blizzard games (Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Starcraft, StarCraft II, World of Warcraft) crash immediately on launch 47274 Windows XP's cmd.exe doesn't execute batch files anymore 47280 TopoEdit tool from Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17763.x) crashes on unimplemented functions 'ext-ms-win-ntuser-windowclass-l1-1-0.dll.{Get,Set}WindowLongPtrW' 47285 widl generates incorrect format strings when using -Oicf flag 47286 VSS Test Writer Tool 'vswriter.exe' from Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17763.x) crashes on unimplemented function api-ms-win-security-lsalookup-l1-1-0.dll.LookupAccountSidLocalW 47289 Obduction: fails to render menu and crashes at launch 47290 Obduction: fails to render menu: now freezes instead of crashing 47311 Heap debugging (WINEDEBUG=+heap) broken since wine-4.6-132-g948fc85186

06/10/2019 20:51:26 CEST

Wine 4.10 Released

The Wine development release 4.10 is now available.




What's new in this release (see below for details):



The source is available from the following locations:




Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:



You will find documentation on



You can also get the current source directly from the git repository.


http://www.winehq.org/git for details.


Wine is available thanks to the work of many people.

See the file AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.



Bugs fixed in 4.10 (total ):


06/10/2019 20:50:14 CEST