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Remote Play On Linux

What are your experiences with remote play? I'm using POP_OS! with an AMD 6800XT. When using remote play on my Nvidia Shield there's a lot of input lag, but only on the tv. If I go to my room while using remote play, using the controller that's connected to my Shield, there's no input lag on my monitor. I'm using the latest Steam beta with hardware encoding enabled. The weirdest thing is that this config works fine on Windows with no discernable input lag.

12/04/2021 05:08:46 CEST

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 keyboard and mouse trouble

The game launches flawlessly in Steam, but I cant get my laptop keyboard or cursor to work on it. Any help is appreciated

12/04/2021 04:37:23 CEST

Ways around EAC for single player?

Been playing battlefleet gothic armada 2 single player and keep getting kicked to the main menu supposedly due to EAC being the piece of shit malware it's designed to be

I know there's no workarounds for online play but since I'm exclusively playing the offline singleplayer of a game I legitimately purchased I'm holding out hope for a single player workaround

12/04/2021 04:09:30 CEST

Any good alternatives to Parsec on Linux?

I've found Parsec to be the best performing remote desktop viewer and works very well for remote gaming. Only problem is that you can't run Parsec on Linux as a host. Are there any good alternatives that provide that level of performance?

12/04/2021 03:55:02 CEST

Problems with Phasmophobia

Hi I'm having trouble running Phasmophobia, it runs fine for 60% of the time but then the other 40% it just lags hard. I have tried Proton- recent, experimental, and GE. (I made sure I didn't screw up my wine)

OS: Manjaro
Drivers: NVidia Proprietary 495.44

Ryzen 5 3600
1070 ti


12/04/2021 03:29:38 CEST

Steam installs the Windows version of a game and then errors out because of it

The game Stoneshard has a Linux native version but up until recently, they had build issues so the latest version had to be played via Proton. Today, they released the Linux version but every time I have tried to install it on my computer (both via Steam's regular client and steamcmd), it installs the Windows version (the install folder contains exe files and dlls). I'm using Manjaro 5.15.2.

I've ensured that the Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool is unchecked so it's not downloading the Windows version due to that (plus the steamcmd shouldn't look at that anyway).

Is there a way to force Steam to download the native version?

12/04/2021 02:53:29 CEST

Legendary 0.20.19 brings support to MacOS and can now lunch Uplay titles too
URL: https://github.com/derrod/legendary/releases/tag/0.20.19
12/04/2021 02:13:06 CEST

Controller Support for Steam Play?

Host is running Arch.

Clients tested;

Win 10



....only thing that seems to work, Sonic Mania Android only!?

Controller workings on all platforms in big screen mode steam navigation menu only but once in game, nothing!

Is Steam hosting broken in this regard on Linux?

Using Windows to host, all works fine.

Any tips?

12/04/2021 00:41:08 CEST

GTAV mods in crossover

Has anyone gotten GTAV mods working in crossover on Mac? Setting dinput8 to native, builtin puts me in an infinite story mode loading screen.

12/04/2021 00:35:45 CEST

Wine cannot recognize ntlm_auth

Hi, I am trying to play Rocket League with Wine on Linux KDE Neon 5.23.4. I have ntlm_auth in my path but I can't start the game. I see that error in logs:

 err:winediag:SECUR32_initNTLMSP ntlm_auth was not found or is outdated. Make sure that ntlm_auth >= 3.0.25 is in your path. Usually, you can find it in the winbind package of your distribution.

I have ntlm_auth, I can run it with terminal but Wine cannot recognize it. I made a completely clean install of Wine but not worked. What can I do?

12/03/2021 23:00:26 CEST

Wine 6.23 released
URL: https://www.winehq.org/announce/6.23
12/03/2021 22:41:21 CEST


Hi guys, i need your help. I installed csgo today and it worked ok but performance is very poor compared to when i gamed on windows i used to get like 120 fps but on linux pop os same setting i can only get 50 to 60 fps with very bad frame times. Is there anything i can do to optimize to at least a stable experience?

Note: i use gamemode

12/03/2021 21:45:27 CEST

Can most games be played on Linux?

I am running Linux Mint. Is keeping Linux worth it if you're a gamer? I believe I read that some games have anti cheat systems and won't run with Linux. Are most games playable though? Thanks.

12/03/2021 21:21:15 CEST

VSeeFace Alternative Gets an Update
URL: https://youtube.com/watch?v=q_4_X5LHOBM&feature=share
12/03/2021 21:15:45 CEST

Installing mods

Moved fully to Zorin OS recently and absolutely love the performance of the OS and Proton.

I was just wondering, how modding of games work. For example, I would like to install a mod from nexusmods for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Can I just get the files and put them into the installment folder? So is that the same as in Windows?


12/03/2021 21:10:05 CEST

More BattlEye titles for Proton on Linux including DayZ, ARMA 3 now supported
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/12/more-battleye-titles-for-proton-on-linux-including-dayz-arma-3-now-supported/
12/03/2021 20:26:40 CEST

Pierre-Loup Griffais on Twitter
URL: https://twitter.com/Plagman2/status/1466844600585187332
12/03/2021 20:09:20 CEST

PS5 Controller and Nvidia Geforce Now

Had a bit of a challenge getting my PS5 to work, but I think I've managed to get there with Steam!

Now turning my attention to Nvidia Geforce Now (the streaming service). Has anyone managed to get their Ps5 controllers working with this? Mine only recognizes some buttons, but not the right joystick.

12/03/2021 19:10:52 CEST

i need help with open jdk 17 on fedora

i need open jdk 17 in my pc to run minecraft does anyone know how to install it on fedora

12/03/2021 19:08:55 CEST

Wine survey. Hello i am a business student and currently need people to take my survey. This is completely anonymous and will only take a couple seconds of your time, thanks!
URL: https://lynn.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8Ba9TICScZC5Qns
12/03/2021 19:06:29 CEST

wine bug

when i try to run a windows game in fedora using wine it does not play any sound does anyone know how to fix?

(already looked at the wine configs and there is no driver for sounds)

12/03/2021 18:55:37 CEST

wine bug

when i try to play any unity game on wine the sounds don't play does anyone know how to fix

(it is only unity because the game aground [made in haxeflixel] i can hear a lot of sounds in the game)

12/03/2021 18:40:06 CEST

Razer Anzu: "Gaming Glasses" Reviewed on Linux
URL: https://boilingsteam.com/razer-anzu-gaming-glasses-yeah-its-a-thing/
12/03/2021 17:57:17 CEST

Any of you use resorep with Linux?

I still feel like I'm a novice when it comes to wine and lutris. I wanted to make some mods to assassin's Creed origins, but what I found requires resorep And I don't know how to go about installing that on Linux.

Have any of you used it? Do any of you have any tutorials you could link me to?

12/03/2021 17:27:21 CEST

Hardware Acceleration in Chromium on Linux is working
URL: /r/Stadia/comments/r7kgi9/hardware_acceleration_in_chromium_on_linux_is/
12/03/2021 17:17:51 CEST

GTA San Andreas not launching

Using wineskin, MacOs catalina. The game is installed in the wrapper however it does not launch

12/03/2021 17:00:47 CEST

Metrics overlay


Is there a way to display metrics like what offer Nvidia and AMD drivers under Windows ? Like GPU temp, fan speed and so on. I only know some TUI app but I would like sonething directly in game :)

Thank you in advance

12/03/2021 16:00:41 CEST

GTA V. Workaround. "No Directx10 or 11 adapter found" error
  • GTA V. Workaround.
  • Symptom:
  • [GTA_V] When entering into [ Settings ] > [Graphics ], GTA_V-Proton crashes. This prevents a user from selecting the Version of DirectX to be used and / or selecting the screen resolution size.
  • Error:
  • The error message it produces is as shown below :
  • Error Message "No Directx10 or 11 adapter found. Pleas install the latest directX runtime for your device"
  • Workaround:
  • When entering [ settings ] the first option is [ gamepad ].
  • Go up from [ gamepad ] so the Option Selector highlight scrolls from the bottom.
  • Select [ Advanced Graphics ], which is below [ Graphics ]
  • In [ Advanced Graphics ] select [ Frame_scaling_mode ] select 1 value up or down and then save and apply the new setting. Return the setting to its orginal value. Save and apply the setting.
  • Now you should be able to enter [ Advanced Graphics ] and access settings.
  • Now that youve made the adjustments. Save and restart GTA V. Check that you now have error free access everytime.
  • With Glorius Eggroll Proton I did this once and have error free settings access.
  • https://github.com/GloriousEggroll/proton-ge-custom/releases
  • With Valve Steam Client-Beta- Proton-Experimental_beta_bleeding-edge I have to repeat the process every time I want to access settings after returning th the game or restarting the game.
  • https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton

I have used the following sources and configurations for years without issue from them... I've broken stuff plenty though.

Ive configured this system as per:

Hope this helps.

I want to buy near gear but Linux OS keeps getting dramatically better...

12/03/2021 15:48:13 CEST

Increase performance

Hey, before I changed to linux I would search for how to increase performance, most of the recommendation was removing Windows bloat, so the game would run better, but in Windows we could change the power plan to "Ultimate Performance" and there was an application for my Intel integrated GPU, there I could also set the performance to high, is there something alike on linux? (Using Arch, specifically Archcraft)

12/03/2021 15:39:24 CEST

Iris 1.1.3 for Minecraft 1.16.5, 1.17.1, and 1.18 is out, fixing lighting and shadows in many places
URL: https://github.com/IrisShaders/Iris/releases/tag/1.16.x/v1.1.3
12/03/2021 14:30:10 CEST

Blender 3.0 Shines As A Huge Update For This Leading Open-Source 3D Modeling Software
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Blender-3.0
12/03/2021 13:59:24 CEST

So there will be no more FM supporting Linux?

I see the most recently FM do not have Linux version. Does that mean FM series will end their life in Linux?

12/03/2021 13:04:38 CEST

A Hang In The Linux Kernel Can Happen If Trying To Read A Broken Floppy Then Ejecting It
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Linux-5.17-Floppy
12/03/2021 11:50:50 CEST

Keyboard + mouse + headphones for FPS games, suggestions?

Currently all my gaming accessories (keyboard, mouse, headphones) are from Logitech. They work for the most part with linux as well. The obvious downside has been the lack of customized options for sensitivity, gaming profiles, rgb etc. I know some keyboards for instance has mechanical customization options. So there is no additional software needed. But I am not sure how gaming mice deal with this. What do you guys suggest?

PS: The keyboard needs to have a Finnish (or nordic) keyboard layout.

12/03/2021 11:44:57 CEST

Is AMD FSR any different than in game FXAA?

While I understand one is post-process anti-aliasing while the other is a spatial upscaler but don't you think they both yield the same result i.e taking care of jagged edges?

The only real advantage FSR has over FXAA is the sharpening pass. And while FSR doesn't make the image blurrier, its anti-aliasing is also not as effective as FXAA so you're likely going to end-up applying it anyway.

Can anyone confirm this? Should I 'inject' the FSR code in ProtonGE?

12/03/2021 11:14:16 CEST

Project Wingman crashes on launch

I know this isn't primarily a tech support subreddit, but my other posts have gotten zero responses.

I've tried reinstalling, running the game in proton GE, and installed d3dcompiler_47 but nothing has worked so far.

I am using Pop_os.

The game is listed as Platinum on Protondb.

12/03/2021 09:44:03 CEST

all games run slower than a powerpoint slide, any help?

my specs are:

msi b450m pro vdh wifi
16gb of gskill ram at 3000mhz
an asus rx580 4gb
kingston a400 storage

the problem im having is that i cant run csgo at any higher than 3fps, i know its a driver problem and am up for trying other distros, however i just cant seem to get any of them to boot without the nomodeset thingy. people from another forum tried to get me to run other amd drivers on my pc but none of them worked, here is a list of os's i tried that didnt work, pop os, linux mint,manjaro, and garuda linux. the only one i can get to work is mx 21 ahs. sorry if this is quite vague i just dont know.


12/03/2021 09:17:04 CEST

Minecraft flatpak only 140 fps

Hi, i get "only" 140 fps on fedora 35 running the flatpak. Is there anything i can do besides running it native? Optifine is already installed. 3700x and 5700xt

12/03/2021 08:29:59 CEST

Getting DLSS to work in Proton on Fedora

Hello guys,

I am currently trying to use these games.

Farming Simulator 22

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Each of those games is supporting DLSS and I want to have that performance boost.

My system:

Fedora Linux 35

Gnome 41.1

Amd Ryzen 5 3600

NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2070 Rev. A

NVIDIA Driver Version: 495.44

Tried every game with Proton Experimental, Latest Proton and Proton GE

Farming Simulator 22: When I try to launch it with DirectX12 it tells me that Shader Model 6.0 is not available and I should try to update my drivers. I tried to force DirectX12 with the command: 'PROTON_ENABLE_NVAPI=1' but still same error. If I edit the game.xml to launch it in DX11 it works but no DLSS available.

Assetto Corsa Competizione: If I launch it without any settings DLSS is not available but FSR is available. When I try the same launch commands as before I get an error telling me that DirectX12 is not available.

12/03/2021 08:19:19 CEST

Red Dead 2 looks smudgy and weird hair/face geometry

I am using Hardware Unboxed Settings and the latest stable proton. The game looked very smudgy, so I turned TAA sharpening to max, which makes it better, but it still doesn't look nearly as good as it did when I played it on Windows.

Hair and face also looks very weird. It's as if they are at 720p but the rest of the game is at 1440p. I've tried a bunch of different AA settings since it looks like that is prob the issue but I can't get it to look like it did on windows :(

12/03/2021 05:50:04 CEST

Zink check

Hey, people!

I need to know if there is some way to check if zink is working or not on the game that I've setted. I added the variable MESA_LOADER_DRIVER_OVERRIDE=zink, but I really don't know if it is woriking or not. I know that I could check it out with MangoHud... but until this moment I could not make it works, even trying with goverlay. I use Solus Budgie, by the way. Thaks!

12/03/2021 05:02:56 CEST

What should I pick RX 6700 XT vs RTX 3070?

I have been using Linux for more than a year and a half, for now I'm using Archand messing up withNixOS. I have some knowledge of CS too; these graphic cards have pretty close performance. Nvidia has slightly better performance (at least on proton gameplays I'd have seen).DLSSwhich is better, for now, thanFSR. I really like the AMDFOSSapproach, but the demon in my shoulders still tempts me to take proprietary garbage.

What would you do?

12/03/2021 04:08:05 CEST

Anyone Tried libvf.io?

I'm looking at the GitHub repo and seems pretty nice, just wondering if anyone has tried using it?

12/03/2021 03:39:42 CEST

Why is it so tedious to add a launcher shortcut ?

Don't get fooled by the current trend of everyone wanting to switch to linux and avoid gui. I am a power command line user but I still have having to remember a syntax by heart for something I don't often do.

I am running pop os 21.04 ... Why isn't there a quick menu ( right click ) to add a custom launcher icon/shortcut ?

I hear people trashing about the user friendlyness of linux but when it comes to simple thing like that .. it makes me wonder how are the desktop people using their computer ?

12/03/2021 03:25:50 CEST

PS5 Camera in Linux

Anyone know if the PS5 Camera can be used in Linux?

Seems to be reported by lsusb as 05a9:0580, which is the same ID as the old PS4 Eye camera, OV580 driver.

In any case there is no OV580 in the Kernel tree, so was wondering if anyone had it working with a third party driver, or another generic driver maybe.

Wouldn't really be thrilled about using out out of tree driver, but I might consider it depending on circumstances. Thought I'd ask around, otherwise I will just use a different camera.

12/03/2021 02:45:19 CEST

Legendary CLI Potentially(?) Making EG Games Feasible on Linux

As of a couple days ago I've been using Heroic Games Launcher, which is an open source third-party client of the Epic Games Launcher that has native Linux support for those that don't know, primarily to play the recently free on Epic, theHunter: Call of the Wild. Its almost tradition for me to play theHunter games on Linux because of how well they tend to work on here. So far, it works shockingly well, to the point that multiplayer (at least in theHunter: COTW and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel) works when using the Epic versions. Admittedly, the connection stability is less than ideal but the fact that it works at all is a testament to the evolution of compatibility layers like Wine and Proton, as well as APIs like DXVK and OpenGL. I highly recommend that anyone interested in getting their Epic library working on Linux to perhaps entice any other curious Windows users like myself that have had no choice but to continue at least partially using Windows to keep being able to play most games, to try either the base Legendary CLI or Heroic Games Launcher (Legendary CLI but with GUI). This is a massive step in the right direction, and with a little love and interest, there will be a point where Linux will be just as viable of an option for gamers as Windows. Thanks for reading!

12/03/2021 02:41:30 CEST

My VR Hell on NixOS
URL: https://christine.website/blog/nixos-vr-hell-2021-12-02
12/03/2021 02:18:15 CEST

Vircadia FLOSS Metaverse: 2022.1.0 Selene Released!
URL: https://vircadia.com/2021/11/2022-1-0-selene-released/
12/03/2021 02:13:28 CEST

A Look at Heroic Games Launcher on Linux, to launch games from the Epic Games Store
URL: https://boilingsteam.com/a-look-at-heroic-games-launcher/
12/03/2021 01:35:13 CEST

Adding Minecraft 1.18 to Steam

I created a simple .desktop file to launch minecraft-launcher and it works fine drom the desktop. Adding the same .desktop file as a non-steam game, however, will not allow to run the game. Pressing play will stop immediately.

Any idea?

12/03/2021 01:15:50 CEST

wstart - command line wine/proton launcher

Introducing wstart, a rudimentary bash script, command line tool, to manipulate (multiple) Wine/Steam Proton versions/prefixes.

For me, it started as a proof of concept method to create a command line builder with dynamic menu. After tinkering with it for a few years, I think it works well enough as to be useful to others.

Since I'm not a programmer, I always thought someone might pick up the ideas I used (if they're viable) and create a similar tool in something like Python or Lua.

Some days I'm not completely sure I wrote the script. Pretty bad when you have reverse engineer your own methods. Maybe that's a common programmer thing.

12/02/2021 23:33:40 CEST

55 Steam games and charity for 35
URL: https://jinglejam.tiltify.com/
12/02/2021 22:30:39 CEST

Official Steam for Chromebooks support could launch this month
URL: https://www.androidpolice.com/official-steam-for-chromebooks-support-could-launch-this-month/
12/02/2021 22:24:13 CEST

Tandem: A Tale of Shadows does have a Linux build in the Beta branch
URL: https://linuxgameconsortium.com/tandem-a-tale-of-shadow-does-have-a-port/
12/02/2021 22:08:39 CEST

Having this problem while I am trying to launch GTA San Andreas

Experiencing this problem while trying to launch GTA San Andreas.

Terminal output prompts me with the same message ( wine gta_sa.exe ) here:https://pastebin.com/J8BfeZz3


12/02/2021 22:05:04 CEST

Minecraft set to be 30% faster on Linux with Mesa drivers
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/12/minecraft-30-percent-faster-on-linux-with-mesa-drivers/
12/02/2021 20:50:07 CEST

Darkest Dungeon II runs on Linux
12/02/2021 19:28:00 CEST

NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered question

Has anyone gotten Need For Speed Host Pursuit Remastered working on Origin through Lutris?

I've downloaded Origin from its Lutris page and downloaded the game because Lutris didn't have a separate installer page for the game.

When I try to run it, nothing happens, although Origin thinks the game is running. I've tried with esync and fsync on and off.

12/02/2021 19:25:34 CEST

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Won't Go Fullscreen Or Native Resolution (stuck at 720p)

Anyone have a fix? I'm trying to migrate as many games I play on Windows to Linux (Pop! Os) as possible. Lutris gets Ubisoft connect working, and then I also run Breakpoint in Lutris, and it runs, but it only runs at 1280x720 (I have a 1440p monitor). The resolution options are greyed out and setting it in a .ini file doesn't work.

The weirdest part is using the Vulkan version of the game still yields the same problem, isn't Vulkan completely Linux compatible?

Anyone know how to fix?

12/02/2021 19:23:18 CEST

Dead By Deadlight

You knwo that Dead By Deadlight is now free on epic games. But when i try to open it it doesn't open, it says running for a small amount of time but then it closes and an wine program named dead by deadlight.exe is kept open and i can't close it. I'm using Pop Os.

12/02/2021 19:19:01 CEST

Century: Age of Ashes - Seems to work just fine

I am so happy to report that the game is running well and it seems that EAC is not kicking me, I played two rookie 3v3 matches.

Check out my gameplay below:

I am using a 3500X and a GTX 1060 6GB 16GB RAM - elementary OS 5

12/02/2021 19:06:05 CEST

Would this work?

I'm at school right now so I can't pull up the exact situation but I remembered in the second LTT linux gaming challenge video that he used a VM with pass through to get a program working so I was wondering If i could use my mouse accel program (raw accel, you can find it on kovaak.com) on linux by doing the same thing? I'm not too well versed on these things but if anyone is, I'd love to hear what you think would happen or if anyone already has a VM with pass through could test it really quickly I'd be very appreciative. Anyway, thanks in advance for anything you have to say

12/02/2021 18:59:52 CEST

Open Source Drivers or proprietary Drivers for Intel Integrated Graphics?

What Drivers should i use for Intel Integrated Graphics?

12/02/2021 18:04:45 CEST

Open 3D Engine (O3DE) sees a first major release, Linux support in preview
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/12/open-3d-engine-o3de-sees-a-first-major-release-linux-support-in-preview/
12/02/2021 17:59:51 CEST

Heroic Games Launcher for Epic Games appears popular with over 100K downloads
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/12/heroic-games-launcher-for-epic-games-appears-popular-with-over-100k-downloads/
12/02/2021 17:59:43 CEST

Steam Next Fest gave developers a '500%' increase in converting wishlists to sales
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/12/steam-next-fest-500-percent-increase-in-converting-wishlists-to-sales/
12/02/2021 17:59:33 CEST

how to play R6 siege online

Hi everyone, i have recently chose to switch from windows to linux(ubuntu). I was wondering if there was any way to play r6 with proton. Anything helps, Thanks.

12/02/2021 17:39:19 CEST

Heroic Games Launcher for Epic Games appears popular with over 100K downloads
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/12/heroic-games-launcher-for-epic-games-appears-popular-with-over-100k-downloads/
12/02/2021 17:38:18 CEST


I've heard it runs absolutely fine on linux, but I just grabbed it and can't get above 20 fps with a gtx 2070 and a ryzen 2700x. Are there some tweaks and adjustments I should be making? Games like overwatch and cyberpunk run perfectly fine. And a quick google search didn't reveal anything.

12/02/2021 17:25:08 CEST

A kid want to play Roblox on his ultra old hardware

So there is a kid I know that has a laptop older than him.

His Windows 7 constantly freezes on him, so I suggest him to try Linux, that can "unleash the potential of your hardware, if there is any."

And I got him Xubuntu (Pop installing failed), which he was pretty happy with, I also recommended him Mindustry and he loved it.

But. When he want to play Roblox, which is kind of a hassle to set up.

It insisted to use the browser to select levels, and use a link to connect to Roblox app itself, which of course doesn't work on Linux.

Luckily, someone wrote a thing called Grapejuice, filled the gap between the browser and the app.

But last time I tried it, it failed; and I ran the check, one thing and one thing only failed.

The CPU.

Intel i5 M 460 with NVIDIA GeForce 310M, it's no surprise.


Is there anything else I can tell him to try?

Thanks for reading.

12/02/2021 16:21:37 CEST

Anybody knows how to fix or what the reasons are behind a sudden random input lag problems or key strokes that are not firing when using steam/proton?

I have now had 2 games where this was an issue that appeared in the following way:

  • Suddenly some random key strokes (the shift, tab, a, w, ... key) are not working any more (in Doom Eternal I could still open the steam menu and rebind the keys in the settings so that they worked again)
  • Suddenly - even though the framerate is still very smooth - the inputs are lagging really hard behind, and it seems like they are only firing every second or more which makes the game unplayable

The games where this has appeared:

  • Titanfall 2 with the latest Proton 6.3 (it also has happend in previous version I tested besides 5.10)
  • Doom Eternal with the latest Proton 6.3 (this is the reason for the post, I have not played Titanfall 2 with a version different to 5.10 in months - but I remember having exactly the same random bugs at the time)

If you had any similar experiences you can also leave a comment.

12/02/2021 14:46:17 CEST

how to add launch parameters in lutris

i want to add these launch parameters in a lutris wine game like I added in a steam game

PROTON_HEAP_DELAY_FREE=1 PROTON_HIDE_NVIDIA_GPU=0 PROTON_ENABLE_NVAPI=1 PROTON_NO_ESYNC=1 PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=15 WINEDLLOVERRIDES=xaudio2_7=n,b gamemoderun mangohud %command% launcher-skip -skipStartScreen

where can I do it?

12/02/2021 14:45:04 CEST

Football Manager 2021 from Epic Store


I've been trying to play FM2021 (free on Amazon Prime) on Manjaro Linux, using Heroic Games Launcher. During startup, a window with code appears and my browser is redirected to support page with form (https://support.codefusion.technology/fm21_nsq2okm/?l=english&r=), where I'm supposed to paste code from the game. I do so, but instead of response code (which I should paste back to the form in game window) I'm getting redirected to contact form.

Do you have any experience with FM2021 on Linux?

12/02/2021 14:15:36 CEST

The Jingle Jam 2021 Games Collection is live to help charity
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/12/the-jingle-jam-2021-games-collection-is-live-to-help-charity/
12/02/2021 13:29:56 CEST

Big Klondike is a classic solitaire for Linux and now with version 1.6.0 it includes achievements and a Vegas scoring mode

You can download the new version for Linux for free on Steam. If you would please consider posting a review there. Reviews help free games too!


We'll still be updating Big Klondike over time. We have some fun ideas on what to add next.

We also recently released the Android version on Google Play. It says it has ads but it's only links to our own games / no annoying ads inbetween games.


12/02/2021 13:20:36 CEST

GOG Galaxy client for Linux...In Progress?

Is this new? I must admit I don't visit this page often, maybe once a year or so but I don't ever recall seeing the "In Progress" status. I don't want to get excited for nothing...

12/02/2021 12:48:34 CEST

Question: Experiencing gamescope

Since gamescope is currently included in some distro and downloadable from github, I wish someone to write about his practical experience with games. I have in particular three questions.

1) what happens when gnome or kde pops some notifications like packages updates?

2) what happens when you load a Ubisoft game and unleash their annoying launcher?

3) how does gamescope behave with games that tend to loose focus (generally on the menus) like orcs must die 2?

Thanks for sharing.

12/02/2021 11:50:19 CEST

November marked 7 months of Linux rising on Steam & 5 months above 1%
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/12/7-months-of-linux-rising-on-steam-5-months-above-1-percent/
12/02/2021 11:13:08 CEST

The developers want to take advantage of the delayed release of Steam Deck and further optimize Terraria
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/105600/view/5523096908692625594
12/02/2021 11:05:27 CEST

Guilty Gear Strive latest patch and 30 FPS in match

After upgrading to latest patch on ggst, the game runs in 30fps while in a match. I tried proton 6.3.8 and latest GE. I also deleted the prefix and shader cache before I run it with a change. The game worked fine before the last patch, never had any performance issues. Anyone has any thoughts ?

12/02/2021 10:58:03 CEST

PSA: Always backup your system

Just had a dependency issue that a backup schedule saved hours on. I'm currently using TimeShift

12/02/2021 10:45:36 CEST

Au gaming server

ForestWars would like to invite you to our fast-growing Australian gaming community with over 380 members we are a friendly non-toxic community we have game servers for RisingStorm2, Arma 3 and Soon Minecraft I hope to see you around the server


12/02/2021 09:30:02 CEST

Wayland display overclocking

I used xrandr, but obviously, that doesn't work for wayland. Is there something like cru for wayland?

12/02/2021 09:10:22 CEST

I made a bunch of fixes so all three Max Paayne games work on Linux ( Debian / ubuntu / Kubuntu ) :D ENJOY
URL: https://github.com/panzerlop/panzerlop
12/02/2021 08:24:24 CEST

Manjaro v21.2.0 is live with v5.15.2-2 Kernel and v495.44 Nvidia Driver

I just ran a full update/upgrade of my system after installing a new NVMe drive. I was at v21.1.6 with the v5.14.18-1 kernel and the older Nvidia v470.63 driver. Please be aware that the Manjaro website shows the 21.1.6 ISO for download. However, once installed and at the desktop a "sudo pacman -Syyu" will get you to 21.2.0. Now to test.


12/02/2021 08:05:14 CEST

Fixing Max Payne 1 + 2 On Linux - If anyone has the time please see if it works for you!"! Looking for collaborators to the project <3 ty
URL: https://github.com/panzerlop/panzerlop/blob/main/2.41%20Fixing%20Max%20Payne%201%20+%202%20%20On%20Linux
12/02/2021 07:59:36 CEST

Eco #1 - Playing tutorial 1/3 (livestream recording on Proton)

I am playing tutorial build into a game. This is the very first part of it. It shows the player how to move and all of the basics of world interaction, including the main goal of the game. So I will learn how to move, build, gather resources, and craft basic stuff.

This video is recorded on Linux using a dedicated server and the game launched using Steam Proton abilities.


12/02/2021 07:51:20 CEST


Ok, so im trying to create a wrapper, but i think i may have broke something because everytime i try it a message appears saying something like "we were unable to create a file with the name of [my username in the computer] in the users folder because a file with the same name already exists", i tried uninstalling and installing again but nothing works

12/02/2021 07:44:22 CEST

GitHub - panzerlop/panzerlop: Configuration Guides for fixing things in Linux, Proton & KDE ( Collaboration wanted! )
URL: https://github.com/panzerlop/panzerlop
12/02/2021 07:24:10 CEST

Question re: Neverwinter online + Playonlinux (mint 20.2)

I have an old Asus laptop that was on its last legs that I've cleaned up and shoved a bit of extra RAM into and got mint cinnamon 20.2 running on. it just has a 2nd gen i5 and Intel HD 3000 graphics but it works okay.

Installing Neverwinter online via PlayOnLinux it asks me how many MB of memory my graphics board has... What do I set it at when installing on something with integrated graphics?

12/02/2021 06:56:53 CEST

Can we please stop pretending that 'Everything works apart from anti-cheat games!'

Lots of people come to the sub for reassurance that if they switch to Linux that all of their games will work and almost are all met with the usual line 'Only Anti Cheat games don't work!' or 'If you only play single player games they will work!'.

The problem is , its not true, I have a bunch of games that are neither online OR anti cheat that either don't load, or are unplayable due to common problems like sound issues, cut scene issues, low fps - all of which are not present in Windows.

A 'Gold' rating on protondb is no guarantee that a game will work - you only have to look at the comments under any one of them to see : Here are the recent comments for Resident Evil 2

Couldnt play any of the extra modes, after finishing loading it crashes when clicking space key, crashes also happened while playing story mode

Ive crashed 4 times during my playthrough

strange artifacts on golden reflecting surfaces from very flat angles

Film grain is completely broken the game looks terrible with it enabled.

These are typical of 'Gold' rated games which is supposed to mean ' runs PERFECTLY with tweaks'.

I did not seek a 'broken' game - its the first one I thought of with Gold. Do the same for any other and you'll see the same problems.

As experienced users we might turn a blind eye to such bugs, but as a new user who has been told repeatedly that 'EVERYTHING WORKS!' its not a great experience to find out that, acutally what we really meant was - 'kind of - so long as you dont mind crashes, glitches, artifacts, broken menus, silent cut scenes etc'

In a few months time, Steam Deck launches - its going to be total shit show if people are expecting it to work on their entire library as promised, only to find glitches everywhere.

12/02/2021 06:42:25 CEST

Csgo screen tearing kubuntu 21.10 , help !

Kubuntu 21.10 64 bit

Gpu driver - default mesa

xrander session

fresh installed kubuntu, steam, csgo and few other games. all other games runs fine or better than windows , only csgo runs fine 60 fps but have weird issue graphics look like tearing , glitchy , not quality ,

Tried : vsync , compositing , launch options, resolution , aspect ratio etc ,

any help , thanks

12/02/2021 04:48:41 CEST

A Hat in Time: problems with Vanessa's Curse updates

Went back to the game to play the new dlc and looks like there are some new problems related with recent updates. Newest versions of proton didn't work, the game either crashed in the splash screen or refused to start, but the game is fine with versions 5.13-6 and 5.0-10. Also I can't seem to connect with anyone and the mods stopped working - in fact, the mafia guy just disappeared from the mail room - also, the dlc is not playable since it's online, so I'm pretty bummed out about that. From the comments on protondb apparently the online was working on proton 6.3-8, but after either the 29/11 or 1/12 Vanessa's Curse update it stopped. I kinda doubt there's a solution this early but maybe people having the same problem can talk here and we might be able to work something out. My system is manjaro 21.1.6

12/02/2021 04:38:26 CEST

Monitoring Systen Temps...

Hi, I've recently switched to linux completely on my laptop and I'm loving it. I do want to ask one question though. Can somebody tell me how to monitor cpu and gpu temperatures while gaming using an alternative to lm-sensors? I don't want to use lm-sensors as I've read it's guide and it is not for laptops (though I've ran it once but now I've deleted it and I'm not sure if any damage has been done). I'm on Pop OS. I'm thinking of moving completely to Arch but I'm a novice yet. Thanks in advance.

12/02/2021 04:33:59 CEST

Steam Hardware & Software Survey November 2021 - Linux at 1.16%
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey
12/02/2021 01:30:06 CEST

Project CARS 2 Linux Triple Monitor Benchmark
URL: https://youtu.be/toqr1fUOEro
12/02/2021 00:55:21 CEST

duplicate entry in red dead 2

I do not know exactly what happened, but now in red dead 2, my dualshock 4 is with some kind of strange conflict, is appearing buttons xbox and dualshock, it seems that it is running an emulation, like the xboxdrv or Steam input. (on steam the dualshock 4 setting is disabled)

Anyone else having this problem?

OS: Fedora 35

Kernel: 5.15.5-201.fsync.fc35.x86_64

12/02/2021 00:24:04 CEST

How do i make steam games use my nvidia gpu?

I just installed steam to start gaming and i opened CSGO, but i checked nvidia-smi and the gpu was being only used by xorg.

Im on artix linux, and followed the steps to get steam and the dependecies on my system from the arch wiki. I use dwm as my WM and i am on laptop so thats why its using integrated graphics instead of the actual GPU. How do i fix this?
Thanks in advanced

12/01/2021 22:31:46 CEST

Hey all!! Looking to setup Nvidia Optimus gaming laptop with perfect setup!!

Heyy everyone<3

so here's the deal, I am an experienced linux gal who has been playing with it since she was 11 or 12 back on some early Ubuntu distro.

I have a nice Acer Predator Helios 300 with a NVidia GeForce 1660 and a 144hz full HD screen that can play most modern games as well as the games that I play and with Windows 11 looming I was thinking of moving over to a custom Arch system for gaming bur I guess I wanted some advice on some things

  1. As I am on an optimus laptop, I would want to use optimus-manager but I would be stuck on X11 and would not be able to use Wayland features which would be super nice. Any advice for a setup to run the desktop on integrated graphics and any games on the GPU?

  2. Should I use like a linux tkg kernel or a super specialize one or is the gain to performance not worth the extra pain of a kernel from the AUR?

  3. Any other things I need to keep in mind for Linux gaming on NVidia??

  4. Also any suggestions for cute themes is appreciated <3

thanks everyone!!

12/01/2021 21:57:01 CEST

Black ops 3

I am currently using Proton-6.21-GE-2 with black ops 3 on steam, protondb rates the game as gold and seems to be running perfectly for everybody however for me the game seems to keep crashing randomly for seemingly new reason steam closes as well which i found was odd, is there something i am missing like a common mistake or would i have to check the logs of the game to see what is wrong.

12/01/2021 21:54:52 CEST

Ps5 Controller Gaming on Linux?

Anyone here have any luck playing with the Ps5 controller? I bought it because I heard it had kernel support - and it does connect to my linux PC straight out of the box.

Unfortunately it doesn't work in any game I have apart from Portal 2!

Anyone else here having better luck with it?

12/01/2021 20:42:13 CEST

The Elder Scrolls: Arena reimplementation OpenTESArena gets a big upgrade
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/12/the-elder-scrolls-arena-reimplementation-opentesarena-gets-a-big-upgrade/
12/01/2021 20:25:06 CEST

Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea announced for 2022
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/12/dead-cells-the-queen-and-the-sea-announced-for-2022/
12/01/2021 20:24:56 CEST

Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast tips?

Any tips for running this game with WINE? Lots of Windows info but little to nothing for Wine/Linux.

12/01/2021 20:13:01 CEST

Super sped up crackly audio when playing osu! through Lutris

Hello r/linux_gaming,

I'm quite new to gaming on linux with me usually dual booting with a windows 10 install before to play games but i've decided to install some of my games on Linux (Zorin OS 16 ubuntu based distro) and when i tried to run osu! through Lutris then the audio is super sped up. I've tried some solutions but to no avail. The problem can be found in the submitted video. I don't really know how the osu! audio shower? works but since it is also going haywire i think this might be a pulseaudio or wine issue rather than the game since i haven't had issues like this on windows.

Video: https://youtu.be/SAm5iGBnSIo

12/01/2021 20:03:51 CEST

Collabora announced Venus, 3D accelerated Vulkan in QEMU
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/12/collabora-announced-venus-3d-accelerated-vulkan-in-qemu/
12/01/2021 19:40:41 CEST

Tiltify - Livestream Fundraising
URL: https://jinglejam.tiltify.com/
12/01/2021 19:16:24 CEST

The Linux vs Windows Gaming debate isn't over
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mt4PctqNV-g
12/01/2021 18:54:30 CEST

Fedora Eyes Partnerships To Make Streaming Better For Linux Users
URL: https://openforeveryone.net/articles/fedora-partnerships-to-make-streaming-better-for-linux/
12/01/2021 17:48:17 CEST

Wolfenstein 2009 Out Of Box setup to run without issues on Lutris.

No, this isn't pirating. Wolf09 has been ungodly difficult to find online. So here's a fully setup, pre-patched zipped file of my game, just, tweak the resolution and you're good.
FOV changes have not been applied, do that in your free time. (Headache inducing ngl, should've done it b4 i packed it.)

12/01/2021 17:23:59 CEST

any free battle royale games on linux ?

Is linux gaming on battle royale yet ? I can't seem to find any.

12/01/2021 17:17:22 CEST

Thinking of switching to Garuda Linux.

Thinking of switching to Garuda Linux. Currently running Linux Mint and decided to try Garuda in a VM. It's been running very jumpy and uses a good chunk more of RAM. I have 32gb of RAM, I've been giving the VM 12GB and still have stuttering. Is this because of the VM environment or will it persist if I do a clean install?

12/01/2021 16:43:36 CEST

Which distros would you choose for testing linux build and why?

I am deciding which distros would be the best to test on.

How would you cover the whole ecosystem the best you could while being able to test only on two/three distros?

12/01/2021 16:40:56 CEST

Cyberpunk 2077 Gog version extreme stuttering

I bought cyberpunk 2077 from gog and when I run it everything seems fine. However, this state only remains until I actually start the game. When the cyberpunk logo appears the frametimes have crazy highs and lows(https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/707223347368296489/915617048598544394/IMG_20211028_171128.jpg?width=878&height=1171). My Distro: Arch + xorg

Specs: Ryzen 93900xt

32 Gb ram

rx 580 4gb vram

Doesn't change if I change the settings

12/01/2021 15:57:46 CEST

Long game start League Of Legends

Hi . Recently I ran into not so much a problem, but not a pleasant situation. After updating the League, the client and the game itself will start for more than 5 minutes, before the update it was no more than 3 minutes. Who knows how you can vaporize it? I watched what the processes were when the game started, there were only 23 of them. It used to be less. I hope it turned out to describe the problem clearly. Sorry for my bad english.

12/01/2021 15:45:35 CEST

NAS + gaming client

Hi! I have a pretty powerfull pc 2600x + 3070 ti all OC.

The case is that im trying to build an htpc to use it as a little NAS (raid 1, no need for more) and to stream games to it using my powerfull pc as a host. Im quite noob to it was thinking about getting mint setting the raid and install moonlight?

Im using 1500x and r9 380x as my htpc btw

12/01/2021 14:58:06 CEST

Valve reportedly developing a Half-Life shooter-strategy hybrid
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/12/valve-reportedly-developing-a-half-life-shooter-strategy-hybrid/
12/01/2021 14:48:13 CEST

As GOG struggles, Steam hit a new high of 27M people online
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/12/as-gog-struggles-steam-hit-a-new-high-of-27m-people-online/
12/01/2021 14:48:07 CEST

GTA V running poorly


I managed to run GTA V on linux with Heroic Launcher and wine-ge-6.21-1, on Heroic i enabled install automatically DXVK on prefix and DXVK_HUD=1, this showed a fps counter, presumably dxvk is working correctly.

The game is running on normal/low settings on a 2560x1080, i usually get 20 fps or 30 at best, i'm running arch with a rx560D, a xeon E5 2650 v2 and 16GB of ram.

Is this normal for my hardware? Would changing the directX version make the game run better?

Thanks in advance!

12/01/2021 14:37:02 CEST

The (not) HIDDEN FEATURES in Manjaro's package manager - Gardiner Bryant
URL: https://youtu.be/Gzvvvnisf5M
12/01/2021 14:06:21 CEST

Files not Showing in Notepad++

Good Evening Everyone

Actually I have installed Notepad++ with the help of wine. But files of some folders do not appear.

An example video is below.


Please anyone help

Is there any way to make those files appear.

Thank You

12/01/2021 13:58:06 CEST

Wrong colors on videos of Proton games

https://imgur.com/a/qCF7BZ2 this is the intro video of The Outer Worlds (the background should black) but I got this kind of colors on a lot of videos. I can workaround this using https://github.com/z0z0z/mf-install but I would like to avoid it.

I'm not sure if I should open a bug report on Proton so I'm asking here first.

I'm on Arch, this is the proton log: https://gist.github.com/esistgut/791e7c7f83e9c2ce646d495ac01b666c

12/01/2021 13:56:35 CEST

Question about Linux game updates

Soon there'll be an update for FF14 and sometimes they update their launcher, will the current versions of the FF14 launcher on Linux (Steam and non-steam) still work or will there have to be an update to it? E.G. the Wine version that is maintained by others?

12/01/2021 13:44:12 CEST

Infinite loading screen red dead 2 ( stuck on bar before main menu) lutris rockstar game launcher

Hey guys i recently installed rdr2 trough lutris for the rockstar game launcher, everything works fine and the game boots without crashing but whenever i open it the game just gets stuck on the loading bar before the main menu. I get no crash and nothing freezes but this leaves me unable to actually play the game... on windows it works fine. Does anyone have a clue of how to fix this?

Specs: Ryzen 3700x Rtx 2080 32gb ram Running ubuntu

12/01/2021 13:22:16 CEST

Age of empires 4 not launching for anyone?

I saw it was rated gold. I bought it but the game won't launch, it briefly shows the cursor and then crashes immediately .

I tried it on debian stable, updated to Sid (kernel 5.14 ). Tried proton versions 6.3.8, GE 6.3.21, proton experimental. All the same. Verified files. Cleared the prefix.

I'm running it on a Ryzen 5 2400 16 gb of ram and Radeon Rx 570 GPU.

The logs basically show an exception, and a stack dump.

I'm considering refunding it.

12/01/2021 12:31:09 CEST

Old dependencies

About 1.5 years ago. I changed distros. A full-wipe, clean slate. It's been great. I'm enjoying it.

Now, I tend to play games on cycles, and I wanted to play a classic strategy game (on of the best I've ever played) I used to be able to get it to work. But when I try now, I can't even get winetricks to install the ie6 dependencies. Which, sadly are needed for the game. Does anyone know how I might succeed in my endeavour?

12/01/2021 12:20:03 CEST

Save 64% on Stellaris: Starter Pack on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/7611/Stellaris_Starter_Pack/
12/01/2021 11:38:23 CEST

Switching to Linux. How to setup my System?


I do use ubuntu for work since few years, mostly in VMs and never got warm with arch or its distros.

That's why I wanna pick PoP OS.

But there's some questions that seem to require a deeper knowledge I don't have yet. While I develop software myself I never got down to the kernel or driver level.

Should I take nvidia version or the other one? (I have a Zotac Nvidia 3070 ti)

Should I switch the kernel to XanMod? What is the difference? (I don't know anything above basics about kernels, but switching them out shouldn't be too hard)

What else should I do with my system right after installation? (Or is there something I should take care of during installation?)


12/01/2021 11:27:52 CEST

Are you guys buying games during the Steam Autumn sale, if so which games?

Are you jumping in on the Autumn sale?

What games interest you?

Are you buying only native Linux games on Steam?

12/01/2021 11:18:48 CEST

Ubisoft suggest posting on their forum for Proton support in Rainbow Six Siege
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/ubisoft-proton-support-rainbow-six-siege-linux/
12/01/2021 10:49:32 CEST

Trying to get infiniminer running in wine

For those who don't know infiniminer is a game that predates minecraft. It was one of the inspirations for minecraft's gameplay mechanics. Its a multiplayer competitive mining game, I want to try starting a LAN party but ever since I moved away from mac and windows (windows specifically) I've had no way of getting this game to work. I've never had luck with this in the past trying to run the game in wine on mac, but I figured since there have been so many updates and linux has alot more support I'd give it a try. I'm trying to install the game via Play On Linux, the game has a couple of dependencies, being DotNet 2.0 and XNA 3.0. So far I've gotten XNA to spit out an error and wine gives me this backtrace file, I'm not sure what to make of it. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Should I try running this in a different wine utility like lutris or proton?

backtrace: https://pastebin.com/HvGMJK74

12/01/2021 10:24:32 CEST

How bad is btrfs regarding load times and wearout?

I was thinking about switching to btrfs, but then saw this benchmark.

Now I'm a bit perplexed, can btrfs really be that bad? Do you notice the difference in game load times, or even in game with late loading textures, etc?

And what about wearout on a ssd? Most information I found are either vague, about servers, or very old.

I'm on a rolling release, so I often have large updates, and game updates might also create big changes, right?

12/01/2021 09:39:28 CEST

My experience with Linux gaming so far


Thought I would share my experience moving to Linux for gaming. Hopefully help others that have been wanting to, as well as gain some knowledge on a few things I'm not quite sure about. I have experience with IT and hardware and would call myself a Microsoft Windows veteran so I am able to troubleshoot and understand technical terminology.

I decided on Pop_OS as it seemed to have been the best 'out of the box' gaming distro with drivers installed as well as being based on Ubuntu, I found it easier to work with APT and Deb files.

My hardware for those interested is: Intel 8700k 4.9ghz, Nvidia 2080ti, 16 GB 3200mhz Cl16 RAM, Corsair k95 Keyboard, Glorious Mouse O wireless, Steelseries Arctis 7 wireless headphones.

Installation was easy enough (if you are familiar with making a bootable USB and booting from it), Nvidia drivers were pre-installed. Using Pop Shop for Steam, Lutris and Corsair keyboard software was easy. The only 'tweak' that I installed was Feral Game Mode using the Synaptic package manager.

Installing games through steam was as easy as on Windows (make sure you use ext4 file format, NTFS from windows won't work). I used proton experimental for all games. The actual experience of playing games seems to be a little bit choppier.

Rdr2 seems to work really well with DLSS enabled, (maybe because of Vulkan) even Online works quite flawlessly, although doesn't run as fast as windows. GTAV and Ghost Recon Wildlands gave slightly different experience. I found there was a lot more stutter with scene change or increase in scene complexity. F1 2020 ran smooth without stuttering, but way less FPS than Windows 11.

I did notice while using MangoHud that my CPU frequency would keep fluctuating between 3.7ghz and 4.9ghz which I think might be contributing to the stutters, if anyone knows how I can pin my CPU at boost clock speed please let me know.

Overall I am pretty satisfied with the state of gaming on Linux, and I believe we are only starting with the release of the Steam Deck and LTT bringing light to Linux. I must say I am surprised that I had a few lock ups that needed a force restart as well as a couple of hangs while trying to download from steam while browsing the Pop shop. I thought stability would be a little better, but that might also just be a Pop OS specific issue.

I feel quite comfortable using the Terminal (for basics) so I do feel I would be able to use a different Linux distro if it will be better for my gaming experience, especially stutter free. I had my eye on Endeavour and Manjaro as possible alternatives.

Only game I have been able to run with Lutris is Chernobylite (crack copy), works with DLSS but still getting stutters with camera transition etc.

If anyone has some input as to better my gaming experience with Linux either using a different distro, kernel tweaks or mods etc. I want to learn.

I will keep dual booting Windows 11 as I do play Warzone, but hopefully make a slow transition over the next few months.

For those that want to see some benchmark screenshot comparing Pop OS to windows 11 I will leave a few screenshots.

If you have any questions about getting Linux running your games don't hesitate. Let's do this together.


Someone suggested I try Ubuntu 21.10, that seemed to have fixed some of the stuttering, but still have hitches here and there and CPU still not sticking to boost clocks while gaming.














12/01/2021 09:07:35 CEST

Help, what is the best desktop environment and stuff to use with Nvidia?

Hi, was wondering which Desktop and environment and which... Compositor? (wayland/xorg) to use with a new Arch install and an Nvidia card. Does anyone have an anwser for this?

Thanks in advance

12/01/2021 08:29:11 CEST

Install .NET help

I was trying to download stardew valley 1.5, I thought everything was ok then it said To run this application you must install .NET idk what to do the wine tricks wont work Thanks in advance ig

12/01/2021 07:17:33 CEST

Imperium Galactica's Linux version added to Luxtorpeda for Steam

Context 1:

Imperium Galactica is a 4X video game, developed by Digital Reality. The same company would later make its sequel, Imperium Galactica II, in 1999. Imperium Galactica was published and distributed by GT Interactive in 1997.

Context 2:

[Luxtorpeda is a] Steam Play compatibility tool to run games using native Linux engines.


u/d10sfan has added Open Imperium Galactica port of Imperium Galactica to Luxtorpeda repos. Thanks to that, native Linux port of the game can be played as a Steam game.


Follow "Installation (using tarball)" method, pick "Luxtorpeda" as Steam Play compatibility tool for the game, install the game.

Final words; you can support Luxtorpeda by sponsoring d10sfan on GitHub. Cheers!

12/01/2021 06:49:21 CEST


When i run fortnite it works good, until u join a multiplayer game, Then it gets so laggy u cannot even play. I'm using Pop Os if that's usefull.

12/01/2021 06:15:07 CEST

should i use plain debian for gaming? or lubuntu?

ive been using pop_os for some time and its good and all but i find it a bit slow on my almost 10 yr pc.

the only reason i used this is due to the nividia built in support iso, i know i can install the drivers myself but im not quite sure how to do that without breaking something so i might just go with lubuntu, problem with that though is ubuntu has telemetry and i hate that.

what the hecc should i do?


12/01/2021 06:09:20 CEST

gta5 only 25fps in m1max MacBookpro with crossover 21.1
12/01/2021 04:28:41 CEST

URL: https://youtube.com/watch?v=5rqtJT1hWEM&feature=share
12/01/2021 04:16:57 CEST

Are Cuda 11.5 and Steam compatible?

I recently installed cuda 11.5 for my deep learning class, and afterwards found that steam no longer launches on my computer. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it gives a whole bunch of dependencies.

libc6:amd64 libc6:i386 libegl1:amd64 libegl1:i386 libgbm1:amd64 libgbm1:i386 libgl1-mesa-dri:amd64 libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 libgl1:amd64 libgl1:i386 libnvidia-gl-495:i386

Trying to install those makes the system want to uninstall my cuda-11.5 insallation, is there a way I can easily keep both cuda and steam on the system at the same time? Aptitude also says to uninstall cuda11.5 to install those dependencies.

12/01/2021 03:33:30 CEST

Extremely low performance for CSGO


I installed linux because I expected at the very least a 10% FPS boost versus Windows, which having an average of about 80FPS would bring me a lot closer to benefitting fully from my 144hZ display.

I installed linux mint and installed nvidia's drivers. I booted up csgo in steam and it's already lagging in the menu. I started an offline game and got 10FPS. Any idea what could be the issue? Also, I normally play CSGO on custom stretched 5:4 resolution 1350x1080, is it possible to do so in linux?

12/01/2021 03:14:37 CEST

Recorded a Sims 2 Gaming Video with PCSX2 on Pop!_OS Linux for my channel! Me and my friend played the multiplayer mode and he made it TORTURE!! Check it out if you're interested!
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP9j2rPauQQ
12/01/2021 02:49:17 CEST

Weird flickering/black boxes when running wine + wayland

Hello, I am a newbie to linux that recently switched to KDE Wayland (am running manjaro). I've been trying to run some games such as League and emulators like Cemu. However, when running on wayland I've been facing some weird flickering in general and black boxes (in league client). I've done some digging and can't seem to find people with the same problem. Is there any fix for this? Thanks for the help beforehand

12/01/2021 02:14:53 CEST

After much struggle I switched to Linux for gaming!

I have dabbled in gaming on Linux before, but mostly with old (2004-2006) games, or with an annoying GPU passthrough to Windows VM setup.

Thanks to this subreddit, I was able to game on Linux with Steam Proton with a recent AAA game (Need for Speed Heat, 2019).

My old set up was an eGPU with a laptop, but this is my first proper PC and it doesn't have a Windows partition. I still have the VM for backup but honestly quirks aside, the gaming experience is much smoother on Linux.

I even dabbled in using OBS to record a race!

Here is a race called "Proton" running on Steam's Proton. I actually found NFS Heat runs on Linux because I searched for the race and found Linux gaming posts instead.

Thanks for being awesome, /r/linux_gaming

11/30/2021 23:48:21 CEST

6600XT vs 6700XT

The 6700XT are currently for sale for $1150Aud while the 6600XT are currently for sale at $850-$950 Aud. Is it worth upgrading to a 6700XT? Only games I really play are GTA and CyberPunk 2077 and call of duty

11/30/2021 23:05:29 CEST

Any way to get a recent version of Vortex/Nexus mod manager working?

I'm trying to get a mod manager for Cyberpunk 2077.

However, the lutris script only has an old version that has no support for the game. As soon as I install the update, it crashes.

Has anyone got a recent version running? If yes, how? What did you do?

11/30/2021 22:51:43 CEST

Game crashes whenever I try to change settings

Whenever I try to change in-game graphics settings, the game just freezes and then crashes. If it's any help, I use Pop OS.

11/30/2021 22:42:45 CEST

Clicks not registering in Skyrim

When my weapons are drawn not every click is registered and i have to press the mouse for longer than usual. Dual wielding works only if I get lucky and press the left and right keys just after one another quickly enough. Is there a way to fix this. Im running linux mint.

11/30/2021 22:25:29 CEST

7th Grader Develops "Linus-Proof" Ubuntu Linux Gaming App
URL: https://openforeveryone.net/articles/7th-grader-develops-linus-proof-ubuntu-gaming-app/
11/30/2021 21:54:55 CEST

Fallout new vegas no cd rom

Hey all, newbie here. ive dabbled with Ubuntu in the past but I made the full switch to mint because i didnt want to upgrade to win 11.

trying to play new vegas just to test out the new system but ive run into this


im using the experimental proton version and ive tried the 6.3

any ideas?

11/30/2021 21:35:09 CEST

Recording and streaming games on AMD GPUs in Linux is an absolute nightmare

So I switched to an AMD GPU this year since I heard they were better on Linux, but my experience has been kinda rough. You see, when it comes to just running games and using my computer, I do believe that AMD GPUs are better, yes, since I don't have to deal with screen tearing and I can overclock, under/overvolt my GPU freely, which is something I can't do on Nvidia because they lock the voltage control in the proprietary driver for some bizarre reason. Now for the bad part of the AMD experience: hardware encoding on AMD is absolutely awful. If I want to record gameplay with minimal performance drop for things like benchmarks, I'm all out of luck, since recording at 1440p in OBS using vaapi gives me a video which is an actual slideshow and there is literally no known way to fix this. I've been googling stuff for months trying to figure out how to fix this issue, and I've found no solution, only a bunch of people with the same problem.

I gave up on OBS in the end and decided to just use ffmpeg from the command line. Surprisingly, the video does not lag, but x11 grab destroys my frame rate. X11grab literally takes away 20 fps which is, in many cases, a bigger performance hit than just recording on the CPU with x264, not ideal. I also tried kmsgrab and that was a significant improvement in terms of performance, but there is a problem with it - I can't record with sound unless I want my recording to be a slideshow. Yes, it's impossible to record with kmsgrab with sound using the vaapi encoder without the recording being super choppy. I tried looking for a solution, but I've found none, only other people with the same issue.

So what can I conclude? If you just want to play some games, then AMD GPUs are perfectly fine, but if you want to do ANY kind of content creation which involves recording and/or streaming gameplay, don't bother with AMD, go Nvidia. I had a GTX 1070 before upgrading to the 6700 XT I'm using now, and I had a much better experience when it came to recording/streaming; I just had to select nvenc in OBS, set the bitrate, and press record. The Nvidia experience is so much smoother in this case, that I'm regretting not paying the extra money for an RTX 3070. That's what I get for not considering my use case before making a purchase.

TL;DR: AMD's hardware encoder is garbage compared to nvenc and I really need a hardware encoder to record and stream games without losing a stupid amount of performance. AMD GPUs might be better in most use cases, but they are no good for mine. You should consider your use case before listening to the "Nvidia is rubbish on Linux, switch to AMD" advice you see everywhere on the Linux related subs.

11/30/2021 20:43:08 CEST

Question/problem with proton

I usually play VNs on my laptop instead of my gaming PC. because well, its easier to move around with and its a VN. so not demanding. However, while playing NEKOPARA volume 1 I noticed my battery draining significantly faster than if I was playing any other VN. I opened up a performance monitoring app and it showed my laptops GTX1650 at 100% usage and my CPU at 20-30% usage. Wtf.

Up until now I had always thought of VNs as light and easy games to run. What is up with this high GPU and CPU usage?? Is there a reason this game feels the need to drain 50% of my battery in 34 minutes of play time?

I am running pop!OS and proton to play. I am thinking its a proton bug/issue. Any suggestions or info?

Thanks for any and all help.

11/30/2021 20:06:13 CEST

I convinced my coworkers to let me maintain our game for Linux &gt;:3

We recently released Rob Riches on steam ($6.99), and now we also have Linux support.
The game is a sokoban/turn-based puzzle game with a treasure-hunter setting, and so far we've had positive reception ^^ There's also some secrets and achievements to find other than the base-game.

I've tested it on Ubuntu and Manjaro and haven't had any problems yet, but if you try it out and have any issues, feel free to either reply here or make a post on the forums and I'll do my best to fix them! I'd also be happy to hear what you think about the game if you try it out.

We're not sure about minimum specs yet, but we've managed to run the game on some older android phones, though we had to turn of some post processing on some of them. Not sure what else to put here, feel free to ask questions? It has cross-platform steam cloud save support.

Here's the link if you want to check it out! ^^ https://store.steampowered.com/app/1655670/Rob_Riches/

11/30/2021 20:01:39 CEST

Cyberpunk GoG version: How to run

Hey , a day ago i made a post about how can i run DLSS with GoG Cyberpunk but now , it cant even start , i tried both wine-ge and lutris6.21 , it started crashing after first play and now wont run , tried to repair files , failed

any idea how to fix that?

i ve heard that it is possible to run battle.net by adding it to steam as a non steam game ,is this possible fot Gog?

ty in advance

11/30/2021 19:48:56 CEST

Zink Is Ending 2021 In Fantastic Shape For OpenGL Over Vulkan
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=zink-ends-2021&num=1
11/30/2021 19:40:01 CEST

Me driving a lap in FutuSim with OBS Studio on Linux
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aERf9reC74E
11/30/2021 19:37:19 CEST

PSA: If you have multiple monitors with different refresh rates that are stuttering, try using Wayland

I've had terrible stuttering issues in all of my games and couldn't figure it out for the life of me. Several clean installs later I found out that X11 doesn't handle differing refresh rates very well, and that Wayland could fix it.

Lo and behold, now my games are all super smooth. And as an added bonus, I'm having way fewer Xruns when doing audio work.

11/30/2021 19:21:27 CEST

How to add an already installed game to Lutris?

I have folders with installed games (which I installed through Lutris earlier).

Now I want to add those games to Lutris, without downloading and installing them again. I just want the preconfigured settings and the icon, and manually set the path to the executable.

Is this possible?

11/30/2021 19:21:16 CEST

Best Games for Linux Oct 2021 by Fan the Deck
URL: https://youtu.be/wAWGqIxLsYU
11/30/2021 18:43:18 CEST

Notable Steam releases from this year (for award nominations)?

I realize this is a pretty broad question, considering how many games come out in a year, but...when it comes time to nominate every year I always have trouble kind of remembering what happened over the past year (in this case, that specifically means since December 1, 2020).

So...is there already a place that has a list of notable Linux releases for this award cycle (and yes, I know that "notable" is a fluid term :P)? I checked https://www.gamingonlinux.com/ and they've got an article about stuff that's on sale, but I was hoping for something with a bit larger scope.

Also, we could rabble-rouse about "Labor Of Love" candidates, which don't have to have come out this year. I feel like surely I'm not the first one to think about this, and maybe I just didn't scroll down far enough, but I didn't see anything. Maybe a post should be pinned, at least through tomorrow when the nominations end (either this post, or a better one from earlier)?

11/30/2021 18:43:10 CEST

How can i just a game with an .exe?

I don't have money and i like to play "free" games and the buy them if i like it. But when i change to linux I couldn't figure how to with lutris or wine execute the intaller and just play it. Games on steam are easy but there are a lot of games out there and i just want to know if there is a good option to "just" run an .exe

11/30/2021 18:34:53 CEST

Great games you can play at 720p on low end laptop (Ryzen 5 3500U + Vega 8)
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUsWTITMd-0
11/30/2021 17:45:05 CEST

Intel is Making A LOT of GPUs!
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMVeVkB2gPc
11/30/2021 17:39:10 CEST

Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel won't work on Linux


I'm using Ubuntu 20.10 and running an Intel Core I5 with an AMD Raedon RX 5600 XT.

With the Bash command "lsusb" it shows me this: Bus 001 Device 006: ID 044f:b66d ThrustMaster, Inc. Thrustmaster Racing Wheel FFB

I just bought the Thrustmaster T300 Alcantara Editon and tried to use it for Forza Hoizon 5 with Linux. I plugged everything in and tried do configure it in FH5 - didn't work. So the next step was trying to configure the Steering Wheel in the Steam Settings. It was recognized as a normal/typical GamePad. Configuring the Steering Wheel itself in the Controller Settings was possible but I wasn't able to change anything effectively for using it. Then I noticed that the buttons (including the shifter) where recognized which means I could use them in FH5. The Steering Wheel itself (Rotation Axis) and the Pedals were not usable/I could not bind a function on them. Also I was not able to use them in steam for navigation inside the menus.

I already tried to install this Linux Kernel Module which didn't help. I think I did something wrong while I installing the Kernel Module. If somebody already did that, please let me know what you have done exactly.

Although I don't know any further Options to get my Steering Wheel running.

If you have any Ideas please let me know :)


11/30/2021 17:04:28 CEST

Advice on Linux gaming with proton/lutris

Hi! I used to use Linux awhile back, but moved to windows as of late because it is ridiculously easy to run games and other things, but want to move back. Mainly I will use steam games, but some of the main games I play use battleye or other anticheats or just don't have a Linux port Any tips/tricks I should use for a NVIDIA GPU for Linux gaming, or any way to "get around" the anticheat?


11/30/2021 16:53:51 CEST

Cant get Resident evil village to run with wine

So I have been trying to get a cracked version of Resident Evil Village running under wine. I dont have much expirience and i hope somebody here can help me.

This is what i get when executing wine re8.exe:

``` 0034:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

0034:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

0068:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

0068:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

0070:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

0070:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

002c:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

002c:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

00c4:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

00c4:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

00d0:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

00d0:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

Segmentation fault (core dumped) ```

and then i get back into normal terminal. I have tried reinstalling wine and rebooting.

11/30/2021 16:50:52 CEST

Ark Survival Evolved maxing out ram on start up

Everytime I start up ark it loads up to the main menu really quickly but after a few seconds It freezes And then unfreezes about 30 seconds later And if I start a single player game it freezes for about 5 minutes and then starts loading game data

I ssh'd into my machine before starting ark to monitor my system through htop and saw that it saps the life out of my ram whenever it's open At start up it takes about 40% And as soon as you launch a single player or a self host game, it gradually increases until it tops out at 84% for ark alone, bringing everything to a dead stop. And then it somehow starts to load after the 5 min of waiting on the loading screen, even though the ram is at 100%

Not new to Linux systems or gaming on windows But I am new to Linux gaming


Memory: 15.6 GiB

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3400g with Radeon Vega graphics x 8

Graphics: NVIDIA Corporation GP106 [GeForce GTX 1060 3GB]

Disk Capacity: 2.0 TB

OS Name: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS

OS Type: 64-bit

GNOME Version: 3.36.8

11/30/2021 16:37:55 CEST

Speed Dreams Development News November 2021
URL: /r/opensourcegames/comments/r505ja/speed_dreams_development_news_november_2021/
11/30/2021 15:49:32 CEST

Need help Switching to Linux.

Hello everyone, I have been thinking about switching to Linux for a while now and I have made up my mind but I'm still confused about a few things so I thought I should ask you guys for a little help. Thank you in advance. I have listed my problems in categories.

Q- Which Distro should I go with? Right now, I'm having a difficult time choosing between two distros (Pop Os & Mint). I like how mint feels, It feels a lot similar to windows. On the other hand, I like the features that pop os comes with, I have heard that pop os is the one of best Distro for gaming, and it has features like Hybrid Graphics which since I'm on a gaming laptop I feel like Hybrid Graphics will come in handy for me but I hate it's UI. Please tell me which one should I go with since this is my first time switching to Linux. Also is it possible to add one Distro features to another if yes then please tell me how? If you think some other Distro will be good for me then please tell me, I want a Distro that's low on system resources and fast, I like customization but don't mind if it doesn't have any, and I just do some light gaming once in a while.

Q-Is there any good overclocking application on Linux I mainly just want an app that is capable of changing fan speed.

Q-Should I go with proprietary drivers or open-source drivers I have Nvidia GPU (GTX 1660Ti), so I was wondering if I should go with proprietary or open-source drivers.

Here is my spec if you're wondering My spec:- CPU:- i7-10750H RAM:- 16 GB RAM GPU:- GTX 1660Ti Storage:- 512GB SSD M.2

Any beginner tips would be appreciated. Please go easier on me If I said something stupid I'm beginner to Linux right now I don't know much about it.

11/30/2021 15:38:15 CEST

Should I use bleeding edge nvidia proprietary drivers on Ubuntu 20.04 through ppa if I already use xanmod edge kernel and latest mesa graphics through kiska ppa

Same as title

11/30/2021 15:36:00 CEST

AMD-Pstate Driver Updated A 5th Time For Improving Ryzen Power Efficiency On Linux
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=amd-pstate-v5
11/30/2021 15:26:31 CEST

Intel Posts Linux Patches Bringing Up Alder Lake N Graphics
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Intel-Alder-Lake-N-Linux-Gfx
11/30/2021 15:26:19 CEST

A Call For KDE To Fully Embrace Simplicity By Default, Appeal To More Novice Users
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=KDE-More-Novice-Simplicity
11/30/2021 15:24:17 CEST

Valve puts up official developer FAQ for the Steam Deck
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/valve-puts-up-official-developer-faq-for-the-steam-deck/
11/30/2021 15:19:58 CEST

Party-based RPG Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness sees a huge update
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/party-based-rpg-black-geyser-couriers-of-darkness-sees-a-huge-update/
11/30/2021 15:19:35 CEST

Civ VI freezes immediately after loading map

I've been play civ vi on windows for years now, and recently switched over to linux (Pop!_OS 21.04) as my primary os. Having installed steam (deb version) to try and play civ using the native version, I discovered a couple of strange issues:

  1. When starting a new game (or loading an old one), the leader info screen is skipped and it instead sits at "Loading..." for a bit longer. Then it goes directly to the map, which loads in the starting units and the normally visible portion of the map. Sometimes this appears on screen, and sometimes it doesn't. However, as soon as this happens, the game immediately freezes, before any sort of UI appears. Here is what I see. The game stays like that until I unfocus the window, and when I return to the game, it is just a black screen. The mouse is unaffected by the freeze.
  2. Possibly related to the first one, my graphics card (Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 with Max Q design) is not recognized by the game. Under graphics settings, the graphics device is simply listed as "Unknown device", and the resolution is wrong for my monitor (resolution is easily fixed, graphics device is not)

Neither of these issues are present in the proton version, but I have come across people on the internet saying that game saves are sometimes deleted when using proton, and I have heard that the native version should run very well either way.

I would appreciate some help getting this working, thanks in advance for any advice!

11/30/2021 15:17:33 CEST

GOG to go through some reorganization after suffering losses
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/gog-to-go-through-some-reorganization-after-suffering-losses/
11/30/2021 14:19:22 CEST

Save 66% on Total War: WARHAMMER II on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/594570/Total_War_WARHAMMER_II/
11/30/2021 14:15:44 CEST

Save 65% on Total War: WARHAMMER Collection on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/22721/Total_War_WARHAMMER_Collection/
11/30/2021 14:15:02 CEST

Warframe and DX12.

Warframe possess DX12 supporta fews days and via proton i can't use it, Warframe launcher won't display DX12 option, can someone one help me?

11/30/2021 13:43:20 CEST

500K+ reservations for Steam Deck?
URL: https://steamdb.info/app/1675180/graphs/
11/30/2021 13:22:46 CEST

Hi penguins (Linux users). I just uploaded a new game dodge it for linux. In the game you dodge falling blocks and theirs a global leaderboard and stuff
URL: https://destus-gamez.itch.io/dodge-it
11/30/2021 13:15:27 CEST

Is there anything that can be done to seriously lower the latency on bluetooth earbuds?

I know that I've seen some stuff around that mentions lowering the latency for bluetooth devices, but that seems to be mostly a windows thing. Not sure if these things are possible on Linux or if they're even appreciable.

I'm using samsung Earbuds + and the latency makes movies pretty much unwatchable. I don't expect wired-level, but the lowest latency physically possible.

Can anything be done?

11/30/2021 12:01:55 CEST

osu! running too fast

i installed osu! trough lutris but when i launch it, the sound is distorted as hell and the game runs too fast.
im on EndeavourOS
hope there is a fix to this. Thanks in advance

11/30/2021 11:46:31 CEST

solution for csgo problems on arch

I was having so many problems with csgo, like it wasn't launching I found a fix while exploring the packages:

sudo pacman -S steam-runtime-native

It worked for me.

11/30/2021 11:44:48 CEST

Thank You for playing my first game "Cube Flip" !

Hey everyone, looks like quite a few people bought my game "Cube Flip" for linux, I get that mostly people dont like to waste their time writing reviews, but I would def love some feedback :).

And for those who dont know what I'm talking about, check out my first pc game made available for linux below, would appreciate the support.

Get It On Steam

Cube Flip Gameplay Trailer - PC/Steam/Linux

Thanks again, being a solo dev I appreciate the purchase!

11/30/2021 11:27:08 CEST

Do I need to remove these packages?

I know this is not about gaming but I dont know where to ask more.I'm completely uninstalling nvidia-drivers to reinstall again and when I do dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia it shows,

ii libnvidia-compute-470:amd64 470.86-0ubuntu0.21.10.1 amd64 NVIDIA libcompute package

ii libnvidia-compute-470:i386 470.86-0ubuntu0.21.10.1 i386 NVIDIA libcompute package

rc linux-modules-nvidia-470-5.13.0-21-generic 5.13.0-21.21+1 amd64 Linux kernel nvidia modules for version 5.13.0-21

ii linux-objects-nvidia-470-5.13.0-21-generic 5.13.0-21.21+1 amd64 Linux kernel nvidia modules for version 5.13.0-21 (objects)

ii linux-signatures-nvidia-5.13.0-21-generic 5.13.0-21.21+1 amd64 Linux kernel signatures for nvidia modules for version 5.13.0-21-generic

Do I need to remove these packages? If so , how can I?

11/30/2021 11:17:16 CEST

Call of Duty Warzone
  • tl:dr= Call of Duty Warzone is borked but improved by lightyears from where it was 2 weeks ago.

Call of Duty Warzone doesnt work. The best result I had was using the SteamClient- Beta with Proton-Battle Eye / Proton Experimental - bleeding edge - Beta. Proton-Battle eye IS needed.? I dont know why and the latest GER doesnt work at all.

Battlenet installs perfectly and is 100% functional.

Call of Duty Warzone when launched fails.

Then after a moment the option to start the game in safe mode appears.

Select either option and the game begins to launch.

The Activision launch Splash video plays.

The steam Overlay pop up in the bottom right hand corner appears.

Next the " Terms of Agreement" page is presented.

Here the mouse works but I had no button functionallity to select that I agree to the "Terms of Agreement"

This page freezes, crashes then returns to BattleNet.

I used various combinations of Proton and Battlenet [ command% switches ] with varying degrees of improvement.

I was using a GTX1050(2G) with dx11 command switched in both Proton and BattleNet. I'll try again latter using the Dx12 capable nVidia RTX.

I know BattleEye is not BattleNet like BattleEye is not Proton-BattleEye. I just tried whatever until whatever made an advance in the right direction.

11/30/2021 09:57:07 CEST

What is cjkfonts?

Visual novels that won't display text get fixed when i install cjkfonts. I'm curious about this. I'm a new Linux user that migrated from Windows.

11/30/2021 09:51:08 CEST

How can I play my games ive installed on my Linux drive on my windows partition?

I have all of my games installed on linux and I would like to play them on a windows partition

11/30/2021 09:01:56 CEST

sleeping dogs help

game crashes as soon as launching, the 1.4 patch does nothing. tried emulating desktop to no avail.

11/30/2021 08:19:48 CEST

Tunic running on steam deck
URL: https://twitter.com/finjico/status/1464292875059879941?s=21
11/30/2021 08:12:30 CEST

Multi theft auto san andreas

when i try to run multi theft auto san adreas it gives me an error that it couldn't run verdana.ttf something like that

11/30/2021 07:28:28 CEST

Exiting NFS Heat on Fedora 35 crashes sound output until restart?

inxi output

I got NFS Heat running on the latest Proton GE with the fsync kernel by sentry

When I exit the game, sound does not work for any application. I am using pulse audio (not pipewire), and if I restart it, I just see "Dummy output". Logging out and back in fixes it. I believe Fedora now uses pipewire and I am not to familiar with it's inner workings

I see nothing weird in dmesg or journalctl, where else can I check to figure out


11/30/2021 07:23:18 CEST

RPG Maker MZ or MV (or Alternative)?

Hello, I want to create some sort of story-based video series similar to this youtube channel which uses RPG maker. I want to use it as well but there's few things I need to know before purchasing it.

There are two version of RPGMaker that I'm interested. MV and MZ. MV has native Linux support while MZ has not. There are also many conflicting opinions like here for which version is better for newcomers. Unless anyone here managed to get MZ working under Proton, Any suggestion for picking either tools?

Or, can you suggest me an alternative that offers the same workflow as RPG Maker? I'm fine if it has coding but not fully coding like love2d. I prefer for it to have one time payment or as a Free and Open Source Software but it MUST run on Linux.

11/30/2021 06:58:28 CEST

How can I diagnose unstable RAM?

So I've been having trouble lately with my Ryzen 5 3400G on Arch Linux. I'm using the open source drivers. When I first got it, it all seemed to be fine. No glitches, performance was fine, no crashes. Then I started to fiddle with the RAM sticks.

I bought two sticks of 8GB 3733Mhz RAM. I didn't noticed for the first two weeks that the RAM was actually running at 2133Mhz, so I went into the BIOS to change that. I found the setting, but the system gets stuck in a boot loop if I set it to the supposed 3733Mhz the sticks support, so I lowered it a bit and then it finally booted at 3600Mhz.

Performance was much, much better than before, but after about 5 minutes of testing Witcher 3, the system shut down. My instinct told me that the RAM's frequency was too high and it was unstable, so I lowered it further to 3400Mhz. This time it worked splendid. I played for hours without any issues, until a few weeks ago.

I played through Resident Evil 2 Remake with pretty decent performance, mostly 60FPS at 720p, medium-high settings? Pretty nice if you ask me. However I recalled to my RAM settings, to how I had changed it from 3600Mhz to 3400Mhz, without trying the in-between.

In an attempt to squeeze every last bit of performance I could've from the iGPU, I upped the speed a bit, and after getting in-game, performance was atrocious. I was getting around 40 FPS, but it was supper choppy. It all felt like a slideshow, and what's worse, around 30 minutes later the game crashed.

I decided that 3400Mhz seemed to be the sweet spot, so I lowered it again, but the problems didn't vanish. It was still running like shit and crashing after 30 or so minutes where I could play for hours before without any issues.

I realized that maybe the shader cache had something to do with it. Since it's an iGPU, it has no dedicated VRAM, it uses the system memory as video memory, so maybe chaning its speed messed it up somehow. Surprisingly, deleting the shader cache made the game perform smoothly again... but the crashes persisted, and I still have them to this day.

Today, I was playing some Mordhau, and it too seems to crash after 20-30 minutes of playing, but this time I never messed with the RAM speed. It also seems to dip to single digit frames before going up to 60 in a matter of seconds. Same area, same everything, it just seems to shit itself a bit. And a couple of minutes ago, while playing, the entire DE crashed and sent me to a login screen (I was doing good too smh).

So... I guess it's time for me to seek out help. Without any other kind of lead, I'm guessing this must be RAM issues again, but I don't know why I was doing fine with the memory at 3400Mhz before, but after changing it it no longer seems to be as stable as it was.

Any ideas? Let me know for any information you may need.

11/30/2021 05:56:56 CEST

What is nouveau preventing from detecting external monitors?

I know that the NVIDIA drivers are better suited but nouveau is also not too bad. With nouveau though no external monitors are detected for me. Why is that? Or rather what system is preventing this? GBM?

External monitors are detected for me with Xorg and the proprietary drivers. It doesn't work on Wayland.

I am mostly asking to figure out which spaces or code repositories are worth watching for updates in that area.

11/30/2021 05:04:12 CEST

Hey guys, problems with the binding of isaac

I've been trying to play the binding of isaac repetance on archlinux, and it crashes randomly when I enter some rooms, not all of them, it just crashes randomly, I tried different versions of proton, and even reinstalled arch, but it does not seem to work, my specs are: Asus h110m-cs/br Nvidia Gtx-750-ti Intel i3-6100 8 gigs of ram And a 1tb hard drive

11/30/2021 04:54:08 CEST

Has anyone successfully set up rainbow six seige on Linux and can access multi-player lobbies?

If so, how?

11/30/2021 04:17:11 CEST

Good Ol' Mutahar Comin' in to Provide the Best Take and Response to the LTT Challenge
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAy945DZvp8
11/30/2021 03:36:19 CEST

Big Picture issue with Fedora 35

Since upgrading to Fedora 35 I have this weird issue when quitting a game, back into Steam BP. Even though BP starts up normally, when quitting a game it ends up switching into what looks like windowed mode without decorations. I have to exit BP and reopen it for it to run in fullscreen again.

Has anyone else had that issue before? Used to work fine before the upgrade.

11/30/2021 02:17:52 CEST


Im running playonmac for this and I downloaded a few games on steam with this. The problem is its not letting me uninstall these games and Im low on space, suggestions?

11/30/2021 01:54:52 CEST

Valve Posts Updated Steam Deck FAQs To Address More Community Questions
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Steam-Deck-FAQ-Updated
11/30/2021 01:50:00 CEST

Opening a desktop short cut with Wine

Just downloaded a mod for a steam game I play through Wine and it says it requires you to open the game through the desktop short cut it creates. How would I open it with Wine ? I wasn't able to just drag it over like .exe files.

11/30/2021 01:21:47 CEST

hi guys i have mouse acceleration problem with MacBook crossover game if. The battlefield5 and 1 . The mouse movement to the left more than right. Maybe up more than down. Windows1064 dxvk and directx modern game. Why this is happen I dont know
11/30/2021 00:45:16 CEST

Help modding Dragon Age: Inquisition

Hey people, i recently got into playing DA:I again, and i just can't do it without some mods. On my Windows PC, i used frosty mod manager, but i don't know how to even get it to start on Linux. I own the Steam version of the game, if it helps.

11/29/2021 22:50:44 CEST


is there any trick to getting proton to work? Or which one I should choose? also is there anyway to install my games from gog? And does any one know if using a wmr is possible in linux?


11/29/2021 22:45:11 CEST

CrossOver 21.1 Released With GTA V Support, Restores Outlook 2016 &amp; 365 Support
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=CrossOver-21.1-Released
11/29/2021 22:43:45 CEST

Steam bans?

What is the state of encountering steam bans given the different emulation approaches to rubbing windows only games? Or other things to watch out for. My library is enormous right now and a ban is the last thing I want.

Thanks for all the great info!

11/29/2021 22:05:18 CEST

GOverlay 0.7
URL: https://github.com/benjamimgois/goverlay/releases/tag/0.7
11/29/2021 21:15:28 CEST

[Hollow Knight | Steam] HK won't launch - Wayland on Arch Linux
URL: /r/linuxquestions/comments/r53ux5/hollow_knight_steam_hk_wont_launch_wayland_on/
11/29/2021 21:06:55 CEST

Ubisoft Connect PC Client was added to Steam's default package
URL: https://nitter.net/thexpaw/status/1465384391400636421#m
11/29/2021 20:36:13 CEST

Graphics card support in Linux?

When I was first starting out, I remember everyone saying how Nvidia cards weren't well supported because the drivers weren't open source.

I'm trying to decide on hardware, I'm looking at system 76 laptops but need to know how well this stuff is supported nowadays as I look at other vendors


11/29/2021 20:04:42 CEST

Overwatch never stops 'Compiling shaders'

Hi, I have a fresh install of EndeavourOS on an AMD Thinkpad and I tought it'd be fun to see how Overwatch would run on it. - I installed wine-staging, Lutris and gamemode and just installed OW from the script. It installed and runs just fine, it just doesn't seem to ever stop 'compiling shaders.' I left the thing on for a few hours over a couple of days but it just never goes away? On my Pop install (Nvidia/Intel) the 'compiling shaders' thing goes away after a few minutes. The only thing I customized in Lutris is adding __GL_SHADER_DISK_CACHE_SKIP_CLEANUP 1 to the game's config. I was wondering if I missed an obvious step or if I can help it in any way?

11/29/2021 19:16:09 CEST

Am I trying the impossible ?

I have a dual boot with 64 bit Windows 7 and Lubuntu 20.04 LTS.

I installed Wine and Lutris on Lubuntu, I added games on my Windows drive to Lutris choosing Wine as the runner and not changing any other thing, I tried playing them and nothing happened except the system got so slow I had to restart...

11/29/2021 19:10:46 CEST

Arch Linux with GUI/DE site?

So I recently f'd up my Arch installation. I wanted to get a GUI/DE installed but I ran into some trouble so now I'm back to where I started... or I might not be...?

I found this site... ( https://archlinuxgui.in/ ) that claims to provide an Arch iso with GUI/DE of your choosing (along with other stuff) preinstalled.

I am just wondering if there are any hidden malicious apps installed to allow remote access or something... am I just being paranoid? Anyone else heard of this site? Can I trust these iso-files?

11/29/2021 18:39:35 CEST

Is it possible to have default settings for wine in Lutris?

I always want certain settings in my wine configuration. For example, I never want / to be mounted as Z, and I never want my documents or downloads folder symlinked. Is it possible to change default settings, so I don't always have to open wine config to change this?

11/29/2021 17:57:34 CEST

Trying to launch Assassins's Creed: Valhalla: Missing gfsdk_aftermath_lib.x64.dll

When trying to launch the game using the file ACValhalla.exe, wine reports this error:

0024:err:module:import_dll Library gfsdk_aftermath_lib.x64.dll (which is needed by L"Z:\\home\\nyzus\\data_ntfs\\Games\\Assassins Creed Valhalla\\ACValhalla.exe") not found

does anyone know how to fix this?

11/29/2021 17:51:29 CEST

How do i use cpu frequency scaling and how do i set it to performance

I currently only have cpufreqtils installed. I set the governor to performance but i wanna make sure its set to performance

11/29/2021 17:38:02 CEST

Using dgVoodoo2 on Linux to run pre DirectX 9 games with DXVK
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxqvRO2AMyU
11/29/2021 17:36:49 CEST

GOG Cyberpunk 2077 - How to DLSS


I have a GOG version of Cyberpunk , and that is problematic since u cant use proton in lutris anymore , i ties to use wine-ge but it also cannot run dlss , so is there any way?

11/29/2021 17:09:39 CEST

Luxtorpeda version 48 add Switch Pro Controller Support and better DPI options
URL: https://github.com/luxtorpeda-dev/luxtorpeda/releases/tag/v48
11/29/2021 17:02:02 CEST

Gtx 1650 on linux

I wanna buy a gtx 1650 for my computer (the gtx 1650, not the gtx 1650 super). Do you know how does it work in linux? which drivers should I install? Is it a gooid option? And if it's not, do you have any alternatives???

11/29/2021 16:47:40 CEST


I just downloaded Call of Duty. ModernWarfare. "WARZONE" Battle-Eye worked effortlessly. It even opened my native Google Chrome to create an account. Not one single issue except having to manually create the install folder in the default location specified by the game installer. * kDE-Neon Kernel 5.13generic * NVIDIA Driver 495 * Steam Client Beta * Vulkan Caching Enabled * Proton - BattleEye Beta * Proton - Linux runtime - beta * Proton - Soldier - beta * Proton - Sniper - Beta * Proton - Experimental - Beta Bleeding Edge * ( You have to enable Beta Bleeding Edge) * I installed it as a Non Steam Game - setup.exe everything was Window Click Next Next Next... * F#kYeah!

11/29/2021 16:46:57 CEST

Help, my mouse dbounce i cant change!!! Kain 120 aimo, and im using kde on arch. Please help me as i dont wanna just boot into windows to play minecraft or just have a dbounce slider

I know its silly but i just want to be able to change my dbounce i know u can do it on ubuntu but i dont wanna use that piece of shit

11/29/2021 16:42:48 CEST

GTX 1650 on linux.

I wanna buy a gtx 1650 for my computer (the gtx 1650, not the gtx 1650 super). Do you know how does it work in linux? which drivers should I install? And if it's not the best option, do you have any alternatives???

11/29/2021 16:38:20 CEST

Gta v

Hi, i have recently occured a problem with my gta v, i am on linux pop os. And if i install mods in my gta v they wouldn't work, it's like they weren't there at all. I need help as soon as possible, please.

11/29/2021 14:14:30 CEST

Warns to everyone who uses proton for gaming

Saves will get deleted without any promprt of user in games without cloud save support! I'm sad to have deleted mine, and find the issue exists since 3 years ago. There are many who complained about that on GitHub, but valve didn't get it fixed.



11/29/2021 13:10:45 CEST

Quake Live mouse sensitivity is significantly different from Windows

Despite being set to the same. in_mouse = 2 as well, meaning it's raw mouse input. But it's substantially higher than it should be.

I'm on Mint 20.2, running QL through Steam Play Proton 6.3-7.

11/29/2021 12:22:15 CEST

Amazon Linux 2022 Benchmarks - Offers Competitive Performance Against Ubuntu, CentOS
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=amazon-linux-2022&num=1
11/29/2021 12:18:16 CEST

How to install truckersmp-cli on ubuntu

Can someone guide me to install truckersmp-cli on ubuntu 21.10? Ive already read their install methods but I dont understand.

11/29/2021 11:04:35 CEST

Arma3 BattleEye Proton Multiplayer

I bet there are threads out regarding this here somewhere as I am a few weeks late, but just wanna say for those who did not notice just like me it's not a maybe-maybe-not vague announcement or speculation anymore: It works and it works flawlessly!

You need to set Arma3 to Proton Experimental and have to install an additional steam tool "Proton BattleEye Runtime", but thats just one click and not tinkering arround with anything anymore (if you have mods you most likely still want the arma3-unix-launcher, tho). The game itself was already running perfectly under Proton for a while, but for the last few hours I was also finally able to confirm myself during a nice little battleye-restricted koth session that multiplayer is now finally on the same level of ... well, "quality" as the windows Bohemia experience (anyway, I love it ;)).

That was one of the last few multiplayers I was really missing under Linux and the other one has EAC and might be there soon aswell... has been a good year so far. Everything serious works under linux great anyway, but the gaming situation is almost perfect now, too, at least for the stuff I like to play :)

11/29/2021 10:07:23 CEST

75 % off Crossover from CodeWeaver. Is it a perfect time to support their work one Wine?
URL: https://www.codeweavers.com/
11/29/2021 09:19:30 CEST

Black Screen on CSGO

I haven't played CSGO in about a year and never had problems before. Completely reinstalled the game two separate times and can't seem to resolve my issue. The intro video plays, it finishes, then it goes to a black screen and never goes to the main menu. No amount of waiting resolves it.

I tried putting -novid and -novideo in it, but the video still plays. -dev doesn't help.

Any advice?

11/29/2021 08:29:16 CEST

Godot 4.0 Progressing On Its Multiplayer Capabilities
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Godot-4.0-Multiplayer-Progress
11/29/2021 08:23:52 CEST

Fans don't kick in!

Hi, I've just started using Pop OS as my daily driver on Omen 15. I've installed lm sensors and psensors and noticed that the fans don't run even when cpu temperature being around 75-80 C. The last time I heard it was when the cpu temperature reached 90C. That too wasn't fast enough, and trust me it can run quite fast and creates a lot of noise.

I'm worried that this will lead to cpu overheating and damage. I've disable my dedicated Nvidia gpu through optimus manager.

Is there any way to control fan speed and prevent it from reaching 90?

On windows it would hardly reach 80, the fans would prevent going beyond 85 at most.

11/29/2021 06:43:16 CEST

Quest for low latency wayland

I have been trying for weeks to achieve a good low latency experience with Wayland, and I have not yet been successful. I use plasma on my Intel laptop and ryzen nvidia desktop, and after compiling the qt patch for nvidia both have been running quite smoothly on the desktop. Gaming however, sucks quite a bit so far. I play a lot of competitive games such as Overwatch, Csgo, and brawlhalla on my 144hz monitor on X, and they run very well there. On wayland however there is a very noticeable lag on flickshots, or stutters on input. I took this to merely be issues on the plasma stack as it is still beta at this point, and attempted to use the gamescope session from a TTY on my intel system. The latency was still there however, and now I am unsure of how to proceed. Is this quest pointless until the request for vsync controll gets merged as a wayland protocol? Thanks for reading if you made it this far, apologies if the formatting is rough as this was spun up on mobile :)

11/29/2021 05:58:01 CEST

LTT Linux Challenge, New and Curious Linux users there is a better way

I really wish Linus didn't make this circus stunt video series. It is a harmful way to introduce Linux to potential new and curious users. It is fine if you are just looking for a few laughs. However, some would be new user will watch the video series, believe everything in the videos, and forever be tainted with bad and biased information. A better and less circus stun type of way of introducing Linux would be to just let Anthony (who works for Linus) do it. In fact he has already done it twice.

For new and curious users, I recommend looking the following video by DistroTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4C2pMVTxao

...and the Tyler's Tech video that reviews Manjaro KDE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mr9TkovpaME

You can also find the latest review video for the latest Manjaro KDE on the Manjaro KDE download page: https://manjaro.org/download/#kde-plasma

I am not affiliated in any way with Tyler's Tech, DistroTube, Manjaro, or any other entity. I'm a Linux user who found the above videos helpful. Also, check out the Getting Started with Linux Guide at the top of the r/linux_gaming page. Maybe Linus and Luke should check them out as well.

11/29/2021 05:36:42 CEST

android emulators

Does anyone know if or how i can get a android emulator or somthing i can do to run android on virtual box

11/29/2021 04:00:12 CEST

Fallout 2 Steam Install Instructions with SFALL

I wanted to play Fallout 2 with an updated version of SFALL than the one Steam includes so I typed up a few instructions on how I got it all working in case someone else is running into problems:

Fallout 2 Linux Installation Instructions:

1) Install Fallout 2 From Steam

2) Set Steam Compatability To Proton 6.3-8

3) Add "WINEDLLOVERRIDES="ddraw.dll=n" %command%" (Without the quotes) to Steam Launch Options (Right-Click on Fallout 2 in Steam and Select Properties, Launch options are under the First Tab (General)

4) As of 11/28/2021, The Steam Version of Fallout 2 comes with a very old version of Sfall (3.2 or so). Sfall is a user-created engine tweak/modification for Fallout 2 that adds a lot of nice quality of life improvements and fixes. Download the latest version of sfall (As of 11/28/2021 this is 4.3.2) which is what this guide is using.

5) Open up the sfall archive file you downloaded and extract all the files to your Fallout 2 Steam Directory which will be something like /SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Fallout 2/. Say "yes to all" when it asks you to overwrite the existing files.

6) Open up the ddraw.ini file in your Fallout 2 main directory and change the following items: "SingleCore=1" to "SingleCore=0" "ProcessorIdle=0" to "ProcessorIdle=1" (Note: I didn't have to change ProcessorIdle to 1 as it was already set to that)

A Steam usered named engiecat posted the following information regarding the ddraw.ini tweaks above explaining why these steps were performed, the post is from 2019 so maybe it's out-of-date / no longer needed but I used them and it seems to be working. Link to the post: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1629727470

        steam version comes prepatched with resolution patch and sfall, the latter being a fix for many engine problems, including crazy fast world map speed. except sfall uses ddraw.dll as it's proxy loader, and wine doesn't allow any trickery with graphic libraries, so you have to manually tell wine to load ddraw.dll from the game directory by right-clicking fallout2 in steam -> properties -> set launch options, and set it to "WINEDLLOVERRIDES="ddraw.dll=n" %command%" (without quotes). the problem is, sfall by default limits the available cores to 1, which makes sense on windows, but makes proton super slow. you gotta edit ddraw.ini in the fallout 2 dir, and change "SingleCore=1" to "SingleCore=0" (and optionally "ProcessorIdle=0" to "ProcessorIdle=1"). also, before you do that, you might wanna update the ancient version 3.2 of sfall that comes with steam install with a newer one from https://sourceforge.net/projects/sfall/files/sfall/ (4.1.6 at the date of writing). 

7) Load up Fallout 2 from Steam, The Main title screen should now say Fallout II 1.02 - SFALL 4.3.2 in the lower right-hand corner.

8) Play the game

11/29/2021 03:43:10 CEST

Moving some warzone game files to Linux?

Hey, I'm not a new Linux user but I do have some questions regarding lutris and battle net. I was wondering if I could start installing Warzone on my gaming disk to create the basic folder structure and then move some game files from my warzone install on windows into those folders.

Considering the game is 250gb I'd really like to avoid redownloading as much as possible.

I am using Manjaro KDE.

11/29/2021 02:20:15 CEST

Overwatch doesn't open

I've succeeded in installing Blizzard Launcher and installing Overwatch but it won't open so I can't play. What is the issue?

11/29/2021 00:53:13 CEST

Elgato capture card for nintendo switch with linux?

So I want to capture nintendo switch footage and I am wondering if its possible with an elgato HD60S.. I want to use it with OBS studio, so idk if I need any software

any help is appreciated

I use Pop!_os btw


11/29/2021 00:10:57 CEST

How to uninstall gta vice city complete if done with wineskin

Thanks in advance

11/28/2021 23:09:49 CEST

Can't launch Titanfall 2 on Arch Linux via Steam Proton.

I'm trying to get Titanfall 2 to run on my laptop running Arch Linux. I have Proton Experimental (Tried it with the newest stable one which is 6 something) enabled and when launching it displays "Running install script ThinOriginSetp" then goes back to the green play icon. I tried downloading origin using lutris but that refuses to open origin, I also have Wine installed but I have no idea if I should use that to launch or how to launch with it. This isn't urgent as my gaming pc is running windows but it would be neat to have it up and running.

11/28/2021 22:54:55 CEST

sha256sum mismatch?


I have had my pc for about a week. I was trying to install utorrent for totally legitimate purposes but winetricks keeps giving me this error and I dont know why. Using the --force thing in terminal gives me an error I understand even less.

If you know how to fix this could you explain the problem to me like im 5?


11/28/2021 22:52:55 CEST

Linus about Pop!_OS, 2019: "Installing Steam is just a click away"
URL: https://youtu.be/JTN1c1j6V1s?t=169
11/28/2021 22:49:26 CEST

Linux is still compromise or high-effort for gaming in 2021 (for me)

I respect that more people are considering Linux for gaming. I've used Linux for about 5 years primarily when Windows 10 came out, and had pretty high motivation for making games work the best they could.

But after branching out into more games and into VR, I've realized there's limitations that just don't make Linux as-ideal for gaming in my case nowadays, and a lot of games either perform less, have some kind of compromise, require effort and research, or just don't work because of anti-cheat or some other reason.

At the end of the day, I just want to play games with a good experience and minimal effort. #9, #10, and #11 were the breaking-point for me. I don't see Steam Deck affecting any of this aside from better anti-cheat support in #7 and 8#.

I would like to see all of this fixed in the future, as none of it is really hard-set.

I have a RX 580, and have only used either the latest versions of Fedora or openSUSE Tumbleweed. These are my experiences I've had throughout the year, up until yesterday:

  1. Age of Empires II DE can't do Xbox log-in (the log-in window is bugged on Proton and Wine)
  2. No VR support with a Quest 2, which makes 12 games I have that I'm interested in completely unplayable. ALVR doesn't work, I've tried. The only reason I was willing to deal with this was because I have a lot of standalone games to play.
  3. Runescape (Steam) crashes frequently, at random, and drops music if the window is out-of-focus; been a while since I last tried the native Linux version
  4. OSRS (Steam) has minor static on music; there is no 1:1 native Linux alternative to this (it's either the modern Steam Windows C++ client, outdated Java client, or 3rd-party RuneLite Java client)
  5. Force-feedback with a Logitech G29 wheel is inconsistent. It needs hot-plugged when switching games, and City Car Driving has choppy resistance. This is with both the in-kernel FFB driver and new-lg4ff.
  6. Dota 2 is slightly lower FPS (Vulkan on both Linux and Windows)
  7. Can't play DJMAX Respect (anti-cheat)
  8. Can't play Halo Infinite, or even MCC barely (also anti-cheat)
  9. Diablo II Resurrected was lower FPS, and either had a broken mouse cursor (Wayland), or gross unavoidable screen-tearing (Xorg)
  10. No game handles my 4.0 speaker set-up properly and all fallback to Stereo. In Windows, I set 5.1 and do channel phantom for the missing sub/center speakers, and do this easily via GUI config.
  11. Final Fantasy XIV didn't work yesterday when I expected it to. I installed it like I've been doing it the past few months (including like a week ago), and when I went to launch it, it said there was an error. I know this is incredibly vague, but the error wasn't specific, nor do I have any idea why it just wouldn't work.
  12. For #2, head tracking may be an option, but getting opentrack running is it's own adventure (you need to compile it, and also do something special to get it working with Proton on Steam)
  13. My Xbox One Series X controller only works as-is wired. Using it wireless involves needing a 3rd-party driver, and it's a different driver depending on the official dongle or Bluetooth. There's so many conditions for different controllers and connections that there's a spreadsheet.
  14. I found myself having to scrutinize ProtonDB for a few new games I was interested in buying during the Steam sale. Whether or not the game was actually fun wasn't what I was interested in; I needed to figure out if it worked halfway-decently on an unsupported OS. Ended up passing on them all because of reported performance issues, and the fact I didn't feel like gambling on it and having to deal with refund requests. This was not fun.
  15. Not gaming-specific, but when GNOME suspends, sometimes my display doesn't actually power-off and just sits at a black backlit screen. This happens on Xorg and Wayland.
11/28/2021 22:28:04 CEST

Option to Activate Steam Play / Proton for All Linux Native Games At Once

What I mean is that all native games are run by default with Steam Play / Proton instead of choosing it one by one for each game.

Some native games just run worse than their Proton counterpart.

Would be cool, if Steam offered such an option.

11/28/2021 21:57:45 CEST

I tried my hands on benchmarking Tarkov on Linux and Windows. The results are much better than I expected!
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWqpHZvbaRY
11/28/2021 21:20:53 CEST

Good Distro for old hardware with no upgrades foreseeable

Hi! After a few good 20 years with Windows, it's finally time to find something better that will allow me to game and do work/university stuff for a few more months or years. Linux seems like a good alternative but I've had a few hiccups (including ISO usb's becoming RAW in just a few days). As such I would like some tips on Distros that can perform as good as a Windows 10 (the bar is not that high, but still). Would like to list my Hardware first:

*Notebook RF511 from Samsung (2009-2012 release date-ish).

*BIOS: AMIBIOS Version 17HX.M045.20121127.SSH (type: BIOS).

*Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.5GHz

*Memory: 6144MB RAM

*Integrated Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000.

*Dedicated GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M.

I've been researching some distros, and so far I found:

*POP!_OS: Been there, done that. As newb-friendly as it is, seems to have some problems with my Graphics Cards. My limited research points out that while my GraphicsCard can support up to NVIDIA-390, POP!_OS shoves 410+ and thus something wonky happens. Native Linux games play like a charm, but else there's no hope for using this distro.

*Linux Mint Xfce: seems like an alternative, but it still requires 1GB RAM. Considering 6 GB is all I have, there could be performances issues.

*Debian: Got recommended, but appears as if requires more tech savyyness to run.

*Ubuntu: Seems promising, specially the Xubuntu variety. Most seems to require 1 GB RAM.

*Ubuntu CORE: Ubuntu tailored to fit inside a Raspberry PI. Even though it seems utterly complicated to install and manage, probably requires no RAM at all, right? I have no hopes of going this route but hope is the last to fall.

*Garuda: Good on paper, but may require a beefier machine. If so, out of bounds.

*DraugerOS: Their website is red and is flashy, good enough for me. Might require more hardware than my Samsung packs and perhaps not as newb-friendly as the others. Any tips are welcome. I'm currently studying, so not dual-booting is out of bonds. As nerve-breaking as Windows is, itkinda works.

11/28/2021 20:13:18 CEST

Black ops 4 Works Now

As title says, i installed black ops 4 yesterday and ran it under lutris-GE-6.21 and it ran just fine after the minute to connect to servers and 2 minute loading screen i had for zombies. Couldn't find a multiplayer lobby sadly. (games MP is pretty much dead)

11/28/2021 19:32:48 CEST

Dual Monitor Setup

I am going to buy a 16:9 144hz freesync monitor, will I be able to use it at the same time alongside a 21:9 60hz (no freesync) monitor in a dual monitor setup? I am currently on Gnome, will switching to KDE be necessary?

11/28/2021 19:28:00 CEST



After a little research I made on YouTube it seems like in Wine/Proton VKD3D gets better perfomance with AMD cards, while DXVK with Nvidia. Is this true or maybe also depends on drivers using by those GPUs?

Also, please share any resources about this topic if you know it. Thanks!

11/28/2021 19:14:36 CEST

Valve proton never stops impressing me!

I run Void on my 2020 ThinkPad X1 Extreme (Gen3) that has 32GBs of RAM, an Nvidia 1650, and an 8-core processor. I still had trouble with performance in Firewatch, really low FPS with even the smallest resolution and pretty much all the setting turned down to "low".

Just to see how things would be different in Windows, I rebooted into the spare Windows 10 partition I have (that I occasionally boot into to download Windows updates, yes, that's the only thing it's good for), installed Steam and Firewatch, and was surprised to see great performance even on a close-to-max setting.

Finally, I rebooted back into Void Linux, forced Steam Play on Firewatch with proton-experimental, and was again surprised to see that the game performed pretty much the same as it did on Windows.

TLDR; I found that even though Firewatch runs without Proton, enabling it significantly improved the performance.

11/28/2021 18:35:22 CEST

GTA Definitive Edition

Hello guys I've installed Rockstar launcher from lutris to run the GTAs games, the game runs fine, but the audio is out of sync with some cracks and bit slow.

Is possible to fix those audio issues?

11/28/2021 18:14:50 CEST

Fitgirl GTA V error on lutris, linux.

Hi, I am facing a problem while installing fitgirl GTA V thriugh lutris on linux. The problem is it stops installing at 66.5% and displays an error, a Unarc.dll error code -5 to be specific. Does anyone know how to solve this issue? I would be grateful to you or i would have to switch back to windows.

11/28/2021 17:51:48 CEST

Linux vs Windows 11 (sorry for repost, I tried to do it properly this time)
URL: https://youtu.be/cRE20WZ8Noo
11/28/2021 17:42:21 CEST

How to launch game that needs steam but can't be launched through steam.

So I have a game that needs steam but I can not run it through steam.

So I'm using wine but how do I launch steam and that game in the same instance ?
Just to be fully open, It's because It's not legit version of the game but it still needs steam to work.
I don't see anything about that in rules, but if it is against them I'm sorry.

11/28/2021 17:39:15 CEST

Having troubles with [re3] &amp; [reVC]?

Are you upset about the little thing involving Take Two and the modding community?

If you just like me decided to leave the remastered trilogy alone and instead decided play the classic ones natively on linux or whatever platform you prefer compiling it from the sources that you're able to can find around on github, I just wanted to let you know that if you're having troubles and want to read the old issues before they took down the repository, you can take a look at he original repo using internetarchive, the last useful snapshot is from september 23 there I was able to find a solution for a problem that was preventing me to play the Shakedown mission in reVC.

Let's hope for the best since this was an amazing project and it didn't deserved to go down like that.

11/28/2021 17:29:42 CEST

[pop_os 21.04] reset AMD drivers

Hello, I only get like 100 fps in csgo before i got like 300 fps. I have an AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT. I think its because I installed a diffrent driver, what is the proper way to get a new driver and reset the old one?

11/28/2021 16:45:05 CEST

Nvidia Pascal GPU, DX12 and VKD3D (Proton): Slideshow time!
URL: https://boilingsteam.com/nvidia-pascal-gpu-dx12-and-vkd3d-slideshow-time/
11/28/2021 16:12:24 CEST

What Linux Distro should i install for Gaming on a Low End Laptop?

I have a HP Laptop with an I5 1035G4 and 8 GB of Ram (single channel sadly) with an SSD. I want to play games like Counter Strike and TF2 but they run really bad on Windows 10 and i have heard some games run better on Linux. Now the thing is im a total noob when it comes to Linux. So is there a Linux Distro for gaming that is easy to use and performs well on my low end laptop?

11/28/2021 16:02:34 CEST

Using playonmac in Germany is illegal?

I just want it to play imvu classic version but I dont know if the download of it is illegal like torrents :(

11/28/2021 15:54:17 CEST

Elementary os gaming?

Elementary os a gaming system

11/28/2021 15:46:46 CEST

I cant access my drives from Lutris


I'm new to Linux and want to install games via Epic Games Launcher through Lutris. But not on the system drive. I want to install it on a seperate HDD with enough storage. But when i click browse in the where to install section a weird window shows up where i should be able to select the drive. But 1st: It is labled with the Windows numeration. (something like D:, C:, F:) But normally you wouldn't know which letter the specific drive has (at least on Linux). But I've got Windows installed on the same system as well. So I know that that the Volume I want to use is called V:. And with that to the 2nd problem: V: doesn't show up.

How can I properly select the right hard drive for installation?

I use PopOS

Thanks in Advance

11/28/2021 15:28:35 CEST

Need for Speed Prostreet black screen after pressing start

Does anyone know how to fix this? Running on MacOs Catalina

11/28/2021 14:34:29 CEST

WoW retail crashing seconds into logging in

So a few days ago i was having crashes like every hour or so. And i thought it was gone by upgrading the wine version i was using. But now it came back hard and the game just keeps crashing.

The weird thing is however, it was fine one second, and the other i was insta crashing the client on login. I did a dungeon (the stockades) as a healer first and it went fine, then i entered mauradon and i kept crashing. I disabled all addons and was still crashing in like seconds i entered the group again.

I am a bit at a loss now to what to do. I played 2 characters to max level and into shadowlands few months ago without a single crash.

Here are some stats/specs:

Manjaro Linux kernel 5.14.18-1Nvidia 1050 ti

Lutris Settings


11/28/2021 14:12:14 CEST

Auto-Cpufreq and TLP loses turbo boost.

So I use auto-cpufreq on my laptop for better battery life but I would like to also some of TLPs functions for the maximum. I use my laptop plugged in when I'm gaming but I lose the turbo boost function because auto-cpufreq can't use it with tlp. Is there a way I can fix this?

11/28/2021 13:39:58 CEST

How do i fix
URL: https://i.redd.it/jwz2qyoewb281.png
11/28/2021 13:18:27 CEST

Dualsense (PS5 pad) mappings vs DS4

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I bought a new DS5 (dualsense) pad to play some co-op games, however the mappings are a bit odd on linux, it seems that comparing to DS4 'start/options' swapped positions same for X/Y (when a game is expecting xbox controller/mappings) this happens when using the pad via cable and remotely. I haven't tested it on steam yet, so far some native/wine games.. Has anyone else experiencing same "issue" vs DS4 if so how did you fix it (if at all)? Haven't touched any drivers, using the one supplied by the kernel. Thanks in advance.

11/28/2021 12:45:48 CEST

fedora 35 steam in background

It keeps running in the background at turbo performance my cpu is at 90 ... is this intentional?

11/28/2021 12:45:04 CEST

Help monitoring CPU/GPU power consumption

Hi community,

I've been trying to read power consumption of my CPU/GPU for the past few days.

PC specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
GPU: Radeon RX570 4G
Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus Elite v2 rev1.0 B450.
OS: Arch btw, kernel: linux-lts

I've managed to change cpu governor and core frequencies using cpupower and cpupower-gui, but im not able to read CPU power consumption. I've tried all apps mentioned on the Ryzen Archwiki, most of them managed to run but didn't show any useful info/functions.

With GPU its a bit different: I've managed to manually set GPU power profiles ( AMDGPU Archwiki ) and read frequencies and power consumptiom with lm_sensors but my GPU power consumption on idle is around 30W on powersave mode compared to 6-10W in Windows as read in CPUID HWMonitor and MSI Afterburner. What may cause such a big difference? Are there any apps to monitor both CPU and GPU or just GPU and set different power modes? How to decrease GPU power consumption on idle?

output of lspci -v for GPU:

07:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Ellesmere [Radeon RX 470/480/570/570X/580/580X/590] (rev ef) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])
    Subsystem: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd Radeon RX 570 Gaming 4G
    Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 71, IOMMU group 16
    Memory at d0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=256M]
    Memory at e0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=2M]
    I/O ports at e000 [size=256]
    Memory at fce00000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=256K]
    Expansion ROM at 000c0000 [disabled] [size=128K]
    Capabilities: [48] Vendor Specific Information: Len=08 
    Capabilities: [50] Power Management version 3
    Capabilities: [58] Express Legacy Endpoint, MSI 00
    Capabilities: [a0] MSI: Enable+ Count=1/1 Maskable- 64bit+
    Capabilities: [100] Vendor Specific Information: ID=0001 Rev=1 Len=010 
    Capabilities: [150] Advanced Error Reporting
    Capabilities: [200] Physical Resizable BAR
    Capabilities: [270] Secondary PCI Express
    Capabilities: [2b0] Address Translation Service (ATS)
    Capabilities: [2c0] Page Request Interface (PRI)
    Capabilities: [2d0] Process Address Space ID (PASID)
    Capabilities: [320] Latency Tolerance Reporting
    Capabilities: [328] Alternative Routing-ID Interpretation (ARI)
    Capabilities: [370] L1 PM Substates
    Kernel driver in use: amdgpu
    Kernel modules: amdgpu
11/28/2021 12:31:15 CEST

High fps in menu, Low fps in game

Hi I have overall problems with perofrmance even in GNOME environment.
I Use Ubuntu 20.04 and NVIDIA GeForce 940MX, 16GB RAM, Intel i5-6200U (4) @ 2.800GHz.

I Have micro-lags and using the gnome is not smooth, I Have frame rates drops.
Even If I Try to play cs:go in menu I have good fps about 100, but in game I got micro-lags and drops to 20-30.
I have CPU in performance mode. I Use NVIDIA GPU. What can be problem? I really think about switching back to windows because there It was all smooth...

11/28/2021 11:52:33 CEST

Just installed linux ubunutu

Just installed linux ubuntu and amdgpu but my second monitor is not showing anything. In the display it is showing that its there but the screen is still black. any help would be nice

11/28/2021 11:33:48 CEST

Social overlay on epic games

I'm trying to play overcooked 2 with my friends, when you press "shift + f3" it's supposed to open the friends overlay menu so I can join their game. But it doesn't happen and I haven't found another way nor information about this.

What can I do?

11/28/2021 11:18:28 CEST

Recommended Linux OS for Fast Performance and Gaming for a Low End PC.

Hey, I'm currently a Windows user and am planning to install Linux on my system. I want an OS which has a good performance and good for gaming. Unfortunately, I have a Low End PC, so I would also need a compactible one (though most are).

My PC: Lenovo ThinkCentre M92p
Specs: i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10 Hz, Intel HD Graphics 2000, no gpu, Lenovo Mahobay Motherboard, 500GB HDD, 8GB DDR3 Ram.

This Post might be made by someone else a long time ago, and answered too, Sorry.

11/28/2021 10:29:49 CEST

Lutris does not use Nvidia. Uses Intel Integrated ?

I don't play GPUintensive games so it might not affect me much. But Lutris does not detect Nvidia vendor by all. In the System Information in preferences, i see this: [System] OS: Manjaro Linux 20.2 Nibia Arch: x86_64 Kernel: 5.9.11-2-MANJARO Desktop: KDE Display Server: x11 [CPU] Vendor: GenuineIntel Model: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8550U CPU @ 1.80GHz Physical cores: 4 Logical cores: 8 [Memory] RAM: 7.7 GB Swap: 8.8 GB [Graphics] Vendor: Intel OpenGL Renderer: Mesa Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620 (KBL GT2) OpenGL Version: 4.6 (Compatibility Profile) Mesa 20.2.3 OpenGL Core: 4.6 (Core Profile) Mesa 20.2.3 OpenGL ES: OpenGL ES 3.2 Mesa 20.2.3 Vulkan: Supported I have the latest nvidia drivers, 455 version. I also have the nvidia-utils and linux59-nvidia-455xx. I am using NVIDIA GeForce 940MX in my Notebook. The X server settings shows that GPU load is 0. Is there a way to force lutris to use my GPU? I know it is powerful enough for my needs.

11/28/2021 10:25:13 CEST

Doom Eternal is one of the most optimized games to ever release...!
11/28/2021 10:05:02 CEST

Wineskin World Of Warcraft 1.12.1 Vanilla Client On Macbook Air M1

Has anyone been able to successfully run the 32-bit original WOW Vanilla 1.12.1 client on an M1 Mac? If you try to run it you see the following ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal Exception :(. https://i.ibb.co/KjRcwy6/Screen-Shot-2021-11-28-at-2-58-10-AM.png

11/28/2021 10:01:45 CEST

I was bored and made an extremely rough comparison benchmark between Garuda and Windows 11
URL: https://youtu.be/7kt_Q3N8Nso
11/28/2021 09:28:02 CEST

I modded the Lutris install script for Mo2 to support the latest Mo2 version with fixes

Hi! I have recently been trying to bug fix and work on the Lutris install script for mo2: https://github.com/CtrlAltLilith/lutris-skyrimse-installers it's pretty easy to use, and I got the path finding fixed and the latest update working. Also added xnvse out of the box.

If you'd like to try it you can install the script using wget and lutris!

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CtrlAltLilith/lutris-skyrimse-installers/master/installers/modorganizer2.yml

lutris -i modorganizer2.yml
11/28/2021 09:24:03 CEST

Does anyone here use Steam in a chroot?

I've heard that some people do this, what are the advantages?

11/28/2021 08:34:48 CEST

My steam folder is not under .local/share

My steam folder is not under .local/share and it's under ~/.steam. I think it has to be in .local/share right?

11/28/2021 08:22:27 CEST

Why do I keep getting this error? I already installed .net core. I even tested it in the terminal using the dotnet command and it works! What can I do to fix this?
URL: https://i.redd.it/92dc490ts9281.png
11/28/2021 06:15:31 CEST

Everytime I use wine , Battlefield 1942(old) server kicks me out of the game. Is it something linux related

does using linux get me cheater tilte as open gl ior vulkun is used instead of direct X ? I have no idea . I didnt screw anything

Please answer me my fellow linux users

11/28/2021 05:42:34 CEST

/linux_gaming Subdirect Statistics
URL: https://redditpagematrics.com/r/linux_gaming
11/28/2021 05:19:47 CEST

Any wine friendly linux oses?

Like bundled into the OS or very easy to install onto the os

11/28/2021 05:03:05 CEST

Thinking of switching to a linux only desktop, but I play competitive games

Over windows, Linux has been interesting me for a while now and ive been wanting to make the switch. The only problem is that on top of all the steam games I normally play, I also play games such as Apex, Valorant, Escape from Tarkov, League of legends, etc etc, basically: lots of competitive games that usually come with an anti cheat. Ive read that this could be fixed sometime soon, but for games like valorant, will it ever happen? Should I just dual boot? I would much rather the one OS, but if needed will just keep a 1tb SSD for windows / games

11/28/2021 04:08:03 CEST

HI i have problem with league of legends installation

during the installation it displays to me and all the time as if the error is looped: x error failed to request: glxbad config

(I can send a photo if someone needs it) everything is done on the "litrus" and the league of legends installer is on their side (I can throw a link) has anyone any idea how to fix this error? I don't know if I also try to start other games

11/28/2021 01:31:30 CEST

How to install Need for Speed Underground 2?

Hi there. I'm relatively new to gaming on linux and one game I really want to play again is NFSU2. Can anybody help me out on how I can install it on my machine?

11/28/2021 00:22:01 CEST

How to properly install mods for vice city?

I want to install silentpatch, wide-screen fix and ginput. I extract the zip files in the root folder, where the .exe is located, but nothing happens, please help me

11/27/2021 23:40:57 CEST

Problems with triples

I'm just starting to try and seriously get into gaming on linux

I can't seem to find a way to get my game window to spawn at any other place than 0,0. I run triples as I sim race mostly and having my game start and stay in my lefthand monitor is not ideal, I can move it if I changed to windowed mode but I need to be in windowed borderless.

Have been playing around with xrandr and xinerama but have had no luck so far, with xinerama enabled (running nvidia card and driver) my game fails to start unfortunately, running through steam using proton

11/27/2021 22:56:14 CEST

[CYBERPUNK 2077] Yes, more GPU memory is important

Some days ago i opened a post about performance issues in cyberpunk 2077 through lutris/gog while i was trying to play with my rx 570 4gb.

Someone told me "your gpu is weak" and after some work i finally had an opportunity to upgrade from a rx 570 4GB ROG STRIX to a RX 6600 8GB Sapphire Pulse.

Yes, you were right. My game is sooo much better now.

Thank you everyone!

11/27/2021 22:51:33 CEST

Games where you can play as Native Indians?

Looking for games that run on Linux Ubuntu/Mint and where you can play as Native American Indians.

11/27/2021 22:40:32 CEST

I have problems with Battlefield Bad Company 2 working through proton.

The game launches, but when I start the campaign the screen just goes black and after a while the game crashes. I've had this problem for a while now, please help.

11/27/2021 22:37:59 CEST

I agree with this take. Making Linux Linus-proof means making Linux new user proof.
URL: https://youtu.be/_SDZ_tkCc-c
11/27/2021 22:28:08 CEST

Wargaming Game Center slow to respond and crashes if left open too long

Basically, I installed the Wargaming Game Center through Lutris to try to install and play World of Tanks. But the client is very laggy and unresponsive. It takes something like 10-15 seconds after I hover my mouse on an icon for the client to register that. Clicking on something takes even longer to register. I dealt with it one time and got the game to start downloading but it eventually froze my computer and it became completely unresponsive. Same thing happens if I try to open and close the launcher multiple times successively. Am I supposed to change something in the configuration? I've tried using the latest Wine GE and Wine 6.16, but same results.

I've tried looking up a fix for this, but from the Reddit search, people seem to have issues launching the game from the client.

I'm newish to Linux. Only switched last month, and been mostly playing through Steam. The only game I've used Lutris for is FF14 and that works just fine. I know Steam has World of Tanks, but I can't use my existing account and I don't want to start over in that game.


OS: Arch Linux

CPU: AMD 3700X

GPU: Nvidia 2070S

All drivers are up to date.

11/27/2021 22:21:04 CEST

theHunter: Call of the wild (Epic Games) How to play on linux?

I own this game on Epic Games, there is a community installer but only for the windows version. I don't have any experience with installing games from Epic Games Launcher with Lutris. Please help.

11/27/2021 22:18:32 CEST

Yet Another MacOS Steam Blackscreen

My Steam Library, Store, Downloads and Community pages don't work. I've worked around this before with the "small mode" menu option, but I've seen people running Steam perfectly on Mojave before.

BEFORE YOU SUGGEST A FIX, I have already tried the following methods:

  • winetricks corefonts
  • -no-cef-sandbox
  • using wineCX (I'm running the wonderful u/gcenx's precompiled 64 bit WS11CX20.0.4 from here)

Any help would be appreciated.

11/27/2021 22:01:23 CEST


Hi, I've got some problems with my windows so Im thinking of going back to Linux but the main reason I went back to windows after years of linux is because my games ran poorer. I can't afford to lose much fps because my fps on windows isn't that great alone.

I want to pull as much juice put of my computer as possible, and I was thinking maybe a DE will help, so I'm deciding

Mint or POP

been on both, like both, didn't game on Mint tho so can't tell. Is there any difference and what other things to improve performance?

already using game mode, Lutris, wine tricks, propertiary drivers. Mind I'm not using "steam" games so "non steam" games never worked with proton in my experience, that's why I don't use it. I tried adding it as custom runner but it didn't do much. Any advice will be noted and thanks.

11/27/2021 21:33:54 CEST

An official response from someone in the Ubisoft team hopes for players to respond and ask for Proton Support for Rainbow Six Siege.
URL: https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/121755/proton-support-for-r6-siege-would-be-awesome/2?lang=en-US
11/27/2021 21:33:25 CEST

Anyone else using Intel Iris Xe on at least one device?

After trying to do research and open bug fix tickets related to the numerous graphical glitches trying to play games on Linux using the OneXPlayer (Intel 1195G7 Iris Xe 96 EU) I've come to the conclusion there seemingly is no one else out there trying to report issues that Intel users have (at least for gaming). Performance wise the Iris Xe is perfect on Linux, there is just something missing that causes geometry to flicker in almost every 3D game I've tried. Tekken 7 runs at 60fps 1080 medium settings and GTA V runs at 60fps at 1080p high settings for example.

11/27/2021 21:14:00 CEST

Lost on how to use higher than native resolution with Proton/fshack

Ok I give up, I have been looking for how to make Proton let me use higher than native resolutions with fshack for over 90 minutes but I only found info on how to enable FSR with it. Have I misunderstood something and fshack has nothing to do with supersampling?

11/27/2021 21:03:18 CEST

Can't Launch Games on Fedora 35

Hi Kids, Scarce here back at ya again with another tech support request. I've just updated to fedora 35 and installed steam through RPMfusion's nonfree-steam repository.

Problem is, any games I try to start immediately crash. What I've found is they seem to fail when a specific ~/.steam/sdk64/steamclient.so And when I look into that specific folder, yeah, there's no steamclient.so and reinstalling steam & updating everything doesn't seem to work. steamclient.so never shows up. Wondering if there's a way to fix this or if the RPMfusion package's just bad. I really don't want to use a flatpak because they tend to be finicky.

Can anyone offer some aid here?

11/27/2021 20:55:25 CEST

Linux is amazing, but... How to get companies to support it better?

I used different distros for half a year mainly for gaming. I loved the workflow of and how easy and simple things were, until you i started to fiddle with audio and wine...

The main problem is just gaming companies not making native games and we have to use workarouds which are not perfect. They work surprisingly well , especially Proton, but when the performance in most games in my experience is slightly to extremely worse in Linux vs win10 it gets infuriating pretty fast. You might try many different configurations trying to get things smooth but when after couple tries it still doesn't perform, or work, it makes it pretty easy to give up like I did.

As I said, Linux is amazing on many levels but falls short in gaming and I really hope that with Steam Deck we start to see real difference and companies start to make games and launchers compatible at least for wine and proton.

But as for now, what would be the way to get companies to support and people to use this amazing OS that we all love?

11/27/2021 20:47:41 CEST

Modding Valheim on Linux?

I can't seem to get mods for Valheim to work at all on Linux Mint 20.2. I've followed several guides, but the mods just don't show up. Anyone out there who's got them working and would be willing to show me how to do it? Speak slowly, and use small words and maybe have some colorful graphs and pictures to be sure my thick head will understand it! :P

11/27/2021 20:47:01 CEST

6800XT vs 3080 on Linux

I can choose between an AMD 6800XT or a Nvidia 3080 for my next PC (both are easily available in my situation and have no cost difference). I know that AMD has the undoubtedly superior Linux driver experience, but it turns out that all AMD cards have a certain hardware limitation that prevents me from using >512x texture packs with Minecraft, while with Nvidia, I can use them just fine. This is actually one of the reasons I'm upgrading my PC in the first place, aside from a better CPU for code compiling. Is it worth it to not get 1024x textures to get the AMD instead?

11/27/2021 20:43:13 CEST

Nvidia On Demand Linux Mint

I'm running Linux Mint 20.2 with Nvidia X Server set to on demand.

How do I make it so that when I run a game from Steam it switches to the GeForce GTX 1050 instead of sticking with the Intel chip? Currently everything is running on Intel and this obviously makes games run poorly.

11/27/2021 20:23:21 CEST

Significant screen tearing in Proton games on Wayland

When playing Proton games with locked frame rates on Wayland, certain games have an extreme amount of screen tearing. This can be alleviated in some cases (in Plasma, it can sometimes be reduced by changing the scaling settings to Accurate and playing games in windowed or borderless full screen mode, and it can be eliminated entirely by playing games on Sway in full screen mode), but there doesn't seem to be a solution that works on all compositors for all games. I'm using a 144hz laptop with a hybrid Intel/Nvidia setup (I have the feeling that this somehow isn't an Nvidia issue, since I have the same issue running games on the integrated graphics.)

11/27/2021 20:20:14 CEST

Multiplayer in Godot 4.0: Scene Replication (part 1)
URL: https://godotengine.org/article/multiplayer-changes-godot-4-0-report-4
11/27/2021 20:16:20 CEST

Skyrim SE Not Using Dedicated Graphics (Proton)

Over the past two days, I have been trying to get Skyrim SE to run using Proton on Steam. The first time I ran the game using Proton Experimental, everything ran just fine except for music and dialogue. In efforts to fix this, I used a series of launch parameters, but eventually landed on the solution of using Proton-6.21-GE-2, which fixed the audio bugs. Now my only problem is that the game will not launch using my laptop's dedicated graphics, instead using my integrated graphics--this causes both a very low framerate and some input lag due to the low framerate. Switching back to experimental does not help--not sure what I could have done to change which graphics processor is used for Skyrim. I have tried uninstalling the game--being sure that all files are cleared for SkyrimSE, changing and updating drivers, and more Steam launch parameters to no avail. Has anyone ran into this issue with any other games or this one? My laptops specs are listed below for reference:

OS: Ubuntu 20.04

Processor: Intel Core i5-10200H


Graphics Card: GTX 1650 4GB

Proton Version: Proton-6.21-GE-2, Experimental

11/27/2021 20:11:45 CEST

Anyone have any luck running Visual Pinball X?


I try running the Lutris script but it hung around repairing the .net framework, then wouldn't launch after that, trying to run it without Lutris hasn't proven simple either, it'll open but I can't open tables, it just gives errors.

11/27/2021 20:05:22 CEST

Should I go all AMD?

I'm thinking of getting a new computer, budget would maybe be ~$1500 but that could change for better or worse.

It looks like AMD GPUs are pretty good right now, but there's also more of a wealth of options for Nvidia right now(?). I'm going to run Linux most or full-time, so for the latter option, should I just go all-AMD? Or should I make going all-AMD or a lower priority, because it doesn't matter to that extent?

I'm pretty new to shopping for a new PC, so any other tips are appreciated! I'm thinking of getting something from a PC builder, maybe Nzxt, but would appreciate opinions on this too.

11/27/2021 20:03:58 CEST

Wallpaper Engine Developers looking to Support Steam Deck (and KDE Plasma as a consequence)
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/app/431960/discussions/0/3194737075881042835
11/27/2021 19:28:16 CEST

ACO compiler not working in Minecraft

Minecraft is showing LLVM in f3 menu so its not using aco, running ati drivers (radeon hd 6320m) with mesa 21.2.5. Note that running inxi -G shows LLVM too knowing that i enabled aco in an environmental variable.

11/27/2021 19:24:22 CEST

what could be causing this
URL: https://i.redd.it/lxwzqx6kk6281.png
11/27/2021 19:23:29 CEST

Thinking about making an open source mod manager for Linux?

Ive sort of been tired of the modding capabilities of Linux. I personally switched from Ubuntu to manjaro and finally to arch. However, I kinda just ended up dual booting windows and arch because I was tired of how much of a pain it was for modding on linux distros while it is definitely possible it is a total pain in the ass and I ended up dual booting for windows exclusively for gaming and arch for pretty much everything else. So how exactly could I go about starting with this mod manager? Im curious how I could start and open source mod manager project for Linux. I want to make modding on linux just as capable as it is on windows because it is kind of lacking.

11/27/2021 18:28:36 CEST

Windows 11 forcing me to play on Linux

Hello, fellow Penguin Gamer!

After updating my dual-boot Windows 10 to W11 I no longer could start neigther COD Black Ops 4 nor Black Ops Cold War.

I waited for some updates for windows, for the games and the game launcher - nothing seemed to work this issue out. Today for the lols I tried to give it a shot and launch it through Lutris with the new 6.21 Wine and bippity boppity boo! BO4 launches, connected to servers, I created a lobby (cuz it seems like no one is playing this old game anymore, besides me) and it started without any issues. At first it was a bit choppy , but after a minute or so everything ran buttery smooth on highest settings.

Now I'm loading ColdWar and hope, I will see Linux & Lutris also fixing this game.
Is this just me or is Windows 11 kinda sucking for gaming so far?

11/27/2021 18:20:53 CEST

Saved game lost in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

I haven't played the game in a couple of weeks and there was an update so I updated the game. When I booted the game up all my saves were gone and I had to set everything up like it was the first time ever booting the game. I am using the Heroic Launcher. Is there a way to get my save game back? I was over halfway through and really don't want to start over. Did I do something wrong? Running Pop Os with Mesa graphics and Proton GE.

11/27/2021 17:05:35 CEST

is there a wine version for macos monterey
11/27/2021 16:51:24 CEST

Should I stick with Windows?

This is probably a super common question and I'm sorry for it. I have almost zero knowledge about Linux. I installed Ubuntu a few months ago and didn't want to ruin it up without any knowledge. Now, I have a laptop with Nvidia MX130 GDDR5 GPU and an Intel 10210U CPU combo. It also has 8 GB DDR4 RAM. With this in mind, will this laptop perform better with a Linux distro, or should I stick with Windows? How are driver supports? I don't want to use a dual boot set-up. The only "Windows-exclusive" game I'm playing is Valorant. But just because of that, I don't want to stick to Windows. Or if there's a way to run Valorant on Linux, let me know. Thanks so much for the answers in advance!

11/27/2021 16:42:57 CEST

How can i game on linux

I am a windows user for most part of my life but now thinking of switch from windows to Linux . can you guys please suggest me things I need to do . to run games like gta 5 and rdr2 on Linux . which Linux should I use ? . what software needs to be installed and all . I have a machine with nvidia GPU which gtx 1050ti . also a old laptop with AMD GPU r530 series something. If any of you can suggest me with this. kindly do

11/27/2021 16:27:02 CEST

wine game black screen but buttons and sounds work

im trying to play cracked jump king (im new to pop and wine)

and im using pop_os 20.04

11/27/2021 16:08:45 CEST

Can't play games with proton

On my kali pc i can't play games with proton even if the system requirements provided. For example i can't play hitman absolution but my system was completely enough to play when i checked requirements.

My system:

CPU : intel i7 3630QM

GPU : Radeon HD 7600M series

RAM : 8gb DDR3

proton : 6.3-8

kali : 2021.3

Whats can be wrong?

11/27/2021 16:08:14 CEST

Steam sale - What are you getting?

I need some suggestions what I should buy in the sale. I guess the best way for that is, that you tell me what you are buying!

11/27/2021 15:41:12 CEST

im really new and i need help

i have no idea how to run games. i tried right clicking a game and clicking run with wine but my game is black but i can move and hear sounds (cracked jumpking)

11/27/2021 15:36:53 CEST

Games only run on my SSD

If I have a game installed to my Hard Drive it does not run when I launch it on steam. I moved some the games to my SSD and they launch and run fine. How do I fix this issue? My distro is Manjaro and I have tried many different versions of proton.

11/27/2021 15:17:24 CEST

GOG / Wine Error

Frequently when I open up GOG Galaxy on my linux mint computer using wine, I get an error message. It won't load any error message details, and I'm not sure how to fix this problem.


11/27/2021 14:22:06 CEST

What's the deal with ubuntu and mint?

I read a lot of discussion threads and articles about the comparison of Ubuntu and Linux mint for gaming, and what I have gathered thus far is:

1) Ubuntu is much more compatible but slower than mint

2) There are lots of flavours of Ubuntu, and so far, Xubuntu is best for gaming

3) If I am using Nvidia GPU with Intel CPU, I should use Ubuntu, because, once again, compatibility is off the charts

4) Ubuntu is not THAT slow with semi-decent tech, and by that I mean my GTX 1050 Max-Q design GPU and i7-8565U CPU.

And because I don't feel brave enough to switch from Windows to Linux without a definite answer, I need your help, to separate myths from truths, and to finally make the final decision.

And in case it matters, I don't mind the fact that ubuntu may not be as user friendly or have an interface similar to Mac.

And could someone be kind enough to tell me which distro out of these is better for programming?

11/27/2021 14:17:40 CEST

What do you think about gaming consoles?

I'd like to know what Linux community thinks about them.

What do you think about the Xbox Series and PS5? I personally quite like the PlayStation, but the older generations, current gen not so much. I dislike the Switch, though. I've never owned an Xbox, so I can't judge and it's a scarry unexplored territory for me (I tried Kinect with X360 at my friend's house back in the day).

Have you owned any consoles from previous generations? What was your all time favourite console? Do you own any consoles now?

I own: PS one, PS2 slim, PS3 phat and PS5 (thinking about selling the PS5).

Do you plan on buying any new consoles?

11/27/2021 13:48:57 CEST

Save 40% on Hack Grid
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1543290/Hack_Grid/
11/27/2021 13:22:50 CEST

32-bit Unity DirectX 11 game through Wine or Wineskin on MacOS Mojave

I know I already made a post about this earlier but there's some more stuff I need to specify so, is there a way to run a 32-bit Unity game that requires DirectX 11 using Wine or Wineskin on MacOS Mojave?

11/27/2021 12:27:46 CEST

Serious performance drop on Linux compared to Windows
URL: /r/wine_gaming/comments/r3b53a/serious_performance_drop_on_linux_compared_to/
11/27/2021 12:05:57 CEST

Serious performance drop on Linux compared to Windows

So I've read the performance should be comparable at least, but it didn't seem to be the case for me. That's why I made a test:

Results - I used the same settings (naturally), but got quite different FPS counts:

  • Humankind:
    • Graphics on max (Fantastic, no FPS lock, 2560x1440, Fullscreen)
    • FPS: 27-30 on Windows and 9-10 on Linux
  • RDRO:
    • Most graphics settings on Ultra
    • FPS: playable ~30 on Windows and horrible ~10 on Linux
    • Tried both with Vulkan and DX12 as graphics framework


  • OS: Windows 10 / Elementary OS 6 (with Wine 6.21 or 6.22 - also tested different runners like wine-tkg, lutris-ge, lutris-fshack, proton-ge, etc with similar results)
    • Dual-booted on the same machine, on the same drive
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K
  • GPU: AMD Radeon RX570 4GB
  • RAM: 16GB DDR3
  • Storage: 2.5" SATA SSD (Samsung EVO)

Any ideas on why this problem occurs to me? (Despite of the good rating for both Humankind and RDRO on protondb for example)

11/27/2021 11:47:34 CEST

R9 380 on linux

I have a R9 380 right now I have windows 11 and the only problem I have with it is that when windows loads it freezes on start up I have removed the card and it doesnt freeze. and after that if I restart it then it runs like normal. So I know that it is the card somehow. Has anyone else had this problem and will switching to linux fix it?

11/27/2021 10:32:32 CEST

Unity with DirectX 11 through Wine on MacOS Mojave?

Is there a way to use Wine on MacOS Mojave to play a Unity game that requires DirectX 11? Any help would be appreciated.

11/27/2021 10:27:38 CEST

Origin Login Issue "We're sorry, but we're having some technical difficulties. Please try again later."


I'm kinda new to Linux and so far everything was working fine, however, when I try to log in to Origin it says "We're sorry, but we're having some technical difficulties. Please try again later.". I've tried running this https://github.com/DrDoctor13/wine-origin-updater but didn't work. Is there any other method that I can try? Thank you in advance!

11/27/2021 10:22:28 CEST

Origin Login Issue "We're sorry, but we're having some technical difficulties. Please try again later."


I'm kinda new to Linux and so far everything was working fine, however, when I try to log in to Origin it says "We're sorry, but we're having some technical difficulties. Please try again later.". I've tried running this https://github.com/DrDoctor13/wine-origin-updater in the Origin folder but didn't work. Could it actually be a problem on EA's side? I hope there's another method that I can try. Thank you in advance!

11/27/2021 10:19:51 CEST

University Project Help

Hi! I'm a computer science student and one of my courses' projects requires that I do questionnaires as a way of gathering information to create an SRS document (software requirements specifications), my project is a game store/platform for Linux (kind of a mashup of Steam and Lutris). Linux users who are gamers (whether you play your games on Linux or not) are a target user so I'd really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!! PS: if you happen to be a game developer please also check out this (questionnaire for game developers).

Questionnaire for Linux users who are gamers: link
tl;dr: if you're a gamer Linux user and care to spare a few minutes, fill the form above.

11/27/2021 09:19:43 CEST

can't see dota 2 icon

linux mint

i can't see dota 2 launch icon at bottom panel (while game launching and i'm "alt+tab")

also, can't and icon into at desktop

11/27/2021 07:18:21 CEST

Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Adeptus Mechanicus is out now
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/warhammer-40000-gladius-adeptus-mechanicus-is-out-now/
11/27/2021 07:02:03 CEST

Best Linux distro for modding?

Im looking mod games specifically cyberpunk 2077, skyrim, fallout, and so much more however I feel very limited on linux from Ubuntu to manjaro to arch I dont feel like Ive found a distro that excels in modding Im on the verge of moving to windows but I dont want to

11/27/2021 06:10:07 CEST

LTT teasing the content of the next episode of Linux challenge
URL: https://youtu.be/GOEYBx_c0aY?t=3958
11/27/2021 05:01:52 CEST

What about games that run better than Windows on ProtonDB?

So i tried Scarlet Nexus and Tales of Arise in 1440p Ultra and then checked some benchmarks online similar to my system which is a 5950X, 6800XT, 64 GBs of RAM at 3600 MHz CL18.

Scarlet ran at ~250 FPS in the initial sequence while a Windows benchmark runs at ~200 FPS with a 5900X and 6800XT in a prety similar setting in the game.

ToA ran at 200+ FPS in the starting area while on Windows this guy with an i9-9900k 3080 gets ~150 FPS.

Linux gaming has come a seriously long way and I think we're starting to see many games run better on Linux, especially on AMD, than on Windows. Do you guys think there should be a special badge for games with outstanding performance on ProtonDB or even a higher tier rating than Platinum?

11/27/2021 04:35:57 CEST

Hello should i upgrade to linux ubuntu

hello i have a medium end laptop and i want play gta v on epic games and other games

is it the best ubuntu for my laptop


radeon r4 3050e athlon amd

a6 processors so it is good for gaming ubuntu and how to install windows games on linux pls help.

11/27/2021 03:52:42 CEST

URL: https://youtube.com/watch?v=eBAy05pcTX0&feature=share
11/27/2021 03:45:16 CEST

URL: https://youtube.com/watch?v=eBAy05pcTX0&feature=share
11/27/2021 03:43:40 CEST

Creator Day is live on itch.io giving 100% to developers
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/creator-day-is-live-on-itchio-giving-100-to-developers/
11/27/2021 02:54:18 CEST

Open source re-implementation of Caesar III, Augustus v3.1 is out
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/open-source-re-implementation-of-caesar-iii-augustus-v31-is-out/
11/27/2021 02:54:11 CEST

Capcom shows off official video of Devil May Cry 5 on the Steam Deck
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/capcom-shows-off-official-video-of-devil-may-cry-5-steam-deck/
11/27/2021 02:54:03 CEST

Release candidate: Godot 3.4.1 RC 1
URL: https://godotengine.org/article/release-candidate-godot-3-4-1-rc-1
11/27/2021 02:53:49 CEST

best gaming distros

best gaming distro, not including these: (i am a beginner)

garuda Linux

endeavour os

pop os

Ubuntu and its flavors


elementary os

Zorin os




11/27/2021 02:47:30 CEST

Devil May Cry 5 running on Ryzen 5 3500U at native 720p using Wine 6.21
URL: https://v.redd.it/rzlvpk7zg1281
11/27/2021 02:14:36 CEST

Safe to play insurgency sandstorm on Linux

As the title is it ok to play with EAC or do I run the risk of being banned?

11/27/2021 02:07:24 CEST

Can't get any of my games working in linux

So im trying to play Oblivion and Thief in steam. But oblivion launcher has every button greyed out and thief launches and then after a few seconds displays black screen. Checked in protondb, both are gold rating. Tried doing fixes in protondb for the games and followed the linux gaming guide too. Also tried different distros. For most people both games run out of the box in protondb.

Is there something wrong with my pc?

11/27/2021 00:26:58 CEST

Path of Titans, the 'play as the dinosaur' MMO, launches major update: Babies and Growth, Allosaurus, Refer a Friend, and a Black Friday Sale! Cross-platform Cross-play, including mod support. AI critters coming soon!
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyl4EQr40gc
11/27/2021 00:09:44 CEST

You Are EMPTY running on Linux?

I tried running the game off wine, go figure what happened (it died)
Lutris refused to run the game

I have no idea how i'd run it via steam sadly. If It's not possible I'll just make a VM w/ 4gb ram ig

11/26/2021 23:56:57 CEST

How can i increase my FPS in CS:GO?

So i have this Lenovo ThinkPad laptop and i play cs go often, but it is so annoying when fps just drops to lower than 20 and stays there. Any help?

11/26/2021 21:50:01 CEST

Finally 100% Team Red now I'm going 100% Linux

I'm a big gamer who has almost always had Intel CPUs and Nvidia GPUs on main Windows gaming machine. I dabbled in Linux on a spare laptop but never installed in on my main PC.

After the Steam Deck was announced with SteamOS built around Arch, I decided to give it a go on a spare laptop and I love it so much so I decided to install it dual booting with Windows on my main.

Before I was always trying Debian forks but none of them really glued with me. I've boot dual booting Arch for about 3 months now and can happy still play most of my games (wait for anti cheat for the rest).

Now Back Friday is hear and I wanted a new PC I have decided to go full AMD (5900x with 6800 XT) and dump windows at the side line opting for Arch as my main system.

Let me end by saying that this forum has helped me a great deal and I love reading your posted and answers!

11/26/2021 21:44:57 CEST

Open source re-implementation of Caesar III, Augustus v3.1 is out
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/open-source-re-implementation-of-caesar-iii-augustus-v31-is-out/
11/26/2021 21:36:23 CEST

Alright, this had to come eventually.

After installing Void Linux and having library problems with Steam I can safely say that I'm kind of being forced to go back to Pop_OS for the third time.

I know this sounds weird especially if you don't know the context, but all the other distros I had a good time gaming with (ArcoLinux, Mint/LMDE, etc) had terrible problems that forced me away from them (Mint didn't work with Proton AT ALL, Arco broke updating while fighting for performance). However, the only reason I walked away from Pop was that I had installed to much crazy software on it even though it was my gaming distro (I have sworn never to do that again). On the other hand, I have found much better performance on some of these other distros then I ever remember Pop having.

So I really need some help here. When I start up Steam (the distro version) on Void I get this:

You are missing the following 32-bit libraries, and Steam may not run:


The Void wiki mentions this but the Void wiki is old and depreceated. The Void manual does not mention this and I cannot find anything relating to this that is not specific to Deb/Arch distros.

Void Linux seems like a really nice, fast and simple distro and I really can't let go of it, but if I can't get help for this I'm kind of forced to switch.

If you know any distros that are somewhat stable, work with Steam well without Flatpak version, don't contain a bunch of useless bloated software out of the box and are light and would have very good gaming performance on an old 2016 HP Notebook with AMD graphics and 8 GB of RAM + Swap (more than Pop_OS) then tell me. However, I would (of course) also like support on fixing this Steam problem on Void Linux.

I will probably switch to Pop!_OS if I do not get a proper response very soon, but I will definitley be open to switching back or switching to whatever you guys reccomend me.

Note: Not Manjaro. When I'm using Manjaro all the native games that use the Source engine go wack and unplayable in the graphics department and I can't be bothered to do anything about this. This happens with alot of RHEL based distros, although I have not tried gaming on Fedora. On the other hand, as someone who has used Fedora for other things I can confirm that it would not be suitible for gaming on my laptop either.

11/26/2021 21:17:59 CEST

F1 2021 having problems with G29 wheel

Hello, I just bought the new Formula 1 game and I'm having problems with my Logitech G29 wheel.

At first the game recognized the wheel, but the pedals weren't behaving as expected (clutch was acceleration, the break wasn't working) **even after remapping buttons** and looking trough the Steam Workshop for templates.

I installed Oversteer at first and tried to change the compatibility mode, nothing changed. Same result with changing the Proton version (tried experimental, 6.3 and the latest Proton GE). After that I also tried new-lg4ff, nothing new...

After a restart the wheel wasn't recognized in F1. It worked flawlessly in the visualization from Oversteer and in jstest-gtk.

The packages (Oversteer and new-lg4ff) were installed from the AUR. I'm running EndeavourOS with KDE Plasma, latest kernel, Steam is installed from the Arch repositories. I can provide more info if needed.

If anyone has any idea how to get my wheel working in F1 2021, please do let me know!

11/26/2021 20:47:26 CEST

Sound coming from speaker instead of headphones (lutris)

Hello, I am new to gaming on Linux. I installed COD MW2 and GTA SA on Lutris and they work fine but the sound is coming from my speakers instead of the headphones. Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you in advance.

11/26/2021 19:34:11 CEST

Star Citizen Question(GTX 3080 with 16 of ram) and launcher won't launch game anymore

Star Citizen Question(GTX 3080 with 16 of ram): After creating my character design and selecting a station, when I press "Launch Game" ... it just hangs at the Star Citizen logo. Anyone know how to fix this? I should at least be able to get back to the character creator right? Note: running patch 3.15.1 - LIVE 7878626

(hope I have enough info here to post properly...let me know if Ineed to add something)

11/26/2021 19:28:54 CEST

Far Cry New Dawn, how I fixed stuttering and coop connection issues

Long time lurker, first time poster here. My friend and I enjoyed FC5 and decided to buy Far Cry New Dawn while on sale to continue the adventure. He uses windows and I use Linux (Pop!OS, with Cinnamon DE). I installed the game using the Lutris Uplay script and it seemed to run okay, until I hit my first issue..

FPS Stuttering. The game runs at a smooth 60fps (locked, not vsync) on Ultra presets but after 15-25 mins, it drops to a stuttery ~35fps and opening the map or using the binoculars seemed to degrade performance even more. I tried adjusting the quality settings from Ultra to Low and some combinations in between but at best it'd buy me an extra 5mins or so after a relaunch. After monitoring my GPU usage with NVTop I noticed that my VRAM usage would slowly increase and once full, the stuttering would start. I tried adding some GL Shader cache and DXVK arguments and optimizations but they only seemed to just buy me more time. After spending some time looking through many posts about both FC on Windows, Linux and general Lutris games, I came across some random comment mentioning the HD Texture pack DLC causing issues on Windows but the symptoms differed from mine. So I switched them off, closed Uplay, FC and any related wine instance and relaunched. Success!! After playing for a bit the stuttering didn't return. I'm now able to play at Ultra presets, locked 60fps, 2k. Now the second issue popped up.

Coop Connections issue. My friend and I couldn't join each others instances through Uplay. Went through the usual process of checking connections and firewall stuff on both sides (Linux hasn't given me any firewall issues before, unlike Windows), and everything checked out. I'd been using the newest version of Lutris-GE (6.21-1-x86_64, at the time) so I read through the change logs looking for anything about Far Cry or New Dawn specifically, It was mentioned that Glorious Eggroll had fixed Coop for FC in version 6.10. So using ProtonUp I downloaded the closest version I could, Lutris 6.12-x86_64. It worked!! My guess is something has since changed that reverted that fix.

I figured I'd post this as I haven't seen anyone post this use case with fixes that worked for me.


FPS Stuttering, turn off HD Textures and relaunch the Lutris instance for FC New Dawn.

Coop Connection, use Lutris-GE 6.10 or 6.12.

My Specs:

CPU: i9-9900x


GPU: RTX 2070 Super
11/26/2021 19:03:31 CEST

Mouse sensitivity

I want to convert my windows sensitivity to Linux or vise versa. How can I do that? (I don't need a specific sens, I just want the two to be roughly the same to build muscle memory(I dual boot)).

11/26/2021 18:57:44 CEST

Dualshock 4 v2 control problems Fedora 35

I am using fedora 35, and I am having problems with the dead zone of the right analog, where after 10 minutes playing any game through lutris, the game camera starts to rise by itself and when aiming with a gun, it is very inaccurate

on Steam I don't have these problems, but I have another problem

devil may cry 5 for example, has dualshock 4 support but here it is showing xbox buttons, even disabling input steam control, still continues to look like the xbox control

native linux games like celeste, is working perfect

I already tested ds4drv and it makes no difference

please someone help me, i dont want to install windows 10 again, just to play

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

11/26/2021 18:28:59 CEST

Framerate limit, freesync, vsync

Hi everyone,

I just bought a new 6900 XT and while I enjoy the power for recent games I feel like pushing more FPS than my monitor max refresh rate (75hz) is a little bit useless or just a plain waste of energy.

Do you know a way to limit the framerate while keeping freesync active? I've been doing some experiments with mangohud and its builtin limiter, the framerate is locked to 75fps but I have screen tearing (and micro stuttering, not sure but doesn't look as fluid).

I'm doing my tests using Resident Evil 2. If I disable mangohud limiter and enable RE2 builtin vsync the framerate is locked to 75fps and I get no stuttering, everything seems nice.

Should I always use builtin vsync to achieve this?

How does vsync work whit freesync?

11/26/2021 17:01:30 CEST

Release: Steam Tinker Launch 8.0 - "Green fryDay"
URL: /r/SteamTinkerLaunch/comments/r2qguu/release_steam_tinker_launch_80_green_fryday/
11/26/2021 17:01:03 CEST

Release: Steam Tinker Launch 8.0 - "Green fryDay"
URL: /r/SteamTinkerLaunch/comments/r2qguu/release_steam_tinker_launch_80_green_fryday/
11/26/2021 17:00:03 CEST

I'm Dreaming Of Wine Christmas Santa Elf Reindeer Wine Xmas
URL: https://www.google.com/url?q=https://bestglobaltees.com/limited-edition-47616?s%3Dhanes-5250%26c%3DBlack%26p%3DFRONT&sa=D&source=hangouts&ust=1638028455566000&usg=AOvVaw2B0venJ-Npoaqt0wk_3uiD
11/26/2021 16:55:57 CEST

Help getting Doom Eternal to run when launched from Bethesda Store using Lutris

So I'm running Pop_OS, and I have an NVIDIA RTX 3060 TI card. I already played through Doom Eternal once using an older Windows 10 machine, but I just rebuilt this PC and I decided to go with Pop_OS for my daily driver. Every game I've install either via Steam using Proton and Lutris using Wine works flawlessly for me, except for Doom Eternal. It starts up asking me if I want to upgrade my NVIDIA Graphics Driver, then gives a second warning about "Are you sure" then nothing. It just dies out.

I realize that almost all the success people have had with this game is running it using Steam but like I said I didn't purchase it via Steam I bought it via Bethesda Game Store / Launcher.

I've tried other games this way (launching games via the Epic Store and Blizzard Store using Lutris) and they also work, but not Doom Eternal. Are there any tricks to getting this to work. I recently bought The Ancient Gods DLC yesterday and I was looking forward to playing through this over the weekend.

11/26/2021 16:23:40 CEST

A lot of Linux native games are on sales this weekend. What are you going to buy?
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/search/?os=linux&filter=topsellers
11/26/2021 15:40:41 CEST

Is there a way to turn off achievements (or at least their notifications) in Steam?

Hello all,

I know this has nothing specifically to do with Linux (or maybe it does), but I asked this in /r/steam, and they're not exactly being helpful. And since you folks are generally quite helpful, I thought I'd ask this stupid question here, begging your pardon.

Thank you.

11/26/2021 14:57:40 CEST


I was able to home brew my switch, and i was wondering, if i put linux on it, what kind of PC games could it play?


11/26/2021 14:56:36 CEST

Cyberpunk 2077 won't load new game

Hey folks i'm running out of ideas why cyberpunk won't load any new game

the games load i'm seeing my character on character creation menu but when i load the game it drop to 1 fps and start the game like this i'm able to see 3d but 1fps

System specs

Steam version with Proton 6.21-GE-2

                   -`                    jb@arch 
                  .o+`                   ------- 
                 `ooo/                   OS: Arch Linux x86_64 
                `+oooo:                  Host: X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING 
               `+oooooo:                 Kernel: 5.15.4-zen1-1-zen 
               -+oooooo+:                Uptime: 46 mins 
             `/:-:++oooo+:               Packages: 1285 (pacman) 
            `/++++/+++++++:              Shell: zsh 5.8 
           `/++++++++++++++:             Resolution: 1920x1080 
          `/+++ooooooooooooo/`           DE: Plasma 5.23.3 
         ./ooosssso++osssssso+`          WM: KWin 
        .oossssso-````/ossssss+`         Theme: Breeze Light [Plasma], Breeze [GTK2/3] 
       -osssssso.      :ssssssso.        Icons: Papirus-Dark [Plasma], Papirus-Dark [GTK2/3] 
      :osssssss/        osssso+++.       Terminal: konsole 
     /ossssssss/        +ssssooo/-       CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (12) @ 3.600GHz 
   `/ossssso+/:-        -:/+osssso+-     GPU: AMD ATI Radeon RX 470/480/570/570X/580/580X/590 
  `+sso+:-`                 `.-/+oso:    Memory: 3903MiB / 16005MiB 
 `++:.                           `-/+/
 .`                                 `/                           

OpenGL vendor string: AMD
OpenGL renderer string: AMD Radeon RX 480 Graphics (POLARIS10, DRM 3.42.0, 5.15.4-zen1-1-zen, LLVM 13.0.0)
OpenGL core profile version string: 4.6 (Core Profile) Mesa 21.2.5
OpenGL core profile shading language version string: 4.60
OpenGL core profile context flags: (none)
OpenGL core profile profile mask: core profile
OpenGL core profile extensions:
OpenGL version string: 4.6 (Compatibility Profile) Mesa 21.2.5
OpenGL shading language version string: 4.60
OpenGL context flags: (none)
OpenGL profile mask: compatibility profile
OpenGL extensions:
OpenGL ES profile version string: OpenGL ES 3.2 Mesa 21.2.5
OpenGL ES profile shading language version string: OpenGL ES GLSL ES 3.20
OpenGL ES profile extensions:
11/26/2021 14:41:26 CEST

Battleye Proton Support

With battleye now having support to run with proton, when will games like rainbow six siege start allowing linux users to play their games, i have been checking protondb on the daily to see if there has been any movement but it just seems like the developers don't care, which is odd seeming as it should take no more effort then them telling battleye to allow linux players.

11/26/2021 14:35:23 CEST

Dual-booter log #1

I feel it is time to talk about where I am in my dual-booting adventures. Just for reference, I had been a linux user off an on since 2009 with my experience being across multiple distros families. Currently I'm running EndeavourOS. I originally installed the XFCE version, but switched to KDE (no fresh install)

Initially when I started this run a month or so ago, I had certain rules in mind:

A) Both Windows and Linux had to have the same amount of space available for installing and storing games

B) Mostly stick to having the same applications and having all my music, pictures/memes, documents, etc. being accessible in both operating systems

This was simply a manner of convenience and not blocking myself out from being able to access things by having it stored on a linux-only filesystem as that has been something that has caused me to abandon dual-booting in the past.

There was a moment of time when I was very close to giving up but after switching to KDE a problem I was having went away (which I wasn't expecting)

I have reached a point where I most games I care about have been moved to the linux side. I even sort of got Black ops 2 working, but only via installing plutonium from Lutris.

I have recently started to abandon the previously set rules. I have moved much of my data on to ext4 partitions. I have also deleted the ntfs partition on my mechanical drive used for Games and now on Windows I am restricted to only being able to install games on my nvme SSD. Unfortunatly, resizing the ext4 partition to fill the space failed and the research I did trying to fix it led me to do things that probably made it worse and unrecoverable. Fotunatly, nothing that I couldn't redownload was lost.

And so far that nvme ssd is more than enough to store 3 of the games I care about that still are not Linux compatible

1) Asseto Corsa (plus Content Manager) - I see very mixed reports regarding the game itself, but adding CM to it makes it less likely

2) Destiny 2 - BattleEye, plus Bungie has a console dev mentality it seems.

3) Fortnite - Okay I don't really care for the game, but some people I know play it and I mainly have it for them.

Honorable mentions: Black ops 2 (Official Vanilla) MP and Zombies, (Papyrus's) Nascar 2003 (I don't actually know if it's incompatible), Midtown Madness 2 (planning on setting that up on a seperate Win 98SE machine)

Ultimately though, outside of gaming I can't really say there are that many showstoppers. I had issues trying to get kde connect working and I just gave up on it completely. I also experimented with other email clients, namely evolution and kmail/kontact but went back to thunderbird since it gives me the least problems.

Not only did I aim to document my late 2021 dual-boot journey, but also am reaching out to other dual-booters and see where you guys are at and what you guys are doing in terms of dual-booting

11/26/2021 14:35:00 CEST

(Unpopular opinion) Hellpoint is one of the most fun "souls like" type games out there...!
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNDVWg-cB9c&ab_channel=OpyGam3r
11/26/2021 14:24:46 CEST

WoW keeps crashing error 138


Yesterday i played for like 5 hours ( in retail) and no crashes. Today i got like 4 crashes in 1 hour. Two times it happened when i was inside a dungeon healing, the other time i was just in the city opening mail and the last one i was in the city managing inventory.


  • Manjaro linux 5.14.18-1 kernel
  • Wine version Lutris-6.10-5-x86_64
  • Nvidia 1050 ti

What could cause this crash? How do i go about fixing it.

11/26/2021 14:14:50 CEST

Minecraft Now 30% Faster With Open-Source AMD Radeon Driver On Linux
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Minecraft-RadeonSI-Thread
11/26/2021 14:08:55 CEST

Insurgency Linux + Proton | Need Help
URL: /r/insurgency/comments/r2m3kt/insurgency_linux_proton_need_help/
11/26/2021 13:43:31 CEST

OpenMW post-release catch-up party!
URL: https://openmw.org/2021/post-release-catchup-party/
11/26/2021 13:38:42 CEST

Valve Proton 6.3-8 now has DLSS AND BattleEye anti-cheating engine support
URL: https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-dlss-now-officially-available-for-valves-proton-6-3-8-on-linux
11/26/2021 13:25:28 CEST

Valve Proton 6.3-8 now has DLSS AND BattleEye anti-cheating engine
URL: https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-dlss-now-officially-available-for-valves-proton-6-3-8-on-linux
11/26/2021 13:18:44 CEST

Minecraft Now 30% Faster With Open-Source AMD Radeon Driver On Linux
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Minecraft-RadeonSI-Thread
11/26/2021 13:16:45 CEST

How to set color options &amp; identify needed .dll's with proton?

Hey guys, I am on a mission to get the Nancy Drew games working 100% under proton. I have tried 2 so far "Blackmoor manor" and "shadow ranch."

They seem to work fine, launch, etc... however the mouse flickers as it redraws in the main menu and whenever there are animations on the main screen (in a point and click puzzle game, that's all the time)

I have looked online and it seems it can be related to the color depth, refresh rate, or directX versions/dlls. How can I further debug this, and are there options for changing to 8 bit color/ refresh rate/ etc from protontricks?

Thanks guys.

11/26/2021 10:55:29 CEST

Bomb Club Deluxe: looking for beta-testers

Hi !

I'm Mat from Lozange Lab, we made Swim Out and Rip Them Off, but today we're looking for some Linux beta testers as we're a bit short on those at the moment. The game is a fun puzzle game full of explosions and chain reactions, development is finished and we're planning to release it in february 2022, but we want to ensure all is going smooth on Linux.

Here's the Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1771440/Bomb_Club_Deluxe/

If you're interested in helping us and joining the beta, please answer here or in our Discord server.
Thanks !

11/26/2021 10:49:51 CEST

How to disable gsync for good?

I'm having a headache trying to disable gsync in nvidia x server settings. Whenever I uncheck allow gsync... Option, nothing happens and settings are going back to defaults after reboot.

11/26/2021 09:54:55 CEST

Which controller for Kubuntu

Hello linux nerds from a noob. I've recently migrated from the dark side. All in all, a good experience, but i've discovered my old crappy controller does not work. Since it's black friday, i've decided to treat myself to something new and shiny.

From what i've read xbox, switch and playstation controllers all work out of the box on linux. Is that so? What are your experiences and if you have any advice i'd be good. I personally have no preferences towards any of them, but would like to manouver the UI with the controller if possible, and from what i gather the best option for that would be the playstation one, with it's trackpad.

Apreciate in advance any and all tips.

Have a good one

11/26/2021 09:35:03 CEST

game with lutris do not run on dgpu

hey guys i want to play heroes of the storm . Lutris detect my amd graphics card, but the game runs on an Intel graphics card. Do you have a solution?


OS: Pop!_OS 21.04 hirsute

Arch: x86_64

Kernel: 5.13.0-7620-generic

Desktop: pop:GNOME

Display Server: x11


Vendor: GenuineIntel

Model: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4900MQ CPU @ 2.80GHz

Physical cores: 4

Logical cores: 8


RAM: 15.5 GB

Swap: 4.0 GB


Vendor: AMD

OpenGL Renderer: AMD BONAIRE (DRM 2.50.0, 5.13.0-7620-generic, LLVM 12.0.0)

OpenGL Version: 4.5 (Compatibility Profile) Mesa 21.2.2

OpenGL Core: 4.5 (Core Profile) Mesa 21.2.2

OpenGL ES: OpenGL ES 3.2 Mesa 21.2.2

Vulkan: Supported

11/26/2021 09:20:41 CEST

Sketchup was unable to initialize OpenGL


Not sure if this is the right place to ask this.

I'm trying to get Sketchup 8 64bit running on my debian 11 gnome install. I'm using PlayOnLinux to try and achieve this. The installation went through without a hitch, unfortunately when I try to run the application I get this error:

"Sketchup was unable to initialize OpenGL! Please make sure you have installed the correct drivers for your graphics card.

Error: ChoosePixelFormat failed"

11/26/2021 08:36:05 CEST

Steam Awards: Lets make Valheim game of the year!

Valheim was easily the best game for me this year. And it would be really nice, if we go and try to make it game of the year!


  • the game is fun as hell. May it be coop or single player, great atmosphere, great gameplay
  • main Developer develops on Linux and supports us perfectly
  • the game is really made with love

Are we enough Linux gamers to make it? IDK!

But lets try, why should the big studios, that do not care for Linux always get the cake?


You do not know it? Well, it is on sale right now....

11/26/2021 08:26:10 CEST

cs go not launch

hey guys .. cs go in pop os not launch anymore it just show me the cinematic and then blank screen(i tried -nojoy , -autoconfig , launch from terminal ) and nothing works

11/26/2021 08:19:22 CEST

Directly launch any Heroic Games Launcher game from auto-generated bash scripts without using Legendary or opening Heroic
URL: https://github.com/redromnon/HeroicBashLauncher
11/26/2021 07:23:26 CEST

How can I get VMs to work?

I'm looking to do some Linux gaming on Windows via GPU passthrough, however most games don't work because of anti cheat.

Is there a way to get a virtual machine to not report its a VM so I can play?

11/26/2021 05:51:36 CEST

Astroneer crashes randomly since switching from Ubuntu to Garuda Xfce

I've been attempting to get Astroneer for a week and I have reached the point to where fixing this isn't something I can do on my own.

The issue I've been having is that Astroneer will crash without rhyme or reason. I've so far been unable to pin down exactly why this issue has been occurring and no amount of experimenting has reviled anything to me.

I've attempted to update my entire system through terminal with the command

pacman -Syu

After a successful update and restart of my system no difference has been observed. I haven't really attempted anything else because I've found that this problem isn't something that anyone has seen and decided to record and I'm not a fan of just randomly typing in commands until something happens.

Any ideas because some help would be greatly appreciated.

11/26/2021 04:41:24 CEST

sleeping dogs ( not the definitive edition) help

the game crashes as soon as i open it. any tips?

11/26/2021 04:32:12 CEST

Sony DualSense with Linux kernel 5.13 or later - how is it on gaming outside Steam

DualShock 4 is currently out of stock due to discount. DualSense has plenty of stock.

Which one should I buy? I play Switch games through Ryujinx and I also play DRM-free Windows games through Wine.

11/26/2021 03:33:16 CEST

Do you believe that Valve can make every windows game work with Proton?

Valve promised that nearly every Windows game would be compatible with the steam deck, do you think it's actually possible and do you think Valve can pull it off?

11/26/2021 03:29:40 CEST

Linux Gaming with Ubuntu Desktop Part 1: Steam and Proton
URL: https://ubuntu.com//blog/linux-gaming-with-ubuntu-desktop-steam-and-proton
11/26/2021 03:20:30 CEST

Chromium B.S.U. high scores

Had an addiction to this game at a point and was wondering what high scores look like for it: on impossible of course ;)

11/26/2021 03:09:21 CEST

Reinstalling Steam Games When Migrating to Linux

Hi guys, I have been heavily considering migrating to linux instead of updating to windows 11 over the past week or so because of the LTT videos. One main question I have about this is, since I have all of my steam games on a different drive than my os would be on, would I be able to point the linux steam library to this drive, and play the compatible .exe games through proton without reinstalling them, or is this task more complex than that?

Any help would be appreciated!

11/26/2021 02:36:44 CEST

It seems, Unreal Engine is running smooth on Linux. So, #FutuSim will be available natively on Linux with next release! (I did not install any screen capture software).
URL: https://v.redd.it/qn843pkq6u181
11/26/2021 01:48:55 CEST

League of Legends?

What is the possibility for league on Linux?

11/26/2021 00:53:14 CEST

need help! check comments
URL: https://i.redd.it/1pvsv3sivt181.jpg
11/26/2021 00:41:02 CEST

Fallout New Vegas mods on Linux?

How difficult is it to mod Fallout New Vegas, I typically use a mod manager like Vortex but I do know my way around the files to install mods as well. I know the game doesn't run native through Linux so I would need to use wine, but has anyone have issues or work around?

11/25/2021 23:50:19 CEST

6 months till I can switch

Can't wait. Last time I tried switching to Linux was a couple months ago. I've determined the thing holding me back is how dependent my school life is on the onedrive desktop client. Once I graduate in may, I'm done with windows.

11/25/2021 22:52:12 CEST

Open Parsec woke up again - New Commits and Development!
URL: https://github.com/OpenParsec/openparsec/commits/main
11/25/2021 22:40:11 CEST

Run specific Terminal Command when launching and exiting any steam game

Hey folks,

is there a way to run a bash terminal command everytime I start and exit any steam game?

Thanks for help in advance.


11/25/2021 21:59:35 CEST

Linus Tech Tips Should SteamOS 3.0 be in the Linux challenge?
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GY2OMSAKFSI
11/25/2021 21:48:21 CEST

A golden thread anyone with a Twitter account must check about Linux users taking the Windows challenge.
URL: https://twitter.com/vwbusguy/status/1463537585377013761
11/25/2021 21:46:04 CEST

Dark Side of Linux Gaming! (skip to 4 mins in to hear their experience)
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sptajjpcv4
11/25/2021 21:37:28 CEST

tModLoader movement keyboard micro-stutter

this only happens when i move left to right where every second or so my character stops moving. this is very annoying since my character moves a lot slower as a result. I saw on a steam post to type in '-x64' but this did not work. any help?

11/25/2021 21:27:12 CEST

Mod Organizer 2 doesn't run on Lutris, and errors out when trying to run it with Wine

Lutris error:
lutris-wrapper: Mod Organizer 2

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/usr/share/lutris/bin/lutris-wrapper", line 201, in


File "/usr/share/lutris/bin/lutris-wrapper", line 128, in main

process_pid = subprocess.Popen(args).pid

File "/usr/lib/python3.9/subprocess.py", line 951, in __init__

self._execute_child(args, executable, preexec_fn, close_fds,

File "/usr/lib/python3.9/subprocess.py", line 1821, in _execute_child

raise child_exception_type(errno_num, err_msg, err_filename)

PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/---/Games/mod-organizer-2/run.sh'

Wine error: Steam exe not found

11/25/2021 21:17:44 CEST

The LINUS Effect | RESPONSE to LTT Linux Gaming Challenge
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SDZ_tkCc-c
11/25/2021 21:16:55 CEST

[Wine dx11] Has anyone else had issues with games missing backgrounds? I'm attempting to get EvE Online working with dx11, and none of the backgrounds are rendering at all.

This *should* be a general thing because im sure its not just me/eve affected by this. I've tried googling my issue, nothing. Running Arch Linux, Wine v6.14 (held back because the later versions don't like my VSTs).

11/25/2021 20:54:24 CEST


I am trying to enter Gameshark Cheat codes for DBZ BUU'S FURY using VBA-M 2.0.1. I have enabled cheats on the emulator and am choosing "Gameshark Advance" in the drop down options -- When I try to enter the master code it tells me that "Codes seem to be for a different game". I have used these codes with this rom before (Used to be on a PC) -- so it must be the new emulator? How would I go about fixing?

11/25/2021 20:52:52 CEST

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition gets an official HD model and texture pack
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/neverwinter-nights-enhanced-edition-gets-an-official-hd-model-and-texture-pack/
11/25/2021 19:55:27 CEST

"We owe a lot to the r/linux_gaming subreddit; a bunch of people helped us test the initial Linux versions and it would've been impossible without their guidance." - Ethan Fox
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/SteamDeck/comments/r1xzoa/we_just_launched_the_steam_deck_update_to_our/hm1pb01/
11/25/2021 19:42:17 CEST

Going Pure Linux Is Impossible for a gamer

From my experience , gaming on linux still not there . Gaming must be easy and struggle free , playing games on a computer is a struggle itself , adding on that the struggle of playing on linux , will make the gaming experience very unpleasant for the most part. I think dual-boot is my best bet , im using a custom version of windows 10 will all the crap removed from ,and some tinkering here and there for the best crap-free experience , no updates, no antivirus , less ressource usage, no crap , just the raw OS for just gaming,because im pretty sure that even with all of my optimisations and mess cleaning , windows is windows , and telemetry ,even if reduced by my modifications, is still there , so im using Archcraft for everything else , and when i say everything else , im going to do everything else on archcraft , browsing , coding , messaging , editing... So for microsoft , their good boy just opens his pc play some games with discord open and thats it... I still hate microsoft , but , as a gamer , i can't escape from them, sorry Richard Stallman , i have failed you , but im still waiting for the better days of linux gaming to come...

11/25/2021 19:38:52 CEST

Real-time explosive tower defense arrives in Sky Fleet on December 17
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/explosive-tower-defense-arrives-in-sky-fleet-on-december-17/
11/25/2021 19:23:29 CEST

proton-compat-cleaner, a tool to remove unused proton compats and save storage
URL: https://github.com/KCGD/proton-compat-cleaner
11/25/2021 18:31:38 CEST

I'm now a linux user after seeing linus and luke from ltt tring out linux

After seeing Linus and Luke from LTT tring out linux myself. i enjoying it so much. Their are definent issues i have with it (like installing my payday mods), but ik eventually ill learn to get around it or fix it myself.

11/25/2021 17:57:30 CEST

Hwelp, seem like lutris cannot find any font
URL: https://i.redd.it/1dc28phaur181.png
11/25/2021 17:50:38 CEST

Godot Engine - AMD Fidelity FX is OUT!!!
URL: https://youtu.be/bv0uOfCDFm0
11/25/2021 17:01:57 CEST

Why do people play native games under proton?

If you look at protondb.com a lot of people are playing native games like CS:GO via proton. What am I missing?

11/25/2021 16:31:36 CEST

Framebuffer capture (Shadowplay/ReLive)

Hey guys, so I am looking for an alternative to Radeon ReLive/ Nvidia Shadowplay on Linux for AMD Graphics-Cards (Mesa). I found a patch for the Nvidia (proprietary) driver so it shows up as a video source in obs-studio, its called fbcapture or something but I don't have access to a Nvidia card. I recently got my hands on a AMD Radeon rx580 so is there something like this for team red cards (AMD) ? Thanks in advance!

11/25/2021 16:18:23 CEST

Release amdfand v1.0.6

Hello everyone

Today I released new version of AMD card cooling and voltage daemon.
Current version includes:

  • very simple voltage management
  • information how to enable voltage management
  • fix for temperature input
  • error will restore automatic card code
  • code refactor

Voltage management is very simple because I never tried this. If there's anyone interested in this feature and would like to describe me his perfect-tool expectation I would be very graceful.

Source: https://github.com/Eraden/amdgpud

AUR: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/amdfand-bin/

Discussions: https://github.com/Eraden/amdgpud/discussions

BUG reports: https://github.com/Eraden/amdgpud/issues

11/25/2021 14:50:57 CEST

Dark Crypt 20% off ($5.59/4.55)
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1706170/Dark_Crypt/
11/25/2021 13:33:54 CEST

Certain letters won't resond on my keyboard

I bought this laser keyboard ~3 months ago, and u until today I've had zero issues with it, but just today certain letters have straight u just not worked. You may have noticed that some letters are missing from these sentences, and that is by no means intentional. I really would like to find out what the roblem is esecially when I'm laying games that need heas of keybinds. I'm on ubuntu version 2.O4.3LTS and I installed the vulkan drivers yesterday, in case that haens to be the roblem

11/25/2021 13:29:07 CEST

Mesa 21.2.6 Released As Likely The Last Of The Series
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Mesa-21.2.6-Released
11/25/2021 12:34:01 CEST

URL: https://youtube.com/shorts/kLjoUIZiOZA?feature=share
11/25/2021 12:33:48 CEST

Humble puts up the Best of Sandbox bundle with some good picks
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/humble-puts-up-the-best-of-sandbox-bundle-with-some-good-picks/
11/25/2021 12:33:38 CEST

Godot Engine gets AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/godot-engine-gets-amd-fidelityfx-super-resolution/
11/25/2021 12:33:29 CEST

Valheim gets a new patch, plus teasers for Mistlands and Caves
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/valheim-patch-new-teasers-for-mistlands-and-caves/
11/25/2021 12:33:17 CEST

[Arch] Genshin Impact on Linux

Hello there! I'm trying to play Genshin Impact on my Arch Linux machine. Game launcher is loaded and it works, but when i push "Launch" button game won't start and i get this errors in console:

007c:fixme:imm:ImeSetActiveContext (0x25d1c0, 0): stub
007c:fixme:imm:ImmReleaseContext (0000000000010020, 000000000025D1C0): stub
0100:fixme:imm:ImeSetActiveContext (0x12848f10, 1): stub
0100:fixme:imm:ImmReleaseContext (000000000002007C, 0000000012848F10): stub
0100:fixme:msg:ChangeWindowMessageFilterEx 0000000000010098 c04f 1 0000000000000000
0130:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
0144:fixme:wlanapi:WlanEnumInterfaces (0000000000000001, 0000000000000000, 000000001340EE48) semi-stub
0190:fixme:heap:RtlSetHeapInformation 0000000000000000 1 0000000000000000 0 stub
0190:fixme:msvcp:_Locinfo__Locinfo_ctor_cat_cstr (000000000011F300 1 C) semi-stub
0190:fixme:msvcp:_Locinfo__Locinfo_ctor_cat_cstr (000000000011F030 1 C) semi-stub
0190:fixme:ntdll:NtQuerySystemInformation info_class SYSTEM_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION
0190:fixme:thread:QueryThreadCycleTime (FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE,000000000011EA30): stub!
0130:fixme:file:NtLockFile I/O completion on lock not implemented yet
0134:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
0180:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
0134:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
0180:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
01f4:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
01f4:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
01f4:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
0134:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
0134:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
01f4:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
0180:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
0134:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
01f4:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
01f4:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
0180:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
0134:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
0134:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
0134:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
0180:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
0180:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
0180:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
0134:fixme:file:ReplaceFileW Ignoring flags 2
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0298:fixme:heap:EnumSystemFirmwareTables (0x4649524d, 0000000000000000, 0)
0298:fixme:heap:RtlSetHeapInformation 0000000000BF0000 0 000000000011F490 4 stub
02a8:err:service:validate_context_handle Access denied - handle created with access 34, needed 10000
02c8:err:module:import_dll Library WDFLDR.SYS (which is needed by L"C:\\users\\anderson\\Temp\\mhyprot2.sys") not found
02c8:err:ntoskrnl:ZwLoadDriver failed to create driver L"\\Registry\\Machine\\System\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\mhyprot2": c0000142
02a0:fixme:ver:GetCurrentPackageId (0000000000DFFB80 0000000000000000): stub
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On my computer installed

wine-ge-custom 6.21.GE.1-1 
wine-gecko 2.47.2-2
wine-mono 7.0.0-1
winetricks 20210825-1
linux-zen 5.15.4.zen1-1 
linux-zen-headers 5.15.4.zen1-1

Guys, do you have any ideas how can i fix it or just make this game works?

11/25/2021 12:05:33 CEST

Buttons greyed out when launching oblivion on steam

When i launch the game every option is greyed out except the website and exit.

I already tried doing the fixes in https://www.reddit.com/r/linux_gaming/comments/pijhgt/fix_oblivion_launcher_has_all_options/ but it said directory not found, i tried changing the directory because for some reason my files were in a different directory but it still said directory not found.

11/25/2021 11:25:14 CEST

Vega 8 hdmi output feels slow

Hi, I have a Ryzen 5700U laptop, a Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15 for exact, it's a custom 300nit model and I just use a second screen due to it be larger, but I feel that the response time is very slow, it's almost as day/night in comparison with the builtin screen, as I'm typing this text I feel almost quarter a character ahead.
Screen isn't the issue at least as both my Xbox One and desktop are pretty snappy, I'm on Fedora 35 and using the latest Mesa built in and standard Gnome/Wayland desktop, is there any tweak I can use to address this?

11/25/2021 10:43:01 CEST

Save 55% on Cities: Skylines Collection on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/2202/Cities_Skylines_Collection/
11/25/2021 10:05:58 CEST

NVIDIA's Open-Source Image Scaling SDK 1.0 Released
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NVIDIA-Image-Scaling-SDK-1.0
11/25/2021 08:40:15 CEST

Proton 6.3-8 Released With More Windows Games Playable, Support For Some BattlEye Games
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Proton-6.3-8-Released
11/25/2021 08:40:09 CEST

Steam Autumn Sale 2021 is live now with some suggestion what to buy
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/steam-autumn-sale-2021-is-live-now/
11/25/2021 08:38:18 CEST

Does SC4 on Linux work better on SteamPlay/Proton than GOG+Lutris?

I already have the GOG version of SC4, but I can't get it to work satisfactorily on Lutris. I'm wondering if SC4 works better on SteamPlay/Proton. Does it?

11/25/2021 07:27:49 CEST

Does SC4 on Linux work better on SteamPlay/Proton than GOG+Lutris?

I already have the GOG version of SC4, but I can't get it to work satisfactorily on Lutris. I'm wondering if SC4 works better on SteamPlay/Proton. Does it?

11/25/2021 07:23:30 CEST

Does SC4 on Linux work better on SteamPlay/Proton than GOG+Lutris?

I already have the GOG version of SC4, but I can't get it to work satisfactorily on Lutris. I'm wondering if SC4 works better on SteamPlay/Proton. Does it?

11/25/2021 07:11:46 CEST

Lutris makes steam a zombie process

As the title says, when i try to run a steam game through lutris, steam becomes a zombie process and won't open, but it works if i run steam by itself

11/25/2021 07:11:11 CEST

Light Up Keyboard Recommendations (Under $100)

I need some advice on getting a new keyboard. Since I'm a Linux user, and it's primarily for gaming, browsing, and writing, I figured this was the place to get that advice.

So, here's the thing: I have less than $100 to spend on it, but I need a light up keyboard that won't die on me in six months. I have now gone through 3 keyboards that either break (the keys stop working), and/or the lettering rubs off after a few weeks or months. All three have done this, and I'm frustrated. I need a reliable keyboard that lights up (I have vision issues, and the backlighting seriously helps me see the letters), but it needs to be under $100. I realize this prices me out of most really good keyboards, which is why I need your advice. The one I have right now is only 5 months old, and half the letters are gone, about 6 or 7 of the keys have to be pressed 3, 4, even 5 times to register.

What kind of keyboard that is reliable, not shoddy, and lights up, for under $100? Wired is preferred, but not mandatory. Please tell me it's possible.

11/25/2021 06:57:16 CEST

Running Grand Theft Auto Definitive Edition on Lutris

All memes aside, what does it take to do thi?

Will installing the Rockstar Launcher from Lutris then installing the games from the Rockstar Launcher be enough to get his working?

11/25/2021 06:10:52 CEST

Imagine you went to Japan

There have been a lot of posts in relation to the LTT videos, and rather than comment on them all I thought I'd start another post. I want to talk about some of the heat leveled at the community that I don't think is fair. I don't want to talk about the technical aspects of the discussion surrounding LTT. Specifically things like:

  • Linux users act like they're superior / condescending
  • Linux users act like Linux is a lot better than Mac / Windows but it's not
  • Linux hardware support is worse than Windows and "Linux" needs to solve that problem
  • The UX of Github (owned by Microsoft) is the fault of the Linux community (?)
    • Specifically "if github is for devs, then Linux is for devs"
  • I think the way Linux does things is wrong (eg: executables & filetypes, discouraging root, software support, etc)

Firstly, there are toxic parts of any community, and Linux does have its fair share. Having said that, sometimes the problem isn't in the person being toxic, it's the communication between the parties. An example of this is when the Linux users try and helpfully explain that doing something is just the wrong approach on Linux. That can sound unhelpful or toxic even, but often times it is true. An example here is the filetypes for executing scripts.

It's been pointed out elsewhere that having this extra protection is what prevents certain kinds of viruses from spreading on Linux, such as the "Love bug", and plagues Windows, but to some extent this isn't about the technical reason, it's about the cultural one. I think coming up against a cultural difference like that warrants either explanation or more questions. There are good reasons for why Linux users do things the way they do, and wandering in and declaring that no one will use Linux unless it works the way I demand isn't really helpful.

Another example of this is the "If github is for devs, then Linux is for devs" comment. The fact is, GoXLR does not work on Linux out of the box. Helicon don't provide anything, and they made the device. No corporation has stepped in to bridge the gap. Instead, members of the Linux community, regular people like you or me, have stepped in and done the work to make it function. Those people are developers, and they're going to work in Github. Maybe the critique is that they didn't build out standard packages, but this is like complaining that a home-made cake which isn't even done baking tastes underdone.

This is cultural, too! In Linux, everything happens in the open. Someone is developing on it and you're not a developer? Well you can't get the device working! If you want to get in the kitchen then you need to have some level of understanding about how professional kitchens work (and understand that when you're criticising a professional kitchen owned by Microsoft, that's not really useful for the Linux community). In Windows your options are: you don't have any options. On Linux you've got ways to make progress, but you have to change, you have to learn.

And when you use Linux, you're part of that process. You can do things like contribute back, in whatever way you can. Maybe you're a designer, maybe you're good at writing documentation. Many hands make light work, and you have as much power as anyone else. This is actually what many comments like "RTFM" and "Build it yourself" come from. Yes, they are toxic and sound like a big middle finger, but they're just a frustrated way to try to tell you that the learned helplessness you have from corporate OSes is something you have to unlearn in Linux. You have all the power and knowledge in the world to fix your own problem, and asking someone else to do the labour for you is counter to the culture of Linux.

Imagine you went to Japan as a tourist. You might not bother to learn the language, only visit the tourist traps, eat at the chain restaurants you're familiar with, go back and not have seen anything special, and most importantly, not really know whether you'd ever want to move there permanently. Or, you can go in with eyes fresh, learn the language, the customs, the culture. Yes it's going to require an open mind, some of it is going to be really hard to learn or understand, some of it is going to collide with your values, but you'll learn something. You'll come out a changed person, and then you can think about where you want to put down roots.

Linux is not a product. It's a community. You don't pay for Linux with money or your privacy. You pay for it by being part of that community, and the community wants you here. We want you here. If people are overzealous when talking up Linux or a particular distro, that's not to try and swindle you, we just want you to be here because it's cool to be in a community like this. Yeah, we don't have the latest hardware support, but some dude on the internet is probably working on it, and if you're willing to learn, you can make it work yourself, or maybe even be part of making that better.

As more people start using Linux, it'll get better and better. That's literally how it got as good as it is today. And it'll still be free-as-in-speech, and we'll all be there and everything will be great, and we can all come together and say... fuck systemd.

11/25/2021 05:35:28 CEST

May I ask why so many Proton version available?

Basically the title. Oh and how different version differ from each others, I thought the latest is usually the best since it got all the bugs fix and compatibility fix. However, Im trying out a game that only works well with the older version

11/25/2021 05:19:37 CEST

BF2042 and FFXIV in VFIO VM?

I did a quick google search and found a post on reddit from two years ago saying that someone was playing Fortnite just fine and that uses easy anti-cheat. So I am under the assumption that BF would work fine but I thought I would ask anyway.

Will it be safe to play battlefield 2042 on a VFIO VM without getting banned?

I am thinking of switching to Linux and running a windows virtual machine for BF2042 and FFXIV. Will there be any problems with anti-cheats or anything like that for these two games?

11/25/2021 04:52:29 CEST

Proton 6.3-8 Is Here! Many More Games Work
URL: https://boilingsteam.com/proton-6-3-8-is-here-many-more-games-work/
11/25/2021 04:30:27 CEST

Umm .. Is it this easy?

I've set up a Garuda Linux partition on my iMac and all is good. I've then followed on-line instructions to download the latest version of Steam and enable Steam Play with all supported titles., using Proton 6.3.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is Platinum rated and is currently downloading, This is a step further than yesterday, when it wouldn't even kick off the download due to an 'Invalid platform' error.

Queued are the following

- Proton 6.3

- Steam Linux runtime - Soldier

- Steamworks Common Redistributables

Once everything is down, is that all I need to do?

11/25/2021 03:18:44 CEST

Proton 6.3-8 released
URL: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton/releases/tag/proton-6.3-8
11/25/2021 01:38:14 CEST

Halo Infinite


I see Halo Infinite on Lutris I go to click install and then it won't do anything after that. Will not start the install process or anything. What should I try?

11/25/2021 01:29:24 CEST

Developers making games more Linux friendly

I dont know a whole lot about coding and development but I was wondering how big of hassle it is for these companies to make games more friendlier on Linux. Is it a whole game changing process? Could they add things into games in future to make proton work better right out of the box?

11/25/2021 01:19:26 CEST

I think linux gaming will thrive even with all the terminal stuff, zoomers are already good with basic coding and stuff

Boomers might hate terminals, but as zoomers I think we are kinda close to coding. As you might know, coding is on trending since for this decade. For example I, a kind of zoomer, in highschool we ve been taught small coding stuff, html and css. In college, we also did. I got many engineer friends, even chemical engineers learn python nowadays in college. Even matlab. They are cool with that.

Terminals, are kinda piece of cake compared to that. I used to setup linux server the first time I met linux. I used terminals. It was too weird at first. But very straightforward. Whereas on windows, gui always changes. Click this, then click that, than that, than inside this click that...

Besides, windows is getting terrible at gui s nowadays. Cant find user controls and disable password. They changed the place of that again ... like it was necessary.

11/25/2021 00:45:47 CEST

Far Cry 6 Stuck on "Warm up PSO cache"

I've installed the Ubisoft launcher via Lutris, I've got Far Cry 6 launching but it sits on the launcher screen with the error in the title. I've let it sit for 20+ minutes and it makes no progress.

I've ran through the solution in the update on this thread with no change: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux_gaming/comments/q2tqvu/anybody_else_tried_far_cry_6/

OS: Fedora 35 CPU: Ryzen 5800x GPU: Nvidia 3080

I've used Lutris for other games with no issues via Ubisoft like Anno 1800. Curious if there's anything else I can try here? Thanks!

11/25/2021 00:35:05 CEST

What file system would you recommend?

Btrfs, ext4, zfs, xfs, ...?

What are your experiences?

In case it makes any difference, I'm using Arch.

11/25/2021 00:32:12 CEST

Fixed! CS:GO Crash on Ubuntu 21.10

Ubuntu 21.10 CS:GO Crash solved! The problem is potentialy in 2.34 version of GLIBC.


11/24/2021 23:42:27 CEST

Project Heartbeat: My rhythm game made on Linux is 35% off ont the Steam Autumn Sale
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1216230/Project_Heartbeat/
11/24/2021 23:41:27 CEST

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but is dualbooting or single gpu passthrough better? Specs: ryzen 5 5600g, 16gb ram

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but is dualbooting or single gpu passthrough better? Specs: ryzen 5 5600g, 16gb ram

11/24/2021 22:48:51 CEST

Steam's sale is here! Can you recommend me some cheap Linux games?

Can any of you recommend me some cheap games (Under 10) that are either Linux native or run well under proton)

11/24/2021 22:23:51 CEST

What happened to the Genshin Impact linux patch?

I tried visiting it today and I found out that it was deleted. If anyone knows where it is can you DM me or did it just disappear with no trace?

11/24/2021 21:19:15 CEST

Gyro not working in steam input

I'm trying to use the gyroscope in my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to aim in some titles. I've noticed that the gyro function is bugged.

Usually, you just map the mouse to gyro and everything is fine, recently, however, the games have either been not recognizing the gyro at all, or the mouse cursor drifts in one direction. This is a new issue, as I have previously played through all of half-life with gyro enabled.

Any help is appreciated

11/24/2021 21:13:22 CEST

app randomly minimizes (geometry Dash)

Yep im just playing the game and it minimizes any ideas help

11/24/2021 21:11:43 CEST

So, I was able to get a high of 113 FPS playing Warzone in a Windows VM (sharing graphics card between host and VM with LibVF.IO). As a complete beginner to Linux and coding, I made a step-by-step installation guide and performance demo for LibVF.IO. Let me know what you guys think!
URL: https://youtu.be/wqUjukaTqEg
11/24/2021 20:50:43 CEST

How can I fix steam black screen? I am playing with PlayOnMac.

when I open steam with PlayOnMac,I can't see anything. And also when I try to play game it crash and doesn't lunch.

This is when I try to lunch game. and it crash.

How can I fix this?

11/24/2021 20:42:36 CEST

League of Legends on Linux performance

Hey, Cause that my windows has chosen to randomly die two times in a week im really thinking about switching to Linux. But one big problem for me is that i really like to play LoL with my friends but I'm not sure how good it performance under Linux. Would be nice if someone could share his/her experience :)

11/24/2021 20:34:33 CEST

What Virtual Machine Program Should I Use For Windows10 Gaming? And Will I Be Able To Run AAA Games With It? What Would Be The Recommended Specs For The Virtual Machine Be?

What Virtual Machine Program Should I Use For Windows10 Gaming? And Will I Be Able To Run AAA Games With It? What Would Be The Recommended Specs For The Virtual Machine Be?

I'm thinking of playing terraria, cod warzone, fortnite, valorant and maybe some other games. But mainly those.

11/24/2021 20:10:49 CEST

Old Fashioned Christmas Funny Bourbon Whiskey Cocktail Wine
URL: https://lifestyles7.com/old-fashioned-christmas-funny-bourbon-whiskey-cocktail-wine?s=gildan-2400&c=Royal&p=FRONT
11/24/2021 20:09:36 CEST

We just launched the Linux native version of our indie courtroom adventure!
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1547290/Nina_Aquila_Legal_Eagle_Season_One/
11/24/2021 19:45:35 CEST

Lutris hung up on GOG installation page?


  • I apologize if my title is not helpful; I tried my best but I wasn't sure how to title this post.

  • I didn't know what flair to choose. There were only 2 available, and I'm on a Mac, so I chose D9VK, so I'm sorry if that's not accurate.


Anyway, I want to play The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion GOTY Edition so I go to the game's page on the Lutris website and click Install next to the GOG version. In the actual Lutris program, a window pops up saying I have to provide the installer file, which is fine; however, after clicking Install and then Install again on the next window where it shows the installation directory, no window pops up asking for me to specify where the installer file is located. It just stays on that screen, but "Install" changing to "Cancel".

Nothing happens at all.

Anybody know what the problem is here? And how I can hopefully fix it?



  • Operating System: Pop!_OS v20.04 LTS
  • Lutris Version:
  • GPU: NVIDIA RTX 2060
11/24/2021 19:29:18 CEST

Sodium, the open source rendering engine replacement mod just got an initial port to 1.18. Performance is looking incredible already!


Sodium is a free and open-source rendering engine replacement for the Minecraft client that greatly improves frame rates, reduces micro-stutter, and fixes graphical issues in Minecraft.

You can find the initial commit that ports the mod to 1.18-pre7 here!

11/24/2021 19:20:05 CEST

Call of Duty World War 2 D Day GTX 1050 Ti Josh Duhamel COD WW2 Mission 1
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHoV4SvjZgU
11/24/2021 19:18:21 CEST

I think what Linus and Luke at LTT are doing is incredibly important.

Let me give you some background on me. I've been a Windows user for a long time and am in the computer support industry. So why am I here? Because while Windows does have it's good and easy to use features (most of the time), many years ago I heard about Linux. I was drawn to it for it's GUI being completely customizable, it's repositories, it's "hardware compatibility," the fact that it was free and open-source, but most importantly it's support for privacy features. Since that time I have tried Ubuntu (around the 10.0.4 era I believe), several versions of Mint, Kali, another version of Ubuntu, I have had a Pi for many years, and Manjaro both before and after the Linus challenge. I am no stranger to Linux but for some reason I keep bouncing off despite always wanting to come back. I want to be able to use Linux, but so far the biggest thing keeping me from doing that feels like Linux.

So what? How does that relate to Linus? I feel like Linus IS representing the community at large. While I feel more on the side of Luke, I've had many of the exact same if not similar problems Linus has had over the years trying to use Linux. I hope the videos they are creating will put a spotlight on the community to fix these issues.

In my recent foray into Manjaro alone, the first thing that happened is that my wireless logitech mouse and keyboard absolutely refused to work. Good thing I had known better to not install this on my main system drive and just happened to have extra hardware. I looked up a few things and downloaded some packages, restarted, and still does not work. The next problem I had immediately after was that it couldn't connect to the internet. After researching some more and finding little to no help, I eventually just decided to reinstall and it worked after that. The next step I try to do is set up my desktop how I want it, which goes fairly smooth but I hate how the settings are designed in a way that let's the main part of the menu being displayed without changing the sidebar to match what area I am in.

I install Steam which was actually pretty painless and worked without a single problem. After that, I enable proton and choose a few older games to download and play. Some of them work, some of them don't. I'm not going to say what they are since I think Linux community might fix just my issue and move on rather than advocating for more overall support which I hope will happen with the Steamdeck. I will say that one of the ones that didn't work was around 20 years old. I will say to be fair, that more developers (and devs in general) should have more native support for their games. I am not putting this entirely all on Linux itself, that's ridiculous. However, this also makes me wonder If I'm having this many problems just to play a few games, how would that effect the process for developers making them? Seems like it wouldn't be worth the hassle. In any case, I went on to see if I could install some programs that I like to use. Out of all them, Firefox was preinstalled, Steam might as well have been preinstalled with the native version, and blender of course. These are the only ones that worked. This is the wall that I have hit time and time again. I don't find wine simple to use. It's winetrcks gui is poor at best and wine itself doesn't always fix the compatibility issues.

This kind of brings me to the last part. While Linux can be great when it does work and can work on a variety of systems, the sheer amount speed-bumps you can encounter along the way can be incredibly infuriating. When searching about my issues, while a common occurrence, finding old problems people had that resulted in forum post with solutions that were either deprecated or so old they just didn't work....was not what was getting to me. Like old stuff code and deprecation happen all the time, I mean sure it's kind of annoying but most of the time you can eventually figure it out. The thing that gets me is the overwhelmingly condescendingly "superior" language many of these community members use on forum posts when someone is asking for help. I am completely baffled by this behavior. Why would you be an ass to someone who is willing to give the OS a shot? One forum post I found while looking up some other issues was basically "IMPOSSIBLE" goes on to explain why they think it's impossible and end in "wHy dOn't YoU uSE goOgLe?" I would think the average person that is able to install linux is fairly apt at being able to use google but could not find a good solution and then is now asking others if they would be willing to help them. If it was impossible though, they probably wouldn't be there.

Sounds fairly similar to same problems Linus was having, huh. Maybe he is representing the average user after all. Granted, I'm not going to sit here and defend the guy at every point but I am saying that he does in fact represent a fair amount of people. After the videos original release, more and more am I seeing Linux users being divided into two camps. The first being something akin to "....well, he's got a point" and are typically the more helpful and understanding. The second I have represented as being somewhat hyperbolic, it's not actually too far off from what people have actually said. "F*** Limbus, he doesn't know what he's talking about. He doesn't represent the average user! The average Linux user is obviously has a 10,000 IQ and is for more experienced people that want in-depth code. How dare Limbus say these things." Which I think is kind of funny to see but adds nothing to the conversation, especially when they don't acknowledge the good things they have said about it and the positive videos they have mad in the past. Of course there are the people between these two which I tend to find fairly informative and lets me have a better view from a Linux user's perspective without overdosing on copium but these seem to be few and far between.

In any case, I think what Linus and Luke are doing are incredibly important to not just the Linux community, but also to me. I want to use Linux, I am tired of always having to use the bloated thing that is windows. I want to have all these crazy customization I see on some of the other subreddits and don't want to continue paying microsoft monetarily or with my data. I also want to see the community really figure out the root why an idiot like me is having these problems. Also yeah, while I am an idiot in the tech industry, I don't want to spend all day working on computers then come home and need to work on mine. I just want to relax and play some games or something while having the option to change features if I want on an OS I think is neat.
What do you guys think?

11/24/2021 18:47:28 CEST

Steam window too small - need help scaling


OS: Pop!_OS 20.04 LTS x86_64

Host: MacBookPro12,1 1.0

Uptime: 2 hours, 16 mins

Packages: 1792 (dpkg), 6 (flatpak)

Shell: bash 5.0.16

Resolution: 2560x1600


WM: Mutter

WM Theme: Pop

Theme: Pop-dark [GTK2/3]

Icons: Pop [GTK2/3]

Terminal: gnome-terminal

CPU: Intel i5-5257U (4) @ 3.100 GHz

GPU: Intel Iris Graphics 6100

Memory: 2459MiB / 7864MiB

11/24/2021 18:29:53 CEST

AC Origins stutter - Unsupported video driver

Hi, so i am on Zorin with Lutris, both updated.

Downloaded the game through Ubisoft Connect script on Lutris' website. Game launches, runs at about 80 to 100 FPS, but i get stutters. In right upper corner it says unsupported video driver, here:

My specs: R5 3600 16 GB DDR4 @ 3600 RX 6800 NVMe SSD

Zorin 16

This is my first game i am trying to run on Linux with Lutris really, so i don't know.

Any input?

11/24/2021 18:21:35 CEST

So... how's Proton performance?

Thinking of switching to Linux (openSUSE most probably), and I wonder, how is performance through Proton?

The games I play most are TF2 and PlanetSide 2. I play some Halo Infinite, Heroes and Generals, Apex Legends.

Other Games: Just a list of what I have, not too much.

Now, for non-native games, how is Proton? Especially for CPU bound games. My CPU is a i7 9750H and it tends to reach high usage on some titles, and I'm concerned about the FPS hit.

Thanks in advance.

11/24/2021 18:12:37 CEST

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Definitive Edition running on Lutris via Steam
URL: https://youtu.be/3EFx5L2VbK4
11/24/2021 18:07:35 CEST

Trying to install Control via Steam in Fedora 35, says "Available for Windows" and won't let me install

Right in the title, I went to reinstall Control Ultimate Edition from Steam, a game that runs flawlessly in Proton, and now I don't have a choice to install it at all. I can't find any other games in my library like this, but the install button is just grayed out for Control.

11/24/2021 17:58:23 CEST

Linus is having a real rough go of it, isn't he? | Reacting to Linux Daily Driver Challenge pt. 2
URL: https://youtu.be/IgdLgBXw1u0
11/24/2021 14:54:04 CEST

Font Issue with steam

Hey guyz , The fonts in steam are kinda bad , especially when playing games like counter strike , the fonts look weird (sometimes rectangles appear instead of letters), i don't know how to exactly describe them but im sure they are not supposed to look like that , i was on windows before and the fonts were as they should on steam ...

Anyway , i am on manjaro xfce , i tried changing the fonts to the ubuntu fonts and still bad fonts in steam , i hope you understand the issue and if somebody has a fix please write a comment.

11/24/2021 13:51:56 CEST

Terraria won't boot

Hello everyone! I recently downloaded and started using Pop!_OS after seeing the LTT video. I was on steam the other day and I saw that Terraria should run natively on linux. I downloaded the game but the game refused to boot and I didn't get any error messages, steam said the game was still running but I could tell by system monitor that it wasn't. I tried using error logs and found no errors in Terraria. So I went to the files instead and saw this "mono_crash.mem" (https://imgur.com/a/MNKwiUJ). Is this why I am unable to boot the game? If so, how do I fix this?


11/24/2021 12:45:24 CEST

Who needs GOG Galaxy when Indie Gala's GalaClient is coming to Linux?

Install and run your owned games from any PC, Desktop or Laptop, on any platform (*Windows currently, Linux/macOS coming soon). Once installed, any single player game can be easily accessed without the need of an active internet connection, anytime, anyplace.

Source: https://www.indiegala.com/galaclient

Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/gRsqDzY.png

11/24/2021 11:25:29 CEST

Skip Lutris "Checking for runtime updates"

Is it possible to skip the "Checking for runtime updates" part, when starting Lutris?

Somtimes it takes up to 10 seconds until it resumes, its very annoying.

11/24/2021 11:21:54 CEST

PSA: Ampere Mobile Gpu's are not reaching to max performance levels on Linux
URL: https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/has-anyone-been-able-to-run-an-rtx-3060-laptop-gpu-at-more-than-80w-on-linux/192959
11/24/2021 10:41:42 CEST

What laptop would you recommend for university programming and gaming?
URL: /r/linuxhardware/comments/r11d1c/what_laptop_would_you_recommend_for_university/
11/24/2021 10:37:58 CEST

My Struggle with Windows Gaming (The Flip Side of the Coin)

I grew up with Windows machines in the house and daily drove Windows from Windows 95 to Vista, at which point I was working and started purchasing my own PCs, I jumped ship and headed over to Apple (mainly for Logic) I used macs for about 10 years until my macs stopped receiving OS updates so I though I would try Linux, which I have used as my daily driver on my Macbooks and iMac until this year when i decided to get some new machines so i got myself a Thinkpad and a "gaming pc". During those years using macOS and distro hoping Linux I have used Windows still when at jobs that used it etc and I have installed Windows on my iMac via bootcamp for some gaming at some points.

Upon getting a capable gaming rig this year I starting trying gaming but friends (who use Windows) were playing games i struggled to get working right or had anti cheat etc etc, I decided to get an SSD and throw Windows on it and use it for gaming with some mates. I've had nothing but endless issues and annoyances. Upon seeing LTTs struggles getting Linux up and running for gaming I though I would share my issues trying to get Windows to work.

Windows installed fine, I then downloaded up to date drivers for my graphics card and audio interface (focusrite), MSI afterburner for its HUD, Steam, Origin and the Minecraft launcher. Graphics driver is fine, MSI afterburner was easy to install and set up, Steam installs, but then the issues start, Origin refuses to install, so does the Minecraft launcher, the audio interface was recognized and showed in sound settings but plays no sound and my CPU fans are now set to 60% regardless of what they are set to in the bios, this even carries on over when booted into Linux

After some searching online I found some answers to a few issues, Installed NZXT CAM to try and control my CPU fan curve (i have a NZXT AIO), turns out Origin has some dependencies that Windows didn't install out of the box so I found them and installed Origin, the audio interface needed external power (never needed that with macOS or Linux) but regardless that now works. The Minecraft launcher still refuses to do anything once its opened so I've had to install the old launcher. So everything is now fixed? NOPE

Every time I boot into Windows the Audio interface isn't the default output (despite me setting it as the default) I select it and no sound comes out I have to unplug and plug it back in a few times before its even shown sometimes. My CPU fans just do what they want when they want a lot of the time (again what ever they end up doing in Windows carries over to Linux). For some reason all the icons and the weather on my task bar randomly disappear or flicker sometimes for a few seconds before returning (happened a few times now) and most annoyingly when I'm playing a game and I've not used the mouse or keyboard for a few minutes (during a long cut scene for example) something happens and Windows repeatedly makes the disconnected and reconnected alert tone over and over and over and over until i quit the game. Also my frame rate is lower in Windows because for some reason the card never goes above 50% usage, everything is still playable. Last thing is Windows randomly wakes up from sleep in the middle of the night, never had that issue before, I will continue to see what i can fix and hopefully get this system dialed in but I though Windows was meant to be "easy". Ive never had so many issues with an OS before.

This is not a fan boy post, I still use all three operating systems daily, Linux for personal, Windows for gaming and macOS for work, I use Android (Calyx) for my person phone and iPhone for work, so I'm not invested in a particular OS or anything, just my experience.

11/24/2021 10:37:29 CEST

Save 75% on Hearts of Iron IV on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/394360/Hearts_of_Iron_IV/?curator_clanid=6859167
11/24/2021 09:53:33 CEST

Save 53% on Stellaris: Ultimate Bundle on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/21037/Stellaris_Ultimate_Bundle/
11/24/2021 09:53:05 CEST

Save 20% on Stellaris: Aquatics Species Pack on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1749080/Stellaris_Aquatics_Species_Pack/
11/24/2021 09:51:40 CEST

Best lightweight games

Hey. So i am a beginner to linux, and i would like to play some games. I have a dual-boot with windows 10 and kali linux, and i assigned linux about 50 Gb of space, and now i have about 22. My laptop is a little bit old, it has 4Gb of ram and an i3 5005, and i've been thinking about moving to linux since it it consumes less ram and cpu than windows, so my question is, what games could i install, preferably free, so that i wouldn't use all of my space left in one game?

11/24/2021 09:44:35 CEST


Enjoyed The Imitation Game? Must have felt amazing after solving Enigma right! How about you too being the one to solve Enigma?

We bring back to you a mysterious quest that has yet to be solved: ENIGMA 8

With confounding questions, unique power ups and a fascinating storyline to keep you hooked for over 48 hours!

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Enigma goes live on 26th November at 4:20 PM. Lets see if you can be on top of the leaderboard ;)

11/24/2021 08:00:34 CEST

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is currently on a flash sale on fanatical. Is it worth it? What's the likelihood I could get it to work on Linux?

So far pretty much all of the games I've used since I've switched to Linux full time have been through steam. Proton has been a tremendous help. But AC Valhalla is never coming to steam.

I'm using Pop_os With a GeForce GTX 1660 graphics card. And Ryzen 5 processor

11/24/2021 07:33:02 CEST

Xbox party on linux?

Is there any way to join an Xbox party from a linux desktop? I know I could use the app on my phone but then I need to find a way to have my headset microphone connected to the phone but the phone audio and the PC audio going to the headset. Is there any way to do this? Xbox parties are the only thing keeing me on Windows.

11/24/2021 06:52:56 CEST

Thermal throttle on all core load.

I have a Dell G3 3590 with the i7 9750H and 1660ti. My main problem is that the cpu thermal throttles under heavy load and no amount of cooling seems to work. Atm I have a - 140mv undervolt, the cpu was repasted fairly recently and fancontrol is taking care of cooling. I had i8k running before but after setting up fancontrol i8k no longer seems to work. I game using a virtual machine and my fps is being severely affected by this problem.

11/24/2021 06:09:08 CEST

Dota 2 will freeze randomly on Pop OS

I can play dota 2 for hours without any issues outside of a few minor graphical bugs, but every once in a while my game will freeze and become unresponsive. Initially I would have to reboot my computer by alt-tabbing into terminal (as the dota mouse takes over my normal one) but even when I used Htop it still takes a while for the game to shutdown and close. it's very annoying having to deal with this, its happened at least 6 times in the span of two weeks.

Game runs in vulkan and my gpu is a nvidia 1060 super

Does anyone else have this problem?

11/24/2021 06:04:12 CEST

Using a PS4 as a desktop PC for gaming

Now that the next console has generation arrived and the PS4 support end is not so far away makes me think of saving mine to use it as a desktop PC with a Linux Distro, I guess some people here will have the same question and with the steam deck on the way this could be a way to give a new life to your old console when the last day of support comes, so I want to know your thoughts about it, should you sell your actual PS4 to buy a next gen, straight just buy a new PC or upgrade yours, or sell it for xyz reasons?, I know that it might be too early to talk about and that it seems that PS5 port games might extend the PS4 life span a couple of years so this is by no meanings a serious thing to do right now.

(Note that in order to install Linux you need a PS4 that has the 7.55 or below version of the firmware and it must have jailbreak)

11/24/2021 05:27:40 CEST

Battlefield 4 not showing ping on ArchLinux I3

So, i've recently installed linux and i'm still getting the hang of things, tried installing battlefield 4 but for some reason it does not shows my ping while in game, making me get kicked from most servers?

I'm running it through steam with proton experimental. Any tips or ideas of what it could be.

Thanks eitherway <3

11/24/2021 05:16:57 CEST

Age of Empire IV - Linux showcase with Steam Proton
URL: https://youtube.com/watch?v=3_1r9PNfNio&feature=share
11/24/2021 03:58:02 CEST

Any way to overclock RAM in Linux?

Ok so after some reserach I realized that my 128 GBs of RAM (which I know is a ridiculous amount) will not clock to 3600 MHz on my X570 Aorus Elite mobo. They are stuck at 2400 MHz no matter what I do (XMP profile and manual settings - the values always revert back to default). So the solution I found online is to use Ryzen Master which obviously doesn't exist on Linux. Does anyone know of any other way to actually OC RAM in Linux?

11/24/2021 02:16:06 CEST

There should be a protondb for hardware!

Typically, when people switch to Linux, they learn after the fact that a piece of their hardware doesn't work out of the box.

Why not have a site where people can plug in their components or laptop model and see what works out of the box, what works with workarounds, and what doesn't work?

For example, a Roccat mouse would be: "Yes", works out of the box.

A Nvidia Optimus laptop would be: "Yes, with workarounds", with caveats that you need to install system76-power, nvidia-optimus-qt, or something else to make it work. Solutions would be given like they are on a protondb page.

A Logitech mouse would be: "Yes, with workarounds", suggesting that the user install the app Piper to configure the mouse.

A GoXLR would be: "Not really" (or something like that), since most of its parts don't work even after installing goxlr-on-linux.

A Nvidia GPU released an hour ago would be: "No".

There's probably something like this already, like on the Arch Wiki, but it could probably be made much more accessible.

11/24/2021 00:47:15 CEST

An Open Letter to the LTT Team

So I obviously have no idea if you or someone on your team will have a chance to read this, Linus, but I've been following your challenge with anticipation since the first time you talked about it on the WAN show.

And I want to start with the big, obvious stuff. The disaster that happened to you in part 1 of your challenge is absolutely the fault of Pop!_OS, APT, and Linux in general. You did everything in the way that a typical user would and ended up bricking your system. In fact, because of what happened to you, APT has updated its behavior with critical packages and even gave you credit for it (... as a side note, good luck getting Microsoft to do the same when you find a bug.) I think your challenge, even though it's a "challenge" for the Linux community, is ultimately good for us because the outsider's perspective is critical to user experience development.

Now why would you ever listen to me? Well, I feel like voices like mine are underrepresented in this conversation. You have die-hards like Anthony right there on your staff as complete subject matter experts, but how useful is that to you when you're trying to create the "typical" user experience? I'm just a typical, average guy that does some gaming here and there for fun, some higher end games, some lower end, some older and some newer. I'm a fan of Linux and love using it, but I'm not above having a Windows dual-boot for the couple of games that don't work.

And it's that last point that I think is most relevant to how the challenge has been going for you.

You see, it's easy to read press releases from Valve and think that Proton just cured all the issues that Linux gaming ever had. It's easy to be led astray being told that Lutris is this super-simple fix for games that don't normally work. But none of that is true. You see, experienced Linux users (excluding "power" users) tend to accept something from the outset: Not everything works with Linux, and that applies to both hardware and software. I accepted your experience in the first part but for this second part, particularly with the way you've treated hardware compatibility, I have to take some issue.

As I write this I'm on a Thinkpad P15. A beast of a laptop, to be sure, but Lenovo has made an effort to produce systems that are compatible with Linux. As a result, it's a flawless experience. On the other hand, I was recently using an Alieanware M17 R2, and many features were missing: I couldn't configure macro keys, I couldn't control the RGB, and depending on the kernel version the system wouldn't even suspend / resume properly. It was a nightmare, and made we want to return to Windows regularly just to have the full functionality of my system.

But do you see the difference? Linux strives for greater hardware compatibility, but if you're using hardware that explicitly doesn't say it's compatible with Linux, you can't seriously expect it to work. No one would build a system with a Ryzen APU and then expect it to run MacOS flawessly - it's just not a thing.

I know, it's a chicken and egg problem. More support would come with a larger user base, and that base would come if there was more support. But this latest chapter in your challenge omitted some pretty massive things and also seems to miss the point of your challenge in the first place: can a typical gamer install Linux and have fun with it as a daily driver?

The typical gamer is not using multiple PC-controlled lighting sources, XLR sound solutions, and streaming multiple screens to an audience. And like you said at the end of this last video, if you're passionate about Linux then yeah, it's a thing you can do, but nobody is seriously recommending it. For the same reason you wouldn't switch your studio computers over to Linux because you use Adobe Premier to create your content, a streamer wouldn't switch to Linux for an arbitrary user. You should pick the right tool for the right job, and Linux is NOT the right tool for a serious game streamer at this time.

If you have to use a script from GitHub, you're already trying to do something not typically supported by Linux distributions. I use this PC day in and day out without ever opening Github, and I run plenty of games! Your hardware explicitly states it's for Windows or Mac, tthe manufacturer has been clear about that, so it's not entirely fair to blame Linux when it doesn't work.

In part one, what happened with Pop!_OS was RIDICULOUS and should never have happened. You were telling it do something it was just supposed to do out of the box and then it broke. I was even pleasantly surprised at how very much on your side most of the Linux community was. But when it comes to other things, I feel like you're being led astray by super tech-savvy voices and hyper-experienced Linux pros like Anthony. And maybe that's where the crux of the issue, is. You feel like a script from github is an option as an answer, but most of "average" users don't. If I had your setup I would have long since said "Oh, I guess that doesn't work on Linux," and then re-evaluated whether or not I could use Linux as a daily driver. Maybe a dual boot? Maybe not at all?

Github is a hacky solution when things don't work that were never supposed to. Lutris is a hacky solution to games that don't work that were never supposed to. Proton is one of the few graceful solutions to the problem of game compatibility and Valve is banking the Steam Deck on it,

It is fairly obvious that Linux isn't a good fit for Linus and the crew. And that's fine! After all, use the right tool for the right job, yeah? But I feel like we're circling back to old-fashioned Linux FUD now. I really wish Linus would have approached this challenge with a "maintstream" setup. A standard gaming system with a GPU, maybe two monitors at the most, and that's about it. Because the experience would have already been so much smoother (again, minus that Pop disaster).

And finally: there is a fundamental difference that has yet to be mentioned. Linux is free. Both free as in "beer" and "freedom". I like Windows 10, I really do, but have you ever stopped to consider how appalling it is that they show you ads on the lock screen on a product that you paid for? Paid GOOD MONEY for, by the way. It's not like it's $5 (.... for most of us).

But maybe this isn't restricted to just Linux. You said something at the end of Part 2 that was a little disheartening and I think is the result of your place in the tech industry. You said that PC gaming already required some extra expertise, like "whether it's trying to track down save files in some Vista era folder, or forcing an aspect ratio in an INI file". Um.... no. No, not really. Yes, that IS something you can do, but that's a benefit of PC gaming, the flexibility to do what you want. But most gamers aren't manually hunting for save files to fidget with, and they're not creating unique aspect ratios to fit their double ultra wide monitor setup. They're clicking "Install" on Steam, then "Play Game", at 1080P on a GTX 1060 with one monitor on their desk.

You are among the very few Windows gaming elite, and it's unreasonable to expect that same carryover to the world of Linux (just like we don't see you trying to carry that over to MacOS). And whether it's Windows, MacOS, or Linux, if it's not an experience that you can get into with a few clicks in the GUI, it's the realm of "advanced" users, not the rest of us.

11/24/2021 00:34:25 CEST

I think Linus has missed the point that Linux is a different platform

So I am seeing comments on this subreddit that "Hardware compatibility is a difficult problem to overcome".

This is not a real problem. Linux IS compatible with most hardware. Linus just happened to have a piece of hardware that is not supported on Linux. Like Macs don't have USB ports. It's that simple.

Linus has gone into this challenge with the mindset that Linux IS, or should be at least, Windows. It's not. It wil never be. It should never be.

I realize now, after an excellent first part, that Linus has TRULY lost the point by focusing too much on what a "normal user" would experience. The thing is, a normal user would not switch to Linux out of the blue because Linux is simply not marketed. If it WAS marketed it would have been marketed as a different platform with different capabilities and features, just like Mac.

To be clear I'm not blaming him or anything, I think he genuinely lost the point. He has brought up some amazing points in the last video but in this video saying that "Linux is just for developers" is just a false claim imo.

11/23/2021 22:58:02 CEST

How I got Vortex to work and modded Skyrim AE

This is a guide made by a noob, for a noob.

Hi so I've recently succumbed to Todd and bought skyrim anniversary edition, wanted to mod it but it turned out that modding Skyrim SE through just dragging and dropping stuff into skyrim data folder won't work since SkyUI get's automatically disabled by bethesda's ingame mods section. For that reason people tell you to use an external mod manager. Then I ventured on a journey to get a mod manager to work on linux, but since every guide was outdated it took me a while, so I'll share my story here so you don't have to go through the same stuff.
Right, so this is how i did it:

  1. I installed Skyrim Anniversary Edition
  2. I went here and got vortex.yml - the readme says that you should use mod organizer 2, but it didn't even install for me. Also on lutris's site there's an outdated version of this, so if you get it from there directly it doesn't install.
  3. I run the script through lutris as is instructed in the readme
  4. It installed vortex, tho after instalation you have to disconnect from the internet, run vortex, disable automatic updates, close vortex and connect to the internet if you want it to stay working. It tells you to do so at least. While you're in vortex, add skyrim se.
  5. Now this script messed with your game files, it installed an outdated version of skse, go and delete it, install the current build instead.
  6. Now I believe this script made some automatic links through modded skse or something, but it won't work cause you've updated it. You're going to want to create symlinks in the lutris's prefix for vortex. Create them as follows:
    1. In /vortex-mod-manager/drive_c/Program Files/ create a symlink for your real steam folder, this will allow vortex to detect your games
    2. In /vortex-mod-manager/drive_c/users/*your username\*/Documents/ create a symlink for your "My Games" folder in your real documents. This gives vortex access to your saves and game configuration files. Creating a symlink for the entire documents folder for some reason didn't work for me, possibly because my linux folder names are in polish.
    3. In /vortex-mod-manager/drive_c/users/\your username\**/AppData/Local/ create a symlink to /pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/AppData/Local/Skyrim Special Edition. You'll find this in your steam/steamapps/compatdata where all your games have their prefixes, they are numbered so just look for the one that's skyrim. This will give vortex access to skyrim's modlist, allowing it to enable, disable, and sort mods.

Before creating symlinks, delete any folders that bear the name of you symlinks but do nothing, those were created by the outdated script.

So, now you have Vortex installed, and it has access to all of your Skyrim AE and can fully interact with it as if you were on windows. From what I've gathered, everything works except for links to download stuff directly thru vortex. You can just download mods manually and the drag'n'drop them to vortex. Now you can install skyui thru it and it will work, as long as you don't use the ingame mod section.

11/23/2021 22:42:44 CEST

Got any funny Linux gaming stories?

After watching the latest Linus/Luke try Linux and the various oddities they ran into it made me think of some of the oddities I run into whenever I switch off to Linux. One in particular came to mind that I found extremely funny in hindsight. It can be good to make light of frustrating situations so I thought I wanted to share.

Valve had recentlyish pushed Proton into the mainstream so I switched back to Linux since it sounded like it could meet my gaming wants. The first game I installed was Halo Reach through the MCC and I got on some online multiplayer with my brother.

We played for a little bit and I would get to a point where I would crouch and Reach would crash. Thinking this was just a fluke I tried again multiple more times including after a full restart and the behavior was consistent. I hit the crouch button and the game would boot me out to the main menu.

That is funny enough by itself but I found out it didn't just crash my game it also crashed the game for everyone in my lobby so I briefly had a weaponized crouch that I could crash online multiplayer games with. I did not use this outside of the initial discover as I know it would have probably got me banned but it was still hilarious.

11/23/2021 20:28:52 CEST

NVMe PCIe 4.0 performance on Linux

Hi all,

I just installed my first NVMe drive and I've been trying to squeeze the expected performances out of it with no luck so far:


dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/nvme_1000/asd.bin bs=1M count=15000

15000+0 records in 15000+0 records out 15728640000 bytes (16 GB, 15 GiB) copied, 7.29296 s, 2.2 GB/s ```


fio --name=writefile --size=30G --filesize=30G --filename=/mnt/nvme_1000/asd.bin --bs=1M --nrfiles=1 --direct=1 --sync=0 --randrepeat=0 --rw=write --refill_buffers --end_fsync=1 --iodepth=200 --ioengine=libaio

writefile: (g=0): rw=write, bs=(R) 1024KiB-1024KiB, (W) 1024KiB-1024KiB, (T) 1024KiB-1024KiB, ioengine=libaio, iodepth=200 fio-3.28 Starting 1 process writefile: Laying out IO file (1 file / 30720MiB) Jobs: 1 (f=1): [W(1)][100.0%][w=3470MiB/s][w=3470 IOPS][eta 00m:00s] writefile: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=11876: Tue Nov 23 19:22:21 2021 write: IOPS=3457, BW=3458MiB/s (3625MB/s)(30.0GiB/8885msec); 0 zone resets slat (usec): min=23, max=144, avg=26.62, stdev= 4.59 clat (usec): min=3853, max=60652, avg=57355.11, stdev=2466.81 lat (usec): min=3879, max=60677, avg=57381.94, stdev=2467.00 clat percentiles (usec): | 1.00th=[56361], 5.00th=[56886], 10.00th=[56886], 20.00th=[57410], | 30.00th=[57410], 40.00th=[57410], 50.00th=[57410], 60.00th=[57410], | 70.00th=[57410], 80.00th=[57934], 90.00th=[57934], 95.00th=[57934], | 99.00th=[58983], 99.50th=[59507], 99.90th=[60031], 99.95th=[60031], | 99.99th=[60031] bw ( MiB/s): min= 3050, max= 3488, per=99.40%, avg=3436.82, stdev=100.90, samples=17 iops : min= 3050, max= 3488, avg=3436.82, stdev=100.90, samples=17 lat (msec) : 4=0.01%, 10=0.07%, 20=0.11%, 50=0.34%, 100=99.47% cpu : usr=83.64%, sys=11.37%, ctx=30893, majf=0, minf=12 IO depths : 1=0.1%, 2=0.1%, 4=0.1%, 8=0.1%, 16=0.1%, 32=0.1%, >=64=99.8% submit : 0=0.0%, 4=100.0%, 8=0.0%, 16=0.0%, 32=0.0%, 64=0.0%, >=64=0.0% complete : 0=0.0%, 4=100.0%, 8=0.0%, 16=0.0%, 32=0.0%, 64=0.0%, >=64=0.1% issued rwts: total=0,30720,0,0 short=0,0,0,0 dropped=0,0,0,0 latency : target=0, window=0, percentile=100.00%, depth=200

Run status group 0 (all jobs): WRITE: bw=3458MiB/s (3625MB/s), 3458MiB/s-3458MiB/s (3625MB/s-3625MB/s), io=30.0GiB (32.2GB), run=8885-8885msec

Disk stats (read/write): nvme0n1: ios=0/60872, merge=0/3, ticks=0/28613, in_queue=28614, util=97.84% ```

If I try the benchmarking tool on Windows (CrystalDiskMark) it reports the same speed of other benchmarks online: ~7000MB/s read, ~5000MB/s write.

Both dd and fio show a very high CPU usage (100% on one core) when performing the tests, maybe this is a bottleneck?

My current filesystem is xfs but I did the benchmarks with ext4 and btrfs too. Both xfs and btrfs showed similar results while ext4 was even slower.

I'm on Linux nibiru 5.15.4-arch1-1 #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun, 21 Nov 2021 21:34:33 +0000 x86_64 GNU/Linux.

My motherboard is an Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI), my NVMe is connected to the first slot (should be the one connected directly to the CPU but I'm not an expert).

11/23/2021 19:30:07 CEST

Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS Second screen HDMI not detected

I've been trying too fix this issue but too little no success, my second moniter which is a old tv detects the cable because it says No signal instead of no cable connected, but my system doesn't pick it up, i'm using a dual boot system and on windows it does work fine.

I'm running an AMD 6700 XT from XFX

11/23/2021 19:14:10 CEST

Hearts of Iron IV: No Step back is now out alongside massive patch, some thoughts
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/hearts-of-iron-iv-no-step-back-is-now-out-alongside-massive-patch-some-thoughts/
11/23/2021 19:13:34 CEST

Crusader Kings III: Royal Court releases February 8, 2022
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/crusader-kings-iii-royal-court-releases-february-8-2022/
11/23/2021 19:13:25 CEST

Stellaris: Aquatics Species Pack and the free 3.2 'Herbert' patch out now
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/stellaris-aquatics-species-pack-and-the-free-32-herbert-patch-out-now/
11/23/2021 19:13:11 CEST

LTT Linux Gaming Challenge Pt.2 is online
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E8IGy6I9Wo
11/23/2021 19:05:34 CEST

[LTT] This is NOT going Well Linux Gaming Challenge Pt.2
URL: https://youtu.be/3E8IGy6I9Wo
11/23/2021 19:01:56 CEST

Budget gpu for gaming vkd3d

I'm looking for a budget gpu for gaming on linux, i want to take rx 550 4gb, the need for gaming like deathloop, ac valhalla,dirt 6, is this gpu capable? my gpu is currently r7 360, but can't run deathloop and assassins creed valhalla, I tested it on window 10 the game runs fine, on assassin creed valhalla it says sparse texture not support

11/23/2021 18:55:09 CEST

Trouble with running games

Hi. I'm on Pop OS 21.04 and am having trouble running games I installed on Epic Games Launcher or Battle.net that I installed through Lutris. A week ago they were working fine, but now, whenever I open any of them I get an error message like the one(s) below, and the game closes. My display's resolution is 2556*1504. I do not have dedicated graphics, as my laptop has a i5-1135G7
Error message: "Switching to resolution 2256x1504 failed, trying lower one Switching to resolution 2256x1504 failed, trying lower one All resolution switches have failed Screen: DX11 could not switch resolution (2256x1504 fs=1 hz=0)."
I get a different error message for Civ VI though: "Graphics setup has failed. please ensure that your system has a correctly configured, compatible graphics device."t

11/23/2021 18:49:08 CEST

Updated video (with mangohud): Poor fps on new Alienware laptop with pop os
URL: https://v.redd.it/6ye8gu8lud181
11/23/2021 18:47:28 CEST

Is a big difference in Performance to be expected?

TL;DR: Unigine Benchmark has much higher score on Windows than Linux. Normal?

Greetings, In July this year i made the jump (more or less, using dual boot) to Linux from Windows. My PC is used mostly for gaming. Biggest thing holding me back was OneDrive, which i got to work too now.

Gaming Performance has been okay, i got most things to work (World of Warcraft, Elite Dangerous, Mass Effect Legendary Edition) out of the box, and i rarely boot up Windows anymore.

Today i ran the Unigine Superposition Benchmark, to see if everything still works after meddling with packages. Noticed the GPU clock flickering between max and min every 0.3 seconds. Bootet Windows and ran the same benchmark. No issue. What mostly shocked me: with same settings and by using OpenGL i get a noticably higher score with Windows than with Linux (15900 vs 12500).

I fixed the issue with the clock (my graphics card has default OC and hits the maximum power consumption which triggers SW throttle under linux), which increased the score to 13500.

Is this difference in Performance to be expected between linux and windows with native applications both using OpenGL?

My PC: GPU: MSI RTX 2070 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5600X Mainboard: MSI B550 Tomahawk OS: EndeavourOS / Windows 10

11/23/2021 18:04:58 CEST

nothing happens when running fallout new vegas through mod organizer on mac

i have fallout NV installed in crossover and mod organizer legacy installed in the same bottle. the load order and everything is set up fine but when i run the game through MO nothing happens. why is that?

11/23/2021 17:52:04 CEST

Poor fps in games on brand new Alienware laptop. Tried everything. Any suggestions appreciated. (Pop! OS 20.04 and 21.04)
URL: https://v.redd.it/fo70s4viid181
11/23/2021 17:39:57 CEST

A Tip for Steam

On some distros there are 2 ways to launch Steam. Steam (Native) and Steam (Runtime). If (Native) isn't working then try (Runtime). Native I believes uses your distro's version of libraries and etc. Runtime uses Steam's.

11/23/2021 17:07:31 CEST

make compositor automatically disable when a game is running fullscreen?

how can i make compositor disable when a fulscreen game is running?

im on kubuntu 21.10

11/23/2021 15:53:20 CEST

Prince of Persia Open Source, based on the disassembly of the DOS version, extended with new features
URL: https://github.com/NagyD/SDLPoP
11/23/2021 15:23:19 CEST

I'm looking for a gaming mouse with a programmable second mode/function button that works fine on Linux
URL: https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxhardware/comments/r0easi/im_looking_for_a_gaming_mouse_with_a_programmable/
11/23/2021 15:22:26 CEST

Unable to register the DLL/OCX: RegSvr32 failed with exit code 0x3 error message

I keep getting this error message when trying to install Thief: The Dark Project GOG version. From what I understand, it's an insufficient windows privilege message. But then I'm not exactly sure what to do, because Wine already launches EXE files with admin privileges. I also tried through Lutris, same problem.

11/23/2021 14:53:19 CEST

Can't seem to run Doom 2016 in Vulkan mode

Hi, I just got Doom 2016 the other day cause it was on sale, and I'm trying to get Vulkan mode working (I have an AMD card and AFAIK Vulkan runs much better than OpenGL on AMD drivers), but now I get an unhandled exception window saying that the engine has crashed, and an additional window called "DOOM Console", which says "FATAL ERROR: vkCreateDevice failed with error (VK_ERROR_FEATURE_NOT_PRESENT)".

There's also a log underneath:

``` Configured log listener print-redirect tags Added structured log listener print-redirect Added structured log listener mp-cloud-gobbler 2021-11-23T14:30:28.661+02:00 LOG: Process started Added structured log listener aws-kinesis-logger Winsock Initialized ------ Initializing File System ------ Current search path: - C:/users/steamuser/Saved Games/id Software/DOOM/base/ - Z:/mnt/WDblack/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/DOOM/base/ ------ File System initialized. ------ Command Line ------ "Z:\mnt\WDblack\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\DOOM\DOOMx64vk.exe" Z:\mnt\WDblack\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\DOOM\DOOMx64.exe +r_renderAPI -2 2021-11-23T14:30:28.670+02:00 LOG: Command Line: "Z:\mnt\WDblack\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\DOOM\DOOMx64vk.exe" Z:\mnt\WDblack\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\DOOM\DOOMx64.exe +r_renderAPI -2 ------ CPU Information ------ 1 CPU package, 8 physical cores, 16 logical cores 3400 MHz AMD CPU with MMX & SSE & SSE2 & SSE3 & SSSE3 & SSE41 & SSE42 & AVX & HTT 65536 kB 1st level cache, 524288 kB 2nd level cache, 8388608 kB 3rd level cache 32320 MB System Memory initializing resource container gameresources.resources initializing resource container gameresources.patch idLib::SetProduction( PROD_PRODUCTION ) ------- Initializing renderSystem -------- PreliminaryRenderSetup

...registered window class

Application Info

App : DOOM - 1.0.2

Engine : idTech - 6.1.1

Instance Extensions

  • VK_KHR_surface
  • VKKHR_win32_surface FATAL ERROR: vkCreateDevice failed with error (VK_ERROR_FEATURE_NOT_PRESENT) Dumped console text to C:\users\steamuser\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM\base\ErrorLog_11-23-2021_02-30-29pm.txt.

idRenderSystem::Shutdown() log file 'qconsole.log' opened on Tue Nov 23 14:30:29 2021

CrashHandler: Storing data and writing local report. No address, error: 0 idStackTracer::GetSource: Failed ```

I looked the error up online, but all I can find is people having this issue with Wolfenstein II on Windows.

I have an AMD 5700XT GPU and I'm running on Arch Linux.

Please help and thanks.

11/23/2021 13:39:18 CEST

CS:GO still using integrated graphics, even when forced

Pretty much a follow-up post to my previous one.

Everything seemed fine and the performance/input-lag improvement was very noticable. However after restarting and a seemingly innocent NVIDIA driver update (it didn't actually update the version, not sure what it exactly updated) CS:GO has defaulted back to integrated graphics, __NV_PRIME_RENDER_OFFLOAD=1 __GLX_VENDOR_LIBRARY_NAME=nvidia %command% having no effect in the launch options. The only thing I could think of is that I was playing with my laptop unplugged. But that wouldn't explain why every other game performs well on battery as long as I have my power profile set to high performance (which I did with CS:GO, I checked). Does CS:GO have it's own power plan/profile depending on if the laptop is plugged in or not?

11/23/2021 13:39:10 CEST

How do I run a game installed via an installer in proton?

So i'm having a bit of trouble with proton at the moment. I want to run an external game that is installed via an external installer (Star Citizen). So I added the installer to steam, it installed everything, and I realised I'm not quite sure what to do from here. How would I add the actual executable to my steam library (can't figure out where the WINE Prefixes for external programs are kept) and how would I set it to use the wine prefix that the installer used instead of Steam creating a new one for the games executable that has not been prepared by the installer?

11/23/2021 12:09:02 CEST

Wayland Protocols 1.24 Released With Improvement To DMA-BUF Protocol For Multi-GPUs
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Wayland-Protocols-1.24
11/23/2021 11:50:18 CEST

Low performance in some games run through Wine or Proton

I'm very new to gaming on Linux and have no idea how to tinker further to make games run better. From Steam through Proton experimental I had performance problems with Farming Simulator 22 and with Lutris through Wine lutris-fshack-6.21-3 GTA V (Epic Games) and Cyberpunk 2077 (GoG).

Steam I have no idea how to tinker with, just ran the game. Lutris I just tried to change between Esync and Fsync. Changing the ingame settings between min and max doesn't have much of a difference performance wise, all these games did run around 10-35 fps regardless of settings.

Desktop with Gnome 41 on Xorg Ryzen 7 5800X RX 6900XT with Mesa 21.2.5 Linux kernel 5.15.3

Any ways to get better performance?

11/23/2021 11:38:17 CEST

Cannot play CSGO on arch linux

I tried installing CSGO and tried to play it with proton and also tried to run it natively. Every time I launch CSGO it just crashes. Can anyone help me ?

11/23/2021 10:51:19 CEST

Cannot start Rocket League with Proton from Steam

Hi, I am a Rocket League owner from Steam and new to Linux. I was able to start and play with Proton for the first time, performance was very very good, but I closed the game and can't be able to start it now. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the game at least 3 times, but not worked. When I press to the green play button, it becomes a blue stop button but nothing happens, nothing starts, button doesn't become a green play button again until I click it to stop the game. I waited hours for it but still nothing. My GPU supports Vulkan and Directx 12. I tried every version of proton but not works. I tried D3D11 and directx 9 start option, but not worked. What can I do to start it? I use KDE neon.

11/23/2021 09:00:36 CEST

need help modding Skyrim

hey, trying to get back into modding Skryim after I moved to Linux, but, I can't seem to figure out how to do so. I can't roll back the Skyim install with the mod on nexus, and every guide I tried to find didn't really explain it well.

11/23/2021 08:52:32 CEST

Did anyone try new battle royale super people on linux proton ?

it seems better than PUBG, No one reported anything on protondb :o

11/23/2021 06:13:32 CEST

PCI_Passthrough Or Performance Boost?

Hello, I have been using Windows 10/11 For about 2 Years now and only used Ubuntu Linux for 1 Year.

I have grown custom to Windows specific games Like FiveM,Warzone,Overwatch And so on.

I wan't to migrate over to Ubuntu again but i still want to keep my Windows Programs And Games, WINE is "Ok" But i prefer to use the actual OS Itself.

So my main plan was too setup a 64 Bit Version Of Windows 10/11, But i ran into several performance issues, I have been learning about PCI Passthrough and such so my main goal was too do a PCI Passthrough on Qemu or VMWare.

But i ran into the issue where my CPU didn't support VT-D, It supported VT-X Though so i could make the VM but all the hardware was simulated/virtualized.

That was ok for running small tasks but not good if i wanted too do some gaming, I could also opt for trying to get better performance but it would have to be the maximum performance my CPU/GPU Can perform as im trying to get Maximum Performance out of my CPU/GPU While on a VM.

If anyone knows if there is a way too do PCI Passthrough without having VT-D Please comment, Or even getting max performance out of my CPU/GPU.

11/23/2021 05:27:23 CEST

"Win32 Error: Cannot create MT Object." when trying to play Arma 3.

I installed the arma3-unix-launcher-bin from AUR (https://github.com/muttleyxd/arma3-unix-launcher) and tried Proton Experimental and Proton 6.3-7. But the game loads and opens for like half a second and closes and gives me "Win32 Error: Cannot create MT Object." in like a Wine windows. Also when I open steam it validates everytime. or redownloads. I don't know how to get logs, all the things I tried didn't work. I am using DWM on Artix Linux on Kernal 5.14.10-arch1-1-vfio.

11/23/2021 04:44:31 CEST

How Do I Make An Apitrace Using Proton?

I'm needing to make an apitrace using Proton and am looking for the most straight forward method. I've tried a bunch of different methods and nothing has generated the .trace file. I'm at a loss at the moment. Thanks in advance!

11/23/2021 04:42:37 CEST

Wine games crashes on launch
  1. ayo guys
  2. os - Manjaro
  3. cpu - i5 10400
  4. ram - 16gb
  5. gpu - uhd 630 (integrated)
  6. I tried the thing in here(https://github.com/ValveSoftware/wine/blob/proton_6.3/README.esync), which was to increase files and turn on esync. Sadly it didn't work. Every time i try to play Far Cry 2 with wine, it crashes
11/23/2021 04:33:29 CEST

Has anyone here set up an emulator environment like Attract Mode or Emulation Station in the past year or so? I'm having issues.

I'm on Kubuntu 21.10 on a brand new PC. I'd like to finally get an emulator set up like a "HyperSpin" sort of environment for all of my retro gaming needs. Emulation Station hasn't had a build in 6 years, and the .deb says it's got dependency issues. Attract Mode is only available for Linux when building from source, but trying to pull artwork from thegamesdb.net fails saying that I haven't built my project for libcurl, and apparently this is some sort of standing issue for the past two years with Attract Mode. Does a modern solution exist in 2021 for getting a universal emulation interface like this up and running for me? I'm willing to put in a little bit of legwork if it can't scrape all of the artwork I need, but I need it to scrape at least some of it so that I know how to do it manually. I tried installing a layout for Attract Mode, and for reasons I can't understand, it still displays the default Pac-Man interface, so the instructions I've been able to find appear to be woefully out of date.

11/23/2021 02:02:03 CEST

Need help with GPU

Ey, mornin' I've been using linux for 2 years now but i'm new at "gaming" on linux.So I installed Debian 11 and I never had a problem before with the drivers that came with debian 11 non free. But recently I tried to play something on this pc with Debian 11 and most of the games run pretty bad. (I used to play a lot on Windows the same gmes with the same specs)

I have a gtx 1050ti + Intel i7 4790.

I tried to install nvidea drivers from a ton of websites but I just "broke" my PC over and over again (not really but getting tons of errors)

11/23/2021 01:43:41 CEST

How to troubleshoot microstuttering? (FF14, Lutris, 6900xt)

TLDR; How do I troubleshoot micro stuttering in order to better understand the issues?

OS: Garuda Linux with open source drivers

Hardware: 12c/24t 1920x Threadripper, 32gb RAM 3200mhz, AMD 6900xt, nvme 970 Pro, 144hz gsync/freesync monitor

Detailed explanation: I've managed to get FF14 working 95% identical to windows, the FPS is basically identical to running it on windows, however there is very slightly stuttering despite the fps being the same. I've tested this in my own in-game apartment room so it's the exact same amount of housing items loaded and only one character (me). It just feels like the frame render times has a slightly jitter to it, it's not consistent. I installed corectrl on Linux and even set the upper limits of clockspeed and ram so that it's not just under/over clocking nonstop.

11/23/2021 00:49:00 CEST

CPU spiking randomly and causing freeze-ups

Okay, so here's another thread asking for help.

I am running KDE on Arch Linux, trying to play Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction on my laptop. It has a Intel i5-7200U, with Intel HD 620 graphics. I think it should be enough to run a 20 year old game without performance issues.

The problem is: whenever I am on battery, the CPU use suddenly spikes up and down, up and down, and then stabilizes. This causes small freezes in the game that last less than a second each, for some five or six iterations. This does not happen in areas in the game with many moving parts, such as enemies or effects, just randomly (as far as I can tell).

I do have some power saving stuff set up, such as TLP. Most importantly and I think this may lie at the root of the issue , I set up the CPU not to go above 2.4GHz when on battery. What confuses me is that CPU usage does not go up to 100% whenever I encounter this issue. I suspect this is because of some multithreading issue, perhaps, as maybe the game does not run in more than a single thread. I could obviously be wrong, though.

On AC, I do not have this problem, but I would like not to have to change my power settings every time I want to open the game.

Moreover, Intel lists the base processor frequency of my CPU at 2.5Ghz, and I set the maximum frequency on battery (as mentioned above) slightly below this. Perhaps this has an impact?

I have also tried installing dxvk and setting the renderer to Vulkan, but this does nothing to solve the issue.

I understand my issue may have something to do with power management, but I don't know where else to ask about this.

11/23/2021 00:29:35 CEST

Looking for recommendations for wireless gaming headset

Bluetooth or proprietary is not relevant as long as it is well supported in Linux. Looking for full stereo over the ear or on ear headset with mic and ability to mute and/or adjust volume on the headset itself... Audio quality is very important and if they could dual purpose for quality loud music listening that would be a huge plus.

11/22/2021 23:01:52 CEST

where to find drive_c

trying to install a windows xp app, where can i find drive_c (if it helps i used macport to download it)



11/22/2021 22:56:40 CEST

Anyone successfully ran Arknights (android game)?

I've installed the Anbox and Arknights from playstore, but it doesn't work. I also saw people on anbox github mentioning that it works for them, but no info besides that

11/22/2021 22:00:25 CEST

what does this error mean?
URL: https://i.redd.it/9199fry9l7181.png
11/22/2021 21:45:10 CEST

Lost performance after kernel and GPU driver update

Title pretty much tells the story. I updated to the new Manjaro kernel 5.15.2-2 which also update my Nvidia driver to version 495.44. Since then, my performance in Warframe has tanked. I have it installed through Steam and use Proton-6.21-GE-2, but also tried Proton 6.3-7 and still had issues. Any ideas for troubleshooting? I'm on a laptop with a hybrid intel/Nvidia 1660ti graphics

11/22/2021 21:39:45 CEST

Goverlay is awesome. Is there a way to grab FPS in a bash script?

I just discovered the awesomeness of Goverlay. I had no idea it existed, totally missed it and Mangohud somehow. Goverlay is in the Ubuntu software store and JustWorkstm to display FPS and system status for both OpenGL and Vulkan!

I can't see anything obvious, is there an easy way to grab the current FPS in a bash script for my own logging?

11/22/2021 20:48:55 CEST

The Humble Choose Wisely Bundle has some adventure treats
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/the-humble-choose-wisely-bundle-has-some-adventure-treats/
11/22/2021 20:45:52 CEST

Combat-heavy turn-based 4x strategy game Punk Wars is out now
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/combat-heavy-4x-punk-wars-is-out-now-linux/
11/22/2021 20:45:33 CEST

Total War: WARHAMMER III gets lots of improvements for battles
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/total-war-warhammer-iii-gets-lots-of-improvements-for-battles/
11/22/2021 20:45:28 CEST

Two years on, Stadia seems to have no direction left
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/two-years-on-stadia-seems-to-have-no-direction-left/
11/22/2021 20:45:05 CEST

Questionable performance on CS:GO

I'm playing on my XPS 15 (2020) with an i7-9750H, 16GB RAM, 500GB NVME, GTX 1650. I can barely get over 60 fps and the input feels pretty laggy which makes playing the game pretty damn hard. Using gamemoderun %command% -novid -nojoy +fps_max 0 improved things slightly but I still get a choppy 80FPS that feels like 30FPS. From what I've seen this is a known issue, however none of the fixes I've found have worked. How can I improve things?

I don't know what terminal outputs to include here so I'll edit the post if needed.

11/22/2021 19:59:18 CEST

Setting up a Ryzen/GTX gaming laptop

So I own a Asus tuf book with a Ryzen 5 3550 and a GTX 1650 GPU. I have 16 GB or ram in it as well. Currently trying to get a distro working and playing games like division 2, ghost recon, fallout 76, etc. (These games run on the laptop on PC great) I have had better luck with Manjaro Linux at getting steam games running. But nothing else. And after setting it up I feel like I'm going to switch back to Fedora. I've worked with rpm based system before (started out with red hat and mandrake back in the day). This however is my first time dealing with switchable GPUs and Nvidia GPUs. So I switched to fedora 35 KDE. I got the driver's installed and got lutris and wine installed. Got steam installed as well. But everything crashes to the desktop. (By crash I mean the splash screen shows up and then disappears a few seconds later, of it appears at all. Lutris says it's running and then says play.) This happens for for ubiconnect, Bethesda launchers. And steam games will say playing and then it will just switch back to play. I have tried bumblebee as well as that hasn't seemed to make a difference. I'm guessing I'm missing something small or I did something in the wrong order. I'm going to wipe it and start fresh with a new iso file and all but just hoping y'all can maybe give me some advice on where I possibly went wrong. Thanks.

11/22/2021 19:56:51 CEST

Does this look worth it? Tried replacing displays with a 43" 4k TV recently with disaster.
URL: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-am702-series-43-smart-tizen-4k-uhd-monitor-black/6463479.p
11/22/2021 19:40:03 CEST

2nd part of the LTT Linux Daily Driver Challenge live on floatplane!
URL: https://www.floatplane.com/post/4Fz0x34tES
11/22/2021 19:07:36 CEST

How to Use Proton 6.7-8 Release Candidate in Steam
URL: https://youtube.com/watch?v=JbwlEMHo9z8&feature=share
11/22/2021 18:59:06 CEST

URL: https://v.redd.it/ulecte3vi6181
11/22/2021 18:09:06 CEST

5/10 most popular still borked
11/22/2021 17:49:56 CEST

Looking for icon themes suggestions.

I recently switched to linux mint, while the icons look fine i am looking for suggestions of what icons themes i should use, please post which you use. Just not candy.

11/22/2021 16:47:35 CEST

Why wine doesn't use my GPU?

Hi. I have installed a 2007 game on ubuntu and it looks like it's not using my gpu, because it's so slow.

11/22/2021 14:45:53 CEST

[Mesa-dev] Enabling Mesa video frontends on top of D3D12 gallium driver
URL: https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/mesa-dev/2021-November/225575.html
11/22/2021 13:46:02 CEST

ScummVM gets support for 1998 classic Sanitarium
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/scummvm-gets-support-for-1998-classic-sanitarium/
11/22/2021 12:07:06 CEST

Graphic errors after reinstallig linux (feren os/ubuntu)

So the orginal post was reported until deleted so here is again. Specs: motherboard asus a320, ryzen 3 1600, amd rx 570, 8gb ram and all is installed in my ssd I don't really know where to post this and what to do please I would love help in any way

Hi I recently try to move to Linux, and everything seems to go well, I even try gpu passthrough (using thess guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTX10QlFJ6c&t=452s, https://gitlab.com/risingprismtv/sing... ) to vm but it didn't work for me so I did the process in reverse uninstalling everything I previously install, but the gpu still worked fine, then I decide that lastly I wanted to try using the kde wallpaper engine (following these guides Wallpaper Engine Kde Plugin - KDE Store, GitHub - catsout/wallpaper-engine-kde-plugin: A kde wallpaper plugin integrating wallpaper engine ) but it didn't work either so again I uninstall what I installed, but this time plasma kind of die so I reboot and only could get to the sesion paswword screen, so I decide to reinstall linux and don't try anything else since then, the problem is that for some reason games now have severe graphical issues to the point that I installed windows again to see if it was the gpu, but they work perfectly there.

Here is an example of what I get with wine, Lego Batman one on Epic


When it should look like this


Also I got the rainbow not signal screen and other few errors in Pirate Warriors 3 on steam with proton

I would love to know what is causing this issue I know I may have done something but don't know what and even after the gpu pass both games run perfectly until I reinstalled linux again.

11/22/2021 11:15:46 CEST

Wolfire versus Valve antitrust lawsuit gets dismissed
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/wolfire-versus-valve-antitrust-lawsuit-dismissed/
11/22/2021 08:27:52 CEST

Expected frequency of new NVidia drivers going forward

I looked at https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/unix/linux-display-archive/ but I was wondering what people think or is known in terms of how often we can expect new drivers to be released by NVIDIA for Linux? Every 4-6 months or entirely unpredictable? Trying to figure out when 496 could happen.

11/22/2021 08:13:54 CEST

Having problem after reinstalling Linux (Feren OS)
URL: /r/linux/comments/qzbl1v/having_problem_after_reinstalling_linux_feren_os/
11/22/2021 05:00:51 CEST

RDR2 failing to start

Hey all, RDR2 finally finished installing on steam, and using proton it launched and I proceeded to create a Rockstar account in the launcher. After doing that it started a loading screen of the Rockstar logo, and this was just too persistent for how fast my m.2 should be handling it, so I exited and tried once again to launch. after that, I get these messages in this order 1, 2.

Any help would be so so appreciated, I really want to be a cowboy.

EDIT: I'm on Manjaro 5.13

11/22/2021 04:56:11 CEST

WatchDogs2 on Lutris not Steam

Hey all,

So I had WatchDogs2 running fine via Lutris, it took a bit of stuffing around to find the right combo of Wine/DXVK and whatever to make it run. I shelved it as I didn't have time to play

Flash forward to today and it seems I was using system wine. Being on Arch and having updated several times since then I have no idea what that was so I set about trying to make it work again.

So far I've stumbled across a setup that gets it to load, lutris-ge-6.12 and latest DXVK, but it seems to bomb out when it gets to the bit just after the intro videos where you would normally "log in" to the Origin online stuff. It just locks up.

I'm wondering if there was a patch to the game that causes this. I'm not sure. Obviously I see that it "works out of the box" for everyone in Wine/Proton land. So I'm a bit frustrated.

Anyway, specs:

Arch Linux (up to date)
i7 3930K
32GB of ram
Nvidia 495.29.05-4 driver
Linux 2.15.2-1

I can get whatever logs or could be considered helpful. I didn't include any as the only logs I knew how to find do not indicate any issues.

11/22/2021 04:16:12 CEST

Linux gaming laptops and nvidia drivers/hardware

Ive heard mixed things about the nvidia drivers on Linux. This makes sense because nvidia want to keep their stuff proprietary and thats their decision but since that is the case then why do people like system 76 and tuxedo computers use nvidia gpus in their gaming laptops if the primary use case for these laptops is running Linux and not windows (that is still an option tho). Are there mobile amd gpus like nvidia has and why wouldnt they use them. It could always be the chip shortage as well.

11/22/2021 03:39:24 CEST

Radeon Profile Issue

Arch Linux, Linux 5.15.3, mesa 21.2.5

Recently, Radeon Profile hasn't been allowing me to adjust voltages or clock speeds on my RX 590. I can adjust fan curves, but when I attempt to edit the states table, I can't change the values. The frequency will say 0 and will be locked at that value, and the voltage will be some ridiculously high number and be locked at that value. Sometimes, one of the values will be adjustable; sometimes, the frequency will be locked at the number of the state instead of 0 (for instance, if I'm adjusting state 3, the frequency may stick at 3Mhz).

Is there a fix for this or a good alternative to Radeon Profile? I need to underclock my card because it often crashes under load and I've been told it's because it's pulling more power than it's being given, and it runs too hot and takes too much power as it is to add more voltage. I'm willing to do it manually without a graphical front end if absolutely necessary (I wouldn't really have a choice because I can't game for more than 30 minutes before crashing) but would like to be able to view and edit things without getting my hands dirty every time if possible

11/22/2021 03:03:25 CEST

To all of you wanting steam OS 3, looking for a great gaming distro, or too intimidated to install Arch. Seriously. Look no further.
URL: https://youtu.be/z0SBsV3i-_c
11/22/2021 02:25:58 CEST

Forza Horizon 5 co-op, and convoy with friends unavailable because the game uses XBOX game app for invites.

Title. Could've sworn Luke from LTT bypassed this somehow with an off hand mention in WAN show. Anyone got any ideas?

11/22/2021 02:16:30 CEST

Having Trouble Running STALKER Anomaly on Lutris. Tried installing dependencies but winetricks says Unkown arg ...

Hello, I would consider myself a very noobie on Linux and Lutris.

I wanted to play the standalone mod, Stalker Anomaly in my Ubuntu 18.04,

For now, I've managed to run it perfectly with this technique. This technique involves using an already existing windows game and symlinking Anomaly into it. This even worked with addons (pic).

However, I wanted to step a notch and wanted to try running it with Lutris. And this is where my problems began. Techniques I've tried were either 10 months to a few years old.

First, I tried to use the already existing downloadable dependencies within Lutris (Here). I've tried to install it and met with Exit with return code 256, I looked on the log and it seems that the winetricks is having a problem installing d9vk by saying Unkown arg d9vk. I searched it up and it seems that this d9vk can no longer be installed (I tried winetricks d9vk but with the same results and the GitHub which originated from has been changed. I tried updating winetricks to the newest version and yet it's still faced with the same issue). Thinking it might be the fault of the versions and some parts were outdated and obsolete, I tried searching for other alternatives.

Second, I've found a simpler solution, where you can just directly use wine to run the game. Having a doubt that the example might be slightly outdated, but I've wanted to see the results. I've used the winetricks and tried to install libraries, I've met with another unknown arg with d3dcompiler_47.

Despite knowing this, I tried using wine to run the game and found out two things. The launcher of the game seems to be functioning, going to the game file and typing in wine Anomalylauncher.exe, however, launching the game gives me an unresponsive black box in the middle of the screen, either by clicking play in the launcher or typing in wine AnomalyDX11.exe.

I've also gone back to Lutris and decided to do it manually following this one. Setting the game runner as a wine, and all the settings are by default. Here is my game option. I still met with the same issue with the wine, the launcher is working, but the game is unresponsive and black.

From this, I'm guessing that I'm missing something, the techniques are too old to work, or maybe I've made a mistake.

11/22/2021 01:50:25 CEST

Opening up steam causes my audio to stutter.

It has been bothering me for the past two weeks. The audio stutter never happens at all until I touch Steam. The stuttering is intermittent, but very annoying. If it is of any relevance I also use BT headphones.

This is on a fresh install of Fedora 35 running on an i5 8400 & 2060 Super connected to Ethernet.

11/22/2021 01:36:23 CEST

Convert Cortana Iphone-App (IPA) to DEB &amp; port it to Linux?

Is that possible?

There are many threads in /r/jailbreak/ about converting IPA files to DEB. Could such a DEB file be used then to port Cortana to Linux?

Would that make even sense? There are games that rely on Cortana unfortunately and get circumcised without it.

11/22/2021 01:13:40 CEST

Skyrim sounds not working

Tried the WINEDLLOVERRIDES=xaudio2_7=n,b PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=90 %command% trick, still don't have music or npc audio at all. Am i missing something?

11/22/2021 01:03:43 CEST

vulkandriverquery64.exe and steamwebhelper.exe error ?

I want to apologize in advance for making this post again, I made one yesterday and only got a couple responses but unfortunately I'm still having this issue and it's very frustrating.

I've been trying to use Wine Stable to play some windows exclusive Steam games on my Mac, everything was working fine at one point but now whenever I open Steam through wine I get a pop up saying there is an error with vulkandriverquery64.exe, then the log in window comes up like normal, but when I log in it just freezes and nothing happens.

I uninstalled and then re-installed Steam.exe and once I did that it let me log in successfully and opened the mini gamelist. But then I get these pop ups saying there is an error with steamwebhelper.exe.

I'll close it out but I just continue to get bombarded with the pop up, the games play fine but I can't even keep the window open because the steamwebhelper.exe error keeps popping up and minimizing my game. I did what someone on here suggested and made Steam go offline but the issue continued.

I've looked around online and haven't been able to find anything useful yet, I really am not that savvy with this type of stuff so I'm pretty lost, I'm pretty bummed because for a second things worked fine.

11/22/2021 00:42:02 CEST

That One Kid's Mic
URL: https://v.redd.it/soyhvve181181
11/22/2021 00:19:39 CEST

Forza Horizon 5

Hello I am trying to get FH5 running on my Linux install, but currently I am struggling a bit. My current distro is Endeavor OS, and every time I try to run the game it gets to the initial loading screen, and then my monitors turn dark and won't come back on. Sometimes I make it into the game, but then the game is super stuttery. I have tried using both proton experimental, experimental bleeding edge, and the newest proton ge, but the problem still persists. I am wondering if anyone has had this problem, or knows how to fix it? Additional Info: My DE is i3wm Kernel is 5.15.3 Specs: R5 2600x RX 5600XT MSI B450 Tomahawk 16gb DDR4 3000mhz

11/21/2021 23:16:30 CEST

Native unity games controller bugs

I recently aquired a dualsenae controller, it works great in all games, both native and using proton, but ive stumbled upon two that share the same problem.

These games are Hollow Knight and Slime Rancher, both made in Unity (and played on Steam Native). The games have bugged trigger input, so when you press the left/right trigger it registers as start/select, making both games nigh unplayable.

In regards to HK, the problem only exists on the latest build which came out in october, the previous one (which came out more than one year ago) does not have the same controller problem, which leads me to think that the bug is related to a specific Unity version.

Has anyone else found these bugs/similar bugs in recent native Unity games? I have already reported the bug to both developers just in case.

I could just play them in proton but I'd rather have native games work as intended.

11/21/2021 22:59:21 CEST

Crab Game dosent lauch

if i try starting it it says it syncs with the cloud and crashes.

11/21/2021 22:19:15 CEST

Will Fall Guys ever work on Linux?

I feel like Fall Guys is the perfect game to play on the steam deck so I am surprised it is not out on Linux. Whenever I try to start it, the Easy Anti Cheat window pops up and loads the blue bar fully, then just stops and doesn't do anything.

11/21/2021 22:00:52 CEST

Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City &amp; San Andreas no longer work under Wine

Wine Error 0024:err:seh:NtRaiseException Unhandled exception code c0000005 flags 0 addr 0x7bc3083a

11/21/2021 21:53:56 CEST

Steam display issues on Wayland

Id like to use Wayland instead of Xorg, the OS seems to run slightly smoother and I can actually change the refresh rate properly. Games themselves work fine, but the actual Steam client doesnt seem to mesh well with Wayland. It still works, I can launch stuff and do everything I can on Xorg but theres a bunch of graphical artifacts and flickering which can be annoying. Running Ubuntu 21.10 with a 1660ti and the proprietary 496 NVIDIA drivers.

11/21/2021 21:39:13 CEST

Saints Row: The Third "Weird Science" is unpkayable

The game (DX9) runs fine with Proton and the missions are completely playable, except "Weird Science". After the opening cutscene, fps drops to 2 and stays there until I exit the mission. Did anyone else encounter and/or resolve this problem? Native version didn't work for me (crash on startup on steam from repo, terrible stutter on flatpak steam). Also, DX11 version also won't launch on Proton, maybe there's a way to make it run?

11/21/2021 21:22:50 CEST

Showing all games in Steam store

Hello, This is just a minor question. How can I view all available games in my Steam store under "new releases", "top seller" etc.? Right now I can only see native linux games there. I can still search for all games manually in the search bar but I'd like to see all the new releases if possible :) Searched around in the options but didn't find anything.

11/21/2021 21:02:34 CEST

Insurgency Sandstorm now running FLAWLESS

Insurgency Sandstorm now supports EAC. It runs very well. I played several multiplayer matches without any problems. VERY VERY NICE !!! Performance is better than in Windows.

AMD Ryzen 3900x, 32GB Ram, Radeon 6900XT

Linux Manjaro + Proton 6.15 GE

11/21/2021 20:37:27 CEST


Hello, I just wanted to play Gta 5 (online) the game is working but poorly. When I use fsync and esync game is playing in about 60 fps, but it keeps crashing randomly, for example always on Cayo perico heist game keeps crashing. Playing in 30 fps isn't good thing. I remember when I used win10 I had stable 60 fps and it had never crashed. I use FSR. If someone knows how to improve fps without risk of crashing I'll be grateful.

11/21/2021 20:16:49 CEST

Steam won't open on Kodachi all of a sudden

Installed steam last night and installed CS:S and DOD:S. Steam would launch automatically and upon signing in I could start either game. It worked. Today Steam will not open and either game will not launch.

If I go to task manager I can see that it's listed as a running process (/Kodachi/.local/share/steam/steam.sh %u. ) )Kodachi/.local/share/steam/ubuntu12_32/steam %u) both with 0.00% CPU.

Why was steam and my games working last night but not even so much as opening today? Im new to Linux so not sure what I've done wrong or changed. Restarting my computer doesn't solve anything.

Thanks for your help in advance.

11/21/2021 19:30:27 CEST

Why has Linux gaming made significant headway only in the past few years?

It seems to me that had wine/proton been more actively developed earlier, Linux could've been a solid alternative to windows by now. It's been 100% clear that Microsoft has no intent in making DirectX work on Linux. They've been very hostile towards Linux since a long time & the Linux community knows this. It's also known that it's sort of an impossibility that all of a sudden X year becomes the year of Linux on desktop so it's not going to be the case that developers will consider native Linux ports, the user base won't be lucrative enough for most Devs. Why hasn't it be the central focus of Linux developers that they make more robust tools that make it possible to play any existing windows applications on Linux as comfortably as possible? It seems to me only then people will ditch windows on a larger scale. Not trying to say windows good Linux bad btw just trying to understand this whole ordeal.

11/21/2021 19:05:35 CEST

Steam OS delayed?

With the delay of the steam deck would that also mean the new steam os also delayed?

11/21/2021 18:34:42 CEST

Does wine/crossover support xinput?

I have a controller which has two modes: directinput and xinput.

In xinput mode, the controller is not detected by wine/crossover.

In directinput mode, the controller is detected, but the game (Rocket league) does not support directinput.

11/21/2021 18:26:46 CEST

Has anyone used xneopad ?

Im looking to use my Xbox one controller on my pc and cant get it working it looks like xneopad may be the answer Im curious if anyone has used it,is it good, and should you go with akmod or DKMS

11/21/2021 17:35:26 CEST

How can I enable FUTEX2 in Lutris (wine from lutris)

Hello fellow linux redditors.

Since i've been researching a lot about linux and stumbled across this futex2 syscall that a lot of people claim that it enhances gaming and is better overall (i read phoronix news A LOT).

So my question is, how am i supposed to enable futex2 inside wine so games in lutris can utilize it ? I heard i need a kernel patched with this feature, and i found about linux-tkg (didn't install it yet on my OS). But i never found a way to enable it in wine ? does it work automatically ? or should I force it somehow ? can someone please enlighten me ?

Thank you in advance.

11/21/2021 17:13:47 CEST

MFS2020 - Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant - Linux POP OS
URL: /r/MicrosoftFlightSim/comments/qvoysp/mfs2020_honeycomb_bravo_throttle_quadrant_linux/
11/21/2021 17:03:59 CEST

Box64 Can Now Run Crysis on ARM with DXVK (and we have it on Video)
URL: https://boilingsteam.com/box64-can-now-run-crysis-on-arm-with-dxvk/
11/21/2021 16:57:43 CEST

fixed my opening steam problem but now i have problems installing direct x

im having issues installing direct x. if anyone wants to look at the error log i can send it over to them. thanks

11/21/2021 16:53:22 CEST

Jedi Academy w/ Controller Support

So I was trying to play Jedi Academy with a controller on Arch. I've tried using Wired Xbox One, DS3, and DS4. However, with each controller the right thumb stick moves the camera at mach 20 even with the sensitivity turned all the way down.

This mod has the issue of having mach 20 camera movements. And the left thumb stick isn't movement only.

I had to installed this mod in a Windows 10 VM and then copied the files back to the host. I got an error saying the base/ directory couldn't be found and was lookin in C:/.... and /home/user/... I moved the base folder there.
This mod kinda works in that the thumb sticks function like a regular third person game now and you can strafe normally. However, this mod kinda works but lists the X(PS)/A(MS) button as space bar and Circle or B is listed as the menu button. Also the Dpad is listed as arrow keys.

I'm kinda thinking that the only way to play this game is with mouse and keyboard at this point.

Or would it be better to remap the ds3 / xbox one controller to keyboard buttons?

11/21/2021 16:07:27 CEST

Fl Studio missing keynames

I'm using FL Studio 20 on my Ubuntu 20.04 together with Wine (6.13)

In 4 of 5 times when I use the software, the key names are missing.

Sometimes they are there. What can I do so that they are always shown ?

11/21/2021 13:53:51 CEST

How do i play quake one on steam?

Hello, i would like to play quake 1 on steam and i checked the protondb website


and it says that it works, but i checked steam and it greys out the option to download or install it,

what can i do? what am i missing?

thank you

11/21/2021 12:01:57 CEST

Vulkan games performance (dota2) worse than opengl on linux

Hello everyone,

I've been using Pop_os for some time now (21.04, upgraded from 20.10) and found out that dota 2 runs way worse on vulkan than on opengl even though when I start it, it says that vulkan should perform better.

My PC specs are as follows:

CPU: Intel i5-9400f,

GPU: Geforce 2060

16 gb ram and a 512 m.2 ssd (shouldn't be relevant here).

I run dota 2 on 1400p with almost every setting maxed (ran without issues on windows with a very high framerate (160fps++) all the time.

On linux with opengl I get about 80-140 fps depending on the amount of units / effects on a screen but with vulkan I get 40-100 and it's much more often 40fps, what's more is that moving the screen if very jittery.

Here's my nvidia-smi output:

Sun Nov 21 11:26:50 2021


| NVIDIA-SMI 470.86 Driver Version: 470.86 CUDA Version: 11.4 |


| GPU Name Persistence-M| Bus-Id Disp.A | Volatile Uncorr. ECC |

| Fan Temp Perf Pwr:Usage/Cap| Memory-Usage | GPU-Util Compute M. |

| | | MIG M. |


| 0 NVIDIA GeForce ... Off | 00000000:01:00.0 On | N/A |

| 42% 33C P5 14W / 170W | 946MiB / 5931MiB | 16% Default |

| | | N/A |


and top lines of my vulkan-info:


Vulkan Instance Version: 1.2.162

Instance Extensions: count = 18

VK\_EXT\_acquire\_xlib\_display            : extension revision 1

VK\_EXT\_debug\_report                    : extension revision 10

VK\_EXT\_debug\_utils                     : extension revision 2

VK\_EXT\_direct\_mode\_display             : extension revision 1

VK\_EXT\_display\_surface\_counter         : extension revision 1

VK\_KHR\_device\_group\_creation           : extension revision 1

VK\_KHR\_display                         : extension revision 23

VK\_KHR\_external\_fence\_capabilities     : extension revision 1

VK\_KHR\_external\_memory\_capabilities    : extension revision 1

VK\_KHR\_external\_semaphore\_capabilities : extension revision 1

VK\_KHR\_get\_display\_properties2         : extension revision 1

VK\_KHR\_get\_physical\_device\_properties2 : extension revision 2

VK\_KHR\_get\_surface\_capabilities2       : extension revision 1

VK\_KHR\_surface                         : extension revision 25

VK\_KHR\_surface\_protected\_capabilities  : extension revision 1

VK\_KHR\_wayland\_surface                 : extension revision 6

VK\_KHR\_xcb\_surface                     : extension revision 6

VK\_KHR\_xlib\_surface                    : extension revision 6

Layers: count = 3

VK_LAYER_MESA_device_select (Linux device selection layer) Vulkan version 1.2.73, layer version 1:

Layer Extensions: count = 0

Devices: count = 2

    GPU id = 0 (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060)

    Layer-Device Extensions: count = 0

    GPU id = 1 (llvmpipe (LLVM 12.0.0, 256 bits))

    Layer-Device Extensions: count = 0

VK_LAYER_MESA_overlay (Mesa Overlay layer) Vulkan version 1.1.73, layer version 1:

Layer Extensions: count = 0

Devices: count = 2

    GPU id = 0 (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060)

    Layer-Device Extensions: count = 0

    GPU id = 1 (llvmpipe (LLVM 12.0.0, 256 bits))

    Layer-Device Extensions: count = 0

VK_LAYER_NV_optimus (NVIDIA Optimus layer) Vulkan version 1.2.175, layer version 1:

Layer Extensions: count = 0

Devices: count = 2

    GPU id = 0 (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060)

    Layer-Device Extensions: count = 0

    GPU id = 1 (llvmpipe (LLVM 12.0.0, 256 bits))

    Layer-Device Extensions: count = 0

Presentable Surfaces:

GPU id : 0 (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060):

Surface types: count = 2



Formats: count = 2


        format = FORMAT\_B8G8R8A8\_UNORM

        colorSpace = COLOR\_SPACE\_SRGB\_NONLINEAR\_KHR


        format = FORMAT\_B8G8R8A8\_SRGB

        colorSpace = COLOR\_SPACE\_SRGB\_NONLINEAR\_KHR

Present Modes: count = 3






    minImageCount       = 2

    maxImageCount       = 8


        width  = 256

        height = 256


        width  = 256

        height = 256


        width  = 256

        height = 256

    maxImageArrayLayers = 1

    supportedTransforms: count = 1


    currentTransform    = SURFACE\_TRANSFORM\_IDENTITY\_BIT\_KHR

    supportedCompositeAlpha: count = 1


    supportedUsageFlags: count = 6









    supportedSurfaceCounters: count = 0




    supportsProtected = false

What is strange is that it should run better on vulkan but it's quite the opposite.

Are there some more packages that I need to install for it to perform as it should?

What else could I do to get a better vulkan performance?

Thank you all for the help!

11/21/2021 11:39:13 CEST

Game and system crash when using apps in background (FIFA 22)

Hi everyone,

I've been using Arch Linux for a while now and I've noticed whenever I'm gaming with latest games while using apps like Discord, Spotify etc. my game will just perform so badly that it will actually make my system crash. It works fine when he's working alone tho.

It even happened to me while recording with OBS a session of Ubuntu in Virtualbox xd

Anyone knows how to fix or the reason why it crashes? I'm using Gamemode as well and here are my specs:

OS: Arch Linux KERNEL: 5.15.3-zen1-1-zen CPU: Intel Core i7-7700 @ 3.60GHz GPU: NVIDIA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU DRIVER: NVIDIA 495.44 RAM: 7 GB

11/21/2021 11:35:14 CEST

What game should i install on ubuntu?

on steam and epic,uplay

11/21/2021 11:15:37 CEST

Battlefield 2042 Linux online gaming?

Hi there,

Does anybody have experience with the recent online experience of battlefield 2042 and Linux /Valve proton? Does it run? Online?

I'd love to play it on my Manjaro distro but am afraid of being kicked for it. I don't want to waste money.

11/21/2021 11:01:52 CEST

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Single-Player released and works beautifully with iortcw


Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a first-person shooter video game published by Activision, released on November 19, 2001, for Microsoft Windows and subsequently for PlayStation 2, Xbox, Linux and Macintosh. The game serves as both a remake and a reboot to the Wolfenstein series. It was developed by Gray Matter Interactive and Nerve Software developed its multiplayer mode. id Software, the creators of Wolfenstein 3D, oversaw the development and were credited as executive producers.


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a free and open-source multiplayer first-person shooter video game set during World War II. It was originally planned to be released as a commercial expansion pack to Return to Castle Wolfenstein and later as a standalone game. However, due to problems with the single-player aspect, the multiplayer portion was released on 29 May 2003 as a freeware standalone game.


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Single-Player aims to recreate the cut single-player campaign of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory aka the missing link of the classic Wolfenstein series in the form of a story-driven single-player conversion of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory's maps.


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Single-Player mod has finally been released on Mod DB and Steam Workshop.


1) Use Luxtorpeda to Install Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Quit Steam, follow "Installation (using tarball)" method, restart Steam, pick "Luxtorpeda" as Steam Play compatibility tool for RTCW, install the game.

2) Download Mod DB release of the mod. Install WolfETSP.2.exe via WINE to RTCW's directory (Double check the directory location);

Z:\home\\.local\share\Steam\steamapps\common\Return to Castle Wolfenstein

3) Pick Standard or Complete installation for iortcw, vitaRTCW. Don't create Start Menu folder or desktop shortcut.

4) Edit RTCW's launch option; add following line, finally launch the game;

+set fs_game ET


11/21/2021 10:31:39 CEST

Death Stranding repack wine problem

I'm trying to run the fitgirl repack of death stranding through wine and whenever I do I get an error saying

"Your graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX470 does not support DirectX 12 Features"

One of the problems with this message is that I don't have a GTX 470 I have a GTX 1650"

The error.txt file says this

Build : dso 176/2099797 22:56 - Thu Dec 17 2020

CallStack : 1717986727

Your graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 does not support DirectX 12 features

  0. 0x0001417D2188    ds, 0x417D2188
  1. 0x0001417CE263    ds, 0x417CE263
  2. 0x0001423EC291    ds, 0x423EC291
  3. 0x0001423E94FE    ds, 0x423E94FE
  4. 0x0001416A5679    ds, 0x416A5679
  5. 0x0001416A5A0A    ds, 0x416A5A0A
  6. 0x0001416A5896    ds, 0x416A5896
  7. 0x000143714832    ds, 0x43714832
  8. 0x00007B62C4F9    kernel32, 0x7B62C4F9
  9. 0x00007BC580E3    ntdll, 0x7BC580E3
 10. 0x000000000000    
 11. 0x0001437148A4    ds, 0x437148A4
 12. 0x000067FF0000    
 13. 0x000000000000    

Please help

I also use arch and am using wine-staging

11/21/2021 10:31:27 CEST


Hi guys, How can i install TrackMania 2020 on linux?

11/21/2021 09:43:08 CEST

Nintendo Switch Pro controller connected with Bluetooth but no input detected

Hi, I'm on Zorin OS 15 Lite (kernel 5.4.0-90-generic) and have been trying to use my controller for gaming, but I don't seem to be able to. I'm not an expert, but have looked through many guides and I already have joycond, hid-nintendo-dkms and jstest. The thing is that I can perfectly connect to my controller with Bluetooth, but it isn't detected then, neither by jstest nor evtest. My controller isn't the official one, but previously I was on Windows and could play perfectly fine with Betterjoy. Any help would be really appreciated

11/21/2021 09:22:30 CEST

Problems with nvidia drivers in KDE Neon

I tried to install it by all ways, ppa, .run, ubuntu-drivers command, and nothing, it just doesn't works, i can't install vulkan too.

I've been trying to install it for 40 minutes, and this is insane

Distro: KDE Neon Stable
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 TI
Kernel: Liquorix 5.15 / 5.11 Generic
Drivers tested: 465, 470, 495

11/21/2021 08:10:03 CEST

Star Wars - Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II reverse engineered port OpenJKDF2 released


Star Wars - Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II is a 1997 first-person shooter video game developed and published by LucasArts for Microsoft Windows. [...] It is the sequel to 1995's Star Wars: Dark Forces, and the second installment in the Star Wars: Jedi Knight series.


OpenJKDF2 is a function-by-function reimplementation of Dark Forces II in C, with 64-bit ports to MacOS and Linux.


OpenJKDF2's 64-bit debug version has arrived to GitHub. Linux users have to compile for now.

Building OpenJKDF2:


11/21/2021 08:04:48 CEST

In my experience, Linux is really better for most of the games nowadays

Using Windows from 1993 and Linux from ~2005, I play most of my games on Linux, as they run better.

I still have Windows for games with Windows kernel-level anticheat, but that's it. I boot to Windows to play Genshin Impact and a couple of other games, but most of the time I'm on Linux, playing native and non-native games, because they literally run faster and better.

11/21/2021 07:50:55 CEST

attempting to run steam through wine and i keep getting errors

when i run steam it opens and doesn't load anything. i then get bombarded with windows saying "steamwebhelper.exe" has a serious problem. the same message for "vulkanddriverquery64.exe"

anyone know how to fix this? (running on macOS high sierra 10.13.6)

11/21/2021 06:21:22 CEST

Which GNU/Linux OS do you think fits my requirements best ?

I am currently using a 64 bit Windows 10 with a LGA 775 modded Xeon E5450 CPU and a microcode installed Gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G motherboard. Rocket League used to crash only rarely in Windows 7 but it's been crashing ever since clean installing Windows 10. I tried many things but nothing was acceptable. I think it may be about a lack of RAM as I could play a few matches with a clean boot and I have 4GB of RAM so I ordered another 4GB of RAM(secondhand since the system is too old and I have a 14 days of return warranty), but I may also switch to a GNU/Linux OS and see if that fixes it.

I want to know if there's a GNU/Linux OS that you can find all sorts of how to pages about it that a complete beginner can understand and do by himself and I also want the least amount of hassle possible about trying to run softwares including games.

Which GNU/Linux OS do you think fits my requirements best ?

11/21/2021 05:14:47 CEST


I'm trying out Wayland and it's working great but I can't get DLSS working. It works fine under Xorg (obviously) with lutris-git and only the DLSS toggle. With DLSS toggled Control will not launch. With it turned off the game launches fine.

5.15.3-zen1-1-zen, nvidia 495.44, lutris-git, lutris-fshack-6.21-3

11/21/2021 05:01:48 CEST

Oculus Quest 2 On Linux?

Hi all,

Im wondering if I can run the oculus quest 2 on fedora linux without the use of something like ALVR(which is using vr through wifi). I want to use a tethered usbc to usbc or usb to usbc connection instead.

Is there any way to do this on Linux?

11/21/2021 04:32:50 CEST

Trying to play Flash games on fresh install of Arch Linux. Tried both the downloadable projector from Adobe, as well as the flashplayer-standalone package from the AUR, and get this bug on both. Makes it completely unusable. Anyone have any good solutions? Google is no help.
URL: https://v.redd.it/aqe7mnxt9v081
11/21/2021 04:20:42 CEST

Anyone running Control on Wayland+Nvidia?

I'm sure this has been asked before but searching for ANYTHING related to Control is so hard because of the name.

I just wanted to try Wayland under NVidia and so far it's gone pretty smoothly until I try to launch Control. It works under Xorg, of course, but won't launch, at all, under Wayland, using Lutris. I have it installed from the EGS. I can, funnily enough, launch it succesfully from the EGS launcher but it's not running with fsync or DLSS.

11/21/2021 04:06:56 CEST

I want to get into Linux, but I am concerned my Nvidia GPU is just gonna make it a hassle

I have been really interested in trying Linux since I saw Anthony's from LTT's videos on Linux gaming about a month ago. However as I have looked around, I am concerned I will bounce off of it since I have an Nvidia GPU. The general impression that I get is that if you are serious about Linux gaming, you should go with AMD, but I upgraded my PC a few months ago before I had considered Linux. It's making me hesitant to actually give it a shot.

I am thinking of going with Pop!_OS since that has the Nvidia Drivers installation option, and I know enough about computers to know that I know don't know much about computers, and Pop seemed like a good noob friendly option. Although I am somewhat interested in Manjaro as well.

So I guess what I am asking is, is it so much of a hassle with Nvidia that it's not worth it to switch (And then maybe give it a shot when I next upgrade and potentially get an AMD GPU) Or is it actually pretty decent, if not as smooth as AMD? I tend to play a lot of games that are gold, platinum or native on protondb, if that helps.

As an additional question, I am considering getting a freesync/ g sync compatible monitor, are those a hassle to set up in Linux?

11/21/2021 03:53:45 CEST

What makes some games/programs not run on wine?

Hey guys, been a huge fan of the Wine project for a long time. But one thing that I never gave much thought to is why some games and programs have a harder time running on wine than others??.

I really dont know what makes a piece of software that has the same hardware requirements as another run like garbage (or not run at all) in comparison.

11/21/2021 03:48:06 CEST

Is there a guide for Mod Organizer 2 for Skyrim SE/AE Proton?

Maybe I'm just not good at googling, but all the ones I find are seemingly old enough to be outdated


11/21/2021 03:25:35 CEST

No sound when playing .exe game with wine.

So i installed this windows .exe game with wine and everything went fine with the installation and everything, and it plays fine but there is no sound at all.

Is there a fix for this? First time using wine for a game.

11/21/2021 03:11:12 CEST

No speech on Skyrim

I played through Skyrim when I was still on Windows. Since then I have moved over to PopOs and decided I wanted to start another playthrough. Almost everything is working fine, graphics look good, controls are working properly, and ambient sounds and music play just fine. However, any spoken interaction with NPCs is muted. I'm scratching my head on this one as I can hear everything else except speech...any ideas?

Edit: I have already uninstalled (completely) and reinstalled.

11/21/2021 02:22:24 CEST

Splitgate voice chat

Is Splitgate's voice chat just not functional on linux, or am I doing something incorrectly?

11/21/2021 02:06:01 CEST

reshade-linux: Easy setup &amp; updating of ReShade on Linux for wine &amp; proton games
URL: https://github.com/kevinlekiller/reshade-steam-proton
11/21/2021 01:32:03 CEST

Heart of Iron 4 on Pop_os

I have been unable to run the game for some reason, after I click Play botton on the launcher I just get the Paradox crash reported sreen, there is not much else I can see on the screen so no idea what could be causing the error the only thing I can think of is that my laptop does have hybric graphic cards and that is a little old.
I just wanted to revive this laptop to get some light gaming on it.
I'm not sure what information I can get in here to get some help side like I said I just see the Crash screen.
Anyone else is having any similar issues?

11/21/2021 00:14:32 CEST

URL: https://youtube.com/watch?v=i0l0ZYFJ3KU&feature=share
11/20/2021 23:36:58 CEST

URL: https://youtube.com/watch?v=i0l0ZYFJ3KU&feature=share
11/20/2021 23:35:56 CEST


Is there a definitive level of Android that does not work with wine apk?

11/20/2021 23:21:58 CEST

Having some trouble with XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Game launches but the menus/UI are not visible. Anyone else have this problem? On Fedora 25.

11/20/2021 23:05:26 CEST

Gothic 1 from GOG doesn't work.

Hi guys.

So I installed Gothic 1 from GOG via Lutris. When I start the game the sound is there but the game itself doesn't start. Absolutely nothing happens but I hear the starting music.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

I'm on Zorin and have an intel graphics card, if that's of any help.

11/20/2021 23:00:54 CEST

Battlefield V

Hey guys, I downloaded battlefield 5 on my Zorin 16 boot. It looks good but struggling with frame rate in single player and is unplayable online. I played it on my windows boot on the same machine and works great some latency online but I read thats an issue with their servers) so I know its not the hardware. Online it had a good rating for Linux but not sure if there is more I need to tweak to get it running better. I downloaded off steam if that makes a difference. Thanks for any help!

11/20/2021 22:59:04 CEST

Minecraft 1.17 green screen crash.

Im in the restroom writing this currently and am unable to give specifics to my driver versions.

Ubuntu 20.04 Gnome 40 AMD open source drivers edge version Java 16

AMD Ryzen 5 3600X stock AMD Radeon 5700XT underclocked, and undervolted

Modded Minecraft using fabric loader, and GD_Launcher. Modpack: Better Vanilla (Fabric) latest version

Ive attempted to limit my fps as low as 30 with a 10 chunk render distance, Ive tried with shaders no shared everything on low etc.

It seems like maybe 30 minutes to an hour of gameplay causes the graphics driver to downright crash. Im going to be getting new thermal paste soon to repaste my gpu, and cpu. However I have even tried placing a fan blowing cool winter air next to it just incase it was overheating.

When I say crash I mean green artifacts intense slowdown, and then flashing on and off until the whole screen is eaten by green. I usually shutdown the PC before this happens out of fear.

Any help at all would be appreciated Ive read threads that Java MC causes graphical issues like this because of the game engine however there wasnt a guide or solution on changing the underlying engine for Linux.

11/20/2021 22:28:36 CEST

Key Remapping in Linux 2021 Edition
URL: https://medium.com/@canadaduane/key-remapping-in-linux-2021-edition-47320999d2aa
11/20/2021 21:44:18 CEST

How to run Poppy Playtime?

Does anyone of you managed to run the new game Poppy Playtime successfully in Wine (Crossover etc)? The game itself is made in Unreal Engine 4. So do we have to wait for DX12 to be supported, or are there some workarounds?

I tried to install it in crossover but the game shows only HUD (and sounds work too).

I know it is an 8 minute long game with big hype but with upcoming updates it will become more of a proper game. I miss my Huggy also.

11/20/2021 21:42:47 CEST

Can't get AC Origins to run on POP OS due to UPLAY

I just installed POP_OS! and am trying to play Assassin's creed origins using proton and steam. I've installed it through Steam, and immediately got the problem of not having uplay installed. So I went and I installed Uplay through Lutris and wine, but the game refuses to recognize that I've downloaded Ubisoft connect. I've attempted installing Ubisoft connect as well as the Uplay download that is provided on the lutris website. Does anyone know how to fix this?

11/20/2021 21:38:19 CEST

NVIDIA Optimal Settings

I love the GeForce experience feature that optimizes settings for games.

Is there anything like that for Linux, or at least a website that lists these configurations somewhere?

11/20/2021 21:27:32 CEST

linux show mercy !!

I am an Linux user and i seriously want to play roblox on Linux but it seems so hard to do it . 1) grape juice emulator just Dosent work ,, game starts and it' says wine has to shut down . 2) wine hq just downloads the game but fails to start . Need enlightenment and guidance .

11/20/2021 21:19:12 CEST

Steam proton not working with new GPU

So I just got a new (to me) EVGA GTX 980 Ti Classified and installed it in my PC running Kubuntu 20.04. Before this, I was using the Vega 7 iGPU in my Ryzen 5 5600G, and I don't know how if I even have to, disable the drivers for that. Minecraft 1.17.1 launched from lunar client works, but at 9 fps whereas I got 130+ on the iGPU. I've tried to run SimplePlanes and Mx vs ATV All Out using steam proton, but it says i don't have the right DirectX version, but it worked fine with the iGPU. I went into driver settings and tried again with the latest pre-installed proprietary Nvidia drivers, but had the same probem again. Any idea how to fix this? Thank you!

11/20/2021 21:02:56 CEST

AMD Radeon "Factory reset"

I dual boot both windows and Linux and on Windows when I install the Radeon driver software. It recommends that I "Factory Reset." It says it will remove all drivers previously installed on my gpu. Would that also delete any drivers that are used when I boot into Linux? Im on Ubuntu if that's important.

11/20/2021 20:38:37 CEST

Steam can't use my controller at all

Using a standard dualshock 4 plugged into usb. Steam will recognize my controller just fine, I can enable the configuration settings for it and my buttons are detected, but whenever I launch a game it will just not work. I've tried reinstalling steam, switching my kernel, connecting through bluetooth, trying ds4drv, trying xboxdrv, etc. Nothing works. I don't even know what information I can provide because I don't understand what could be causing it. It happens to both games through proton and native games. I can use it in-game if I disable steam input, but the controller is messed up if I don't have steam input running and I don't have access to certain buttons that I need. Arch Linux, latest linux-zen kernel (though tested with earlier kernels), Intel Core i5-8250U with integrated graphics, 8gb ram . . . Sorry for the lack of information. I just don't know what to do.

11/20/2021 20:30:36 CEST

Dual monitor gaming - Mouse can escape the primary screen

I'm using Ubuntu 21.10 x86_64 kernel 5.13 (gnome, default everything)

And while I'm playing any steam game, the mouse can escape to the second screen, rendering dual monitor gaming useless on linux.

What can I do? I want the game to display on the primary display and the mouse won't escape it, so if I'm panning in the game, the mouse will stay inside the game.

Windows handles this way better, it locks the mouse on the screen of the game. To escape it you must switch application.

11/20/2021 20:04:58 CEST

Issue with my mouse being off center in the menu of overwatch.

I have been experimenting with building my own wine bottle via lutris to run battle.net games in the hopes of getting a little bit better performance than I was getting in Overwatch via the lutris script.

Granted it does work with the lutris script. But, I have also been using this as a way to learn how wine/lutris works, ect.

But, anyway. the issue I am currently having is my mouse will not line up with were the cursor points in the Menu part of overwatch. once I get into a game or training area it lines up as it should. But, it is really difficult to adjust graphical settings and whatnot when my cursor is ~ 2 inchs up and 3 inches over from where the cursor is registering. Again, if I just just used the lutris script the mouse does work. But, I am trying to learn something.

Now, with some googling I have only found a couple tidbits of information. One points to "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings'. But, this for the issue in windows. I do not know how to do that in lutris/wine. The other is via reading the lutris script. In the script they turn off hardware acceleration. Which I may be confused on that one. Because, Mouse accelatrion is different from hardware acceleration. But, I though " hardware acceleration" was only used in Webbrowsers. So, I am considering this use of hardware acceleration > mouse acceleration. But, I could be wrong. Other than that I am not seeing anything in the script.

I am using Wine-staging. So, I guess I could switch to wine. Also, As far as I can tell I have installed all the dll files. I have read a number of guides. I do not know what they all do. But, I have downloaded many. I also updated my dxvk. But, I doubt that has anything to do with the mouse. But, I tested it before and after update and the mouse issue happened in both circumstances.

I guess I should add. That I am using EndeavourOS and kernel 5.15 linux.

Feel free to lay some knowledge on me. I am doing this to learn.

11/20/2021 19:55:35 CEST

When i try to install wine i just get this weird error NEED HELP
URL: /r/pop_os/comments/qxvlg8/when_i_try_to_install_wine_i_just_get_this_weird/
11/20/2021 19:31:03 CEST

My mouse stops working when right-clicking on roblox

My mouse stops working when i rightclick to move my camera.

Any way I could fix this?o

11/20/2021 18:53:29 CEST

Is it possible to centralize the window on DWM?

I'm using dwm on artix and it really annoy me where the window of the game I'm playing is on the top left corner, is there any way to change that to the center of the screen?

11/20/2021 18:52:00 CEST

If Proton GE is the best, why doesn't Steam use it by default?

I have only a few games that doesn't run on Proton Experimental, like Space Engineers. For problematic games, people say to switch manually to Proton GE (Glorious Eggroll) from GitHub. If it's that great, why doesn't Steam use it by default? Does it have potential licensing, legal and or ethical or moral issues surrounding its use?

11/20/2021 17:16:14 CEST

TF2 movement keys randomly stop responding mid-game.

Im on Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon for what its worth. Its extremely frustrating. Ill be in game and suddenly my character will get locked in one direction and move that way continuously (Either W, A, S or D) and then the character just struggles a bit until Im completely locked in place unable to move. It eventually stops after like 5-10 seconds and Im able to play normally again. But this gets me killed very often and its annoying.

I dont think its internet lag or ping related because while Im locked up the other players in game are moving completely normally. I have an HP laptop so Im not sure if its a keyboard setting I could look into. The bios doesnt seem to have many options.

Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thank you so much.

11/20/2021 16:57:46 CEST

Can't seem to get games to run on Pop Os

Hi there I am new to Linux having moved after getting fed up with Windows. I have an Asus gaming laptop which uses and nvidia gtx 1050. I am using the nvidia 470 drivers and also using the latest version of proton. When I run doom my laptop slows down so badly that I can't really do anything. The mouse stutters and can't even quit the game I have to restart my laptop. Are there any settings that I am missing because I really don't want to have to use Windows again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated..

11/20/2021 16:26:24 CEST

Launch any Heroic Games Launcher game from the terminal/frontend launcher using bash scripts without having to open Heroic.
URL: https://github.com/redromnon/HeroicBashLauncher
11/20/2021 16:08:37 CEST

Steam .deb CS:GO Native FIX at last for Linux ( Tested on Kubuntu)

As many will know CS:GO native has only been running in the Flatpak version for the last couple of weeks or so, last night I finally got it to work here's the steps:

In the Console:

sudo apt-get install mesa-utils libglu1-mesa-dev freeglut3-dev mesa-common-dev libtcmalloc-minimal4

sudo updatedb

cd $HOME/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike\ Global\ Offensive/bin/linux64 && mv libtcmalloc_minimal.so.0 libtcmalloc_minimal.so.0.orig && cp /usr/lib/{,x86_64-linux-gnu/}libtcmalloc_minimal.so.4.5.9 && libtcmalloc_minimal.so.0

If you have not got cs:go installed in the default directory, change where the above cds too.

Right click the game and set the launch options "-nojoy -novid"


11/20/2021 16:01:51 CEST

My GPU is slowly dying and I need to get replacement

Hi, we all know how it is right now with graphics card availability and prices. I'm sort of forced to change my RX 570 for something new, because it's getting really annoying with how unstable it becomes. I have to use different V-BIOS for this card so that it wasn't crashing as frequently (the clock now runs at 1100 Mhz, while it was something like 1300+ by default), and it's better but even then it can go down from time to time (and no, it's not Linux issue, as I tested it with Windows and it bluescreens). Also the performance is not that great.

So my natural choice for Linux would be AMD obviously, but it's not so obvious choice.

The good about AMD:

  • No need for installing anything, just plug and enjoy
  • Good Linux support including Wayland, which I benefit from (multi display with 4K TV screen, upscaled interface, any virtual resolution for game, Gamescope, overall good desktop compositing performance)
  • The company itself is more open-minded when it comes to tech and industry

The bad about AMD:

  • Price! RX 6700 XT costs ~50% more than RTX 3060 TI (at least in my country), while having worse performance in benchmarks
  • Hardware video encoding is worse than NVIDIA or even Intel iGPUs
  • AFAIK, some features in games like MSAA perform better on NVIDIA (at least that was the case for older generations of AMD, please clarify if you know better)

The good about NVIDIA:

  • Better value (price vs. performance)
  • Solutions unique for NVIDIA or better than AMD (DLSS, RayTracing) - I know DLSS is proprietary, but many games support it. I know I can also use FSR for any game, that's not the point here.
  • Better video encoding

The bad about NVIDIA:

  • Proprietary blob. While I don't mind using proprietary software all that much, I know I need to do something extra just to get it running properly
  • Wayland support seems unfinished at best. I never tried to use it, I don't have access to any NVIDIA GPU, but I guess I would likely wait few more months to daily drive it. Also stuff like their settings panel or GreenWithEnvy is exclusive to X11 (honestly if the graphics performance and fan control work great OOTB, I don't care about any tweaking)
  • NVIDIA is known for screwing it up for Linux users (though lately they improved a little, at least for now)

So currently my choices are:

  • Wait a little more for market changes. Maybe Intel will present 3rd option that will make me not having to deal with at least most of those compromises
  • Go with NVIDIA and adjust to it

I'd like to know your opinions, especially NVIDIA users. Anyone with Ampere GPU?

11/20/2021 15:40:20 CEST

Can anyone play dota 2 with vulkan?

I know this is a tech support type topic (and I did leave a comment in the tech support thread), but I am now suspecting I'm not the only person with this problem. I have heard that people are having (and have had) performance, stability and freezing problems with vulkan but in my case, dota 2 actually doesn't load. Moreover, this has started happening only after that update with which valve removed opengl and directx9 support from the windows build of dota (november 15th). Dota still works with opengl. I just want to know if anyone else is having problems or is it just me.

11/20/2021 15:38:49 CEST

steamwebhelper.exe error ?

So I've been using Wine Stable to play some windows exclusive Steam games on my Mac, last night everything was working fine but today when I try to run Steam through wine, the log in window comes up like normal, but when I log in it just freezes and nothing happens.

When I force quit it I get this message.

Any way to work around this ? Like I said it was working fine last night so I'm not sure what happened.

11/20/2021 15:32:55 CEST

I need help about Shadow of The Tomb Raider on Linux.


I didnt play SOTTR for long time, so I decided to take off and play a bit, but... I ran into one pretty big problem. I have 495.44 drivers. The problem arises with FPS. On the old Linux OS I had about 38fps avg (31fps lowest) on Benchmark, which is more than enough for me to play, but on the current Linux installation I only have 26fps avg (14fps lowest) . The GPU was on 100% while Benchmark was working. I tried to OC graphics via Green With Envy, but I can't even put +25, because my GPU is crashing. Does anyone know how to fix this or just to wait for new driver?

Image: https://imgur.com/a/JjlYEMJ

PC Specs:

OS: Arch Linux

CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1240 V2


GPU: GTX 1050 Ti 4GB

11/20/2021 15:25:55 CEST

Wine 7.0 Code Freeze To Begin In Early December
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Wine-7.0-Release-Plan
11/20/2021 14:50:13 CEST

CS:GO Black Screen Fix

I came across this post on ProtonDB after searching for a day or two on how to fix the issue I was having with just getting a black screen after the operation intro video and thought I would share it here since I hadn't seen it posted here. Hope this helps others as well.

"If you are running into black screen when starting the game put into launch options -w 800 -h 600 and then you can close the operations intro sequence. If you dont to that and get black screen the buttons to close the op intro are outside the csgo window and cannot be pressed."


EDIT: Changed the source link to the user profile since the original link I put just took you to the ProtonDB page.

11/20/2021 14:27:24 CEST

How do exactly do I find out what's going wrong when a game refuses to launch?

Most games simply refuse to launch through proton/GE (I've checked with only one GE version), some games like oblivion and civ 6 worked fine, while GTA IV ran in lutris with the LANOIRE wine runner.

Tried saints row 3, just cause 2, la noire -- none of which ran through lutris OR proton (tried lanoire with the lanoire wine runner, didn't work ironically lol)

I'm running manjaro with an amd r9 270x gpu (Yes, I have AMDGPU drivers enabled). Not having a very good time with linux gaming :/, any help is appreciated.

EDIT: One thing of importance is maybe the NTFS partition the said games are on. If ntfs was really the issue, wouldn't even oblivion or civ 6 not work? I've read up on the issue and its advised to do stuff in your fstab (im kind of scared of messing about in there) and use NTFS-3G (which i believe manjaro uses by default). I use a program called Gnome Disks to automount my partitions.

11/20/2021 13:51:11 CEST

PlayOnLinux marked as proprietary?

As the title says, Ubuntu Software Store has it marked as proprietary whereas literally everywhere else it's called open-source, I could find what looked like to be its code on github as well. Please help this dumb boi, thanks in advance.

11/20/2021 13:50:11 CEST

Rocket League not launching.

Hi, everyone! I am trying to run Rocket League through Legendary, but for some reason it won't start. It just shows a blank window for a few seconds and then it exits.

Here is the output:

0104:fixme:toolhelp:CreateToolhelp32Snapshot Unimplemented: heap list snapshot
0104:fixme:toolhelp:Heap32ListFirst : stub
0104:fixme:ntdll:NtQuerySystemInformation info_class SYSTEM_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION
0104:fixme:heap:RtlSetHeapInformation 0000000000AD0000 0 00000000004EEA90 4 stub
0104:fixme:dxgi:DXGID3D10CreateDevice Ignoring flags 0x1.
0060:fixme:imm:ImeSetActiveContext (0x25fae0, 0): stub
0060:fixme:imm:ImmReleaseContext (0000000000010020, 000000000025FAE0): stub
0104:fixme:imm:ImeSetActiveContext (0x59eb20, 1): stub
0104:fixme:imm:ImmReleaseContext (0000000000020056, 000000000059EB20): stub

I am currently running Manjaro 21.1.6 Pahvo, with a Ryzen 5 5500U and RX Vega 7 and 8, and wine 6.21. Thanks in advance!

11/20/2021 13:38:33 CEST

GTA V on linux

Hi! I manages to install gta on heroic with wine-6.21-GE-1, the game runs really well, except that if i open the Social Club menu with the Home key, the mouse cursor is invisible.

Is there a fix for that?

Thanks in advance!

11/20/2021 13:33:58 CEST

Argumets for gta v on lutris

Hello I messed around with lutris and now lutris didn't recognise gta v anymore than I linked the epic games exe and other stuff but when I launch gta v it just crashes and I have noticed that I haven't filled the argumets text box in game optios tab. so my question is if anyone who has gta v installed can send me the required aqguments for me to copy. Thanks in advance

11/20/2021 12:02:51 CEST

Didn't realize this game had a Vulkan version on Linux! (Finland gameplay)
URL: https://youtu.be/k2pRFABvcHo
11/20/2021 11:49:59 CEST

Is possible to play pirated games through wine

Not to promote piracy, like if I were to get the initially installation then install in wine then run it in wine will it work

11/20/2021 10:00:27 CEST

Using OpenGL instead of Vulkan. Lutris

Hi guys, I'm asking if I can make Lutris use OpenGL instead of DXVK/Vulkan since my Nvidia gt620m doesn't support Vulkan. Is it possible?

11/20/2021 08:47:51 CEST

Skyrim Special Edition with Mods; really poor performance compared to windows even without mods.

After installing Skyrim SE on linux I came across a unique problem on my system, not just with modded but with vanilla were I had really poor performance compared to windows. At first I checked to see if my GPU wasn't being used, but it was. My specs should be able to run the game comfortably at 30 fps at medium-high. I used mangohud and determined that the cpu wasn't the bottleneck as it rested comfortably at %40 usage, but the gpu was all the up at %100 in game and at %40 in the menus. Compared to windows which ran Skyrim SE quite well, I have to use low to even get close to 30 FPS and even then with some mods it dips down to 15 FPS.

It does use the GPU though, but not efficiently.

I understand that there is some performance loss occasionally but I haven't found any other instance of this.


CPU: (Intel i5-8250U)

GPU: (MX150, 2GB of vram)

Ram: 8GB

Distro: Arch Linux running KDE Plasma & Latte-Dock

11/20/2021 08:08:10 CEST

why do i have to lauch some games with this launch option?

LD_PRELOAD=.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/amd64/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libSDL2-2.0.so.0 %command%

im not able to launch some games without this where is the problem? in proton? in sdl? where?

i remember i didnt need to launch those games with that option some months ago.

11/20/2021 08:05:54 CEST

HELP!! Steam won't open after reinstalling gimp, Pop_OS, missing 32Bit i386 libraries!

ok so today I was having some issues with gimp, so i uninstalled it via the command line and then reinstalled. when I uninstalled, apparently it uninstalled a huge amount of 32 bit dependencies including libXtst.so.6, libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0, libpipewire-0.3.so.0, libvdpau.so.1 and anything ending in "i386". now after that, steam won't start. It throws an error about my disk space being full (which I can tell you right now it is not) and then tells me about the missing 32 bit libraries. Ive searched thru hundreds of steam community posts and reddit posts saying "just sudo apt install them" but it never works, telling me the repository doesn't exist or its already installed or something equally mind boggling. I tried to use the flatpak version, but because its sandboxed, I cant access any files outside of steam, and I need it for retroarch. Does anybody know how I can reinstall all these 32 bit libraries?? I am at a complete loss right now.

11/20/2021 07:20:47 CEST

Most games have severe FPS Stuttering (Hitman 2016 being a bad case)

I'm running Mint 20.2, l nvidia driver 495.44 with these launch options and Proton-6.20-GE1

gamemoderun DXVK_ASYNC=1 DXVK_HUD=1 %command%

In games like Tomb Raider they tend to run fine but with Hitman (2016) the FPS goes up and down and I get severe stuttering, Hitman 2 runs fine. Am I doing something wrong? Few days ago games were running perfectly fine :/

11/20/2021 05:57:45 CEST

Where to start for linux gaming, (I can't possibly be the only techie + non-gamer out there right)?

I'll be very blunt: I don't particularly love gaming. I mean its cool around friends and all but I never found it amazingly entertaining like apparently 99.9999999% of techie dudes and gamers do. (Like i bought an xbox almost 7 yrs ago when i graduated secondary school and the only times ive touched it were when my friend was over)

But IDK ppl look like they're having a lot of fun with this stuff so I figured maybe I'd give gaming a new try. So if you have any simple and fun games that an absolute noob would like that would be pretty great (to note that I am on a ubuntu 21.10 [its dual booted with windows 10 that I really only use just for microsoft word ngl]). I don't really know how anything works especially PC gaming (I'm a software developer so I mean, I'm not gonna be too fazed by the setups and configs, just that Idk anything abt gaming or apparently this platform called steam or proton..?)

sidenote = (i feel like i'm the only guy in the tech world who doesn't particularly like gaming i mean every single guy i know who's even remotely into tech is into it because they're gamers....)

So yeah any simple games (nothing like those league of legends stuff tho, I've seen my friends play that and the graphics give me a stroke every single time i mean there's so much happening on the screen at once it's so busy it's horrific to my eyes I can't focus on anything), the rare times i do actually go and turn on the xbox it's usually to play Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Mortal Kombat, Forza, FIFA or NHL (specifically in that order of frequency [which is like....twice a year])

but yeah if anyone has some beginner friendly stuff that i might like and the steps or links towards steps to getting me set up for this it'd be much appreciated!


11/20/2021 05:07:37 CEST

Looking for one easy to install native 1st person shooter . That is not so ugly and not any steam game.

Please I am dying to hear you all.

11/20/2021 05:06:43 CEST

Steam Client Update, November 19, VA-API hardware encoding, DMABUF PipeWire capture, capturing up to 4K using PipeWire and more.
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/games/593110/announcements/detail/3102412650204437948
11/20/2021 04:44:41 CEST

LLT may does another Linux Challenge with SteamOS 3

Linus is excited about the Steam Deck and wants to make a second challenge. It seems his conclusion about this challenge is pretty good.


part 2 of the challenge may come this weekend

11/20/2021 04:42:29 CEST

Need help and i'm technologically illiterate

(sorry if this post isn't allowed i'm just very confused) I just installed wine on mac because I want to play genshin impact and windows games on steam but I have absolutely no idea what im doing, every time I try to download firefox it says "Prefix creation exited with error: you find a logfile to help with debugging on your desktop" I have no idea in the slightest what this means so if someone could help me and explain this to me like i'm five i'd appreciate it.

11/20/2021 04:21:17 CEST

Ark on Epic Games Store (arch - manjaro)

I have been trying to get ark running on my manjaro install, and its been going great until i started it up, and it displays this https://pastebin.com/Z3U3K792


I am used wine to install the epic games store and ark, so it is running off of wine


Is there a better way to do this? or is there a fix for this? Thanks for the help

11/20/2021 04:10:28 CEST

Genshin Impact crashes at login window

so i have installed kubuntu 20.1 and i got lutris and the patch to make genshin work. everything downloads i have genshin but when i open it the second it tries to open the login window it crashes. I'm really dumb so i'm not sure if its the nvidia drivers (yes they support vulkan) or the wine version or what even is wrong. someone please help. feel free to ask for more info

11/20/2021 03:38:20 CEST

spider man web of shadows?

i am new to linux and wanted to play spiderman web of shadows, but the games crashes after the first cutscene. any advice?

11/20/2021 03:33:31 CEST

PSA _ HALO : Infinite. Maybe now be working without launch options Proton Experimental - Bleeding Edge
  • I just tried HALO : Infinite. It seemed to load fine.
  • However complained that my graphics card was not capable of running Halo : Infinite.
  • The launcher correctly identified my nVidia Graphics card as an nVidia GTX1050(2G) non-D_X12 capable card. *
  • I have all Valve Steam Linux Client beta options and apps installed and enabled. *
  • Valve Steam Linux Client Beta
  • Steam Play Enabled for all titles
  • Steam Play Vulkan Pre-Caching
  • Steam Proton 3.xx to Proton Experimental - Beta - Bleeding Edge
  • Steam Battle-eye Proton installed.
  • Steam Linux Client Runtime - Beta
  • Steam Linux Client Runtime - Beta - Sniper
  • Steam Linux Client Runtime - Beta - Soldier
  • Steam Linux Client VR / Video 360 Player / SDK / Common Redist.

  • note : You have to enable all betas and bleeding edge not just the check box in the Client settings.

  • Search [ linux ] in Library search ...

  • Search [ Proton ] in Library search ...

  • Search [ steam ] in Library search ...

I'll report back using a capable card but if someone could beat me to the punch I,m sure the community would be very appreciative.

11/20/2021 02:46:58 CEST

unmet dependencies problem while installing wine

This is my first time using linux. I tried to install wine today but it keeps giving this error message. I tried to google the solution but nothing works. I followed the official instructions on the website .error picture

11/20/2021 00:13:33 CEST

Hollow knight on gog or steam?
URL: /r/HollowKnight/comments/qxns9p/linux_gog_or_steam/
11/19/2021 23:46:40 CEST

World of Warcraft classic - Random flicker

Been playing WoW season of mastery. It runs better than it does on windows to be honest when it comes to FPS. Everything is perfect apart from one thing. Every maybe 10-20 seconds I will see a visual flicker. I have tried changing from dx12 to 11 (which actually boosted my FPS even further) but it did not fix it. i tried capping my framerate to my refresh rate. I dont know if there is something in wine i need to try or what really. The flicker is so fast i cannot really see it but I think it may be flickering back to a previous frame. Like it briefly shows an image of my game from a time before. Strange.

Any Ideas? Running pop os with some extra gnome extensions. I did wonder if trying a different DE or a WM would possibly sort it though its not the most ideal way of fixing it

11/19/2021 23:25:28 CEST

Finally got Resident Evil 6 Running on Proton

Just thought I'd share this because it;s been really difficult to get it to run!

In your Steam library right click Resident Evil 6, select properties > compatibility and then check the "Force the use of a specific Steam Play Compatibility tool"

Use Proton 4.11-13

Do the following in the console:

sudo apt install pipx

sudo apt install -y python3-pip python3-setuptools python3-venv

python3 -m pip install --user pipx

pipx install protontricks

python3 -m pipx ensurepath

>>Close the console and open it again...

Run the ensure path command once more( python3 -m pipx ensurepath). Read the output to check it doesn't show an error.


>>Next we install a needed media library to the games proton prefix.

protontricks 221040 -q wmp11

>>Right click Resident Evil 6 in Steam

In launch options put: PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=60

>>> Run the game


11/19/2021 23:19:11 CEST

Wine 6.22 released
URL: https://www.winehq.org/announce/6.22
11/19/2021 23:00:05 CEST

Can't install windows version of Osu! via lutris

Unable to install osu! windows via lutris.
The installer goes well until it gets into installing ppviewer and the exit code it 256.

Executing cabextract -q -d /home/blackoutedmind/Games/osu-windows/dosdevices/c:/windows/temp -F ppviewer.cab /home/blackoutedmind/.cache/winetricks/PowerPointViewer/PowerPointViewer.exe/home/blackoutedmind/.cache/winetricks/PowerPointViewer/PowerPointViewer.exe: no valid cabinets found------------------------------------------------------warning: Note: command cabextract -q -d /home/blackoutedmind/Games/osu-windows/dosdevices/c:/windows/temp -F ppviewer.cab /home/blackoutedmind/.cache/winetricks/PowerPointViewer/PowerPointViewer.exe returned status 1. Aborting.

This is the output. So I tried to install the ppviewer fonts from winetricks -f (because the md5sum doesn't pass) and I still getting the same error.
So analizing a bit more the error I found out that it is trying to use cabextract on ppviewer.cab and in there isn't any file on my system. And I am stuck in cycles now... any idea of what it can be?

11/19/2021 22:49:56 CEST

Box86 + Box64 Updated For Running Linux x86/x86_64 Programs On Other Architectures
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Box86-0.2.4-Box64-0.1.6
11/19/2021 22:47:49 CEST

Help with setting an FPS limit for Proton games

I recently installed Ubuntu on a secondary machine and Ive successfully installed my entire steam library. All my games work well so far, but Ive run into one issue that Id like to solve. Unlike windows, there seems to be no cap on frame rate. Newer games fluctuate between 65 and 90 FPS and since my display doesnt have GSync Id like to cap them at 60. And older games run at hundreds of FPS using all of my GPU power even though theyre otherwise not very demanding. How did you manage to set a cap? Ive tried MangoHud and strangle=60 but neither seems to work. I also tried setting the screens refresh rate in the system settings but that doesnt do anything at all so Im a bit lost. Any help would be appreciated!

11/19/2021 22:32:07 CEST

I Just launched my first game on steam!

Hey my fellow linux users! After months and months of small little changes and steam fuss, I have FINALLY launched my first steam release "Cube Flip"!

Get It On Steam

Would love some feedback!

11/19/2021 21:28:32 CEST

How Well Does Hitman 3 Run on Linux?
URL: /r/linux_gaming/comments/qxofil/how_well_does_hitman_3_run_on_linux/
11/19/2021 21:11:03 CEST

How Well Does Hitman 3 Run on Linux?

How well does Hitman 3 run using Lutris or Legendary right now? Do the on-line feature work at all? Does Lutris still require manually jumping through hoops to get the game to work?

SIDENOTE, Here are the Linux resources I've discovered for the game:





11/19/2021 21:09:40 CEST

Bioshock (not remastered) on Steam worked, an hour later won't launch anymore. (Mint)

I'm on Linux Mint 20.2 and on a laptop. The hardware isn't great, but I had gotten Bioshock 1 working pretty well, and played last night and today.

Now I wanted to play some more and it won't launch anymore. That splash screen comes up, then it disappears and the Steam button goes from "X Stop" back to "Play".

I've restarted Steam several times, rebooted the system, didn't help. I also checked to see if the Proton thing was still active in the Steam settings, which it is. It's set to Proton Experimental

Nothing changed in the other or so between the time I stopped playing and now. I hadn't even used my laptop between.

Any ideas?


11/19/2021 20:57:12 CEST

Having trouble setting up a custom resolution for

I'm using Arch, on X11, with KDE. I have nvidia-dkms drivers installed. I play CS:GO on 4:3 stretched and the resolution I want to set is 1440x1080(144hz). I followed a video on youtube, where

$ cvt 1440 1080 144

$ xrandr --newmode "1440x1080_144.00" 338.50 1440 1568 1720 2000 1080 1083 1087 1177 -hsync +vsync [output of the previous command]


$xrandr --addmode HDMI-0 "1440x1080_144.00"

but the command failed and I got this,

X Error of failed request: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
Major opcode of failed request: 140 (RANDR)
Minor opcode of failed request: 18 (RRAddOutputMode)
Serial number of failed request: 43
Current serial number in output stream: 44

I searched the problem and found this archlinux forums thread, https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=255287

Where they seemingly solved the problem doing the following; https://imgur.com/a/WHC9z1P

However, the problem is, my smoothbrain can't comprehend what he did.

I also consulted the arch wiki of xrandr, which basically showed the same process as shown on the aforementioned video. Theres a troubleshooting section which shows my error, I'm beginning to suspect that something is wrong with my monitors EDID. However, fixing this is way above my skillset. Any help would be appreciated.

11/19/2021 20:54:44 CEST

AMD Radeon Software in Linux ?

Hello everyone. I have a question about the software center on amd cards. Is there an amd adrenalin software for linux like in windows ?? I've found something on amd website and it says it works for amdpro and amd-open cards but i fail to find images of the software ? Like is it the same as adrenalin in windows or different ? What does it accomplish and how can i install it since i'm using manjaro, because they provide a download for Ubuntu, CentOS and RHEL only.. I'm still new so i would even to ask you to eli5.. if that's possible. Link of article : www.makeuseof.com/amd-has-released-radeon-software-for-linux-21-20-how-to-install-it/

Thank you in advance.

11/19/2021 20:35:55 CEST

Zink OpenGL-on-Vulkan is now running DirectX games faster than DXVK
URL: https://www.supergoodcode.com/the-finale/
11/19/2021 20:20:09 CEST

If you love the JRPG style, keep an eye out for Alterium Shift
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/jrpg-alterium-shift-linux/
11/19/2021 19:55:03 CEST

Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands expansion is out now
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/kingdom-two-crowns-norse-lands/
11/19/2021 19:54:54 CEST

Native Ray Tracing Support with included proprietary driver?

I'm pretty new to Linux and was wondering if ray tracing support is automatically included in the 495.44 driver? I've been reading about extensions that you can install but Quake with ray tracing works but Cyberpunk had the option for raytracing grayed out. I'm running a 2070 RTX Super GPU.

11/19/2021 19:21:56 CEST

Was just thinking it'd be nice to have a compatibility layer like WINE for Mac apps. Sometimes the Mac version of the same app in Windows seems better. Would be nice to have a choice of the best app.
11/19/2021 19:09:44 CEST

Can't set resolution of games to 4k

So I have a 4k monitor connected to a 5700 xt GPU and I'm running KDE plasma with wayland. Even though I have the resolution in the display settings set to 4k whenever I fire up a game such as tekken 7 the max resolution it let's me use is 1440p. Is there anyway to fix this? I have my scaling set to 150 percent so the text on my desktop is readable but that shouldn't mess with the resolution.

11/19/2021 19:08:56 CEST

Doom not enough memory allocated

Doom not opening after graphics undate. So doom used to play on my nvidea 470 driver. I updated to 495 it stopped with error that failed to allocate memory. I went back to 470. It was fine until it was updated then now it doesn't play as well. Please assist. I run doom on wine.

Nividea Gtx 1060 3GB Pop OS xanex 5.14 8gb ram

11/19/2021 18:57:46 CEST

Steam on Kubuntu, Native apps only work in Flatpak, Proton works fine in.deb ( NEW INSTALL )
URL: /r/linuxmasterrace/comments/qxku1v/steam_on_kubuntu_native_apps_only_work_in_flatpak/
11/19/2021 18:27:21 CEST

Possible short term solution to running Forza Horizon 5 (Nvidia users)

I've been following the GitHub for proton for bug fixing Forza and people have found that if you cap your frame rate to 30fps, maybe as far as 45(I can only do 30) that the game will not crash nearly as often. You can do this through mangohud and/or goverlay.

I went from not being able to complete the initial intro mission to playing for 4 hours straight last night, so you guys might wanna try it out.

It's not ideal but 30fps right now is a lot better than not being able to play at all.

11/19/2021 17:11:57 CEST

Civilization VI on Steam, cross-play with my Windows friends

I'm on Linux and can play Civ VI on Steam (without Proton). Is it possible to play online with my friends who play Civ VI on their Steam but are on Windows?

11/19/2021 15:45:45 CEST

Mysterious losses of function

Last night I was taking a new installation of Fedora 35 for a test spin. Everything went as expected, I got Steam installed and configured, and went to fire up No Man's Sky. It successfully launched with Proton 6.3-7 and was playable with minor texture/highlighting issues, and I thought to myself: "man that was easy." I figured I'd try Proton experimental to see if the last little bits could be ironed out, so I deleted the prefix, and reran the game...stuck at Hello Games screen. "No worries," I thought. "I can live with some minor artifacts." Deleted the experimental prefix, went back to 6.3, and fired it up again...stuck at Hello Games screen. Repeat for several more Proton versions, system restarts, and reinstalls. No luck. Worked fine for a minute, and then for no reason that was obvious to me, never worked again.

This is an all-too-often occurrence for me on the Linux desktop, and the primary reason I don't recommend Linux to friends that are non-technical, or uninterested in tinkering (and why I am personally never without a Windows machine). A few weeks ago I had a similar issue with controller input. Was working fine, nothing changed (no updates, new software/hardware, etc), but the next time I turned on the computer it was borked, and never worked again.

The point of this post is not to just complain about Linux, or highlight how much further we have to go. We know we have a long way to go, but these kinds of frustrations make me very sympathetic to new users that experience anomalies, and try to seek help, only for the comments section to fill up with unhelpful responses like: "Works fine for me," or my personal favorite: "I've never experienced any problems with Linux and it always just works." I use these incidents to remind myself that even motivated newcomers will run into walls, and they won't even know which wall they ran into. So I guess this is just my way of asking everyone to be patient, empathic, and avoid reacting defensively to complaints about their favorite OS, even if the issue was brought up in anger/frustration.

11/19/2021 15:18:58 CEST

It is over half a year since Proton 6.3 was out. When can we expect a new version coming out?
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/04/steam-play-proton-63-is-out-now-plus-a-proton-experimental-update/
11/19/2021 14:00:14 CEST

Save 30% on Lost Ruins on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1306630/Lost_Ruins/?curator_clanid=33040219
11/19/2021 13:45:12 CEST

Save 35% on Astalon: Tears of the Earth on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1046400/Astalon_Tears_of_the_Earth/?curator_clanid=33040219
11/19/2021 13:44:34 CEST

how do i run SWTOR with proton?

i tried with lutris but the launcher stays at updating so i decided to try with proton but it doesn't launch

11/19/2021 13:40:02 CEST

Razer mouse on Linux / Gaming mice and Linux

Trying to keep this short as I only have a simple question.

I have a Razer gaming mouse and I've gotten very used to it. As I plan to migrate all of my PCs to Linux eventually... how well will the mouse perform compared to Windows? In Windows I have the program for the mouse where I can adjust the DPI etc. but what about Linux? I do not expect Razer to support Linux users the same way so...

What can I expect?

11/19/2021 13:37:13 CEST

Terraria x Don't Starve Together is an indie crossover live for both games now
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/terraria-x-dont-starve-together-indie-crossover/
11/19/2021 13:21:15 CEST

Soul Tolerance, an investigative RPG from Chaosmonger Studio is on Kickstarter
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/soul-tolerance-an-investigative-rpg-from-chaosmonger-studio/
11/19/2021 13:20:48 CEST

Updated AMD P-State Driver Posted For Improving Linux Power Efficiency
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=AMD-P-State-v4
11/19/2021 13:17:55 CEST

Improved tree mechanics &amp; fire effects | Beyond All Reason (Total Annihilation-insired RTS open-source project) - WIP
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCwYEeeZcP8
11/19/2021 11:32:04 CEST

missing component in wine

heyyy i am kinda new on manjaro linux

so i ve been trying to run few windows games on lutris and they work pretty great

tho some require some form of tweaking and configuration

but i stumbled upon this error after installing bright light:infinte

i tried to add the dlls through winetricks ( which actually solved some errors in other games) but it didin t work this time

any help? i couldn t post a screenshot but the error seem simple

the following component are required to run this program : Microsoft visual C++ runtime

11/19/2021 11:29:36 CEST

Save 66% on Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/440540/Ara_Fell_Enhanced_Edition/
11/19/2021 10:42:27 CEST

Forced compatibility redownload the whole game

I'm new to linux gaming here so please enlighten me so before I download payday 2 I saw that it's

native then I go ahead and install it but after playing for a couple of heists I noticed that the

performance is bad so I searched about the web and everybody said proton performance better. After

which I go to steam > Compatibility > proton 6.3-7( as it is the latest) and somehow I have to download

the whole game again? So I want to ask is it normal to download the whole game again just because

you use proton or whatnot?


GPU : GTX 1050 2GB(Proprietary driver because my screen would flicker like crazy if I use open-source driver)


OS : Manjaro (21.1.6)

11/19/2021 10:34:03 CEST

Anlisis del SLIMBOOK PRO X + #Resolve17 @Blackmagic Design
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqAYZJi_Miw
11/19/2021 10:19:55 CEST

Does AMD mesa drivers support hdmi 2.1 now?

Currently have a display that can go 4k@120hz, but I heard amd's drivers can't use the hdmi 2.1 bandwidth to be able to push 4k@120hz due to patent problems or such, is this still the case? Any ideas when it might get resolved?

11/19/2021 08:55:56 CEST

Using MangoHud to check FPS, CPU &amp; GPU usage on a 'hack
URL: https://www.cnx-software.com/2021/11/19/using-mangohud-to-check-fps-cpu-gpu-usage-on-a-hackendeck/
11/19/2021 07:04:15 CEST

What's going on with huge amount of mesak updates since yesterday?

During yesterday there was around 20 updates at first, oh new mesak updates for drivers, ok.

Then after hour or so, yet another hotfix, same amount 20 updates. Then after 2-3 hours, again mesak 20 updates.

And now in the morning, again Mesak updates :D 22 updates. Around 80 updates in a day, nice for Mesak only.

Something must been broken if they was in so hurry to release so many hotfixes in a day.

11/19/2021 06:45:42 CEST

URL: https://youtube.com/watch?v=qSsfRoIhDR8&feature=share
11/19/2021 05:04:52 CEST

ge-install-manager 0.7.9 (Proton-ge-custom installation manager - Bash shell script)
URL: /r/SteamPlay/comments/qx50z6/geinstallmanager_079_protongecustom_installation/
11/19/2021 02:35:59 CEST

Can you swap between gpu via gpu passthrough?

Say I were to get an alright cheap card to pair with my already better gpu that just needs to run and I want to use the better gpu depending on which one im using to game. So I'd have linux still usable during the experience for everything else seamlessly. Would that be possible?

11/19/2021 02:25:18 CEST

N-key rollover on linux with CM Storm Quickfire Rapid-i

I've been getting more into linux gaming in the last recent while and came across a rather unfortunate hurdle: My keyboard seems to default to 6KRO when I'm booted into linux, while NKRO is a non issue in Windows.
6KRO meaning you can only press 6 keys at once, NKRO meaning a lot more :)
I've done some searching and haven't really found that much on the topic, apart from it working on some keyboards and others being not so lucky.

Since I figured there must be a few more out there with the same keyboard as me, I thought I'd ask: Has anyone come across this issue with a CM Rapid-i ? Can anyone with a Rapid-i confirm the mode their keyboard is in when in linux?

You can check it on here: https://www.microsoft.com/applied-sciences/projects/anti-ghosting-demo
(If you get up to 6 keys, it means it's in 6KRO, if you can do more it's probably in NKRO)

Have a good one, ty for reading!

11/19/2021 01:03:48 CEST

Is it worth getting an Nvidia GPU?

I'm looking to buy an AMD GPU because of the open-source drivers, but it's hard to find anything at reasonable prices right now.

So I'm considering on getting a prebuilt instead, however most prebuilts I can find only have Nvidia GPUs.

Is it worth getting an Nvidia GPU or nah?

11/19/2021 00:50:45 CEST

Attempt of create a 64 bit wine prefix fails. Please help!

I tried to create 64bit installation because I need to use 64bit programs and when I just use the wine command it says that wine is 32 bit but it requires 64 bit to launch the application. When I use the following command to create a wine prefix it creates a 32 and not 64 bit prefix:

WINEPREFIX="/home/username/.newprefix/" winecfg

To create a 32 bit one there is a command with an extra argument ("WINEARCH=win32") that specifically tells wine to create a 32 bit prefix but when I use that commandand change "win32" to "win64" by using the following command:

WINEPREFIX=~/.testprefix WINEARCH="win64" winecfg

I get te following error message:

wine: created the configuration directory '/home/jonas_jones/.testprefix'
wine: WINEARCH set to win64 but '/home/jonas_jones/.testprefix' is a 32-bit installation.

It says something about wine being 32 bit only. Do I have the wrong version of wine and how do I do this correctly?

11/18/2021 22:47:23 CEST

How to set up a custom resolution.

I'm using Arch Linux, nvidia proprietary drivers, and using X11. I play CS:GO on 4:3 and want to set up a custom res that is 1440x1080 144hz, how do I do it?

11/18/2021 22:30:36 CEST

How to get Mod Organizer 2 working on Mac?

is there a way to get MO2 working on mac through crossover or any other way? only mod manager i could get working was FOMM which is outdated. thanks

11/18/2021 22:23:48 CEST

Insurgency Sandstorm does seem to work on Proton (for now)

Just checked out with the latest Proton GE build and I could play several rounds without ever getting kicked form a server.

May depend on the latest update which was on the 2nd of November. So get in while it lasts.

11/18/2021 21:54:27 CEST

Good Linux-native physics-based contraption sandbox games?

I know the title sounds like word salad, but I mean things like Scrap Mechanic. I really enjoyed that game, but it's not really working on Linux.

Also, I'd appreciate more realistic features (e.g. destructible terrain and the contraptions being able to be damaged, for example if something else hits it).

Being free is a nice plus, but I can spend some money on it if it's good.

Thank you in advance,

11/18/2021 21:41:14 CEST

Looking for a SteamLink appliance distribution.

Hi. I am hoping to find a distribution that's set up like Chimaera OS, in that it is an appliance with a protected filesystem that just works, but runs only SteamLink.

My gaming rigs are racked, and we always stream to our SteamLinks, but I want to move into the world of 4k, and Android/iOS streaming boxes don't work well with my Steam controllers.

Is there anything like that out there?

11/18/2021 21:12:45 CEST

i want to switch to linux but i don't know which OS to use

my main focus is gaming and especially playing a certain game (FINAL FANTASY XIV), other than that just your average indie games and such, my gpu is a nividia one and ryzen cpu i heard mentioning those things are very important so there's that

11/18/2021 21:07:46 CEST

Sad state of hardware accelerated video on linux browsers
URL: /r/linuxquestions/comments/qwy64u/sad_state_of_hardware_accelerated_video_on_linux/
11/18/2021 21:01:10 CEST

Question about Intel's Alder Lake and DRM on Linux


does anyone know whether the titles affected by DRM issues on Windows 10 and 11 on Intel's new Alder Lake CPUs are also broken on Linux?

Specifically the games from the 2 lists in this link: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000088261/processors/intel-core-processors.html


11/18/2021 20:59:13 CEST

how to update the LWJGL library on lunar client

I recently moved from windows11 to linux mint 20.2 cinnamon

and after installing minecraft on my pc I realize that I was not able to hotkey to slot 2 while sneaking (only on 1.8)

after some research, I found out that updating the LWJGL library will fix this issue (from this post)

so I tried this and it worked but I was not able to find any info about doing it on the lunar client

so does anyone know how to update the LWJGL library on lunar client?

11/18/2021 20:11:33 CEST

This is how I more than doubled my framerate in Far Cry 3 on Linux
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrBxminKe7o&t=67s
11/18/2021 19:24:50 CEST

Should steam handle and prioritize drives more elegantly for runtime files

This may be an exception and I might have messed up something on my end, but want to bring this up here to see if others have had similar issues.

I was using microsd card (ext4) to extend my storage space. This was in a different computer. Apparently steam installed Proton in the microsd card instead of internal storage. I moved to a different computer, and initially it seemed fine (loaded windows games from microsd card without issues). However, after one of the reboots it stopped working for proton games.

I tried various solutions, changed kernel, different versions of amd graphics driver, different versions of proton. It started making things worse. I even tried same solution on a liveusb of Manjaro, saw same issue.

Eventually, what fixed the issue was, I removed all local instances of .steam folder, and installed game in local drive, and did not mount microsd card. On other instances, I would clean .steam folder and try to load games from microsd card (where it would fail).

This is what I was seeing after enabling proton when it failed (that led me to the solution)

"scout runtime container" is not installed"soldier runtime container" is not installed

Now since I know one solution works, I can try different combinations of what does and does not work.

However, my concern is shouldn't steam prioritize local drive for installing Proton (or other runtime files) instead of external card/drive ? Once people start using Steam Deck, I see this as a common scenario where they would format microsd and load games in their Desktop/Laptop and insert it in Steam Deck to play it.

I have reported details of the issue in steam-for-linux/8236 github page (closed it as now it works for me).

I am hoping this is an exception and I messed up something during mounting and unmounting the sdcard, otherwise it could be a nuisance to a lot of people.

11/18/2021 19:09:10 CEST

Do Ubisoft games require Ubisoft Connect's launcher's background use on Steam like EA does with Origin?

I've been considering purchasing a Ubisoft game off of Steam during the upcoming Steam sales events.

EA game store pages on Steam will say this:

"Incorporates 3rd-party DRM: EA on-line activation and Origin client software installation and background use required."

"Requires 3rd-Party Account:EA Account(Supports Linking to Steam Account)"

Ubisoft's game store pages on Steam will say this:

"Requires 3rd-Party Account:Ubisoft Account(Supports Linking to Steam Account)"

I've read stuff about their games requiring the background use of Ubisoft Connect like EA does with Origin on Steam, but on Steam it doesn't say that. I have an Ubisoft account and I'm happy to link to it but I don't want to have to use their launcher inside Steam to play games I purchase on Steam. I'm looking for clarification on this issue because I'm confused regarding it.

Thank you for your responses.

11/18/2021 18:47:36 CEST

Overwatch have to alt tab to aim;

beginning of how awesome is wine this days, havent tryed it for a few years sins overwatch and wow didn't realy work that great. tryed it agein now and i get between 60 and 70 fps on my laptop and on windows on same machine i get between 40 and 80 fps but its mutch more unstable so might be a problem on my windows install but stable 60fps on my laptop in linux is awsome. only one problem i have is that every other round/death in overwatch i cant aim i just get mouse courser but all i have to do is alt tab out and inn and its back to normal. any one experience the same problem or have a solution? Dell XPS 9570 with Nvidia 1050TI MAX-Q Pop_OS! Lutris Proton5.13/Wine 5.21

11/18/2021 18:16:58 CEST

gta 5 menyoo help

damn homies ,...help me run menyoo trainer run on gta 5 through crossover (Mac)..

11/18/2021 17:43:46 CEST

Lutris Valorant Install Script Error

So I am currently trying to install Valorant on my freshly installed Ubuntu 20.04.

(Just to clarify I don't really know if it can be done because I read something about the Anticheat blocking installation on Linux)

I try installing it via Lutris, when Wine starts, it delivers this info bubble:

"Command exited with code 256"

I can't seem to find a way to go around it

Here is what's the output on the Lutris installation terminal:

Started initial process 7768 from /home/reninio/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-fshack-6.21-3-x86_64/bin/wine /home/reninio/.cache/lutris/installer/valorant/dxsetup/DXSETUP.exe /silent

Start monitoring process.

wineserver: using server-side synchronization.

002c:fixme:winediag:LdrInitializeThunk Wine TkG (staging) 6.21 is a testing version containing experimental patches.

002c:fixme:winediag:LdrInitializeThunk Please don't report bugs about it on winehq.org and use https://github.com/Frogging-Family/wine-tkg-git/issues instead.

006c:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

006c:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

0084:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

0084:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

002c:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

002c:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

00b4:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

00b4:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

MESA-INTEL: warning: Performance support disabled, consider sysctl dev.i915.perf_stream_paranoid=0

ATTENTION: default value of option mesa_glthread overridden by environment.

002c:fixme:msg:pack_message msg 14 (WM_ERASEBKGND) not supported yet

0024:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

0024:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

0024:fixme:msg:pack_message msg 14 (WM_ERASEBKGND) not supported yet

Application could not be started, or no application associated with the specified file.

ShellExecuteEx failed: Path not found.

Monitored process exited.

Initial process has exited (return code: 256)

Exit with return code 256

Thank you for anyone who has the patience to help me, I'm not an expert at all on Linux.

11/18/2021 17:41:17 CEST

Zink with NVIDIAs Vulkan driver is roughly 25-30% faster than NVIDIAs GL driver for Tomb Raider
URL: https://www.supergoodcode.com/NV-envy/
11/18/2021 17:27:19 CEST

Game feels Choppy

im using pop!_os (with kde desktop installed)

recently my game has been feeling choppy (like i have really low fps) but eveytime i check my in game fps i have really high fps

what could be the problem?

would kde be doing this?

maybe its just my monitor being slow?

is it a driver problem?

i have no idea what it could be pls help

11/18/2021 16:36:05 CEST

APT 2.3.12 package manager released, will no longer let you break everything
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/apt-2312-package-manager-released-will-no-longer-let-you-break-everything/
11/18/2021 16:23:48 CEST

Performance in all games really bad all the sudden


This only started happening recently my games were running fine before this. Then at complete random my performance in every game that i own dropped and now nothing runs well. I first thought it was xfce wilding out since if i changed to i3 my performance was fine, but then it started happening on i3 as well. Whenever this happens my cpu usage goes really high although I'm only really low fps. I have no idea why this is happening.


Any DE/WM I'm on my games run fine for a while after changing DE/WM and then performance all the sudden drops and i get 10-20 fps.


OS: Arch Linux

Kernel: Linux-lts

Driver: NVIDIA-lts

DE/WM: Probably happens in any WM. Have tried xfce, kde and i3-gaps


CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X

GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1660 Super


Display: Some random Samsung office monitor 1920x1080 60Hz, MSI G241 gaming monitor 1920x1080 144Hz

11/18/2021 16:09:13 CEST

Black and white cutscenes in Deadpool

I've been trying to play my old CD copy of the Deadpool game. It installs fine and I can play it, but all video playback (cutscenes) is in black and white for some reason.

They aren't supposed to be b&w and the original video files also aren't corrupted because if I play them using VLC they are all in color. It's only in the game that they lose color. Am I missing some DLL or anything? All video files are in the .bik format

I have an RX 580 8GB

Mesa drivers 21.2.5-1

Arch Linux 5.15.2.arch1-1

11/18/2021 15:36:08 CEST

How to enable AMD AMF encoding in OBS

It goes without saying AMD's hardware encoders / decoders aren't the best around with Nvidia basically dominating. Even in native Linux OBS, NVENC is already supported OTB!

For AMD (and Intel) cards however there is the free and open VA-API interface to encode and decode videos. In OBS this is used to enable hardware accelerated video encoding, to reduce stress on your CPU and preserve those mighty FPS during recording.

Out of curiosity (and having had a little headache with VAAPI before) I wanted to see if I can get the proprietary AMF encoders showing up on OBS. Keep in mind that with AMF you might not necessarily get a better experience, this should not be seen as a go to guide!

With VAAPI you already get a very solid experience. If things already work for you, you might want to just stick with things as they are, as getting AMF running might just not be worth the effort. This guide is for those who want to just try things out of curiosity. I cannot tell you what encoder works better, as I don't have the tools and knowledge to conduct and meaningful scientific comparisons.

Let's start with the prerequisites. For this to work out you will need to make AMF show up in OBS' Encoder list:
1- amdgpu-pro with the amf-amdgpu-pro driver
2- ffmpeg compiled amf support
3- StreamFX

1) If you're on Arch based distro, you'll only need to install the package amf-amdgpu-pro from the AUR: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/amf-amdgpu-pro

On Debian/Ubuntu based distros it seems to require some extra hoops. Please check the official wiki on how to get that installed: https://amdgpu-install.readthedocs.io/en/latest/install-script.html

From what I understand, you can run the free RADV and the closed AMDGPU-PRO side by side. Per application you can specify which driver you want to use. Since you probably want to default to the free RADV driver, you will need to add a new environment variable to your /etc/environment file. Check here: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux_gaming/comments/h8b7zv/amd_gpu_vulkan_driver_how_to_easily_switch/

For OBS to work with the AMF encoder from the AMDGPU-PRO stack it needs the nonfree PRO driver. On KDE I can search OBS from the application launcher, right click it and edit this application. Under the Tab "Program" under command you can add the following line right before obs: "env VK_ICD_FILENAMES=/usr/share/vulkan/icd.d/amd_pro_icd64.json".

2) Next you will need ffmpeg to support the amf encoder. There might a chance the current ffmpeg installed from your distro's repository might already support it. This was the case for Manjaro. You can check by typing in the terminal: "ffmpeg -encoders | grep amf". If the output shows you
"V....D h264_amf AMD AMF H.264 Encoder (codec h264)" and
"V....D hevc_amf AMD AMF HEVC encoder (codec hevc)"
you're good to go.

If you don't see them, you will need to recompile ffmpeg with AMF support. On Arch you can find this package: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/ffmpeg-amd-full/
(Though mind you, at the time of writing there was dependency issues with that package. I was able to work that around with first installing https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/ffmpeg-amd-full-git/ then back the normal ffmpeg-amd-full)

For Ubuntu and derivatives you'll sadly need to fully recompile ffmpeg. Check this guide: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/CompilationGuide/Ubuntu. Make absolutely sure you enable amf support when configuring!

Once set up and installed you can try if AMF works by testing one encode, similarly to how it's described in these examples: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/HWAccelIntro

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -c:v h264_amf -profile high444p -pixel_format yuv444p -preset default output.mp4

3) Finally all left to do is getting OBS to learn the new encoder. There is this fantastic plugin called "StreamFX" which aside from adding the new encoders also does a lot more! Check out here: https://github.com/Xaymar/obs-StreamFX/wiki

You can install this plugin on Arch again from the AUR: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/obs-streamfx. Or on Ubuntu there is a dedicated release to download on the releases tab from their GitHub page: https://github.com/Xaymar/obs-StreamFX/releases/latest

Once that last piece is installed you can finally come to realization that ONLY H.264 encoding is available on AMF (https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=FFmpeg-AMD-AMF-Vulkan) and you still can't get HEVC which still makes everything useless on Polaris because this H.264 encoder is just terrible and always quickly overloads and get you a stuttery slideshow. At least with AMF it's less of a slideshow and more just stutters.

11/18/2021 15:29:42 CEST

Linux 5.17 To Bring DRM Privacy-Screen Support, Intel VESA PWM Backlight Handling
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Linux-5.17-Privacy-Screen-Next
11/18/2021 15:11:33 CEST

Experimental Zink On NVIDIA's Vulkan Driver Capable Of Outperforming OpenGL Driver
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Zink-NVIDIA-Faster-Than-GL
11/18/2021 15:11:25 CEST

Linux Gaming - Battlefield V | Proton Experimental | Rx 6600 | 1080p Ult...
URL: https://youtube.com/watch?v=lt4LcrqacEM&feature=share
11/18/2021 14:59:12 CEST

Experimental Zink On NVIDIA's Vulkan Driver Capable Of Outperforming OpenGL Driver
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Zink-NVIDIA-Faster-Than-GL
11/18/2021 14:49:20 CEST

Blank windows?

Hey guys! I installed a game through Wineskin, and the window opened, I see it in the doc. Pressing f3 and running my mouse over the screen shows that the window is open. However, it's completely invisible, soundless, and intangible. Any ideas?

11/18/2021 14:45:52 CEST

Gaming, security, distro advice, and experience of gaming on Linux

I'm thinking of only installing Linux on my desktop because I'm a cybersecurity professional so it would be more convenient for me than having virtual machines for work but I also don't want to spend my time configuring games while I just want to have a good time on my pc ...

1/ Have you a website to share where we can see games that can actually be runned on Linux with or without bugs/crashes ?

2/ In your opinion, it is easier and more convenient to get a dual boot Linux for common tasks / Windows for gaming or only a Linux distrib installed for everyday computing ?

3/ In your opinion, which distro is currently the more stable, convenient to use and the most regularly updated for gaming ? I have especially ONE point to respect because of my work, it is privacy and security, so I can't run a distro full of flaws.

4/ Personnally, are you satisfied with gaming on Linux ? Are you satisfied with the ratio of time spent configuring your games to time spent playing ?

11/18/2021 14:21:54 CEST

I Love Arch, But GNU Guix Is My New Distro
URL: https://boilingsteam.com/i-love-arch-but-gnu-guix-is-my-new-distro/
11/18/2021 13:58:46 CEST

The Go Godot Jam 2 starts November 19
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/the-go-godot-jam-2-starts-november-19/
11/18/2021 13:46:03 CEST

Is there any of those games you would recommend?
URL: https://itch.io/games/free/platform-linux
11/18/2021 13:43:23 CEST

What Linux native games have you been playing recently?

What Linux native games have you been playing recently?

11/18/2021 13:36:51 CEST

DOOM 2016 issues

Popos 21.04 Gt 1030 gddr5 2gb 8gb ram Proton 6.3-7

FATAL ERROR: vkCreateDevice failed with error (VK_FEATURE_NOT_PRESENT)

Ask me if you need more info

11/18/2021 13:23:55 CEST



I'm new to this, so I'd like to ask a few questions.

I plan to use https://github.com/tkashkin/GameHub on Elementary OS.

  1. Can GameHub track GoG (ie mark as completed) achievements?
  2. Can GameHub track (and update to GoG) the number of hours played?
  3. Can I set GameHub to name the game directory as follows: Metro Last Light Redux? It will now create a Metro: Last Light Redux directory where the installer will save. It then creates a new directory Metro_Last_Light_Redux in which to install the game.

Thank you

11/18/2021 13:09:20 CEST

Beyond All Reason is shaping up to be a truly massive RTS
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/beyond-all-reason-is-shaping-up-to-be-a-truly-massive-rts/
11/18/2021 13:08:20 CEST

GTA modders behind re3 and reVC fire back in court
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/gta-modders-behind-re3-and-revc-fire-back-in-court/
11/18/2021 13:08:03 CEST

Nouveau Lights Up The NVIDIA RTX 3060 GPU Open-Source Support
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Nouveau-NVIDIA-GA106
11/18/2021 13:07:07 CEST

Save 75% on Knights of Pen and Paper 2 on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/310060/Knights_of_Pen_and_Paper_2/
11/18/2021 12:47:57 CEST

Save 35% on Nebuchadnezzar on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1157220/Nebuchadnezzar/
11/18/2021 12:46:38 CEST

Save 75% on BioShock Infinite on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/8870/BioShock_Infinite/
11/18/2021 12:46:00 CEST

Playing Genshin Impact on Linux

I've seen many Videos and posts of people playing Genshin Impact on Linux but I just can't figure it out. I've downloaded Lutris and patched Genshin with "GI on Linux" but it still freezes after I started it from the launcher or when I start it through the launcher.bat.

Steps I already did:

Downloaded Genshin from the official Lutris Page.

Applied the patch after Genshin was downloaded and installed.


Started the game through launcher.exe and after that didn't work, I tried to start it through "genshin impact game/launcher.bat" which also didn't work.

Any suggestions?

11/18/2021 12:24:56 CEST

Does anyone have tips to get warframe working?

I have been using linux for 2 years now, but just now I am trying out to game on it. Most games work except gtav(low fps) and warframe which can't get past updating(I think)

OS : Pop!_OS 21.04 CPU: i5 4590 GPU: gt 1030 2gb gddr5 RAM: 8gb Proton version 6.21-GE-2

Ask if you need more info

11/18/2021 11:58:09 CEST

Steam games will not run on external drive; cannot change file perms

After searching the interwbs and subreddits on how to get Skyrim Anniversary Edition to run in proton 6-3, I checked the perms of my Steam library on a portable hard drive connected via usb and formatted in NTFS. My user profile owns the folder, but not subs or files. i chowned and chmodded the Steam directory itself with the -R flag to claim ownership and read/write/execute modes for all subfolders and rechecked the perms.

They reverted.

This has the result that the Skyrim Launcher will not open, so I have no option to play the game.

11/18/2021 11:56:01 CEST

Two monitors and KDE Plasma

Hello everyone,

I was thinking about putting EndeavorOS + KDE Plasma on my gaming PC for a while (replacing Win 10). I have however read that a lot of people have trouble with KDE on multi-monitor setups and that KDE is really bad with more monitors. Is there any truth to that? If so, is it something that can be easily fixed or should i just choose a different DE?

My setup monitors + GPU:

Main: AOC CQ27G2U (2560x1440@144hz), connected with DisplayPort

Secondary: ViewSonic VX2458-MHD (1920x1080@144hz) connected with HDMI


11/18/2021 11:45:30 CEST

Beyond All Reason - New engine handling near 4k units (Total Annihilation remake / Free, open-source RTS for linux/win) 4k video
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMLQmsTmYFA
11/18/2021 11:33:35 CEST

GTA Modders are Taking Take-Two to Court

The creators of the re3 and reVC projects are taking Take-Two to Court, citing fair use. Should be interesting, and I personally hope they win :-)

11/18/2021 11:15:19 CEST

SteamOS ?


I'm a linux user, for everything except gaming. I play on consoles because "it just works" and I have a video projector. Playing on a very large screen is great.

Seeing that PS5 is impossible to get I'm thinking of building/buying a PC for gaming, in the living room.

Which OS should I use ? I'm trying SteamOS on a VM. I'm used to debian/ubuntu, so steamos is good for me, for now. But I wonder if there better.

I'm used to config files, command-line, ... But I need it to be stable. Once it is set up, I just play .

11/18/2021 10:01:59 CEST

Blast through a comic book online in the latest "Fury Unleashed" update
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/blast-through-a-comic-book-online-in-the-latest-fury-unleashed-update/
11/18/2021 10:01:42 CEST

SteamVR Overlay not working on Arch or Manjaro Linux? Here's a fix
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/steamvr-overlay-not-working-on-arch-or-manjaro-linux-heres-a-fix/
11/18/2021 09:17:28 CEST

Linux 5.17 To Continue With I/O Optimizations, 5~6% Improvement Pending For NVMe
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Linux-5.17-Will-Continue-IO
11/18/2021 08:47:05 CEST

NVIDIA 470.62.12 Vulkan Beta Driver For Linux Updates Video Support
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NVIDIA-470.62.12-Beta-Linux
11/18/2021 08:46:58 CEST

Framework Laptop + eGPU for gaming on Linux?

Hi there, I'm looking at getting a new computer as my current laptop is getting pretty old (8 or 9 years now). It still runs games pretty well, but I'm starting to worry it's not long for this world and only has 3GB of GPU RAM which seems to just barely be a bit too little, so I've started looking at other options.

One very appealing option is the Framework Laptop, but there's two real issues I have with it: no discrete GPU and small screen. Now, that may not be that big a deal as most of the time I'll be plugged into a large ultrawide monitor that works with displayport, thunderbolt, or HDMI, and because I can get an eGPU, which from what little I've found seems to work okay with the framework laptop on Linux. Especially now since the newer ones (which I'd be buying) have better CPUs, so I'm a little more confident there would be less of a bottleneck which seemed to be the biggest issues people have had with them (everything I've found was years old).

So that's kind of the idea I had. The plan was to get a 2070 and an eGPU enclosure and use that with Arch on the framework laptop.

What I really want to know is if this is a good idea at all. It's obviously an big investment, and I want to know if this will be able to play games decently, using the eGPU and an external display (I will turn off the laptop's main display when doing this FYI), or if I should be putting the money into a different machine, like a new MSI laptop (what I currently use). Obviously I can upgrade it down the road, but if I bought it, I would want to be able to use it at least a little bit lol.

So yeah, let me know if that's a bad idea to go for and if anyone has had any success doing something similar

11/18/2021 08:23:40 CEST

Nacon Space, Sports, &amp; Orcs Collection (pay what you want and help charity). What do you think about this bundle?
URL: https://www.humblebundle.com/games/nacon-space-sports-orcs-collection
11/18/2021 07:38:07 CEST

Very low fps on Linux !!!!!

Although I have INTEL HD 4000, games like Krunker don't need much power to run it. I am on Mint cinnamon. I have tried KDE Plasma and it works fine. Cinnamon is not that ram intensive. It only uses 100 mb and I have 8 giggs.
Not software rendering mode, hardware accelaration enabled in chrome and apps like blender crash immediately. If it is because of the drivers please say.

11/18/2021 05:57:23 CEST

Is there a way to map the Xbox Elite controllers paddles in Linux?

The only way I know how is through a windows app, and I'm worried my configuration won't switch if I go to a Linux distro

11/18/2021 03:59:21 CEST

PSA: Halo Infinite Isn't Just Missing Some DLLs, It Can't be Made to Work in Proton, and Won't for a Long While

There have been like 20 posts in the past 2 days on Halo Infinite, so I figured I'd just post this so people can stop wondering.

You can't play Halo Infinite w/ Proton. No, it's not because of anti-cheat.

D3D12 tries to do something that Vulkan can't do except for Nvidia GPUs using VK_NV_device_generated_commands. No, don't look for the vkd3d-proton devs to implement an Nvidia-specific function to get a game to work just for Nvidia. It's not going to happen.

Main vkd3d dev says:

uh oh ...

but either way, if it's actually using full execute indirect, don't expect it to run any time soon

primitive restart makes emulating the index buffer basically impossible too

a more realistic alternative is to do indirect dispatches and copy stuff to our scratch buffers. to workaround it

but I don't see this working any time soon

They may figure it out (to their insane credit they usually do, a lot of people have no idea what a true miracle vkd3d-proton and dxvk really are), but anyone wondering and hoping it will work in a few days like Forza and AOE4 need to know it's not happening like that, and it's probably best to just forget about it until we hear something else.

Here are screenshots. To avoid people aggravating the devs, I'm not going to provide usernames or Discord links.

11/18/2021 03:16:52 CEST

[Halo Infinite]Do these packages exist for Linux, and can someone try them?


Arbiter CommonEventLoggingLibrary_release.dll

immediately after clicking on the game in Steam


ok, i fix the problem!


VISUAL STUDIO 2015, 2017 AND 2019

x64: vc_redist.x64.exe

From here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads

and now everything works without problems!

11/18/2021 03:01:19 CEST

GTA V on heroic launcher


I'm trying to run GTA V from the heroic launcher with the latest Wine-GE version but all i get is a "Unable to launch game, please verify your game data" after it tries to install rockstar launcher. Thanks in advance!

11/18/2021 02:21:55 CEST

Woodland Empire - A forest simulation game in Godot - Native demo on Steam now, Plan to release early 2022
URL: https://youtu.be/19Q8OzlfyuE
11/18/2021 00:27:57 CEST

How to make a rom hack on linux?

(I'm running Pop_os) So I was interested in trying out the "Smash Remix" rom hack of Super smash bros 64: https://github.com/JSsixtyfour/smashremix/releases , I extract the folder, where I find "linux-drag-here.desktop" file and I drag and drop my Smash 64 rom on it, nothing happens. So is it done differently on linux and the instructions to make it work are flawed? Or what's the state of rom hacks on linux in general? Maybe the situation is that most hacks can't be applied to a rom on linux?

11/18/2021 00:16:47 CEST

Issues with Dolphin Emu via RetroArch

Hello all,

I wanted to take a second to ask for some help configuring retroarch with dolphin before I dropkick my computer. All of my other cores work fine, except for the dolphin core, which from what I read online is to be expected. My assumption was that this could be an issue with linux directories being out of order, so I wanted to retrace my steps. I went through all the troubleshooting I could find, and added the 'Sys' directory to /system/dolphin/emu. For some reason nothing is working for me, and whenever I try to launch a gamecube ROM (.rvz) the application quits itself. What other config changes am I missing?

Info about system:

2012 Macbook Pro i5

Pop!_OS 21.04 (based on ubuntu for anyone unfamiliar)

all cores, assets, and directories updated.

Thanks in advance to anyone with some expertise with this EMU, I just really want to replay Zelda :')

11/18/2021 00:09:37 CEST

Help Getting Halo Infinite To Run - Is It Possible?

So far the only reason I have Windows installed is to play Halo Infinite so I have been trying to figure out how to get it to run under Linux (currently running Manjaro KDE). I have tried installing it through Steam and running each of the available Proton versions to no avail (hit play, button says running, then about 10 seconds later button goes back to green saying play) and I also tried setting the game up under Lutris and cant get it to boot their either. I have also tried just running "wine HaloInfinite.exe" and it seems to start running some stuff and then hangs on some IPV6 stuff (if the exact output is useful I will boot back into Manjaro and screenshot it).

I would love to get this working but I have yet to actually have to properly help debug getting a new release title working so any help on getting it running or pointing me to some info on how to properly debug or report bugs with Proton/wine for getting it running would be greatly appreciated!

11/17/2021 23:54:36 CEST

Mesa 21.3 Released With Radeon RADV Ray-Tracing, Much Better Zink
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Mesa-21.3-Released
11/17/2021 22:49:57 CEST

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall

This is a VR game and it works flawlessly with Valve Index using proton experimental. I'm 75 mins in, doing the weapon upgrade stuff, fucking loving it. This is my VR jam! I have to say i love this combat over Blade and Sorcery physics. I'm not losing my weapon every 5 secs, and once i figured out the spell casting, it felt more natural to use.

The graphics are good, love the physical climbing, mechanism handling, and the grand scale of the scenery. Hope there is a way to remove the short-cuts for climbing visually, it takes me out of the immersion. This is an awesome game and i highly recommend people to get it.

I want an MMO like this. Somebody make it happen. At least some co-op multi-player.


11/17/2021 22:42:15 CEST

Remember amazing animation Kaizo Trap from 2015? Community created the game to it - Kaizo GO including NATIVE Linux release!
URL: https://sites.google.com/view/kaizoproposal/home
11/17/2021 21:45:32 CEST

I have an Oculus Quest 2

I am trying to play some VR games, but I can't find anything besides that "ALVR has a linux port" but searching lead me to nothing useful (im new to linux). I decided to load up a virtual machine, and got Virtual Desktop to connect to my headset, but its saying I need to update my drivers for vr to stream, yet Virtual Box isnt using my gpu. How do i fix this? Im using an nvidia gpu and only thing i found was that i need 2 graphics cards, one for the computer, and one for the vm.

11/17/2021 21:25:40 CEST

Help C-Leak Group
URL: https://www.c-leak.com/
11/17/2021 20:56:19 CEST

Huge thanks, all of you!

Just wanted to say thanks to you all - after a great deal of help from many here, we're finally planning to launch a v5 update to our game on November 24th, which will add support for Linux & SteamDeck.

This is also native support, i.e. not via Proton etc. - which was a request repeated many times by people here in replies to our earlier threads.

A bunch of you stepped in to help us test the in-progress versions too; honestly we couldn't have done it without the help of this sub.

So, again, thankyou!

If you're interested, you can find out more info about the game and the new update here:


11/17/2021 20:27:05 CEST

With 6.2x Proton-GE releases, gamepad is not working with some games

With release 6.16-GE-1 gamepad is fully working with Dragon Ball - FighterZ or Halo MCC but since release 6.19 to latest (, no gamepad detected

OS : Batocera v32 (Archlinux based) / Mint 20.2 (Batocera is the main system on my "retrobox", Mint was to have a comparaison)

Installation type : flatpak installation of Steam/proton/Proton-GE

Is there anyone else with this issue ? If yes, is there a fix ?

11/17/2021 20:09:14 CEST

Speed Dreams Motorsport Simulator has a new web and domain
URL: /r/opensourcegames/comments/qw5vjp/speed_dreams_motorsport_simulator_has_a_new_web/
11/17/2021 19:40:39 CEST

Dysmantle gog.com version - no sound

Hey, I've bought Dysmantle today on gog, unfortunately the game has no sound.. Tried looking thru both protondb and winehq and there's no mention of sound not working.. Tried various versions of wine and the issue stays the same.. Other games inside the wineprefix works fine, I can also test the sound via winecfg..

So it got me thinking whether anyone else had similar issue and know what's missing/how to fix this?

11/17/2021 19:23:01 CEST

Streaming CS:GO on KDE using OBS, come show some love for Linux streaming!!!
URL: https://www.twitch.tv/panzerlop
11/17/2021 18:42:26 CEST

Cyberpunk 2077

Hello. Wonder if any of you could point me in the right direction.

So I have Cyberpunk 2077, GoG version which has been sat in my account for many months. I've a few days off coming up so thought I'd give it a go.

So I installed Lutris and set to work (I'm not much of a gamer as I don't have the time)

Cyberpunk runs, that's fine. But I cannot enable DLSS. Now, it should technically work. Least, according to this video where the guy demonstrates so https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umZ6skZx08w

Seems I'm quite up to date in terms of my system, which for graphics purposes is:

Vendor:          NVIDIA Corporation
OpenGL Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super/PCIe/SSE2
OpenGL Version:  4.6.0 NVIDIA 470.82.00
OpenGL Core:     4.6.0 NVIDIA 470.82.00
OpenGL ES:       OpenGL ES 3.2 NVIDIA 470.82.00
Vulkan:          Supported

But, I just cannot get it to allow me to enable DLSS in the options. It also won't allow enablement of ray tracing - but I'm not too fussed about that.

These are the options I have for the runner in Lutris:

Wine version lutris-fshack-6.21-3-x86_64 (I've also tried lutris-ge-6.21-x86_64)

Enable DVXK. v1.9.2L-3e64e1b Enable VKD3D v2.5L-db89d40 Enable D3D Extras v1 Enable DXVK-NVAPI / DLSS v0.5 Enable Esync Disable Fsync Disble AMD FidelityFX Disable Windows (virtual desktop)

I've run Control via Steam with Proton Experimental and can enable DLSS/Ray tracing on that, so my machine is certainly capable.

Any assistance gratefully received. Thanks!

11/17/2021 18:18:10 CEST

Trying to select a folder in WINE and am getting this popup. Does anyone know what it means? Can't find anything on it.
URL: https://i.redd.it/gg92fuz0v6081.jpg
11/17/2021 18:13:09 CEST

For anyone having problems with csgo

this is all imma say:

launch options:

%command% -novid

11/17/2021 17:58:36 CEST

Is Microsoft capping Xcloud bitrate on linux devices?

I started using xcloud a few weeks ago and realized that the image quality on Linux is much lower than on windows even using Edge on both systems, so I looked at the bandwidth usage on both system monitors and noticed that on linux it doesn't use more than 1 mbp/s, on windows it's around 10 to 15 mbp/s, in the following images it's not possible to distinguish so much difference in image quality, but in fullscreen the difference is huge...
Microsoft Edge on Manjaro

Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

Has anyone else noticed this?

11/17/2021 17:46:19 CEST

Can't get CS:GO to use nvidia GPU on Pop OS [Alienware m15 r5]

I've been over the starting guide but still can't get popos to run CS:GO correctly. It's getting around 50fps, which suggests to me it's not using the dGPU (nvidia 3070). Windows is 200+

I've also tried a few common things I found trying to troubleshoot;

  • installed nvidia-driver from pop shop
  • installed gamemod
  • Enabled steam play for all titles (proton experimental)
  • ran `sudo system76-power graphics nvidiaand rebooted`
  • tried difference launch options in steam game settings -`__NV_PRIME_RENDER_OFFLOAD=1 __VK_LAYER_NV_optimus=NVIDIA_only __GLX_VENDOR_LIBRARY_NAME=nvidia %command%` & `gamemoderun %command%`

Any other ideas?

11/17/2021 16:46:19 CEST

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey won't open even though it worked just fine the first 2 times. Please help

Here are the Lutris logs:https://pastebin.com/xjKGp7Vj

Here are my specs:

CPU: Intel i5-10400F (12) @ 4.300GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
Memory: 2417MiB / 15913MiB

I also run pop os


11/17/2021 15:51:30 CEST

Duke Smoochem 3D is turning into a hilarious look at Britain in Doom
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/duke-smoochem-3d-is-turning-into-a-hilarious-look-at-britain-in-doom/
11/17/2021 15:36:47 CEST

Ubuntu Maker Canonical Planning To Vastly Improve Its Documentation
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Better-Ubuntu-Docs-2021
11/17/2021 15:36:05 CEST

Sci-fi point and click adventure Warp Frontier released for Linux
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/sci-fi-point-and-click-adventure-warp-frontier-released-for-linux/
11/17/2021 14:43:33 CEST

You'll be able to save the bees together online in APICO
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/youll-be-able-to-save-the-bees-together-online-in-apico/
11/17/2021 14:43:25 CEST

Sound Open Firmware For AMD Audio Hardware Arrives, Initially For Renoir ACP
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=AMD-Sound-Open-Firmware-Renoir
11/17/2021 14:41:16 CEST

NVIDIA Looks To Improve Power Management For Linux VFIO PCIe Devices
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NVIDIA-Runtime-PM-VFIO-PCI
11/17/2021 14:41:07 CEST

Linux 5.17 To Support Temperature Monitoring For New AMD Zen Generation
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Linux-5.17-k10temp-New-AMD-Zen
11/17/2021 14:40:52 CEST

Copper Aims To Improve Mesa's Zink Efficiency In 2022
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Zink-Copper-2022
11/17/2021 14:40:38 CEST

Insurgency sandstorm working with each now

Hey guys, I just played several games of insurgency sandstorm without being kicked for anticheats, and I just did the normal quick play match search not specifically looking for servers with each disabled.

Seems they checked the couple of boxes to allow proton in their eac admin console, can anyone else confirm that this wasn't just a fluke for me?

11/17/2021 13:59:48 CEST

Kingdom Come: Deliverance on Steam Deck
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWGbyz4sBuc
11/17/2021 13:54:23 CEST

OBS reveals how Streamlabs has been using their project for profit and not respecting their work/branding. (No GPL violations though) (X-Post from /r/linux)
URL: https://twitter.com/OBSProject/status/1460782968633499651
11/17/2021 13:53:20 CEST

Something happened with my Overwatch shader compiler

I installed manjaro 1 week ago, at the firs launch of overwatch all was good, shaders compiled as fast as it was before, on second launch title "compiling shaders" was gone in 10 seconds.But on next launches shaders compiling never ends. It loads only 20-30 percent of my CPU and uses only 1 thread.

I switched wine versions,tried disable aco and gamemode, reinstalled mesa from pacman repos and just nothing. Have someone similar problem. I made research for this problem but didn't found any similar issues. I use Manjaro, Ryzen 5 1600 and RX570 8 gb

11/17/2021 13:48:52 CEST

Halloween The new nightmare - the first playable release for Linux x86-64


This is amazing! You can download a first playable version of Halloween: The new nightmare for Linux.
Initially, Farox was able to build this game on Linux x86-64, and he also fixed the issue with loading the TGA images.
Pocak100 solved many other issues that you can see below:

- Turn on automatic mipmap generation
- Add CMake as an alternative build method
- Enable window
- Let's show what we draw in the window
- Let us interact with the menu
- Don't skip the splash screen
- Fix console buffer overflow
- Reenable keyboard
- Load jpeg files using libjpeg-turbo
- Plug memory leak
- Don't delete textures in UnloadMap(), since we never reload them
- Nasty workaround to keep the mouse within the game window
- Grab all input while ingame
- Restore labels in the controls menu
- Rectify confusion between color and depth buffer bit depths
- Plug another leak
- Fix some minor buffer overflows
- We're not using GLU anymore

I would like to remind you that the commercial version was published for Linux in 2003, and now you can play it for free:


You can see how this game looks like in this video:


11/17/2021 13:20:42 CEST

CS:GO Freezes entire OS when loading maps.

This usually happens at "Initializing resources" or "Retrieving Game Data" and it freezes my entire OS to the point i have to restart it manually. Happens 2-3/5 times.


AMD Ryzen 3 2200g

8gb ram

Arch Linux

11/17/2021 12:32:46 CEST

CS:GO Freezes entire OS when loading maps.

This usually happens at "Initializing resources" or "Retrieving Game Data" and it freezes my entire OS to the point i have to restart it manually. Happens 2-3/5 times.


AMD Ryzen 3 2200g

8gb ram

Arch Linux

11/17/2021 12:28:07 CEST

Roblox wine lag

After installing both wine and grapejuice then downloading roblox and roblox studio, my game launches on like 10 fps or so idk why... i've seen many tutorials that talks about the same thing but nothing worked to fix my game lag

any solution that worked with anyone?

11/17/2021 12:00:48 CEST

Beyond All Reason aims to revive the RTS style of Total Annihilation;
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2020/11/beyond-all-reason-aims-to-revive-the-rts-style-of-total-annihilation
11/17/2021 11:54:29 CEST

MtG Arena loads fine and plays fine first time but subsequent attempts to load the game freeze

I'm using Lutris in Linux Mint and on a fresh install the game boots up just fine and I can play. However, on second launch of the game it "loads" but nothing actually happens. I get a static screen (looks like a frozen image of the screen before loading game) and lose my mouse cursor. I can tab out and force the game to close. Everything else I run via Lutris is working fine, this is the odd one out. If I uninstall and delete all files then reinstall I can once again play it, but only if I delete all files.

The logs weren't very helpful (will post so someone can tell me I'm wrong about that). So far I've tried doing a restart, killing all wine programs, adjusting seemingly everything adjustable in lutris configs. The only solution I could find via googling that sounded similar to my situation was to install winhttp.dll, but that was to no avail. Any help or suggestion, including satanic rituals, are appreciated.

PC specs:

  • Processor |AMD FX(tm)-8350
  • Memory | 24g DDR3
  • Graphics | GeForce GTX 1050 T


Started initial process 35976 from gamemoderun /home/anactualduck/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-mtga-5.0-x86_64/bin/wine /home/anactualduck/Games/magic-the-gathering-arena/drive_c/Program Files/Wizards of the Coast/MTGA/MTGALauncher/MTGALauncher.exe
Start monitoring process.
ERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/$LIB/libgamemodeauto.so.0' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (cannot open shared object file): ignored.
ERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/$LIB/libgamemodeauto.so.0' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (cannot open shared object file): ignored.
esync: up and running.
28 [1] INFO RootLog (null) - Initialized with Flavor: "Live"
43 [1] INFO RootLog (null) - Initialized with AppDir: "C:\Program Files\Wizards of the Coast\MTGA\"
791 [1] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Looking for Language in RegKey:Software\Wow6432Node\Wizards of the Coast\MTGArena
793 [1] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Key ProductLanguage doesn't Exist
794 [1] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Unable To Determine Language From Registry. Setting to English
796 [1] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Language Set
800 [1] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Loc Strings Populated
802 [1] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Status:Checking for Updates...
807 [3] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Retrieving userID
808 [3] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Setting userID with read to:65e894ba-c1d3-41c1-9f4e-438b8bfba56d
811 [4] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Admin Rights found! Initializing BI Manager.
811 [3] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Moving to Stage:CheckingVersion
812 [4] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Get Processor Count.
815 [4] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Setup PerformanceCounters.
821 [3] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Starting Version Check...
821 [3] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Status:Checking for Updates...
822 [3] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Starting Version Check Thread
839 [5] INFO DefaultLog (null) - HttpClient started.
872 [5] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Attempt 1 to get Doormat Version
1049 [4] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Failed to Start PerformanceCounters!
1055 [4] INFO DefaultLog (null) - System.InvalidOperationException: Category does not exist.
   at System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounterLib.CounterExists(String machine, String category, String counter)
   at System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounter.InitializeImpl()
   at System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounter..ctor(String categoryName, String counterName, String instanceName, Boolean readOnly)
   at System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounter..ctor(String categoryName, String counterName, String instanceName)
   at MTGALauncher.BIManager.<>c.b__29_0()
1057 [4] INFO DefaultLog (null) -    at System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounterLib.CounterExists(String machine, String category, String counter)
   at System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounter.InitializeImpl()
   at System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounter..ctor(String categoryName, String counterName, String instanceName, Boolean readOnly)
   at System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounter..ctor(String categoryName, String counterName, String instanceName)
   at MTGALauncher.BIManager.<>c.b__29_0()
1057 [4] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Done Initializing BI Manager.
1567 [5] INFO DefaultLog (null) - LauncherVersion From Doormat:
1568 [5] INFO DefaultLog (null) - ClientVersion From Doormat:0.1.3937.897822
1572 [5] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Parsing Launcher version:1.0.95
1573 [5] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Got local launcher version file:1.0.95
1580 [5] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Checking version
1581 [5] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Getting local version file
1598 [5] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Got Local file:MTGALauncher.VersionFile
1599 [5] INFO DefaultLog (null) - newest version:0.1.3937.897822
1600 [5] INFO DefaultLog (null) - current version:0.1.3937.897822
1601 [5] INFO DefaultLog (null) - On current version already. Launching MTGA!
1667 [5] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Adding message to queue: clientID:65e894ba-c1d3-41c1-9f4e-438b8bfba56d environmentID:Prod region: logLevel:Info sourceType:Installer messageType:ReinstallData details:{
  "LauVer": "",
  "Ver": "0.1.3937.897822",
  "sessID": "e9d14720-be97-4d0c-bde5-ac3ab195cfd8",
  "LaunchMTGA": "2021-11-17T07:47:23.4967648Z"
1671 [5] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Moving to Stage:MovingTo64BitPF
1672 [8] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Starting SendThread
1673 [8] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Stopping SendThread
1673 [5] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Moving to Stage:DownloadingUpdates
1677 [1] INFO DefaultLog (null) - Closing Window
1678 [1] INFO DefaultLog (null) - mtgaGlobal.CloseConfirmed:True
1679 [1] INFO DefaultLog (null) - mtgaGlobal.Stage:DownloadingUpdates
Initial process has exited (return code: 0)
wineserver crashed, please enable coredumps (ulimit -c unlimited) and restart.
11/17/2021 10:23:05 CEST

How to downgrade Skyrim Special Edition?

Is there a way to downgrade Skyrim Special Edition from 1.6 to 1.5.97? This thing doesn't run under Wine.

11/17/2021 10:07:49 CEST

GTA Vice City with a wineskin

I was following the instructions as given in this youtube link-https://youtu.be/2yK0TAvyQ5s

When I start the app I get this error- Cannot find 640x480 video mode

what do I do thanks in advance

11/17/2021 10:02:12 CEST

What is currently the best gba emulator for linux?

Tried to google this but came out pretty empty handed and couldn't found too many opinions on this. What is the state of gba emulation on linux and what emulators do people recommend?

11/17/2021 09:58:51 CEST

Star Citizen testing EAC with Proton/Wine

Latest patch for Star Citizen they introduced Easy Anticheat. They are specifically asking for Linux users to test EAC.

"With 3.15.1 we are adding EAC into Star Citizen. This currently has a few known issues that we are looking into and may cause a few community tools to not function.

With this we wanted to gather feedback and edge cases from other software that may cause problems launching the game. This includes running on linux through VM/Wine/Proton, DXVK, or using certain joystick tools like Thrustmasters T.A.R.G.E.T. and VPC Configuration Software (Virpil). We would also love extra attention on community tools and mods you may use and all feedback on these working or not working is very appreciated!"


11/17/2021 09:55:11 CEST

Save 33% on Space Haven on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/979110/Space_Haven/
11/17/2021 09:48:08 CEST

Base-building bronze-age RTS TFC: The Fertile Crescent has a new demo on Steam
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/base-building-bronze-age-rts-tfc-the-fertile-crescent-has-a-new-demo-on-steam/
11/17/2021 09:21:27 CEST

What cpu should i get for Linux gaming?

As the title states I'm looking for an upgrade. The 12600k + mobo and 5800X + mobo cost the same where I live, which one should I get? Any and all answers are greatly appreciated.

11/17/2021 09:20:26 CEST

issues with steam and nintendo switch pro controller

i'm on arch linux and i'm having issues with my nintendo switch controller, specifically when i use it to play monster hunter world iceborne. whenever the controller is plugged in and the game is running, the game crashes.

so i tried messing with controller configs and whatnot, no dice. then i tried messing with steam input. when i turn steam input off, the nintendo switch controller DOES work, but only partially (the bottom half of the analog stick and the d pad just don't register)

i'm really at a loss here, because the controller USED to work. in light of this, i tried switching to older proton versions still no dice!

this led me to think maybe it was the mods i had installed? so i took out the mods folder, put it somewhere else... it did nothing.

i've never really troubleshooted a problem like this before, so just some general direction would be really helpful!

11/17/2021 08:42:14 CEST

ProtonDB for native games?

So protondb.com is a super useful site that gives you an idea of how well a non-native game will work through proton and users will report a lot of potential fixes for things that break.

Given that some devs aren't always super thorough even when porting their games to linux, is there any equivalent resource for native games? Where people can report how well the native game works and post potential fixes?

11/17/2021 07:46:40 CEST

Experiences of configuring and using a 'hackendeck' homemade Steam Deck
URL: https://www.cnx-software.com/2021/11/17/hackendeck-homemade-steam-deck-configuration-and-benchmarks/
11/17/2021 07:09:56 CEST

Which version do you guys use for any use on android?

I installed wine on my android last night but i've been using it on my linux for quite a while now. but i didn't know there was a version for android so i installed 6.21 x64 wine version or just "arm" which is used for x64. So i opened wine after it was downloaded and installed,it got stuck on "setting up windows environment" And when i tell you that i left my phone to charge a whole night you better believe me that it still didn't work Pls help.

11/17/2021 06:52:06 CEST

Screen tearing fix with Proton?

Linux Mint 20.2, Nvidia GTX 770 graphics card, MATE de. Native Linux games look great. All proton games have a horizontal line of screen tearing in different places for each game. Any fix for this?

11/17/2021 05:17:41 CEST

Some problems with Mod Organizer

I recently got Lutris, Wine, and Mod Organizer on my Linux desktop computer. I got some mods and tried to play Skyrim: Legendary Edition (which I got from a key reseller, one which had tons of positive reviews) but ran into some problems.

First of all, when I tried to install SkyUI and A Quality World Map, I got these messages:


Secondly, having all the mods active causes the game to crash a few seconds into showing the Bethesda logo. It can't be that I have too many mods since all the mods I have currently are ones that I had on my Windows laptop before, and it ran fine.

11/17/2021 05:06:41 CEST

Ubuntu vs Manjaro AMD support

I'm planning to get a system with these specs

Ryzen 5 5600X

32GBs of RAM

RX 6700 XT

I like both the distros I mentioned, but which one has better support for AMD components?

11/17/2021 04:07:14 CEST

Fortnite is running on my Ubuntu 21.10 install!? (at least partially)

Y'all!!!! Fortnite is partially working on linux!!!!

I'm currently using the lutris installer for the epic game store, the wine staging build (6.20 as of writing)

Installed fortnite on the epic games store and now it's just working (it crashes after being in match but not because of anticheat things. DX issues )

11/17/2021 03:53:06 CEST

Does anyone know how to get any mod manager to work on Linux?

Linux not having any mod managers, or their installation on Linux being difficult, is the only thing keeping my Windows boot. I've tried both MO2 and Vortex through Lutris but neither seem to work. MO2 just says that Proton is missing, but I've got GE's Proton build installed, and Vortex just crashes, and mentions command 256. Not sure what that's supposed to mean. Can anyone on here help?

11/17/2021 03:47:15 CEST

Can't Install ESO Due to Lack of Space

I downloaded ESO from Steam (well, the launcher at least) and when I go to run the game it tries to install the remaining files. It says I need 20 gigs but there are only 7 available. I don't know how to increase the allocation or why it's saying there's only 7 left. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

11/17/2021 02:06:08 CEST

Steam Client Beta November 16: Steam Input &amp; Remote Play
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SteamClientBeta/announcements/detail/5680722896205759527
11/17/2021 00:26:34 CEST

What are we going to do with all those cheap GPUs once they become bitcoin obsolete?

Is it maybe about time to fix those crossfire bugs... question in the title.

11/17/2021 00:00:32 CEST

KCD on Steam Deck handheld gaming computer
URL: https://steamcommunity.com/games/379430/announcements/detail/4316132205202580552
11/16/2021 23:57:37 CEST

How give execute permissions to a drive?

Steam keeps telling me that in order to use my 12tb drive it needs execute permissions. I checked the properties in the files app and it says create and delete files for Me as well as my group. Do i need to give others create and delete permissions? Or is is execute something different and do i need to use the terminal to do it? Help would be appreciated.

11/16/2021 23:08:30 CEST

SPEED DREAMS - Boxer 96 Carson Edition at Brno
URL: https://youtu.be/LdjiX8PN8U0
11/16/2021 22:36:12 CEST

Playing Spore

So I started playing spore the other day using Wine on my Macbook. Obviously none of that is ideal, but specifically I've found some issues with the land/terrain being way too steep. Someone in another subreddit mentioned it was from Wine. Does anyone know if there is a fix for it?

11/16/2021 22:11:38 CEST

Warp Frontier - Linux &amp; Mac Launch
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/226280/view/5169564337046768164
11/16/2021 22:07:19 CEST

Can anyone provide a detailed set of instructions for a total noob on Manjaro to get a Windows 10 gaming VM set up?

I have fully switched to Linux on my main rig for a few weeks now, but am really missing some of the games I used to play on Linux.

I have a lot of applications I run like Plex and homebridge that I run on Linux so dual booting isnt very convenient. Id like to get a vm set up to play the few games that are unsupported, but play everything else natively in Linux to help support the growing community.

I can see that some people are able to use KVM and VFIO to get single gpu pass through working, but I cant find a complete guide for Manjaro KDE that walks me through this step by step.

Does anyone know of a guide I might be missing or is able to help walk me through?

11/16/2021 22:03:51 CEST

Proton is great, but it's implementation is heavily flawed.

I love Wine and Proton, I'm sure everyone does, one thing I picked up on was on Steam, Proton makes a new wine directory for every application it runs, whilst for my system Wine, the same directory is used.

Often these new wine directories will take up gigabytes of space, for me this is more data real estate I'm unable to afford. I honestly know peanuts about the development process into Wine and Proton, but why would Proton make a new wine directory for every game?

11/16/2021 21:28:49 CEST

Manjaro optimization

I've got Manjaro running on my rig as mint had some issues that this community said are unsolved for years.
I'm liking Manjaro a lot, yet I'm facing one issue, not even sure if it's an issue, but it's happening, I've spent 3 hours searching all around the internet for a solution, but no luck finding anything that would solve the issue.
Basically I feel like the performance of the whole system is lacking, stuttering on desktop windows and web browser; some games stutter too, some work ok (for example game that stutters: Albion online - native to linux; no stuttering game: league of legends - through lutris). Overall it seems the system doesn't want to work properly with the hardware and lacks full performance.
Maybe there are some setup and optimization steps I was not aware about or missed? Anything that you can easily find on google on youtube is done.
I'm running kernel 5.14.10-1
Manjaro with KDE desktop
CPU - AMD ryzen 3600x
GPU - Nvidia geforce 1660 super
16GB 2 stick RAM 3200MHz
AOC 144Hz 2k monitor + LG 60Hz 1920x1080 monitor

11/16/2021 21:22:43 CEST

CS:GO crashing with Linux native/Wine

Basically what the title says, just installed Manjaro and I tried running CS:GO on both native linux and Wine, but both start with a black screen and crash after ~15 seconds. When trying to run the .sh file of the game in Konsole, this is what pops up :

SDL video target is 'x11'
SDL failed to create GL compatibility profile (whichProfile=0!
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_EXT_framebuffer_object.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_EXT_framebuffer_blit.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_EXT_framebuffer_multisample.
This system DOES NOT support the OpenGL extension GL_APPLE_fence.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_NV_fence.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_ARB_sync.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_EXT_draw_buffers2.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_EXT_bindable_uniform.
This system DOES NOT support the OpenGL extension GL_APPLE_flush_buffer_range.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_ARB_map_buffer_range.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_ARB_occlusion_query.
This system DOES NOT support the OpenGL extension GL_APPLE_texture_range.
This system DOES NOT support the OpenGL extension GL_APPLE_client_storage.
This system DOES NOT support the OpenGL extension GL_ARB_uniform_buffer.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_ARB_vertex_array_bgra.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_EXT_vertex_array_bgra.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_ARB_framebuffer_object.
This system DOES NOT support the OpenGL extension GL_GREMEDY_string_marker.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_ARB_debug_output.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_EXT_direct_state_access.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_NV_bindless_texture.
This system DOES NOT support the OpenGL extension GL_AMD_pinned_memory.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_EXT_framebuffer_multisample_blit_scaled.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_decode.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_NVX_gpu_memory_info.
This system DOES NOT support the OpenGL extension GL_ATI_meminfo.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_EXT_texture_compression_dxt1.
This system DOES NOT support the OpenGL extension GL_ANGLE_texture_compression_dxt3.
This system DOES NOT support the OpenGL extension GL_ANGLE_texture_compression_dxt5.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GL_ARB_buffer_storage.
This system supports the OpenGL extension GLX_EXT_swap_control_tear.
failed to dlopen /home/racked/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/bin/engine_client.so error=/home/racked/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/bin/engine_client.so: wrong E
LF class: ELFCLASS32
AppFramework : Unable to load module engine_client.so!
Unable to load interface VCvarQuery001 from engine_client.so, requested from EXE.

Any help is greatly appreciated

11/16/2021 21:21:00 CEST

Just switched to Manjaro, marking my first time in 12 years trying a non-ubuntu/debian-based Linux OS. I am TERRIFIED, lol! Anything I should know about it?

Been up and running for about 45 minutes (using the KDE version of Manjaro), I have always been too scared to jump to the Manjaro / Arch side of things and have repeatedly distro-hopped around in Ubuntu or Debian based Distros. I am well familiar and comfortable with KDE Plasma DE but I have never ever used Pacman in all my life and am used to APT; I also don't know what the performance and support situation is like on this side of things. Anything really all that different between Kubuntu and KDE Manjaro aside from "sudo apt install" and "sudo pacman -S"?

11/16/2021 21:13:48 CEST

Minimum CPU for 1080p 60fps gaming in a Windows 10 VM (Ubuntu host)

So I'm looking into adding a 2nd GPU to my rig to use PCIe passthrough to a Windows 10 VM so that I don't have to use 2 PCs to play all the games I want

cough Back4Blood cough

The GPU I'm adding is a GTX 970, but my CPU is a Ryzen 5 3600. Would using 4 cores from that be enough to have a good experience in a VM or would I be better off using remote play on my 2nd PC? I have 32GB of RAM so I can give 16GB to the VM and be fine.

11/16/2021 21:09:09 CEST

Vulkan 1.2.199 Released With New Extension To Help VKD3D-Proton
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Vulkan-1.2.199
11/16/2021 21:04:34 CEST

Halo Infinite - Can't run on Wine.


root@linuxos-HP-ProDesk-600-G5-PCI-MT:/media/linuxos/Windows/Games/HaloInfinite# wine HaloInfinite

0034:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

0034:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

0068:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

0068:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

0080:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

0080:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

002c:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

002c:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

00f8:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

00f8:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

0100:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

0100:fixme:font:get_name_record_codepage encoding 20 not handled, platform 1.

00f8:err:virtual:virtual_setup_exception stack overflow 2064 bytes in thread 00f8 addr 0x7bc5a15d stack 0x1207f0 (0x120000-0x121000-0x520000)

11/16/2021 20:14:44 CEST

Borderland3 freezes when hitting tab and going into backpack

So the game runs fine ish on ubuntu 20.04 and using the latest version of heroic launcher. I have had to enable 'Auto Install/Update DXVK on Prefix' to get it to run at all. I am just playing as normal in a new game and each time I access my backpack the game will freeze and hang until I force quite. I tried waiting for it but it never unfroze. I dont know what logs or files might be useful here but if you give me a clue I can provide them. thank in advance

11/16/2021 20:09:16 CEST

A Steam Deck Console / HTPC

As Valve has released an API to build games against the locked hardware spec to hopefully improve game performance, do you think they would ever attempt another release of the steam console in house against that hardware? Basically a Steam Deck without build-in screen and controls that you attach to your TV, which could also double as a media centre with the ability to install apps from flathub.

I dont fancy getting a Steam Deck myself but would love to replace my HTPC!

11/16/2021 19:40:33 CEST

No Videos shown in Van Helsing

I'm using Ubuntu 20.04, 64 bit (Desktop)

I recently installed "The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing" (GOG Version) using Wine GE (v18) and Lutris.

The game runs fine, but unfortunately no videos are shown, they are always skipped.

Can someone help me get them to work?

11/16/2021 19:32:05 CEST

how do you get internet access on wine???

so, it's been a while since i installed Bloons TD 6 on my pc (manjaro linux), but he and other windousn programs can't access the internet even with dotnet installed and winetricks always gives this error "You are using a 64-bit WINEPREFIX. Note that many verbs only install 32-bit versions of packages. If you encounter problems, please retest in a clean 32-bit WINEPREFIX before reporting a bug."

I come here to ask for your help

11/16/2021 19:22:01 CEST

Save 46% on Kingdom Imperial Collection on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/9449/Kingdom_Imperial_Collection/
11/16/2021 19:06:37 CEST

Linux 5.17 To Boast A Big TCP Performance Optimization
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Linux-5.17-TCP-Optimization
11/16/2021 19:01:07 CEST


guys, I come here to ask you for help to help me solve my problem with BTD6, even with dotnet and wine installed I can't log in my account

11/16/2021 18:55:36 CEST

LTT used "apt-get" instead of "apt"...

...which can easily brick your DE. And it did. How did noone else notice this

11/16/2021 17:54:28 CEST

Ruined King and Hextech Mayhem on Linux Megathread
URL: /r/leagueoflinux/comments/qvbs8d/ruined_king_and_hextech_mayhem_on_linux_megathread/
11/16/2021 17:47:19 CEST

HOTAS flight stick drivers/button mapper for linux?

Im interested in a flight stick for games I play. However, I cant find generic driver/button mapping software for HOTAS sticks. All the official ones are windows only (I know WINE exists but still) and the only Linux one I found is only for the x52.

Is there a more generic driver/mapper for linux that is like the Steam mapper or something? I would like something powerful, agnostic, and generic, preferably with a GUI but Ill take what I can get.

11/16/2021 17:22:54 CEST

Waiting for debugger fix?
11/16/2021 17:03:52 CEST

GTA V crashing

I'm running nvidia 470.82 drivers on pop!_os 21.04. I got GTA V to run via Lutris and it runs fine but crashes whenever I try to go into graphics settings in the game's pause menu. Can anyone help?

11/16/2021 17:00:56 CEST

Fix for the lag on Discord on Linux after the 0.0.16 update!

This is a BetterDiscord theme that should fix the scrolling/server switcher lag on Discord. This is a very annoying issue and hopefully, it will be helpful to you fellas.

When the theme gets uploaded on the BetterDiscord themes page I will edit this post to add it here :)


11/16/2021 15:59:33 CEST

NVIDIA Releases Open-Source Image Scaling SDK With Cross-Platform GPU Support
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NVIDIA-Image-Scaling-SDK
11/16/2021 15:35:04 CEST

How to play Forza Horizon 5 on Linux with Proton Experimental Bleeding Edge
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy3Ui1Avh7o
11/16/2021 14:12:11 CEST

Ghost Recon now works with Lutris (until Ubisoft kicks us again)
URL: https://twitter.com/headassbtw/status/1460490062441816068
11/16/2021 13:01:31 CEST

Trying to play Civilization Beyond Earth on Solus Plasma

Hello there,

I'm currently on Solus Plasma 5 and trying to play Civilization Beyond Earth on it (I really love it) for 2 days now.

The game launch and crash instantly in linux native (I briefly see a black screen before it crash), and with proton it just does not launch at all (steam says game is playing but after a few seconds it says it is not playing).

I have looked around a lot on the internet, and none of the solution I found worked for me.

Here are the solutions I tried :

- Renaming .mov files

- Pre-loading an apparently missing 32bit library (From an old ubuntu version ?) with the PRE_LOAD launch option

- Tried the solution on the Arch Linux wiki to no avail

- Installed several 32 bits libraries with Solus software center that (to my understanding) are the solus version of the 32 bits libraries of Ubuntu for this game

- Checked that the 32 bits version of Nvidia drivers are installed

None worked unfortunately (still instant crash), other 32 bits games work, like Dead Space (albeit through proton), Total War Warhammer 2 and Project Zomboid for example.

Here are my specs :

Graphic Card : EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 11GB GDDR5X

Processor : Intel Core i7-8700k 3.7Ghz

Hard Drive : Crucial CT1000MX500SSD1(Z) SSD MX500 (1To, 3D NAND, SATA)

Motherboard : Gigabyte Z370AORUS

RAM : Corsair Vengeance LPX 16Go (2x8Go) DDR4 3000MHz

Also, when I try to launch the game through the command line (with steam steam://rungameid/65980), the only thing that seems to be relevant before failing is steam telling me that steam_native is deactivated by the user.

I checked if steam linux runtime was installed and it is too.

Did anyone on Solus made it run ? It would be a bummer if not as I really love this game.

If any information is missing, don't hesitate to ask as this is the first post like that that I make (or even my first post at all I think).

11/16/2021 12:59:05 CEST

Spirited Thief is a turn-based heist game in open alpha with native Linux support. Help me make sure it works on other distros!
URL: https://youtu.be/tBnrbfY05o0
11/16/2021 12:50:26 CEST

Does Fortnite Save the World work on Linux?

I don't think STW requires an anti cheat. Is it possible to play just STW? Or is it not even worth downloading?

11/16/2021 12:47:33 CEST

Save 90% on Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/234270/Ken_Folletts_The_Pillars_of_the_Earth/
11/16/2021 12:20:33 CEST

GPU does not meet minimal requirements

The title. I do have vulkan functioning and the latest proton version on steam downloaded but still cant start the witcher 3. I am really beyond confused because I cant find any logs which can me point at the error. It says that Directx 11 is missing but I am on linux so how can I download it? I also upgrade my drivers but it still didnt work. It would be great if anyone could help me with this. Thanks in advance.

My GPU is a rx 5500xt 8gb

The Error:

GPU does not meet minimal requirements. Support for DirectX 11 is required.

11/16/2021 11:57:18 CEST

Ubuntu 18.04 + nvidia driver 495 + wayland = no glxinfo


I switched to wayland using the plasma-workspace-wayland package, installed nvidia 495.44 driver but glxinfo does not list the nvidia card anywhere, only the Intel chip. Nvidia is a Laptop Quadro M1000M chip.

xwayland 2:1.19.6-1ubuntu4.9

wl_display_connect does work.

Any suggestions?


11/16/2021 11:26:38 CEST

Steam ntfs3 support

I tried launching steam games from a ntfs drive using the new driver ntfs3 but had no luck.Any ideas how to make it work without making my drive ext4?

11/16/2021 11:22:55 CEST

What are the status of BF 2042, Origin Lutris playability?

I recently played through the battlefield series on Linux and now i wonder if also 2042 would work? I havn't gotten to installing it yet through my premium pro subscription on Origin.
Can someone update me on this if they have tried it? I see there are a couple of posts on this, but they are months old by now. Whats the status today?

11/16/2021 11:18:07 CEST

Watch Dogs 2 not installing on Heroic

Heroic games refuses to install watch dogs 2 for some reason. I just get an error every time i try to install it. Every other game installs just fine. Anyone know why?

I dont think it will help but im on arch linux

Also i tried using lutris but that just resulted in the game installing but crashing every single time i try load it up

11/16/2021 11:11:49 CEST

Battlefield 2042

I purchased it via Steam, paying the full price (cdkeys were just $3-4 below), just to have the option to run it directly in Linux, instead of a VM. BF3 was working almost perfect, including multiplayer.

Has anybody tried it yet with succession?

11/16/2021 10:29:15 CEST

Valve provides a deep dive into Steam Decks custom hardware design
URL: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/11/valve-provides-a-deep-dive-into-steam-decks-custom-hardware-design/
11/16/2021 10:11:41 CEST

It looks like UFO Alien Invasion is dead
URL: https://ufoai.org/wiki/News
11/16/2021 07:49:09 CEST

KDE developer thinks they will become the 'Windows or Android' of the FOSS world
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/kde-developer-thinks-they-will-become-the-windows-or-android-of-the-foss-world/
11/16/2021 07:39:06 CEST

Check out some upcoming games made with Godot Engine with Linux support
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/check-out-some-upcoming-games-made-with-godot-engine/
11/16/2021 07:39:00 CEST

Forza Horizon 5 multiplayer should work on Linux with Proton Experimental
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/forza-horizon-5-multiplayer-should-work-on-linux-with-proton-experimental/
11/16/2021 07:38:43 CEST

Proton Experimental bleeding-edge better use of / less demanding on CPU &amp; FSR support?

Can anyone confirm that? I changed the resolution in a game & it looked blurry, but after restarting the game it seemed to pay attention to WINE_FULLSCREEN_FSR=1 WINE_FULLSCREEN_FSR_STRENGTH=2 %command%

11/16/2021 07:17:07 CEST

This new mod puts Jazz Jackrabbit in the Doom engine
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/this-new-mod-puts-jazz-jackrabbit-in-the-doom-engine/
11/16/2021 07:12:18 CEST

KDE developer thinks they will become the 'Windows or Android' of the FOSS world | GamingOnLinux
URL: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/kde-developer-thinks-they-will-become-the-windows-or-android-of-the-foss-world/
11/16/2021 06:45:08 CEST

Metro Exodus Running on Linux with Proton (RX 6900 XT, 4K)
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myg6-CRbQLs
11/16/2021 06:26:09 CEST

How do you get League of Legends to run on Manjaro?

I tried the Lutris route and found no success... I followed some other guides but I cannot get the game to launch at all. Is there a better way to get League of Legends to run on Manjaro Linux?

11/16/2021 06:10:11 CEST

Wireless Gaming Mice with the best linux support

I find myself in need of a new wireless gaming mouse- was wondering if there are any wireless gaming mice that have notoriously strong linux support? I'm looking for something that can change dpi.

11/16/2021 03:56:08 CEST

I daily drive a Linux VM on a Windows Host and am dying to reverse that due to my moderate gaming hobby... is it ready for my needs/machine you think?

The Machine:

  • 8750h

  • rtx 2070mq (90w)

  • 32gb ddr4

  • 1.5tb NVME

The Games:

  • Emulators (Dolphin with Melee Netplay is a must)

  • Overwatch (I like it but could def survive without)

  • Age of Empires 4

  • Pummel Party

  • MGSV Phantom Pain (still keeps bringing me back!)

  • Fall Guys (I'm ready to give it up due to it's use of EAC though)

  • Titanfall 2

  • The Sims 4

Research shows mixed results.. especially with Overwatch. I'd be willing to give up Fall Guys and Overwatch for the sake of being able to daily drive Linux again. Just skimming my specs and this list, do you think it's possible for me?

11/16/2021 03:37:38 CEST

Worst time to be a Linux gamer?

Converted to full time about two months ago after years of dual-booting. The recent release of not only BF2042 but also Halo is rough considering they both wont run at all. Here is to hoping the steam deck boosts support of the devs on this platform.

11/16/2021 03:22:06 CEST

Latest GloriousEggroll released this 28 minutes ago 6.21-GE-2 as at time of this Post


Proton-6.21-GE-2 Released

Latest GloriousEggroll released this 28 minutes ago 6.21-GE-2

This is a hotfix to apply the following important revert from Valve:


Additionally, the release files for Proton-6.21-GE-1 have been removed to aide in further preventing people from accidentally launching Destiny 2 and getting themselves banned, per the above hotfix.

11/16/2021 02:39:45 CEST

Winge laggs on linux mint, please help!

I downloaded wine and lutris, set it up and everything is fine, but when I enter the game (World of tanks) it just starts to lagg like crazy, cant even click the settings.

11/16/2021 02:36:58 CEST

Linux friendly wireless gaming headsets? Do they exist?

Hi all, New to Linux as well as wireless headsets. It seems like time to try going cable-less.

So far I am looking at "Astro a50s" and "HyperX Cloud 2". The subs around those two companies are not the most helpful (I'm seeing mixed threads about not getting the full surroundsound working on the a50s which makes the price difficult to justify) so I was hoping you lovely folks would have an idea of what plays nice with Tux.

I am also open to any other wireless headset suggestion!

11/16/2021 01:51:10 CEST

Ryujinx October 2021 Progress Report
URL: https://blog.ryujinx.org/progress-report-october-2021/
11/16/2021 01:06:04 CEST

Initial setup

Hello, I just installed linux mint on my PC. I wanted to know what would be good first steps to set up the system and get it ready for work and gaming? I've updated all the drivers and now wondering what to do next to optimize the system well for daily driving.

Also an issue I ran into after installing linux mint - when I move any of my windows, they stutter a lot, like a very low refresh rate, moving the mouse around the screen is ok, it's just the windows. All refresh rates set properly, nvidia updated. GPU - Nvidia 1660 super 2 displays - 2560x1440 144hz and a 1920x1080 60hz Is there any way to fix it or am I stuck with it and should get used to it?

11/16/2021 00:11:06 CEST

I really hope Valve keeps pushing SteamOS

A little while ago I was looking for the best distro to use with my eventual custom built living room "console". I remembered about SteamOS from back when the Steam box released and doing some more research led me to diacover the new Steam Deck. SteamOS is exactly what I need cause it'll let me use my living room pc with just a console. The added benefit also is that if more people use it (thanks to the Steam Deck) then gaming on Linux becomes more popular and maybe more developers will start supporting Linux.

TL/DR I hope Valve keeps pushing SteamOS and maybe even continues to make their own systems running it since I believe it'll do wonders for pushing gaming on Linux gaming into the mainstream

11/15/2021 23:03:09 CEST

Survived one day on Linux before having to go back; proprietary anti-cheat has got to go.

Been eyeing the gaming situation on Linux for years, and finally ended up going back after ten years as it seemed Proton finally solved the equation for gaming on the platform. Installed Pop! and enjoyed it greatly for a day! CS:GO ran much better without the Windows overhead, and through a little bit of tinkering I managed to get my precious Isaac to run excellently. Finally free of Microsoft's constant iron fist.

Then, suddenly, Halo: Infinite just straight up drops. I'm super eager as I've been waiting for quite a while for this, so I jump at it. Yep, installs just fine! Time to play, right?

lolno, Windows-only anti-cheat software.

Here I go, installing Windows again... This bullshit has to go if the Steam Deck and Linux gaming is going to take real root. Sure, it's cool that most games will run; but hardcore gamers today play primarily e-sports adjacent multiplayer games, at least in my circles. League, RL, Valorant... People who don't know better (and this isn't their fault) are going to be *pissed* if the SDeck launches and the "next big thing" decides to run with a Denuvo/EAC/other generic DRM or anti-cheating measure that only handles Windows comes integrated with it.

Unbelievable nonsense. Now I have to run with another drive that's a quarter Windows, a quarter pagefile or some dumb crap and the rest straight up just Halo Infinite. I'm a simple man, I don't want to have to interface with my BIOS every single time my broskis want to put the pew pew into aliens and tank some SBMM rating online. Sheesh. A big FU to this type of software, honestly.

11/15/2021 22:04:52 CEST

Running Zeus Master of Olympus through Winebottler - stuttering image


I have bought Zeus through GOG and I am trying to running on a 2012 MacBook that uses Sierra. It did not work through Wine, I could get the sound of the intro and the menu but there was nothing on my screen besides some fat white and blue lines.

Someone recommended Winebottler on r/impressionsgames and it did do a good job at installing it because now I can see the intro and the title menu but I can see it with major flaws: the screen is riddled with black lines, it's flashing white and it also clears up from the bottom up like an old TV reading a VHS if you know what I mean.

Does anyone know how to fix the graphics issue?

11/15/2021 21:58:36 CEST

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite was just released on Steam! Has anyone gotten it to work on Proto yet?

11/15/2021 21:53:13 CEST

Is vsync broken for you too? (NVIDIA 495.44 on X11 Arch Linux)

The last two stable releases have had vsync stutter for me, anyone else experiencing this? I Tried War Thunder and Xonotic with vsync enabled and they both had rock solid stable 60 fps but it stutterered every second or so.

11/15/2021 21:50:46 CEST

ESO launcher can't connect after upgrading prefix to new Wine version

ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) recently released a patch that broke the game and as I was reading around I found that some people had luck using lutris-ge-6.20 or a more recent version.

Before that I was using lutris-fshack 6.10 and had a working launcher but the actual game would crash when starting it from the launcher.

With the newer Wine version the launcher doesn't seem to connect to the servers at all. Doesn't display news, update, etc.

I tried re-creating the prefix and moving the game files to the new prefix, also tried installing the launcher in a fresh prefix but seem to be facing the same issues regardless.

Here's part of the output:

012c:err:kerberos:kerberos_LsaApInitializePackage no Kerberos support, expect problems
012c:fixme:iphlpapi:NotifyAddrChange (Handle 006DDE1C, overlapped 062E5C88): stub
012c:fixme:winsock:WSALookupServiceBeginW (006DDD1C 0x00000ff0 006DDC84) Stub!
[1115/213116:ERROR:network_change_notifier_win.cc(143)] WSALookupServiceBegin failed with: 8

Any ideas?

I'm using Lutris and Arch Linux (latest zen kernel). I installed the game a long time ago and it's been working fine until now.

11/15/2021 21:35:33 CEST

Is halo infinite working on linux yet

I just saw that the halo infinite multiplayer beta is out until december 8th so im wondering does it work on linux with any proton and wine versions. I really want to play it. if it doesnt work im just gonna go dual boot windows just for it.

11/15/2021 21:34:30 CEST

Where can i find steam game logs ?

I tried to launch halo infinite beta but I can't, I would like to look at the logs to find out what's going on but I don't know where they are, it's possible to help me ?

11/15/2021 21:14:47 CEST

Possible to autostart steam without starting up desktop or x session?

Hey folks - the use case I'm looking to fill here is to basically make my desktop a little game streaming server (on my local network) without ever having to connect it to an external display. I'd love to just be able to press a button to turn the desktop on, and then steam link in easy peazy.

I already can do this for ssh, is there a way to do something similar with steam? On startup perhaps a systemd role turns the steam link daemon on and from there connect as needed.

I've seen other similar questions: https://askubuntu.com/questions/431860/launch-steam-games-without-a-x-desktop-running but these seem more oriented to just starting steam in big picture mode so they can use a desktop as a console. I would rather use it as a streaming server.

I don't have a ton of hope seeing if I try to start steam in a headless session I get:

$ steam
Running Steam on ubuntu 20.04 64-bit
STEAM_RUNTIME is enabled automatically
Steam runtime environment up-to-date!
Steam client's requirements are satisfied
WARNING: Using default/fallback debugger launch
/home/darrien/.steam/debian-installation/ubuntu12_32/steam -nominidumps -nobreakpad
[2021-11-15 15:04:21] Startup - updater built Oct 13 2021 19:47:06
src/steamexe/updateui_xwin.cpp (338) : Could not open connection to X
src/steamexe/main.cpp (849) : failed to initialize update status ui, or create initial window

Is there a headless steam I could use for this purpose?

11/15/2021 21:05:51 CEST

does anyone have any clipping softwear i can use

i need some clipping softwear like shadowplay where i can save clips other than obs which i dont want to have installed cause its kinda bloat if i only use it for that, i need something lightweight that can have a GUI or can be a terminal app

11/15/2021 20:59:21 CEST

Any news on Halo Infinite?

They apparently just randomly dropped a multiplayer beta today and Im curious if anybody knows/has had a chance to get it running on Linux. I know the master chief collection used eac so Im curious if theyre doing the same here, or if their anti-cheat is incompatible with Linux systems.

11/15/2021 20:08:03 CEST

Manjaro vs linux mint

Hello, I wanted to know from someone more experienced. I did some research and chose a list of distros to install on my gaming/work pc. I stopped at a choice between manjaro and mint. What are pros and cons of these 2 distros when it comes to gaming and coding in python/javascript (which is my job)

11/15/2021 19:51:07 CEST

"Yes, do as I say!" - A NEW Linux user's response to Linus Tech Tips
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXWw2uHzkUc
11/15/2021 19:37:28 CEST

Please Help! Trying to game on Mac.

I downloaded a game called warlock and boobs. It's a .exe file so I downloaded WINE and WINE bottler and tried to launch it. It didn't work I tried searching forums but I'm not very techy. I'm running BigSur 11.5.1 on the MacBook Air M1, 2020 Does anyone have any advice for me or do I need to be more technologically fluent to run games with Wine on my Mac. Thanks in advance!

11/15/2021 19:33:54 CEST

If mac had better gaming support would you switch? (Repost)

I was thinking about this yesterday and was wondering what you guys would do? For me i would stick with linux.

This is a repost as i did not write the title correctly the first time.

11/15/2021 18:13:44 CEST

Bright Memory: Infinite - GTX 1650 - 1080p 60FPS thru FSR
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_viznZl7mcM
11/15/2021 18:04:55 CEST

Wine Christmas tree
URL: https://lifestyles7.com/wine-christmas-tree0?s=hanes-5250&c=Black&p=FRONT
11/15/2021 17:58:56 CEST

Best setup for repurposing trashed hds as game library storage?

So, games are getting bigger, just like that pile of hds with bad sectors of yours. You are a responsible person and would never trust your mission critical data into those drives on the verge of death. However game files are not mission critical, you can always download them again when the bad sectors turn into grinding and screeching.

Using these drives as is will not work with "plain" filesystems, such as ext4, because they will happily return rotten bits as long as its metadata is fine. "smart" filesystems, such as zfs, sit on the other end of the spectrum, by being "too good" at preserving your data. So good that they tend to kick drives out of the pool when they fail too much. What a bunch of snobs!

Running badblocks on a drive and feeding ext4 the list of bad sectors will get you covered until more bad sectors arise, at which point you will have no idea it happened until games start acting up.

One way to go around this could be combining both approaches: create a ext4 filesystem with badblocks and then layer zfs on top as a raw file. Assuming enough redundancy, whenever zfs scrub screams it would be a matter of running fsck on ext4 to update the badblocks list.

PS: don't wanna sound salty but please refrain from commenting stuff like "just get a brand new hd", it only adds noise to the discussion.

11/15/2021 17:28:09 CEST

non-steam-games on proton

(how) is it possible to run non steam games like minecraft, lol, wow or gta from the rockstar launcher?

11/15/2021 17:24:24 CEST

If mac had better linux support would you switch?

I was thinking about this yesterday and I wonder what you guys would do? Personally i would stick with linux

11/15/2021 16:41:06 CEST

Linux CPS/Debounce time

I am playing MC 1.8.8 with glorius model o(I Have minimun debounce time). On windows i have 24cps but in linux it did not register my drag click(with drag click l have 1cps). Is there any way to disable this cps killer? Thanks

11/15/2021 16:00:13 CEST

Linux 5.16 Features Include FUTEX2, Intel AMX, Folios, DG2/Alchemist, More Apple Silicon Support&lt;/p&gt;
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=linux-516-features&num=1
11/15/2021 15:25:58 CEST

Would we see a high influx of new Linux users since the insane requirements of Windows 11 or does the history repeat itself (Windows 8 and Windows Vista)?

Would we see a high influx of new Linux users since the insane requirements of Windows 11 or does the history repeat itself (Windows 8 and Windows Vista)?

11/15/2021 15:02:58 CEST

All Linux Gamers Who wants to play Destiny 2

Bungie still refuses to allow for Linux players to enter the game without fear of being banned. Please let yourselfs be known if you want to see Destiny 2 in your Linux gaming library and why.

BattleEye which are the antincheat that Destiny 2 runs with is supporting proton and has left it to the game developers to decide if they want to go at it with Linux. I hear that all the game developers have to do is login to the devportal of BattleEye and check a box and it would run! This infuriates me to hear...

Bungies terms of use still calls Linux a modified operating system and states proton as an emulator, i thought this subject was already sorted out.

Linux has come a long way in terms of gaming and support, but still has ways to go. Bungie among others still have no intention of allowing Linux users to play their games.

I myself was a windows gamer up until a few months ago. I had plans to get into Linux as soon as i was sure Destiny 2 would be playable. But i got sick of waiting so i went at it rather sooner than later.

Tell me if you agree, i want to do something about this.

11/15/2021 14:56:15 CEST

DOOM Eternal "Failed to allocate video memory."

As the title says, I get an error about failing to allocate video memory, this happens very shortly after the loading screen appears. I attempted this fix: +rgl_showNvidiaStartupWarning 0 posted in protondb but it didn't work, I'm using 495.44-1 nvidia drivers on Arch Linux with the 5.15.2 kernel.

11/15/2021 14:32:47 CEST

Steam hammering on hard drive

I have this bizarre issue with the Steam Client on my Manjaro XFCE.

Steam keeps hammering my hard drive, constantly writing to it at some piddly 400KiB/s. There are no downloads going on. This never stops. When I try to exit the client, there's always this dialog about stopping a download for Steam Input Configs.

With lsof I've determined that the path being written to are files in .local/share/Steam/steamapps/workshop/downloads/

There's 1919 files in there, each 24-bytes, with a name like state_241100_241100_614902891.patch. These files are either getting written to over and over, or created and deleted constantly. It's just scrolling by too fast for me to see what exactly is happening, except that their number or size doesn't seem to be growing.

I have given rwx permissions to every file and/or directory that belongs to steam for all users. I've also tried clearing the download cache, as well as checking the filesystem for errors. No dice.

I'm running Steam from the Manjaro repos, whether with native or steam runtime libs doesn't seem to make a difference. Stable vs beta also doesn't make a difference.

I imagine that this will eventually make a mess of my SSD. I've contacted steam support but they've been predictably unhelpful. Other than not using Steam, any ideas?

11/15/2021 14:32:05 CEST

Announcing the 2021 Godot games showreel!
URL: https://godotengine.org/article/announcing-2021-godot-games-showreel
11/15/2021 14:30:03 CEST

Escoria framework (Libre framework for making point and click games in Godot)
URL: https://github.com/godot-escoria
11/15/2021 14:27:22 CEST

Question on multiple monitors

How is support for multiple monitors on linux? I really don't like what MS is doing with Windows 11 (or 10 for that matter), and I'm considering switching to linux. I run 2 monitors with different resolutions next to each other, and i'd like to keep that setup, if possible.

11/15/2021 14:22:27 CEST

This is what happens when you run evolution sim The Sapling for 7 days straight
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Py7HlheUKuM
11/15/2021 14:17:59 CEST

[Pop OS][Dota 2] Extremely low fps and unresponsive UI

Hi guys, I have recently installed Pop OS to use it on my main system. I mostly play dota 2 and the performance was good (basically same as win10) as it is native.

Although, recently I got this prompt about changing the graphics API to vulkan when launching the game. And post that, the game has become ultra un responsive. It literally takes 2-5 seconds for UI stuff to respond and I am getting less than 10 fps in game (used to get 200+).

Also, I will point out that I was using vulkan before this prompt too.

I have tried changing shader cache settings in steam and I have even reinstalled the game. But it seems like something else broke.

11/15/2021 14:13:50 CEST

Is it possible to install Microsoft Solitaire on Linux ?

My parents played Microsoft solitaire before i installed Linux on their PC, and the problem is that other solitaire games i searched for and installed simply aren't the same. the only solution is to have Microsoft Solitaire. the best would probably be through Wine.

Is it possible to install Microsoft Solitaire straight on linux in any way? Cracked or not, just that it works with no ADS. i need help with this because i haven't been able to find a solution or a downloadable solitaire somehow. feel free to also PM me if posting links isn't allowed.

11/15/2021 14:04:26 CEST

How many signatures would be required for a petition to get Bungie to email Valve so we can play Destiny 2?

otherwise we might all be old and grey by the time this happens.

11/15/2021 13:32:05 CEST

Save 85% on Sid Meiers Civilization VI on Steam
URL: https://store.steampowered.com/app/289070/Sid_Meiers_Civilization_VI/
11/15/2021 13:27:11 CEST

Deleted my remaining Windows Partition

Really happy with how this has turned out, like a huge weight has been lifted.

So the last straw with Windows for me was audio driver issues. I tried to see if I can do a fresh reinstall of windows from a usb to fix the issue but my BIOS just doesnt want to install to the ssd with ventoy. I eventually gave up and just embraced the end of Windows.

11/15/2021 13:20:55 CEST

Lutris Wine 6.21-2 released
URL: https://github.com/lutris/wine/releases/tag/lutris-6.21-2
11/15/2021 12:54:21 CEST

I'm making a Linux-supported game set in a post-POST-apocalyptic world where you play as an Ex-zombie! Demo available.
URL: https://v.redd.it/62xxcyb5yqz71
11/15/2021 12:43:02 CEST

Grand Theft Auto III Definitive Edition Running on Linux with DXVK
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0dDrOO-Ls8
11/15/2021 12:43:02 CEST

Intel's Linux Graphics Driver To Allow Runtime Power Management Auto-Suspend By Default
URL: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Intel-i915-pm_runtime_allow
11/15/2021 12:40:33 CEST

I'm making a game set in a post-POST-apocalyptic world where you play as an Ex-zombie! Demo available.
URL: https://v.redd.it/g2uwc6xzuqz71
11/15/2021 12:27:40 CEST

GTA Vice City - The Definitive Edition

I'm attempting to play the new Vice City remaster on Linux. Weirdly enough, just double clicking Launcher.exe/ViceCity.exe will allow the game to run - but it feels extremely weird and wrong invoking wine manually, rather than setting up a wineprefix through Lutris.

If I run the game through something like Lutris, PlayOnLinux or Bottles, I get this very descriptive error - "Couldn't start the game".

Has anybody got a solution for this?

11/15/2021 10:56:28 CEST

Any way to start Skyrim SE offline, but still the option to log in in Creation Club ingame.

I want to use the free CC Content from the free upgrade.

So i keept Skyrim from updating. And start it offline. But then i can not log in in CC to download the free Content ingame. Any Idea?

11/15/2021 10:43:31 CEST

What are the percentages on protondb?

When I look at the Top Ten popular games, there is written:

Borked: 40% Bronze+: 30% Silver+: 30% Gold+: 20% Platinum: 0% Native: 30%

But when I look at the bar below, it looks totally different.

40% borked seems to be about correct, but there es not a single bronze game, and the 30% silver look much smaller than the 30% native. It doesn't even add up to 100%.

Similar stuff applies to the other bars, for example the bronze bar is in no way 61% or 69%. And even just silver and gold are more than 100%.

Is this just a bug? Or do these percentages imply something completely different?

11/15/2021 10:12:31 CEST

pirated games on linux?

i haven't switched to linux yet, but will my pirated games work on linux? if my only option is to emulate them what kind of performance hit can i expect? what do i even use to emulate them, wouldn't proton detect that the game is pirated? (i have no idea how proton works, or even looks like)

11/15/2021 09:58:29 CEST

Gentoo users declining

I feel the gentoo users are constantly declining every year. Is it true or just seems like that to me? Calling out gentoo folks in this community

11/15/2021 09:03:57 CEST

Proton GE for playonlinux

can anyone tell how to use Proton GE as runner on Playonlinux?

11/15/2021 08:19:31 CEST

Does anyone know how to fix this on gat trilogy definitive edition
URL: https://i.redd.it/rihg6hebgpz71.jpg
11/15/2021 07:40:46 CEST

Aspyr 25th Anniversary Bundle (pay what you want and help charity) with some good native Linux games
URL: https://www.humblebundle.com/games/aspyr-25th-anniversary
11/15/2021 07:29:10 CEST

Hello fellow Linux buddies, I just found my favourite distro today. It is EndeavourOS, it was going perfectly until I decided to run some of my favourite games. I literally cant find any info on this issue online. Can someone teach me how to troubleshoot this? Everything is up to date.
URL: https://v.redd.it/a0j9ljb8cpz71
11/15/2021 07:17:42 CEST

Linux Newbie asking about "storage help" :P

Recently, I've started the migration to Linux. Its going pretty 'okay'. Minor issues here and there, a bit re-learning process for me, as I've used just Windows products since 1990.
My current issue is this:
I have a dual boot of Windows 10 ( which I currently still need for some specific programs ) have Mint 20. I've spent a good amount of time stumbling around and finally got a lot of things working like I like, however, I've hit a wall.
The Wall being Steam, and Linux's filing method.
Everything wants to install in /home. (c drive )
So my C drive, is 500gb SSD.
I have added a secondary SSD 1tb.
THe secondary in the past was mainly for my windows installation of steam.
I want to try and get steam installed and running on Linux as I will be streaming mainly from Linux.
My issue is that Linux does not boot anything that I've installed in a library on the 1tb SSD.
( ext4 file system on it now, and set to bootable, partitioned into 500gb partitions. )
I spent a few days, trying this ot that, in regards to getting Steam going, I'll get a bit of headway, I managed to get a couple games working, things were installing in my steam library on the 1tb drive,
and, then run into something else. That mainly being the Ptroton adds for a few games were not installing on the 1tb drive, but rather the /home drive.
So All this process, and the need to install more and more, base programs, has resulted in, Tonight, where I got the message that I didn't have anymore space. :/
I want to just say "install X program to 1tb SSD" But as far as all my searching has told me, that can't be done.
My second thought, was get Linux to boot on the 1tb drive. However, I have spent a lengthy bit of time getting this copy how I like it, through trial and error, and I am not entirely sure, I can easily get some things working again, if I installed a fresh copy of Minton the bigger SSD.
Cloning the drive is currently giving me a migraine.
Most videos, and help pages, automatically assume the person is not a newbie so it is explained 'tech to tech' Which isn't always helpful.
One almost promising artical, had someone asking what I am asking, and the reply was ( a paraphrased: ) " Well I will just assume you arent a gamer and dealing with Steam, so here is X solution, good luck."
Yeah after reading that I was like... " I need an answer, a simple yes or no, "
Can it be done?
Is if so, is there a newbie-friendly "Linux for Dummies" type answer for me?

11/15/2021 06:42:50 CEST

Any Linux Arm users have any experience using AMDGPU on arm ?
URL: https://youtu.be/UMg7YeA5kmI
11/15/2021 06:33:26 CEST

How do I mod on Ubuntu

So I'm trying to mod Saints Row 4 for graphics but I can't find any tutorials except for Windows and that would be fine if when I used wine to download winzip or winrar it tells me I need windows 7 or higher. Besides that, I can't find any mod managers or any way to mod it. How do I do this?

11/15/2021 05:29:06 CEST

Are there any game filter type programs for linux?

When I look up game "filters" I get unrelated results.

So to clarify I mean FILTERS like what nvidia has default in windows with their overlay.

Any programs at all to achieve this result?

11/15/2021 05:29:05 CEST

Elite Dangerous on Linux, intel graphics: crash with DXVK/acid colors without DXVK


I have epic games version of the game and launching it with Legendary.

I'm trying to run Elite Dangerous (basic, not odyssey or horizons) but it,

A) in case of using DXVK (even with lowest settings) and normal resolution, it crashes during loading of training mission (I tried several versions of DXVK such as :1.9.2, 1.9.1, 1.8.1, 1.8, 1.7.3 to avoid regression but got the same result ). I tried to search about that error, google told me people get it with overclocked GPU or small VRAM. Full Terminal output: https://pastebin.com/ew2cucxN.

B) in case of DXVK and small resolution (less than 640x480) the loading of missions get completed the game still crashes, but within first second since the start of mission.

C) without DXVK,it loads hardly playable colors (terminal output, not full but last messages: https://pastebin.com/xwVFHc9k ).

I used such components from winetricks for wine (prefix without mono): arial corefonts cjkfonts vcrun2019 d3dcompiler_43 d3dcompiler_47 dotnet452

I also tried more minimal approach with other prefix with installed mono : dotnet472 vcrun2019.

(note: without installed dotnet, the game was not starting even with installed mono)

(the game was not starting without dotnet, despite of installed mono)

Both prefixes make game running, but the behavior of the problem is persistent.

I was wondering if the problem could be caused by low amount of VRAM or unsupported GPU or because of bad vulkan support of my GPU. I saw videos on youtube where people make the game on similar hardware, but I believe during last several years, situation could get changed because of updates. Or am I missing something?

Specs: thinkpad t440p, Gentoo, kernel 5.10.74 (tried 5.4 kernel as well), mesa 21.3.0_rc3 (I've tried 21.1.7 as well), wine-staging 6.9, intel HD 4600, 8 gb RAM.

11/15/2021 05:22:49 CEST

Simple Skyrim solution. In case no one has found it yet!

Worked like a charm, yeah it's the wine tricks method but for some reason that didn't work for me.
sty NPC audio glitch that you can easily fix with mods. I however stumbled across this after a couple of hours of searching only released on the 10th credits to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VLxsLebB0M, Use this string under launch options.

WINEDLLOVERRIDES="xaudio2_7=n,b" PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=90 %command%

Worked like a charm, yeah it's the wine tricks method but for some reason that didnt work for me.


11/15/2021 04:20:18 CEST

How to build Vulkan on AMD GPU Ubuntu

After got fuck up by Nvidia, I took a new Amd GPU stick with old Intel CPU. And meh, there are too many option drivers. Till now I just found AMDGPU offical, AMDGPU_pro, Mesa AMD Driver, AMDVLK. I wanna try to install full Vulkan lib for some games. What should I go and someone can give me a sort of technical steps to install?

P/s Im testing AMDVLK when it has most detail install guide on Git. Welcome all ur opinions

11/15/2021 04:07:13 CEST

How can I test out zink?

I've been seeing a bunch of stuff about it's development progress and I want to test it out and see how far along it is

11/15/2021 03:31:12 CEST

RTX 2060 Super Extreme Throttling
URL: /r/linuxhardware/comments/qu3tqf/rtx_2060_super_extreme_throttling/
11/15/2021 02:50:02 CEST

Best game for a 6 year old to learn how to use mouse and keyboard?

Hello, I would like to teach my niece, who is turning 6 in December, how to use a mouse and a keyboard because she literaly has no idea about technology yet (she can't even play Mari0 for example on Linux - or on the Switch for that matter). So I need something extremely easy but at the same time interesting.

My first thought was something like Detroit: Become Human but for kids. I looked up the Visual Novel section on Steam and I wish I hadn't (warning for any future uncles/aunts or parents on the same quest).

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've tried Minecraft, Genshin, Mari0, Pokemon. All of them are WAY too complicated for her. I wouldn't like educational games cause she's studying all day so I would like for her to relax for at least the 30 mins I'm gonna be "teaching" her the basics of PC. Also I would like to have usage of the mouse and keyboard both, not just mouse for example, and a solid story that will keep her interested.

My current thoughts are:

  • Stardew Valley (but it also seems complicated)
  • 2D Fire Emblem or something similar
  • Tetris or Dr.Mario
  • Langrisser I & II (although I don't know the story so I don't know if it's actually an option)

If anyone knows of a family friendly Visual Novel please let me know. That would be optimal.

PS: Steam SERIOUSLY needs to fix their age rating search methods and results.

11/15/2021 01:52:08 CEST

Interpreting Steam game (Stellaris) error from terminal

Hello all,

I've been trying to run Stellaris (running Linux Mint 20.2 MATE) and the game keeps getting stuck during the loading screen. I tried initially just letting it load for a long time, as I read it could take quite a while at first, but the percentage doesn't change even after 20-30 minutes.

It seems to load partially each time a bit more if I run and force quit it several times (e.g. it gets to 30%, then I force quit and start it again, reaching 48%, etc.) but always stops at 88%. I got the idea from another post to run the game file from the command line to see what the output is, and I am wondering if anyone has had the same issue and found a solution.

The output is:

[S_API] SteamAPI_Init(): Loaded '/home/[user]/.steam/debian-installation/linux64/steamclient.so' OK.
Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 281990
Steam_SetMinidumpSteamID:  Caching Steam ID:  [xxx] [API loaded no]
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'
  what():  random_device: rdrand failed
free(): invalid pointer
free(): invalid pointer
munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer
free(): invalid pointer

Does anyone know what this error means? Seems to be related to AMD CPUs generally from my searching online (I have a Ryzen 5 5600X) rather than anything else (like my Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB GPU).

I appreciate any help!

11/15/2021 00:53:00 CEST

Are there any tools to undervolt AMD CPU in Linux?

I have Ryzen 7 5800H, are there any Linux tools that could help me in undervolting this? I've heard about Radeon profile and Corectrl but not sure if they could undervolt AMD CPUs. Corectrl shows AMD GPUs but does it include integrated graphics?

11/15/2021 00:28:36 CEST

Minecrzft shaders in Linux?

Hey guys

I'm Just started playing minecraft pixelmon on linux(arch). I Play with shaders and I feel like the fps is a lot less then I expected. The fps starts in the 80s but ends up in the 50s. If there are things to improve performance on linux or Just in General pls comment it down below I would really appreciate it!!!

Edit: oof the title has a typo...

11/15/2021 00:01:19 CEST

Samsung G9 5120X1440 - 240Hz Not supported in Ubuntu

Why is only 120hz available, is DSC not supposed to be working now?

11/14/2021 23:17:10 CEST

My Linux Gaming Experience: Comparing My Steam Library, Native vs Proton vs Borked. Currently Installed vs Most Played.

Just for fun, I decided to check what games I currently had installed and look at which were native or proton, as well as if any worked better via proton than natively.

My gaming habits have changed a bit since switching to Linux full-time (switched briefly in 2018, full-time in 2019), so there aren't many times I keep broken games installed unless there is active progress made with running them on proton and I'm interested in testing them. Games like Apex Legends and others are never installed due to anti cheat. I've found other games to take their place since then.

This was just a spur of the moment thing I decided to do, to get an overview of how much I rely on proton for gaming vs how often I'm actually playing native builds. I'll list those out, then take a look at my most played games on this Steam account and see how many games I've stopped actively playing since switching.

Installed Games | Native/Proton (29 Games)


  • 35% Native [10]
  • 56% Proton (fully functional) [16]
  • 4% Proton (unstable / frequent crashes) [1]
  • 4% Native, but Proton works better [1]

Total: 95% completely playable, 4% unstable

Games/Software Installed:

  • Aesprite | Native
  • Barony | Native
  • Battlefield 4 | Proton
  • CS:GO | Native
  • CS:S | Native
  • Dead Island | Proton
  • DOOM Eternal | Proton
  • TES IV: Oblivion | Proton
  • Fistful of Frags | Native
  • Garry's Mod | Native
  • A Hat in Time | Proton
  • Killing Floor 2 | Proton
  • Need for Speed Heat | Proton
  • No Man's Sky | Proton
  • Path of Exile | Proton
  • PAYDAY 2 | Proton
  • PC Building Simulator | Proton
  • Phasmophobia | Proton
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 | Proton, frequent crashes
  • Rocket League | Proton
  • Skater XL | Proton
  • Splitgate | Native
  • Stardew Valley | Native
  • Super Animal Royale | Proton
  • Tabletop Simulator | Proton (proton working better than native version)
  • Unturned | Native

Most Played Games on Account (Top 20) | Native/Proton


  • 30% Native [6]
  • 50% Proton (functional) [10]
  • 5% Proton (unstable / frequent crashes) [1]
  • 15% Borked (Anti-Cheat / Other) [3]
  • 5% Native, but Proton works better [1]

Total: 85% playable, 5% unstable, 15% borked

Most Played Games:

  • Rocket League | Proton
  • Unturned | Native
  • CS:GO | Native
  • PUBG | Borked (Anti-Cheat, BattlEye)
  • Stardew Valley | Native
  • Apex Legends | Borked (Anti-Cheat, EAC)
  • Garry's Mod | Native
  • The Elder Scrolls Online | Proton
  • Arma 3 | Proton (Native is very outdated, Proton Experimental is now working with Anti-Cheat as of 6 days ago - link)
  • DOOM (2016) | Proton
  • Path of Exile | Proton
  • Puyo Puyo Tetris | Proton
  • Metal Gear Solid V | Proton
  • Barony | Native
  • DBZ: KAKAROT | Proton
  • Warframe | Proton
  • Fistful of Frags | Native
  • No Man's Sky | Proton
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 | Proton (frequent crashes)
  • Wallpaper Engine | Borked (tool for Windows desktop)

Well, overall 85% of my top played games are playable on Steam in 2021! Even a few years ago this number may have been much lower, with a lot of games being more unstable. I remember trying out Proton when it first came out and having a plethora of issues. Hell, even games like DOOM: Eternal which work great now were very broken early last year.

It's interesting to see how my habits have changed. Games like Apex and PUBG have completely left rotation while I've returned to CS:GO and Battlefield 4. Most other top games for me are functional if I feel like returning to them. I definitely miss Apex sometimes (praying for proton support soon) but have more than made up for the gap with other games I've gotten into.

At this point I'm completely comfortable gaming in Linux. There is still a bit of fomo in regards to some games my friends are into (Valorant which I dualbooted for briefly, Apex, etc.) but a lot of the time my group naturally sticks to games that happen to work well enough on Proton, like Phasmophobia. Who knows what the future holds with new releases and whether more games will enable anti-cheat via proton, now that it's a possibility.

Everyone is different, so while I've been largely successful with the switch I'm curious how others have fared. Have you had to give up a much larger percentage of previously loved games to stay on Linux? Do you have a higher percentage of native or proton games? Do you still feel the need to dualboot to experience some of those broken games?

I'm very hopeful that the release of the Steam Deck will give that extra push for some broken games. Even so, the currently functional library is awesome!

All in all this is an exciting time to be a Linux enthusiast and I hope it will continue to gain traction and support as a viable and legitimate gaming platform :)

11/14/2021 22:44:43 CEST

D2R Weekend Struggles

(Crossposted in D2R and Linux4noobs)

Hi friends. I decided I wanted to take another run at gaming on Ubuntu. I completely uninstalled Windows and installed Ubuntu. Installed Lutris and can't really get things playable. Heroes of The Storm is really choppy and horrible (20 fps) and Diablo 2 Resurrected crashes when trying to connect to battle.net (the final load screen before character selection). I really don't want to reinstall Windows just because I bought D2R. But I didn't expect the experience to be this bad. I really prefer Linux Mint but Lutris wasn't installing games in that environment. So I am running Ubuntu in Cinnamon desktop. I don't know what to say other than I didn't find Ubuntu/Lutris to be a viable gaming setup for Blizzard games although its probably the one of the best for Linux gaming (I'm sure Pop Os is about as good). My computer isn't a hog but it runs these games easily in Windows. I thought I might even see improvement leaving behind Windows bloat. Dell Inspiron 7000 Gaming, SSD, 7th gen i5, GTX 1050ti.

Any support encouragement or help would be great. I really don't want to reinstall Windows just for D2R but its kind of my deal at the moment.

It should go without saying (but actually not because we're all noobs until proven otherwise) that I tried to update absolutely anything that I could. The drivers seem more locked down in Ubuntu than Mint so I haven't messed with the Nvidia driver much and did my best to follow along on 2 videos:



So I've done my best to integrate Proton into Lutris and I'm just hitting that noob wall where I feel foolish that I took a leap and broke my game.

11/14/2021 22:20:44 CEST

I'm trying to put my hard drive as a library folder and steam and this happens

I'm trying to use my second hard drive for gaming in steam and it's all emptied out but when I open it it says it must be empty and I check it in steam and only in the steam folders it shows a file called .Trash-1000

11/14/2021 22:02:36 CEST

What games should i play?

Today i just download Linux Ubuntu on my laptop :D And i don't know what game should i download :> (now i have on my pc Minecraft, Mari0, and Roblox) ((Have grapejuice and wine))

11/14/2021 20:57:30 CEST

Steam native on Debian 11 stays running in the background

I installed a fresh Debian 11 system, task selected Gnome desktop, installed the non-free Nvidia drivers and then installed the Steam package from the non-free repository. All is good, everything works, good performance.

However, on my old Pop! OS install before this, when "quitting" Steam, it used to look quit, but then I'd have a Steam icon in the tray, which I could then choose "Exit" and all Steam processes would go away.

Now on Debian 11, I don't have that tray icon and quitting the Steam client, I still have over a dozen Steam processes running in the background, most of them belonging to "steamwebhelper". I don't want all this stuff hanging around consuming CPU and RAM ... when I choose quit, I want it to actually quit.

I looked all through the client preferences and I only see a checkbox for starting Steam on boot, nothing about minimize to background, etc. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks!

11/14/2021 20:50:00 CEST

Noob question

so i wanted to run cheat engine through wine (if anyone isnt familiar cheat engine is a memory debbuger) . And it worked , it did run perfectly . But when i would start an app up in linux , it didnt detect any programs . I am a complete noob in wine and this is the first time using it (i did use bottles and playonlinux but not wine) so if anyone knows what the issue is or is it fixable , i would appriciate it . Thank you

11/14/2021 20:49:41 CEST

Fedora Won't Play Ren'py Visual Novels

I've never had problem running ren"py games on Debian or on Ubuntu-based distros, but on Fedora (and openSUSE), I get a Performance Warning: "This computer is using software rendering". The game might still run, but when switched to full screen it will freeze. I have an Nvidia 2070 Super, and use the proprietary driver.

Fedora is my favorite distro by far, but am not running it currently because of this issue. Any help/suggestions will be appreciated!

11/14/2021 20:26:05 CEST

Battlefield 4 stuttering and performance issues

I am new to Linux gaming. I have installed battlefield 4 through lutris, and I have significantly worse performance than windows. I get 75 fps easily on windows at full resolution (1440 x 900) but on linux I get 30-50. I don't mind the lower fps, but it has stuttering that makes the game almost unplayable. Can anyone help? Thank you.

11/14/2021 20:16:34 CEST

Static while playing WoW

Hey, not sure what's going on but it started happening recently, I have sort of a crunchy static sound to my speakers. I am using Garuda Dragonized and the system is up to date, using PulseAudio drivers, any ideas how to diagnose this?

11/14/2021 20:13:29 CEST

About SteamOS

Do you think SteamOS is gonna be the best distro for gaming out of the box ? Because many distros requiere some tinkering and optimisations to work well for gaming , im looking forward for steam os to bring the best out of the box experience for gamers...

11/14/2021 19:45:27 CEST

Rocket League Performance

I currently am on Windows. I stream and watch streams over Discord often while playing Rocket League. When I do this, I get huge microstutters. I still average at 200 FPS, but the stutters are awful. Would moving over to Linux solve this? I've been on the fence for a long time, but this could make me switch.

11/14/2021 19:30:15 CEST

DLSS in DX11/12 games with Proton Experimental
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RThWsTavn0Q
11/14/2021 19:24:12 CEST

Gaming on X11 vs XWayland

Yesterday I tried a SDL2 game (Salt and Sanctuary) on SwayWM XWayland then I installed I3-WM to try performance on native X11 and for my surprise, the game was running much better on XWayland.

My question is, XWayland is more performatic than X11 for gaming or it's just a specific case?

11/14/2021 19:15:16 CEST

[Question] Anyone tried playing Battlefield 2042 using a kernel virtual machine?

Does EAC detect the hypervisor and kick you out of the game? Anyone has tried it on VFIO?

11/14/2021 18:46:45 CEST

I need help fixing my CSGO

Hi guys, I have a problem, the only thing holding me back from completely switching to Linux is that I can't make my Counter Strike Global Offensive to work good... When I am on Windows it works good but when I am on Linux I have problem with VAR and it makes the game unplayable... Can someone help me?

11/14/2021 18:24:05 CEST

Banned from Destiny 2 for signing in with no anticheat (using ProtonGE 6.21-1)

Hey guys, so the game launhes on ProtonGE 6.21 for me. I signed in literally 5 times just to get an error saying "Destiny 2 did not initialize properly" and just received a notification that I was banned. Beware if you're testing Destiny. :)

11/14/2021 17:41:41 CEST

steam isn't loading

I downloaded a game from steam that has platinum rating on protondb. I have proton enabled on steam and set to all titles. When I play the game it just shows "preparing to launch ...." and then the tab just vanishes ad nothing happens. I also tried playing the game through the steam app but the button just turns blue and the same preparing to launch appears and then the button just reverts to green. This is the first time I'm downloading a game from steam on linux so I might be messing something up.

11/14/2021 17:02:48 CEST

Game launches with extremely poor performance

Ive been trying to run a game called Star Wars the Old republic with proton and it really hasnt been the best time, many of the people on protondb say it was a very out of the box experience or they only added a few launch arguments and everything was perfect. However for me Ive tried every single version I have and I tried proton ge latest. It only launches with proton. This game is known to not have the best performance but getting it this low makes me think something is wrong. I have a i5 9600k and a 1660ti and I know theyre more than capable of playing this game well beyond 5 fps because Ive done so before on windows 10. Also, I think its worth to be noted that rendering the actual game gives me 1 fps and it is VERY unplayable. Launching this game on some of the other versions of proton or proton ge gives me a visual c++ runtime error on the launcher about how an assertion failed, expression: platformUtilsInitialized. I reinstalled visual c++ and installed visual c++ 2005 and 2010 and I still get an error on these versions. Everything is up to date, I have the nvidia proprietary drivers, this is a fresh arch linux install from about a week ago formatted with xfs on both my ssd and my hdd. Do you guys know anyway to help me? I really want to play this game.

11/14/2021 16:18:14 CEST

Trying to go back to linux

Hey guys i just got a new machine together(i used a ol laptop on Elementary OS) but becouse of work related stuffs i had to install and use windows for a while and now that i got a powerefull enough of a machine i'm searching for an O.S thats best suits me, and one that works better with gaming, widnows is good couse its easy to setup all apps and i don't need to debug too much.

So lets open a discusion about those 2

Elementary OS

Manjaro KDE plasma (the same that Steam Deck will use)

witch one you would pick and why?

*Ryzen 5 3400G



On my side i used Elementary and i love the looks of it but is kind hard to make some applications work.

Manjaro i used the live version of it and i kinda like it, but i don't know the overall feel of it so i'm curious to see your opnion.

11/14/2021 15:50:29 CEST

GTA V(Epic Games) stuck on initialising social club

I installed gta v on epic games and after launching it, it gets stuck on initialising social club. I am using lutris and wine 6.21 (I tested on wine version lutris-6.21 and lutris-ge-6.16 and game didn't start for both of them). It loads fine on win10 (dual boot).

11/14/2021 12:31:32 CEST

Problem with minecraft keystroke detection

I started playing minecraft on windows. Recently I switched to Manjaro XFCE and downloaded minecraft. (Im not a total newbie to linux ive used ubuntu and garuda before). And Ive had a problem where when I press 2 keys at the same time. Its response is delayed e.g. When I press Sprint and W or W and D at the same time, it registeres after like 1 second instead of instant. Ive googled for it and found out it is a LWJGL problem, and found responses that say to update the lwjgl release. Problem is Minecraft 1.17.1 is already using the latest 3.2.3 and i cant update any further and the problem still occurs. Please help.

11/14/2021 12:14:27 CEST

Progress Report October 2021 yuzu (Switch Emulator)
URL: https://yuzu-emu.org/entry/yuzu-progress-report-oct-2021/
11/14/2021 11:09:01 CEST

Struggling with Diablo 2 resurrected?

Hi folks I am struggling trying to have the game up and running. I am using Ubuntu 20.04 on a laptop with Intel UHD 620. I am running latest wine (also the lutris version tested) and latest mesa library. Have no luck. The game starts but when the game attempt to connect to battlenet it get stuck until it crashes. Anyone manage to have the game up and running on a similar configuration?

Best regards


11/14/2021 11:08:38 CEST

Lakka 3.6 release (retro gaming distro with RetroArch)
URL: https://www.libretro.com/index.php/lakka-3-6-release/
11/14/2021 11:08:26 CEST

Getting Logitsch USB Headset to work withsurround sound

Hey, I am trying to get my G432 to work with Linux, but I have some weird problems.

The surround sound only works with a few programs. In windows I have the G Hub App, where I just enable surround sound and it works everywhere. I know there is no G Hub for Linux, but is there still a way to simply enable it globally?

PS: I am on Pop Os (Debian) system

11/14/2021 11:00:52 CEST

Bioshock Remastered low res textures

I'm testing a load of games on Steam and noticed that Bioshock Remastered's textures are extremely low quality. There's no option to set them higher so I'm unsure on what's going on. I'm just asking if someone here could help.

11/14/2021 10:33:50 CEST

Ntfs3 and proton

Did anybody get the new ntfs3 driver to work with proton ? When i mount the drive from fstab with ntfs3 as the fillesystem, even though it seems to mount properly and everything else seems to work, proton doesn't launch any game. For example trying to run Bloons TD6 the log give me this error

     wine: could not open working directory L"unix\\home\\myron\\WinDrive\\Games\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\BloonsTD6\\", starting in the Windows directory.
    no boot config - using default values
    CreateDirectory '' failed: Path not found.
     (current dir: )
    Application folder:
    There should be 'BloonsTD6_Data'
    folder next to the executable
11/14/2021 10:15:59 CEST

Is there a way to use a single NTFS partition both for Windows gaming and Linux gaming?

On my PC I have an SSD that I use as a boot drive for both Windows and Linux, and an HDD that I mostly use as a game drive. I usually play most games on Windows, so my games are installed on an NTFS partition on the HDD. Is there a way that I can play those games on Linux, without just re-installing them?

Because if I want to install something through Lutris, I can't find a way to "point" it to the directory where it's already installed.

11/14/2021 09:27:29 CEST

Anyone having problem with the latest Skyrim update?

i mean the 1.6 update from three days ago.

11/14/2021 09:11:16 CEST

People go ballistic after suggesting linux

There was recently post in r/buildapc that was about picking OS. Most of the people there naturally meant win 11 or 10, but a few people suggested Linux. Oh my, some people went nuts. Contrary to what most people are saying about Linux users being toxic etc. ppl suggesting it were super nice. Is this a sign that Linux moving into gaming space will hit some unexpected resistance or is it just redit being redit?

11/14/2021 08:42:56 CEST

Wine-6.21-GE-1 released
URL: https://github.com/GloriousEggroll/wine-ge-custom/releases/tag/6.21-GE-1
11/14/2021 07:48:08 CEST

Leaving windows is no longer a pipe dream

This is just kind of an appreciation post/update to my experience using linux as my primary gaming OS for ~6 months or so. I'm just super encouraged by the progress that's been made, and I think the future for linux is very exciting.

Many games that were absolutely broken for me 6 months ago when I decided I was going to switch to linux full-time now work perfectly with newer versions of proton. I won't lie and say that all of them are simple to set up (and mod), but there are so many community guides and people willing to help (what I love most about the linux/foss community) that most times I was able to get things working.

It's such a nice feeling when you no longer have to compromise. Do I see a marginal performance hit on some games? Sure, but to me that's a small price to pay to use an OS that is mine, and that I enjoy (and that I didn't pay a cent for, so who am I to complain?).

Sometimes I go months without booting up my windows partition. Other than a few games (i.e. genshin impact, call of duty) that have kernel-level spyware *cough* sorry, anti-cheat, essentially every game I play runs at an absolutely acceptable level on linux. Modern hardware is powerful enough to overcome a lot of things I've found.

So I just wanted to say thanks, to this community, and to all of the hard working developers who put in countless hours to create the OS's and the free software we all love; it's really a great time to be a linux enthusiast.

How has your experience been on linux?

11/14/2021 07:41:53 CEST

Jackbox Native Display Issues

All Jackbox games on steam are natively supported on linux. However, whenever I try to launch them natively, my second monitor gets disconnected and all the graphics start bugging out (i.e. very slow responsiveness system wide, screen goes black every few seconds, etc.). Running with proton works well, but audio does not get captured by discord (which I use to play with friends).

I'm running Pop!_OS 21.04 with proprietary Nvidia drivers (GeForce GTX 1650 Max Q). I would greatly appreciate any suggestions/advice for searching for more help since a google search didn't show any results with this problem :/. Thanks in advance!

11/14/2021 07:02:22 CEST

Horrible performance in tf2 on zorin os

I am getting between 5 and 15 fps on tf2 on a fresh install of zorin os, I configured it to use my Nvidia GPU, a gtx 1660 ti mobile, instead of my Intel integrated graphics. Any ideas as to why this would be and any help with fixing. I've used Linux before, and can do some terminal stuff, but I'm a relative noob, any help would be appreciated, don't hesitate to ask Amy questions about my install.

11/14/2021 06:30:22 CEST

Steam downloading games on secondary hard drive not working

So when I had Windows 10 this worked perfectly fine and I was able to download on to my 2tb drive but when I installed Linux I didn't get the option to use my D hard drive. Why does this happen and how do I fix it?

11/14/2021 06:23:35 CEST

Just curious: anyone here using Firejail to sandbox Steam?

since the steam client is propreitary, and most of closed source software are considered malicious, i have started using firejail to sandbox steam while gaming. I have not yet noted any performance issues (at the very least on my machine).

i am not paranoid, but i just dont want steam (client) to mingle with the rest of my system.

infact i use firejail for almost everything like Firefox and minigalaxy.

your thoughts on this?

11/14/2021 05:43:04 CEST

CoD WaW crashing with error "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'dxvk::DxvkError'"

I have been trying out Linux for gaming and wanted to play WaW. I grabbed my Retail install of CoD WaW off of my thumbdrive (latest patch, and a no-cd patch ofc) and transferred it to my drive. I ran it with Wine using Xact to fix audio crashing bugs. The game was preforming sub optimally for my computer so I added Dxvk and that's where my problems start, with the game straight-up crashing when I load into the first campaign mission. I'm using Pop! OS with an NVIDIA GTX 1050 with proprietary drivers.

Here is my log.

Edit: I'm using wine-6.20 (Staging)

11/14/2021 05:37:15 CEST

is any one experiencing discord problems

my discord is able to c