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tuxplayde is playing Special Events "[GER/ENG] - Linux - {SPECIAL} - ! >> Sub'athon << ! - Willst du an die Wand? Das ist deine Chance :)"

gamingonlinux is playing 7 Days to Die "Zombies! Day 140+ |Linux | @iAlwaysSin"

nusuey is playing Music & Performing Arts "Music & Chill | !requests | [en/sk] | #linux #rocksmith #proton"

thatgamedesignerguy is playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim "[Linux] Skyrim SE. Lots of Mods, super hard. Playing a X-bow Bard! (Kickstarter Day #5)"

physixcat is playing Doom II: Hell on Earth "if we savescum, the aliens win | WAD: Ancient Aliens, UV, Pistol Starts, MAP21 and up | !gzmods !sr | [Linux]"

hatnix is playing Guild Wars 2 "MMOre Fun: Guild Wars 2 #MMO #RPG #Linux #Wine #D9VK #hatclan"

qeekey is playing Star Wars: The Old Republic "Linux + WINE 4.14 + D9VK 0.13fqeek's such a noob ()SWTOR20190818no mic/cam"

qphalcy0n is playing Science & Technology "[Linux/Unity] - Day/Night Cycle"

simplybarter is playing Asheron's Call "Asheron's Call on Linux with Wine (lots of wine)Welcome to Harvestbud"

mrdaylight is playing Warframe "Warframe / Linux / MR25 / Endgame Wandering"