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Two years since tuxDB.com launched! Thanks all for the support!

I've had an interesting history with coding, as I dropped out of computer science as I thought that I hated programming.

That led to me being a systems administrator at NASA, which led me back to programming. Programming led me to mentoring and teaching so I spend three years as a lead instructor at Galvanize. Now I'm back as a full time Software developer with Apto and streaming on the side

I love chatting with anybody who stops by and watches me, from random strangers on the internet to my students from real life.

Here are my rules for chat

  • Be awesome to each other!
  • Links are only allowed from mods.
  • If I or any of my mods see anybody being racist, sexist, or generally not conducive to a happy learning friendly place that person will be banned.
  • This is a channel that has a culture of failure. That means that failures are an encouraged form of learning. Any kind of chat that discourages or makes fun of errors will be warned. Continued infractions will result in a ban.
  • I encourage us to discuss our favorite technologies and making fun of technologies are fine. Attacking people for choosing certain technologies are not.

I have received permission from Focus@Will to play their customized music on stream!

Focus@Will is a great service that provides custom music for focusing on work tasks and helping you get stuff done. Note that I am not associated with Focus@Will, nor am I being sponsored by them.

If you like their music then I encourage you to sign up for an account (you can get a free demo) at https://www.focusatwill.com

I don't have a schedule right now so all of the streams are whenever I can fit them in. Stay tuned here or on Twitter for when I do get some stability and set that schedule again.

Follow the channel to get informed the next time I stream!

Follow me on twitter to find news on when I'm going to stream.

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I've been learning rust by reading through the book and doing the exercises! You can find the code snippets as well as challenges on my github repo.