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Two years since tuxDB.com launched! Thanks all for the support!

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Bio:Cranky old Canuck. Gaming over 40 years.Now starting to share mods, and gods help us all, trying streaming. Remember: Stay off my lawn!

Placeholder. Tooting my own horn stuff is gonna go here.

Other than, I'm a cantakerous old fart. Just under 7 years until retirement. You know the drill about my lawn of course. :)

1) Do not be excessively annoying.

2) Thou shall not be too easily annoyed.

TL;DR: Play nice.

And stay off ma lawn!


Vacation Week! Time to get all that stuff done that's piled up over the winter. Page/stream interface updates coming too.

sub icons added. Thanks to SilentStorm.

Fallout 4

BlueBeers Buildables
BlueBeers Cache
BlueBeers Vendors
Canadian Walk-in Clinic
Great White North Exports AIO
SgtMajors Police Armor BlueBeers Water Purifiers
Great White North: Shipments

Ported from Oldrim to SSE

Underground Bathhouse
Lakeview Extended

Lakeview Extended for XB1 is available on the Bethesda site. All versions.

Box2: Linux / Windows7
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Intel I7-3820 @3.6ghz (no overclock)
32gb ram
NV 980ti
24" 1920x1200 24" hd, 32" hd

Box1: Windows7/Ubuntu 18.04 Cinnamon Intel i7-6800K @3.6ghz (no overclock)
64gb ram
480gb ssd for windows
500gb ssd for steam 4tb WD Black 4tb Seagate NV 1080 no overclock
Win7 Pro
2tb WD gold for Ubuntu 2x24" 144mhz hd, 1x32" 4k monitors.

2x HyperX Cloud II headset

Moar Beer is good! Beer + RNG == amusing for you.