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Two years since tuxDB.com launched! Thanks all for the support!

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Bio:I'm a novice designer and developer of games and videos. steam: fragmentalstew youtube: youtube.com/user/fragmental website: productivegaming.com Follow for fun, and games, and work.

I recently was able to get fiber internet, so I've been streaming a lot more lately. My upload speed is now 100 times faster than it used to be. That's no exaggeration. I stream at 6000 Kbps 720p30. Quicksync in windows. NVenc in Linux

I either stream from the tv or from my desk. When I stream from the tv, I don't bother setting up a microphone, because it's too much trouble but I use an app called "Chatty" to get a visual notification when someone posts in chat. I typically respond using my phone, but sometimes I alt-tab out of the game to respond.

I generally just stream whatever I'm playing at the time, which could be anything.

Games I have streamed in the past: Doom II: Hell on Earth (PC 1994) The Ultimate Doom (PC 1993) Rad Closed Beta Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack Gauntlet (PC 2014) Blasingstoke Child of Light The Talos Principle Lego Lord of the Rings Killer is Dead Outland The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Gone Home Ghostbusters: The Video Game Rime Castle Crashers Battle Block Theater Woflenstein The Old Blood Wolfenstein The New Order Quake Champions Warframe Quake Live Psychonauts Adventure Time: Secret of the Nameless Kingdom Wolfenstein 3d Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess E.V.O. Search for Eden Soul Blazer Secret of Mana Hammerwatch

Sometimes I do game dev. Typically I work on Productive Games, which are like the deformed offspring of a Video Game and Productivity Application. You can find out more at my website: http://www.productivegaming.com/

There are 5 animated BTTV Emotes and 25 FFZ Emotes The twitch channel emotes can be changed if a subscriber wants something different.

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Motherboard died :(

* EVGA Geforce 650 TI SC 2GB

* 256GB OCZ Vertex 450 ssd

* Logitech G203

* Mouse pad Steel Series QcK

* Logitech K120 keyboard

* Logitech Rumblepad 2 controller

* Windows 10, Mint 19.1

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