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Two years since tuxDB.com launched! Thanks all for the support!

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This the full list of hardware currently in use. All the way down to case fans, microphone and even mic stand. It's all here.

Thanks for stopping by the Linux Game Consortium channel, we hope you have a great time. You'll usually find us playing indie or triple-A games, drm-free or from Steam. We hope you have fun! :)

**We hope you enjoy the show! **

Want to reach out, contact us: contact@linuxgameconsortium.com

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Rules of the Livestream

Sit back and relax while we Live Stream to you various games we enjoy playing with a slight emphasis on Zombies!

Please follow our chat rules below. Each of these rules, when broken, will be awarded with a timeout. If broken repeatedly, you may be banned from our chat entirely:

  1. NO ALL-CAPS or spamming the chat.
  2. No advertising of other streams/channels.
  3. please do not Backseat mod (Act like a mod) - it's annoying.
  4. No promotion of tools to disable our ads - this is how we make a living and bring our live streams and content to you. 5) Absolutely NO spoilers of any kind.

Will update as needed. Simply be respectful and you'll be fine. Usually the ones complaining about getting timed out are guilty of acting like a douche. Hope you enjoy the Live Stream!

IF you think you've been treated unfairly, grab some screen-caps of the conversation so we can review.