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Two years since tuxDB.com launched! Thanks all for the support!

I'm a PC gamer! Well that's a lie I have a Steam Link, that counts as a console right? I'm not so up on my FPS but I'll give anything a try once... when it come to games!!! I have a family and with to stream, I will make it work!

Based out of the UK any streams I do will be towards 21:00 BST. I am a full time worker, dad and husband but always aim to be at my stream 4 times a week.

I aim to be on from 22:00 to 00:30 BST on the following days: + Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday + Thursday

  • CPU: Intel i7 9600K
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Graphics: Nvidia 1080 GTX
  • OS: Manjaro
  • Mic: Blue Yeti
  • Camera: Logitech C920

All bits and cheers are greatly received! Thank you so much for anything you give or have given!

  • Treat others how you would like to be treated.
  • Do not spam chat.
  • Do not Insult or personally attack other viewers
  • No backseat gaming. Unless I have specifically asked for help.
  • Toxicity, Racism and Hate speeches or anything of that nature will result in a ban.
  • Please use English as the main language in the chat.
  • I'm trying to grow a positive community here.
  • Please no links or promoting your channel or anyone else's in chat. If i know you and i feel like shouting you out then that is what ill do. If i dont then i wont.
  • Trolls and childish behaviour will be dealt with swiftly. (You have been warned)

I do not do follow for a follow. This is a stream recommended for 18+ due to the games that I play ratings.

Join the Nerd is the Word discord! It's run by myself and some fellow streamers.