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Two years since tuxDB.com launched! Thanks all for the support!

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We're passionate game developers working together as a team for over 6 years. All our development tools are free and open source (except Unity3D, but we are transitioning to Godot). The reason why - we value independence and freedom, and the ability to customize our tools to be more productive. We believe we have what it takes to create wonderful, quality games and awesome experiences. However, we wouldn't be what we are without you, our community! We started streaming in early 2018 to share our journey, work process, ups and downs and also to have fun! We have met many great and talented people here and we are excited what future holds for us together! We are constantly improving our streams, so if you have suggestions, we will be more than happy to hear you out. We have many ideas we are slowly working on already! Contact us: rocknightstudios@gmail.com

This money will go towards Jānis's singing lessons. By tipping us, you can support the continuous improvement of the experience our stream provides. We have used the tips to help create the studio as you see right now. For example, 2 camera angles, LEDs that are integrated with the chat. Big thank you, our supporters who have contributed!

Our subscribers get the following perks: Custom LED color when mentioned in the chat; Access to more camera switching commands; Sub badge; Rocknight emotes; More to come in the future!

Store is in beta testing, so limited options available for now. The price doesn't include VAT and shipping. In the future we'll improve the merch, this is for those who have been wanting to get a t-shirt or a hoodie for a long time already!

Check our Patreon page for more information!

Thanks to our Patrons: Azraelle Studios Riroreichi

Linux - Godot Engine - Blender - Inkscape - Gimp - Krita - Ardour - Emacs

Major FOSS tools that we use in game development.

We're posting time-lapses from Trijams here. We'll have more game development related content on Youtube in the future.

We have a nice feed, worth checking out.

We're checking it from time to time through-out the day

Listen to our tracks for Rough Rush