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Two years since tuxDB.com launched! Thanks all for the support!

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Bio:I am a fairly long-time Linux user and I exclusively play Linux games of all sorts about twice a week.

Who am I?

I'm a Linux gamer who plays only the Linux games that have some form of native or official support. Streaming on Fridays with a selection of relevant titles and a long-form playthrough and on Saturdays with revisits and various other picks.


CPU: AMD Ryzen R7 1700 @ 3.7GHz RAM: 16 GB 2133MHz DDR4 GPU: Asus ROG RX 580 8GB OS: Antergos (Arch) with Sway window manager Mic: Samson Meteor

Twitch stuff

We are affiliated! You can now subscribe to the channel for low-quality emotes and send bits for notifications that will appear on the stream.

Supporting by sending games

If you want me to play a specific game, you can also send me a copy via Steam etc. Any games I'm sent will be played on stream provided the game has a Linux version and is allowed by Twitch rules.

My website (and Blog): samsai.online

Twitter: @thesamsai

Mastodon: @Samsai

YouTube: Samsai

Wasteland 2 with Samsai [Linux]
Wasteland 2

⌛ 2019-05-25 16:54:36 (247 minutes)

Friday Livestream with Samsai [Linux]
Hell is Other Demons

⌛ 2019-05-24 16:55:42 (246 minutes)

Wasteland 2 with Samsai [Linux]
Wasteland 2

⌛ 2019-05-18 16:56:09 (253 minutes)

Friday Livestream with Samsai [Linux]

⌛ 2019-05-17 16:55:51 (190 minutes)