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Waifu Collector on the Way!

Hello everyone!

This is our first public announcement, so please go easy on us. :)

We just wanted to give you a quick update on the state of the game, since so far we've been digital hermits.

Waifu Collector feature development was completed late last week. A test build has been submitted to Valve for approval, but since this is our first Steam game we're sort of expecting to have to do some rework. We'll see! We're currently spending our time playtesting, editing, touching up, and adjusting, as well as fixing any bugs we find.

The game currently features 13 waifus apart from the goddesses (and guide), each with approximately 10 cards to collect across different rarity tiers, as well as 16 "special" cards, and close to 50000 words of text across the VN sequences and card encounters. At the moment there are 161 marketable and tradable cards altogether. Nine more waifus are already planned to be added as free updates over the next few months, which should bring the total card count up to about 250.

A single Steam-tracked Stat has been implemented -- the number of waifu cards actually collected -- and 23 Steam Achievements have been implemented, with over half of them being hidden / secret achievements that we're hoping will add a bit more of a feeling of, well, achievement.

Controller support has been tested using an Xbox 360 controller and the game is completely playable using this: advancing text, skipping through text, etc. all work with buttons. We've had trouble getting the DPAD working for menu/choice selection, though, so at the moment it's left stick only for these. So while we actually think we meet the "Full Controller Support" definition, we've specified Partial Controller Support on the store page, since we're still not completely happy with it. Still, if you want to sit back and relax while you play with a controller, you can definitely do that!

A soundtrack featuring 23 tracks (mostly electronic / chill) has been produced and is also currently awaiting Valve approval.

We don't have a solid release date that we want to make public, but rest assured we want to see the game out in the next couple of months. If things go well with the Valve test build and our internal testing, then we'll bring it forward, but if we end up having to rework any major systems then it will take longer. We'll post another update once it's set.

Thank you for your interest in our game! :)

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