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Paper Dungeons Crawler [0.07] Steam Achievements, Game Balance Bug hunting. [0.08][0.09] and [0.10]beta

Version 0.07 Release Notes
Sunday, May 27th, 2018

Hi everyone!

Time to get back on track to fix some major issues like Steam Achievements not registering and No Food game option not working.

UI improvements:

  • Tooltips over active buffs/debuffs.

Game Balance:

  • Cursed items now have a more dramatic impact. Cursed items now have their stats and bonus completely ignored.
  • The number of monsters per level has been slightly increased. The difficulty option now also impacts the number of monsters generated by level.
  • Walls of Force now give experience points.
  • Monsters hit from farther than their aggressive range, raise their default aggressive range and come attack the player.

Fixed bugs:

  • Using a magical wand or scepter after a reload crashes the game.
  • No Food option not working.
  • Doors appearing without surrounding walls.
  • Ending screen error with the Veteran stats appearing all scrambled.
  • Uncurse scroll not working properly.
  • Many typo fixed...

Version 0.08 & 0.09 Release Notes
Monday, May 28th, 2018


The previous patch v0.07 messed up things for many of you who couldn't launch the game anymore, while it kept working fine with others.

This issue was due to a bad communication between Steam and the game to update the achievements.

So, with v0.08, Steam Achievements are suspended till I can pinpoint the problem.
Not to worry, your achievements' progress is still saved and registered by the game and will update to Steam once its fixed.

The game is now also forced to run on OpenGL, in order to fix compatibility issues with older graphic cards who cannot handle DirectX11.

v0.09 : Quick fix to restore the Upper Right menu in game that wasn't visible anymore.

Sorry for this incident, ːpdkissː

BETA Version 0.10 Release Notes
Tuesday May 29h, 2018

Recompiled the app with an upgraded version of Unity 2018, and restored DirectX.

From now on, we are starting a beta branch to test out the new patch stability. These patch will stay on beta for 2-3 days before moving them to the default branch.

To try a beta patch, Right click the game on Steam, and chose Properties. There open the BETAS tab and chose to try the beta. Steam will then start to download the new version.

If you encounter a bug in Beta, please report it to me in the forum.


Thanks all for your interest, happy gaming and thanks for your support! ːpdloveː

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