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Paper Dungeons Crawler [1.09] Bug Fix.

Version 1.09 Release Notes
Friday April 19th, 2019


A quick patch to fix an annoying problem, your character wasn't able to recover extra life or mana given by enchanted items.

Fixed bugs:

  • Extra life given by enchanted item not recovered over time or by sleeping.
  • Extra mana given by enchanted item not recovered over time or by sleeping.

Thanks all, happy gaming!

[ 2019-04-19 15:02:03 CET ] [ Original post ]

Patch 1.08 : Golden Idol

Version 1.08 Release Notes
Monday January 29th, 2018


No more unused gold, you can now sacrifice your extra cash to a Golden Idol in exchange for permanent skill points. The total gold accumulated in your dungeon run will now count in your score.

Benefit from all these stones you find lying around: use them with a special slingshot and a named slingshot with higher statistics.

Finally, we've added a bunch of UI improvements: the mouse cursor will change to show if the monster you see is in range/in the line of sight of your ranged weapon.
The current experience of each talent is now displayed on your character sheet. Your choice of game settings for the current dungeon run is available. The minimap

now indicates items and monsters' locations. A new appraising icon is now displayed on the current item being appraised in your inventory.

The Veteran mode can now be unlocked on any game settings, even on Wimpy difficulty with autosave on. You just need to complete the game once to unlock this


Game Improvement:

  • New general item: The Golden Idol allows you to sacrifice 1000 gold for 1 permanent skill point.
  • New weapons: Golden Slingshot, and Devil Slingshot.
  • Total accumulated gold added to your score. 1 score point added every 10 gold.

UI improvements:

  • Variable mouse cursor indicating if you are currently in melee range of a monster or if this monster can be hit with your ranged weapon.
  • Experience bar for each talents, added on the character sheet.
  • New appraising icon displayed on the item currently appraised in the inventory.
  • Current game settings displayed with a mouse over your character portrait in the inventory.
  • Monster and items are now visible on the MiniMap.
  • Opened doors visible on the MiniMap.
  • Bring up your character sheet by clicking on your portrait in the game window.

Game Balance:

  • Peace and Hide in shadow buffs will now stop as soon as you enter a fight even at distance.
  • Monsters will no longer hit you when you go on melee range while Peace and Hide in Shadow buffs are on.
  • Items no longer meeting their statistics requirements will now unequip and drop on the floor instead of staying equiped.
  • Items granting extra mana will no longer raise your current mana but only your maximum mana pool.
  • Veteran mode can now be unlocked on any game settings.

Fixed bugs:

  • Some special game items like vase, chest, vendors, vendors pedestal were sometimes erased at the map creation.
  • Hitting [Space] after clicking into the shortcut bar was repeating the last shorcut used instead of skipping a turn.
  • Identifying an item with a scroll reset the current appraise.
  • Know potion and scrolls could still be appraised.
  • Selling an item being appraised will not reset the appraise counter.
  • Using a Teleport scroll into the tutorial will teleport you into a wall.
  • Some text typo fixed.

Thanks all for your interest and support, happy gaming!

[ 2019-01-29 08:43:20 CET ] [ Original post ]

Paper Dungeons Crawler [1.06] Infinite.

Version 1.06 Release Notes
Saturday October 27th, 2018


Introducing to you a new game mode : Infinite.
The game start on standard difficulty with hunger on and permadeath. The monsters are in this mode getting bonuses based on the dungeon level. Each time you complete the game, you restart on the fist dungeon but the level keep increasing and the general game difficulty is ranking up.

Game Improvement:

  • New game mode: Infinite.
  • New setting: AutoHide LifeBar. By default now the game keep your life bar visible, so its easier to keep an eye on your remaining life.

UI improvements:

  • AutoHide LifeBar toggle on the settings panels.
  • Added in the main menu the button "Infinite". To start a new game in the Infinite mode.
  • Replaced "New Game" button by "Classic". To start a new game in the Classic mode.

Game Balance:

  • Thief Moon Shadow: Critical buff lowered at 30%.

Fixed bugs:

  • Character stuck after shooting your last poisoned arrow.
  • Astral plane not loading correctly.
  • Veteran Mode fixed on Tough or Nightmare difficulty.
  • Cursor on the portrait in the inventory not showing your actual skill levels.
  • Veteran mode: bonus on the first rune applied when you start a new game even if you don't have any.
  • Thief Shadow skills leveling wrongly as Poison skills.
  • Corrected Rune Elven bow description as giving not only infinite arrows but infinite ranged projectiles.
  • Life bar appearing sometimes with negative length.

Thanks all for your interest, happy gaming and thanks for your support!

[ 2018-10-27 09:03:28 CET ] [ Original post ]

Paper Dungeons Crawler [1.04] Epic Chest

Version 1.04 Release Notes
Sunday August 12th, 2018

Hello everyone,

We've added a hidden epic chest with a free Spell Rune inside of each dungeon. This will allow you to get new spells faster, and killing the mid-boss Dragons less mandatory.

Monsters now also have a bit more health points with a small life bonus depending of the dungeon level.

Game Improvement:

  • A hidden Epic Chest with a free rune can now be found in each dungeon.

Game Balance:

  • Monsters get an additional life bonus based on the dungeon levelx3.
  • Reduced the base chance of finding hidden doors at 5%+5%/turn instead of 10%+5% per turn.

UI improvements:

  • You can now drag stackable items to merge them together.

Fixed bugs:

  • Picking up Arrows or Stones when your thrown slot was already full resulting of creating a new stack of 1 arrow or stone instead of merging it with existing stacks.

Thanks all for your interest, happy gaming and thanks for your support!

[ 2018-08-12 10:51:20 CET ] [ Original post ]

Paper Dungeons Crawler [1.01] Custom Shortcuts

Version 1.01 Release Notes
Thursday August 2nd, 2018

Hello everyone,

Some UI improvement to ease your journey. You can now drag any rune [Spell] or usable items [Food, Potion, Scroll] in a custom shortcut bar.

Game Improvement:

  • 5 Custom shorcuts for Spells, Food, Potion or Scroll.

Game Balance:

  • The Spider Cocoons can now be broken and they release a loot or a Spider.

UI improvements:

  • New custom shortcut F1 to F5
  • Shortcut bar.

Fixed bugs:

  • In some rare case the stairs down were missing.
  • Equiping a potion to throw and draging it to the examining eye was automaticaly identifying the potion.
  • Mini Map icon not working in the Training mode.

Thanks all for your interest, happy gaming and thanks for your support! ːpdgaspː

[ 2018-08-01 21:02:05 CET ] [ Original post ]

Paper Dungeons Crawler [1.0] New Animations and Music

Version 1.0 Release Notes
Tuesday July 17rd, 2018

Hello everyone,

Paper Dungeons Crawler is coming out of Early Access!

This patch is dedicated to improve the gameplay and iron out some last bugs.
For that, we've re-timed all animations and added new character animations when Searching/Picking up items, Casting spells and launching Ranged attacks. The character's moves are now smoother and faster.
All sounds have been remastered and we added 2 new music themes for each dungeon zones. The songs are played sequentially to maintain a certain mood and progression feeling, but you can switch to next song with a new shortcut [+].

Casters get some love with more damage on spells and even more for the Mage class. Players can now also directly recast their last spell with a new shortcut.

Plus some significant game balance changes.

Game Improvement:

  • Shorter animations.
  • Faster character moves.
  • New animation: Search/Pick Up items.
  • New animation: Cast spell.
  • New animation: Ranged attack.
  • Better sounds FX quality.
  • 8 new music themes.
  • Vsync On with 60 FPS by default.
  • New command to repeat the last spell.

Game Mechanism:

  • You can now choose to break a Paid chest, if you don't have enough money or just want to try and get the loot for free. You have 30% chance to get the loot intact, 50% if you play a Thief.

Game Balance:

  • Room Hazards now have a greater chance to occur (Locked doors, Invisible doors, traps, etc.)
  • All offensive Mage spells have their damage raised.
  • Players spell damages increased.
  • Mage spell damages greatly increased.

UI improvements:

  • New shortcut, Repeat Spell: [enter]
  • New shortcut, Next Song: [+]
  • You can also move by default your character with the numpad.

Fixed bugs:

  • Dropping into a chasm and being blocked in this state, leading to faulty stairs up and stuck players.
  • Hitting a Start or Load button multiple times resulting in starting or reloading the game multiple times in a row.
  • Animation state sometimes staying stuck on run or attack animations.
  • Picking up the Novice bow will equip it without showing the selected bow.
  • Changing Music settings in game doesn't register right away.
  • Identifying progression on Scroll or Potion not saved.
  • Rodent of Unusual Size already unlocked for new players.
  • Dying while using a teleport or falling in a chasm could crash the game.
  • Thief trap on Robbery runes didn't work anymore.

Thanks all for your interest, happy gaming and thanks for your support!

[ 2018-07-17 16:09:57 CET ] [ Original post ]

Paper Dungeons Crawler [0.27] Room Archetypes

Version 0.27 Release Notes
Sunday July 07rd, 2018

Hello everyone,

We're thrilled to announce our biggest patch to date, with all final features that we wanted to implement before the final release.
We intend to exit Early Access with our next patch, planned in 10 days (if all goes smoothly): July 17th, 2018.

We've created lots of new content that should enhance your gameplay's experience: more than 240 new sprites, plus new game mechanisms.
Dungeons are now less generic, as each room is now built according to a random archetype (dining room, hall, kitchen, etc.), with specific parameters adapted on each dungeon floor.
These room archetypes can also be altered by random hazards: flood, hidden doors, traps, locked doors, etc.

Game Improvement:

  • New graphism to portray the player on the last screen of Character's creation.
  • Room Archetypes:

  • Hall
  • Columns
  • Chasm
  • Dining
  • Throne
  • Guard
  • Prison
  • Training
  • Kitchen
  • Wizardry
  • Alchemy
  • Storage
  • Catacomb
  • Forge
  • Church
  • Spider Nest
  • Monster Lair
  • Vodun
  • Embalm
  • Torture
  • Bath

  • Room Hazards:

  • Flooded
  • Toxic
  • Overgrown
  • Trapped
  • Hidden
  • Locked
  • On Fire

  • New monsters:

  • Spicky Spider
  • Wooly Spider
  • Black Widow

  • New items:

  • Copper Key
  • Iron Key
  • Gold Key
  • Pear (150 nutrition points)
  • Apple (250 nutrition points)

  • A hidden spell to discover.
  • A new trap, [Simple Trap]
  • New decorations, rocks, animal critters.
  • TOP 10 Steam Leaderboard.
  • New difficulty mode [Nightmare] that grants +200% score bonus and even more monsters with +40% on statistics.

Game Mechanisms:

  • Added Closed rooms that need to be opened with a specific key.
  • If there's no available key, you can still break the padlock. Each attempts costs 300 nutrition points. Break chance raised by STR stats. Thieves have a +20% Open Lock bonus.
  • Your character passively looks for hidden doors within a 2 tiles range. Chance of discovery is raised by 5% each turn your character is close to a hidden door. Archers have a +20% bonus on Detect Hidden.
  • If you walk on a Chasm tile, you will drop one floor below.
  • You lose 1 turn when walking on a bramble in an Overgrown room.
  • Walking on a toxic puddle causes a 20% disease.
  • Water on floor can extinguish fire if you are burning.

Game Balance:

  • Start the game with one key of each type in your inventory.
  • Keys can be dropped from drawers, kitchen shelves, crates and vases.
  • All traps now deal more damage.
  • Fire traps and Fire walls now cause Burning for 3 turns.
  • Vases no longer drop food.
  • Animation to break items is 2 times faster.

UI improvements:

  • New monsters added to the Bestiary.
  • New top 10 Steam Leaderboard page available from the High Scores panel.

Fixed bugs:

  • Tutorial stuck when identifying item.
  • Shortcut for diagonal movements not assigned to Numpad.
  • Trap damage shown twice.

Thanks all for your interest, happy gaming and thanks for your support!

[ 2018-07-08 08:01:04 CET ] [ Original post ]

Paper Dungeons Crawler [0.24] Throwing Potions / NPC Explorer

Version 0.24 Release Notes
Tuesday June 19rd, 2018


You can now throw your potions at monsters, a nice way to identify them safely.

Plus a new NPC - the Explorer - is available to identify your items in exchange for some money.

Game Improvement:

  • All potions can now be equipped on the thrown slot, their effect applies and gets identified when they hit a monster.
  • A new NPC - the Explorer - can identify your items in exchange for money. 50 gold for equipment, 30 gold for scrolls, 20 gold for potions.
  • Walls of fire now trigger their effect as soon as you enter in contact with them, and they now also affect monsters.
  • All monsters in the Bestiary now have their Ecology information filled up.
  • You best score is now uploaded on a Steam Leaderboard.

Game Balance:

  • NPC Explorer available on the 2nd floor of each dungeon, in a room with a Bed.
  • Some Cave Crystals now appear in the Astral plane.

UI improvements:

  • Informative Text to indicate the [Random Name Generator] button location on the character creation panel.
  • Best score in the Leaderboard shown under your Highscores.

Fixed bugs:

  • Many sprites placed on a bad layer (character over trees, stairs not visible, etc.).
  • Potions and scrolls on the floor with a wrong sprite when reloading a saved game.
  • Weight not refreshed when selling item.
  • Achievement Dragon Slayer not registering.
  • Achievement Mob Hunter not registering.

Thanks all for your interest, happy gaming and thanks for your support!

[ 2018-06-19 17:32:11 CET ] [ Original post ]

Paper Dungeons Crawler [0.21] The Tutorial

Version 0.21 Release Notes
Wednesday June 13rd, 2018

! Important: !
[v0.21 on beta branch]


The Tutorial is finally available! Come take a tour, you might learn a tip or two :)

Game Improvement:

  • The Tutorial with a new NPC: Captain Faranor!
  • Others sources of lights, items & monster are no longer visible at distance. And stay hidden until you discover the zone.

Game Balance:

  • The number of free chest has been slightly reduced.
  • Some monsters will also drop a bit less items now.
  • The Base time for appraising has been reduced from 500T to 400T.
  • The Paid chest now only drops identified & uncursed items.
  • The first Slingshot on the starting level is now always identified & uncursed.

UI improvements:

  • You can switch items' positions in the inventory.
  • More details in the appraising information text.
  • The Bestiary now also shows the Evasion and Critical chances of Monsters.
  • At the start of a level, the Tip panel is now sequential and shows all tips in order when you touch it.

Fixed bugs:

  • Character can't attack or be attacked in some rare cases after zoning or talking to the Faery.
  • Curse protection on items not registering in the character's statistics.
  • Selling items not reducing the weight carried by the character.
  • Overburden sound looping.
  • Novice bow, or stones sometimes not appearing in the inventory.
  • 2 handed check missing when auto equipping the Novice Staff or the Novice Shield.
  • Head piece or Offhand piece information not refreshed when equipped.
  • The Long Sword has a faulty arrow property breaking the arrows' count.
  • Unrequired path traced toward the exit in the starting zone levels.
  • Archer Gauntlet appearing as a Plate Gauntlet in the inventory.
  • Many typo corrected.

Thanks all for your interest, happy gaming and thanks for your support!

[ 2018-06-13 12:02:58 CET ] [ Original post ]

Paper Dungeons Crawler [0.18] The Bestiary!

Version 0.18 Release Notes
Thursday, June 7rd, 2018

! Important: !
[v0.18 on beta branch]


We are bringing to you the Bestiary! Now the monsters you kill have a chance to drop a monster card. This card will permanently add a new entry into the Bestiary. The monster compendium list all the statistics of encountered monsters, their abilities and weakness, more information on their ecology will be added later.

Game Improvement:

  • The Bestiary, and 89 monster cards to collect. Grab them all to complete the [Mob Hunter] achievement.
  • The Pedestals of the vendor have now a confirmation window listing all the item statistics.
  • You can now spend only a part of your skill points in the Skill window.

UI improvements:

  • Added a new shortcut [K] to show to Skill window.
  • Added a new shortcut to show to Bestiary window.
  • New Bestiary panel on the Inventory.
  • The items stat requirement now shows directly the item limitation minus your skill points on reduced requirement.

[b]Fixed bugs:

  • 3 digits statistics on the Upper right UI truncated.
  • Mobs still visible after loading a game on the first game turn.
  • Wrong attack name shown for the zone effects (FireWall, DarkZone, Poison Cloud, IceStorm).
  • Mage Runes with wrong information on the character creation window.
  • Item test requirements wrongly calculated when picking a new item.
  • Typo corrected on the Introduction text.

Thanks all for your interest, happy gaming and thanks for your support!

[ 2018-06-07 05:21:35 CET ] [ Original post ]

Paper Dungeons Crawler [0.16] Skills Items statistic requirement.

Version 0.16 Release Notes
Sunfay, June 3rd, 2018

Hi everyone!

Another important patch: pieces of equipment now have a statistic requirement, so they can't be equipped if you don't meet this requirement.
This doesn't mean that a Magician with low strength can't wear any heavy armor. You can mitigate this with our new Skill system.

We're introducing 12 Skills for your character that can be improved with Skill points! You hero will now gain 1 new skill point per level, that you can choose to spend on one of those Skills. These skills can lower a specific statistic requirement, or raise your resistances, or even raise your combat abilities.

Game Balance:

  • Pieces of equipment now have a statistic requirement on STR, DEX, INT or WIS.
  • New Skill system, with 1 points per level to distribute. The 12 skills are: Athletics / Archery / Logic / Piety / Herbalism / Arcanism / Alchemy / Vitality / Marksmanship / Soldiering / Luck / Acrobatics.

UI improvements:

  • Added a new tab for the Skill system.
  • Icon alert when a new Skill point is available to distribute.

Fixed bugs:

  • Monsters can't be hit when placed on a trap or a zone effect.
  • Rooms too close to the map limit, without enclosing walls.
  • Many typos on the vendor and buff descriptions.
  • YES button difficult to trigger on the Vendor screen.
  • Vendor refusing to buy some unidentified items.

Thanks all for your interest, happy gaming and thanks for your support!

[ 2018-06-03 07:50:52 CET ] [ Original post ]

Paper Dungeons Crawler [0.11] Stores, Game Balance.

Version 0.11 Release Notes
Thursday, May 31th, 2018

Hi everyone!

Dungeons stores are finally implemented, no more junk items in your inventory :)

This Version will stay on the Beta branch for 2 days and then will be replacing the default branch if no breaking bugs are found.

Graphic Improvement:

  • Shades now appear on the bottom of the dungeon walls.

UI improvements:

  • In the inventory, focus stays on your selected item, even when you move it around.

Game Balance:

  • Stores are now implemented to sell your items or buy new equipment. They are found on the 4th floor of each dungeon.
  • Monsters now have less chances to drop equipments, but they have a higher chance to drop gold.
  • The maximum damage absorbed by your armor is now 90% vs Physical and 50% vs Magical.
  • The maximum damage of 60 hit points is now only applied to monsters. The player's damages are no longer limited to a maximum.
  • You player will now automaticaly get out of fight if he is not in combat for more than 6 turns.
  • Your WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE bonuses now impact the base speed of appraising.
  • VETERAN MODE: This mode now only allows Normal or Tough difficulty.

Fixed bugs:

  • Monsters spawning on top of solid items, like doors and tombstones.
  • Trees' sprites on zone 2, 3 and 4 appearing under the player and items.
  • Faery health & mana healing not appearing on the player statistics.
  • Items bumped repeatedly by the player like the paid chest staying out of position.

Compatibility Improvement:
  • On PC, the game now supports DirectX9 and Windows XP. So it should be more compatible with older systems and graphic cards.
  • OpenGL Core (3.2 to 4.5)

    Thanks all for your interest, happy gaming and thanks for your support!

  • [ 2018-05-31 09:41:41 CET ] [ Original post ]

    Paper Dungeons Crawler [0.07] Steam Achievements, Game Balance Bug hunting. [0.08][0.09] and [0.10]beta

    Version 0.07 Release Notes
    Sunday, May 27th, 2018

    Hi everyone!

    Time to get back on track to fix some major issues like Steam Achievements not registering and No Food game option not working.

    UI improvements:

    • Tooltips over active buffs/debuffs.

    Game Balance:

    • Cursed items now have a more dramatic impact. Cursed items now have their stats and bonus completely ignored.
    • The number of monsters per level has been slightly increased. The difficulty option now also impacts the number of monsters generated by level.
    • Walls of Force now give experience points.
    • Monsters hit from farther than their aggressive range, raise their default aggressive range and come attack the player.

    Fixed bugs:

    • Using a magical wand or scepter after a reload crashes the game.
    • No Food option not working.
    • Doors appearing without surrounding walls.
    • Ending screen error with the Veteran stats appearing all scrambled.
    • Uncurse scroll not working properly.
    • Many typo fixed...

    Version 0.08 & 0.09 Release Notes
    Monday, May 28th, 2018


    The previous patch v0.07 messed up things for many of you who couldn't launch the game anymore, while it kept working fine with others.

    This issue was due to a bad communication between Steam and the game to update the achievements.

    So, with v0.08, Steam Achievements are suspended till I can pinpoint the problem.
    Not to worry, your achievements' progress is still saved and registered by the game and will update to Steam once its fixed.

    The game is now also forced to run on OpenGL, in order to fix compatibility issues with older graphic cards who cannot handle DirectX11.

    v0.09 : Quick fix to restore the Upper Right menu in game that wasn't visible anymore.

    Sorry for this incident, ːpdkissː

    BETA Version 0.10 Release Notes
    Tuesday May 29h, 2018

    Recompiled the app with an upgraded version of Unity 2018, and restored DirectX.

    From now on, we are starting a beta branch to test out the new patch stability. These patch will stay on beta for 2-3 days before moving them to the default branch.

    To try a beta patch, Right click the game on Steam, and chose Properties. There open the BETAS tab and chose to try the beta. Steam will then start to download the new version.

    If you encounter a bug in Beta, please report it to me in the forum.


    Thanks all for your interest, happy gaming and thanks for your support! ːpdloveː

    [ 2018-05-29 15:17:48 CET ] [ Original post ]