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Patch 1.08 : Golden Idol

Version 1.08 Release Notes
Monday January 29th, 2018


No more unused gold, you can now sacrifice your extra cash to a Golden Idol in exchange for permanent skill points. The total gold accumulated in your dungeon run will now count in your score.

Benefit from all these stones you find lying around: use them with a special slingshot and a named slingshot with higher statistics.

Finally, we've added a bunch of UI improvements: the mouse cursor will change to show if the monster you see is in range/in the line of sight of your ranged weapon.
The current experience of each talent is now displayed on your character sheet. Your choice of game settings for the current dungeon run is available. The minimap

now indicates items and monsters' locations. A new appraising icon is now displayed on the current item being appraised in your inventory.

The Veteran mode can now be unlocked on any game settings, even on Wimpy difficulty with autosave on. You just need to complete the game once to unlock this


Game Improvement:

  • New general item: The Golden Idol allows you to sacrifice 1000 gold for 1 permanent skill point.
  • New weapons: Golden Slingshot, and Devil Slingshot.
  • Total accumulated gold added to your score. 1 score point added every 10 gold.

UI improvements:

  • Variable mouse cursor indicating if you are currently in melee range of a monster or if this monster can be hit with your ranged weapon.
  • Experience bar for each talents, added on the character sheet.
  • New appraising icon displayed on the item currently appraised in the inventory.
  • Current game settings displayed with a mouse over your character portrait in the inventory.
  • Monster and items are now visible on the MiniMap.
  • Opened doors visible on the MiniMap.
  • Bring up your character sheet by clicking on your portrait in the game window.

Game Balance:

  • Peace and Hide in shadow buffs will now stop as soon as you enter a fight even at distance.
  • Monsters will no longer hit you when you go on melee range while Peace and Hide in Shadow buffs are on.
  • Items no longer meeting their statistics requirements will now unequip and drop on the floor instead of staying equiped.
  • Items granting extra mana will no longer raise your current mana but only your maximum mana pool.
  • Veteran mode can now be unlocked on any game settings.

Fixed bugs:

  • Some special game items like vase, chest, vendors, vendors pedestal were sometimes erased at the map creation.
  • Hitting [Space] after clicking into the shortcut bar was repeating the last shorcut used instead of skipping a turn.
  • Identifying an item with a scroll reset the current appraise.
  • Know potion and scrolls could still be appraised.
  • Selling an item being appraised will not reset the appraise counter.
  • Using a Teleport scroll into the tutorial will teleport you into a wall.
  • Some text typo fixed.

Thanks all for your interest and support, happy gaming!

[ 2019-01-29 08:43:20 CET ] [ Original post ]