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Karaoke Ninja


**The only stealth game where you make noise to win!**

Do you ever wish for more screaming in your stealth games? Me neither, but here we are.

Karaoke Ninja is the amalgamation of stealth and music (!). You control the Black Ninja, dodging and weaving to escape a dark fortress littered with deadly laser beams and guarded by a legion of Red Ninja, who have a quirky little habit of killing your butt. You however choose not to murder them, as part of a personal mantra, but mainly not to stain your velvet robes. So what CAN you do?

Well, you are able to conjure musical notes* in physical forms. PlatFORMs, to be specific.

*Chromatic scales only, Dorian / Egyptian scales were in the works but my desktop screen wasn’t big enough

Sing, talk, scream, play a video, play piano, play guitar (you probably need more than one person), anything that will take your ninja one step closer to freedom!

So what are you waiting for? Get your Blue Yetis and Sennheisers and let’s stealth the roof off this place!

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 41.

[Sadly Unity microphone input doesn't work in HTML5, but I made a port for all three major OSes!]

url: 247709